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Chapter 6,008

Nutrient limitation of the phyto plankton in lake constance europe the situation in the part ueberlinger see 1974 1975

Mohammed, A.A A.; Mueller, H.

Archiv fur Hydrobiologie, Supplementband 59(2-3): 151-191


ISSN/ISBN: 0365-284X
Accession: 006007723

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During 1974 and spring 1975 the physical and chemical conditions for phytoplankton growth and the character and temporal distribution of its nutrient limitation were studied. During 1974 the biomass of phytoplankton showed maximum levels in April, June-July and Oct. Three characteristic phases were detected. During initial phases in spring and partially in June and July the nutrients were in excess. A good correlation between algal development and nutrient depletion (P, N, Si) was detected. During periods of low nutrient levels at the end of the starting phases and in summer there were no simple correlations between the biomass of phytoplankton and nutrient concentrations. During this time, nutrient limited growth could be assumed. In the 3rd phase during autumn 1974, light limitation was dominating, caused by the high circulation depth in the epilimnion. Correlations between the phytoplankton biomass and the nutrient levels could not be found. In the phases of predominating nutrient limitation the concentration of orthophosphate reached limiting levels at 1st growth. During shorter periods nitrate and silicate were also depleted down to low concentrations causing an additional growth limitation.

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