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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6002

Chapter 6002 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Richardson A.M.M., 1980: Notes on the occurrence of talitrus dorrieni crustacea amphipoda talitridae in southwest england uk

Morris R.F., 1986: Notes on the occurrence of the hornet moth sesia apiformis new record lepidoptera sesiidae to canada

Puckette, W. L., 1976: Notes on the occurrence of the short faced bear arctodus new record in oklahoma

Hastings, R. W., 1977: Notes on the occurrence of the silver anchovy engraulis eurystole new record in the northern gulf of mexico

Geertsema H., 1985: Notes on the occurrence of three non endemic lepidoptera mylothris chloris agathina new record zophopetes dysmephila new record and ocinara ficicola new record in the western cape south africa

Bayoumi, A. R., 1969: Notes on the occurrence of tilapia zillii pisces in suez bay

Behrens, D. W.; Tuel, M., 1977: Notes on the opisthobranch fauna of south san francisco bay california usa

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001007

Linder, H. P., 1985: Notes on the orchids of southern tropical africa 1. brownleea and herschelia

Stewart, J.; La-Croix, I. F., 1987: Notes on the orchids of southern tropical africa iii. aerangis

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001010

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001011

Kurosawa Y., 1985: Notes on the oriental species of the coleopterous family buprestidae iv

New, T. R., 1978: Notes on the oriental species of trichadenotecnum psocoptera psocidae

Cejchan A., 1987: Notes on the orthopteroid insects sensu lato of the slanske vrchy mountains czechoslovakia grylloptera orthoptera sensu stricto dictyoptera blattodea

Spaargaren, D. H., 1975: Notes on the osmotic and ionic regulation of some brachyuran crabs from curacao

Littlewood S.C., 1988: Notes on the overwintering apanteles and tetrastichus and lysibia complex hymenoptera parasitica parasitoids of the large white butterfly

De-Menezes, M., 1978: Notes on the oviposition habits and the host plants of apogonalia grossa homoptera cicadellidae cicadellinae

Katoh H., 1987: Notes on the pacific lamprey lampetra tridentatus richardson caught in the branches of naka river in tochigi prefecture japan

Iablokoff Khnzorian S.M., 1979: Notes on the palearctic colydiidae

Borowiec L., 1985: Notes on the palearctic spermophagus coleoptera bruchidae amblycerinae with description of two new species

Balick M., 1987: Notes on the palms of amazonia legal brazil

Dijkerman H.J., 1987: Notes on the parasitization behavior and larval development of campoplex rufinator and diadegma armillata hymenoptera ichneumonidae endoparasitoids of the genus yponomeuta lepidoptera yponomeutidae

Dijkerman H.J., 1988: Notes on the parasitization behavior and larval development of trieces tricarinatus and triclistus yponomeutae hymenoptera ichneumonidae endoparasitoids of the genus yponomeuta lepidoptera yponomeutidae

Gallego V.C., 1986: Notes on the parasitoid complex of the coconut leafminer promecotheca cumingii baly in some mindanao provinces philippines

Temerak S.A., 1982: Notes on the pathogenicity of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis for culex pipiens molestus larvae

Summers Smith D., 1981: Notes on the pegu sparrow passer flaveolus

Dimov Ya, 1985: Notes on the penetration of cesium isotopes through wounds

Golshani F., 1981: Notes on the permian brachiopod genus cryptospirifer

Novak J., 1983: Notes on the phenomenon of rosa lee illustrated on the rudd growth scardinius erythrophthalmus pisces cyprinidae

Cardenas, S. A., 1987: Notes on the phenotypic variation and taxonomy of pleuridium brid. musci in the mexico valley

Kobayashi T., 1979: Notes on the philippine fungi parasitic to woody plants 2

Kobayashi T., 1980: Notes on the philippine fungi parasitic to woody plants 3

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001035

Hemmer, H., 1975: Notes on the phylogenetical position of the petralona man

Holyoak, D. T.; Thibault, J. C., 1978: Notes on the phylogeny distribution and ecology of frugivorous pigeons in polynesia

Iablokoff Khnzorian S.M., 1981: Notes on the phylogeny of cucujoidea

Gervais C., 1981: Notes on the phylogeny of living oats genera avenula and helictotrichon in the light of recent hybridizations

Marek J., 1986: Notes on the phylogeny of the nautiloidea

Foster, G. A., 1976: Notes on the phylogeny of the nearctic tethinidae and a review of the genus neopelomyia and the tethina milichioides group diptera

Reynolds, C. S., 1978: Notes on the phyto plankton periodicity of rostherne mere cheshire uk 1967 1977

Inoue, H., 1975: Notes on the plagiochilaceae part 4 caducilobae new section of the genus plagiochila

Inoue, H., 1975: Notes on the plagiochilaceae part 5 descriptions of some new species of plagiochila

Inoue, H., 1976: Notes on the plagiochilaceae part 5 studies in the genus plagiochila in the hawaiian islands usa

Inoue, H., 1977: Notes on the plagiochilaceae part 7 4 new species of the genus plagiochila from the galapagos islands

Nauwerck, A., 1978: Notes on the planktonic rotifers of lake ontario

Konta, F.; Sakio, H., 1982: Notes on the plant communities in shizuoka prefecture japan 2. a community of balanophora nipponica which was found in the south japanese alps

Nagy Toth F., 1987: Notes on the pleomorphism of scenedesmus intermedius

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001050

Koteja J., 1986: Notes on the polish scale insect fauna homoptera coccinea vi

Thanikaimoni G., 1983: Notes on the pollen morphology and pinanga with special reference to pinanga aristata and pinanga pilosa palmae arecoideae

Hawkeswood T.J., 1981: Notes on the pollination of nuytsia floribunda loranthaceae and some literature reviewed

Jachmann H., 1986: Notes on the population dynamics of the kasungu malawi elephants

Mcclenaghan L.R.Jr, 1983: Notes on the population ecology of perognathus fallax rodentia heteromyidae in southern california usa

Kito K., 1979: Notes on the post embryonic development of draconema japonicum nematoda draconematidae

Carlberg U., 1982: Notes on the post embryonic development of phasmida insecta

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001058

Tanda S., 1983: Notes on the powdery mildew fungus on deutzia in japan

Golovkin, B. N., 1987: Notes on the prairies of the middle west of the usa

Bogan A.E., 1980: Notes on the prehistoric and present status of the naiad fauna of the middle cumberland river smith county tennessee usa

Asis, J. D.; Tormos, J.; Gayubo, S. F., 1987: Notes on the preimaginal stages of iberian sphecids i. description of the prepupa of stizus continuus klug 1835 hymenoptera sphecidae

Asis, J. D.; Gayubo, S. F.; Tormos, Y. J., 1987: Notes on the preimaginal stages of iberian sphecids ii. description of the mature larva of tachyshpex albocinctus lucas 1848 and some considerations on the cocoon and prepupa hymenoptera sphecidae

Patti, I.; Barbagallo, S. , 1977: Notes on the presence in sicily italy of pear phylloxera aphanostigma piri new record homoptera aphidoidea phylloxeridae

Vit S., 1982: Notes on the presence of batrisodes oculatus coleoptera pselaphidae in a cave in apulia italy

Lohnisky K., 1984: Notes on the present occurrence of austropotamobius torrentium schrank 1803 in bohemia czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001067

Goebel, W.; Bockemuehl, J., 1972: Notes on the problem of purity in preparing milk foods for infants in a hospital kitchen

Nangeroni, G., 1977: Notes on the problem of the origin of italian pre alpine lakes

Nishikawa, M., 1976: Notes on the prolabiscinae dermaptera pygidicranidae

Woloszyn S., 1987: Notes on the prophylaxis of bovine trichophytosis

Villiers A., 1983: Notes on the psalidognathus description of 4 new taxa designation of 1 neotype and lectotypes coleoptera cerambycidae prioninae

Aoki, S.; Miyazaki, M., 1978: Notes on the pseudo scorpion like larvae of pseudoregma alexanderi homoptera aphidoidea

Rees W.E., 1979: Notes on the puna avi fauna of azangaro province department of puno southern peru

Lee, S. M., 1978: Notes on the purple butterfly apatura ilia in korea lepidoptera nymphalidae

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001077

Kessler C.D.J., 1981: Notes on the raising of some fodder trees for the hills of nepal

Wang W., 1984: Notes on the ranunculaceae of china 8

Baker A.N., 1987: Notes on the rare beaked whale mesoplodon hectori gray

Sorrie B.A., 1987: Notes on the rare flora of massachusetts usa

Hayami, I., 1978: Notes on the rates and patterns of size change in evolution

Fernando C.H., 1979: Notes on the recovery of live ostracods from the gut of the white sucker catostomus commersoni pisces catostomidae

Johnson, P. J.; Russell, L. K., 1978: Notes on the rediscovery habitat and classification of exomella pleuralis coleoptera byrrhidae

Parnell J.A.N., 1988: Notes on the regeneration of two rare mauritian endemic trees

Latz, P. K., 1975: Notes on the relict palm livistona mariae in central australia

Baxter, R. M.; Lloyd, C. N. V., 1980: Notes on the reproduction and post natal development of the forest shrew myosorex varius

Gouat J., 1985: Notes on the reproduction of ctenodactylus gundi rodentia ctenodactylidae

Kerautret, L., 1976: Notes on the reproduction of the great crested grebe podiceps cristatus in northern france

Baugh T.M., 1981: Notes on the reproductive behavior of 5 species of genus fundulus in aquaria

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001092

Marceliano M.L.V., 1982: Notes on the reproductive behavior of todirostrum maculatum

Sander F., 1981: Notes on the reproductive biology and behavior of the west indian fighting conch strombus pugilis in barbados with evidence of male guarding

Bocher, J., 1975: Notes on the reproductive biology and egg diapause in nysius groenlandicus heteroptera lygaeidae

Tortell P., 1981: Notes on the reproductive biology of brachiopods from southern new zealand

Nyananyo, B. L., 1986: Notes on the reproductive biology of portulaca l. portulacaceae in nigeria

Tepedino V.J., 1981: Notes on the reproductive biology of zigadenus paniculatus a toxic range plant

Gibbs, P. E., 1976: Notes on the reproductive cycles of several golfingia spp sipuncula

Hughes R.N., 1979: Notes on the reproductive strategies of the south african vermetid gastropods dendropoma corallinaceum and serpulorbis natalensis

Pasteur, G., 1978: Notes on the reptiles of genus chalcides part 3 description of chalcides levitoni new species from saudi arabia reptilia lacertilia scincidae

Best, A. C. G.; Nicol, J. A. C., 1978: Notes on the retina and tapetum lucidum of howella teleostei cheilodipteridae

Main B.Y., 1982: Notes on the revised taxonomic position of the black wishbone spider dekana diversicolor mygalomorphae dipluridae

Vesmanis A., 1980: Notes on the rostrum length of some white toothed shrews from the mediterranean region

Hemmer, H.; Grubb, P.; Groves, C. P., 1976: Notes on the sand cat felis margarita

Whittaker P.L., 1983: Notes on the satyrid butterfly populations of corcovado national park costa rica

Zombori, L., 1975: Notes on the sawfly fauna of nagykovacsi hungary part 3 4 hymenoptera symphyta

Zombori, L., 1975: Notes on the sawfly fauna of nagykovacsi near budapest hungary hymenoptera symphyta part 2

Eloranta P., 1985: Notes on the scaled chrysophytes synuraceae chrysophyceae in small lakes in and near salamajarvi national park western finland

Loken, A., 1978: Notes on the scandinavian fauna of social aculeates hymenoptera vespidae and apidae s s

Eastwood, E. B., 1977: Notes on the scorpion fauna of the cape part 2 the parabuthus capensis species group remarks on taxonomy and bionomics arachnida scorpionida buthidae

Eastwood, E. B., 1978: Notes on the scorpion fauna of the cape part 3 some observations on the distribution and biology of scorpions on table mountain south africa

Eastwood, E. B., 1977: Notes on the scorpion fauna of the cape south africa part 1 description of neotype of opisthophthalmus capensis and remarks on the opisthophthalmus capensis and opisthophthalmus granifrons species groups arachnida scorpionida scorpionidae

Eastwood, E. B., 1978: Notes on the scorpion fauna of the cape south africa part 4 the burrowing activities of some scorpionids and buthids arachnida scorpionida

Kunz, S. E., 1978: Notes on the seasonal activity of dung infesting diptera in central texas usa

Cota, L. L. G., 1978: Notes on the seasonal variability of the genus dynamine lepidoptera nymphalidae in mexico

Shameel M., 1983: Notes on the seaweeds of tripoli libya

Van-Amerom, H. W. J.; Boersma, M.; Niedermayr, G., 1976: Notes on the sedimentology and paleobotany of the werfener schichten in the western gailtaler alps near koetschach carinthia austria

Kobayashi, H., 1978: Notes on the sericid beetles from the loochoo archipelago japan coleoptera scarabaeidae

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001121

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001122

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001123

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001124

Gill B.J., 1982: Notes on the shining cuckoo chrysococcyx lucidus in new zealand

Mathis W.N., 1984: Notes on the shore fly genus diedrops diptera ephydridae

Clough P.W.L., 1982: Notes on the silurian wenlock strata of coquet head northumberland and roxburghshire england uk

Macdonald D.W., 1982: Notes on the size and composition of groups of proboscis monkey nasalis larvatus

Gornall, R. J., 1977: Notes on the size and exine ornamentation of avena pollen grains

Galvis-Vergara, G., 1977: Notes on the skeleton of neoceratodus fosteri and protopterus annectens

Giacometti S., 1987: Notes on the snake community on a hilly zone of alto vergante lago maggiore novara northwestern italy

Domergue, C. A., 1983: Notes on the snakes from malagasy region 3. description of 3 new species referred to the genus liophidium

Domergue, C. A., 1984: Notes on the snakes from malagasy region 5. the genus alluaudina

Domergue, C. A., 1987: Notes on the snakes from malagasy region vii. revision of the genus madagascarophis mertens 1952

Domergue, C. A., 1988: Notes on the snakes from malagasy region viii. new colubridae

Derleyn, P., 1978: Notes on the snakes of burundi part 2 the genera geodipsas and thelotornis

Derleyn, P. P., 1977: Notes on the snakes of burundi the genera thraspos dendroaspis and bitis

Noda M., 1983: Notes on the so called inoceramus japonicus bivalvia from the upper cretaceous of japan

Duha J., 1987: Notes on the social behavior of ovis musimon musimon pallas 1811

Marucelli Turillazzi C., 1985: Notes on the social behavior of ropalidia fasciata in west java hymenoptera vespidae

Sendstad, E., 1976: Notes on the soil fauna of svalbard norway in relation to its abiotic environment

Reumer, J. W. F., 1986: Notes on the soricidae insectivora mammalia from crete i. the pleistocene species crocidura zimmermanni

Reumer, J. W. F.; Payne, S., 1986: Notes on the soricidae insectivora mammalia from crete ii. the shrew remains from minoan and classical kommos

De-Graaff, G., 1978: Notes on the southern african black tailed tree rat thallomys paedulcus and its occurrence in the kalahari gemsbok national park south africa

Subias, L. S.; Perez-Inigo, C., 1977: Notes on the spanish oribatid fauna part 1 description of ghilarovus hispanicus new species and some questions concerning the zetomotrichidae acari oribatei

Subias L.S., 1979: Notes on the spanish oribatid fauna part 2 parapyroppia monodactyla new genus new species

Houston, R. S., 1978: Notes on the spawning and egg capsules of 2 prosobranch gastropods nassarius tiarula and solenosteira macrospira

Ikehara, K., 1976: Notes on the spawning and growth of navodon modestus in the nearshore waters of niigata prefecture japan

Pekkarinen M., 1986: Notes on the spawning egg cleavage and early development of the bivalve macoma balthica

Manning R.B., 1986: Notes on the species of allosquilla and platysquilloides crustacea stomatopoda

Krukoff, B. A., 1976: Notes on the species of erythrina part 8

Krukoff, B. A., 1977: Notes on the species of erythrina part 9

Moure, J. S., 1975: Notes on the species of melipona described by lepeletier in 1836 hymenoptera apidae

Hambleton, E. J., 1977: Notes on the species of neorhizoecus a new synonym of rhizoecus homoptera pseudococcidae

Gauld, I. D., 1976: Notes on the species of trichomma hymenoptera ichneumonidae occurring in the indian subcontinent

Fain, A., 1976: Notes on the species schwiebea described by oudemans acarina astigmata

Heimer S., 1986: Notes on the spider family mimetidae with description of a new genus from australia arachnida araneae

Platnick, N. I., 1976: Notes on the spider genus doliomalus araneae gnaphosoidea

Platnick, N. I., 1975: Notes on the spider genus paratheuma arachnida araneae

Palmgren, P., 1977: Notes on the spiders of some vanishing habitats in the surroundings of helsinki finland

Dostal L., 1983: Notes on the spread of veronica filiformis in eastern slovakia czechoslovakia/

Misonne, X., 1976: Notes on the spring migration in dasht i lut and jaz murian eastern iran

Woinarski J.C.Z., 1987: Notes on the status and ecology of the red lored whistler pachycephala rufogularis

Jones, G. S., 1975: Notes on the status of belomys pearsoni and dremomys pernyi mammalia rodentia sciuridae in taiwan

Teugels G.G., 1983: Notes on the status of clarias ngamensis clarias mellandi clarias prentissgrayi and clarias lamottei pisces clariidae with the rehabilitation of dinotopteroides as a subgenus of clarias

Stevens M.M., 1985: Notes on the status taxonomy and biology of the genus eurymeloides homoptera cicadelloidea eurymelidae

Goff M.L., 1979: Notes on the subgenus eltonella with a re description of microtrombicula frittsi acari trombiculidae

Vasarhelyi T., 1981: Notes on the subgenus miraradus of the genus aradus heteroptera aradidae

Coffey B., 1986: Notes on the submerged vegetation of lake hawea new zealand

Coffey B.T., 1985: Notes on the submerged vegetation of lakes heron clearwater and camp canterbury south island new zealand

Beutelspacher, B. C. R., 1975: Notes on the suborder rhopalocera lepidoptera from las minas veracruz mexico

James R.D., 1980: Notes on the summer birds of pickle lake ontario canada

Woffinden, N. D., 1986: Notes on the swainson's hawk buteo swainsoni in central utah usa insectivory premigratory aggregations and kleptoparasitism

Dare P.J., 1982: Notes on the swarming behavior and population density of asterias rubens echinodermata asteroidea feeding on the mussel mytilus edulis

Sundnes, G.; Gulliksen, B.; Mork, J., 1977: Notes on the swimbladder physiology of cod gadus morhua investigated from the under water laboratory helgoland

Fajmonova, E., 1978: Notes on the syn taxonomy of associations of the order athyrio piceetalia in the west carpathians

Fajmonova E., 1979: Notes on the syn taxonomy of plant communities of the suballiance galio abietenion in the west carpathians czechoslovakia

Chrtek, J.; Osbornova-Kosinova, J., 1986: Notes on the synanthropic plants of egypt 2. anagallis arvensis sensu lato primulaceae

Ariza-Espinar, L., 1976: Notes on the synonymy of argentine species

Greene, A., 1976: Notes on the synonymy of scaphinotus klahowyae with scaphinotus johnsoni coleoptera carabidae

Valach R., 1983: Notes on the syntaxonomy and syn ecology of some ruderal plant communities in praha holesovice czechoslovakia with special attention to winter salted habitats

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001183

Gomes, A., 1978: Notes on the syrphid flies from portugal diptera syrphidae

Razowski J., 1981: Notes on the system of polyorthini lepidoptera tortricidae

Wirth, W. W.; Grogan, W. L. Jr, 1978: Notes on the systematics and biology of the biting midge forcipomyia elegantula diptera ceratopogonidae

Dubois, A., 1979: Notes on the systematics and distribution of anuran amphibians of china and neighboring regions 1. rana exilispinosa and rana paraspinosa

Dubois, A., 1979: Notes on the systematics and distribution of anuran amphibians of china and neighboring regions 2. rana blanfordii rana polunini and rana yadongensis

Horn, H. G., 1977: Notes on the systematics habitats and maintenance of varanus karlschmidti reptilia sauria varanidae

Groves C.P., 1980: Notes on the systematics of babyrousa artiodactyla suidae

Goldblatt P., 1986: Notes on the systematics of hesperantha iridaceae in tropical africa

Kochummen, K. M., 1976: Notes on the systematics of malayan phanerogams part 23 myrtaceae

Ng, F. S. P., 1976: Notes on the systematics of malayan phanerogams part 24 ericaceae

Stone, B. C., 1977: Notes on the systematics of malayan phanerogams part 25 araliaceae

Kiew R., 1984: Notes on the systematics of malayan species of chionanthus oleaceae

Maas P. , 1984: Notes on the systematics of the amazonian brazil genus guatteriella annonaceae

Greer, A. E., 1976: Notes on the systematics of the genus carlia lacertilia scincidae part 2 carlia peroni

Dias, J. A. T. S., 1985: Notes on the tabanidae diptera of portugal v. on some species collected in the serra da estrela national park portugal

Dias, J. A. T. S., 1985: Notes on the tabanidae diptera of portugal vi. on some species from the serra da malcata nature reserve portugal

Colbo M.H., 1985: Notes on the tabanidae diptera of western labrador canada

Dias, J. A. T. S., 1984: Notes on the tabanids diptera of portugal i. study of a collection coming from the institute of hygiene and tropical medicine of lisbon

Dias, J. A. T. S., 1984: Notes on the tabanids diptera of portugal ii. on a small collection gathered by dr. artur serrano

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001204

Dias, J. A. T. S., 1984: Notes on the tabanids diptera of portugal ix. with regard to a collection gathered by dr. f. colaco alegre

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001206

Da-Cruz, C. A. G.; Peixoto, O. L., 1978: Notes on the tadpole of dasypops schirchi amphibia anura microhylidae

Peixoto O.L., 1979: Notes on the tadpole of proceratophrys boiei amphibia anura leptodactylidae

Condy, P. R.; Bester, M. N., 1975: Notes on the tagging of seals on marion and gough islands south atlantic ocean

Cruz C.A.G.D., 1981: Notes on the tail tip of proceratophrys laticeps amphibia anura leptodactylidae

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001211

Trujillo, B.; Ponce, M., 1988: Notes on the taxonomic problem of the species of subpilocereus backeb. cactaceae

Stebnicka Z., 1986: Notes on the taxonomic status of the genus caelius coleoptera scarabaeidae aphodiinae

Kalyankar, S. D.; Palladwar, V. D., 1977: Notes on the taxonomic status of the genus tremiorchis brachycoeliidae brachycoeliidae with a description of a new species of the genus from an indian frog

Krisa B., 1979: Notes on the taxonomy and cytology of the genus luzula in the west caucasus czechoslovakia

Stangl J., 1980: Notes on the taxonomy and distribution of inocybe leptocystis

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001218

Dobois, A., 1980: Notes on the taxonomy and distribution of salientian amphibians of china and neighboring regions 3. rana maculosa rana arnoldi and rana maculosa chayuensis

Piekos-Mirkowa, H., 1977: Notes on the taxonomy and distribution of species of the dryopteris dilatata complex in the caucasus siberia ussr and the far east

Li H W., 1979: Notes on the taxonomy and distribution of the genus syndiclis of lauraceae and the characteristic of its area type

Bowland A.E., 1985: Notes on the taxonomy and ecology of triops granarius notostraca crustacea in south africa

Nilsson A.N., 1986: Notes on the taxonomy and habitat of rhantus fennicus new record coleoptera dytiscidae with the first swedish record

Marsh, P. M., 1977: Notes on the taxonomy and nomenclature of aphidius spp hymenoptera aphidiidae parasitic on the pea aphid in north america

Pavlick L.E., 1983: Notes on the taxonomy and nomenclature of festuca occidentalis and festuca idahoensis

Raitviir A., 1987: Notes on the taxonomy and nomenclature of the genera belonidium trichopeziza and lachnum hyaloscyphaceae in the light of the homologous series concept

Ruzicka, J.; Pouzar, Z., 1978: Notes on the taxonomy and nomenclature of the genus actinotaenium

Pouzar Z., 1981: Notes on the taxonomy and nomenclature of the polypore inonotus polymorphus

Berrett D.G., 1980: Notes on the taxonomy natural history and status of the resident birds of palau western micronesia

Wiederholm T., 1979: Notes on the taxonomy of european species of chironomus diptera chironomidae

Cernohorsky, W. O.; Bratcher, T., 1976: Notes on the taxonomy of indo pacific terebridae mollusca gastropoda with description of a new species

Kouyeas, H.; Theohari, I., 1977: Notes on the taxonomy of pythium vexans and related species

Stirton C.H., 1981: Notes on the taxonomy of rubus in southern africa

Bocakova M., 1987: Notes on the taxonomy of some european species of the family lycidae coleoptera

Groves C.P., 1983: Notes on the taxonomy of the deer mammalia cervidae of the philippines

Bentivegna F., 1982: Notes on the taxonomy of the mediterranean trachinidae pisces osteichthyes

Amadon, D., 1977: Notes on the taxonomy of vultures

Cumberlidge N., 1987: Notes on the taxonomy of west african gecarcinucids of the genus globonautes bott 1959 decapoda brachyura

Van-Der-Elst, R. P., 1978: Notes on the teleost fauna of the kobole estuary transkei south africa

Behrens D.W., 1984: Notes on the tergipedid nudibranchs of the northeastern pacific with a description of a new species

Fontes, L. R., 1977: Notes on the termitophilous genus corotoca with a new species from brazil coleoptera staphylinidae

Fontes, L. R., 1978: Notes on the termitophilous subtribe abrotelina the genus abroteles coleoptera staphylinidae corotocini

Janich, K., 1977: Notes on the territorial behavior of the male woodcock scolopax rusticola

Grubic, Z.; Sketelj, J.; Brzin, M., 1975: Notes on the thin layer chromatography radiometric assay of cholin esterase activity

Slipinski S.A., 1985: Notes on the thonalmus coleoptera lycidae of cuba with description of a new species

Karbhari J.P., 1985: Notes on the three species of crabs and two species of prawns recorded for the first time from maharashtra coast india

Okajima, S., 1979: Notes on the thysanoptera from southeast asia 5. franklinothrips suzukii new species aeolothripidae r

Okajima, S., 1982: Notes on the thysanoptera from southeast asia 7. 3 urothripine species phlaeothripidae from the philippines

Okajima, S., 1978: Notes on the thysanoptera from southeast asia part 1 on the genus podothrips phlaeothripidae

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Trissl, H. W., 1980: Novel capacitative electrode with a wide frequency range for measurements of flash induced changes of interface potential at the oil water interface 1. mechanical construction and electrical characteristics of the electrode

Sawai T., 1984: Novel carbapenem derivative sf 2103 a studies on the mode of beta lactamase inactivation

Matsumura G., 1981: Novel carbohydrate structures in trout egg glyco protein occurrence of a neuraminidase resistant n glycolyl neuraminosyl 2 3 n acetyl galactosamine linkage

Takahashi, T. T.; Satoh, J. Y., 1978: Novel carbon carbon bond cleavage of alpha azido steroidal ketones/

Whitney, J. B. Iii, 1984: Novel carbonic anhydrase ec car 2 allele in spanish mice

Hamama W.S., 1985: Novel carbostyril anchored heterocycles

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001781

Lowe C.R., 1987: Novel cationic triazine dyes for protein purification

Fraser, R. S. S.; Nurse, P., 1978: Novel cell cycle control of rna synthesis in yeast

Singer R.A., 1985: Novel cell cycle regulation in the yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe the dna division sequence modulates mass accumulation

Busch H., 1987: Novel cell cycle related nuclear proteins found in rat and human cells with monoclonal antibodies

Budzikiewicz H., 1984: Novel ceramides from cystobacter fuscus myxobacterales

Budzikiewicz H., 1985: Novel cerebrosides from cystobacter fuscus myxobacterales 1

Araki S., 1982: Novel chemi luminescence detector for determination of volatile poly halogenated hydro carbons by gas chromatography

Yolken R.H., 1986: Novel chemical method for the preparation of nucleic acids for nonisotopic hybridization

Schwartz R.J., 1985: Novel chicken actin gene 3rd cytoplasmic isoform

Willburn, F. A. M.; Wellburn, A. R., 1976: Novel chloroplasts and unusual cellular ultrastructure in the resurrection plant myrothamnus flabellifolia myrothamnaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001792

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001793

Sato J., 1987: Novel cholinesterase expression in the huh 7 cell line

Hairong Y., 1985: Novel chromone alkaloids from schumanniophyton magnificum

Cassady J.M., 1987: Novel chromones from spathelia sorbifolia

Arlinghaus R.B., 1982: Novel circular forms of mengo virus specific double stranded rna detected by electron microscopy

Potter M., 1982: Novel class of mouse mammary tumor virus related dna sequences found in all species of mus including mice lacking the virus pro viral genome

Gleba Y., 1988: Novel class of ribosomal dna repeat units in somatic hybrids between nicotiana and atropa

Uthe J.F., 1981: Novel cleanup method for quantitative gas chromatographic determination of trace amounts of di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate in fish lipid

Shoeb A., 1988: Novel cleistanthane diterpenoids from pogostemon auricularis

Von Gabain A., 1984: Novel cluster of alpha interferon gene sequences in a placental cosmid dna library

Bishop D.H.L., 1984: Novel coding strategy ambi sense genomic rna revealed by sequence analyses of punta toro phlebovirus s rna

Guarino L.A., 1984: Novel codon utilization within the vaccinia virus thymidine kinase gene

Eugster C.H., 1984: Novel coleons and rolyeanones from coleus somaliensis

Mcillmurray M.B., 1987: Novel color test for rapid detection of group a streptococci

Gariglio P., 1988: Novel combination of c myc n myc and n ras oncogene alteration in brain tumors

Blobel H. , 1987: Novel complex formed between a nonproteolytic cell wall protein of group a streptococci and alpha 2 macroglobulin

Smith I.C.P., 1981: Novel complex polar lipids from the methanogenic archaebacterium methanospirillum hungatei

Taitelman U., 1983: Novel composite sorbent beads for paraquat removal by hemo perfusion

Izhar S., 1983: Novel composition of mitochondrial genomes in petunia somatic hybrids derived from cytoplasmic male sterile and fertile plants

Burkhardt W.IIi, 1988: Novel compound for identifying escherichia coli

Klein G., 1984: Novel concept for a mucosal adhesive ointment

Katakai, R.; Nakayama, Y., 1977: Novel conformational beta alpha transformation of oligo peptides in the solid state by shear stress/

Madison V., 1982: Novel conformational distributions of methyl proline peptides

Honda T., 1986: Novel construction of penem ring system from penicillin derivatives synthesis of 2 carboxylpenem derivative

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001818

Rieber M.S., 1982: Novel correlation between greater cell adhesion to substratum and an increased association of cell surface proteins with poly peptides involved in actin polymerization

Wada H., 1983: Novel coulometric detector for high performance liquid chromatography

Michejda C.J., 1988: Novel cross linking alkylating agents 1 2 chloroethyl 3 methyl 3 acyltriazenes

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001822

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001823

Samuelsen, G. S.; Rasmussen, R. E.; Nair, B. K.; Crocker, T. T., 1978: Novel culture and exposure system for measurement of effects of airborne pollutants on mammalian cells

Sauve G., 1988: Novel cyclization of ethyl 2 bromopyruvate with dialkylthioamides of amino protected amino acids one pot synthesis of 1 2 3 5 tetrasubstituted pyrroles

Cornett C., 1988: Novel cyclopentenoid cyanohydrin rhamnoglucosides from flacourtiaceae

Von Wartburg A., 1987: Novel cyclosporins from tolypocladium inflatum the cyclosporins k z

Fuska, J.; Fuskova, A.; Rosazza, J. P.; Nicholas, A. W., 1984: Novel cyto toxic and anti tumor agents 4. withaferin a relation of its structure to the in vitro cyto toxic effects on p 388 cells

Levan G., 1987: Novel cytogenetic expression of gene amplification in actinomycin d resistant somatic cell hybrids transfer of resistance by centric chromatin bodies

Vecino B., 1986: Novel cytopathic effects found in tomato and gynura aurantiaca leaf epidermal tissues respectively infected with potato spindle tuber and citrus exocortis viroids

Okai Y., 1987: Novel cytotoxic factors from tumor virus transformed human embryo fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001832

Mazurek M., 1988: Novel d glucans obtained by dmso extraction of the lichens letharia vulpina actinogyra muehlenbergii and an usnea sp

IItaka Y., 1982: Novel dammarane tri terpenoid glycosides from the leaves of hovenia dulcis x ray crystal structure of hoveno lactone mono hydrate

Veng Pedersen P., 1980: Novel de convolution method for linear pharmaco kinetic systems with poly exponential impulse response

Yu, Ekc, 1988: Novel decaffeination process using cyclodextrins

Mcfarland J.W., 1988: Novel degradation products from the treatment of salinomycin and narasin with formic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001838

Nagano Y., 1988: Novel densitometric method for endonuclease analysis of escherichia coli dna samples containing multiple plasmids

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001840

Arreguin, B., 1972: Novel design of an apparatus to carry out gel electrophoresis

West I.G., 1981: Novel determination of protein fat and lactose of milk by liquid scintillation counter

Sen Gupta A.K., 1986: Novel developments in refining edible oils

Sutherland J.C., 1984: Novel device for quantitatively collecting small volumes of urine from laboratory rats

Ogiso A., 1980: Novel di terpene lactones with anti peptic ulcer activity from croton sublyratus

Luthy R., 1984: Novel diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities in urinary tract infections

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001847

Axelrad A.A., 1982: Novel differentiation antigens on late erythrocytic progenitor cells detected by allo anti sera made between mouse strains congenic at the fv 2 locus

Warner R.C., 1986: Novel dimeric configurations from bacteriophage g 4 replicative form dna

Nakagawa A., 1982: Novel dimeric derivatives of leucomycins and tylosin 16 membered macrolides

Husson H P., 1987: Novel dimeric indole alkaloids from aristotelia australasica structural determination and synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001853

Beker M.E., 1982: Novel directions in industrial microbiology

Eugster C.H., 1986: Novel diterpenoids from leaf glands of a plectranthus sp from rwanda

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001856

Kobayashi A., 1988: Novel dithiazine compounds in volatile components from cooked sakuraebi sergia lucens hansen

Lown J.W., 1988: Novel dna groove binding alkylators design synthesis and biological evaluation

Bianco N.E., 1986: Novel dna protein complex and a large dna in systemic lupus erythematosus cryoprecipitates

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001860

Et Al, 1985: Novel dopamine receptor agonists and antagonists with preferential action on autoreceptors

Jenner D.A., 1981: Novel double isotope technique for enzymatic assay of catecholamines permitting high precision sensitivity and plasma sample capacity

Watson J.V., 1987: Novel dynamic flow cytoenzymological determination of intracellular esterase inhibition by bcnu and related isocyanates

Mcewen B.S., 1988: Novel effect of chronic corticosterone treatment on escape behavior in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001865

Offarim M., 1983: Novel effective immuno adsorbents based on agarose poly aldehyde microsphere beads synthesis and affinity chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001867

Dafny N., 1982: Novel effects of interferon on the brain micro iontophoretic application and single cell recording in the rat

Peterman V.I., 1983: Novel effects of prostaglandin f 2 alpha on airway function in asthmatic subjects

Ragnarsson U., 1981: Novel efficient total synthesis of anti viral antibiotic distamycin a

Steinberg A.D., 1987: Novel elisa and elisa spot assays used to quantitate b cells and serum antibodies specific for t cell and bromelated mouse red blood cell autoantigens

Hosein H.R., 1983: Novel engineering methods for ozone reduction in gas metal arc welding of aluminum

Okayama, H.; Honda, M.; Hayaishi, O., 1978: Novel enzyme from rat liver that cleaves an adp ribosyl histone linkage/

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001875

Ishikawa E., 1988: Novel enzyme immunoassay immune complex transfer enzyme immunoassay for anti insulin igg in guinea pig serum

O'brien, R. W.; Chuang, D. T.; Taylor, B. L.; Utter, M. F., 1977: Novel enzymic machinery for the metabolism of oxal acetate phosphoenol pyruvate and pyruvate in pseudomonas citronellolis

Kohorst G., 1984: Novel epicuticular leaf flavonoids from kalmia and gaultheria ericaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001879

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001880

Zyskind, J. W.; Smith, D. W., 1977: Novel escherichia coli dnab mutant direct involvement of the dnab 252 gene product in the synthesis of an origin rna species during initiation of a round of dna replication

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001882

Terashima S., 1986: Novel ethynylcerium iii reagents as efficient tools for constructing the alpha hydroxymethyl ketone moiety of anthracyclinones

Itokawa, H.; Morita, H.; Watanabe, K., 1987: Novel eudesman type sesquiterpenes from alpinia japonica thunb. miq

Bunce J.A., 1986: Novel evidence for a lack of water vapor saturation within the intercellular airspace of turgid leaves of mesophytic species

Burkhard D.R., 1979: Novel exocrine secretions from 2 species of scentless plant bugs hemiptera heteroptera rhopalidae

Introini Collison I.B., 1987: Novel experience prior to training attenuates the amnestic effects of posttraining ecs

Orita K., 1987: Novel experimental models of human cancer metastasis in nude mice lung metastasis intraabdominal carcinomatosis with ascites and liver metastasis

Habener J.F., 1986: Novel expression of the angiotensinogen gene in a rat pancreatic islet cell line transcriptional regulation by glucocorticoids

Garrett R.A., 1987: Novel expression of the ribosomal rna genes in the extreme thermophile and archaebacterium desulfurococcus mobilis

Rieder C.L., 1986: Novel extracellular matrix and microtubule cables associated with pseudopodia of astrammina rara a carnivorous antarctic foraminifer

Ganoza, M. C., 1977: Novel factors in protein biosynthesis

Yoshimura, A.; Seguchi, T.; Yoshida, T.; Shite, S.; Waki, M.; Kuwano, M., 1988: Novel feature of metabolism of low density lipoprotein receptor in a mouse macrophage like cell line j774.1

Rajbhandary U.L., 1980: Novel features in the genetic code and codon reading patterns in neurospora crassa mitochondria based on sequences of 6 mitochondrial transfer rna species

Simpson M.V., 1982: Novel features of animal mitochondrial dna evolution as shown by sequences of 2 rat cytochrome oxidase subunit ii genes

Jensen R.A., 1985: Novel features of prephenate aminotransferase from cell cultures of nicotiana silvestris

El Sharaby A., 1983: Novel fermentation media for production of delta endo toxins from bacillus thuringiensis

Uri J.V., 1986: Novel fermentation procedures for the production and the isolation of antibiotics

Paschal J.W., 1982: Novel fermentation products from streptomyces fradiae x ray crystal structure of 5 o mycarosyl tylactone and proof of the absolute configuration of tylosin

Wollenweber E., 1987: Novel flavonoids from the fern notholaena sulphurea

Panichpol, K.; Waterman, P. G., 1978: Novel flavonoids from the stem of popowia cauliflora

Bruckenstein S., 1986: Novel flow through pneumatoamperometric detector for determination of nanogram and subnanogram amounts of nitrite by flow injection analysis

Francis J.W., 1985: Novel fluorescence method to visualize antibody dependent hydrogen peroxide associated killing of liposomes by phagocytes

Zuckermann M., 1987: Novel fluorescent phospholipids for assays of lipid mixing between membranes

Hosoda R., 1984: Novel flushing provoked by volatile anesthetics in mastomys natalensis bearing a transplantable substrain of gastric carcinoid that predominantly secretes serotonin

Nagano H., 1983: Novel form of dna polymerase alpha associated with dna primase activity of vertebrates detection with mouse stimulating factor

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001908

Henner D.J., 1986: Novel form of transcription attenuation regulates expression of the bacillus subtilis tryptophan operon

Sattur P.B., 1986: Novel formation of 11 12 dihydro 6h quino 2 3 b benzodiazepines reaction of 2 chloroquinoline 3 carbaldehydes with o phenylenediamine

Egami F., 1982: Novel formation of alpha amino acids and their derivatives from oxo acids and ammonia in an aqueous medium

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001912

Tchao R., 1982: Novel forms of epithelial cell motility on collagen and on glass surfaces

Summers J., 1982: Novel forms of woodchuck hepatitis virus dna isolated from chronically infected woodchuck marmota monax liver nuclei

Watson J.T., 1987: Novel fragmentation process of peptides by collison induced decomposition in a tandem mass spectrometer differentiation of leucine and isoleucine

Haberman H.F., 1982: Novel free radicals in synthetic and natural pheo melanins distinction between dopa melanins and cysteinyl dopa melanins by esr spectroscopy

Maitra S.K., 1987: Novel friedel crafts reactions of some arenes

Hakomori, S. I.; Nudelman, E.; Levery, S. B.; Kannagi, R., 1984: Novel fuco lipids accumulating in human adeno carcinoma 1. glyco lipids with di fucosylated or tri fucosylated type 2 chain

Fukushi, Y.; Hakomori, S. I.; Nudelman, E.; Cochran, N., 1984: Novel fuco lipids accumulating in human adeno carcinoma 2. selective isolation of hybridoma antibodies that differentially recognize mono fucosylated di fucosylated and tri fucosylated type 2 chain

Fukushi, Y.; Nudelman, E.; Levery, S. B.; Hakomori, S. I.; Rauvala, H., 1984: Novel fucolipids accumulating in human adenocarcinoma 3. a hybridoma antibody fh 6 defining a human cancer associated difucoganglioside

Hakomori S I., 1986: Novel fucolipids of human adenocarcinoma characterization of the major le y antigen of human adenocarcinoma as trifucosylnonaosyl le y glycolipid

Hakomori S I., 1986: Novel fucolipids of human adenocarcinoma disialosyl le a antigen of human colonic adenocarcinoma and the monoclonal antibody fh 7 defining this structure

Hakomori S I., 1986: Novel fucolipids of human adenocarcinoma monoclonal antibody specific for trifucosyl le y and a possible three dimensional epitope structure

Larriba, G.; Klinger, M.; Sramek, S.; Steiner, S., 1977: Novel fucose containing components from rat tissues

Plattner R.D., 1979: Novel furaldehydes from oxidized soy phospho lipids

Zappala M., 1988: Novel fused ring 1 4 benzodiazepines synthesis of 1 4 oxathiano 5 6 b 1 4 benzodiazepin 2 ones

Harrison, D. R.; Kennewell, P. D.; Taylor, J. B., 1977: Novel fused ring derivatives of 2 methyl 3 o tolyl 4 3h quinazolone quinazolino 3 2 a 1 4 benzodiazepines

Shashoua V.E., 1988: Novel gaba agonists depress the reward effect of lateral hypothalamic stimulation in rats

Matheson, G. K.; Freed, E.; Tunnicliff, G., 1986: Novel gamma aminobutyric acid analogues as hypotensive agents

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001930

Chen S., 1985: Novel gene transfer into the fertilized eggs of goldfish carassius auratus

Zimmermann F.K., 1987: Novel genetic components controlling invertase production in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Hendrickson, E. R.; Duggan, D. E., 1976: Novel genotypes among transductants made with bacterio phage p 1 lysates from an f 14 merogenote strain of escherichia coli k 12

Cooper, R.; Levy, E. C.; Lavie, D., 1977: Novel germination inhibitors from aegilops ovata

Stoeckigt J., 1988: Novel glucoalkaloids from rauwolfia cell cultures acetylrauglucine and related glucosides

Capdevila J., 1985: Novel glutathione conjugates formed from epoxyeicosatrienoic acids

Minami, S. A.; Goodenough, U. W., 1978: Novel glyco poly peptide synthesis induced by gametic cell fusion in chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Ogawa Y., 1984: Novel glycosidase inhibitors nojirimycin b and d mannonic delta lactam isolation structure determination and biological property

Morimoto Y., 1985: Novel glycosidic linkage between arabinogalactan and peptidoglycan in the cell wall skeleton of nocardia rubra an 115

Itokawa, H.; Morita, H.; Osawa, K.; Watanabe, K.; Iitaka, Y., 1987: Novel guaiane and secoguaiane type sesquiterpenes from alpinia japonica thunb. miq

Dewitt S.K., 1983: Novel halo peroxidase reaction synthesis of di halogenated products

Dalietos D.J., 1983: Novel halo peroxidase substrates alkynes and cyclo propanes

Chung G H., 1985: Novel halolactamization

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001944

Mcgeoch D.J., 1986: Novel herpes simplex virus type i glycoproteins identified by antiserum against a synthetic oligopeptide from the predicted product of gene us 4

Coppola, G. M.; Hardtmann, G. E., 1979: Novel hetero cycles 4. synthesis of the pyrido 2 3 c 1 2 thiazine ring system

Coppola, G. M.; Shapiro, M. J., 1980: Novel hetero cycles 5. lactone fused quinazolines

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001948

Naylor A., 1979: Novel hetero pentalenes synthesis of the nabam oxidation product and related compounds

Smith, K.; Matthews, I.; Hulme, N. M.; Martin, G. E., 1986: Novel heterocyclic systems part 21. synthesis of 3 hydroxypyridine 2 1h selone and its application in the synthesis of 1 azaphenoxaselenine and its substituted derivatives

Smith, K.; Matthews, I.; Martin, G. E., 1987: Novel heterocyclic systems part 28. preparation and characterization of the 1 6 1 7 1 8 and 1 9 diazaphenoxaselenines an unexpected divergence between closely related sulfur and selenium systems

Fernandes B., 1986: Novel heterophile chicken antigen immunohistochemical localization using antisera to mycobacterium smegmatis and possible association with lymphocyte maturation

Kado C.I., 1985: Novel high and low copy stable cosmids for use in agrobacterium and rhizobium

Watanabe H., 1986: Novel high performance liquid chromatographic adsorbents prepared by immobilization of modified cyclodextrins

Tateishi J., 1986: Novel histochemical approaches to the prealbumin related senile and familial forms of systemic amyloidosis

Kornberg A., 1980: Novel histone h 2a like protein of escherichia coli

Suryanarayana T., 1988: Novel histone like dna binding proteins in the nucleoid from the acidothermophilic archaebacterium sulfolobus acidocaldarius that protect dna against thermal denaturation

Sachs J.A., 1988: Novel hla class ii associated structural patterns in celiac disease and type i diabetes

Rohmer M., 1985: Novel hopanoids from the methylotrophic bacteria methylococcus capsulatus and methylomonas methanica 22s 35 aminobacteriohopane 30 31 32 33 34 pentol and 22s 35 amino 3 beta methylbacteriohopane 30 31 32 33 34 pentol

Hauck M., 1988: Novel hplc procedure for cyclamate in food with pre column derivatization

Frangione B., 1986: Novel human light chain v kappa segment serologic and structural analysis of the kappa iii like bence jones protein and immunoglobulin g kappa light chain ree

Anjaneyulu, A. S. R.; Madhusudhana-Rao, A.; Kameswara-Rao, V.; Ramachandra-Row, L.; Pelter, A.; Ward, R. S., 1977: Novel hydroxy lignans from the heart wood of gmelina arborea

Kennedy W.P.K., 1984: Novel identification of differences in the kinetoplast dna of leishmania isolates by recombinant dna techniques and in situ hybridization

Sigal, N. H., 1977: Novel idiotypic and antigen binding characteristics in 2 anti di nitro phenyl mono clonal antibodies

Colditz I.G., 1983: Novel immuno fluorescent technique for identification of ovine immuno globulins and other potential opsonins binding to live staphylococcus aureus

Otterness I.G., 1981: Novel immuno suppressive agents potent immunological activity of some benzothiopyrano 4 3 c pyrazol 3 ones

Alt F.W., 1984: Novel immunoglobulin heavy chains are produced from dj h gene segment rearrangements in lymphoid cells

Suzuki M., 1986: Novel immunosensors

Takaku F., 1987: Novel immunosuppressive agent fk 506 in vitro effects on the cloned t cells activation

Abeles R.H., 1983: Novel inactivators of serine proteases based on 6 chloro 2 pyrone

Mori W., 1983: Novel inclusion body in hepatitis related liver cirrhosis

Crosa J.H., 1987: Novel incompatibility and partition loci for the repi replication region of plasmid colv k30

Ono T., 1982: Novel inducers and inhibitors of differentiation of friend erythro leukemia cells application of an opal glass transmission method to study of erythroid differentiation

Petrakova E., 1984: Novel inducers of the xylan degrading enzyme system of cryptococcus albidus

Hayward G.S., 1987: Novel induction by herpes simplex virus of hybrid interferon gene transcripts driven by the strong cytomegalovirus ie94 promoter

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001977

Setler P.E., 1984: Novel inhibitors of gamma amino butyric acid uptake anti convulsant actions in rats and mice

Purnell, M. R.; Whish, W. J. D., 1980: Novel inhibitors of poly adp ribose synthetase ec 2.4.99.

Deruiter J., 1987: Novel inhibitors of rat lens aldose reductase n substituted aminophenylsulfonylglycines

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001981

Weiden M.H.J., 1985: Novel insecticidal miticidal cyclic dithiacarbamoyloximes

Tokumaru K., 1988: Novel insights into photoisomerization of olefins

Lax, C.; Fogel, S., 1978: Novel inter allelic complementation at the his 1 locus of yeast

Cheng Y C., 1984: Novel interaction of aphidicolin with herpes simplex virus dna polymerase and polymerase associated exonuclease

Skolnick P., 1986: Novel interactions of cations with dihydropyridine calcium antagonist binding sites in brain

Crawford G.I., 1983: Novel interface for pet cbm computers

Greene W.C., 1988: Novel interleukin 2 il 2 receptor appears to mediate il 2 induced activation of natural killer cells

Leonard W.J., 1986: Novel interleukin 2 receptor subunit detected by cross linking under high affinity conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001992

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001993

Chou T S., 1980: Novel intra molecular 4 plus 2 cyclo addition reactions of enamines and enamides with unactivated dienes

Et Al, 1987: Novel intrapulmonary model for orthotopic propagation of human lung cancers in athymic nude mice

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001996

Williams P.H., 1979: Novel iron uptake system specified by col v plasmids an important component in the virulence of invasive strains of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6002, Accession 006001998

Van-Der-Merwe, P. J.; Rall, G. J.; Roux, D. G., 1978: Novel iso flavan pterocarpan inter conversions some structural requirements for cyclization

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