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Myco flora and myco ecology of halophilic stations in lorraine france part 3 analysis and qualitative distribution of the myco flora

Lectard, P.

Revue de Mycologie 41(4): 449-468


Accession: 005950415

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The dispersion patterns of 71 Micromycetes species [Ascomycetes, Deuteromycetes and Phycomycetes] isolated from soil samples of halophilic stations in Lorraine [France] were studied in terms of the phanerogamic groups under which they were isolated. These observations lead to the prediction, for some species of the best ecological conditions and to the determination of their place in the studied ecosystems. Of the 71 spp., 5 are constantly present in the halophilic soils and 4 others were present very often and 16 spp. were isolated only in dechlorided soils and reveal no halotolerance.

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