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Mycoflora of bean phaseolus vulgaris broad bean vicia faba lentil lens esculentus lupine lupinus termis and pea pisum sativum seeds in saudi arabia

Abdel Hafez, S.I.I.

Mycopathologia 88(1): 45-50


ISSN/ISBN: 0301-486X
Accession: 005950771

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Using the seed-plate method on glucose-Czapek's agar at 28.degree. C (.+-. 2.degree. C), 24 genera, 60 spp. and 2 varieties were collected from bean, broad bean, lentil, lupine and pea seeds. The most frequent genera were Aspergillus (16 spp. + 2 varieties), Penicillium (14 spp.), Rhizopus (1 sp.) and yeasts, followed by Fusarium (3 spp.), Mucor (4 spp.) and Drechslera (3 spp.). A. niger, A. flavus, Penicillium citrinum, R. stolonifer, F. moniliforme or F. oxysporum, M. hiemalis or M. racemosus, and D. spicifera were the most prevalent species. [The relevance of these findings to mycotoxin contamination of these legume foods is discussed.].

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