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Mouse foot pad test for determination of anti edema forming and anti hemorrhagic potencies of snake anti venom 2. titration of potencies of anti venom using test toxin s 2 and s 3 prepared from crude sakishima habu trimeresurus elegans venom

Yamakawa, M.

Snake 13(2): 89-98


Accession: 005938007

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Anti-edema and anti-hemorrhagic potency of 7 lots of Sakishima-habu antivenoms was determined by mouse pad test, using test toxins (S2 and S3) which were separated from the venom as main toxic principles of edema and hemorrhage. The test doses of S2 and S3 used for edema were 20 MED (2.2 .mu.g) and 8 MED (11.6 .mu.g), respectively; 26 MHD (2.2 .mu.g) was the test dose of S2 for hemorrhage. Minimum ED of each antivenom for S2 and S3 was calculated from the neutralization curves. The ED of each antivenom varied according to the method of preparation. Highest specific activity of anti-edema (S2 and S3) and anti-hemorrhagic potency was found in lot T81S antivenom, which was immunized with crude venom and purified repeatedly by ammonium sulfate peptic digestion and ZnCl2. From potencies of antivenoms of lot 27S and 17S, the antigenicity of S2 was shown to be better. The neutralizing potency of the antivenom against the main toxic components of the venom was determined by this new method.

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