Section 6
Chapter 5,988

Nitrogen nutrition in groundnut arachis hypogaea

Reddy, P.R.; Rao, L.M.; Rao, I.V.S.

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 19(10): 966-970


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5189
Accession: 005987047

Nodulation and N distribution at different stages of growth of groundnut cv. TMV-2 were studied. The nodule number and weight increased from sowing to maturity. N content in vegetative parts decreased from flowering onwards. This tendency was observed in each leaf although it differed from leaf to leaf. The percentage decrease of N was relatively higher in the middle leaves than lower and top leaves. N in the reproductive parts consecutively increased from flowering to maturity. Deflowering continuously decreased the nodule number and weight. But the N accumulation was higher in the leaves on deflowering. Soil N declined with advance in plant growth. Application of 15 or 30 kg N/ha in the form of urea either basal or both basal plus foliar application at physiological stages increased N in vegetative and reproductive parts. Soil application enhanced the N content in the plant significantly over foliar application.

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