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Normal values of immuno globulin a immuno globulin g immuno globulin m alpha 1 anti trypsin complement c 3 complement c 4 ceruloplasmin hapto globin and transferrin in serum of healthy mature new borns and in comparison with adults using the method of kinetic nephelometry

Liappis, N.; Schlebusch, H.; Hildenbrand, G.

Klinische Paediatrie 193(2): 88-90


Accession: 005996975

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Concentrations of IgA, IgG, IgM, .alpha.1-antitrypsin, C3 (complement component 3), C4, ceruloplasmin, haptoglobin and transferrin were determined by kinetic nephelometry in the fasting blood serum of 88 healthy, mature newborns (.male. = 46, .female. = 42) and of 50 healthy adults (.male. = 12, .female. = 38). The age specific comparison showed that all 9 examined proteins had significantly lower levels in the newborns. Sex specific differences were not detected in the group of newborns.

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