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Normal stages of development of the japanese green frog rhacophorus arboreus

Iwasawa, H.; Kawasaki, N.

Japanese Journal of Herpetology 8(1): 22-35


Accession: 005996858

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A table for the normal stages of development of the Japanese green frog R. arboreus is presented. The materials used were collected on Mt. Yone-yama, Niigata Prefecture [Japan] at the beginning of June. The eggs, deposited in a frothy mass hanging on twigs above a pond, are pale yellow in color and about 3 mm in diameter. The temperature of the water in which the materials were kept was maintained at 22 .+-. 1.degree. C and the larvae were fed on a commercial diet for tropical fish. The total length of full-grown tadpoles is 50 mm or more. The larvae metamorphosied at an age of 44 days on the average. The development process from just after spawning till the completion of metamorphosis is divided into 46 stages. External characteristics in each stage are described in tabular form and illustrated with sketches.

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