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Myelin proteins and collagen in the spinal roots and sciatic nerves of muscular dystrophic mice

John, H.A.; Purdom, I.F.

Journal of the Neurological Sciences 65(1): 69-80


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-510X
PMID: 6470746
DOI: 10.1016/0022-510x(84)90068-6
Accession: 005951575

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Proteins of lumbosacral spinal roots and sciatic nerves of adult dystrophic mice (Bar Harbor 129REJ dydy) were analyzed by SDS [sodium dodecyl sulfate] gel electrophoresis to determine if identifiable proteins were affected. All peripheral nerve myelin proteins (P0 glycoprotein, P1 and Pr basic proteins, X protein and a high-MW protein) were decreased in the roots but not in the sciatic nerves. CNS myelin proteins were not increased in either roots or sciatic nerves. Although dystrophic spinal roots and sciatic nerves contained less collagen, Type I, III and V collagens were present.

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