National survey of the isoptera of southern africa part 13 the genus pseudacanthotermes termitidae macrotermitinae

Coaton, W.G.H.; Sheasby, J.L.

Cimbebasia Series A 3(13): 183-206


Accession: 005957577

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Pseudacanthotermes, a genus of primitive Macrotermitinae to which are referred 3 spp. endemic to the Ethiopian region [P. harrisensis Weidner, P. militaris (Hagen) and P. spiniger (Sjostedt)], is discussed briefly. P. militaris and P. spiniger, both species with wide sub-Saharan distribution which extend into southern Africa, are dealt with in greater detail: synonymy is discussed, comprehensive lists of old and new localities are presented, distribution to the south of is mapped and related to vegetation types and rainfall. Finally, the economic importance of the 2 spp. is assessed, their nesting, feeding and swarming habits are reviewed and their known termitophiles are listed.