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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6008

Chapter 6008 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Capblancq J., 1985: Numerical simulation of phytoplankton dynamics in a succession of water bodies with short retention time on the river lot france

Festa J.F., 1984: Numerical simulation of phytoplankton productivity in partially mixed estuaries

Singh M.P., 1985: Numerical simulation of pulmonary oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange

Hilbert D., 1986: Numerical simulation of pulsatile flow in a carotid bifurcation model

Howell, J. R.; Huf, E. G., 1977: Numerical simulation of radioactive sodium washout rates in whole frog skin

Stevenson, D. M.; Yoganathan, A. P., 1985: Numerical simulation of steady turbulent flow through trileaflet aortic heart valves i. computational scheme and methodology

Stevenson, D. M.; Yoganathan, A. P.; Williams, F. P., 1985: Numerical simulation of steady turbulent flow through trileaflet aortic heart valves ii. results on five models

Bartsch J., 1988: Numerical simulation of the advection of vertically migrating herring larvae in the north sea

Lockwood J.G., 1981: Numerical simulation of the effects of changing vegetation type on surface hydro climatology

Dikinov Kh Zh, 1982: Numerical simulation of the evolution of the tropical cyclones thermodynamical wake

Panteleev M.S., 1982: Numerical simulation of the rossby waves in the open ocean

Hardesty R.L., 1981: Numerical simulation of the transient transport of inert gases in lung tissue

Chapman B.M., 1982: Numerical simulation of the transport and speciation of nonconservative chemical reactants in rivers

Lau N.C., 1986: Numerical simulation of the transport transformation and scavenging of sulfur species by a convective cloud

Fairweather G., 1988: Numerical simulation of transport from an infinite line source error analysis

Pickens, J. F.; Lennox, W. C., 1976: Numerical simulation of waste movement in steady ground water flow systems

Zijl W., 1986: Numerical simulations based on stream functions and velocities in three dimensional groundwater flow

Tangermann, G., 1978: Numerical simulations of air pollutant dispersion in a stratified planetary boundary layer

Macwilliams H.K., 1982: Numerical simulations of hydra head regeneration using a proportion regulating version of the gierer meinhardt model

Wille S.O., 1984: Numerical simulations of steady flow inside a 3 dimensional aortic bifurcation model

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007021

Kemmner W., 1986: Numerical simulations of the effects of retinoids on pattern formation in a hydroid

Vaid J., 1985: Numerical size comparisons in a phonologically transparent script

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007024

Lory, P., 1980: Numerical solution of a kidney model by multiple shooting

Morrow C.T., 1985: Numerical solution of a phase change problem encountered during frost protection with overhead sprinkling

Russell S.R., 1979: Numerical solution of coupled transport equations applied to corneal hydration dynamics

Kagawa, T.; Mochizuki, M., 1987: Numerical solution of gas exchange in the red blood cell and its application part 1. theoretical treatment

Kagawa, T.; Mochizuki, M., 1988: Numerical solution of gas exchange in the red blood cell and its application part 2. application theoretical analyses for arterial venous oxygen content difference and haldane effect during rebreathing

Le-Bret, M., 1978: Numerical solution of mcghee and von hippel equations for competing ligands

Rao J.A., 1988: Numerical solution of non steady magnetohydrodynamic flow of blood through a porous channel

Mochizuki M., 1982: Numerical solution of partial differential equation describing oxygenation rate of the red blood cell

Kagawa T., 1986: Numerical solution of partial differential equations describing the simultaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide diffusions in the red blood cell

Mochizuki M., 1984: Numerical solution of partial differential equations for carbon dioxide diffusion accompanying bicarbonate shift in red blood cells

Rao C.R., 1979: Numerical solutions of lotka volterra equations with stochastic approximations

Ehrlich L.W., 1984: Numerical stimulation of aortic bifurcation flows the effect of flow divider curvature

Petriella, B.; Crisci, J. V., 1975: Numerical studies in cycadales part 1 present day cycadales systematics

Koenig O., 1986: Numerical studies in the effectiveness of furrow and subsurface irrigation

Lee I.Y., 1988: Numerical studies of acidification processes within and below clouds with a flow through chemical reactor model

Speranza M., 1980: Numerical studies of compositional gradients in oreophilous vegetation northern apennines italy

Taylor, P. A., 1977: Numerical studies of neutrally stratified planetary boundary layer flow above gentle topography part 2 2 dimensional cases

Harlow F., 1986: Numerical studies of unreactive contractile networks

Kondo, J.; Akashi, S., 1976: Numerical studies on the 2 dimensional flow in horizontally homogeneous canopy layers

Skalak R., 1988: Numerical study of asymmetric flows of red blood cells in capillaries

Hayhoe, H. N., 1978: Numerical study of quasi analytic and finite difference solutions of the soil water transfer equation

Cushman J.H., 1984: Numerical study of some age dependent parameters in root nutrient uptake

Kornilovskii A.N., 1982: Numerical study of stochastic behavior of a simple biological system

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007049

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007050

Nemchenko O.A., 1984: Numerical study of the dependence of growth processes and plant metabolism on temperature in early ontogenic stages

Craig I.H., 1987: Numerical study of turbulent blood flow through a caged ball prosthetic heart valve using a boundary fitted co ordinate system

Hamano A., 1983: Numerical study on post stenotic dilatation

Kawanaka A., 1986: Numerical study on the bulk heat transfer coefficient for a variety of vegetation types and densities

Sawada T., 1988: Numerical study on the flow of a non newtonian fluid through an axisymmetric stenosis

Gerdol R., 1987: Numerical syntaxonomy of badland vegetation in the apennines italy

Diggs G.M.Jr, 1987: Numerical systematics of comarostaphylis ericaceae arbuteae

Donati R.M., 1986: Numerical t 1 computation from nmr intensity ratios

Milhaud X., 1983: Numerical tables for the direct estimation of virus titers by the maximum likelihood method

Guttman S.I., 1979: Numerical taxonomic analyses of allozymic variation in capsicum solanaceae

Mueller G.M., 1985: Numerical taxonomic analyses on laccaria agaricales

Alexander M., 1985: Numerical taxonomic analysis of cross inoculation patterns of legumes and rhizobium

Xu K., 1982: Numerical taxonomic method applied to palearctic ethmiids lepidoptera ethmiidae

Meyer D., 1980: Numerical taxonomic studies in pisum sativum

Glen H.F., 1986: Numerical taxonomic studies in the subtribe ruschiinae mesembryanthemaceae astridia acrodon and ebracteola

Schultze-Motel, J., 1987: Numerical taxonomic studies in triticum l. and aegilops l. a contribution to the theory of classifying cultivated plants

Moss, W. W.; Wojcik, J. F., 1978: Numerical taxonomic studies of the mite family harpyrhynchidae acari cheyletoidea the higher taxa

Thurner, K.; Busse, M., 1978: Numerical taxonomic studies on enterobacteria of surface water

Melko, E., 1976: Numerical taxonomic studies on iris pumila by cluster analysis

Edmonds, J. M., 1978: Numerical taxonomic studies on solanum section solanum maurella

El-Gadi, A.; Elkington, T. T., 1977: Numerical taxonomic studies on species in allium subgenus rhizirideum

Shao K T., 1987: Numerical taxonomic studies on the asiracinae and tropidocephalini fulgoroidea delphacidae from taiwan

Roback, S. S.; Moss, W. W., 1978: Numerical taxonomic studies on the congruence of classifications for the genera and subgenera of macropelopiini and anatopyniini diptera chironomidae tanypodinae

Oogaki C., 1985: Numerical taxonomic study of citrus and fortunella using morphological characters application of multivariate analysis

Warmerdam M., 1982: Numerical taxonomic study of the 2 forms of the water vole arvicola terrestris in the netherlands and belgium

Fiorito G., 1983: Numerical taxonomic techniques confirm the validity of 2 genera in trachinidae

Hubalek, Z., 1976: Numerical taxonomy

Colwell R.R., 1981: Numerical taxonomy analysis of bacteria isolated from the completed most probable numbers test for coliform bacilli

David, H. L.; Jahan, M. T.; Jumin, A.; Grandry, J.; Lehman, E. H., 1978: Numerical taxonomy analysis of mycobacterium africanum

Mallory, L. M.; Austin, B.; Colwell, R. R., 1977: Numerical taxonomy and ecology of oligotrophic bacteria isolated from the estuarine environment

Austin, B.; Calomiris, J. J.; Walker, J. D.; Colwell, R. R., 1977: Numerical taxonomy and ecology of petroleum degrading bacteria

Austin B., 1985: Numerical taxonomy and emended description of renibacterium salmoninarum

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007084

Moss, W. W., 1978: Numerical taxonomy and evolution

Garbary D., 1979: Numerical taxonomy and generic circumscription in the acrochaetiaceae rhodophyta

Komagata K., 1986: Numerical taxonomy based on the electrophoretic mobility of enzymes in the genera rhodosporidium cystofilobasidium and rhodotorula

Mascherpa, J. M., 1975: Numerical taxonomy chemo taxonomy and the computer serving systematics

Gupta P.K., 1980: Numerical taxonomy in the genus setaria

Almeida L.M.D., 1985: Numerical taxonomy of 17 species of the genus psyllobora chevrolat 1837 coleoptera coccinellidae

Mandel M., 1980: Numerical taxonomy of 46 denitrifying and mesophilic strains of bacillus isolated from soil by elective culture in presence of nitrite

Canton, E.; Sancho, J., 1976: Numerical taxonomy of a group of aerobic pseudomonas

Mandel M., 1982: Numerical taxonomy of a thermophilic bacillus spp isolated from west african rice soils

Lacey J., 1979: Numerical taxonomy of actinomadura and related actinomycetes

Reuter B., 1988: Numerical taxonomy of agricultural landscapes within the loess region as a basis of landscape planning and management

Lategan P.M., 1986: Numerical taxonomy of alpha amylase producing bacillus species

Pagel, J. E.; Seyfried, P. L., 1976: Numerical taxonomy of aquatic acinetobacter isolates

Colless D.H., 1986: Numerical taxonomy of australian species of nine genera of scolopendrid centipedes chilopoda scolopendridae

Garcia Arribas M.L., 1986: Numerical taxonomy of bacillus isolated from orally administered drugs

Boeye, A.; Aerts, M., 1976: Numerical taxonomy of bacillus isolates from north sea sediments

Garagulya A.D., 1979: Numerical taxonomy of bacteria belonging to the genus pseudomonas

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Atlas R.M., 1980: Numerical taxonomy of bacteria from the gulf of alaska usa

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Colwell R.R., 1983: Numerical taxonomy of bacterial isolates associated with a fresh water fishery

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Priest F.G., 1983: Numerical taxonomy of hafnia alvei

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King B.L., 1987: Numerical taxonomy of lychnophora asteraceae a comparison of methods using morphology and flavonoids

Ramos Cormenzana A., 1983: Numerical taxonomy of moderately halophilic gram negative bacteria from hyper saline soils

Ramos Cormenzana A., 1987: Numerical taxonomy of moderately halophilic gram negative nonmotile eubacteria

Ramos Cormenzana A., 1982: Numerical taxonomy of moderately halophilic gram negative rods

Ramos Cormenzana A., 1988: Numerical taxonomy of moderately halophilic gram negative rods from an inland saltern

Forsum U., 1984: Numerical taxonomy of motile anaerobic curved rods isolated from vaginal discharge

Colwell R.R., 1985: Numerical taxonomy of nitrogen fixing decarboxylase negative vibrio species isolated from aquatic environments

Sheremet, B. V.; Rozhkov, V. A., 1977: Numerical taxonomy of ob river ussr floodplain soils with respect to their morphology

Colwell R.R., 1984: Numerical taxonomy of phenanthrene degrading bacteria isolated from the chesapeake bay usa

Austin, B.; Goodfellow, M.; Dickinson, C. H., 1978: Numerical taxonomy of phylloplane bacteria isolated from lolium perenne

O'rourke P.K., 1986: Numerical taxonomy of proteolytic psychrotrophs from queensland australia raw milks

Pavlenko A.B., 1986: Numerical taxonomy of pseudomonads belonging to the pseudomonas diminuta group

Sackin M.J., 1981: Numerical taxonomy of pseudomonas based on published records of substrate utilization

Grabow W.O.K., 1983: Numerical taxonomy of rapidly growing scotochromogenic mycobacteria of the mycobacterium parafortuitum complex mycobacterium austroafricanum new species and mycobacterium diernhoferi new species revived name

Moss M.O., 1986: Numerical taxonomy of red pigmented bacteria isolated from a lowland river with the description of a new taxon rugamonas rubra new genus new species

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Colwell R.R., 1983: Numerical taxonomy of staphylococci isolated from the marine environment

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Dercova K., 1981: Numerical taxonomy of the genus schwanniomyces

Salem M.B., 1988: Numerical taxonomy of the species of the genus trachurus rafinesque 1810 pisces teleostei carangidae

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Mitnitskii A.B., 1980: Numerical taxonomy of verticillate actinomycetes

Colwell R.R., 1983: Numerical taxonomy of vibrio cholerae and related species isolated from areas that are endemic and nonendemic for cholera

Colwell R.R., 1986: Numerical taxonomy of vibrios isolated from aquatic environments

Colwell R.R., 1983: Numerical taxonomy of vibrios isolated from estuarine environments

Lassen J., 1981: Numerical taxonomy of yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia enterocolitica like bacteria

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Bowman B.T., 1984: Numerical technique for estimating equilibrium concentrations from initial concentrations when using the freundlich adsorption equation

Ortega Ortiz De Apodaca M., 1984: Numerical treatment of experimental data obtained in a spectro fluorometric study of streptomycin

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007163

Garby L., 1984: Numerical values of the classical haldane coefficient

Glas, G. H., 1977: Numerical variation in the permanent dentition of the polecat mustela putorius from the netherlands

Slaga T.J., 1981: Numerical variation of dark cells in normal and chemically induced hyperplastic epidermis with age of animal and efficiency of tumor promoter

Amano K., 1981: Numerical variation of parietal cells after vagotomy in cases of duodenal ulcer

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007170

Datta, Ak; Teixeira, Aa, 1988: Numerically predicted transient temperature and velocity profiles during natural convection heating of canned liquid foods

Kakiuchi N., 1981: Numerization of peeling easiness and role of phenolic compounds of the pellicle in the adhesion between the pellicle and embryo in comparison of japanese chestnuts castanea crenata and chinese chestnuts castanea mollissima

Konno K., 1985: Numerization of unevenness on radionuclide images

Posey, T. B.; James, M. R., 1976: Numerosity discrimination of tactile stimuli

Hosokawa T., 1981: Numerosity judgment of auditory pulse trains in patients with focal brain lesion

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007177

Genoways H.H., 1983: Numerous chromosomal polymorphisms in a natural population of rice rats oryzomys cricetidae

Ragiel S., 1980: Numerous complications during acute pancreatitis

Saruta T., 1985: Numerous mast cells in an 11 deoxycorticosterone producing adrenocortical tumor histologic evaluation of benignancy and comparison with mast cell distribution in adrenal glands and neoplastic counterparts of 67 surgical specimens

Kimberly C.L., 1987: Numerous nerves with calcitonin gene related peptide like immunoreactivity innervate junctional epithelium of rats

Tagami H., 1986: Numerous papular glomus tumors localized on the abdomen a report of a case and an ultrastructural study

Matsuyama S., 1987: Numerous phosphates of microtubule associated protein 2 in living rat brain

Forchhammer J., 1988: Numerous proteins phosphorylated on tyrosine and enhanced tyrosine kinase activities in vanadate treated nih 3t3 fibroblasts

Wilson M.R., 1984: Numicia gauhati new species homoptera fulgoroidea tropiduchidae from rice oryza sativa in india with taxonomic notes on other indian numicia spp

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Kaverkina N.P., 1986: Nuptial behavior of terns

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Fernando D.F.S., 1979: Nuptiality education infant mortality and fertility in sri lanka

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Pivnick H., 1982: Nurmi concept for preventing infection of chicks by salmonella comparison of fecal suspensions and fecal cultures administered into the crop and in drinking water

Gutzeit H., 1986: Nurse cell oocyte interaction a new f actin mesh associated with the microtubule rich core of an insect ovariole

Ksiazkiewicz M., 1980: Nurse cells ultrastructure and origin

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007204

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007205

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007206

Kelly K., 1985: Nurse practitioner challenges to the orthodox structure of health care delivery regulation and restraints on trade

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007208

Lurie E.E., 1981: Nurse practitioners issues in professional socialization

Carrier J.C., 1985: Nurse sharks ginglymostoma cirratum of big pine key florida usa success of three types of external tags

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Et Al, 1982: Nursery epidemic due to multiply resistant klebsiella pneumoniae epidemiologic setting and impact on peri natal health care delivery

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Dapper R., 1984: Nursery function of wadden sea tidal flats for the brown shrimp crangon crangon

Van Den Driessche R., 1988: Nursery growth of conifer seedlings using fertilizers of different solubilities and application time and their forest growth

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Gipps, C., 1982: Nursery nurses and nursery teachers 2. their attitudes towards preschool children and their parents

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Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007228

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Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007234

Boyer J.N., 1987: Nursery seedbed density is determined by short term or long term objectives

Satyabalan K., 1984: Nursery studies on cultivar west coast tall coconut to select seedlings for early transplanting

Singh O., 1987: Nursery technology of silver fir abies pindrow spach

Singh O., 1986: Nursery technology of spruce picea smithiana

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Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007243

Hurnik J.F., 1983: Nursing and cross nursing behavior of beef cattle in confinement

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Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007252

Crow S., 1984: Nursing care of the immunosuppressed patient

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Kwan C., 1986: Nursing home acquired pneumonia a case control study

Scanlon W., 1982: Nursing home benefit of medicare variations in interpretation

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007257

Barchiesi A., 1985: Nursing home care as an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization a veterans administration cooperative study

Walser J.J., 1985: Nursing home glaucoma and visual acuity screening results in western oklahoma usa

Brodows B., 1988: Nursing homes as acute care providers a pilot study of incentives to reduce hospitalizations

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007261

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007262

Elias M.F., 1988: Nursing interval and maternal responsivity effect on early infant crying

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007264

Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007265

Takata, S., 1975: Nursing observations on the nakamuras triad symptoms appeared in premature infants

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Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007273

Nakamura Y., 1988: Nus a amber mutation that causes temperature sensitive growth of escherichia coli

Morgan E.A., 1988: Nus a protein affects transcriptional pausing and termination in vitro by binding to different sites on the transcription complex

Das A., 1988: Nus a protein is necessary and sufficient in vitro for phage lambda n gene product to suppress a rho independent terminator placed downstream of nut l

Das A., 1984: Nus b a protein factor necessary for transcription antitermination in vitro by phage lambda n gene product

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Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007285

Mohana-Rao, P. R., 1974: Nutmeg seed its morphology and developmental anatomy

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Section 7, Chapter 6008, Accession 006007299

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