Nitrogen balance and nitrogen utilization of nonlactating and lactating cows at different feeding frequency

Sax, J.; Kirchgessner, M.; Mueller, H.L.

Archiv für Tierernährung 31(11-12): 771-778


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-942X
Accession: 005985959

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A cross-over trial with 9 nonlactating, nonpregnant cows (experiment I) and a single-reversal trial with 8 lactating cows (exp II) were conducted to study the effect of feeding frequency upon N balance. The 3 treatments in exp I were twice daily forage and concentrate, twice forage and 8 times concentrate, and 10 times forage and concentrate per day. In exp II the animals received their forage and concentrate in 2 equal feedings daily or the forage in 2 and the concentrate in 6 meals/day. The diets had a severely restricted crude fiber content of 16% in the dry matter of the total ration. In exp I feeding frequency had no effect on fecal or urinary N excretion, N retention and N utilization. In exp II the urinary N excretion was significantly decreased by 9% in response to feeding concentrate 6 times daily. Fecal and milk N excretion as well as N retention and utilization criteria did not significantly differ for the 2 feeding frequencies.