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Movements of eared grebes podiceps nigricollis indicated by banding recoveries

Jehl, J.R.Jr; Yochem, P.K.

Journal of Field Ornithology 57(3): 208-212


ISSN/ISBN: 0273-8570
Accession: 005938993

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Banding returns through 1984 of 41 Eared Grebes suggest the following patterns. Birds from central North America migrate south or southeasterly to winter in northeastern Mexico and the adjoining gulf. Grebes from the central and eastern Great Basin and High Plains probably stage at Great Salt Lake and winter at the Salton Sea or Gulf of California [USA]. These may mingle in winter with birds from the western Great Basin and western Canada, which migrate southward east of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada ranges and stage at Mono Lake, before continuing to the Salton Sea or Gulf of California. Very few grebes winter along the Pacific coast.

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