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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6007

Chapter 6007 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kaper J.B., 1985: Nucleotide sequence of the thermostable direct hemolysin gene of vibrio parahaemolyticus

Holmgren A., 1984: Nucleotide sequence of the thioredoxin gene from escherichia coli

Yaniv M., 1980: Nucleotide sequence of the thra gene of escherichia coli

Wagner, M. J.; Sharp, J. A.; Summers, W., 1981: Nucleotide sequence of the thymidine kinase ec gene of herpes simplex virus type 1

Tanaka T., 1988: Nucleotide sequence of the thymidylate synthase b and dihydrofolate reductase genes contained in one bacillus subtilis operon

Kenny, E.; Atkinson, T.; Hartley, B. S., 1985: Nucleotide sequence of the thymidylate synthetase ec gene thy p 3 from the bacillus subtilis phage phi 3 t

Gordon M., 1984: Nucleotide sequence of the tms genes of the ptia 6nc octopine ti plasmid 2 gene products involved in plant tumorigenesis

Okada Y., 1984: Nucleotide sequence of the tobacco mosaic virus tomato strain genome and comparison with common strain genome

Paranchych W., 1986: Nucleotide sequence of the tra yale region from inc fv plasmid ped 208

Stafford D.W., 1985: Nucleotide sequence of the transcription initiation region for ribosomal rna in the sea urchin lytechinus variegatus

Muramatsu M., 1982: Nucleotide sequence of the transcription initiation region of a rat ribosomal rna gene

Pittard J., 1986: Nucleotide sequence of the transcription unit containing the aro l and aro m genes from escherichia coli k 12

Reddy E.P., 1982: Nucleotide sequence of the transforming gene of avian myeloblastosis virus

Aaronson S.A., 1982: Nucleotide sequence of the transforming gene of simian sarcoma virus

Courvalin P., 1984: Nucleotide sequence of the transposable element is 15

Thomas C.M., 1984: Nucleotide sequence of the trf a gene of broad host range plasmid rk 2

Parker M.L., 1986: Nucleotide sequence of the triose phosphate isomerase gene from aspergillus nidulans implications for a differential loss of introns

Hess J.F., 1984: Nucleotide sequence of the triose phosphate isomerase gene of escherichia coli

Kawasaki G., 1982: Nucleotide sequence of the triose phosphate isomerase gene of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Platt T., 1983: Nucleotide sequence of the trp d and trp c genes of salmonella typhimurium

Platt T., 1982: Nucleotide sequence of the trp d gene encoding anthranilate synthetase component ii of escherichia coli

Yanofsky C., 1980: Nucleotide sequence of the trpb gene in escherichia coli and salmonella typhimurium

Yanofsky C., 1979: Nucleotide sequence of the trpc trpb inter cistronic region from salmonella typhimurium

Scolnick E.M., 1986: Nucleotide sequence of the two rat cellular ras h genes

Mekalanos J.J., 1988: Nucleotide sequence of the type a staphylococcal enterotoxin gene

Ferretti J., 1986: Nucleotide sequence of the type a streptococcal exotoxin erythrogenic toxin gene from streptococcus pyogenes bacteriophage t 12

Kadner R.J., 1987: Nucleotide sequence of the uhp region of escherichia coli

Levinson A.D., 1983: Nucleotide sequence of the v myc oncogene of avian retrovirus mc 29

Shida H., 1986: Nucleotide sequence of the vaccinia virus hemagglutinin gene

Moss B., 1983: Nucleotide sequence of the vaccinia virus thymidine kinase gene and the nature of spontaneous frameshift mutations

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006030

Kupper H., 1984: Nucleotide sequence of the vp 1 gene of the foot and mouth disease virus strain a venceslau

Pipersberg V., 1987: Nucleotide sequence of the wild type and mutant sup 1 gene of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae and comparison of transcripts for sup 1 and sup 2 genes

Buendia M A., 1986: Nucleotide sequence of the woodchuck hepatitis virus surface antigen messenger rna species and the variability of three overlapping viral genes

Kaput, J.; Goltz, S.; Blobel, G., 1982: Nucleotide sequence of the yeast nuclear gene for cytochrome c peroxidase ec precursor functional implications of the pre sequence for protein transport into mitochondria

Donelson J.E., 1980: Nucleotide sequence of the yeast plasmid

Errede B., 1986: Nucleotide sequence of the yeast regulatory gene ste 7 predicts a protein homologous to protein kinases

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006037

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006038

Karn J., 1982: Nucleotide sequence of tobacco mosaic virus rna

Fritsch C., 1988: Nucleotide sequence of tomato black ring virus rna 1

Vancleemput M., 1982: Nucleotide sequence of trp e of salmonella typhimurium and its homology with the corresponding sequence of escherichia coli

Guilley, H.; Briand, J. P., 1978: Nucleotide sequence of turnip yellow mosaic virus coat protein messenger rna

Ho, K. C.; Stafford, D. W., 1987: Nucleotide sequence of two 3' termini of ribosomal rna in the sea urchin lytechinus variegatus

Liarakos C., 1987: Nucleotide sequence of two repeating units of the 5s ribosomal rna gene from the house cricket acheta domesticus

Ro-Choi, T. S.; Choi, Y. C.; Henning, D.; Mccloskey, J.; Busch, H., 1975: Nucleotide sequence of u 2 rna the sequence of the 5 terminal oligo nucleotide

Bishop J.M., 1984: Nucleotide sequence of v fps in the prc ii strain of avian sarcoma virus

Gilden R.V., 1983: Nucleotide sequence of v rel the oncogene of reticuloendotheliosis virus

Wildeman, A. G.; Nazar, R. N., 1980: Nucleotide sequence of wheat triticum aestivum chloroplastid 4.5s rna sequence homologies in 4.5s rna species

Korn, L. J.; Brown, D. D., 1978: Nucleotide sequence of xenopus borealis oocyte 5s dna comparison of sequences that flank several related eukaryotic genes

Maden B.E.H., 1981: Nucleotide sequence of xenopus laevis 18s ribosomal rna inferred from gene sequence

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006051

Andreadis, A.; Hsu, Y. P.; Kohlhaw, G. B.; Schimmel, P., 1982: Nucleotide sequence of yeast leu 2 shows 5' noncoding region has sequences cognate to leucine

Zalkin H., 1985: Nucleotide sequence of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae gdh 1 encoding nadp dependent glutamate dehydrogenase

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006054

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006055

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006056

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006057

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006058

Steger G., 1988: Nucleotide sequence predicts circularity and self cleavage of 300 ribonucleotide satellite of arabis mosaic virus

Loeb L.A., 1985: Nucleotide sequence preservation of human leukemic mitochondrial dna

Loeb L.A., 1985: Nucleotide sequence preservation of human mitochondrial dna

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006062

Kuff, E. L.; Lueders, K. K.; Scolnick, E. M., 1978: Nucleotide sequence relationship between intra cisternal type a particles of mus musculus and an endogenous retrovirus m 432 of mus cervicolor

Kaper J.M., 1983: Nucleotide sequence relationships among 30 peanut stunt virus isolates determined by competition hybridization

Coffin, J. M.; Champion, M.; Chabot, F., 1978: Nucleotide sequence relationships between the genomes of an endogenous and an exogenous avian tumor virus

Neiman, P. E.; Wright, S. E.; Mcmillin, C.; Macdonnell, D., 1974: Nucleotide sequence relationships of avian rna tumor viruses measurement of the deletion in a transformation defective mutant of rous sarcoma virus

Grummt I., 1982: Nucleotide sequence requirements for specific initiation of transcription by rna polymerase i

Holtgreve H., 1984: Nucleotide sequence requirements for transient expression of human metallothionein ii a thymidine kinase fusion genes

Mathews C.K., 1984: Nucleotide sequence reveals overlap between t 4 phage genes encoding di hydro folate reductase and thymidylate synthase

De Wachter R., 1985: Nucleotide sequence secondary structure and evolution of the 5s ribosomal rna from 5 bacterial species

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006071

Person S., 1984: Nucleotide sequence specifying the glyco protein gene gb of herpes simplex virus type 1

Yao M C., 1987: Nucleotide sequence structure and consistency of a developmentally regulated dna deletion in tetrahymena thermophila

Roberts, J. W.; Carbon, J., 1975: Nucleotide sequence studies of normal and genetically altered glycine transfer rna from escherichia coli

Friedmann, T.; Laporte, P.; Esty, A., 1978: Nucleotide sequence studies of polyoma dna the hpa ii 3 5 junction to the hpa ii 4 hae iii 18 junction encoding the origin of dna replication and the 5 prime end of the early region

Hampe, A.; Eladari, M. E.; Galibert, F., 1976: Nucleotide sequence study of mouse 5.8s ribosomal rna

Rosenberg, M.; Kramer, R. A., 1977: Nucleotide sequence surrounding a rnase iii ec processing site in bacterio phage t 7 rna

Schimke R.T., 1982: Nucleotide sequence surrounding multiple poly adenylation sites in the mouse di hydro folate reductase gene

Nakazawa T., 1984: Nucleotide sequence surrounding transcription initiation site of xyl abc operon on tol plasmid of pseudomonas putida

Cordell, B.; Stavnezer, E.; Friedrich, R.; Bishop, J. M.; Goodman, H. M., 1976: Nucleotide sequence that binds primer for dna synthesis to the avian sarcoma virus genome

Kedes L., 1986: Nucleotide sequence tissue specific expression and chromosome location of human carbonic anhydrase iii the human caiii gene is located on the same chromosome as the closely linked cai and caii genes

Prakash S., 1986: Nucleotide sequence transcript mapping and regulation of the rad 2 gene of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Wolstenholme D.R., 1981: Nucleotide sequence variants of rattus norvegicus mitochondrial dna

Hauswirth W.W., 1982: Nucleotide sequence variation in mitochondrial dna from bovine liver

Jay, E.; Roychoudhury, R.; Wu, R., 1976: Nucleotide sequence with elements of an unusual 2 fold rotational symmetry in the region of origin of replication of sv 40 dna

Stanley, J.; Van-Kammen, A., 1979: Nucleotide sequences adjacent to the proteins covalently linked to the cowpea mosaic virus genome sequence determination after labeling in vitro using rna ligase ec

Toyoshima K., 1988: Nucleotide sequences and chromosomal mapping of the human c yes 2 gene

Murphy J.R., 1988: Nucleotide sequences and comparison of the hemolysin determinants of vibrio cholerae el tor rv79 hly positive and rv79 hly negative and classical 569b hly negative

Vasil M.L., 1987: Nucleotide sequences and expression in escherichia coli of the in phase overlapping pseudomonas aeruginosa plc r genes

Scocca J.J., 1987: Nucleotide sequences and properties of the sites involved in lysogenic insertion of the bacteriophage hp 1c 1 genome into the haemophilus influenzae chromosome

Uchimiya H., 1985: Nucleotide sequences and stability of a nicotiana nuclear dna segment possessing autonomously replicating ability in yeast

Mizuno S., 1987: Nucleotide sequences and unusual electrophoretic behavior of the w chromosome specific repeating dna units of the domestic fowl gallus gallus domesticus

Hopkins N., 1980: Nucleotide sequences associated with differences in electrophoretic mobility of envelope glyco protein gp 70 and with g i x antigen phenotype of certain murine leukemia viruses

Varmus H.E., 1981: Nucleotide sequences at host pro viral junctions for mouse mammary tumor virus

Lockard, R. E.; Rajbhandary, U. L., 1976: Nucleotide sequences at the 5 prime termini of rabbit alpha and beta globin messenger rna

Hastings, K. E. M.; Millward, S., 1978: Nucleotide sequences at the 5 prime termini of reovirus messenger rna

Allet, B., 1978: Nucleotide sequences at the ends of bacterio phage mu dna

Wei, C. M.; Moss, B., 1977: Nucleotide sequences at the n 6 methyl adenosine sites of hela cell messenger rna

Jansz H.S., 1982: Nucleotide sequences at the phi x gene a protein cleavage site in replicative form i dna of bacterio phages u 3 g 14 and alpha 3

Ito J., 1981: Nucleotide sequences at the termini of phage phi 29 dna

Keshet, E.; Temin, H. M., 1977: Nucleotide sequences derived from pheasant dna in the genome of recombinant avian leukosis viruses with subgroup f specificity

Cohen S.N., 1985: Nucleotide sequences encoding and promoting expression of 3 antibiotic resistance genes indigenous to streptomyces

Honjo T., 1982: Nucleotide sequences encoding membrane domains are conserved among immuno globulin gamma subclass genes

Paddock G.V., 1984: Nucleotide sequences for the duck globin messenger rna

Coelingh K.V.W., 1986: Nucleotide sequences for the gene junctions of human respiratory syncytial virus reveal distinctive features of intergenic structure and gene order

Liu, A. Y.; Paddock, G. V.; Heindell, H. C.; Salser, W., 1977: Nucleotide sequences from a rabbit alpha globin gene inserted in a chimeric plasmid

Rose, J. K.; Iverson, L., 1979: Nucleotide sequences from the 3' ends of vesicular stomatitis virus messenger rna as determined from cloned dna

Roberts R.J., 1982: Nucleotide sequences from the adenovirus 2 genome

Lau P.C.K., 1987: Nucleotide sequences from the colicin f8 operon homology with plasmid col e2 p9

Browne, J. K.; Paddock, G. V.; Liu, A.; Clarke, P.; Heindell, H. C.; Salser, W., 1977: Nucleotide sequences from the rabbit beta globin gene inserted into escherichia coli plasmids

Bronson, M. J.; Squires, C.; Yanofsky, C., 1973: Nucleotide sequences from tryptophan messenger rna of escherichia coli the sequence corresponding to the amino terminal region of the first poly peptide specified by the operon

Hill, D. F.; Petersen, G. B., 1980: Nucleotide sequences in bacterio phage f 1 dna nucleotide sequence of genes v vii and viii

Sanger, F., 1971: Nucleotide sequences in bacterio phage rna

Kisselev L.L., 1985: Nucleotide sequences in human chromosomal dna from nonhepatic tissues homologous to the hepatitis b virus genome

Frankel, A. E.; Fischinger, P. J., 1976: Nucleotide sequences in mouse dna and rna specific for moloney sarcoma virus

Brown D.D., 1981: Nucleotide sequences in xenopus laevis 5s dna required for transcription termination

Allet B., 1982: Nucleotide sequences involved in bacterio phage t 4 gene 32 translational self regulation

Prozorob A.A., 1987: Nucleotide sequences involved in illegitimate recombination between plasmid and chromosome dna in bacillus subtilis

Ravetch, J. V.; Horiuchi, K.; Zinder, N. D., 1977: Nucleotide sequences near the origin of replication of bacterio phage f 1

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006120

Jeppesen, P. G. N.; Barrell, B. G.; Sanger, F.; Coulson, A. R., 1972: Nucleotide sequences of 2 fragments from the coat protein cistron of bacterio phage r 17 rna

Roe B.A., 1984: Nucleotide sequences of 2 regions of the human genome containing asparaginyl transfer rna genes

Rees A.R., 1985: Nucleotide sequences of 5 anti lysozyme monoclonal antibodies

Kozak, M., 1977: Nucleotide sequences of 5 prime terminal ribosome protected initiation regions from 2 reovirus messages

Hashimoto, S.; Wold, W. S. M.; Brackmann, K. H.; Green, M., 1981: Nucleotide sequences of 5' termini of adenovirus 2 early transforming region e 1a and e 1b messenger rna

Colwell R.R., 1985: Nucleotide sequences of 5s ribosomal rna from two vibrio spp vibrio fluvialis and vibrio parahaemolyticus

Neil J.C., 1986: Nucleotide sequences of a feline leukemia virus subgroup a envelope gene and long terminal repeat and evidence for the recombinational origin of subgroup b viruses

Herr, W.; Noller, H. F., 1978: Nucleotide sequences of accessible regions of 23s rna in 50s ribosomal subunits

Bowman C.M., 1979: Nucleotide sequences of chloroplast 5s ribosomal rna in flowering plants

Honjo T., 1980: Nucleotide sequences of class switch recombination region of the mouse immuno globulin gamma 2b chain gene

Nakanishi S., 1983: Nucleotide sequences of cloned complementary dna for 2 types of bovine brain substance p precursor

Pierandrei Amaldi P., 1982: Nucleotide sequences of cloned complementary dna fragments specific for 6 xenopus laevis ribosomal proteins

Brandt A., 1983: Nucleotide sequences of complementary dna clones for b 1 hordein poly peptides

Brandt A., 1986: Nucleotide sequences of complementary dna clones for c hordein polypeptides

Prockop D.J., 1983: Nucleotide sequences of complementary dna for the proalpha 1 chain of human type i pro collagen statistical evaluation of structures that are conserved during evolution

Sugimura T., 1988: Nucleotide sequences of complementary dnas for human papillomavirus type 18 transcripts in hela cells

Shively J.M., 1986: Nucleotide sequences of cyanophora paradoxa cellular and cyanelle associated 5s ribosomal rna the cyanelle as a potential intermediate in plastid evolution

Zain, B. S.; Thimmappaya, B.; Dhar, R.; Weissman, S. M., 1978: Nucleotide sequences of dna encoding the 3 prime ends of sv 40 messenger rna part 1 the sequence of the dna fragment hin d ii hin d iii g

Willetts N.S., 1986: Nucleotide sequences of five inc f plasmid fin p alleles

Harford S., 1985: Nucleotide sequences of four variants of the k 8 gene of porcine enterotoxigenic escherichia coli

Honjo T., 1982: Nucleotide sequences of gene segments encoding membrane domains of immuno globulin gamma chains

Fry, K.; Salser, W., 1977: Nucleotide sequences of heavy strand alpha satellite dna from kangaroo rat dipodomys ordii and characterization of similar sequences in other rodents

Snipes W., 1982: Nucleotide sequences of herpes simplex virus type 1 affecting virus entry cell fusion and production of glyco protein gb vp 7

Gill A.C., 1982: Nucleotide sequences of highly repeated dna compilation and comments

Martin R.F., 1987: Nucleotide sequences of human alpha dna repeats

Marotta, C. A.; Forget, B. G.; Weissman, S. M.; Verma, I. M.; Mccaffrey, R. P.; Baltimore, D., 1974: Nucleotide sequences of human globin messenger rna

Honjo T., 1987: Nucleotide sequences of immunoglobulin epsilon genes of chimpanzee and orangutan dna molecular clock and hominoid evolution

Winter G., 1982: Nucleotide sequences of influenza virus segments 1 and 3 reveal mosaic structure of a small viral rna segment

Vande Woude G.F., 1980: Nucleotide sequences of integrated moloney sarcoma pro virus long terminal repeats and their host and viral junctions

Derman E., 1987: Nucleotide sequences of liver lachrymal and submaxillary gland mouse major urinary protein messenger rna mosaic structure and construction of panels of gene specific synthetic oligonucleotide probes

Kieff E., 1986: Nucleotide sequences of messenger rna species encoding epstein barr virus nuclear proteins a probable transcriptional initiation site

Rose, J. K., 1977: Nucleotide sequences of ribosome recognition sites in messenger rna of vesicular stomatitis virus

Dhar, R.; Zain, S.; Weissman, S. M.; Pan, J.; Subramanian, K., 1974: Nucleotide sequences of rna transcribed in infected cells and by escherichia coli rna polymerase from a segment of sv 40 dna

Rensing, U. F. E.; Coulson, A.; Thompson, E. O. P., 1973: Nucleotide sequences of similar size from the coli phage r 17 genome

Koike K., 1981: Nucleotide sequences of small ribosomal rna and adjacent transfer rna genes in rat mitochondrial dna

Arai K., 1985: Nucleotide sequences of ste 2 and ste 3 cell type specific sterile genes from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Vinetskii Yu P., 1986: Nucleotide sequences of subfamily a 3 glycinin subunit complementary dna different intraspecific variability detected by comparative analysis

Honjo T., 1982: Nucleotide sequences of switch regions of immuno globulin c epsilon gene and c gamma gene and their comparison

Wertz G.W., 1985: Nucleotide sequences of the 1b and 1c nonstructural protein messenger rna species of human respiratory syncytial virus

Forget, B. G.; Marotta, C. A.; Weissman, S. M.; Cohen-Solal, M., 1975: Nucleotide sequences of the 3 prime terminal untranslated region of messenger rna for human beta globin chain

Takaiwa, F.; Sugiura, M., 1980: Nucleotide sequences of the 4.5s and 5s ribosomal rna genes from tobacco chloroplasts

Tsujibo, H.; Tiano, H. F.; Li, S. S. L., 1985: Nucleotide sequences of the complementary dna and an intron less pseudogene for human lactate dehydrogenase a ec isozyme

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006163

Clegg S., 1987: Nucleotide sequences of the genes encoding type 1 fimbrial subunits of klebsiella pneumoniae and salmonella typhimurium

Gray J.C., 1985: Nucleotide sequences of the genes for the alpha beta and epsilon subunits of wheat chloroplast atp synthase

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006166

Seidman J.G., 1984: Nucleotide sequences of the human and mouse atrial natriuretic factor genes

Wilkie N.M., 1981: Nucleotide sequences of the joint between the l and s segments of herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2

Gallione C.J., 1981: Nucleotide sequences of the messenger rna species encoding the vesicular stomatitis virus g and m proteins determined from complementary dna clones containing the complete coding regions

Rose J.K., 1981: Nucleotide sequences of the messenger rna species encoding the vesicular stomatitis virus n and ns proteins

Maassab H.F., 1987: Nucleotide sequences of the pa and pb1 genes of b ann arbor 1 66 virus comparison with genes of b lee 40 and type a influenza viruses

Kosuge T., 1985: Nucleotide sequences of the pseudomonas savastanoi iaa genes show homology with agrobacterium tumefaciens t dna

Paranchych W., 1986: Nucleotide sequences of the r 1 19 plasmid transfer genes tra m fin p tra j and tra y and the tra yz promoter

Fiddes, J. C.; Barrell, B. G.; Godson, G. N., 1978: Nucleotide sequences of the separate origins of synthesis of bacterio phage g 4 viral and complementary dna strands

Kurahashi K., 1985: Nucleotide sequences of the sporulation gene spo 0 a and its mutant genes of bacillus subtilis

Yanofsky C., 1980: Nucleotide sequences of the trpg regions of escherichia coli shigella dysenteriae salmonella typhimurium and serratia marcescens

Tener G.M., 1987: Nucleotide sequences of three serine transfer rna from drosophila melanogaster reading the six serine codons

Rabinowitz J.C., 1982: Nucleotide sequences of transcription and translation initiation regions in bacillus subtilis phage phi 29 early genes

Yanofsky C., 1979: Nucleotide sequences of trpa of salmonella typhimurium and escherichia coli an evolutionary comparison

Horikoshi K., 1986: Nucleotide sequences of two cellulase genes from alkalophilic bacillus sp strain n 4 and their strong homology

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006181

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006182

Sutcliffe J.G., 1985: Nucleotide sequences of two messenger rna species for rat brain myelin proteolipid protein

Mackay, R. M.; Spencer, D. F.; Doolittle, W. F.; Gray, M. W., 1980: Nucleotide sequences of wheat embryo cytosol 5s and 5.8s ribosomal rna

Feldmann H., 1982: Nucleotide sequences of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae genes for seryl transfer rna 2 arginyl transfer rna 2 and valyl transfer rna 1 homology blocks occur in the vicinity of different transfer rna genes

Spector, D. H.; Varmus, H. E.; Bishop, J. M., 1978: Nucleotide sequences related to the transforming gene of avian sarcoma virus are present in dna of uninfected vertebrates

Nagata T., 1987: Nucleotide sequences required for a col e 1 type plasmid to replicate in escherichia coli cells with or without rnase h

Kurtz D.T., 1986: Nucleotide sequences required for the regulation of a rat alpha 2u globulin gene by glucocorticoids

Kingsbury D.W., 1985: Nucleotide sequences responsible for generation of internally deleted sendai virus defective interfering genomes

Tissieres A., 1985: Nucleotide sequences responsible for the thermal inducibility of the drosophila small heat shock protein genes in monkey cos cells

Kingsbury D.W., 1986: Nucleotide sequences that affect replicative and transcriptional efficiencies of sendai virus deletion mutants

Moran C.P.Jr, 1986: Nucleotide sequences that define promoters that are used by bacillus subtilis sigma 29 rna polymerase

Losick R., 1982: Nucleotide sequences that signal the initiation of transcription and translation in bacillus subtilis

Shilo B Z., 1983: Nucleotide sequences to the drosophila src and abl homologues conservation and variability in the src family onco genes

Tewari K.K., 1986: Nucleotide sequences to transfer rna genes in the pisum sativum chloroplast dna

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006196

Yano K., 1987: Nucleotide sequencing and characterization of the genes encoding benzene oxidation enzymes of pseudomonas putida

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006198

Hao Y., 1987: Nucleotide sequencing of a human alpha 1 interferon complementary dna clone established from ndv f induced cord blood leukocytes

Varmus H.E., 1983: Nucleotide sequencing of an apparent pro viral copy of env messenger rna defines determinants of expression of the mouse mammary tumor virus env gene

Salser, W.; Fry, K.; Brunk, C.; Poon, R., 1972: Nucleotide sequencing of dna preliminary characterization of the products of specific cleavages at guanine cytosine or adenine residues

Lloyd R.G., 1988: Nucleotide sequencing of the ruv region of escherichia coli k 12 reveals a lex a regulated operon encoding two genes

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006203

Hatayama, T.; Goldberg, I. H.; Takeshita, M.; Grollman, A. P., 1978: Nucleotide specificity in dna scission by neo carzinostatin

Penningroth, S. M.; Kirschner, M. W., 1978: Nucleotide specificity in micro tubule assembly in vitro

Entman M.L., 1985: Nucleotide specificity of cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum gtp induced calcium accumulation and gtpase activity

Murakami, K.; Mitchell, T.; Nishimura, J. S., 1972: Nucleotide specificity of escherichia coli succinic thiokinase ec succinyl coenzyme a stimulated nucleoside di phosphate kinase ec activity of the enzyme

Barzu, O.; Abrudan, I.; Proinov, I.; Kiss, L.; Ty, N. G.; Jebeleanu, G.; Goia, I.; Kezdi, M.; Mantsch, H. H., 1976: Nucleotide specificity of pyruvate kinase ec and phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec

Kelly, C. J.; Cha, S., 1977: Nucleotide specificity of succinate thio kinases ec ec from bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006210

Luck G., 1980: Nucleotide specificity of the interaction of sibiromycin with dna

Bon M C., 1988: Nucleotide status and protein synthesis in vivo in the apices of juvenile and mature sequoiadendron giganteum during budbreak

Himes R.H., 1986: Nucleotide stereochemistry in the formyltetrahydrofolate synthetase reaction

Berger N.A., 1983: Nucleotide stimulated proteolysis of histone h 1

Mims B.H., 1984: Nucleotide substitution in the amino acid acceptor stem of lysine transfer rna causes missense suppression

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006216

Green J.H., 1984: Nucleotide sugars and starch synthesis in spadix of arum maculatum and suspension cultures of glycine max

Filippova, V. N.; Filanovskaya, L. I.; Blinov, M. N., 1977: Nucleotide synthesis in erythrocytes in some forms of anemia review of literature

Azhaev, A. V.; Kotusov, V. V.; Ozols, A. M.; Viktorova, L. S.; Kukhanova, M. K.; Kraevskii, A. A.; Gottikh, B. P., 1977: Nucleotide thio acyl esters synthesis of 3 2 o n acetylthio leucyl amp and its peptide donor activity in a cell free system with ribosomes

Geraldes, C. F. G. C.; Williams, R. J. P., 1978: Nucleotide torsional flexibility in solution and the use of the lanthanides as nmr conformational probes the case of amp/

Kassab R., 1986: Nucleotide trapping at the atpase site of myosin subfragment 1 by a new interthiol crosslinking

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006222

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006223

Luqmani Y.A., 1981: Nucleotide uptake by isolated cholinergic synaptic vesicles evidence for a carrier of atp

Charubala, R.; Pfleiderer, W., 1979: Nucleotides 10. synthesis and properties of di nucleoside mono phosphates with 2 deoxy adenosine and 1 2' deoxy beta d ribofuranosyl lumazines as building blocks

Bannwarth, W.; Pfleiderer, W., 1980: Nucleotides 11. synthesis and properties of di nucleoside mono phosphates with thymidine and 1 2' deoxy beta d ribofuranosyl lumazines as building blocks

Charubala, R.; Bannwarth, W.; Pfleiderer, W., 1980: Nucleotides 12. synthesis and properties of tri nucleoside di phosphates with thymidine 2' deoxy adenosine and 1 2' deoxy alpha d ribofuranosyl lumazine and 1 2' deoxy beta d ribofuranosyl lumazine as building blocks

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Flockerzi, D.; Uhlmann, E.; Pfleiderer, W., 1983: Nucleotides 17. synthesis of homogeneous adenosyl 3' 5' oligomers by the phospho tri ester method

Flockerzi, D.; Schlosser, W.; Pfleiderer, W., 1983: Nucleotides 18. synthesis and properties of tert butyldimethylsilyl guanosines guanosine 3' phospho tri esters and guanosine containing oligo nucleotides

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006231

Charubala, R.; Pfleiderer, W., 1979: Nucleotides 9. synthesis and properties of 1 2' deoxy d ribofuranosyl lumazine 3' mono phosphates

Welder L., 1981: Nucleotides adjacent to n 6 methyl adenosine in maize zea mays poly adenylated containing rna

Kalimi M., 1986: Nucleotides alter glucocorticoid receptor properties in an age dependent manner

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Jorgensen, K. F.; Jensen, K., 1976: Number of samples in shallow water pollution control

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Mares J., 1980: Number of synaptic vesicles in the rat somato sensory cortex after repetitive electrical stimulation prolonging self sustained afterdischarges

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Bengtsson C., 1984: Number of teeth and proximal periodontal bone height in relation to social factors

Makinen H., 1984: Number of teeth at the age of 1 year in relation to maternal smoking

Prasad S.K., 1985: Number of testers for evaluating maize zea mays inbred lines

Beshkov V.A., 1987: Number of the stripe necked terrapin mauremys caspica rivulata valenciennes in bulgaria

Grzybiak M., 1986: Number of the tendinous cords in the human left ventricle during fetal and postnatal period

Vanetsyan E.L., 1986: Number of thrombocytes and thrombocytic formula as a supplementary test in the dispensarization of the population

Lachhein L., 1979: Number of thymus derived lymphocytes in normals and patients maintained on long term hemo dialysis

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Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006601

Engler U., 1985: Number of waterfowl ducks coot from autumn to spring in southern bavaria west germany

Tsou C L., 1987: Number of ways of joining sulfhydryl groups to form multi peptide chain proteins

Rouze Jouan J., 1982: Number of yellow traps and distance between them in relation to the structure of aphid catches

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Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006614

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Cousineau J., 1983: Numbering of dorsal roots of spinal nerves from the 12th thoracic nerve to the coccygeal nerve

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Fiala V., 1982: Numbers of anas crecca anas querquedula anas strepera and anas clypeata in the czech ssr czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006657

Pratt P.C., 1983: Numbers of asbestos bodies on iron stained tissue sections in relation to asbestos body counts in lung tissue digests

Coggeshall R.E., 1983: Numbers of axons in lateral and ventral funiculi of rat sacral spinal cord

Darby J.E., 1986: Numbers of axons in the optic nerve and of retinal ganglion cells during development in the marsupial setonix brachyurus

Fiala V., 1982: Numbers of aythya ferina and aythya fuligula in the czech ssr czechoslovakia

Manikowski S., 1982: Numbers of birds found dead tangled in fishing grounds on the baltic sea

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006664

Najcevska, C. M.; Speckmann, G. J., 1968: Numbers of chloroplasts and pollen grain pores in di ploid and tetra ploid varieties of some trifolium d species

Fiala, V., 1986: Numbers of fulica atra in the czech socialist republic czechoslovakia and their variation between oct. and april

Line R.F., 1986: Numbers of genes controlling high temperature adult plant resistance to stripe rust in wheat triticum aestivum

Toivonen T., 1980: Numbers of gulls nesting on the northern coast of the gulf of finland

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Nebeker T.E., 1979: Numbers of instars of the southern pine beetle coleoptera scolytidae and some comparisons of head capsule widths

Klubek B., 1987: Numbers of iron oxidizing bacteria and oxidation potential of sulfur and iron components in coal refuse amended with limestone and sewage sludge

Roberts, L. W.; Muul, I.; Robinson, D. M., 1977: Numbers of leptotrombidium deliense acarina trombiculidae and prevalence of rickettsia tsutsugamushi in adjacent habitats of peninsular malaysia

Camphuysen C.J., 1986: Numbers of little auks alle alle and puffins fratercula arctica found on the netherlands coast during 1969 1985

Divis T., 1984: Numbers of marsh harrier and the population density and dynamics circus aeruginosus in the region of nachod czechoslovakia

Kennedy J.W., 1979: Numbers of mast cells in the axillary lymph nodes of breast cancer patients

Walton K.C., 1979: Numbers of meadow pipits anthus pratensis on mountain farm grassland in north wales uk in the breeding season

Kreck J.P., 1981: Numbers of metrial gland cells in the maternal placental supply and drainage vessels of swiss webster and c 57bl mice

Biddle F.G., 1985: Numbers of metrial gland cells in the placental labyrinth of congenic resistance and inbred strains of mice with observations on the size of the labyrinth

Coggeshall R.E., 1985: Numbers of myelinated and unmyelinated axons in the dorsal lateral and ventral funiculi of the white matter of the s 2 segment of cat spinal cord

Feest A., 1986: Numbers of myxogastrids and other protozoa recovered from bohemian soils czechoslovakia

Reville B.J., 1983: Numbers of nesting frigate birds fregata minor and fregata ariel on aldabra atoll nature reserve seychelles indian ocean

Gueldner F H., 1983: Numbers of neurons and astro glial cells in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of male and female rats

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006686

Chung K., 1986: Numbers of rat dorsal root axons and ganglion cells during postnatal development

Klotz I.M., 1982: Numbers of receptor sites from scatchard graphs facts and fantasies

Coggeshall R.E., 1985: Numbers of regenerated axons in tributary nerves following neonatal sciatic nerve crush in rat

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006690

Cannon W.N.Jr, 1984: Numbers of scolytus multistriatus coleoptera scolytidae caught on multilure baited sticky traps increase with methoxychlor

Horn, M. H.; Allen, L. G., 1976: Numbers of species and faunal resemblance of marine fishes in california usa bays and estuaries

Cmoluchowa, A., 1984: Numbers of species of the genus exolygus e. wagn. heteroptera miridae in the submontaneous region

Sterlin P., 1984: Numbers of specific types of neuron in layer iv ab of cat striate cortex

Heikel D.T., 1988: Numbers of spermatozoa in spermathecae of queens aged 0 to 3 years reared in beaverlodge alberta canada

Harbo J.R., 1982: Numbers of spermatozoa in the spermatheca of the queen honey bee after multiple inseminations with small volumes of semen

Lindsay D.R., 1982: Numbers of spermatozoa required to effect a normal rate of conception in naturally mated merino ewes

Randall R.M., 1987: Numbers of waterbirds at a commercial saltpan and suggestions for management

Day H.D., 1983: Numbers of word associations to color patches and color names differ across 2 opponent pairs

Krol E., 1985: Numbers reproduction and breeding behavior of dunlin calidris alpina schinzii at the reda mouth poland

Rajska Jurgiel E., 1987: Numbers species composition and residency of a rodent community in forest and field forest ecotones

Crawford D.N., 1979: Numbers species richness and equitability of coastal birds at darwin northern territory australia

Village A., 1987: Numbers territory size and turnover of short eared owls asio flammeus in relation to vole abundance

Pryse Phillips W.E.M., 1986: Numbness of half of the tongue

Harada T., 1984: Numbness of the right hand as the initial symptom in creutzfeldt jakob disease

Threlfall W., 1984: Numeniotrema kinsellai new species digenea microphallidae from the western willet catoptrophorus semipalmatus inornatus on its wintering grounds in florida usa

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Milon G., 1984: Numeration of delayed type hypersensitivity mediating t lymphocytes in mice under optimal titration conditions

Serieys F., 1985: Numeration of milk cells interpretation for diagnosis and surveillance of mammary infections

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006711

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Huston R.L., 1987: Numerical advances in gross motion simulations of head neck dynamics

Wiegel J.K.W., 1987: Numerical analysis and dna dna hybridization studies on xanthobacter and emendation of xanthobacter flavus

Halvorsen R., 1980: Numerical analysis and successional relationships of shell bed vegetation at akeroya hvaler southeast norway

Perrens, S. J.; Watson, K. K., 1977: Numerical analysis of 2 dimensional infiltration and re distribution

Poncet, S., 1975: Numerical analysis of 50 species classified in the genus pichia ascomycetes 2nd application of a method of factorial analysis

Standish J.T., 1983: Numerical analysis of a chrono sequence including an assessment of variability

Laukulich L.M., 1981: Numerical analysis of a chrono sequence including the development of a chrono function

Jennings D.T., 1980: Numerical analysis of a jack pine budworm choristoneura pinus outbreak in various densities of jack pine pinus banksiana

Lehtinen M., 1988: Numerical analysis of a theoretical one dimensional amperometric enzyme sensor

Decker D.S., 1985: Numerical analysis of allozyme variation in cucurbita pepo

Pingoud A., 1979: Numerical analysis of binding studies a direct procedure avoiding the pitfalls of a scatchard analysis of equilibrium data for unknown binding models

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Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006725

Schicke, P.; O'svath, J., 1977: Numerical analysis of classes to rate severity of damaged plants

Gerhardt V., 1987: Numerical analysis of delayed fluorescence kinetics of algae

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Owens R.J., 1987: Numerical analysis of electrophoretic protein patterns of bacteroides ureolyticus clinical isolates

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Sloss L.L., 1987: Numerical analysis of electrophoretic protein patterns of providencia rustigianii strains from human diarrhea and other sources

Owen R.J., 1987: Numerical analysis of electrophoretic protein patterns of streptobacillus moniliformis strains from human murine and avian infections

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Hajek V., 1985: Numerical analysis of fatty acid profiles in the identification of staphylococci

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Tsuji M., 1988: Numerical analysis of fetal and neonatal heart rate variability

Stephenson, W.; Dredge, M. C. L., 1976: Numerical analysis of fish catches from serpentine creek

Glenn E.C., 1985: Numerical analysis of foraminiferal assemblages a tool for recognizing depositional facies in lower miocene reef complexes

Kawanishi, H., 1986: Numerical analysis of forest temperature i. diurnal variations

Kawanishi, H., 1986: Numerical analysis of forest temperature ii. seasonal variations

Kim S J., 1987: Numerical analysis of heterotrophic bacterial community in the sudong stream korea

Prentice H.C., 1979: Numerical analysis of infraspecific variation in european silene alba and silene dioica caryophyllaceae

Brown A.H.D., 1985: Numerical analysis of isozyme variation in glycine tomentella

Galten L., 1987: Numerical analysis of mire vegetation at asenmyra engerdal central southern norway and comparison with traditional fennoscandian paludicology

Plikaytis B.B., 1986: Numerical analysis of normalized whole cell protein profiles after sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Mitchelmore D.L., 1987: Numerical analysis of page protein patterns and the taxonomic relationships within the mycoplasma mycoides cluster

Cheng, W. T., 1976: Numerical analysis of phenetic variation of natural populations of tradescantia bracteata tradescantia ohiensis and putative hybrids

De Ley J., 1983: Numerical analysis of phenotypic features and protein gel electrophoregrams of a wide variety of acetobacter strains proposal for the improved of the taxonomy of the genus acetobacter

De Ley J., 1983: Numerical analysis of phenotypic features and protein gel electrophoregrams of gluconobacter

Halldin S., 1986: Numerical analysis of pine forest evaporation and surface resistance

Ikeda T., 1987: Numerical analysis of postural asymmetry before and after electrolytic lesions of neostriatum in rats

Carpenter, D. J.; Carpenter, S. M., 1976: Numerical analysis of primary production and associated data from waters off the east coast of australia

Nesterov A.I., 1981: Numerical analysis of protein electrophoregrams for obligate methanotrophic bacteria

Tsukamura M., 1981: Numerical analysis of rapidly growing nonphotochromogenic mycobacteria including mycobacterium agri

Tsukamura S., 1981: Numerical analysis of rapidly growing scotochromogenic mycobacteria including mycobacterium obuense new species revised name mycobacterium rhodesiae new species revised name mycobacterium aichiense new species revised name mycobacterium chubuense new species revised name and mycobacterium tokaiense new species revised name

Tsukamura, M.; Mizuno, S., 1977: Numerical analysis of relationships among rapidly growing scotochromogenic mycobacteria

Matson J.O., 1982: Numerical analysis of rodent distributional patterns in zacatecas mexico

Wilson H.D., 1986: Numerical analysis of seed morphology in cucurbita pepo

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006760

Little I.P., 1986: Numerical analysis of soil development in a chronosequence on fraser island southeastern queensland australia

Dalby D.H., 1987: Numerical analysis of some yorkshire uk jurassic conifers

Prentice, S. A.; Kain, J. M.; Jones, N. S., 1976: Numerical analysis of subtidal communities on rocky shores

Caseldine, C. J.; Gordon, A. D., 1978: Numerical analysis of surface pollen spectra from bankhead moss fife scotland

Lloyd, D. L.; Thompson, J. P., 1978: Numerical analysis of taxonomic and parent progeny relationships among australian selections of panicum coloratum

Nilius B., 1980: Numerical analysis of the cardiac action potential

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006767

Weimarck G., 1981: Numerical analysis of the floristic composition of localities including hierochloe species poaceae in northern europe

Aubert M., 1982: Numerical analysis of the heterotrophic bacterial flora from necroses of marine fishes

Levine D.H., 1981: Numerical analysis of the human fetal heart rate modulation by breathing and movement

Redman C.W.G., 1981: Numerical analysis of the human fetal heart rate the quality of ultrasound records

Horn L.W., 1983: Numerical analysis of the method of internal dialysis of giant axons

Dawes G.S., 1981: Numerical analysis of the normal human ante natal fetal heart rate

Aparin, G. P.; Balakhonov, S. V.; Timofeeva, L. A.; Logachev, A. I., 1987: Numerical analysis of the phenotypical properties and general genome characterization of yersinia pestis strains affiliated with different subspecies

Braddock R.D., 1983: Numerical analysis of the snow plow effect

Haber S., 1985: Numerical analysis of the thermochemcial tooth damage induced by laser radiation

Ingwersen F., 1983: Numerical analysis of the timbered vegetation in tidbinbilla nature reserve australian capital territory australia

Parthe V., 1982: Numerical analysis of the voltage clamp technique applied to frog rana pipiens neuro muscular junctions

Gabarro, J., 1978: Numerical analysis of thermal denaturation of nucleic acids

Hobbs G., 1983: Numerical analysis of total fatty acid profiles in the identification of coryneform nocardioform and some other bacteria

Onyilagha J.C., 1986: Numerical analysis of variation among nigerian dioscorea rotundata accessions

Jacobsen T.D., 1979: Numerical analysis of variation between allium cernuum and allium stellatum liliaceae

Fatokun C.A., 1982: Numerical analysis of variation patterns in okra abelmoschus esculentus

Whiffin T., 1982: Numerical analysis of volatile oil data in systematic studies of australian rain forest trees

Van-Der-Pluym, A.; Hideux, M., 1977: Numerical analysis study of pollen grain populations of eryngium maritimum umbelliferae

Gutierrez A.P., 1986: Numerical and binomial sampling plans for the walnut aphid chromaphis juglandicola homoptera aphididae

Thorne B.L., 1985: Numerical and biomass caste proportions in colonies of the termites nasutitermes corniger and nasutitermes ephratae isoptera termitidae

Collins M.D., 1982: Numerical and chemical classification of nocardia amarae

Williams, R. D.; Schreiber, M. M., 1976: Numerical and chemo taxonomy of the green foxtail complex

Hassall, D. C., 1976: Numerical and cyto taxonomic evidence for generic delimitation in australian euphorbieae

Kado C.I., 1980: Numerical and dna dna reassociation analyses of erwinia rubrifaciens and other members of the enterobacteriaceae

Poysa, H., 1987: Numerical and escape responses of foraging teals anas crecca to predation risk

Neufeld G.R., 1988: Numerical and experimental study of steady state carbon dioxide and inert gas washout

Turner Warwick M., 1985: Numerical and functional alterations in circulatory lymphocytes in cigarette smokers

Chandra R.K., 1983: Numerical and functional deficiency in t helper cells in protein energy mal nutrition

Baker M., 1983: Numerical and functional deficiency of suppressor t cells precedes development of atopic eczema

Woodward S., 1982: Numerical and structural chromosome aberrations in cultured lymphocytes and cutaneous fibroblasts of patients with multiple adenomas of the colo rectum

Mcnaughton S.J., 1979: Numerical and temporal relationships in a 3 level food chain

Niimi H., 1984: Numerical approach to the motion of a red blood cell in couette flow

Andersen, J., 1978: Numerical aspects of the occurrence of the weasel mustela nivalis in relation to the stoat mustela erminea in denmark

Sneppen, O.; Heerfordt, J.; Dissing, I.; Jensen, M.; Moller, J.; Norbjerg, M., 1978: Numerical assessment of bone scintigraphy in primary bone tumors and tumor like conditions

Whitehouse I.E., 1982: Numerical assessment of erosion from old and recent photographs a case study from a section of highway 73 canterbury new zealand

Vink A.P.A., 1983: Numerical assessment of geology and geo morphology in landscape ecological surveys some examples

Torgersen T.R., 1983: Numerical behavior of some western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis lepidoptera tortricidae populations in washington and idaho usa

Voss D.A., 1981: Numerical behavior of zoo plankton phyto plankton and phosphorus system

Florian H., 1988: Numerical blood flow analysis arterial bifurcation with a saccular aneurysm

Mccreary F.A., 1985: Numerical calculation and measurement of 60 hertz current densities induced in an upright grounded cylinder

Nishimoto J I., 1982: Numerical calculation of 3 dimensional heat conduction on freezing process of marine foodstuff

Miller R.N., 1980: Numerical calculation of stable and unstable periodic solutions to the hodgkin huxley equations

Dubin, S.; Staib, J., 1977: Numerical calculation of the mean electrical axis of electro cardiographic deflections

Kikukawa, H.; Kuriyama, S., 1980 : Numerical calculation of tide in kagoshima bay japan 1. 2 dimensional explicit method

Kikukawa, H., 1983: Numerical calculation of tide in kagoshima bay japan 2. 2 dimensional explicit weighted residual method

Kundu P.K., 1984: Numerical calculations of coastal flow with turbulent dynamics

Khoshdel Milani O., 1984: Numerical calculations of the temperature distribution in realistic cross sections of the human body

Dihoru G., 1986: Numerical cenotaxonomic study of rumex alpinus communities in the romanian carpathians

Elliott J.M., 1984: Numerical changes and population regulation in young migratory trout salmo trutta in a lake district stream 1966 1983

Section 7, Chapter 6007, Accession 006006823

Kimura I., 1980: Numerical changes of blood monocytes in bronchial asthma

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Laing J.E., 1980: Numerical response of coccinellids to aphids in corn in southern ontario canada

Tripathi C.P.M., 1986: Numerical response of diaeretiella rapae hymenoptera aphidiidae a parasitoid of lipaphis erysimi hemiptera homoptera aphididae

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Rao K.S., 1987: Numerical simulation of air pollution in urban areas model performance

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Okaichi T., 1983: Numerical simulation of drift cards dispersion

Schumacher E., 1985: Numerical simulation of electrophoresis the complete solution for 3 isotachophoretic systems

Milne R.K., 1984: Numerical simulation of miniature end plate currents

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