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Nitrogen application timing and performance of br4 transplant aman rice

Akanda, M.R.U.; Eunus, M.; Islam, M.A.; Ali, M.I.

Bangladesh Journal of Agriculture 11(1): 39-44


Accession: 005985886

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An experiment was conducted at the Bangladesh Agricultural University farm, Mymensingh [Bangladesh] in 1981 with the main objective to determine the relative merits of the split application of nitrogen (N) at different growth stages of modern transplant aman rice. Nitrogen rate 80 kg/ha was applied all at a time or in two to three splits at basal (BL), active tillering (AT) and panicle initiation (PI) stages. Results indicated that nitrogen in three splits such as 20 kg at BL, 40 kg at AT stage and 20 kg at PI stage gave the highest number of tillers (297/m2) at harvest, panicles (256/m2), spikelets (147/panicle), grain yields (5.15 t/ha) and N efficiency (32 kg paddy/kg N). Statistically identical tiller number (296/m2) at harvest, panicles (251/m2), spikelets (146/panicles) grain yield (4.98 t/ha) and N efficiency (30 kg paddy/kg N) was obtained due to the application of nitrogen in three split, such as 20 kg BL and 30 kg each at AT and PI stage. Split application of nitrogen had no significant effect on plant height, field duration and 1000 grain weight.

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