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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6009

Chapter 6009 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Iwamura T., 1980: Nutrient utilization requirement under photo heterotrophic growth of marchantia polymorpha improvement of the culture medium

Gupta P.C., 1984: Nutrient utilization under restricted feeding regime in cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008002

Thorlacius, S. O.; Feldman, M.; Coates, W., 1978: Nutrient value of hay harvested with mechanical stacking wagons large round baler and conventional baler

Glauert J.L., 1979: Nutrient values for shell liquid frozen and dehydrated eggs derived by linear regression analysis and conversion factors

Lavkulich L.M., 1980: Nutrient variability of forest floors near port hardy british columbia canada

Tamarin R.H., 1980: Nutrient variation in beach grass ammophila breviligulata in relation to beach vole microtus breweri feeding

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Vidal R., 1987: Nutrients and liming requirements on the bean dry matter production in a yellow red latosol in the barretos region sao paulo state

Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008011

Mccomb A.J., 1981: Nutrients and phyto plankton in 3 shallow fresh water lakes of different trophic status in western australia

De Visscher P.R.M., 1987: Nutrients and phytoplankton primary production in the marine tidal oosterschelde estuary the netherlands

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Klein D.F., 1987: Nutrients and toxins of plants in amboseli kenya

Ezeala D.O., 1985: Nutrients carotenoids and mineral compositions of the leaf vegetables amaranthus viridis and amaranthus caudatus

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Allanson B.R., 1987: Nutrients chlorophyll and oxygen relationships in the surface layers at the agulhas retroflection

Alloush S., 1988: Nutrients composition of flours used in preparation various breads in bahrain persian gulf

Becanos Kontos T., 1987: Nutrients distribution in seawater column in the vicinity of athens greece sewage outfall

Mahoney J.B., 1984: Nutrients hydrography and their relationship to phytoflagellates in the hudson raritan estuary new york new jersey usa

Vasander H., 1981: Nutrients in an ombrotrophic bog ecosystem in the virgin state and after forest improvements

Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008025

Ratliff R.D., 1985: Nutrients in carex exserta sod and gravel in sequoia national park california usa

Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008028

Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008029

Singh J.S., 1984: Nutrients in precipitation components for pine and oak forests in kumaun himalaya india

Nduku W.K., 1982: Nutrients in runoff from small catchments with varying land usage in zimbabwe

Agater I.B., 1986: Nutrients in selected foods from the orkney islands uk

Verwey R.A., 1987: Nutrients in soil and vegetation around two artificial waterpoints in eastern botswana

Everett R.L., 1987: Nutrients in surface soils following tree harvest of single leaf pinyon

Rutgers Van Der Loeff M.M., 1980: Nutrients in the interstitial waters of the southern bight of the north sea

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Kubin E., 1983: Nutrients in the soil ground vegetation and tree layer in an old spruce forest in northern finland

Kubin E., 1984: Nutrients in the soil ground vegetation and tree layer in an old spruce picea abies forest in northern finland

Othaimeen A.I., 1987: Nutrients intake of saudi infants and pre school children by meal of the day

Sankaranarayanan, V. N.; Qasim, S. Z., 1969: Nutrients of the cochin backwater india in relation to environmental characteristics estuarine study

Friligos N., 1984: Nutrients of the saronikos gulf greece in relation to environmental characteristics 1973 1976

Mendy F., 1986: Nutrients platelet function and composition in nine groups of french and british farmers

Brar S.S., 1985: Nutrients removal by grapevines vitis vinifera cultivar perlette

George M., 1984: Nutrients removal from eucalyptus plantations by harvesting wood

Garruti R.S., 1979: Nutrification of dry bean phaseolus vulgaris by methionine infusion

Mali C.V., 1986: Nutrio periodism and yield of rice oryza sativa at varying soil moisture regimes in vertisol

Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008048

Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008049

Ogata, S.; Saneoka, H.; Fujita, K.; Matsumoto, K., 1985: Nutritio physiological evaluation of the drought resistance of warm season forage species iii. carbon dioxide assimilation and distribution of carbon 14 photosynthate

Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008053

Wallace R., 1980: Nutrition and age at 1st birth in breast cancer risk

Biswas M.R., 1979: Nutrition and agricultural development in africa

Tirotto M.T., 1987: Nutrition and behavioral factors in young subjects

Louw G.N., 1985: Nutrition and burrowing energetics of the cape mole rat georychus capensis

Wolfe R.S., 1982: Nutrition and carbon metabolism of methanococcus voltae

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Parsons F.M., 1986: Nutrition and delayed hypersensitivity during continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis in relation to peritonitis

Chavez, A.; Martinez, C.; Ophuis, A. O.; Basta, S., 1977: Nutrition and development of children from poor rural areas part 6 effects of mild mal nutrition on body morphology during early growth

Chavez A., 1979: Nutrition and development of children from poor rural areas part 7 the effect of the nutritional status on the frequency and severity of infections

Chavez A., 1979: Nutrition and development of children from poor rural areas part 8 the effect of mild mal nutrition on childrens neurological development

Kosir, M., 1975: Nutrition and development of pygmephorus mesembrinae and pygmephorus quadratus acarina pygmephoridae

Kowalski, Robert, E., 1987: Nutrition and diabetes

Gentile A., 1986: Nutrition and diet in the etiology of endometrial cancer

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Pokrovskii, A. A., 1978: Nutrition and disease

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Stroud M.A., 1987: Nutrition and energy balance on the footsteps of scott expedition 1984 1986

Alderete, J. F.; Robertson, D. C., 1977: Nutrition and entero toxin synthesis by entero toxigenic strains of escherichia coli defined medium for production of heat stable entero toxin

Lebenthal E., 1987: Nutrition and exocrine pancreatic function in infancy effects of total parenteral nutrition and first degree malnutrition

Visek, W. J.; Clinton, S. K.; Truex, C. R., 1978: Nutrition and experimental carcinogenesis

Taylor, G. T.; Pirt, S. J., 1977: Nutrition and factors limiting the growth of a methanogenic bacterium methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum

Nicholson J.W.G., 1981: Nutrition and feeding aspects of the utilization of processed ligno cellulosic waste materials by animals

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Mikhman, A. S., 1978: Nutrition and feeding requirements of the percarina percarina demidoffi larvae in the eastern part of the gulf of taganrog

Correa, H.; Jacoby, J., 1978: Nutrition and fertility some iconoclastic results

Maravilla J.N., 1986: Nutrition and fertilization of coconut seedlings in polybags

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Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008086

Chang, S. K.; Yu, J. J.; Jung, S. H.; Lee, S. D., 1985: Nutrition and food habit survey in a nearby area of demilitarized zone in korea ii. the status of food and nutrient intake

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Bianchi, T. S.; Levinton, J. S., 1981: Nutrition and food limitation of deposit feeders 2. differential effects of hydrobia totteni and ilyanassa obsoleta on the microbial community

Chipoulet J M., 1979: Nutrition and glycosidase activity of 2 scolytidae coleopteran parasites of the elm ulmus campestris

Bjorndal K.A., 1980: Nutrition and grazing behavior of the green turtle chelonia mydas

Hoehne H., 1983: Nutrition and growth of birch betula pendula on sulfate carbonate and silicate sites of thuringia east germany

Ingestad T., 1981: Nutrition and growth of birch betula verrucosa and gray alder alnus incana seedlings in low conductivity solutions and at varied relative rates of nutrient addition

Kahr M., 1985: Nutrition and growth of coniferous seedlings at varied relative nitrogen addition rate

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Rufli H., 1979: Nutrition and growth of the coregonid coregonus spp fish populations in lake thun and lake biel switzerland

Leung O.C., 1979: Nutrition and growth of the moderately halophilic bacteria micrococcus morrhuae k 17 and micrococcus luteus k 15

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Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008122

Kappas A., 1979: Nutrition and oxidative drug metabolism in man relative influence of dietary lipids carbohydrate and protein

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Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008162

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Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008164

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Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008196

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Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008211

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Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008253

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Section 7, Chapter 6009, Accession 006008260

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