New findings of rare species of bryophytes on the central timan komi assr ussr

Zheleznova, G.V.; Shlyakov, R.N.

Botanicheskii Zhurnal (Stsburg). 61(5): 718-720


Accession: 005976539

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Cladopodiella francisci (Hook.) Buch., Cephaloziella integerrima (Lindb.) Warnst., Lophozia perssonii Buch et S. Arn., Anastrophyllum sphenoloboides Schust., Solenostoma caespiticium (Lindenb.) Steph. and Plagiochila arctica Byhn et Kaal. of the Hepaticae, as well as Seligeria campylopoda Kindb., Dicranum acutifolium (Lindb. et Arn.) C Jens., D. elatum Lindb., Barbula torphocea (Brid.) Mitt., and Pohlia saprophila (C. Muell.) Broth. of the Musci are new records for the Komi ASSR [USSR]. Location and date of find are given.