Nitrogen uptake by oat from nitrogen 15 labeled fertilizers as affected by the water and nitrogen supply of the soil

Debreczeni, B.

Agrokemia es Talajtan 24(1-2): 4-16


Accession: 005987415

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The utilization coefficients of 15N-labeled CO(NH2)2 and NH4NO3 fertilizers were about the same at different nutrient levels. These values were not influenced much by the water supply or the total N content of the soil (solonetzic meadow soil, 0.21% N; rusty brown forest soil, 0.11% N). The relative yield increasing effect of the fertilizers was observed in soil with optimal water supply or N deficiency. In soils with adequate N, the N ratio derived from the fertilizers decreased due to optimal water supply. This effect was hardly observed in soils with low N content. In solonetzic meadow soil the residual effect of N fertilizers was observed only at 40% of the maximum water capacity and, regardless of the water supply, fertilizer utilization percentage was 10 times less than that in the 1st yr.