Neuroptera from the jurassic of east asia

Ponomarenko, A.G.

Paleontologiceskij Zurnal (3): 64-73


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-031X
Accession: 005971458

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Nine Neuroptera finds from 4 Jurassic sites in the Baikal region [Russian SFSR, USSR] and the Mongolian People's Republic [MPR] were described. The following new genera were proposed and described: SIBITHONE (type species, S. dichotoma sp. nov., from the Buryat ASSR [USSR], family Mesithonidae), and ANGAROGRAMMA (type species, A. incerta sp. nov., from the Transbaikal region, Russian SFSR, family Kalligrammatidae). Other new species proposed and described were as follows: Mesosmylina mongolica, of the MPR, Prohemerobius oshinensis, from MPR, Liassopsychops altaica, from the MPR, L. sibirica, from the Russian SFSR, and Nymphoides udensis, from the Buryat ASSR. L. altaica was compared to L. curvata.