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Neoplastic transformation of human hybrid cells by gamma radiation: a quantitative assay

Redpath, J.L.; Sun, C.; Colman, M.; Stanbridge, E.J.

Radiation Research 110(3): 468-472


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-7587
PMID: 3588851
DOI: 10.2307/3577013
Accession: 005964155

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Human skin fibroblasts are extremely refractory to neoplastic transformation by ionizing radiation [C. Borek, Nature 283, 776-778 (1980); M. Namba, H. Nishitani, and T. Kimoto, J. Exp. Med. 48, 303-311 (1978)] and are therefore unsuitable for quantitative studies of dose-effect relationships. We show here that a nontumorigenic human hybrid cell line (HeLa .times. skin fibroblast) can be neoplastically transformed by treatment with .gamma. radiation. Furthermore, a dose-response relationship has been established. We propose that this human hybrid cell line may be a useful system for mechanistic studies of transformation from the preneoplastic to the neoplastic state by ionizing radiation and other agents.

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