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Multicellular tumour spheroids: a model for combined in vivo/in vitro assay of tumour immunity

Culo, F.; Yuhas, J.M.; Ladman, A.J.

British Journal of Cancer 41(1): 100-112


ISSN/ISBN: 0007-0920
PMID: 7362771
Accession: 005940327

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Multicellular tumour spheroids (MTS) from 4 mouse tumors (Line 1 lung carcinoma; a fibrosarcoma, FSA; a mammary carcinoma, MCa-11; and SV40-transformed fibroblasts, SV-A31) were injected into the abdominal cavity of normal, immunized or tumor-bearing syngeneic mice, recovered after 4-48 h, and their growth measured in vitro for 7-16 days. Normal and immunized mice inhibited MTS growth, but there was no correlation between the 2 types of inhibition, suggesting that different immunological processes were involved. For example, the greatest inhibition by normal mice was seen for the weakly immunogenic MCa-11; the highly immunogenic tumor, SV-A31, was only moderately inhibited. The summed inhibition of MTS growth in normal and sensitized hosts corresponded to the behavior of tumors as s.c. transplants; i.e., was inversely related to the malignancy of the same tumors. The inhibition of MTS by mice bearing identical early tumors (FSA or MCa-11) was comparable to that in immunized mice. Histological sections of SV-A31 MTS in normal or immunized hosts revealed the infiltration of MTS by various types of host cells, mostly polymorphonuclears, macrophages and lymphocytes.