Section 6
Chapter 5,974

New and rare species for the flora of the megri region of the armenian ssr ussr

Sagatelyan, A.A.

Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 65(9): 1230-1234


Accession: 005973729

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Research in 1978-1979 revealed 16 new records sp. for the flora of the Megri region of the Armenian SSR: Campanula erinus L. 1753, Cheilanthes pteridioides (Reichard) C. Chr. 1906, Urospermum picroides (L.) Desf. 1820, Colutea komarovii Takht. 1940, Aethionema trinervium (DC.) Boiss. 1867, Astragalus tribuloides Delile, 1813, Cousinia macroptera C.A. Mey. 1838, Neogaillonia szovitsii (DC.) Lincz. 1973 [Gaillonia szovitsii], Galium decaisnei Boiss. 1846, Medicago hemicycla Grossh., 1925, Ophrys caucasica Woronow ex Grossh. 1928, Sedum album L. 1753, Silene conoidea L. 1753, S. subconica Friv. 1835, Trigonella astroites Fisch. et C.A. Mey. 1835, Valerianella scleroscarpa Fisch. et C.A. Mey, 1835. The 1st 3 spp. were collected for the 1st time in the Armenian SSR. Colutes komarovii was noted because it was not collected at the time of its 1st observation in 1929.