Nitrogen nutrition a factor in winter barley crop development

Vasilev, A.

Rasteniev'dni Nauki 22(11): 58-64


ISSN/ISBN: 0568-465X
Accession: 005987021

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An experiment aiming to reveal the influence of various rates and dates of nitrogen application on the growth, development and organ formation in winter barley was carried out in 1978-1981. The rate of the individual growth phases, the degree of tillering and spike bearing stem formation, the grains produced per spike and the main criteria for grain quality.sbd.1000 grain weight and crude protein content were recorded. Data obtained substantiate the conclusion that improvement of the basic components of productivity is closely related with the level of nitrogen nutrition during the given period. This correlation makes possible, by regulating nitrogen nutrition during the individual phases of crop development, the rise in nitrogen application efficiency, thus ensuring higher values for the respective indices of productivity.