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Myco flora of salt marshes in egypt 3. thermophilic fungi

Abdel-Fattah, H.M.; Moubasher, A.H.; Ebdel-Hafez, S.I.

Bulletin of the Faculty of Science Assiut University 6(2): 225-236


Accession: 005950450

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At 45.degree. C, 20 spp. and 1 variety which belong to 9 genera were collected on glucose-Czapek's agar. Aspergillus was the most frequent genus and was represented by 11 spp. in addition to 1 variety of A. nidulans. A. fumigatus was the most common, and was most frequently isolated at 45.degree. C than at 28.degree. C (73 and 56 of 74 samples, respectively). On cellulose-Czapek's agar 14 ssp. which belong to 6 genera were collected. A. fumigatus was also extremely dominant. Penicillium spp. were completely missing on glucose or cellulose agar medium. When the soil suspension (1/5) was heated at 60.degree. C for 30 min., Aspergillus was more tolerant than Penicillium. The frequency of occurrence of Aspergillus spp. decreased slightly from 73 to 68 cases, but that of Penicillium spp. dropped sharply from 47 to 16 cases. A. fumigatus increased its frequency of occurrence from 56 to 62 cases. A. chevalieri, A. amstelodami, P. avellanum, P. canescens and an ascosporic species of Penicillium were only encountered after the heating technique only. [Over 20 spp. were recorded in all.].

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