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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6007

Chapter 6007 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nishibuchi, M.; Kaper, J.B., 1985:
Nucleotide sequence of the thermostable direct hemolysin gene of Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Höög, J.O.; von Bahr-Lindström, H.; Josephson, S.; Wallace, B.J.; Kushner, S.R.; Jörnvall, H.; Holmgren, A., 1984:
Nucleotide sequence of the thioredoxin gene from Escherichia coli

Wagner, M.J.; Sharp, J.A.; Summers, W., 1981:
Nucleotide sequence of the thymidine kinase ec gene of herpes simplex virus type 1

Iwakura, M.; Kawata, M.; Tsuda, K.; Tanaka, T., 1988:
Nucleotide sequence of the thymidylate synthase B and dihydrofolate reductase genes contained in one Bacillus subtilis operon

Kenny, E.; Atkinson, T.; Hartley, B.S., 1985:
Nucleotide sequence of the thymidylate synthetase ec gene thy p 3 from the bacillus subtilis phage phi 3 t

Klee H.; Montoya A.; Horodyski F.; Lichtenstein C.; Garfinkel D.; Fuller S.; Flores C.; Peschon J.; Nester E.; Gordon M., 1984:
Nucleotide sequence of the tms genes of the ptia 6nc octopine ti plasmid 2 gene products involved in plant tumorigenesis

Ohno T.; Aoyagi M.; Yamanashi Y.; Saito H.; Ikawa S.; Meshi T.; Okada Y., 1984:
Nucleotide sequence of the tobacco mosaic virus tomato strain genome and comparison with common strain genome

H.K.C.; Stafford D.W., 1985:
Nucleotide sequence of the transcription initiation region for ribosomal rna in the sea urchin lytechinus variegatus

Rushlow, K.E.; Lautenberger, J.A.; Papas, T.S.; Baluda, M.A.; Perbal, B.; Chirikjian, J.G.; Reddy, E.P., 1982:
Nucleotide sequence of the transforming gene of avian myeloblastosis virus

Alber, T.; Kawasaki, G., 1982:
Nucleotide sequence of the triose phosphate isomerase gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Betley, M.J.; Mekalanos, J.J., 1988:
Nucleotide sequence of the type A staphylococcal enterotoxin gene

Friedrich, M.J.; Kadner, R.J., 1987:
Nucleotide sequence of the uhp region of Escherichia coli

Alitalo K.; Bishop J.M.; Smith D.H.; Chen E.Y.; Colby W.W.; Levinson A.D., 1983:
Nucleotide sequence of the v myc oncogene of avian retrovirus mc 29

Weir, J.P.; Moss, B., 1983:
Nucleotide sequence of the vaccinia virus thymidine kinase gene and the nature of spontaneous frameshift mutations

Sonigo P.; Alizon M.; Staskus K.; Klatzmann D.; Cole S.; Danos O.; Retzel E.; Tiollais P.; Haase A.; Wain Hobson S., 1985:
Nucleotide sequence of the visna lentivirus relationship to the aids acquired immune deficiency syndrome virus

Surguchev A.P.; Telkov M.V.; Smirnov V.N.; Brening P.; Pipersberg V., 1987:
Nucleotide sequence of the wild type and mutant sup 1 gene of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae and comparison of transcripts for sup 1 and sup 2 genes

Etiemble J.; Moroy T.; Trepo C.; Tiollais P.; Buendia M A., 1986:
Nucleotide sequence of the woodchuck hepatitis virus surface antigen messenger rna species and the variability of three overlapping viral genes

Kaput, J.; Goltz, S.; Blobel, G., 1982:
Nucleotide sequence of the yeast nuclear gene for cytochrome c peroxidase ec precursor functional implications of the pre sequence for protein transport into mitochondria

Russell D.W.; Smith M.; Williamson V.M.; Young E.T., 1983:
Nucleotide sequence of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae alcohol dehydrogenase ii gene

Nazar, R.N.; Matheson, A.T., 1977:
Nucleotide sequence of thermus aquaticus ribosomal 5s rna sequence homologies in thermophilic organisms

Greif C.; Hemmer O.; Fritsch C., 1988:
Nucleotide sequence of tomato black ring virus rna 1

Guilley, H.; Briand, J.P., 1978:
Nucleotide sequence of turnip yellow mosaic virus coat protein messenger rna

Ho, K.C.; Stafford, D.W., 1987:
Nucleotide sequence of two 3' termini of ribosomal rna in the sea urchin lytechinus variegatus

Cave M.D.; Benes H.; Liarakos C., 1987:
Nucleotide sequence of two repeating units of the 5s ribosomal rna gene from the house cricket acheta domesticus

Ro-Choi, T.S.; Choi, Y.C.; Henning, D.; Mccloskey, J.; Busch, H., 1975:
Nucleotide sequence of u 2 rna the sequence of the 5 terminal oligo nucleotide

Wildeman, A.G.; Nazar, R.N., 1980:
Nucleotide sequence of wheat triticum aestivum chloroplastid 4.5s rna sequence homologies in 4.5s rna species

Korn, L.J.; Brown, D.D., 1978 :
Nucleotide sequence of xenopus borealis oocyte 5s dna comparison of sequences that flank several related eukaryotic genes

Werner, M.; Feller, A.; Pierard, A., 1985:
Nucleotide sequence of yeast gene cpa 1 encoding the small subunit of arginine pathway carbamoyl phosphate synthetase ec homology of the deduced amino acid sequence to other glutamine amidotransferases

Moye W.S.; Amuro N.; Rao J.K.M.; Zalkin H., 1985:
Nucleotide sequence of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae gdh 1 encoding nadp dependent glutamate dehydrogenase

Smith, D.B.; Flavell, R.B., 1977:
Nucleotide sequence organization in the rye genome

Lobov V.P.; Skripka L.V., 1984:
Nucleotide sequence organization of maize zea mays dna

Filimonov N.G.; Martakova N.A.; Popov L.S.; Tarantul V.Z.; Aitkhozhin M.A.; Gazaryan K.G., 1982:
Nucleotide sequence organization of wheat embryo nuclear dna

Monnat, R.J.; Maxwell, C.L.; Loeb, L.A., 1985:
Nucleotide sequence preservation of human leukemic mitochondrial DNA

Giese, K.; Subramanian, A.R.; Larrinua, I.M.; Bogorad, L., 1987:
Nucleotide sequence, promoter analysis, and linkage mapping of the unusually organized operon encoding ribosomal proteins S7 and S12 in maize chloroplast

Diaz Ruiz J.R.; Kaper J.M., 1983:
Nucleotide sequence relationships among 30 peanut stunt virus isolates determined by competition hybridization

Coffin, J.M.; Champion, M.; Chabot, F., 1978:
Nucleotide sequence relationships between the genomes of an endogenous and an exogenous avian tumor virus

Vandenberghe A.; Wassink A.; Raeymaekers P.; D.B.ere R.; Huysmans E.; D.W.chter R., 1985:
Nucleotide sequence secondary structure and evolution of the 5s ribosomal rna from 5 bacterial species

Sugiura Y.; Suzuki T., 1982:
Nucleotide sequence specificity of dna cleavage by iron bleomycin alteration on ethidium bromide intercalated actinomycin intercalated and distamycin intercalated dna

Austerberry, C.F.; Yao, M.C., 1987:
Nucleotide sequence structure and consistency of a developmentally regulated DNA deletion in Tetrahymena thermophila

Roberts, J.W.; Carbon, J., 1975:
Nucleotide sequence studies of normal and genetically altered glycine transfer rna from escherichia coli

Friedmann, T.; Laporte, P.; Esty, A., 1978:
Nucleotide sequence studies of polyoma dna the hpa ii 3 5 junction to the hpa ii 4 hae iii 18 junction encoding the origin of dna replication and the 5 prime end of the early region

Rosenberg, M.; Kramer, R.A., 1977:
Nucleotide sequence surrounding a rnase iii ec processing site in bacterio phage t 7 rna

Cordell, B.; Stavnezer, E.; Friedrich, R.; Bishop, J.M.; Goodman, H.M., 1976:
Nucleotide sequence that binds primer for DNA synthesis to the avian sarcoma virus genome

Wade R.; Gunning P.; Eddy R.; Shows T.; Kedes L., 1986:
Nucleotide sequence tissue specific expression and chromosome location of human carbonic anhydrase iii the human caiii gene is located on the same chromosome as the closely linked cai and caii genes

Laipis P.J.; Wilcox C.J.; Hauswirth W.W., 1982:
Nucleotide sequence variation in mitochondrial dna from bovine liver

Jay, E.; Roychoudhury, R.; Wu, R., 1976:
Nucleotide sequence with elements of an unusual 2 fold rotational symmetry in the region of origin of replication of sv 40 dna

Semba K.; Nishizawa M.; Satoh H.; Fukushige S I.; Yoshida M.C.; Sasaki M.; Matsubara K I.; Yamamoto T.; Toyoshima K., 1988:
Nucleotide sequences and chromosomal mapping of the human c yes 2 gene

Rader A.E.; Murphy J.R., 1988:
Nucleotide sequences and comparison of the hemolysin determinants of vibrio cholerae el tor rv79 hly positive and rv79 hly negative and classical 569b hly negative

Ohtani, T.; Kiyokawa, S.; Ohgawara, T.; Harada, H.; Uchimiya, H., 1985:
Nucleotide sequences and stability of a Nicotiana nuclear DNA segment possessing autonomously replicating ability in yeast

Majors J.E.; Varmus H.E., 1981:
Nucleotide sequences at host pro viral junctions for mouse mammary tumor virus

Lockard, R.E.; Rajbhandary, U.L., 1976:
Nucleotide sequences at the 5 prime termini of rabbit alpha and beta globin messenger rna

Hastings, K.E.M.; Millward, S., 1978:
Nucleotide sequences at the 5 prime termini of reovirus messenger rna

Wei, C.M.; Moss, B., 1977:
Nucleotide sequences at the n 6 methyl adenosine sites of hela cell messenger rna

Heidekamp F.; Baas P.D.; Jansz H.S., 1982:
Nucleotide sequences at the phi x gene a protein cleavage site in replicative form i dna of bacterio phages u 3 g 14 and alpha 3

Yoshikawa H.; Friedmann T.; Ito J., 1981:
Nucleotide sequences at the termini of phage phi 29 dna

Keshet, E.; Temin, H.M., 1977:
Nucleotide sequences derived from pheasant DNA in the genome of recombinant avian leukosis viruses with subgroup F specificity

Bibb M.J.; Bibb M.J.; Ward J.M.; Cohen S.N., 1985:
Nucleotide sequences encoding and promoting expression of 3 antibiotic resistance genes indigenous to streptomyces

Nakai S.; O.V.; Herzenberg L.A.; Yamagishi H.; Honjo T., 1982:
Nucleotide sequences encoding membrane domains are conserved among immuno globulin gamma subclass genes

Frankis R.C.; Paddock G.V., 1984:
Nucleotide sequences for the duck globin messenger rna

Liu, A.Y.; Paddock, G.V.; Heindell, H.C.; Salser, W., 1977:
Nucleotide sequences from a rabbit alpha globin gene inserted in a chimeric plasmid

Rose, J.K.; Iverson, L., 1979:
Nucleotide sequences from the 3' ends of vesicular stomatitis virus messenger rna as determined from cloned dna

Uchimura T.; Lau P.C.K., 1987:
Nucleotide sequences from the colicin f8 operon homology with plasmid col e2 p9

Browne, J.K.; Paddock, G.V.; Liu, A.; Clarke, P.; Heindell, H.C.; Salser, W., 1977:
Nucleotide sequences from the rabbit beta globin gene inserted into Escherichia coli plasmids

Sanger, F., 1971:
Nucleotide sequences in bacterio phage rna

Bogenhagen D.F.; Brown D.D., 1981:
Nucleotide sequences in xenopus laevis 5s dna required for transcription termination

Bashkirov V.I.; Khasanov F.K.; Prozorob A.A., 1987:
Nucleotide sequences involved in illegitimate recombination between plasmid and chromosome dna in bacillus subtilis

Kuchino Y.; Shindo Okada N.; Ando N.; Watanabe S.; Nishimura S., 1981:
Nucleotide sequences of 2 aspartic acid transfer rna from rat liver and rat ascites hepatoma

Jeppesen, P.G.N.; Barrell, B.G.; Sanger, F.; Coulson, A.R., 1972:
Nucleotide sequences of 2 fragments from the coat protein cistron of bacterio phage r 17 rna

M.D.P.; Lund E.; Dahlberg J.E.; Roe B.A., 1984:
Nucleotide sequences of 2 regions of the human genome containing asparaginyl transfer rna genes

Darsley M.J.; Rees A.R., 1985:
Nucleotide sequences of 5 anti lysozyme monoclonal antibodies

Kozak, M., 1977:
Nucleotide sequences of 5 prime terminal ribosome protected initiation regions from 2 reovirus messages

Hashimoto, S.; Wold, W.S.M.; Brackmann, K.H.; Green, M., 1981:
Nucleotide sequences of 5' termini of adenovirus 2 early transforming region e 1a and e 1b messenger rna

Macdonell M.T.; Colwell R.R., 1985:
Nucleotide sequences of 5s ribosomal rna from two vibrio spp vibrio fluvialis and vibrio parahaemolyticus

Stewart, M.A.; Warnock, M.; Wheeler, A.; Wilkie, N.; Mullins, J.I.; Onions, D.E.; Neil, J.C., 1986:
Nucleotide sequences of a feline leukemia virus subgroup A envelope gene and long terminal repeat and evidence for the recombinational origin of subgroup B viruses

Dyer T.A.; Bowman C.M., 1979:
Nucleotide sequences of chloroplast 5s ribosomal rna in flowering plants

Nawa H.; Hirose T.; Takashima H.; Inayama S.; Nakanishi S., 1983:
Nucleotide sequences of cloned complementary dna for 2 types of bovine brain substance p precursor

Amaldi F.; Beccari E.; Bozzoni I.; Luo Z X.; Pierandrei Amaldi P., 1982:
Nucleotide sequences of cloned complementary dna fragments specific for 6 xenopus laevis ribosomal proteins

Rasmussen S.K.; Hopp H.E.; Brandt A., 1983:
Nucleotide sequences of complementary dna clones for b 1 hordein poly peptides

Rasmussen S.K.; Brandt A., 1986:
Nucleotide sequences of complementary dna clones for c hordein polypeptides

Bernard M.P.; Chu M L.; Myers J.C.; Ramirez F.; Eikenberry E.F.; Prockop D.J., 1983:
Nucleotide sequences of complementary dna for the proalpha 1 chain of human type i pro collagen statistical evaluation of structures that are conserved during evolution

Inagaki Y.; Tsunokawa Y.; Takebe N.; Nawa H.; Nakanishi S.; Terada M.; Sugimura T., 1988:
Nucleotide sequences of complementary dnas for human papillomavirus type 18 transcripts in hela cells

Maxwell E.S.; Liu J.; Shively J.M., 1986:
Nucleotide sequences of cyanophora paradoxa cellular and cyanelle associated 5s ribosomal rna the cyanelle as a potential intermediate in plastid evolution

Zain, B.S.; Thimmappaya, B.; Dhar, R.; Weissman, S.M., 1978:
Nucleotide sequences of dna encoding the 3 prime ends of sv 40 messenger rna part 1 the sequence of the dna fragment hin d ii hin d iii g

Fry, K.; Salser, W., 1977:
Nucleotide sequences of heavy strand alpha satellite dna from kangaroo rat dipodomys ordii and characterization of similar sequences in other rodents

Deluca N.; Bzik D.J.; Bond V.C.; Person S.; Snipes W., 1982:
Nucleotide sequences of herpes simplex virus type 1 affecting virus entry cell fusion and production of glyco protein gb vp 7

Miklos G.L.G.; Gill A.C., 1982:
Nucleotide sequences of highly repeated dna compilation and comments

Sakoyama, Y.; Hong, K.J.; Byun, S.M.; Hisajima, H.; Ueda, S.; Yaoita, Y.; Hayashida, H.; Miyata, T.; Honjo, T., 1987:
Nucleotide sequences of immunoglobulin epsilon genes of chimpanzee and orangutan: DNA molecular clock and hominoid evolution

Shahan K.; Gilmartin M.; Derman E., 1987:
Nucleotide sequences of liver lachrymal and submaxillary gland mouse major urinary protein messenger rna mosaic structure and construction of panels of gene specific synthetic oligonucleotide probes

Sample J.; Hummel M.; Braun D.; Birkenbach M.; Kieff E., 1986:
Nucleotide sequences of messenger rna species encoding epstein barr virus nuclear proteins a probable transcriptional initiation site

Rose, J.K., 1977:
Nucleotide sequences of ribosome recognition sites in messenger rna of vesicular stomatitis virus

Dhar, R.; Zain, S.; Weissman, S.M.; Pan, J.; Subramanian, K., 1974:
Nucleotide sequences of rna transcribed in infected cells and by escherichia coli rna polymerase from a segment of sv 40 dna

Zakharova E.S.; Kotenko S.V.; Lomakin I.V.; Epishin S.M.; Vinetskii Y.P., 1986:
Nucleotide sequences of subfamily a 3 glycinin subunit complementary dna different intraspecific variability detected by comparative analysis

Nikaido T.; Yamawaki Kataoka Y.; Honjo T., 1982:
Nucleotide sequences of switch regions of immuno globulin c epsilon gene and c gamma gene and their comparison

Collins P.L.; Wertz G.W., 1985:
Nucleotide sequences of the 1b and 1c nonstructural protein messenger rna species of human respiratory syncytial virus

Forget, B.G.; Marotta, C.A.; Weissman, S.M.; Cohen-Solal, M., 1975:
Nucleotide sequences of the 3 prime terminal untranslated region of messenger rna for human beta globin chain

Takaiwa, F.; Sugiura, M., 1980:
Nucleotide sequences of the 4.5s and 5s ribosomal rna genes from tobacco chloroplasts

Tsujibo, H.; Tiano, H.F.; Li, S.S.L., 1985:
Nucleotide sequences of the complementary dna and an intron less pseudogene for human lactate dehydrogenase a ec isozyme

Rogers, M.J.; Ohgi, T.; Plumbridge, J.; Soll, D., 1988:
Nucleotide sequences of the escherichia coli nag e and nag b genes the structural genes for the n acetylglucosamine transport protein of the bacterial phosphoenolpyruvate sugar phosphotransferase system and for the glucosamine 6 phosphate deaminase

Purcell, B.K.; Pruckler, J.; Clegg, S., 1987:
Nucleotide sequences of the genes encoding type 1 fimbrial subunits of Klebsiella pneumoniae and Salmonella typhimurium

Howe, C.J.; Fearnley, I.M.; Walker, J.E.; Dyer, T.A.; Gray, J.C., 1985:
Nucleotide sequences of the genes for the alpha, beta and epsilon subunits of wheat chloroplast ATP synthase

Matsuda, A.; Toma, K.; Komatsu, K., 1987:
Nucleotide sequences of the genes for two distinct cephalosporin acylases from a Pseudomonas strain

Seidman, C.E.; Bloch, K.D.; Klein, K.A.; Smith, J.A.; Seidman, J.G., 1984:
Nucleotide sequences of the human and mouse atrial natriuretic factor genes

Davison, A.J.; Wilkie, N.M., 1981:
Nucleotide sequences of the joint between the L and S segments of herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2

Rose J.K.; Gallione C.J., 1981:
Nucleotide sequences of the messenger rna species encoding the vesicular stomatitis virus g and m proteins determined from complementary dna clones containing the complete coding regions

Gallione C.J.; Greene J.R.; Iverson L.E.; Rose J.K., 1981:
Nucleotide sequences of the messenger rna species encoding the vesicular stomatitis virus n and ns proteins

Yamada T.; Palm C.J.; Brooks B.; Kosuge T., 1985:
Nucleotide sequences of the pseudomonas savastanoi iaa genes show homology with agrobacterium tumefaciens t dna

Cribbs D.L.; Gillam I.C.; Tener G.M., 1987:
Nucleotide sequences of three serine transfer rna from drosophila melanogaster reading the six serine codons

Murray C.L.; Rabinowitz J.C., 1982:
Nucleotide sequences of transcription and translation initiation regions in bacillus subtilis phage phi 29 early genes

Chaubet N.; Philipps G.; Chaboute M E.; Ehling M.; Gigot C., 1986:
Nucleotide sequences of two corn zea mays histone h 3 genes genomic organization of the corn histone h 3 and h 4 genes

Gigot C.; Chaubet N.; Chaboute M E.; Ehling M.; Philipps G., 1987:
Nucleotide sequences of two histone h3 and h4 genes of corn further insight into the structure and organization of the histone genes in higher plants

Milner R.J.; Lei C.; Nave K A.; Lenoir D.; Ogata J.; Sutcliffe J.G., 1985:
Nucleotide sequences of two messenger rna species for rat brain myelin proteolipid protein

Mackay, R.M.; Spencer, D.F.; Doolittle, W.F.; Gray, M.W., 1980:
Nucleotide sequences of wheat embryo cytosol 5s and 5.8s ribosomal rna

Baker R.E.; Eigel A.; Voegtel D.; Feldmann H., 1982:
Nucleotide sequences of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae genes for seryl transfer rna 2 arginyl transfer rna 2 and valyl transfer rna 1 homology blocks occur in the vicinity of different transfer rna genes

Re, G.G.; Kingsbury, D.W., 1986:
Nucleotide sequences that affect replicative and transcriptional efficiencies of Sendai virus deletion mutants

Moran, C.P.; Lang, N.; LeGrice, S.F.; Lee, G.; Stephens, M.; Sonenshein, A.L.; Pero, J.; Losick, R., 1982:
Nucleotide sequences that signal the initiation of transcription and translation in Bacillus subtilis

Hoffmann F.M.; Fresco L.D.; Hoffman Falk H.; Shilo B Z., 1983:
Nucleotide sequences to the drosophila src and abl homologues conservation and variability in the src family onco genes

Irie, S.; Doi, S.; Yorifuji, T.; Takagi, M.; Yano, K., 1987:
Nucleotide sequencing and characterization of the genes encoding benzene oxidation enzymes of Pseudomonas putida

Jin Q.; Hao Y.; Hao Y., 1987:
Nucleotide sequencing of a human alpha 1 interferon complementary dna clone established from ndv f induced cord blood leukocytes

Majors J.E.; Varmus H.E., 1983:
Nucleotide sequencing of an apparent pro viral copy of env messenger rna defines determinants of expression of the mouse mammary tumor virus env gene

Murakami, K.; Mitchell, T.; Nishimura, J.S., 1972:
Nucleotide specificity of escherichia coli succinic thiokinase ec succinyl coenzyme a stimulated nucleoside di phosphate kinase ec activity of the enzyme

Barzu, O.; Abrudan, I.; Proinov, I.; Kiss, L.; Ty, N.G.; Jebeleanu, G.; Goia, I.; Kezdi, M.; Mantsch, H.H., 1976:
Nucleotide specificity of pyruvate kinase ec and phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec

Kelly, C.J.; Cha, S., 1977:
Nucleotide specificity of succinate thio kinases ec ec from bacteria

Schuurmans Stekhoven F.M.A.H.; Swarts H.G.P.; Zhao R.S.; D.P.nt J.J.H.H.M., 1986:
Nucleotide specificity of the e 2k e 1k transition in sodium potassium atpase as probed with tryptic inactivation and fragmentation

Koz'myan L.I.; Dudnik Y.V.; Tsimmer K.; Lyuk G.; Zimmer C.; Luck G., 1980:
Nucleotide specificity of the interaction of sibiromycin with dna

Bon M C., 1988:
Nucleotide status and protein synthesis in vivo in the apices of juvenile and mature sequoiadendron giganteum during budbreak

Lisitsyn N.A.; Gur'ev S.O.; Sverdlov E.D.; Moiseeva E.P.; Nikiforov V.G., 1984:
Nucleotide substitutions in the rpo b gene leading to rifampicin resistance of escherichia coli rna polymerase T.; Leja M.; Macdonald F.D.; Green J.H., 1984:
Nucleotide sugars and starch synthesis in spadix of arum maculatum and suspension cultures of glycine max

Filippova, V.N.; Filanovskaya, L.I.; Blinov, M.N., 1977:
Nucleotide synthesis in erythrocytes in some forms of anemia review of literature

Azhaev, A.V.; Kotusov, V.V.; Ozols, A.M.; Viktorova, L.S.; Kukhanova, M.K.; Kraevskii, A.A.; Gottikh, B.P., 1977:
Nucleotide thio acyl esters synthesis of 3 2 o n acetylthio leucyl amp and its peptide donor activity in a cell free system with ribosomes

Geraldes, C.F.G.C.; Williams, R.J.P., 1978:
Nucleotide torsional flexibility in solution and the use of the lanthanides as nmr conformational probes the case of amp/

Bick R.J.; Van Winkle W.B.; Tate C.A.; Entman M.L., 1983:
Nucleotide tri phosphate utilization by cardiac and skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum further evidence for an alternative substrate hydrolysis cycle and the effect of calcium nucleotide tri phosphatase purification

Luqmani Y.A., 1981:
Nucleotide uptake by isolated cholinergic synaptic vesicles evidence for a carrier of atp

Charubala, R.; Pfleiderer, W., 1979:
Nucleotides 10. synthesis and properties of di nucleoside mono phosphates with 2 deoxy adenosine and 1 2' deoxy beta d ribofuranosyl lumazines as building blocks

Bannwarth, W.; Pfleiderer, W., 1980:
Nucleotides 11. synthesis and properties of di nucleoside mono phosphates with thymidine and 1 2' deoxy beta d ribofuranosyl lumazines as building blocks

Charubala, R.; Bannwarth, W.; Pfleiderer, W., 1980:
Nucleotides 12. synthesis and properties of tri nucleoside di phosphates with thymidine 2' deoxy adenosine and 1 2' deoxy alpha d ribofuranosyl lumazine and 1 2' deoxy beta d ribofuranosyl lumazine as building blocks

Charubala, R.; Uhlmann, E.; Pfleiderer, W., 1981 :
Nucleotides 16. synthesis and properties of adenylyladenylyl adenosines

Flockerzi, D.; Uhlmann, E.; Pfleiderer, W., 1983:
Nucleotides 17. synthesis of homogeneous adenosyl 3' 5' oligomers by the phospho tri ester method

Flockerzi, D.; Schlosser, W.; Pfleiderer, W., 1983:
Nucleotides 18. synthesis and properties of tert butyldimethylsilyl guanosines guanosine 3' phospho tri esters and guanosine containing oligo nucleotides

Hattori, M.; Ienaga, K.; Pfleiderer, W., 1983:
Nucleotides 19. synthesis and properties of poly 2 alkyl adenylic acids 2. interactions with poly 5 bromo uridylic acid or poly inosinic acid

Charubala, R.; Pfleiderer, W., 1979:
Nucleotides 9. synthesis and properties of 1 2' deoxy d ribofuranosyl lumazine 3' mono phosphates

Nichols J.L.; Welder L., 1981:
Nucleotides adjacent to n 6 methyl adenosine in maize zea mays poly adenylated containing rna

Stärk, D.; Hannover, R.; Siebert, G., 1978:
Nucleotides and coenzymes in nuclei isolated from rat liver

Shapiro, T.A.; Khomutova, E.D.; Berezovskii, V.M., 1976:
Nucleotides coenzymes and phosphoric esters part 29 dependence of coenzyme activity of fad analogs on the phospho anhydride chain length

Zhilina, T.A.; Berezovskii, V.M., 1977:
Nucleotides coenzymes and phosphoric esters part 31 synthesis and properties of 8 alpha hydroxy fmn

Glebova, G.D.; Berezovskii, V.M., 1980:
Nucleotides coenzymes phosphoric esters 33. synthesis and tautomerism of 8 hydroxy norflavine mono nucleotide

Litvak-Zh, I.; Zhilina, T.A.; Berezovskii, V.M., 1980:
Nucleotides coenzymes phosphoric esters 34. synthesis of 8 alpha hydroxy flavine adenine di nucleotide

Glebova G.D.; Berezovskii V.M., 1981:
Nucleotides coenzymes phosphoric esters 35. synthesis and tautomerism of 8 hydroxy norflavin adenine di nucleotide

Zhilina, T.A.; Berezovskii, V.M., 1984:
Nucleotides coenzymes phosphoric esters 36. synthesis of coenzymes of monoamine oxidase

Litvak-Zh, I.; Berezovskii, V.M., 1985:
Nucleotides coenzymes phosphoric esters 37. synthesis of 6 n acetyl l cystein s ylflavinmononucleotide

Fetisova, T.P.; Berezovskii, V.M., 1977:
Nucleotides coenzymes phosphoric esters part 30 synthesis of 8 di methylamino nor fmn

Litvak Z.I.; Berezovskii V.M., 1979:
Nucleotides coenzymes phosphoric esters part 32 synthesis of 8 di methylamino nor fad

Girault, G.; Galmiche, J.M., 1976:
Nucleotides effect on the decay kinetics of the 520 nanometers absorbance change in tightly coupled chloroplasts

Biswas T.K.; Getz G.S., 1986:
Nucleotides flanking the promoter sequence influence the transcription of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial gene coding for atpase subunit 9

Tang, W.J.; Berger, S.L.; Triezenberg, S.J.; Folk, W.R., 1987:
Nucleotides in the polyomavirus enhancer that control viral transcription and DNA replication

Mizuno, Y.; Kitano, S.; Nomura, A., 1975:
Nucleotides part 3 syntheses of deaza adenosine 3 5 cyclic phosphates and related nucleotides of biological interest

Hattori, M.; Pfleiderer, W., 1978:
Nucleotides part 6 synthesis and properties of pteridine nucleoside 5 mono phosphates

Sato, M.; Mizuno, Y., 1976:
Nucleotides part 7 a procedure for the preparation of di ribo nucleoside mono phosphates having natural linkage

Hattori, M.; Pfleiderer, W., 1978:
Nucleotides part 7 synthesis and properties of pteridine nucleoside 5 di phosphates

Hattori, M.; Ienaga, K.; Pfleiderer, W., 1978:
Nucleotides part 8 synthesis and properties of poly 2 alkyl adenylic acids

Ichiba, M.; Charubala, R.; Varma, R.S.; Pfleiderer, W., 1986:
Nucleotides part xxv. chemical synthesis of the hexaribonucleotide c a a c c a

Schulz, B.S.; Pfeiderer, W., 1987:
Nucleotides part xxvi. a new synthesis of 9 beta d ribofuranosyluric acid and its 5' monophosphate

Himmelsbach F.; Charubala R.; Pfleiderer W., 1987:
Nucleotides part xxvii bis 2 p nitrophenylethyl phosphorochloridate a new versatile phosphorylating agent in nucleotide chemistry

Mcclain W.H.; Foss K., 1988:
Nucleotides that contribute to the identity of escherichia coli phenylalanine transfer rna

Charubala, R.; Uhlmann, E.; Himmelsbach, F.; Pfleiderer, W., 1987:
Nucleotides xxviii. chemical syntheses of the 2' 5' cordycepin trimer core

Ramirez F.; Mandal S.B.; Marecek J.F., 1982:
Nucleotido phospho lipids oligo nucleotide derivatives with membrane recognition groups

Shirafuji H.; Kida M.; Asako T.; Yoneda M., 1979:
Nucleotidylation of amino glycoside antibiotics by bacillus brevis

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Nucleus accumbens to globus pallidus gamma amino butyric acid projection electro physiological and iontophoretic investigations

Jones D.L.; Mogenson G.J., 1980:
Nucleus accumbens to globus pallidus gamma amino butyric acid projection subserving ambulatory activity

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Nucleus ambiguus stimulation increases plasma insulin levels in the rat

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Nucleus basalis involvement in conditioned neuronal responses in the rat frontal cortex

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Nucleus basalis magnocellularis and medial septal area lesions differentially impair temporal memory

Celio M.R.; Norman A.W., 1985:
Nucleus basalis meynert neurons contain the vitamin d induced calcium binding protein calbindin d 28 kilodaltons

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Nucleus dependent lactate dehydrogenase in acetabularia

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Nucleus dependent regulation of tyrosine amino transferase ec degradation in hepatoma tissue culture cells

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Nucleus isthmus of toad bufo bufo gargarizans is secondary visual center

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Nucleus locus coeruleus a morphometric golgi study in rats of 3 age groups

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Nucleus motorius lateralis in the lumbar sacral segment of the spinal cord in the horse

Slawomirski J.; Flieger S.; Jastrzebski M.; Boratynski Z., 1984:
Nucleus motorius medialis in the lumbar sacral segment of the spinal cord in the horse

Guevara Aguilar R.; Donatti Albarran O.A.; Solano Flores L.P.; Wayner M.J., 1987:
Nucleus of the tractus solitarius projections ot the olfactory tubercle an hrp study

Szteyn S., 1985:
Nucleus olivaris inferior of the european bison

Guyenet, P.G.; Brown, D.L., 1986:
Nucleus paragigantocellularis lateralis and lumbar sympathetic discharge in the rat

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Nucleus preopticus and nucleus lateralis tuberis in teleosteans alburnus albidus and alosa fallax in various stages of sexual cycle

Kuendiger R., 1985:
Nucleus pulposus calcification in childhood

Diaz Cintra S.; Cintra L.; Kemper T.; Resnick O.; Morgane P.J., 1981 :
Nucleus raphe dorsalis a morphometric golgi study in rats of 3 age groups

Prieto G.J.; Cannon J.T.; Leibeskind J.C., 1983:
Nucleus raphe magnus lesions disrupt stimulation produced analgesia from ventral but not dorsal mid brain areas in the rat

Rivot, J.P.; Chaouch, A.; Besson, J.M., 1980:
Nucleus raphe magnus modulation of response of rat dorsal horn neurons to unmyelinated fiber inputs: partial involvement of serotonergic pathways

Maurin, J.; Bouille, C.; Bayle, J.D., 1977:
Nucleus raphes and adreno corticotropic function in the pigeon

Kato M.; Tokumasu S., 1980:
Nucleus substitution of brassica japonica with raphanus sativus and its resultant chlorophyll deficiency

Bhaskaran, D.; Freed, C.R., 1987:
Nucleus tractus solitarius: an evaluation by in vivo voltammetry

Deecke, L.; Schwarz, D.W.F.; Fredrickson, J.M., 1974:
Nucleus ventroposterior inferior as the vestibular thalamic relay in the rhesus monkey part 1 field potential investigation

Fernandez Conde M.; Cifuentes Delatte L.; Medina J.A.; Rodriguez Minon Cifuentes J.L.; Caralps A., 1986:
Nucleus with calcified renal tubules inside a small whewellite stone

Landgren, S.; Silfvenius, H., 1971:
Nucleus Z, the medullary relay in the projection path to the cerebral cortex of group I muscle afferents from the cat's hind limb

Feller, P.A.; Scholz, K.L., 1976:
Nuclide parameters and s factors for thallium 201 dosimetry estimates

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Nuculidae and nuculanidae of the upper eocene of egypt

Agrawal S.K.; Kachhara R.P., 1981:
Nuculoma wynnei from the jurassic of kutch gujarat india

Zdzitowiecki K., 1980:
Nudacotyle quartus new species trematoda nudacotylidae the parasite of insectivorous bats from cuba

Potter, G.K.; Shen, R.N.; Chiao, J.W., 1984:
Nude mice as models for human leukemia studies

Suda, T.; Miura, Y.; Ozawa, K.; Motoyoshi, K.; Takaku, F., 1982:
Nude mice bearing human colony stimulating factor producing tumor 3. colony type of granulocyte macrophage precursors of nude mice bearing colony stimulating factor producing tumor

Matsui T.; Takano M.; Miyamoto K.; Itoh Y.; Yoshizawa H.; Koike M.; Mochizuki T.; Tanaka E.; Okamoto H.; E.A., 1985:
Nude mice bearing human primary hepatocellular carcinoma that produces hepatitis b surface core and e antigens as well as dna polymerase

Anker, P.; Jachertz, D.; Maurice, P.A.; Stroun, M., 1984:
Nude mice injected with DNA released by antigen stimulated human T lymphocytes produce specific antibodies expressing human characteristics

Walzer, P.D.; Schnelle, V.; Armstrong, D.; Rosen, P.P., 1977:
Nude mouse: a new experimental model for Pneumocystis carinii infection

Spremulli, E.N.; Bogaars, H.A.; Dexter, D.L.; Matook, G.M.; Jolly, G.A.; Kuhn, R.E.; Cummings, F.J.; Calabresi, P., 1983:
Nude mouse model of the melanosis syndrome

Moriarty K.J.; Rolston D.D.K.; Kelly M.J.; Shield M.; Clark M.L., 1985:
Nufenoxole a new antidiarrheal agent inhibits fluid secretion in the human jejunum

Guilbault, J.P.; Hubert, C.; Mamet, B., 1976:
Nuia sibirica and halysis 2 enigmatic ordovician algae of the st lawrence canada lowlands

Brannon R.D., 1987:
Nuisance grizzly bear ursus arctos translocations in the greater yellowstone area usa

Nolan M.P.IIi; Kissam J.B., 1987:
Nuisance potential of a dump fly ophyra aenescens diptera muscidae breeding at poultry farms

Mocks J.; Verleger R., 1985:
Nuisance sources of variance in principal components analysis of event related potentials

Bernard P.; Galzin R.; Salvat B., 1981:
Nuisances associated with the removal of coral sand in the lagoon of the great marine cul de sac in guadeloupe

Langley, C.H.; Voelker, R.A.; Brown, A.J.; Ohnishi, S.; Dickson, B.; Montgomery, E., 1981:
Null allele frequencies at allozyme loci in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster

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Null alleles of complement c 4 and hla haplotypes in familial systemic lupus erythematosus

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Null cell properties of a lymphoid cell line from a child with acute lympho blastic leukemia

Twomey, J.J.; Luchi, R.J.; Kouttab, N.M., 1982:
Null cell senescence and its potential significance to the immunobiology of aging

Masin S.C., 1983:
Null effect of intra modal stimulus range variation on the exponent for numerousness

Proctor R.W.; Rao K.V., 1983:
Null effects of exposure duration and heterogeneity of difference on the same different disparity in letter matching

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Null hypothesis disrespect in neuropsychology: dangers of alpha and beta errors

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Null types of the human erythrocyte blood groups

De-Grouchy, J., 1977:
Nullification of paternity recognition based on dissimilarity between the y chromosomes a judgment of the paris france court of law

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Nulliparity in women with double primary cancers in both breast and endometrium

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Nulliparous women intra uterine devices and pelvic infection

Weber, D.F., 1978:
Nullisomic analysis of nucleolar formation in zea mays

Singh D., 1986:
Nullisomic frequency its occurrence and placement in the selfed monosomic plants of triticum aestivum

Bruns, P.J.; Brussard, T.B.; Merriam, E.V., 1983:
Nullisomic tetrahymena thermophila 2. a set of nullisomics define the germinal chromosomes

Bruns P.J.; Brussard T.E.B., 1981:
Nullisomic tetrahymena thermophila eliminating germinal chromosomes

Tucic, B.; Mcguire, P.E.; Qualset, C.O.; Kasarda, D.D., 1978:
Nullisomic tetrasomic wheat for agronomic and nutritional studies

Sapre A.B.; Barve S.S., 1984:
Nullisomy to hexasomy in coix gigantea poaceae

Siddiqi M.R., 1984:
Nullonchus new genus of toothless mononchs with comments on the phylogenetic relationship of nullonchinae new subfamily nematoda mononchida

Wiegersma S., 1979:
Number 7 phenomenon in 8 and 9 year old children

Lee T.D.G.; Sterk A.; Ishizaka T.; Bienenstock J.; Befus A.D., 1985:
Number and affinity of receptors for immunoglobulin e on enriched populations of isolated rat intestinal mast cells

Ziroyan A.N.; Baloyan S.A., 1984:
Number and age composition of alpine carpet communities of aragats mountain armenian ssr ussr

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Number and color preferences in four countries

Schmid J.M.; Mata S.A.; Mitchell J.C., 1986:
Number and condition of seeds in ponderosa pine cones in central arizona usa

Cordeiro L., 1979:
Number and diameter of the nodules in glycine max cultivar santa rosa

Mazanowska, J.; Kordylewski, L., 1975:
Number and dimensions of muscle fibers in extra ocular muscles of the gudgeon gobio gobio

Ferrell, F.; Tsuetaki, T., 1983:
Number and distribution of ganglion cells in the vallate papilla of adult human

Willard M.D.; Williams J.F.; Stowe H.D.; Kutil C., 1982:
Number and distribution of immuno globulin m cells and immuno globulin a cells in colonic tissue of conditioned sex matched and breed matched dogs

Lennartsson, B., 1980:
Number and distribution of muscle spindles in the masticatory muscles of the rat

Sagardoy M.A., 1981:
Number and distribution of rhizobium meliloti and other microbial populations in soils

Michalak I., 1986:
Number and distribution of teats in neomys fodiens

Esslen, J.; Kaissling, K.E., 1976:
Number and distribution of the sensilla on the antennal flagellum of the honey bee apis mellifera

Trotman A.A.; Weaver R.W., 1986:
Number and effectiveness of cowpea vigna unguiculata rhizobia in soils of guyana

Cleveland D.W.; Lopata M.A.; Macdonald R.J.; Cowan N.J.; Rutter W.J.; Kirschner M.W., 1980:
Number and evolutionary conservation of alpha tubulin and beta tubulin and cytoplasmic beta actin and gamma actin genes using specific cloned complementary dna probes

Kolisis F.N., 1985:
Number and function of sulfhydryl groups of n acetylneuraminate lyase

Wada, K., 1976:
Number and gross morphology of chromosomes in the pearl oyster pinctada fucata collected from 2 regions of japan

Hirayama, T.; Sudo, T.; Nagayama, H.; Matsuda, K.; Tamari, K., 1976:
Number and interrelation of components of carboxymethyl cellulase enzyme from pyricularia oryzae

Stobbe, H., 1977:
Number and kinds of leukocytes in saliva saliva corpuscles in healthy persons and in patients

Wagenvoord R.J.; Kemp A.; Slater E.C., 1980:
Number and localization of adenine nucleotide binding sites in beef heart mitochondrial atpase f 1 determined by photo labeling with 8 azido atp and 8 azido adp

Sackmann, W., 1977:
Number and localization of peyers patches in the rabbit intestine oryctolagus cuniculus

Neijzing M.G., 1985:
Number and localization of sets of homologous segments in the genome of rye on the basis of giemsa banded metaphase i chromosome associations in a haploid

Pabst, A., 1977:
Number and location of the sites of impulse generation in the lateral line afferents of xenopus laevis

Whimster, W.F., 1986:
Number and mean volume of individual submucous glands in the human tracheobronchial tree

Colombera, D., 1971:
Number and morphology of chromosomes in 3 geographical populations of ascidiella aspersa ascidiacea

Prueter J.; Vauk G., 1984 :
Number and origin of herring gulls larus argentatus resting on helgoland west germany

Schacherer A.; Beringer H., 1984:
Number and size distribution of endosperm cells in developing cereal grains as an index for their sink capacity

Forche S., 1981:
Number and size of colonies of erysiphe graminis f sp hordei as criteria of varietal resistance in barley

Campbell R.W.; Srivastava N.; Togersen T.R., 1984:
Number and size of eggs in egg masses of the western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis lepidoptera tortricidae

Watanabe M.; Adachi Y., 1987:
Number and size of eggs in the three emerald damselflies lestes sponsa lestes temporalis and lestes japonicus odonata lestidae

Fujiwara, H.; Fujiwara, T.; Hamashima, Y.; Kawai, C., 1985:
Number and size of myocytes, amount of interstitial space and extent of disarray of the hearts in patients with systemic hypertension and asymmetric septal hypertrophy

Fujiwara H.; Hoshino T.; Yamana K.; Fujiwara T.; Furuta M.; Hamashima Y.; Kawai C., 1983:
Number and size of myocytes and amount of interstitial space in the ventricular septum and in the left ventricular free wall in hypertrophic cardio myopathy

Preobrazhenskaya E.S.; Lazareva N.S., 1987:
Number and spatial distribution of warblers genus phylloscopus in connection with the dynamics of plant communities

Pawlowski F.; Wesolowski M., 1980:
Number and species composition of weed seeds in various agricultural soil usefulness complexes in southeastern poland

Pyarsim E.; Pae A.; Aksel' M., 1985:
Number and specific composition of soil fungi in greenhouse substrates

Galil J.; Meiri L., 1981:
Number and structure of anthers in fig syconia in relation to behavior of the pollen vectors

Kindzel'skii, L.P.; Butenko, A.K.; Afanas'eva, V.V.; Khomenko, B.M.; Zak, K.P., 1986:
Number and ultrastructure of large granular lymphocytes in patients with hodgkin's disease

Porter L.J., 1986:
Number and weight average molecular weights for some proanthocyanidin polymers condensed tannins, J.; Iñiguez, C.; Carreres, J., 1978:
Number, diameter and distribution of the rat optic nerve fibers

Sagardoy M.A.; Salerno C.M., 1983:
Number distribution and characterization of heterotrophic bacteria in some argentine soils

Fruzinski B., 1981:
Number distribution and ecology of the black grouse lyrurus tetrix in masuria poland in 1968

Abelin T.; Messerli H R., 1981:
Number duration and contents of consultations in swiss medical practices a study of ambulatory medical care in switzerland

Shumakova G.V.; Chepurnova E.A.; Lebedeva M.N., 1980:
Number dynamics of bacterio plankton in some parts of the southern atlantic

Mateva M.Kh; Khristov L., 1986:
Number dynamics of the synanthropic rodents in bulgaria

Donderski W., 1986:
Number generation time and biomass production by bacteria in the water of three lakes of different trophy

Campbell, M.M.; Kettle, D.S., 1976:
Number of adult culicoides brevitarsis diptera ceratopogonidae emerging from bovine dung exposed under different conditions in the field

Burgett M.; Burikam I., 1985:
Number of adult honey bees apis mellifera hymenoptera apidae occupying a comb a standard for estimating colony populations

Jpn Assoc Lab Anim Sci Work Group Lab Anim Data Bank, 1988:
Number of animals used in experiments in 1986 results of a survey

Yakushin V.M., 1979:
Number of bacteria and enzymatic activity of soils of the northern crimean canal ukrainian ssr ussr

Bourbon M.; Bournaud M., 1981:
Number of bird species contacted on a census spot in 20 minutes a study of specific efficiency

Bevanger K., 1987:
Number of bird species used for selection of protected areas

Penev D., 1982:
Number of birds in natural oak habitats of northwestern bulgaria and the possibility of increasing it

Sugiyama, H.; Mills, D.C.; Kuo, L.J.C., 1978:
Number of clostridium botulinum spores in honey

Hoe K.C.; Hermansen J.E., 1983:
Number of colonies produced by 22 isolates of powdery mildew on primary leaves of 10 barley hordeum vulgare cultivars

Sabel'nikov, A.G.; Vetkova, L.G.; Il'yashenko, B.N., 1978:
Number of competent cells in an escherichia coli population treated with calcium ions

Borisova, I.V.; Sanzhid-Zh, 1978:
Number of components in a brachanthemum reaumuria community in the northern gobi

Hsu, L.Y.F.; Paciuc, S.; David, K.; Cristian, S.; Moloshok, R.; Hirschhorn, K., 1978:
Number of constitutive c bands of human iso chromosome xq and relation to 45 x mosaicism/

Rowan, S.J., 1978:
Number of cotyledons affects susceptibility to fusiform rust within but not among families of slash and loblolly pine

Singh, R.N., 1972:
Number of dna uptake sites in competent cells of bacillus subtilis

Netting A.G., 1986:
Number of double bonds in fatty acids from fats and oils by high performance liquid chromatography using pentafluorobenzyl esters

Tojio, Y., 1976:
Number of eggs deposited in 1 egg sac in the salamander hynobius lichenatus

Yamamoto, M., 1978:
Number of eggs laid by pieris napi nesis lepidoptera pieridae in sapporo northern japan

Yamamoto M.; Ohtani T., 1979:
Number of eggs laid by pieris rapae crucivora compared with pieris napi nesis in sapporo japan lepidoptera pieridae

Oleinik G.N.; Yakushin V.M., 1979:
Number of enterobacteria on higher aquatic plants in the canals of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Chuprina L.N.; Tsirkel' V.A.; Pkhakadze G.A.; Lipatova T.E., 1983:
Number of enzyme links with the polymeric carrier as a factor controlling properties of the immobilized enzyme

Valtonen L.N.; Tiunov M.P., 1980:
Number of erythrocytes in the blood of different geographic populations of the siberian chipmunk eutamias sibiricus and their resistance to hypotonic sodium chloride solutions

Hudec, K., 1977:
Number of feral pigeons columba livia f domestica in brno czechoslovakia in 1974

Stickland, N.C.; Goldspink, G., 1978:
Number of fibers in the skeletal muscle of miniature pigs

Sutcliffe D.W.; Carrick T.R., 1981:
Number of flagellar segments and molting in the amphipod gammarus pulex

Karoly U.M., 1981:
Number of florets per inflorescence as affected by crossings with extreme variants in white clover trifolium repens

Ishibashi I.; Sato K.; Ohsawa M., 1984:
Number of follicles and serum levels of steroid hormone in adult rats which mated following treatment with various doses of pregnant mares serum gonadotropin and human chorionic gonadotropin

Ishibashi I.; Nakashima T., 1982:
Number of follicles in a litter of rats

Cuadra R., 1984:
Number of generations and biological cycle of meloidogyne incognita in cuba

Pertsova N.M., 1981:
Number of generations and their span in pseudocalanus elongatus copepoda calanoida in the white sea ussr

Ito Y.; Kawamoto H., 1979:
Number of generations necessary to attain eradication of an insect pest with sterile insect release method a model study

Yakunin B.M.; Chernova N.A.; Kunitskaya N.T., 1979:
Number of generations of the flea xenopsylla skrjabini in mangyshlak southwest kazakh ssr ussr aphaniptera

Krzeminski Z.; Piatkowska D.; Pawlicka H.; Sakowska D., 1986:
Number of germs of determined microorganisms in saliva and the caries and gingivitis intensity

Ponomareva T.S., 1985:
Number of houbara bustards in bukhara oblast uzbek ssr ussr according to aerial monitoring data

Tishchenko, V.M.; Tiktopulo, E.I.; Privalov, P.L., 1978:
Number of hydrogen bonds in collagen structure

Chakraborty, R., 1978:
Number of independent genes examined in family surveys and its effect on gene frequency estimation

Whitfield, G.H.; Richards, K.W.; Kveder, T.M., 1987:
Number of instars of larvae of the alfalfa leafcutter bee megachile rotundata f. hymenoptera megachilidae

Gargiullo P.M.; Berisford C.W., 1982:
Number of instars of the pitch pine tip moth rhyacionia rigidana lepidoptera tortricidae olethreutinae

Ogino, N., 1981:
Number of lattice degenerations in eyes with retinal detachment

Grzybiak, M., 1982:
Number of left ventricular chordae tendineae in Primates

Jazbec I.; Gregorovic V.; Skusek F., 1986:
Number of leukocytes with farm bred cattle in slovenia yugoslavia

Gibbons, A.F.; Chang, M.C., 1972:
Number of mast cells in the rat uterus with special reference to its relation to hormonal treatment and decidual response

Vangelov K.; Slanev S., 1981:
Number of matings of boars in nucleus herds with a view toward achieving optimal genetic progress

Rawal C.V.S.; Singh R.; Luktuke S.N., 1985:
Number of mature graafian follicles during different phases of reproduction and time of ovulation in muzaffarnagari ewes

Mukashev N.Z.; Semenchenko G.V., 1980:
Number of microorganisms in the water layer and silt deposits of the aral sea kazakh ssr and uzbek ssr ussr

May, R.; Haedrich, H., 1977:
Number of mitochondria in cells and protoplasts of saccharomyces carlsbergensis grown aerobically with lactate as the carbon source

Lange R.; Paufler S., 1986:
Number of mitosis chromosomes of rainbow trout in relation to age

Kogan, M.E.; Belov, L.N., 1978:
Number of muscle cells and their nuclei in the left ventricle myo cardium of the mouse heart during hypertrophy caused by constriction of the aorta ascendens

Hall, B.G., 1977:
Number of mutations required to evolve a new lactase function in Escherichia coli

Imbert, M.J.; Berjal, G.; Moss, N.; de Rouffignac, C.; Bonvalet, J.P., 1974:
Number of nephrons in hypertrophic kidneys after unilateral nephrectomy in young and adult rats. A functional study

Paivarinta H.; Eranko O., 1982:
Number of neurons and dexamethasone induced small intensely fluorescent cells in developing sympathetic ganglia and in intra ocular ganglion transplants

Bondareff W.; Mountjoy C.Q., 1986:
Number of neurons in nucleus locus coeruleus in demented and non demented patients rapid estimation and correlated parameters

Stanislawska B.; Dryzalowska E.; Lorek O., 1980:
Number of new born and weaning whelps and the content of some blood parameters in female polar foxes

Khandakar K.; Arangzeb S.; Husain M., 1985:
Number of nucleoli and secondary constricted chromosomes in corchorus spp

Renaud, P., 1976:
Number of observations for an efficient selection on a dichotomic character

Miyano S., 1983:
Number of offspring and seasonal changes of their body weight in a paper wasp polistes chinensis antennalis hymenoptera vespidae with reference to male production by workers

Flickinger E.L.; Bunck C.M., 1987:
Number of oil killed birds and fate of bird carcasses at crude oil pits in texas usa

Matsuzaki O.; Shibuya A.; Hatanaka T., 1982:
Number of olfactory receptor cells and fine structure of olfactory nerve fibers in the pigeon columba livia

Suzuki, R., 1976 :
Number of ovarian eggs and spawned eggs and their size composition in the loach cyprinid fish

Svensson S., 1986:
Number of pairs timing of egg laying and clutch size in a subalpine sand martin riparia riparia colony 1968 1985

Stary P.; Rejmanek M., 1981:
Number of parasitoids per host in different systematic groups of aphids the implications for introduction strategy in biological control homoptera aphidoidea hymenoptera aphidiidae

Davison, A.G.; Fayers, P.M.; Nunn, A.J.; Venables, K.M.; Taylor, A.J., 1986:
Number of patients required in lung function studies

Budzinska M.; Michejda J.W., 1980:
Number of phosphorylation sites in mitochondria of acanthamoeba castellanii from various phases of agitated cultures

Sedcole, J.R., 1977:
Number of plants necessary to recover a trait

Hudak J.; Somsakova V., 1979:
Number of plastids in the xantha mutant of abies alba

Farid, S.A.A.; Kozloff, L.M., 1968:
Number of poly peptide components in bacterio phage t 2l contractile sheaths enz carboxy peptidase

Shivokene Y.S.; Tryapshene O.P., 1985:
Number of population and biomass of bacteria in the digestive tract of pond fishes as a function of the features of their diet

Soin S.G.; Kublik E.A., 1986:
Number of population and ecological and morphological characterization of the young white sea herring clupea pallasi marisalbi occurring in ichthyoplankton

Borisov S.N., 1986:
Number of population of some dragonfly species in the valleys of the southwestern tadzhik ssr ussr

Oguma Y.; Kurokawa H.; Kusama T., 1987:
Number of primary spermatocytes in the drosophila immigrans sturtevant group diptera drosophilidae

Diemer, N.H., 1977:
Number of purkinje cells and bergmann astrocytes in rats with carbon tetra chloride induced liver disease

Marshak, T.L.; Mares, V.; Brodskii, V.Y., 1978:
Number of purkinje cells with increased content of dna in the rat cerebellum

Renkawitz-Pohl, R., 1978:
Number of repetitive eu chromatic 5s rna genes in poly ploid tissues of drosophila hydei

Trofimov V.N., 1979:
Number of replications in evaluating xylophagous insects

Venereo, A., 1976:
Number of replications in latin square changeover designs for the estimation of residual effects

Nowakowski, E., 1978:
Number of samples in analyses of soil macro fauna

Jorgensen, K.F.; Jensen, K., 1976:
Number of samples in shallow water pollution control

Chauhan J.S.; Lopez F.S.S.; Vergara B.S., 1985:
Number of seedlings per hill and ratooning ability of rice oryza sativa

Blake, J., 1986:
Number of siblings, family background, and the process of educational attainment

Carrozza M.L., 1981:
Number of sites for ribosomal rna genes in triticum durum in situ hybridization on mitotic meiotic and polytene nuclei

Mytsyk L.P.; Stus' Z.A., 1984:
Number of soil microorganisms in a lawn grass stand

Gipouloux J D.; Girard C.; Gipouloux S., 1986:
Number of somatic and germ cells during early stages of gonadal development in frog rana dalmatina larvae treated with zinc sulfate

Zhelev A.; Vangelov K., 1980:
Number of sows and the sex of pigs as they affect the accuracy of appraising boars by their progenies

Tomita M.; Iwahashi M.; Suzuki R., 1980:
Number of spawned eggs ovarian eggs egg diameter and percent eyed eggs with reference to the size of the female carp cyprinus carpio

Banse G.; Bezzel E., 1984:
Number of species and size of area in the breeding birds of central europe

Kouki J.; Haila Y., 1985:
Number of species sample size and rarefaction the problem of comparing species richness in different samples

Hawk, H.W.; Conley, H.H.; Cooper, B.S., 1978:
Number of sperm in the oviducts, uterus, and cervix of the mated ewe as affected by exogenous estradiol

Kupferschmied H.; Gaillard C.; Ranarison J., 1981:
Number of spermatozoa per insemination and nonreturn rate in cattle

Kupferschmied H.W.S., 1986:
Number of spermatozoa per insemination and nonreturn rate in cattle 2nd report

Langmeier M.; Mares J., 1985:
Number of synaptic vesicles in rat cortical synapses 1 hour after termination of a seizure during kindling

Schneider H G.; Behrend G.; Seltrecht O., 1987:
Number of teeth and dentures in middle age of life

Halling, A.; Bengtsson, C., 1984:
Number of teeth and proximal periodontal bone height in relation to social factors

Rantakallio P.; Makinen H., 1984:
Number of teeth at the age of 1 year in relation to maternal smoking

Akhter S.A.; Prasad S.S.; Haque M.N.; Prasad S.K., 1985:
Number of testers for evaluating maize zea mays inbred lines

Beshkov V.A., 1987:
Number of the stripe necked terrapin mauremys caspica rivulata valenciennes in bulgaria

Grzybiak, M., 1986:
Number of the tendinous cords in the human left ventricle during fetal and postnatal period

Mkrtchyan L.N.; Arzumanyan G.A.; Vanetsyan E.L., 1986:
Number of thrombocytes and thrombocytic formula as a supplementary test in the dispensarization of the population

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Number of thymus derived lymphocytes in normals and patients maintained on long term hemo dialysis

Porter, R.D.; Guild, W.R., 1969:
Number of transformable units per cell in Diplococcus pneumoniae

Luks A.; Komenda S., 1982:
Number of unknown and incorrectly answered questions in a set of tested subjects 3

Morawa F., 1982:
Number of vertebrae and anomalism of the sprat sprattus sprattus from the eastern part of the north sea to the gulf of gdansk poland

Bezzel E.; Engler U., 1985:
Number of waterfowl ducks coot from autumn to spring in southern bavaria west germany

Wang Z X.; J.M.; Tsou C L., 1987:
Number of ways of joining sulfhydryl groups to form multi peptide chain proteins

Rabase J M.; Brunel E.; Rouze Jouan J., 1982:
Number of yellow traps and distance between them in relation to the structure of aphid catches

Sadchikov, A.P.; Kulikov, A.S., 1978:
Number production and generation time of bacterio plankton of lake glubokoe ussr

Hellmich, K., 1978:
Number relations of frequencies

Maszewski J.; Kwiatkowska M., 1984:
Number size and transcriptional activity of nucleoli during different periods of interphase in antheridial filaments of chara vulgaris

Okada K., 1985:
Number size distribution and formation process of submicrometer sulfate containing particles in the urban atmosphere of nagoya japan

Galatenko O.A., 1982:
Number species composition and antagonistic properties of actinomadura in soddy podzolic and tundra soils

Capaldi E.J.; Miller D.J., 1988:
Number tags applied by rats to reinforcers are general and exert powerful control over responding

Lee F.N., 1980:
Number viability and buoyancy of rhizoctonia solani sclerotia in arkansas usa rice fields

Prat D.; Gagnard G.; Cousineau J., 1983:
Numbering of dorsal roots of spinal nerves from the 12th thoracic nerve to the coccygeal nerve

Wignarajah, S.; Phillipson, J., 1977:
Numbers and biomass of centipedes lithobiomorpha chilopoda in a betula alnus woodland in northeast england

Pieczynski, E., 1977:
Numbers and biomass of the littoral fauna in mikolajskie lake and in other masurian lakes

Micklem, H.S.; Lennon, J.E.; Ansell, J.D.; Gray, R.A., 1987:
Numbers and dispersion of repopulating hematopoietic cell clones in radiation chimeras as functions of injected cell dose

Boland G.J.; Hall R., 1988:
Numbers and distribution of apothecia of sclerotinia sclerotiorum in relation to white mold of white bean phaseolus vulgaris

Thompson D.C.; Fischer C.A., 1980:
Numbers and distribution of caribou rangifer tarandus on the boothia peninsula northwest territories canada

Zwarts L., 1988 :
Numbers and distribution of coastal waders in guinea bissau

Williams E.N.D.; Todd N.K., 1985:
Numbers and distribution of individuals and mating type alleles in populations of coriolus versicolor

Migot P.; Linard J C., 1984:
Numbers and distribution of nests in a mixed gull colony larus argentatus larus fuscus and larus marinus

Cottingham C., 1981:
Numbers and distribution of sclerotia of macrophomina phaseolina in the soils of south carolina usa

Wieloch, M., 1984:
Numbers and distribution of the mute swan cygnus olor in poland vs. europe

Ebbinge B.; Van Den Bergh L.; Van Haperen A.; Lok M.; Philippona J.; Rooth J.; Timmerman A., 1986:
Numbers and distribution of wild geese in the netherlands 1979 1984

Biscoe T.J.; Nickels S.M.; Stirling C.A., 1982:
Numbers and sizes of nerve fibers in mouse spinal roots

Konstantinov V.M.; Babenko V.G.; Barysheva I.K., 1982:
Numbers and some ecological features of synanthropic populations of the corvidae under intensive urbanization

Cianciara S.; Pilarska J., 1983:
Numbers and structure of soil fauna communities in 2 meadows in upper silesia poland

Warnock, M.L.; Prescott, B.T.; Kuwahara, T.J., 1982:
Numbers and types of asbestos fibers in subjects with pleural plaques

Wendorff A.; Brzezinska E., 1980:
Numbers biomass and vertical distribution of earthworms of the pastures in regions of krakow and jaworki poland

Carlon J., 1987:
Numbers distribution and density of the booted eagle hieraaetus pennatus gmelin 1788 in the atlantic pyrenees southwest france

Lobachev V.S.; Petukhov A.G., 1984:
Numbers distribution and feeding of big predatory mammals in the kyzyl agach reservation azerbaijan ssr ussr

Caughley, G.; Sinclair, R.G.; Wilson, G.R., 1977:
Numbers distribution and harvesting rate of kangaroos on the inland plains of new south wales australia

Symonides, E., 1978:
Numbers distribution and specific composition of dia spores in the soils of the plant association spergulo corynephoretum

Westfall J.A.; Argast D.R.; Kinnamon J.C., 1983:
Numbers distribution and types of neurons in the pedal disc of hydra littoralis based on a serial reconstruction from transmission electron micrographs

Nilsson, S.G.; Nilsson, I.N., 1976:
Numbers food consumption and fish predation by birds in lake mockeln southern sweden

Kimmel, A.R.; Gorovsky, M.A., 1976:
Numbers of 5s and transfer rna genes in macro nuclei and micro nuclei of tetrahymena pyriformis

Fiala V., 1982:
Numbers of anas crecca anas querquedula anas strepera and anas clypeata in the czech ssr czechoslovakia

Fiala V., 1982:
Numbers of aythya ferina and aythya fuligula in the czech ssr czechoslovakia

Kowalski W.; Manikowski S., 1982:
Numbers of birds found dead tangled in fishing grounds on the baltic sea

D.W.lf F.; Lange J.M.A.; Houweling J.T.M.; Coutinho R.A.; Schellekens P.T.; Van Der Noordaa J.; Goudsmit J., 1988:
Numbers of cd4 plus cells and the levels of core antigens of and antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus as predictors of aids among seropositive homosexual men

Fiala, V., 1986:
Numbers of fulica atra in the czech socialist republic czechoslovakia and their variation between oct. and april

Milus E.A.; Line R.F., 1986:
Numbers of genes controlling high temperature adult plant resistance to stripe rust in wheat triticum aestivum

Kilpi M.; Puntti H.; Toivonen T., 1980:
Numbers of gulls nesting on the northern coast of the gulf of finland

Mizell R.F.IIi; Nebeker T.E., 1979:
Numbers of instars of the southern pine beetle coleoptera scolytidae and some comparisons of head capsule widths

Hanna Somers N.; Sawyer C.; Marciniak W.; Klubek B., 1987:
Numbers of iron oxidizing bacteria and oxidation potential of sulfur and iron components in coal refuse amended with limestone and sewage sludge

Roberts, L.W.; Muul, I.; Robinson, D.M., 1977:
Numbers of leptotrombidium deliense acarina trombiculidae and prevalence of rickettsia tsutsugamushi in adjacent habitats of peninsular malaysia

Camphuysen C.J., 1986:
Numbers of little auks alle alle and puffins fratercula arctica found on the netherlands coast during 1969 1985

Divis T., 1984:
Numbers of marsh harrier and the population density and dynamics circus aeruginosus in the region of nachod czechoslovakia

Seel D.C.; Walton K.C., 1979:
Numbers of meadow pipits anthus pratensis on mountain farm grassland in north wales uk in the breeding season

Dickson A.D.; Kreck J.P., 1981:
Numbers of metrial gland cells in the maternal placental supply and drainage vessels of swiss webster and c 57bl mice

Krcek J.P.; Dickson A.D.; Biddle F.G., 1985:
Numbers of metrial gland cells in the placental labyrinth of congenic resistance and inbred strains of mice with observations on the size of the labyrinth

Reville B.J., 1983:
Numbers of nesting frigate birds fregata minor and fregata ariel on aldabra atoll nature reserve seychelles indian ocean

Barger J.H.; Cuthbert R.A.; Cannon W.N.Jr, 1984:
Numbers of scolytus multistriatus coleoptera scolytidae caught on multilure baited sticky traps increase with methoxychlor

Horn, M.H.; Allen, L.G., 1976:
Numbers of species and faunal resemblance of marine fishes in california usa bays and estuaries

Cmoluchowa, A., 1984:
Numbers of species of the genus exolygus e. wagn. heteroptera miridae in the submontaneous region

Szabo T.I.; Heikel D.T., 1988:
Numbers of spermatozoa in spermathecae of queens aged 0 to 3 years reared in beaverlodge alberta canada

Bolten A.B.; Harbo J.R., 1982 :
Numbers of spermatozoa in the spermatheca of the queen honey bee after multiple inseminations with small volumes of semen

Fulkerson, W.J.; Synnott, A.L.; Lindsay, D.R., 1982:
Numbers of spermatozoa required to effect a normal rate of conception in naturally mated Merino ewes

Martin A.P.; Randall R.M., 1987:
Numbers of waterbirds at a commercial saltpan and suggestions for management

Smith G.; Day H.D., 1983:
Numbers of word associations to color patches and color names differ across 2 opponent pairs

Krol E., 1985:
Numbers reproduction and breeding behavior of dunlin calidris alpina schinzii at the reda mouth poland

Mazurkiewicz M.; Rajska Jurgiel E., 1987:
Numbers species composition and residency of a rodent community in forest and field forest ecotones

Village A., 1987:
Numbers territory size and turnover of short eared owls asio flammeus in relation to vole abundance

Sadler, R.M.; Curran, T.; Pryse-Phillips, W.E., 1986:
Numbness of half of the tongue

Kobayashi S.; Yamaguchi S.; Tsunematsu T.; Harada T., 1984:
Numbness of the right hand as the initial symptom in creutzfeldt jakob disease

Bush A.O.; Threlfall W., 1984:
Numeniotrema kinsellai new species digenea microphallidae from the western willet catoptrophorus semipalmatus inornatus on its wintering grounds in florida usa

Shinobu, H.; Shibatsuji, H.; Yasuda, N.; Maeda, K.; Uto, F.; Tanaka, K.; Yoshikawa, I., 1978:
Numeral evaluation of open figure using theory of pattern recognition

Marchal G.; Milon G., 1984:
Numeration of delayed type hypersensitivity mediating t lymphocytes in mice under optimal titration conditions

Serieys F., 1985:
Numeration of milk cells interpretation for diagnosis and surveillance of mammary infections

Jenni B.; Aragno M.; Wiegel J.K.W., 1987:
Numerical analysis and dna dna hybridization studies on xanthobacter and emendation of xanthobacter flavus

Halvorsen R., 1980:
Numerical analysis and successional relationships of shell bed vegetation at akeroya hvaler southeast norway

Perrens, S.J.; Watson, K.K., 1977:
Numerical analysis of 2 dimensional infiltration and re distribution

Poncet, S., 1975:
Numerical analysis of 50 species classified in the genus pichia ascomycetes 2nd application of a method of factorial analysis

Sondheim M.W.; Standish J.T., 1983:
Numerical analysis of a chrono sequence including an assessment of variability

Sondheim M.W.; Singleton G.A.; Laukulich L.M., 1981:
Numerical analysis of a chrono sequence including the development of a chrono function

Batzer H.O.; Jennings D.T., 1980:
Numerical analysis of a jack pine budworm choristoneura pinus outbreak in various densities of jack pine pinus banksiana

Ylilammi M.; Lehtinen M., 1988:
Numerical analysis of a theoretical one dimensional amperometric enzyme sensor

Decker D.S., 1985:
Numerical analysis of allozyme variation in cucurbita pepo

Ekdale, A.A.; Ekdale, S.F.; Wilson, J.L., 1976:
Numerical analysis of carbonate microfacies in the cupido limestone neocomian aptian coahuila mexico

Olkkonen, H.; Suonio, S.; Helin, M., 1976:
Numerical analysis of cardio pulmonary blood volumes in indium 113m radio cardiography

Schicke, P.; O'svath, J., 1977:
Numerical analysis of classes to rate severity of damaged plants

Kretsch G.; Gerhardt V., 1987:
Numerical analysis of delayed fluorescence kinetics of algae

Taylor, A.J.; Costas, M.; Owen, R.J., 1987:
Numerical analysis of electrophoretic protein patterns of Bacteroides ureolyticus clinical isolates

Costas, M.; Owen, R.J., 1987:
Numerical analysis of electrophoretic protein patterns of Streptobacillus moniliformis strains from human, murine and avian infections

Swings, J.; Kersters, K.; De-Ley, J., 1976:
Numerical analysis of electrophoretic protein patterns of zymomonas strains

O'Donnell, A.G.; Nahaie, M.R.; Goodfellow, M.; Minnikin, D.E.; Hájek, V., 1985 :
Numerical analysis of fatty acid profiles in the identification of staphylococci

Lord, K.J., 1977:
Numerical analysis of faunal remains of the little bethlehem 41au 38 and leonard k 41au 37 texas usa sites

Tsuji M., 1988:
Numerical analysis of fetal and neonatal heart rate variability

Stephenson, W.; Dredge, M.C.L., 1976:
Numerical analysis of fish catches from serpentine creek

Hallock P.; Glenn E.C., 1985:
Numerical analysis of foraminiferal assemblages a tool for recognizing depositional facies in lower miocene reef complexes

Choi S C.; Kim S J., 1987:
Numerical analysis of heterotrophic bacterial community in the sudong stream korea

Prentice H.C., 1979:
Numerical analysis of infraspecific variation in european silene alba and silene dioica caryophyllaceae

Doyle M.J.; Brown A.H.D., 1985:
Numerical analysis of isozyme variation in glycine tomentella

Galten L., 1987:
Numerical analysis of mire vegetation at asenmyra engerdal central southern norway and comparison with traditional fennoscandian paludicology

Plikaytis B.D.; Carlone G.M.; Plikaytis B.B., 1986:
Numerical analysis of normalized whole cell protein profiles after sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Costas, M.; Leach, R.H.; Mitchelmore, D.L., 1987 :
Numerical analysis of PAGE protein patterns and the taxonomic relationships within the 'Mycoplasma mycoides cluster'

Cheng, W.T., 1976:
Numerical analysis of phenetic variation of natural populations of tradescantia bracteata tradescantia ohiensis and putative hybrids

Gossele F.; Swings J.; Kersters K.; Pauwels P.; D.L.y J., 1983:
Numerical analysis of phenotypic features and protein gel electrophoregrams of a wide variety of acetobacter strains proposal for the improved of the taxonomy of the genus acetobacter

Gossele F.; Swings J.; Kersters K.; D.L.y J., 1983:
Numerical analysis of phenotypic features and protein gel electrophoregrams of gluconobacter

Matsumura K.; Ikeda T., 1987:
Numerical analysis of postural asymmetry before and after electrolytic lesions of neostriatum in rats

Carpenter, D.J.; Carpenter, S.M., 1976:
Numerical analysis of primary production and associated data from waters off the east coast of australia

Gal'chenko V.F.; Nesterov A.I., 1981:
Numerical analysis of protein electrophoregrams for obligate methanotrophic bacteria

Tsukamura M., 1981:
Numerical analysis of rapidly growing nonphotochromogenic mycobacteria including mycobacterium agri

Tsukamura M.; Mizuno S.; Tsukamura S., 1981:
Numerical analysis of rapidly growing scotochromogenic mycobacteria including mycobacterium obuense new species revised name mycobacterium rhodesiae new species revised name mycobacterium aichiense new species revised name mycobacterium chubuense new species revised name and mycobacterium tokaiense new species revised name

Tsukamura, M.; Mizuno, S., 1977 :
Numerical analysis of relationships among rapidly growing, scotochromogenic mycobacteria

Matson J.O., 1982:
Numerical analysis of rodent distributional patterns in zacatecas mexico

Decker D.S.; Wilson H.D., 1986:
Numerical analysis of seed morphology in cucurbita pepo

Hanihara T.; Natori M., 1988:
Numerical analysis of sexual dimorphism in saguinus dentition

Little I.P., 1986:
Numerical analysis of soil development in a chronosequence on fraser island southeastern queensland australia

Alvin K.L.; Dalby D.H., 1987:
Numerical analysis of some yorkshire uk jurassic conifers

Lloyd, D.L.; Thompson, J.P., 1978:
Numerical analysis of taxonomic and parent progeny relationships among australian selections of panicum coloratum

Nilius B., 1980:
Numerical analysis of the cardiac action potential

Weimarck G., 1981:
Numerical analysis of the floristic composition of localities including hierochloe species poaceae in northern europe

Gauthier M.M.; Aubert J.; Aubert M., 1982:
Numerical analysis of the heterotrophic bacterial flora from necroses of marine fishes

Dawes, G.S.; Visser, G.H.; Goodman, J.D.; Levine, D.H., 1981:
Numerical analysis of the human fetal heart rate: modulation by breathing and movement

Dawes, G.S.; Visser, G.H.; Goodman, J.D.; Redman, C.W., 1981:
Numerical analysis of the human fetal heart rate: the quality of ultrasound records

Aparin, G.P.; Balakhonov, S.V.; Timofeeva, L.A.; Logachev, A.I., 1987:
Numerical analysis of the phenotypical properties and general genome characterization of yersinia pestis strains affiliated with different subspecies

Barry D.A.; Starr J.L.; Parlange J Y.; Braddock R.D., 1983:
Numerical analysis of the snow plow effect

Laufer G.; Haber S., 1985:
Numerical analysis of the thermochemcial tooth damage induced by laser radiation

Ingwersen F., 1983:
Numerical analysis of the timbered vegetation in tidbinbilla nature reserve australian capital territory australia

Torres M.E.; Sevcik C.; Parthe V., 1982:
Numerical analysis of the voltage clamp technique applied to frog rana pipiens neuro muscular junctions

Bousfield I.J.; Smith G.L.; Dando T.R.; Hobbs G., 1983:
Numerical analysis of total fatty acid profiles in the identification of coryneform nocardioform and some other bacteria

Onyilagha J.C., 1986:
Numerical analysis of variation among nigerian dioscorea rotundata accessions

Chheda H.R.; Fatokun C.A., 1982:
Numerical analysis of variation patterns in okra abelmoschus esculentus

Whiffin T., 1982:
Numerical analysis of volatile oil data in systematic studies of australian rain forest trees

Van-Der-Pluym, A.; Hideux, M., 1977:
Numerical analysis study of pollen grain populations of eryngium maritimum umbelliferae

Nowierski R.M.; Gutierrez A.P., 1986:
Numerical and binomial sampling plans for the walnut aphid chromaphis juglandicola homoptera aphididae

Thorne B.L., 1985:
Numerical and biomass caste proportions in colonies of the termites nasutitermes corniger and nasutitermes ephratae isoptera termitidae

Goodfellow, M.; Minnikin, D.E.; Todd, C.; Alderson, G.; Minnikin, S.M.; Collins, M.D., 1982:
Numerical and chemical classification of Nocardia amarae

Williams, R.D.; Schreiber, M.M., 1976:
Numerical and chemo taxonomy of the green foxtail complex

Hassall, D.C., 1976:
Numerical and cyto taxonomic evidence for generic delimitation in australian euphorbieae

Azad, H.R.; Kado, C.I., 1980:
Numerical and DNA: DNA reassociation analyses of Erwinia rubrifaciens and other members of the Enterobacteriaceae

Poysa, H., 1987:
Numerical and escape responses of foraging teals anas crecca to predation risk

Scherer P.W.; Gobran S.; Aukburg S.J.; Baumgardner J.E.; Bartkowski R.; Neufeld G.R., 1988:
Numerical and experimental study of steady state carbon dioxide and inert gas washout

Hughes, D.A.; Haslam, P.L.; Townsend, P.J.; Turner-Warwick, M., 1985:
Numerical and functional alterations in circulatory lymphocytes in cigarette smokers

Solomon B.P.; Mcnaughton S.J., 1979:
Numerical and temporal relationships in a 3 level food chain

Sugihara, M.; Niimi, H., 1984:
Numerical approach to the motion of a red blood cell in Couette flow

Andersen, J., 1978:
Numerical aspects of the occurrence of the weasel mustela nivalis in relation to the stoat mustela erminea in denmark

Whitehouse I.E., 1982:
Numerical assessment of erosion from old and recent photographs a case study from a section of highway 73 canterbury new zealand

Vink A.P.A., 1983:
Numerical assessment of geology and geo morphology in landscape ecological surveys some examples

Campbell R.W.; Beckwith R.C.; Torgersen T.R., 1983:
Numerical behavior of some western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis lepidoptera tortricidae populations in washington and idaho usa

Arnold E.M.; Voss D.A., 1981:
Numerical behavior of zoo plankton phyto plankton and phosphorus system

Kaune W.T.; Mccreary F.A., 1985:
Numerical calculation and measurement of 60 hertz current densities induced in an upright grounded cylinder

Miki H.; Kikukawa H.; Nishimoto J I., 1982:
Numerical calculation of 3 dimensional heat conduction on freezing process of marine foodstuff

Rinzel J.; Miller R.N., 1980:
Numerical calculation of stable and unstable periodic solutions to the hodgkin huxley equations

Dubin, S.; Staib, J., 1977:
Numerical calculation of the mean electrical axis of electro cardiographic deflections

Kikukawa, H.; Kuriyama, S., 1980:
Numerical calculation of tide in kagoshima bay japan 1. 2 dimensional explicit method

Kikukawa, H., 1983:
Numerical calculation of tide in kagoshima bay japan 2. 2 dimensional explicit weighted residual method

Oltean M.; Dihoru G., 1986:
Numerical cenotaxonomic study of rumex alpinus communities in the romanian carpathians

Elliott J.M., 1984:
Numerical changes and population regulation in young migratory trout salmo trutta in a lake district stream 1966 1983

Cranendonk, E.; van Gennip, A.H.; Abeling, N.G.; Behrendt, H., 1984:
Numerical changes in the various peripheral white blood cells in children as a result of antineoplastic therapy

Akagi K.; Tanizaki Y.; Takahashi K.; Hosokawa M.; Goda Y.; Harada H.; Sato T.; Kimura I., 1980:
Numerical changes of blood monocytes in bronchial asthma

Rzehak, K.; Srebro, Z., 1973:
Numerical changes of gomori positive glia under various experimental conditions part 2 the effect of nephrectomy and operational stress

Hwang D.H.; Lee K.H.; Chang K.Y.; Baik S.H.; Seoung K.J.; Lee B.L., 1986:
Numerical changes of immunoglobulin containing cells in the lymph nodes draining the uterus of pregnant mice

Kuriyan P.N.; Narayan R.K.J., 1986:
Numerical changes of nucleolar organizer regions and nucleolar activity in lathyrus

Park, S.I., 1978:
Numerical changes of the coliform bacteria in a re circulating aquarium

Narayana L.L.; Radhakrishnaiah M.; Nageshwar G., 1983:
Numerical chemo taxonomy of malvaceae

Anuradha S.M.J.; Nageshwar G.; Adhakrishnaiah M.; Narayana L.L., 1987:
Numerical chemotaxonomy of arachis

Nageshwar G.; Radhakrishnaiah M.; Narayana L.L., 1984:
Numerical chemotaxonomy of bauhinia

Nageshwar G.; Radhakrishnaiah M.; Narayana L.L., 1984:
Numerical chemotaxonomy of cassia

Kiranmai K.; Nageshwar G.; Radhakrishnaiah M.; Narayanea L.L., 1985:
Numerical chemotaxonomy of rubiaceae

Wersuhn, G.; Sell, B., 1988:
Numerical chromosomal aberrations in plants regenerated from pollen protoplasts and cell cultures of nicotiana tabacum l. cultivar samsun

Vujosevic M.; Zivkovic S., 1987:
Numerical chromosome polymorphism in apodemus flavicollis and apodemus sylvaticus mammalia rodentia caused by supernumerary chromosomes

Nelson C.H., 1984:
Numerical cladistic analysis of phylogenetic relationships in plecoptera

Lanotte G.; Rioux J A.; Lepart J.; Maazoun R.; Pasteur N.; Pratlong N.P.A., 1984:
Numerical cladistics contribution to the phylogeny of the genus leishmania kinetoplastida trypanosomatidae using enzymatic characters

Kiprianova E.A.; Levanova G.F.; Panichev A.V.; Garagulya A.D., 1981:
Numerical classification and dna nucleotide composition in certain pseudomonas spp

Grabherr G., 1985:
Numerical classification and ordination in alpine vegetation ecology as a contribution to the association of modern computer methods with plant sociological tradition

Mucina L., 1982:
Numerical classification and ordination of ruderal plant communities sisymbrietalia onopordetalia in the western part of slovakia czechoslovakia

Tsukamura, M., 1983:
Numerical classification of 280 strains of slowly growing mycobacteria. Proposal of Mycobacterium tuberculosis series, Mycobacterium avium series, and Mycobacterium nonchromogenicum series

Dzwonko Z.; Grodzinska K., 1979:
Numerical classification of epilithic and xero thermic communities in the pieniny mountains western carpathians poland

Dzwonko Z., 1984:
Numerical classification of forest communities in the polish carpathians

Xiao D.; Sheng S., 1987:
Numerical classification of forest soils in the region of hongduan mountains china

Duning X.; Rust R.H.; Crum J.R., 1986:
Numerical classification of forested soils in the high mountain region of southwestern china

Herrera Moreno A., 1984:
Numerical classification of gorgonian communities to the west of havana bay cuba

Hohenegger J., 1982:
Numerical classification of individuals and scaling of characters

Newberry D.M.; Hill M.G., 1981:
Numerical classification of mixed scrub vegetation on aldabra atoll indian ocean

Ridell, M.; Goodfellow, M., 1983:
Numerical classification of Mycobacterium farcinogenes, Mycobacterium senegalense and related taxa

Tsukamura, M.; Ichiyama, S., 1986:
Numerical classification of rapidly growing nonphotochromogenic mycobacteria

Goodfellow, M.; Beckham, A.R.; Barton, M.D., 1982:
Numerical classification of Rhodococcus equi and related actinomycetes

Tsukamura, M., 1978:
Numerical classification of rhodococcus formerly gordona organisms recently isolated from sputa of patients description of rhodococcus sputi new species

Williams B.G.; Ward J.K.; Belbin L., 1987:
Numerical classification of saline groundwater chemistry in the murrumbidgee irrigation area australia

N.I H., 1981:
Numerical classification of sharp beaked redfishes sebastes mentella and sebastes fasciatus from northeastern grand bank canada

Gubin, S.V.; Stefanov, S.B.; Dembovskii, S.A., 1977:
Numerical classification of soils according to a multi index complex

Kumar S.; Sharma A.K., 1987:
Numerical classification of some hill soils of uttar pradesh india

Gaikawad, S.T.; Goel, S.K.; Raghumohan, N.G., 1977:
Numerical classification of some indian soils

Goodfellow, M.; Weaver, C.R.; Minnikin, D.E., 1982:
Numerical classification of some Rhodococci, Corynebacteria and related organisms

Pakarinen P., 1982:
Numerical classification of south finnish mire and forest types

Bryant, T.N.; Lee, J.V.; West, P.A.; Colwell, R.R., 1986:
Numerical classification of species of Vibrio and related genera

Goodfellow M.; Lacey J.; Todd C., 1987:
Numerical classification of thermophilic streptomycetes

Nimis P.L.; D.F.veri R., 1980:
Numerical classification of xanthorion parietinae communities in northeastern italy

Booth, T.H., 1978:
Numerical classification techniques applied to forest tree distribution data part 1 a comparison of methods

Booth, T.H., 1978:
Numerical classification techniques applied to forest tree distribution data part 2 phyto geography

Faith D.P.; Austin M.P.; Belbin L.; Margules C.R., 1985:
Numerical classifications of profile attributes in environmental studies

Nouet, J.C.; Lefevre, A., 1977:
Numerical clues supporting the presence of cellular clones in the anterior pituitary

Singh, T.; Ram, S.; Midha, N.; Hobbs, B.C., 1980:
Numerical code system for the identification of Enterobacteriaceae and other groups not fermenting lactose

Hubalek Z., 1981:
Numerical comparative serology

Hubálek, Z.; Halouzka, J., 1985:
Numerical comparative serology of the Bhanja antigenic group (Bunyaviridae)

Raney D.C.; Urgun H.; Youngblood J.N., 1985:
Numerical computations for estuarine flood plains

Lam, D.C.L.; Simons, T.J., 1976:
Numerical computations of advective and diffusive transports of chloride in lake erie canada usa 1970

Brauer H.; Kilias H.; Funke T.; Wach P.; Pizzera R.; Eichtinger C., 1987:
Numerical computer simulation of body surface maps of man

Chivers, R.C.; Santosa, F., 1986:
Numerical considerations for interface reflections in medical ultrasound

Mesquita H.D.S.L.; Peres C.D.A., 1985:
Numerical contribution of phytoplanktonic cells heterotrophic particles and bacteria to size fractionated particulate organic carbon in the cananeia estuary 25 degrees south 48 degrees west brazil

Vajda S.; Godrey K.R.; Valko P., 1988:
Numerical convolution using system identification methods

Srb V.; Puza V., 1984:
Numerical cytotaxonomy 2n of birds

Cutler, D.J., 1978:
Numerical de convolution by least squares use of polynomials to represent the input function

Cutler, D.J., 1978:
Numerical de convolution by least squares use of prescribed input functions

Swennen C.; Duiven P.; Spaans A.L., 1982:
Numerical density and biomass of macro benthic animals living in the inter tidal zone of surinam south america

Yamamoto M.; Imanaga H.; Kabayashi N.; Jimbo M.; Kitamura K., 1980:
Numerical diagnosis by computed tomography

Baer, H.; Washington, L., 1972:
Numerical diagnostic key for the identification of Enterobacteriaceae

Tani, T.; Katsuki, T.; Kubo, M.; Arichi, S., 1986:
Numerical discrimination of persicae semen and armeniacae semen

Straka, F.; Gerasimov, S., 1977:
Numerical dynamics and zones of harmfulness of the common vole microtus arvalis in bulgaria

Mancini, J.L., 1978:
Numerical estimates of coliform mortality rates under various conditions

Wadhwa, S.; Takács, J.; Bijlani, V.; Hámori, J., 1988:
Numerical estimates of GABA immunoreactive neurons in the human lateral geniculate nucleus in the prenatal period

Madarasz M.; Somogyi G.; Somogyi J.; Hamori J., 1985:
Numerical estimation of gamma aminobutyric acid containing neurons in three thalamic nuclei of the cat direct gamma aminobutyric acid immunocytochemistry

White G.C., 1983:
Numerical estimation of survival rates from band recovery and bio telemetry data

Guex J., 1984:
Numerical estimations of the quality of the fossil recording of species

Bartels, P.H., 1979:
Numerical evaluation of cytologic data 2. comparison of profiles

Bartels, P.H., 1980:
Numerical evaluation of cytologic data 4. discrimination and classification

Bartels, P.H., 1980:
Numerical evaluation of cytologic data 6. multi variate distributions and matrix notation

Bartels, P.H., 1981:
Numerical evaluation of cytologic data 9. search for data structure by principal components transformation

Barte2s, P.H., 1979:
Numerical evaluation of cytological data 3. selection of features for discrimination

Ainsworth H.; Hunt J.; Joseph M., 1979:
Numerical evaluation of facial patterns in children with isolated pulmonary stenosis

Miwa, E.; Kurihara, K., 1977:
Numerical evaluation of granule size effect on dissolution rate of potassium silicates and potassium poly phosphate in aqueous solution

Hamada, S.; Shibatsuji, H.; Yasuda, N.; Maeda, K.; Uto, R.; Tanaka, K.; Yoshikawa, I.; Takahashi, H.; Fukuyama, T.; Aburatani, R., 1977:
Numerical evaluation of liver scintigrams using the pattern recognition theory

Paraventi H.A.; Sasso W.S.; Sasso G.R., 1983:
Numerical evaluation of mitochondria of myometrial leiomyocytes of female rat in estrus and at 7th and 20th day of pregnancy

Szujko-Lacza, J.; Sen, S., 1977:
Numerical evaluation of phenotypic relationship among hungarian species of gentiana

Minato, S.; Hayashi, K.; Ikebe, Y., 1978:
Numerical evaluation of terrestrial beta radiation field in natural environment

Boghaert, E.R.; Distelmans, W.; Van Ginckel, R.; Mareel, M.M., 1987:
Numerical evaluation of the kidney invasion test

Coventry R.J.; Williams W.T., 1983:
Numerical examination of a field classification of some red yellow and gray earth profiles

Takano, K.; Matsuyama, S., 1977:
Numerical examples of pollution dispersion in a world ocean

Park H I.; Chung J Y.; O.I.S., 1986:
Numerical experiments of the seiche in young il bay and pohang new harbor korea

Inaba A.; Nakamura R., 1988:
Numerical expression for estimating the minimum ethylene exposure time necessary to induced ripening in banana fruit

Lee, C.L., 1980:
Numerical expression of paternity test results using predetermined indexes

Yen, J.K.; Bourke, R.S.; Nelson, L.R.; Popp, A.J., 1978:
Numerical grading of clinical neurological status after serious head injury

Delaney, W.V., 1978:
Numerical grading of the disc

Tsukamura, M., 1985:
Numerical identification of slowly growing mycobacteria

Matossian-Rogers, A.; Lumsden, W.H.R.; Dumonde, D.C., 1976:
Numerical immuno taxonomy of leishmania part 1 differentiation of 4 strains of leishmania by serological tests

Maksimovic M.; Sivcev I., 1980:
Numerical increase of populations of natural enemies of gypsy moth lymantria dispar in forests

Coleman, T.G.; Mesick, H.C.; Darby, R.L., 1977:
Numerical integration: a method for improving solution stability in models of the circulation

Walker, J.; Van-Nypelseer, A.; Langlois, W.E., 1976:
Numerical integration of stochastic model for the volterra lotka reaction

Singh R.; Srivastava P.N., 1988:
Numerical interactions of a hyperparasitoid alloxysta pleuralis cameron alloxystidae hymenoptera with its host trioxys indicus subba rao and sharma aphidiidae hymenoptera

Ventriglia, F., 1980 :
Numerical investigation of kinetic neuronic equations for 1 dimensional neural system

Makis J., 1986:
Numerical key for the identification of coagulase negative staphylococci

Herrup, K.; Sunter, K., 1987:
Numerical matching during cerebellar development: quantitative analysis of granule cell death in staggerer mouse chimeras

Taylor J.; Anderson N.L.; Anderson N.G., 1983:
Numerical measures of 2 dimensional gel resolution and positional reproducibility

Palti, Y.; Cohen-Armon, M., 1982:
Numerical method for correcting the series resistance error in voltage clamp experiments

Doveton J.H., 1979:
Numerical methods for the reconstruction of fossil material in 3 dimensions

Gordon, A.D., 1982:
Numerical methods in quaternary paleo ecology 5. simultaneous graphical representation of the levels and taxa in a pollen diagram

Gordon, A.D.; Prentice, I.C., 1977:
Numerical methods in quaternary paleo ecology part 4 separating mixtures of morphologically similar pollen taxa

Falcon, R.M.S., 1976:
Numerical methods in the definition of palynological assemblage zones in the lower karroo gondwana of rhodesia

Arritt R.W.; Mcnider R.T.; Pielke R.A., 1987:
Numerical model evaluation of the extension of the critical dividing streamline hypothesis to mesoscale two dimensional terrain

Feofanova, T.V.; Stepanova, N.V.; Aleshchenko, A.V.; Nikolaeva, N.V., 1985:
Numerical model of lymphocyte population under normal state and lympholeukosis in animals

Hires R.I.; Oey L.Y.; Mellor G.L., 1984:
Numerical model study of the tidal hydraulics of raritan bay new york new jersey usa

Gaffen D.J.; Benocci C.; Olivari D., 1987:
Numerical modeling of buoyancy dominated dispersal using a lagrangian approach

Golay M.W., 1982:
Numerical modeling of buoyant plumes in a turbulent stratified atmosphere

Herman A.W.; Platt T., 1983:
Numerical modeling of diel carbon production and zoo plankton grazing on the scotian shelf canada based on observational data

Kaipov I.V., 1986:
Numerical modeling of heavy particle transport by dust storms

Turpaeva, E.P.; Lebedeva, L.P., 1976:
Numerical modeling of the dynamics of a population of nudibranchs tenellia adspersa

Galitskii V.V.; Krylov A.A., 1988:
Numerical modeling of the dynamics of plant communities a 2 dimensional model of the production process

Gaffal, K.P.; Schneider, G.J., 1980:
Numerical, morphological and topographical heterogeneity of the chondriome during the vegetative life cycle of Polytoma papillatum

Jacquez J.A.; Greif P., 1985:
Numerical parameter identifiability and estimability integrating identifiability estimability and optimal samplings design

Heidel B.; Christy E.J.; Gilmartin A.J., 1982:
Numerical phenetic analysis of variation in populations of poa secunda and bromus japonicus poaceae

Gilmartin A.J., 1980:
Numerical phenetic determination of the taxonomic status of asclepias giffordii

Tadauchi, O., 1975:
Numerical phenetic relationships of the genus andrena hymenoptera andrenidae of japan with a new introduction of component pattern diagrams

Aumaitre A.; Dagorn J., 1980:
Numerical productivity of the sow measured by reproduction and weaning records

Bullock, M.; Gelman, R., 1977:
Numerical reasoning in young children the ordering principle

Abrahamson W.G.; Armbruster P.O.; Maddox G.D., 1983:
Numerical relationships of the solidago altissima stem gall insect parasitoid guild food chain

Brocas J.; Cherruault Y.; Guillez A.; Fromageot C., 1982:
Numerical resolution of a respiration model

Pandey K.P.; Kumar A.; Tripathi C.P.M., 1986:
Numerical response of diaeretiella rapae hymenoptera aphidiidae a parasitoid of lipaphis erysimi hemiptera homoptera aphididae

Raymond M.; Bergeron J M., 1982:
Numerical response of the ermine to fluctuations in microtus pennsylvanicus population

O'meara T.E.; Rowse L.A.; Marion W.R.; Harris L.D., 1985:
Numerical responses of flatwoods avifauna to clearcutting

Clark R.G.; Weatherhead P.J.; Greenwood H.; Titman R.D., 1986:
Numerical responses of red winged blackbird agelaius phoeniceus populations to changes in regional land use patterns

Vayo, H.W.; Shibata, M.K., 1982:
Numerical results on red blood cell geometry

K.J.Y.; Rao S.T.; Rao K.S., 1987:
Numerical simulation of air pollution in urban areas model development

K.J.Y.; Rao S.T.; Rao K.S., 1987:
Numerical simulation of air pollution in urban areas model performance

Smith N.P., 1985:
Numerical simulation of bay shelf exchanges with a one dimensional model

Peterson, D.H.; Festa, J.F.; Conomos, T.J., 1978:
Numerical simulation of dissolved silica in the san francisco bay california usa

Yanagi T.; Tsukamoto H.; Inoue H.; Okaichi T., 1983:
Numerical simulation of drift cards dispersion

Radi P.; Schumacher E., 1985:
Numerical simulation of electrophoresis the complete solution for 3 isotachophoretic systems

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