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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6003

Chapter 6003 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ozawa T., 1984: Novel isolation of ubiquinone binding proteins located in different sites of beef heart mitochondrial respiratory chain

Collins J.F., 1986: Novel kainic acid analogues effects on cyclic gmp content of adult rat cerebellar slices

Baldwin, S. A.; Perham, R. N., 1978: Novel kinetic and structural properties of the class i d fructose 1 6 bis phosphate aldolase ec from escherichia coli crookes strain

Baumann G., 1981: Novel kinetics in the sodium conductance system predicted by the aggregation model of channel gating

Williamson J.R., 1988: Novel kinetics of single cell calcium transients in stimulated hepatocytes and a10 cells measured using fura 2 and fluorescent videomicroscopy

Tanaka A., 1987: Novel leu lys specific peptidase leulysin produced by gel entrapped yeast cells

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002007

Knoll, J.; Ecsery, Z.; Magyar, K.; Satory, E., 1978: Novel levo deprenyl derived selective inhibitors of b type mono amine oxidase the relation of structure to their action

Gulliver, P. A.; Wharton, C. W., 1976: Novel ligands for the purification of catechol o methyl transferase ec by affinity chromatography

Clarke, N. G.; Hazlewood, G. P.; Dawson, R. M. C., 1976: Novel lipids of butyrivibrio spp

Goldberg A.R., 1982: Novel localization of pp 60 s r c in rous sarcoma virus transformed rat and goat cells and chicken cells transformed by viruses rescued from these mammalian cells

Harris A.H., 1984: Novel long term cardiovascular effects of industrial noise

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002013

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002014

Cerami A., 1986: Novel macrophage receptor for glucose modified proteins is distinct from previously described scavenger receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002016

Parodi A.J., 1983: Novel mannose carrier in the trypanosomatid crithidia fasciculata behaving as a short alpha saturated poly prenyl phosphate

Pusset J., 1987: Novel marine steroid sulfates from pacific ophiuroids

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002019

Aloni, Y.; Dhar, R.; Laub, O.; Horowitz, M.; Khoury, G., 1977: Novel mechanism for rna maturation the leader sequences of sv 40 messenger rna are not transcribed adjacent to the coding sequences

Zaehringer, J.; Baliga, B. S.; Munro, H. N., 1976: Novel mechanism for translational control in regulation of ferritin synthesis by iron

Kierszenbaum F., 1988: Novel mechanism for trypanosoma cruzi induced suppression of human lymphocytes inhibition of il 2 receptor expression

Lefer A.M., 1988: Novel mechanism of action of a prostacyclin enhancing agent in hemorrhagic shock

Huisman O., 1983: Novel mechanism of cell division inhibition associated with the sos response in escherichia coli

Nishimura S., 1979: Novel mechanism of post transcriptional modification of transfer rna insertion of bases of queuosine precursors into transfer rna by a specific transfer rna trans glycosylase reaction

Sporns P., 1987: Novel mechanisms for the decomposition of 1 amino acid 1 deoxy d fructoses amadori compounds a mass spectrometric approach

Salas J.A., 1988: Novel mechanisms of resistance to lincosamides in staphylococcus and arthrobacter spp

Taniguchi M., 1985: Novel mechanisms of specific suppression of anti hapten antibody response mediated by monoclonal anti carrier antibody

Sierra M.A., 1988: Novel mechanistic aspects of the 4 acyl beta lactam formation from 1 2 iminoketones

El Feraly F.S., 1983: Novel melampolides from magnolia soulangiana cultivar lennei

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002031

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002032

Flaherty L., 1987: Novel messenger rna species from q subregion class i gene of the murine major histocompatibility complex

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002034

Mayol L., 1986: Novel metabolites from the marine genus cystoseira application of two dimensional proton carbon 13 correlation to the structure elucidation

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002036

Tomizawa C., 1986: Novel metabolites of orbencarb and benthiocarb herbicides in soil plant and rat liver microsomes s 2 chlorobenzyl n ethyl n vinylthiocarbamate and its 4 chloro isomer

Henschler D., 1984: Novel metabolites of tri chloro ethylene through dechlorination reactions in rats mice and humans

Rawlings, J.; Shah, V. K.; Chisnell, J. R.; Brill, W. J.; Zimmermann, R.; Munck, E.; Orme-Johnson, W. H., 1978: Novel metal cluster in the iron molybdenum cofactor of nitrogenase spectroscopic evidence

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002040

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002041

Schnitzer, M.; Griffith, S. M., 1975: Novel method for estimating hydrogen bonded carboxyl groups in humic substances

Liebeskind, D.; Hsu, K. C.; Elequin, F.; Mendez, L.; Ghossein, N.; Janis, M.; Bases, R., 1977: Novel method for estimating the labeling index in clinical specimens with the use of immuno peroxidase labeled anti nucleoside antibodies

Gaylor, J. D. S.; Mockros, L. F., 1978: Novel method for fabricating capillary membrane oxygenators

Van Kouwen A.M., 1988: Novel method for high performance liquid chromatography of azo derivatives of conjugated and unconjugated bilirubin

Howley P.M., 1985: Novel method for identifying sequence specific dna binding proteins

Reddy, M. P.; Voelker, P. J., 1988: Novel method for monitoring the coupling efficiency in solid phase peptide synthesis

Hambleton P., 1988: Novel method for purification of staphylococcal enterotoxin a

Mawal, M. R.; Mawal, Y. R.; Row, T. N. G.; Ranjekar, P. K., 1988: Novel method for screening pigeonpea varieties for globulin content by radioimmunoassay

Katoh F., 1988: Novel method for selective killing of transformed rodent cells through intercellular communication with possible therapeutic applications

Hart F.L., 1984: Novel method for studying the public health significance of macro invertebrates occurring in potable water

Ikawa Y., 1986: Novel method for substance injection into the cell by laser beam a study of the injection volume

Eddowes, M. J.; Hill, H. A. O., 1977: Novel method for the investigation of the electrochemistry of metallo proteins cytochrome c

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002055

Kinsella J.E., 1979: Novel method for the reduction of nucleic acid in yeast protein

Otto M., 1982: Novel method of biotyping haemophilus influenzae that uses api 20e

Grim W.M., 1982: Novel method of derivatization of an amidino urea lidamidine for gas liquid chromatography analysis

Lin, Y. J.; Weidler, D. J.; Garg, D. C.; Wagner, J. G., 1978: Novel method of estimating volume of distribution of a drug obeying michaelis menten elimination kinetics

Fishman J., 1983: Novel method of evaluating biological 19 hydroxylation and aromatization of androgens

Griffin, J. M.; Godfrey, R. L., 1977: Novel method of projection for the examination of fish scales/

Viswanathan K., 1986: Novel method to evaluate diffusion controlled release of drug from resinate

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002063

Murao, S.; Watanabe, T., 1977: Novel microbial alkaline protease inhibitor produced by streptomyces sp no wt 27

Markovetz A.J., 1979: Novel microbial and chemical components of a specific black band region in the cockroach eublaberus posticus hind gut

Weimer P.J., 1985: Novel microbial screen for detection of 1 4 butanediol ethylene glycol and adipic acid

Ishiko J., 1985: Novel microsomal anion sensitive magnesium atpase activity in rat brain

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002068

Kostic, N. M.; Niketic, S. R., 1977: Novel mixed tris complexes of cobalt iii with alpha amino acids and beta amino acids isolation adsorption chromatography and absorption spectra

Guha S.K., 1982: Novel mode of contraception using polymeric hydro gels 1

Tokes Z.A., 1984: Novel mode of cyto toxicity obtained by coupling inactive anthracycline to a polymer

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002072

Miyata T., 1981: Novel models for rna splicing that involve a small nuclear rna

Brown M.R.W., 1988: Novel modes of action of aminoglycoside antibiotics against pseudomonas aeruginosa

Hofreiter, B. T.; Smiley, K. L.; Boundy, J. A.; Swanson, C. L.; Fecht, R. J., 1978: Novel modification of corn starch by immobilized alpha amylase

El Kommos M.E., 1980: Novel modification of the fujiwara reaction

Et Al, 1986: Novel modified beta interferons gene cloning expression and biological activity in bacterial extracts

Fekete J., 1985: Novel molecular rearrangements of 4 hydroxy 2 cyclopentenones

Massy Westropp R.A., 1982: Novel mono terpene di saccharide glycosides on vitis vinifera grapes and wines

Trojanowski J.Q., 1986: Novel monoclonal antibodies provide evidence for the in situ existence of a nonphosphorylated form of the largest neurofilament subunit

Teitel D., 1987: Novel monocyte like properties of microglial astroglial cells constitutive secretion of lysozyme and cystatin c

Williams P.J., 1988: Novel monoterpene diols and diol glycosides in vitis vinifera grapes

Steck T.L., 1980: Novel morphogenesis in ax 3 a mutant strain of the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002084

Loew G.H., 1987: Novel mu selective methionine enkephalinamide analogs with antagonist activity synthesis receptor binding analgesic properties and conformational studies

Carlson D.M., 1985: Novel multigene families encoding highly repetitive peptide sequences sequence analyses of rat and mouse proline rich protein complementary dna species

Ostro M.J., 1985: Novel multilayered lipid vesicles comparison of physical characteristics of multilamellar liposomes and stable plurilamellar vesicles

Ingram, L. O.; Fisher, W. D., 1973: Novel mutant impaired in cell division evidence for a positive regulating factor

Van Baalen C., 1980: Novel mutant of anabaena sp strain ca which grows on nitrogen but not on combined nitrogen

Gupta R.S., 1986: Novel mutants of cho cells resistant to adenosine analogs and containing biochemically altered form of adenosine kinase in cell extracts

Konrad, E. B.; Lehman, I. R., 1975: Novel mutants of escherichia coli that accumulate very small dna replicative intermediates

Korba, B. E.; Hays, J. B., 1980: Novel mutants of escherichia coli that produce recombinogenic lesions in dna 2. properties of recombinogenic lambda phages grown on bacteria carrying arl mutations

Burton, E. G.; Metzenberg, R. L., 1972: Novel mutation causing derepression of several enzymes of sulfur metabolism in neurospora crassa

Suzuki, H.; Nishimura, Y.; Iketani, H.; Campisi, J.; Hirashima, A.; Inouye, M.; Hirota, Y., 1976: Novel mutation that causes a structural change in a lipo protein in the outer membrane of escherichia coli

Nathanson, N. M.; Schleif, R., 1973: Novel mutation to dominant fucose resistance in the l arabinose operon of escherichia coli

Parkinson J.S., 1980: Novel mutations affecting a signaling component for chemo taxis of escherichia coli

Hays, J. B.; Korba, B. E.; Konrad, E. B., 1980: Novel mutations of escherichia coli that produce recombinogenic lesions in dna 1. identification and mapping of arl mutations

Korba, B. E.; Hays, J. B., 1982: Novel mutations of escherichia coli that produce recombinogenic lesions in dna 5. recombinogenic plasmids from arl mutants of escherichia coli are unusually sensitive to nuclease s 1 and partially deficient in cytosine methylation at ccatgg sequences

Cole M.D., 1982: Novel myc oncogene rna from abortive immuno globulin gene recombination in mouse plasma cytomas

Sakamura S., 1987: Novel mycelial components ganoderic acid mg mh mi mj and mk from the fungus ganoderma lucidum

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002101

Schousboe A., 1983: Novel neuron related regulatory mechanisms for astrocytic glutamate and gamma amino butyric acid high affinity uptake

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002103

Wyke J.A., 1980: Novel nonconditional mutants in the src gene of rous sarcoma virus isolation and preliminary characterization

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002105

Niwa M., 1985: Novel nonnarcotic analgesics with an improved therapeutic ratio structure activity relationships of 8 methylthio and 8 acylthio 1 2 3 4 5 6 hexahydro 2 6 methano 3 benzazocines

Miller G., 1987: Novel nuclear antigens recognized by human sera in lymphocytes latently infected by epstein barr virus

Svoboda J.A., 1983: Novel nuclear methylation of sterols by the nematode caenorhabditis elegans

Loewen, P. C., 1976: Novel nucleotides from escherichia coli isolated and partially characterized

Inoue Y., 1984: Novel oligo saccharide chains on poly sialo glyco proteins isolated from rainbow trout eggs a unique carbohydrate sequence with a sialidase resistant sialyl group

Dutton G.G.S., 1985: Novel oligosaccharides obtained by bacteriophage degradation of the polysaccharide from klebsiella serotype k 26

Sharma S.K., 1987: Novel one pot convenient synthesis of 3 benzylidene 2 phenyl 2 3 dihydro 4h 1 benzopyran 4 ones

Messeguer A., 1982: Novel one pot preparation of tetra hydro benzo di pyran 4 ones application to the synthesis of precocene analogs with condensed di hydro pyran rings

Foster, C. H.; Elam, E. U., 1976: Novel one pot synthesis of 4 amino quinazolines

Voelter W., 1985: Novel one pot synthesis of a new class of compounds involving coupling of sugars and amino acids via triflates

Inouye S., 1985: Novel one step cloning vector with a transposable element application to the myxococcus xanthus genome

Cuatrecasas P., 1981: Novel opiate binding sites selective for benzomorphan drugs

Quick, J.; Herlihy, P.; Razdan, R. K.; Howes, J. F., 1982: Novel opiates and antagonists 4. 7 alkanoyl hydro morphones

Herlihy, P.; Dalzell, H. C.; Howes, J. F.; Razdan, R. K., 1982: Novel opiates and antagonists 5. 7 carbethoxy n cycloalkylmethyl 3 hydroxy morphinan 6 ones and 7 carbethoxy n cycloalkylmethyl 3 hydroxy iso morphinan 6 ones

Quick, J.; Herlihy, P.; Howes, J. F., 1984: Novel opiates and antagonists 6. 7 alkyl 6 7 didehydro morphinans

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002121

Lottspeich, F.; Henschen, A.; Brantl, V.; Teschemacher, H., 1980: Novel opioid peptides derived from casein beta casomorphins 3. synthetic peptides corresponding to components from bovine casein peptone

Sakurai, T.; Yamauchi, O.; Nakahara, A., 1976: Novel optical resolution of racemic alpha amino acids via formation of mixed ligand copper ii complexes with electrostatic ligand ligand interactions

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002124

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002125

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002126

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002127

Rueckert R.R., 1980: Novel p 19 related protein in rous associated virus type 61 implications for avian gag gene order

Shibuya, T.; Funamizu, M.; Kitahara, Y., 1978: Novel p coumaric acid esters from pinus densiflora pollen/

Motozato Y., 1986: Novel packing for high pressure liquid chromatography partially alkylated and cross linked poly gamma methyl l glutamate spherical particles

Yano T., 1979: Novel palladium and ruthenium catalyzed transformation of tertiary amines to secondary amines and sulfides with thiolate anions

Jones L.H., 1984: Novel palm oils from cloned palms

Hsieh T S., 1985: Novel partitioning of dna cleavage sites for drosophila melanogaster topoisomerase ii

Crawford, R. L., 1975: Novel pathway for degradation of proto catechuic acid in bacillus species

Powell W.S., 1986: Novel pathway for the metabolism of 6 trans leukotriene b 4 by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Kuwahara, M., 1977: Novel pathway of nad metabolism in aspergillus niger

Jenner, P.; Testa, B., 1978: Novel pathways in drug metabolism

Hart M.G.R., 1981: Novel patterns of uv mutagenesis and weigle reactivation in staphylococcus aureus and phage phi 11

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002139

Maggio J.E., 1986: Novel peptide fragments originating from pgl a and the caerulein and xenopsin precursors from xenopus laevis

Barchas J.D., 1981: Novel peptide neuronal system in rat brain and pituitary

Yukari Y., 1984: Novel peptides with orally active and long lasting anti hypertensive activity

Hagenzieker J.G., 1982: Novel peptido glycans in caulobacter spp and asticcacaulis spp

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002144

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002145

O'donohue T.L., 1984: Novel pharmacology of substance k binding sites a 3rd type of tachykinin receptor

Aboulwafa O.M., 1984: Novel phenanthridine thiosemicarbazone and thiazoline derivatives syntheses and evaluation for anticancer and antimicrobial activities

Youngner J.S., 1982: Novel phenotype of rna synthesis expressed by vesicular stomatitis virus isolated from persistent infection

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002149

Shattock, R. C.; Shaw, D. S., 1976: Novel phenotypes of phytophthora infestans from mixed culture of antibiotic resistant mutants

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002151

Mitani, K.; Yoshida, T.; Sakurai, S.; Morikawa, K.; Iwanaga, Y.; Koshinaka, E.; Kato, H.; Ito, Y., 1988: Novel phenoxyalkylamine derivatives ii. synthesis and calcium antagonistic activities of alpha alkyl alpha phenoxypropylaminopropylbenzeneacetonitrile derivatives

Mitani, K.; Yoshida, T.; Suzuki, T.; Koshinaka, E.; Kato, H.; Ito, Y.; Fujita, T., 1988: Novel phenoxyalkylamine derivatives iii. quantitative structure activity relationships of calcium antagonistic alpha alkyl alpha phenoxypropylaminopropyl 3 4 5 trimethoxybenzeneacetonitrile derivatives

Zimmerman D.M., 1982: Novel phenyl piperidine opioid antagonists and partial agonists effects on fluid consumption

Endo K., 1987: Novel phenylalanine dehydrogenases from sporosarcina ureae and bacillus sphaericus purification and characterization

Chassy B.M., 1982: Novel phosphoenol pyruvate dependent futile cycle in streptococcus lactis 2 deoxy d glucose uncouples energy production from growth

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002159

Kupchan, S. M.; Kim, C. K.; Miyano, K., 1976: Novel photochemical aporphine synthesis via spiro dienone rearrangement racemic boldine

Stenberg, V. I.; Singh, S. P.; Narain, N. K.; Parmar, S. S., 1976: Novel photochemical demethylation of cocaine and related compounds

Agosta W.C., 1985: Novel photochemical reactions of 3 2h furanones

Blattler W.A., 1985: Novel photocleavage protein crosslinking reagents and their use in the preparation of antibody toxin conjugates

Chamberlain S.D., 1985: Novel photoinduced functionalized c alkylations in purine systems

Ivie, G. W.; Knox, J. R.; Khalifa, S.; Yamamoto, I.; Casida, J. E., 1972: Novel photoproducts of heptachlor epoxide trans chlordane and trans nonachlor

Guillard R.R.L., 1984: Novel phycoerythrins in marine synechococcus spp characterization and evolutionary and ecological implications

Sakamura S., 1983: Novel phyto toxins produced by the causal fungus of the shoot blight of larches larix leptolepis

Akatsuka, T.; Kodama, O.; Sekido, H.; Kono, Y.; Takeuchi, S., 1985: Novel phytoalexins oryzalexins a b and c isolated from rice blast leaves infected with pyricularia oryzae 1. isolation characterization and biological activities of oryzalexins

Kono, Y.; Takeuchi, S.; Kodama, O.; Sekido, H.; Akatsuka, T., 1985: Novel phytoalexins oryzalexins a b and c isolated from rice blast leaves infected with pyricularia oryzae 2. structural studies of oryzalexins

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002170

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002171

Vartian C.V., 1986: Novel plasmid mediated beta lactamase in members of the family enterobacteriaceae from ohio usa

Kolosov M.N., 1985: Novel plasmid vehicles for gene cloning and expression

Nekrasova O.V., 1988: Novel plasmid vehicles for gene cloning and expression

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002175

Chauhan N., 1988: Novel plate culture method to improve the microbiological diagnosis of peritonitis in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Lian E.C Y., 1985: Novel platelet agglutinating protein from a thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura plasma

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002178

Smith I.C.P., 1981: Novel polar lipids from the methanogen methanospirillum hungatii gp 1

Miller P.A., 1981: Novel poly ether antibiotics x 14667a and x 14667b from streptomyces cinnamonensis ssp urethanofaciens discovery fermentation biological as well as ionophore properties and taxonomy of the producing culture

Miller P.A., 1983: Novel poly ether antibiotics x 14868a x 14868b x 14868c and x 14868d produced by a nocardia discovery fermentation biological as well as ionophore properties and taxonomy of the producing culture

Miller P.A., 1986: Novel polyether antibiotics x 14873a x 14873g and x 14873h produced by a streptomyces taxonomy of the producing culture fermentation biological and ionophorous properties of the antibiotics

Nakajima T., 1985: Novel polyhydroxylated cardiac steroids in the nuchal glands of the snake rhabdophis tigrinus

Mahy B.W.J., 1985: Novel polypeptides encoded by influenza virus subgenomic defective interfering type virion rna

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002185

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002186

Sykes R.B., 1985: Novel potentiators of beta lactam antibiotics isolation of sq 28504 and sq 28546 from chromobacterium violaceum

Unger S., 1986: Novel potentiators of beta lactam antibiotics structures of sq 28504 and sq 28546

Nagyvary, J.; Harvey, J. A.; Nome, F.; Armstrong, D.; Fendler, J. H., 1976: Novel prebiotic model systems interactions of nucleosides and nucleotides with aqueous micellar sodium dodecanoate

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002190

Ahluwalia, V. K.; Sharma, N. D.; Mittal, B.; Gupta, S. R., 1988: Novel prenylated flavanoids from mallotus philippensis muell. arg

Kitagawa T., 1981: Novel preparation method of immunogen for hydrophobic hapten enzyme immunoassay for daunomycin and adriamycin

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002193

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002194

Scheule R.K., 1986: Novel preparation of functional sindbis virosomes

Senet J P., 1987: Novel preparation of n protected amino acid active esters using 1 2 2 2 tetrachloroethylcarbonates

Ganderton D., 1983: Novel presentation of drugs and the current regulatory climate

Ishido, Y.; Nakazaki, N.; Sakairi, N., 1976: Novel procedure for regioselective 2 o deacylation of fully acylated purine and pyrimidine ribo nucleosides with hydrazine hydrate

Leduy A., 1985: Novel process for the production of cellulolytic enzymes

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002200

Lauber E., 1987: Novel products from underutilized fish using combined processing technology

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002202

Gautvik K.M., 1986: Novel prolactin related messenger rna species in rat pituitary cells

Groudine M., 1986: Novel promoter upstream of the human c myc gene and regulation of c myc expression in b cell lymphomas

Lapenson, D.; Deal, W. C. Jr, 1979: Novel pronounced reversible inhibition of phospho fructo kinase ec glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and phospho glucose isomerase by hexa cyano ferrate ii

Kleid, D.; Humayun, Z.; Jeffrey, A.; Ptashne, M., 1976: Novel properties of a restriction endo nuclease isolated from haemophilus parahaemolyticus

Beck, B. D.; Arscott, P. G.; Jacobson, A., 1978: Novel properties of bacterial elongation factor tu

Yoshida, S.; Yamada, M.; Masaki, S., 1979: Novel properties of dna polymerase beta with poly ribo adenylic acid . oligo deoxy thymidylic acid template primer

Roychoudhury, R.; Wu, R., 1977: Novel properties of escherichia coli exo nuclease iii

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002210

Harada, N., 1988: Novel properties of human placental aromatase as cytochrome p 450 purification and characterization of a unique form of aromatase

Bendich, A. J.; Anderson, R. S., 1974: Novel properties of satellite dna from muskmelon

Fincham, N.; Camp, R., 1983: Novel prostaglandin dehydrogenase ec in rat skin

Horio T., 1980: Novel protease bound with chromatins in normal and tumorous tissues of rats

Van De Putte P., 1988: Novel protein in human epidermal keratinocytes regulation of expression during differentiation

Sharma R.K., 1979: Novel protein kinase aut pk 85 isolated from adreno cortical carcinoma purification and characterization

Perlmutter R.M., 1987: Novel protein tyrosine kinase gene hck preferentially expressed in cells of hematopoietic origin

Klein W.H., 1984: Novel proteins belonging to the troponin c superfamily are encoded by a set of messenger rna in sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus embryos/

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002220

Ozawa T., 1985: Novel purification of cytochrome c 1 from mitochondrial complex iii reconstitution of antimycin insensitive electron transfer with the iron sulfur protein and cytochrome c 1

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002222

Toia R.F., 1987: Novel pyrazines from the head of australian ponerine ant rhytidoponera metallica

Smith R.A., 1987: Novel pyrazolo 3 4 d pyrimidine nucleoside analog with broad spectrum antiviral activity

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002225

Sirtori C.R., 1984: Novel pyrimidine and 1 3 5 triazine hypolipidemic agents

Van Der Plas H.C., 1981: Novel pyrimidine rearrangement reaction a new synthesis of 4 formyl imidazoles

Popli S.P., 1986: Novel pyrones from hypericum mysorense

Cerami A., 1988: Novel pyrroles from sulfite inhibited maillard reactions insight into the mechanism of inhibition

Kohn, F. S.; Henneman, S. A., 1977: Novel quality assurance procedure for the gram strain

Snyder F., 1984: Novel quantitative method for determination of molecular species of phospholipids and diglycerides

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002232

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002233

Pietra F., 1984: Novel racemic or nearly racemic antibacterial bromoquinols and chloroquinols and gamma lactams of the verongiaquinol and the cavernicolin type from the marine sponge aplysina cavernicola

Chernyuk N.N., 1988: Novel radioactively labeled molecular probes for studying a 1 4 dihydropyridine calcium antagonist receptor

Ito, S.; Prota, G., 1977: Novel reaction of cysteine with phenolic amino acids in hydro bromic acid reversible formation of 3 cystein s yl tyrosine and cystein s yl dopa

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002237

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002238

Altman S., 1988: Novel reactions of rnase p with a transfer rna like structure in turnip yellow mosaic virus rna

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002240

Dawson J.H., 1984: Novel reactivity of cytochrome p 450 cam methyl hydroxylation of 5 5 difluorocamphor

Ertingshausen G., 1980: Novel reagent and method for direct determination of chloride in serum with a centrifugal analyzer

Samuelsson B., 1980: Novel reagent system for converting a hydroxy group into an iodo group in carbohydrates with inversion of configuration 2

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002244

Shibuya M., 1986: Novel rearrangement of 3 acyl 5 acylamino 2 3 dihydro 1 3 4 thiadiazole 1 oxides into 1 3 4 oxadiazoles

Ley S.V., 1984: Novel rearrangement of the ionophore antibiotic x 14547a indanomycin and related derivatives induced by lithium tetrafluoroborate

Spear P.G., 1985: Novel rearrangements of herpes simplex virus dna sequences resulting from duplication of a sequence within the unique region of the l component

Dalrymple B., 1987: Novel rearrangements of is30 carrying plasmids leading to the reactivation of gene expression

Kishimoto S., 1988: Novel receptor mediated internalization of interleukin 2 in b cells

Timothy D.H., 1986: Novel recombinations in the maize mitochondrial genome produce a unique transcriptional unit in the texas male sterile cytoplasm

Cincotta A.H., 1987: Novel red absorbing benzo a phenoxazinium and benzo a phenothiazinium photosensitizers in vitro evaluation

Komori T., 1985: Novel reductive metabolic pathways of 4 oxo beta end group in carotenoids of the spindle shell fusinus perplexus

Ankner K., 1986: Novel reductive opening of 5 6 dihydro 2h pyran ring

Digirolamo M., 1983: Novel regulation of lipo protein lipase activity in rat brown adipose tissue effects of fasting and caloric restriction during re feeding

Martinez D., 1987: Novel regulatory actions of 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 on the metabolism of polyphosphoinositides in murine epidermal keratinocytes

Foster J.W., 1988: Novel regulatory loci controlling oxygen and ph regulated gene expression in salmonella typhimurium

Wanner B.L., 1986: Novel regulatory mutants of the phosphate regulon in escherichia coli k 12

Perun T.J., 1987: Novel renin inhibitors containing analogues of statine retro inverted at the carboxyl termini specificity at the p 2 histidine site

Yoshikura H., 1983: Novel repetitive sequence families showing size and frequency polymorphism in the genomes of mice

Vito, C. C.; Dowell, C. E., 1976: Novel replicative properties of a capsid mutant of bacterio phage phi 174

Terashima S., 1984: Novel resolution of the anthracyclinone intermediate by the use of 2 r 3 r dextro and 2 s 3 s levo 1 4 bis 4 chlorobenzyloxybutane 2 3 diol a simple and efficient synthesis of optically pure 4 demethoxydaunomycinone and 4 demethoxyadriamycinone

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002262

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002264

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002265

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002266

Rothman, F. G.; Robbins, A. R.; Lackey, D., 1975: Novel rii duplications in bacterio phage t 4

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002268

Suzuki T., 1980: Novel ring hydroxylation of aloe emodin and further elaboration to anthracycline synthons

Shimojo H., 1986: Novel rna family structure of hepatitis b virus expressed in human cells using a helper free adenovirus vector

Losick R., 1980: Novel rna polymerase sigma factor from bacillus subtilis

Schimke R.T., 1984: Novel rna rearrangements are associated with dihydrofolate reductase gene amplification

Singer, R. A.; Doolittle, W. F., 1974: Novel rna species accumulated in the dark in the blue green alga anacystis nidulans

Carr N.G., 1985: Novel role for phycoerythrin in a marine cyanobacterium synechococcus strain dc 2

Hall T.A., 1981: Novel role of calcium in exocytosis mechanism of nematocyst discharge as shown by x ray micro analysis

Liu Z., 1987: Novel route to 4 thiofuranosides synthesis of methyl 4 thio alpha d talofuranoside

Israili, Z. H.; Dayton, P. G.; Kiechel, J. R., 1977: Novel routes of drug metabolism a survey/

Gillier Pandraud H., 1986: Novel routes to branched chain and amino sugars from levoglucosenone a chiral synthon available from cellulose structural determination at quaternary carbon atom by x ray diffraction

Raphael R.A., 1984: Novel routes to furan 3 2h ones new syntheses of bullatenone and geiparvarin

Mizushima S., 1987: Novel rpo a mutation that interferes with the function of omp r and env z positive regulators of the omp f and omp c genes that code for outer membrane proteins in escherichia coli k12

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Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002331

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Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002364

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Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002459

Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002460

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Section 7, Chapter 6003, Accession 006002999

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