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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6003

Chapter 6003 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Baldwin, S.A.; Perham, R.N., 1978:
Novel kinetic and structural properties of the class i d fructose 1 6 bis phosphate aldolase ec from escherichia coli crookes strain

Monck J.R.; Reynolds E.E.; Thomas A.P.; Williamson J.R., 1988:
Novel kinetics of single cell calcium transients in stimulated hepatocytes and a10 cells measured using fura 2 and fluorescent videomicroscopy

Jubiz W.; Radmark O.; Lindgren J.A.; Malmsten C.; Samuelsson B., 1981:
Novel leukotrienes products formed by initial oxygenation of arachidonic acid at carbon 15

Knoll, J.; Ecsery, Z.; Magyar, K.; Satory, E., 1978:
Novel levo deprenyl derived selective inhibitors of b type mono amine oxidase the relation of structure to their action

Gulliver, P.A.; Wharton, C.W., 1976:
Novel ligands for the purification of catechol o methyl transferase ec by affinity chromatography

Garber E.A.; Krueger J.G.; Goldberg A.R., 1982:
Novel localization of pp 60 s r c in rous sarcoma virus transformed rat and goat cells and chicken cells transformed by viruses rescued from these mammalian cells

Miyashiro, S.; Yamanaka, S.; Takayama, S.; Shibai, H., 1988:
Novel macrocyclic antibiotics megovalicins a b c d g and h i. screening of antibiotic producing myxobacteria and production of megovalicins

Takayama, S.; Yamanaka, S.; Miyashiro, S.; Yokokawa, Y.; Shibai, H., 1988 :
Novel macrocyclic antibiotics: megovalicins A, B, C, D, G and H. II. Isolation and chemical structures of megovalicins

Aloni, Y.; Dhar, R.; Laub, O.; Horowitz, M.; Khoury, G., 1977:
Novel mechanism for rna maturation the leader sequences of sv 40 messenger rna are not transcribed adjacent to the coding sequences

Bitterman H.; Lefer D.J.; Lefer A.M., 1988:
Novel mechanism of action of a prostacyclin enhancing agent in hemorrhagic shock

D'Ari, R.; Huisman, O., 1983:
Novel mechanism of cell division inhibition associated with the SOS response in Escherichia coli

Okada N.; Noguchi S.; Kasai H.; Shindo Okada N.; Ohgi T.; Goto T.; Nishimura S., 1979:
Novel mechanism of post transcriptional modification of transfer rna insertion of bases of queuosine precursors into transfer rna by a specific transfer rna trans glycosylase reaction

Yaylayan V.; Sporns P., 1987:
Novel mechanisms for the decomposition of 1 amino acid 1 deoxy d fructoses amadori compounds a mass spectrometric approach

Quiros, L.M.; Fidalgo, S.; Mendez, F.J.; Hardisson, C.; Salas, J.A., 1988:
Novel mechanisms of resistance to lincosamides in Staphylococcus and Arthrobacter spp

Alcaide B.; Dominguez G.; Plumet J.; Sierra M.A., 1988:
Novel mechanistic aspects of the 4 acyl beta lactam formation from 1 2 iminoketones

E.Feraly F.S., 1983:
Novel melampolides from magnolia soulangiana cultivar lennei

Hudson, M.F.; Smith, K.M., 1976:
Novel mercury ii complexes of meso tetra phenyl porphyrin and n methyl porphyrin

Hudson, M.F.; Smith, K.M., 1975:
Novel mercury ii complexes of porphyrins

Elliott E.; Karl M.; Flaherty L., 1987:
Novel messenger rna species from q subregion class i gene of the murine major histocompatibility complex

Amico V.; Piattelli M.; Neri P.; Ruberto G.; Mayol L., 1986:
Novel metabolites from the marine genus cystoseira application of two dimensional proton carbon 13 correlation to the structure elucidation

Hochlowski J.E.; Coll J.C.; Faulkner D.J.; Biskupiak J.E.; Ireland C.M.; Zheng Q T.; H.C.H.; Clardy J., 1984:
Novel metabolites of 4 siphonaria spp

Unai T.; Ikeda M.; Doi M.; Tomizawa C., 1986:
Novel metabolites of orbencarb and benthiocarb herbicides in soil plant and rat liver microsomes s 2 chlorobenzyl n ethyl n vinylthiocarbamate and its 4 chloro isomer

Sawhney, D.; Hinder, S.; Swaine, D.; Bridson, E.Y., 1986:
Novel method for detecting micro-organisms in blood cultures

Schnitzer, M.; Griffith, S.M., 1975:
Novel method for estimating hydrogen bonded carboxyl groups in humic substances

Liebeskind, D.; Hsu, K.C.; Elequin, F.; Mendez, L.; Ghossein, N.; Janis, M.; Bases, R., 1977:
Novel method for estimating the labeling index in clinical specimens with the use of immuno peroxidase labeled anti nucleoside antibodies

Reynolds, D.; Tranter, H.S.; Sage, R.; Hambleton, P., 1988:
Novel method for purification of staphylococcal enterotoxin A

Yamasaki, H.; Katoh, F., 1988:
Novel method for selective killing of transformed rodent cells through intercellular communication, with possible therapeutic applications

Eddowes, M.J.; Hill, H.A.O., 1977:
Novel method for the investigation of the electrochemistry of metallo proteins cytochrome c

Holmes, R.L.; DeFranco, L.M.; Otto, M., 1982:
Novel method of biotyping Haemophilus influenzae that uses API 20e

Won C.M.; Zalipsky J.J.; Patel D.M.; Grim W.M., 1982:
Novel method of derivatization of an amidino urea lidamidine for gas liquid chromatography analysis

Griffin, J.M.; Godfrey, R.L., 1977:
Novel method of projection for the examination of fish scales/

Kollonitsch, J., 1978:
Novel methods for selective fluorination of organic compounds design and synthesis of fluorinated anti metabolites

Murao, S.; Watanabe, T., 1977:
Novel microbial alkaline protease inhibitor produced by streptomyces sp no wt 27

Cruden D.L.; Gorrell T.E.; Markovetz A.J., 1979:
Novel microbial and chemical components of a specific black band region in the cockroach eublaberus posticus hind gut

Inagaki C.; Tanaka T.; Hara M.; Ishiko J., 1985:
Novel microsomal anion sensitive magnesium atpase activity in rat brain

Kostic, N.M.; Niketic, S.R., 1977:
Novel mixed tris complexes of cobalt iii with alpha amino acids and beta amino acids isolation adsorption chromatography and absorption spectra

Lovley, D.R.; Phillips, E.J., 1988:
Novel mode of microbial energy metabolism: organic carbon oxidation coupled to dissimilatory reduction of iron or manganese

Morris, G.; Brown, M.R., 1988:
Novel modes of action of aminoglycoside antibiotics against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Hofreiter, B.T.; Smiley, K.L.; Boundy, J.A.; Swanson, C.L.; Fecht, R.J., 1978:
Novel modification of corn starch by immobilized alpha amylase

Taha A.M.; E.R.bbat N.A.; E.K.mmos M.E., 1980:
Novel modification of the fujiwara reaction

Novak L.; Szantay C.; Meisel T.; Aszodi J.; Szabo E.; Fekete J., 1985:
Novel molecular rearrangements of 4 hydroxy 2 cyclopentenones

Lee, V.M.; Carden, M.J.; Trojanowski, J.Q., 1986:
Novel monoclonal antibodies provide evidence for the in situ existence of a nonphosphorylated form of the largest neurofilament subunit

Judd A.K.; Lawson J.A.; Olsen C.M.; Toll L.R.; Polgar W.E.; Uyeno E.T.; Keys C.J.; Loew G.H., 1987:
Novel mu selective methionine enkephalinamide analogs with antagonist activity synthesis receptor binding analgesic properties and conformational studies

Clements S.; Mehansho H.; Carlson D.M., 1985:
Novel multigene families encoding highly repetitive peptide sequences sequence analyses of rat and mouse proline rich protein complementary dna species

Ingram, L.O.; Fisher, W.D., 1973:
Novel mutant impaired in cell division: evidence for a positive regulating factor

Gotto J.W.; Tabita F.R.; Van Baalen C., 1980:
Novel mutant of anabaena sp strain ca which grows on nitrogen but not on combined nitrogen

Korba, B.E.; Hays, J.B., 1980:
Novel mutants of escherichia coli that produce recombinogenic lesions in dna 2. properties of recombinogenic lambda phages grown on bacteria carrying arl mutations

Burton, E.G.; Metzenberg, R.L., 1972:
Novel mutation causing derepression of several enzymes of sulfur metabolism in Neurospora crassa

Hays, J.B.; Korba, B.E.; Konrad, E.B., 1980:
Novel mutations of escherichia coli that produce recombinogenic lesions in dna 1. identification and mapping of arl mutations

Korba, B.E.; Hays, J.B., 1982:
Novel mutations of escherichia coli that produce recombinogenic lesions in dna 5. recombinogenic plasmids from arl mutants of escherichia coli are unusually sensitive to nuclease s 1 and partially deficient in cytosine methylation at ccatgg sequences

Nishitoba T.; Sato H.; Sakamura S., 1987:
Novel mycelial components ganoderic acid mg mh mi mj and mk from the fungus ganoderma lucidum

Drejer J.; Meier E.; Schousboe A., 1983:
Novel neuron related regulatory mechanisms for astrocytic glutamate and gamma amino butyric acid high affinity uptake

Kownatzki E.; Kapp A.; Uhrich S., 1986:
Novel neutrophil chemotactic factor derived from human peripheral blood mononuclear leukocytes

Kitagawa, Y.; Hashimoto, S.; Iemura, S.; Yamamoto, H.; Nozaki, H., 1976:
Novel nonenzymic heterolysis of an allyl phosphate ester by organo aluminum reagents

Loewen, P.C., 1976:
Novel nucleotides from escherichia coli isolated and partially characterized

Iwasaki M.; Inoue S.; Kitajima K.; Nomoto H.; Inoue Y., 1984:
Novel oligo saccharide chains on poly sialo glyco proteins isolated from rainbow trout eggs a unique carbohydrate sequence with a sialidase resistant sialyl group

Chawla H.M.; Sharma S.K., 1987:
Novel one pot convenient synthesis of 3 benzylidene 2 phenyl 2 3 dihydro 4h 1 benzopyran 4 ones

Camps F.; Colomina O.; Coll J.; Messeguer A., 1982:
Novel one pot preparation of tetra hydro benzo di pyran 4 ones application to the synthesis of precocene analogs with condensed di hydro pyran rings

Foster, C.H.; Elam, E.U., 1976:
Novel one pot synthesis of 4 amino quinazolines

Kowollik W.; Malik A.; Afza N.; Voelter W., 1985:
Novel one pot synthesis of a new class of compounds involving coupling of sugars and amino acids via triflates

Herlihy, P.; Dalzell, H.C.; Howes, J.F.; Razdan, R.K., 1982:
Novel opiates and antagonists 5. 7 carbethoxy n cycloalkylmethyl 3 hydroxy morphinan 6 ones and 7 carbethoxy n cycloalkylmethyl 3 hydroxy iso morphinan 6 ones

Lottspeich, F.; Henschen, A.; Brantl, V.; Teschemacher, H., 1980:
Novel opioid peptides derived from casein beta casomorphins 3. synthetic peptides corresponding to components from bovine casein peptone

Sakurai, T.; Yamauchi, O.; Nakahara, A., 1976:
Novel optical resolution of racemic alpha amino acids via formation of mixed ligand copper ii complexes with electrostatic ligand ligand interactions

Blackstone, C.D.; Seino, S.; Takeuchi, T.; Yamada, T.; Steiner, D.F., 1988:
Novel organization and processing of the guinea pig pancreatic polypeptide precursor

Borkird C.; Sink K.C., 1983:
Novel organized growth and somatic variation of nicotiana bonariensis protoplast derived colonies transmission to regenerated plants

Shibuya, T.; Funamizu, M.; Kitahara, Y., 1978:
Novel p coumaric acid esters from pinus densiflora pollen/

Hirayama C.; Ihara H.; Yoshinga T.; Hirayama H.; Motozato Y., 1986:
Novel packing for high pressure liquid chromatography partially alkylated and cross linked poly gamma methyl l glutamate spherical particles

Murahashi S I.; Yano T., 1979:
Novel palladium and ruthenium catalyzed transformation of tertiary amines to secondary amines and sulfides with thiolate anions

Udvardy A.; Schedl P.; Sander M.; Hsieh T S., 1985:
Novel partitioning of dna cleavage sites for drosophila melanogaster topoisomerase ii

Kuwahara, M., 1977:
Novel pathway of nad metabolism in aspergillus niger

Jenner, P.; Testa, B., 1978:
Novel pathways in drug metabolism

Thompson J.K.; Hart M.G.R., 1981:
Novel patterns of uv mutagenesis and weigle reactivation in staphylococcus aureus and phage phi 11

Chien, J.L.; Hogan, E.L., 1983:
Novel pentahexosyl ganglioside of the globo series purified from chicken muscle

Weber, E.; Evans, C.J.; Samuelsson, S.J.; Barchas, J.D., 1981:
Novel peptide neuronal system in rat brain and pituitary

Poindexter J.S.; Hagenzieker J.G., 1982:
Novel peptido glycans in caulobacter spp and asticcacaulis spp

Hirai K.; Ishiba T.; Sugimoto H.; Fujishita T.; Tsukinoki Y.; Hirose K., 1981:
Novel peptidoamino benzophenones terminal amino substituted peptidoamino benzophenones and n acylglycylamino benzophenones as open ring derivatives of benzodiazepines

Buck S.H.; Burcher E.; Shults C.W.; Lovenberg W.; O'donohue T.L., 1984:
Novel pharmacology of substance k binding sites a 3rd type of tachykinin receptor

Frey, T.K.; Youngner, J.S., 1982:
Novel phenotype of RNA synthesis expressed by vesicular stomatitis virus isolated from persistent infection

Kaufman, E.R.; Davidson, R.L., 1977:
Novel phenotypes arising from selection of syrian hamster melanoma cells for resistance to 5 bromodeoxy uridine

Shattock, R.C.; Shaw, D.S., 1976:
Novel phenotypes of phytophthora infestans from mixed culture of antibiotic resistant mutants

Mitani, K.; Yoshida, T.; Sakurai, S.; Morikawa, K.; Iwanaga, Y.; Koshinaka, E.; Kato, H.; Ito, Y., 1988:
Novel phenoxyalkylamine derivatives ii. synthesis and calcium antagonistic activities of alpha alkyl alpha phenoxypropylaminopropylbenzeneacetonitrile derivatives

Mitani, K.; Yoshida, T.; Suzuki, T.; Koshinaka, E.; Kato, H.; Ito, Y.; Fujita, T., 1988:
Novel phenoxyalkylamine derivatives iii. quantitative structure activity relationships of calcium antagonistic alpha alkyl alpha phenoxypropylaminopropyl 3 4 5 trimethoxybenzeneacetonitrile derivatives

Asano, Y.; Nakazawa, A.; Endo, K., 1987:
Novel phenylalanine dehydrogenases from Sporosarcina ureae and Bacillus sphaericus. Purification and characterization

Kupchan, S.M.; Kim, C.K.; Miyano, K., 1976:
Novel photochemical aporphine synthesis via spiro dienone rearrangement racemic boldine

Wolff S.; Agosta W.C., 1985:
Novel photochemical reactions of 3 2h furanones

Senter P.D.; Tansey M.J.; Lambert J.M.; Blattler W.A., 1985:
Novel photocleavage protein crosslinking reagents and their use in the preparation of antibody toxin conjugates

Nair V.; Chamberlain S.D., 1985:
Novel photoinduced functionalized c alkylations in purine systems

Ivie, G.W.; Knox, J.R.; Khalifa, S.; Yamamoto, I.; Casida, J.E., 1972:
Novel photoproducts of heptachlor epoxide trans chlordane and trans nonachlor

Otomo N.; Sato H.; Sakamura S., 1983:
Novel phyto toxins produced by the causal fungus of the shoot blight of larches larix leptolepis

Akatsuka, T.; Kodama, O.; Sekido, H.; Kono, Y.; Takeuchi, S., 1985:
Novel phytoalexins oryzalexins a b and c isolated from rice blast leaves infected with pyricularia oryzae 1. isolation characterization and biological activities of oryzalexins

Kono, Y.; Takeuchi, S.; Kodama, O.; Sekido, H.; Akatsuka, T., 1985:
Novel phytoalexins oryzalexins a b and c isolated from rice blast leaves infected with pyricularia oryzae 2. structural studies of oryzalexins

Shlaes D.M.; Medeiros A.A.; Kron M.A.; Currie Mccumber C.; Papa E.; Vartian C.V., 1986:
Novel plasmid mediated beta lactamase in members of the family enterobacteriaceae from ohio usa

Gurevich A.I.; Nekrasova O.V., 1988:
Novel plasmid vehicles for gene cloning and expression

Gould, I.M.; Reeves, I.; Chauhan, N., 1988:
Novel plate culture method to improve the microbiological diagnosis of peritonitis in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Gadó, I.; Kari, C.; Széll, V.; Szvoboda, G., 1982:
Novel pleiotropic effect of rifampicin resistance mutation in a Micromonospora sp

Kushwaha S.C.; Kates M.; Sprott G.D.; Smith I.C.P., 1981:
Novel polar lipids from the methanogen methanospirillum hungatii gp 1

Liu C M.; Hermann T.E.; Liu M.; Prosser B.L.T.; Palleroni N.J.; Westley J.W.; Miller P.A., 1981:
Novel poly ether antibiotics x 14667a and x 14667b from streptomyces cinnamonensis ssp urethanofaciens discovery fermentation biological as well as ionophore properties and taxonomy of the producing culture

Liu C M.; Hermann T.E.; Downey A.; Prosser B.L.T.; Schildknecht E.; Palleroni N.J.; Westley J.W.; Miller P.A., 1983:
Novel poly ether antibiotics x 14868a x 14868b x 14868c and x 14868d produced by a nocardia discovery fermentation biological as well as ionophore properties and taxonomy of the producing culture

Liu C M.; Westley J.W.; Hermann T.E.; Prosser B.L.T.; Palleroni N.; Evans R.H.; Miller P.A., 1986:
Novel polyether antibiotics x 14873a x 14873g and x 14873h produced by a streptomyces taxonomy of the producing culture fermentation biological and ionophorous properties of the antibiotics

Akizawa T.; Yasuhara T.; Kano R.; Nakajima T., 1985:
Novel polyhydroxylated cardiac steroids in the nuchal glands of the snake rhabdophis tigrinus

Penn C.R.; Mahy B.W.J., 1985:
Novel polypeptides encoded by influenza virus subgenomic defective interfering type virion rna

Nimura N.; Ishida K.; Kinoshita T., 1980:
Novel post column derivatization method for the fluorometric determination of norepinephrine and epinephrine

Cooper R.; Unger S., 1986:
Novel potentiators of beta lactam antibiotics structures of sq 28504 and sq 28546

Poonian M.S.; Nowoswiat E.F., 1980:
Novel precursor for the synthesis of c nucleoside analogs synthesis of the c nucleoside analogs of ribavirin bredinin and related compounds

Ahluwalia, V.K.; Sharma, N.D.; Mittal, B.; Gupta, S.R., 1988:
Novel prenylated flavanoids from mallotus philippensis muell. arg

Eichberg, J.; Burnham, J.D., 1970:
Novel preparation of cardiolipin from beef heart

Jaouadi M.; Martinez J.; Castro B.; Barcelo G.; Sennyey G.; Senet J P., 1987:
Novel preparation of n protected amino acid active esters using 1 2 2 2 tetrachloroethylcarbonates

Ganderton D., 1983:
Novel presentation of drugs and the current regulatory climate

Ishido, Y.; Nakazaki, N.; Sakairi, N., 1976:
Novel procedure for regioselective 2 o deacylation of fully acylated purine and pyrimidine ribo nucleosides with hydrazine hydrate

Lindley N.D.; Loubiere P.; Pacaud S.; Mariotto C.; Goma G., 1987:
Novel products of the acidogenic fermentation of methanol during growth of eubacterium limosum in the presence of high concentrations of organic acids

Paulssen E.J.; Alestrom P.; Johansen B.T.; Kriz M.; Philipson L.; Gautvik K.M., 1986:
Novel prolactin related messenger rna species in rat pituitary cells

Lapenson, D.; Deal, W.C.J., 1979:
Novel pronounced reversible inhibition of phospho fructo kinase ec glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and phospho glucose isomerase by hexa cyano ferrate ii

Yoshida, S.; Yamada, M.; Masaki, S., 1979:
Novel properties of dna polymerase beta with poly ribo adenylic acid . oligo deoxy thymidylic acid template primer

Fincham, N.; Camp, R., 1983:
Novel prostaglandin dehydrogenase ec in rat skin

Kartasova, T.; van Muijen, G.N.; van Pelt-Heerschap, H.; van de Putte, P., 1988:
Novel protein in human epidermal keratinocytes: regulation of expression during differentiation

Carpenter C.D.; Bruskin A.M.; Hardin P.E.; Keast M.J.; Anstrom J.; Tyner A.L.; Brandhorst B.P.; Klein W.H., 1984:
Novel proteins belonging to the troponin c superfamily are encoded by a set of messenger rna in sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus embryos/

Jeffery S.; Carter N.D.; Shiels A., 1984:
Novel purification of carbonic anhydrase iii from human homo sapiens rat rattus norvegicus and baboon papio papio muscle

Yatohgo, T.; Izumi, M.; Kashiwagi, H.; Hayashi, M., 1988:
Novel purification of vitronectin from human plasma by heparin affinity chromatography

Amitai, G.; Ashani, Y.; Gafni, A.; Silman, I., 1982 :
Novel pyrene containing organo phosphates in fluorescent probes for studying aging induced conformational changes in organo phosphate inhibited acetyl cholin esterase ec

Gonczi C.; Swistun Z.; Van Der Plas H.C., 1981:
Novel pyrimidine rearrangement reaction a new synthesis of 4 formyl imidazoles

Vishwakarma R.A.; Kapil R.S.; Popli S.P., 1986:
Novel pyrones from hypericum mysorense

Farmar J.G.; Ulrich P.C.; Cerami A., 1988:
Novel pyrroles from sulfite inhibited maillard reactions insight into the mechanism of inhibition

Kohn, F.S.; Henneman, S.A., 1977:
Novel quality assurance procedure for the gram strain

Bauernfeind A.; Hoerl G., 1987:
Novel r factor borne beta lactamase of escherichia coli conferring resistance to cephalosporins

Venugopalan B.; Brossi A., 1987:
Novel racemic 1 phenyltetrahydroisoquinolines and 1 phenylisoquinolines potential intermediates in alkaloid synthesis

D'ambrosio M.; Guerriro A.; Pietra F., 1984:
Novel racemic or nearly racemic antibacterial bromoquinols and chloroquinols and gamma lactams of the verongiaquinol and the cavernicolin type from the marine sponge aplysina cavernicola

Dubur G.Ya; Kastron V.V.; Skrastin'sh I.; Myasoedov N.F.; Shevchenko V.P.; Soldatov N.M.; Chernyuk N.N., 1988:
Novel radioactively labeled molecular probes for studying a 1 4 dihydropyridine calcium antagonist receptor

Ito, S.; Prota, G., 1977:
Novel reaction of cysteine with phenolic amino acids in hydro bromic acid reversible formation of 3 cystein s yl tyrosine and cystein s yl dopa

Ayyangar, N.R.; Srinivasan, K.V., 1983:
Novel reactions 2. homologous condensations of phthalic and homophthalic anhydrides carbon 13 nmr and mechanism of formation of isocoumarins

Bonsignore, L.; Cabiddu, S.; Loy, G.; Secci, D., 1987:
Novel reactions of carbon suboxide vii. synthesis of heterocyclic rings by reaction with bifunctional aliphatic compounds

Guerrier Takada C.; Van Belkum A.; Pleij C.W.A.; Altman S., 1988:
Novel reactions of rnase p with a transfer rna like structure in turnip yellow mosaic virus rna

Torisawa Y.; Shibasaki M.; Ikegami S., 1983:
Novel reactivities on tert butyldimethylsilyl ether and tert butyldiphenylsilyl ether application to the synthesis of 11 epi prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Law, W.T.; Ertingshausen, G., 1980:
Novel reagent and method for direct determination of chloride in serum with a centrifugal analyzer

Garegg P.J.; Samuelsson B., 1980:
Novel reagent system for converting a hydroxy group into an iodo group in carbohydrates with inversion of configuration 2

Wittmann, H.; Dreveny, W.; Ziegler, E., 1968:
Novel reagents for the detection of amino acids in inst paper chromatography iii reactions of 1 8 tri methylene quinisatin with primary amines

Kubota S.; Toyooka K.; Yamamoto N.; Kasai T.; Shibuya M., 1986:
Novel rearrangement of 3 acyl 5 acylamino 2 3 dihydro 1 3 4 thiadiazole 1 oxides into 1 3 4 oxadiazoles

Edwards M.P.; Ley S.V., 1984:
Novel rearrangement of the ionophore antibiotic x 14547a indanomycin and related derivatives induced by lithium tetrafluoroborate

Pogue-Geile, K.L.; Lee, G.T.; Spear, P.G., 1985:
Novel rearrangements of herpes simplex virus DNA sequences resulting from duplication of a sequence within the unique region of the L component

Matsuno T.; Katagirl K.; Maoka T.; Komori T., 1985:
Novel reductive metabolic pathways of 4 oxo beta end group in carotenoids of the spindle shell fusinus perplexus

Jurczak J.; Bauer T.; Ankner K., 1986:
Novel reductive opening of 5 6 dihydro 2h pyran ring

Rosenberg S.H.; Plattner J.J.; Woods K.W.; Stein H.H.; Marcotte P.A.; Cohen J.; Perun T.J., 1987:
Novel renin inhibitors containing analogues of statine retro inverted at the carboxyl termini specificity at the p 2 histidine site

Vito, C.C.; Dowell, C.E., 1976:
Novel replicative properties of a capsid mutant of bacterio phage phi 174

Tamoto K.; Sugimori M.; Terashima S., 1984:
Novel resolution of the anthracyclinone intermediate by the use of 2 r 3 r dextro and 2 s 3 s levo 1 4 bis 4 chlorobenzyloxybutane 2 3 diol a simple and efficient synthesis of optically pure 4 demethoxydaunomycinone and 4 demethoxyadriamycinone

Oikawa, A.; Horaguchi, K.; Sugawara, R.; Kikuchi, J.; Tohda, H.; Takahashi, K.; Wakui, A.; Yamauchi, A.; Nakada, T., 1986:
Novel responses of peripheral lymphocytes of cancer patients to chemical induction of sister chromatid exchanges

Marsili, L.; Franceschi, G.; Ballabio, M.; Oronzo, G.; Vigevani, A.; Ungheri, D.; Della-Bruna, C.; Sanfilippo, A., 1983:
Novel rifamycins 3. synthesis and anti bacterial activity of 3 amidino imidazolo 4 5 c rifamycin and of 4 amino imidazolo 4 5 c rifamycin derivatives

Marsili, L.; Franceschi, G.; Ballabio, M.; Vioglio, S.; Vigevani, A.; Sanfilippo, A.; Ungheri, D.; Della-Bruna, C., 1984:
Novel rifamycins 4. 3 aminomethylazinomethylrifamycins a new class of rifamycins endowed with remarkable antibacterial activity

Rothman, F.G.; Robbins, A.R.; Lackey, D., 1975:
Novel rii duplications in bacterio phage t 4

Kamata, K.; Tsuge, O., 1985:
Novel ring contraction of 4 6 dihydro 3 7 diphenyl 5 p tosyl 1 2 5 triazepine chlorination

Alexander J.; Bhatia A.V.; Clark G.W.IIi; Leutzow A.; Mitscher L.A.; Omoto S.; Suzuki T., 1980:
Novel ring hydroxylation of aloe emodin and further elaboration to anthracycline synthons

Haldenwang, W.G.; Losick, R., 1980:
Novel RNA polymerase sigma factor from Bacillus subtilis

Federspiel N.A.; Beverley S.M.; Schilling J.W.; Schimke R.T., 1984:
Novel rna rearrangements are associated with dihydrofolate reductase gene amplification

Singer, R.A.; Doolittle, W.F., 1974:
Novel rna species accumulated in the dark in the blue green alga anacystis nidulans

Classon B.; Garegg P.J.; Samuelsson B.; Liu Z., 1987:
Novel route to 4 thiofuranosides synthesis of methyl 4 thio alpha d talofuranoside

Israili, Z.H.; Dayton, P.G.; Kiechel, J.R., 1977:
Novel routes of drug metabolism. A survey

Gelas Mialhe Y.; Gelas J.; Avenel D.; Brahmi R.; Gillier Pandraud H., 1986:
Novel routes to branched chain and amino sugars from levoglucosenone a chiral synthon available from cellulose structural determination at quaternary carbon atom by x ray diffraction

Jackson R.F.W.; Raphael R.A., 1984:
Novel routes to furan 3 2h ones new syntheses of bullatenone and geiparvarin

Nakajima H.; Oshima I.; Yashiro M.; Yoda K.; Yamasaki M.; Tamura G., 1987:
Novel saccharomyces cerevisiae temperature sensitive cyrl mutant which accumulates glycogen particles

Telford, J.; Boseley, P.; Schaffner, W.; Birnstiel, M., 1977:
Novel screening procedure for recombinant plasmids

Suri, O.P.; Sawhney, R.S.; Bhatia, M.S.; Atal, C.K., 1976:
Novel seco pyrrolizidine alkaloids from crotalaria verrucosa

Zdero C.; Bohlmann F.; Haegi L.; King R.M., 1987:
Novel secobeyerane norbeyerane derivatives from myriocephalus stuartii

Dudek, R.W.; Boyne, A.F.; Charles, T.M., 1984:
Novel secretory granule morphology in physically fixed pancreatic islets

Craine B.L., 1982:
Novel selection for tetracycline sensitive or chloramphenicol sensitive escherichia coli

Fishman A.G.; Mallams A.K.; Puar M.S.; Rossman R.R.; Stephens R.L., 1987:
Novel semisynthetic oxo and alkyl macrolide antibacterials and related derivatives

Liburdy R.P., 1982:
Novel separation of protein and lymphocytes by liquid gel chromatography during exposure to radio frequency radiation

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Novel serine protease encoded by two cytotoxic t lymphocyte specific genes

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Novel serotonin receptors in fasciola hepatica characterization by studies on adenylate cyclase activation and tritium labeled lsd binding

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Novel sesqui terpene lactones from callitris columellaris heart wood

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Novel sesquiterpene ethers from liquid cultures of the wood rotting fungus lentinus lepideus

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Novel sesquiterpenes from alpinia intermedia gagnep

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Novel solution conformation of dna observed in deoxy gaattcgaattc by two dimensional nmr spectroscopy

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Novel sources of descending input to the spinal cord of the hatchling chick gallus domesticus

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Novel species typical esters from preputial glands of sympatric voles microtus montanus and microtus pennsylvanicus

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Novel spin labels for the study of lipid protein interactions application to sodium potassium atpase membranes

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Novel stabilization of phenylalanine ammonia lyase catalyst during bioconversion of trans cinnamic acid to l phenylalanine

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Novel sterols from the finger sponge haliclona oculata

Bokarev K.S.; Molchanov L.V., 1981:
Novel stimulator for plant growth

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Novel streptococcal mutants defective in the regulation of proton atpase biosynthesis and in f o complex

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Novel structure of 5 prime ends of nascent dna chains

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Novel structure of the 5' end region of the human argininosuccinate synthetase gene

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Novel structure properties and inactivation of glutamine synthetase cloned from bacteroides fragilis

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Novel structures of 2 chromone alkaloids from root bark of schumanniophyton magnificum

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Novel studies on a silent high affinity mutant hemo globulin san diego

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Novel substances of marine origin as drug metabolism inhibitors

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Novel substituted 1 2 oxathietanes from competing cyclizations of 2 chloroethyl sulfoxide precursors observation of vinylogous 1 4 halogen participation in 1 2 oxathietane generation

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Novel substituted adamantine spiro 5 oxazolidine derivatives

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Novel substrates for angiotensin i converting enzyme ec

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Novel subunit structure observed for noncooperative hemoglobin from Urechis caupo

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Novel subunit subunit interactions in the structure of glutamine synthetase

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Novel surface antigen expressed on dividing cells but absent from nondividing cells

Buckner J.S.; Nelson D.R.; Fatland C.L.; Hakk H.; Pomonis J.G., 1984:
Novel surface lipids of diapausing manduca sexta pupae long chain oxo alcohol esters of acetoacetic acid hydroxy butyric acid and acetic acid

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Novel surface phase containing cholesteryl esters 2. nonequivalence cholesteryl arachidonate and those with 18 carbon cis unsaturated acyl groups

Schroeder T.E., 1982:
Novel surface specialization on a sea anemone tealia crassicornis egg spires of actin filled micro villi

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Novel synergism of 2 anti fungal agents copiamycin and imidazole

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Novel syntheses of 1 substituted 7 8 dialkoxyisochroman 3 ones and 8 substituted 2 3 9 10 tetramethoxyberbines

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Novel syntheses of 5 aroyl 1 2 di hydro 3h pyrrolo 1 2 a pyrrole 1 carboxylic acids

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Novel syntheses of meso ionic compounds and alpha amino acid derivatives from acyl tetra carbonyl ferrates

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Novel synthesis and spectral characterization of an n acetoxyarylamine n acetoxy 2 4 dinitrophenylamine

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Novel synthesis and structure of a bridging peroxopentaaminecobalt iii dimer

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Novel synthesis of 1 epi tobramycin and 3 epi tobramycin and 1 epi kanamycin a

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Novel synthesis of 2 selenienyl alanine

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Novel synthesis of 3 5 disubstituted pyridines by 1 4 cycloaddition of 1 aza 1 3 butadienes with enamines

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Novel synthesis of 3 hydroxy beta damascone 3 hydroxy di hydro beta damascone and beta damascenone

Pizzorno, M.T.; Albonico, S.M., 1977:
Novel synthesis of 5 6 7 8 tetra hydro indolizines/

Mcdermott I.R.; Robinson C.H., 1979:
Novel synthesis of 5 alpha androstane 3 alpha 17 alpha diol

Suh, M.E.; Kim, H.G.; Kim, J.H., 1987:
Novel synthesis of 8 tert butyl 6 7 dihydro 5 methyl 8h pyrrolo 3.2 e s triazolo 1.5 a pyrimidine bumepidil a new cardiovascular agent

Dubs, P.; Stuessi, R., 1976:
Novel synthesis of a 10 2 6 pyridinophane a structural isomer of musco pyridine

Mackenzie, G.; Shaw, G.; Wilson, H.A., 1984:
Novel synthesis of a 2 5' o cycloimidazole nucleoside

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Novel synthesis of agaritine a 4 hydrazinobenzyl alcohol derivative occurring in agaricaceae

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Novel synthesis of alpha methylene gamma lactones

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Novel synthesis of delta 5 10 6 oxo steroids

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Novel synthesis of fused imidazoles iii. simplified construction of the imidazo 2 1 b thiazoline system

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Novel synthesis of indan derivatives

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Novel synthesis of isoxazolo 5 4 b quinolines

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Novel synthesis of optically active gamma carboxy glutamic acid and its derivatives

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Novel synthesis of optically pure anthracyclinone intermediates by the use of microbial asymmetric reduction with fermenting bakers yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Novel synthesis of prostaglandin e 2 involving regioselective ring opening of a 2 3 endo epoxy bi cyclo 3 2 0 heptan 6 one acetal with a mixed organo cuprate reagent

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Novel synthesis of pyridopyrimidinediones

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Novel synthesis of pyrimido 4 5 b quinoline 2 3h 4 10h diones 5 deaza flavines

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Novel synthesis of quinolone 3 sulfonic acid derivatives

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Novel synthesis of s 1 5 benzoylamino 1 4 dioxo 6 phenylhexyl l proline and analogs potent angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors

Dirlam N.L.; Moore B.S.; Urban F.J., 1987:
Novel synthesis of the aldose reductase inhibitor sorbinil via amidoalkylation intramolecular oxazolidin 5 one alkylation and chymotrypsin resolution

Hester J.B.Jr, 1980:
Novel synthesis of the pharmacologically important 1 substituted 6 phenyl 4h s triazolo 4 3 a 1 4 benzodiazepines

Florin C.; Chantegrel J.; Charlon C.; Marsura A.; Luu Duc C., 1985:
Novel synthetic method for fluorophenylacetonitriles

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Novel system for improved control of filamentous microorganisms in continuous culture

Kim, K.; Meyer, R.J., 1984:
Novel system for recognizing and eliminating foreign DNA in Pseudomonas putida

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Novel taste facilitation of the association of visual cues with toxicosis in rats

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Novel technology of the preparation of smoke flavoring

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Novel test for rapid viral diagnosis detection of adenovirus in naso pharyngeal mucus aspirates by means of nucleic acid sandwich hybridization

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Novel tetra cyclic spiro piperidines 2. synthesis of 2 aryl 2 3 di hydro spiro benzofuran 3 4' piperidines

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Novel tetra nortriterpenoids with insect anti feeding activity from neem azadirachta indica oil

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Novel tetracycline analogs part 1 development of a potential synthetic route

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Novel tetralin derivatives anchored thiazole moiety

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Novel thick filament protein of chicken pectoralis muscle the 86 kilodalton protein i. purification and characterization

Bahler, M.; Eppenberger, H.M.; Wallimann, T., 1985:
Novel thick filament protein of chicken pectoralis muscle the 86 kilodalton protein ii. distribution and localization

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Novel thin layer chromatographic separation and spectro fluorometric quantitation of litho cholic acid

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Novel topical fluoride delivery system 1. re mineralization of ground bovine teeth

Fox, J.L.; Yonese, M.; Iyer, B.V.; Abrahams, L.J.; Higuchi, W.I., 1981:
Novel topical fluoride delivery system 2. re mineralization of human teeth

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Novel topical fluoride delivery system for re mineralization of dental enamel optimization studies

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Novel total synthesis of racemic erysotramidine an oxo erythrinan alkaloid

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Novel transcription map for the B19 (human) pathogenic parvovirus

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Novel transcripts from the Ultrabithorax domain of the bithorax complex

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Novel transformation of i cholesterol and 6 beta methoxy i cholesterol by moraxella sp

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Novel transformations leading to 3 benzylindolizidin 2 ones

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Novel transformations of progesterone by a mucor sp

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Novel transforming sequences in human acute myelocytic leukemia cell lines

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Novel transient circular dichroic spectra with a trough near 230 nanometer observed in the denaturation processes of lectins by sodium dodecyl sulfate

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Novel tri terpenes from swietenia mahagoni 2. structure of 31 nor cyclo swietenol

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Novel tri terpenes from swietenia mahagoni part 1 isolation and structure determination of 9 19 cyclo swietenol

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Novel triterpene lactones of helenium autumnale l

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Novel triterpenoids and a steroid from the fungus ganoderma lucidum

Nishitoba T.; Oda K.; Sato H.; Sakamura S., 1988:
Novel triterpenoids from the fungus ganoderma lucidum

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Novel tritium release assays for iso valeryl coenzyme a dehydrogenase and butyryl coenzyme a dehydrogenase ec

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Novel type of proliferating lymphoplasmacytoid cell with a characteristic spotted immunofluorescence pattern

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Novel urinary fragments from human basement membrane collagen

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Novel urinary metabolite of dextro delta tocopherol in rats/

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Novel variants of acth in porcine anterior pituitary

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Novel viral sequences related to human t cell leukemia virus in t cells of a sero positive baboon papio cynocephalus

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Novel volatiles in pineapple ananas comosus fruit and their sensory properties

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Novel xanthones from garcinia mangostana structures of br xanthone a and br xanthone b

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Novelties in mesoamerican mistletoes loranthaceae and viscaceae

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Novelties in panicum poaceae from india

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Novelties in stigmaphyllon malpighiaceae

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Novelties in the convolvulaceae of the amazonian flora

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Novelties in the flora of marathwada india

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Novelties in the genus pelea rutaceae hawaiian plant studies 50

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Novelties in the powdery mildew flora of sweden

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Novelties on the subfamily pyrophorinae coleoptera elateridae

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Novelty and significance effects in the fractionation of phasic orienting response measures a synthesis with traditional orienting response theory

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Novelty oriented behavior in the rat after selective damage of locus coeruleus projections by dsp 4 n 2 chloroethyl n ethyl 2 bromo benzylamine a new noradrenergic neuro toxin

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Novenamine is the active moiety in novobiocin

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Novices and experts an information processing approach to the good language learner problem

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Novikoff hepatoma dna polymerase ec purification and properties of a homogeneous beta polymerase

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Novitates for the spanish coprophilous mycoflora 2. the genus podospora sordariaceae

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Novitates kielmeyerae brasilienses new kielmeyera spp from brazil

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Novobiocin and nalidixic acid target proteins in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Novobiocin and the differentiation of peptococci and peptostreptococci

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Novobiocin blocks the shutoff of phage spo 1 early transcription

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Novobiocin does not inhibit DNA repair in an active gene

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Novobiocin effect on capacity of nocardia fructiferi var ristomycini for ristomycin biosynthesis

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Novobiocin enhances alkylating agent cytotoxicity and DNA interstrand crosslinks in a murine model

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Novobiocin induces positive supercoiling of small plasmids from halophilic archaebacteria in vivo

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Novobiocin induces the in vivo cleavage of active gene sequences in intact cells

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Novobiocin inhibits passive chromatin assembly in vitro

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Novobiocin resistance marker in Haemophilus influenzae that is not expressed on a plasmid

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Novobiocin sensitivity and chromatin conformation in wild type and temperature sensitive mouse l cells

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Novocainamide in the treatment of paroxysmal supraventricular tachy cardia and atrial fibrillation in premature ventricular excitation relationship of the novocainamide dose and plasma concentration to anti arrhythmic effect

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Novolaophonte viatorum new genus new species crustacea copepoda harpacticoida from interstitial littoral waters of massachusetts usa

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Novonilacoccus oryzae new genus new species pseudococcidae hemiptera with the descriptions of all the instars

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Nowakia sulcata antiqua new subspecies from the upper part of the heisdorf formation lower devonian of the hillesheim syncline eifel west germany

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Nowakiidae dacryoconarida from the hunsrueck slate of bundenbach west germany rhenish slate mountains

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Nowakites linderi and its significance for the upper cretaceous stratigraphy of east bohemia czechoslovakia

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Nowakowkiella moubasheriana new species of cladochytrioid fungus from poland

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Nowcasting by acoustic remote sensing experiences with the systems established at the national physical laboratory new delhi india

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Nowellia curvifolia new record and the bryological associations found on decaying wood in the bois de la tour near falaise calvados department lower normandy france

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Noxious effects of neem azadirachta indica extracts on crocidolomia binotalis

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Noxious mechanical stimuli increase the release of methionine enkephalin like material heterosegmentally in the rat spinal cord

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Noxious thermal input from the rat tail: modulation by descending inhibitory influences

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Noxious weeds of alabama usa

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Noxiousness of frit fly oscinella frit to corn in poland

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Noxiousness of the rose fruit fly rhagoletis alternata and infection of its purpuria by a fungus scopulariopsis brevicaulis

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Noxiptiline and masked depression

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Noxiustoxin a short chain toxin from the mexican scorpion centruroides noxius induces transmitter release by blocking potassium permeability

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Nozzle orientation and insecticide concentration effects in high volume spraying on head cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata

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Nozzle size pressure and concentration combinations for heliothis zea control with an aqueous suspension of poly vinyl alcohol and baculovirus heliothis

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Nrc energy allowances for milking buffaloes effect on lactation performance milk composition and some blood traits

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Nsc 45388 and combination therapy for melanoma part 1 studies with nsc 409962 nsc 79037 vincristine nsc 67574 and hydroxy urea nsc 32065

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Nta nitrilo acetate as a source of iron for corn zea mays in hydroponic solution

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Nth degree polynomial equations describing fronto facial contour of the australopithecus africanus st s 5 plesianthropus transvaalensis

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Ntshekane an early iron age site in the tugela basin natal

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Nuage chromosome association in metaphase spermatogonia of the newt cynops pyrrhogaster

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Nuage material and the origin of dense core vesicles in oocytes of nassarius reticulatus mollusca gastropoda

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Nubia formation of central eastern desert egypt major subdivisions and depositional setting

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Nubidites omarai new genus new species ammonite from the nubian sandstone egypt

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Nucellangium gametophytic structure and relationship to cordaites

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Nucellar degeneration in cortaderia gramineae

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Nucellar embryogenesis and in vitro plant development from the nucelli of some species of citrus

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Nucellar embryogenesis in undeveloped ovules in some navel orange citrus sinensis cultivars

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Nucellar embryony a promise for successful citrus orchards

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Nucellar poly embryony in the genus sarcococca buxaceae

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Nucellar senescence and ethylene production as they relate to avocado persea americana fruitlet abscission

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Nucellar tracheids in ovules of luffa cylindrica

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Nucellus ultrastructure in alcea rosea malvaceae

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Nuchal adaptations in perodicticus potto

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Nuchal cord as a cause of neonatal anemia

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Nuchal cords and neonatal outcome

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Nuchal nevus flammeus as a skin marker of prognosis in alopecia areata

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Nuchal rigidity from nonketotic hyperosmolar coma

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Nuck canal cyst simulating inguinal hernia

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Nuclear 3 5 3' tri iodo thyronine receptor concentration increases during dna synthesis in partially synchronized gc cell cultures

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Nuclear 3 5 3' triiodothyronine receptor occupancy phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase pepck messenger rna levels and pepck enzyme activity in rat liver

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Nuclear 5 cmp sialic acid synthetase

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Nuclear aberrations as a short term test for geno toxicity to the colon evaluation of 19 agents in mice

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Nuclear abnormalities and cytoplasmic inclusion in amsinckia douglasiana infected with the curly top virus

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Nuclear accident dosimetry inter comparison studies at the health physics research reactor tennessee usa a summary 1965 1978

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Nuclear accumulation of epidermal growth factor in cultured bovine corneal endothelial and granulosa cells

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Nuclear accumulation of filamentous herpes simplex virus DNA late during the replicative cycle

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Nuclear accumulation of HMG1 protein is correlated to DNA synthesis

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Nuclear acid soluble proteins in potato spindle tuber viroid infected tomato lycopersicon esculentum leaves

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Nuclear actin and histones from the myxomycete Physarum flavicomum

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Nuclear condition of the basidia basidio spores and mycelium of marasmius perniciosus

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Nuclear configuration and neuronal types of the nucleus niger in the brain of the human adult

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Nuclear control of sexual differentiation in allomyces macrogynus

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Nuclear coupling of sulfur 33 and the nature of free radicals in irradiated crystals of cystine di hydro chloride part 2 charged radicals

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Nuclear coupling of sulfur 33 and the nature of free radicals in irradiated crystals of n acetyl l cysteine

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Nuclear cytoplasmic transport and vai rna independent translation of influenza viral messenger rna in late adenovirus infected cells

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Nuclear damage of colon epithelial cells by the food carcinogen 2 amino 3 methylimidazo 4 5 f quinoline is modulated by dietary lipids

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Nuclear degeneration in the myxomycete physarella oblonga

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Nuclear dependency in chloroplast activities

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Nuclear deprimerones isolation fractionation characterization and control of gene expression

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Nuclear development in locust locusta migratoria fat body the influence of juvenile hormone on inclusion bodies and the nuclear matrix

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