Section 6
Chapter 5,962

Negative findings concerning Alcaligenes faecalis as an etiologic agent in acute respiratory disease of turkeys

Singer, N.; Weisman, Y.; Aronovici, A.

Avian Diseases 25(2): 245-253


ISSN/ISBN: 0005-2086
PMID: 7259671
DOI: 10.2307/1589918
Accession: 005961782

An acute respiratory disease of turkeys in Israel was first reported in November 1978. Alcaligenes faecalis was isolated from sick turkeys and from chickens not affected by the disease. Plate agglutination tests with A. faecalis antigen of 1,067 turkey and 494 chicken serum samples gave variable results: healthy turkeys gave positive reactions and sick turkeys sometimes gave negative ones. All isolated strains were highly sensitive in vitro drug sensitivity tests, but chemotherapy failed in the field. Pathogenicity trials with A. faecalis, given alone or in combination with Yucaipa virus to 8-day-old turkey poults, failed to reproduce the disease.

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