Neuroptera of the Komi ASSR

Zakharenko, A.V.; Sedykh, K.F.

Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 60(3): 598-600


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-1445
Accession: 005971459

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Data were presented on 25 Neuroptera species belonging to 9 genera (Micromus, Drepanopteryx, Wesmaelius, Hemerobius, Chrysotropia, Nineta, Chrysopa, Anisochrysa and Myrmeleon), collected in the Komi ASSR in 1957-1978. The species were mainly widely-spread Palearctic, European-Siberian and Holarctic. Micromus paganus, W. malladai, H. simulans, Chrysopa perla, C. abbreviata and A. ventralis were the most numerous. W. malladai and H. marginatus lapponicus were new records for the USSR. The species composition of neuropteran fauna in Komi ASSR and that of the Leningrad Oblast, Russian SFSR, USSR were similar. W. malladai, common for the Komi ASSR, was not found in the Leningrad Oblast. A. cornea, common for the Leningrad Oblast, was not found in the Komi ASSR.