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Multi modal communication by the black horned tree cricket oecanthus nigricornis orthoptera gryllidae

Bell, P.D.

Canadian Journal of Zoology 58(10): 1861-1868


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4301
Accession: 005940771

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Adult male tree crickets, O. nigricornis (Walker), employ acoustic, olfactory and vibratory signals during mating. Females were attracted significantly (P < 0.001) to the conspecific courtship song and to conspecific male scent. Males had 63, 39 and 0% copulation success in normal, waxed-over metanotal gland and nonsinger groups, respectively. Males provide the females with metanotal glandular products and a subsequently ingested spermatophore. Females appear to select mates on the males' ability to communicate these nutritional investment capabilities.

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