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Note on variability in protein cell wall constituents and in vitro dry matter and cell wall digestibility in some important fodder strains of pearl millet

Singh, R.; Gupta, P.C.; Sagar, V.; Pradhan, K.

Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 47(9): 477-479


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5022
Accession: 005998423

Variability in chemical composition and digestibility was evaluated in 20 important Pennisetum typhoides strains. Average protein, neutral-detergent fiber, cell contents, acid-detergent fiber, hemicellulose, lignin, cellulose, silica, in vitro dry matter and cell wall digestibility were similar to those reported for cereal forages. In comparison to legume forages pearl millet contains higher amounts of neutral-detergent fiber, hemicellulose, cellulose, silica and lower amounts of protein, cell contents and lignin.

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