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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6011

Chapter 6011 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Choi, W. P.; Kawata, K., 1975: O group of escherichia coli from canine and feline pyometra

Zhdanov Yu A., 1987: O hetaryl substituted hydrocarbons and their neurotropic activity

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010002

Gupta A.K., 1982: O iodoso benzoate as an oxidimetric titrant

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010004

Holck M., 1986: O isothiocyanate dihydropyridine a long acting reversible inhibitor of the calcium channel

Orskov F., 1982: O k h f serotypes of fimbriated escherichia coli strains isolated from infants with diarrhea

Messner R., 1987: O linked but not n linked glycosylation is necessary for the secretion of endoglucanases i and ii by trichoderma reesei

Honnen W.J., 1988: O linked glycosylation of retroviral envelope gene products

Park M.K., 1987: O linked n acetylglucosamine is attached to proteins of the nuclear pore evidence for cytoplasmic and nucleoplasmic glycoproteins

Spear P.G., 1983: O linked oligo saccharides are acquired by herpes simplex virus glyco proteins in the golgi apparatus

Roughley P.J., 1982: O linked oligo saccharides of human articular cartilage proteo glycan

Wassarman P.M., 1985: O linked oligosaccharides of mouse egg zp 3 account for its sperm receptor activity

Germain, G.; Declercq, J. P.; Van-Meerssche, M.; Koch, M. H. J., 1977: O methyl 2 2 ethyl 5 nitroimidazol 1 ylethyl thio carbamate sulnidazole

Phillips L.R., 1982: O methyl hydroxylamine as a new trapping reagent for quantitative studies of 4 hydroxy cyclo phosphamide and aldo phosphamide

Phillips, A. T.; Lajohn, L.; Lewis, B., 1977: O methyl hydroxylamine as a reagent for nad modification in urocanase ec

Weckesser, J.; Mayer, H.; Fromme, I., 1973: O methyl sugars in lipo poly saccharides of rhodospirillaceae identification of 3 o methyl d mannose in rhodopseudomonas viridis and of 4 o methyl d xylose and 3 o methyl 6 deoxy d talose in rhodopseudomonas palustris respectively

Higughi T., 1982: O methyl transferase as a tool to evaluate the lignin evolution

Shimada, M.; Ohashi, H.; Higuchi, T., 1970: O methyl transferases involved in the biosynthesis of lignins

Thompson, H. J.; Sharma, S. K.; Brown, S. A., 1978: O methyl transferases of furano coumarin biosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010020

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010021

Lo, C. M.; Kwok, M. L.; Wurtman, R. J., 1976: O methylation and decarboxylation of alpha methyl dopa in brain and spinal cord depletion of s adenosyl methionine and accumulation of metabolites in catecholaminergic neurons

Nagai M., 1985: O methylation effect on the carbon 12 nmr signals of substituted phenols 2

Nagai M., 1984: O methylation effect on the carbon 13 nmr signals of o disubstituted phenols and its application to structure determination of new phthalides from aspergillus silvaticus

Fadda, F.; Medda, L.; Liguori, G., 1976: O methylation of apo morphine induced by catechol o methyl transferase

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010026

Miyazaki H., 1983: O methylation of dopamine o sulfates with catechol o methyl transferase

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010028

Poulton, J. E.; Hahlbrock, K.; Grisebach, H., 1977: O methylation of flavonoid substrates by a partially purified enzyme from soybean cell suspension cultures

Ibrahm R.K., 1980: O methylation of flavonoids by cell free extracts of calamondin orange citrus mitis

Barone S., 1986: O methylation of isoproterenol by the endothelium of the rabbit thoracic aorta

Bhattacharyya S.C., 1985: O methylation of khusinol and its derivatives and a one step introduction of tertiary methoxy functions in khusinol

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010033

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010034

Grinenko G.S., 1982: O n n tri acetyl pseudo solasodine iodination in some proton and aprotic solvents

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010036

Thaller M.C., 1986: O nitrophenyl beta d galactopyranoside urease indole broth a new composite tube medium for salmonella screening

Pezzi R., 1988: O nitrophenyl beta d galactopyranoside urease indole medium in the screening of enteric pathogens

Jordan, E.; Saedler, H.; Starlinger, P., 1968: O o and strong polar mutations in the gal operon are insertions

Fisher T.H., 1982: O o di alkyl o p n alkylcarbamoylphenyl phosphorothionates a promising new series of toxicants for the control of imported fire ants

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010041

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010042

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010043

Hurvitz E.D., 1982: O p ddt causes growth of an androgen dependent gland in coturnix coturnix japonica

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010045

Lund, B. O.; Klasson-Wehler, E.; Brandt, I., 1986: O p' ddd in the mouse lung selective uptake covalent binding and effect on drug metabolism

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010047

Sevaljevic L., 1984: O phenanthroline copper sulfate induced re distribution of nuclear proteins

Kuznetsov A.N., 1982: O phenanthroline inhibition of mitochondrial respiration in a constant magnetic field

Okawara M., 1988: O phenanthroline thiolester as a reactive acylating reagent

Douglas S.D., 1987: O phenylenediamine oxidation by phorbol myristate acetate stimulated human polymorphonuclear leukocytes characterization of two distinct oxidative mechanisms

Idler W.W., 1982: O phospho serine content of intermediate filament subunits

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010053

Palczewski, K.; Hargrave, P. A.; Kochman, M., 1983: O phthalaldehyde a fluorescence probe of aldolase ec active site

Kim H., 1979: O phthalaldehyde and the fluorogenic detection of peptides

Krishna K.G., 1986: O phthalaldehyde as a probe in the active site of ribulose 1 5 bisphophate carboxylase

Benson, J. R.; Hare, P. E., 1975: O phthalaldehyde fluorogenic detection of primary amines in the picomole range comparison with fluorescamine and ninhydrin

Reeder, D. J.; Sniegoski, L. T.; Schaffer, R., 1978: O phthalaldehyde for the fluorometric assay of nonprotein amino compounds

Beuvery E.C., 1987: O polysaccharide protein conjugates induce high levels of specific antibodies to pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 3 lipopolysaccharide

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010060

Meunier B., 1983: O quinone formation in the biochemical oxidation of the anti tumor drug n 2 methyl 9 hydroxy ellipticinium acetate

Pierpoint, W. S., 1969: O quinones formed in plant extracts their reaction with bovine serum albumin

Pierpoint, W. S., 1969: O quinones formed in plant extracts their reactions with amino acids and peptides

Jeter K.F., 1984: O ring urinary ostomy appliance

Peal J.A., 1984: O s s tri methyl phosphorodithioate and o o s tri ethyl phosphorothioate pharmaco kinetics in rats and effect of pre treatment with compounds affecting the drug processing systems

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010066

Shimada T., 1984: O serogrouping scheme for mesophilic aeromonas strains

Talavera Coronel A., 1979: O serogroups of escherichia coli in a farm production group

Haile H.T., 1986: O serotypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa from animal and inanimate sources in saudi arabia

Whiteley G.R., 1979: O serotyping of providencia stuartii isolates collected from 12 hospitals

Hennessy J.N., 1979: O serotyping providencia alcalifaciens

Pitt T.L., 1983: O serotyping scheme for enterobacter cloacae

Schliesser T., 1986: O serovars and antibiotic sensitivity of strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa from human and animal sources

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010074

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010075

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010076

Chowaniec J., 1980: O toluene sulfonamide and saccharin in the promotion of bladder cancer in the rat

Okabe, H.; Kita, M.; Netsu-Nakayama, K.; Yamamoto, T.; Watanabe, K.; Shimizu, Y.; Noma, A., 1980: O toluoyl choline as substrate for measurement of serum pseudo cholin esterase ec activity

Langenbeck, U.; Mench-Hoinowski, A.; Dieckmann, K. P.; Moehring, H. U.; Petersen, M., 1978: O tri methylsilyl quinoxalinol derivatives of aromatic alpha keto acids mass spectra and quantitative gas chromatography

Toyoda, J. I.; Saito, T.; Kondo, H., 1978: O types of horizontal cells in the sting ray retina their morphology and physiology

Chkanikov, N. D.; Preobrazhenskaya, M. N., 1981: O' glycosyl nucleosides

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010082

Moulin, G.; Moyne, G.; Franc, M. P.; Barrut, D., 1982: O'briens actinic granuloma 3 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010084

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010085

Golyshev, E. P.; Tarakanova, M. P.; Fedorova, T. A., 1977: Oa simple method for estimation of total deoxy ribo nucleosides in human urine

Mcmillan I., 1987: Oac wintri triticale in diets of growing swine

Mitchell R.W., 1984: Oahuhawaiiana kazukolinda new genus new species turbellaria tricladida maricola a new freshwater planarian from honolulu oahu island hawaii usa

Kissling P., 1983: Oak forests of the central jura in switzerland

Bezus'ko L.G., 1986: Oak forests of the maloye polessye ukrainian ssr ussr in the late postglacial period

Larew, H. G., 1987: Oak galls preserved by the eruption of mount vesuvius italy in a.d. 79 and their probable use

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010092

Baldwin I.T., 1982: Oak leaf quercus rubra quality declines in response to defoliation by gypsy moth lymantria dispar larvae

Crepet W.L., 1983: Oak quercus catkins leaves and fruits from the oligocene catahoula formation huntsville texas usa and their evolutionary significance

Johnson R.L., 1981: Oak quercus nuttallii seeding it can work

Axelsson, L.; Klockare, B.; Sundqvist, C., 1981: Oak quercus robur seedlings grown in different light qualities 2. photostability of early forms of chlorophyllide

Cable H., 1982: Oak quercus rubra poisoning in cattle

Smith D.W., 1986: Oak regeneration after clear felling in southwest virginia usa

Sundqvist C., 1979: Oak seedlings grown in different light qualities part 1 morphological development

Polezhai P.M., 1982: Oak species range in the northwest caucasus ussr

Oliver M.N., 1987: Oak toxicosis in cattle in northern california usa clinical and pathologic findings

Hoefle H C., 1985: Oak trunk layers in bogs and valley plant and the deterioration of the climate during the subboreal

Merrill W., 1982: Oak wilt ceratocystis fagacearum foci related to ridge bearing and aspect in pennsylvania usa

Landis, T. D., 1977: Oak wilt detected in 5 new counties in kansas and nebraska

Levy G., 1982: Oak wilt disease in the forest of troncais france ecological causes

Bonchev D., 1986: Oasis method for predicting biological activity of chemical compounds

Pankova E.I., 1980: Oasis soils of southern gobian deserts of the mongolian peoples republic with special reference to ehiin gol

Rines H.W., 1983: Oat avena sativa anther culture genotype effects on callus initiation and the production of a ha ploid plant

Wellso S.G., 1982: Oat avena sativa cultivar montezuma leaf volatiles possible insect attractants

Latzko E., 1980: Oat avena sativa leaf phospho glucose isomerase competitive inhibition by erythrose 4 phosphate

Larkins B.A., 1983: Oat avena sativa seed globulin subunit characterization and demonstration of its synthesis as a precursor

Peterson, D. M.; Housley, T. L.; Luk, T. M., 1982: Oat avena sativa stem vascular size in relation to kernel number and weight 2. field environment

Spriggs, A. I.; Boddington, M. M., 1976: Oat cell bronchial carcinoma identification of cells in pleural fluid

Ramos C.A.F., 1986: Oat cell bronchogenic carcinoma presentation of 1 case

Imai, T.; Sannohe, Y.; Okano, H., 1978: Oat cell carcinoma apudoma of the esophagus a case report

Adler B., 1981: Oat cell carcinoma of larynx

Sarma D.P., 1982: Oat cell carcinoma of the esophagus

Ibrahim N.B.N., 1983: Oat cell carcinoma of the esophagus a clinico pathological study of 23 cases

Galera H., 1981: Oat cell carcinoma of the esophagus case description and review of the literature

Boffi A., 1988: Oat cell carcinoma of the esophagus on a case

Henson D.E., 1984: Oat cell carcinoma of the gallbladder

Kyriakos, M.; Berlin, B. P.; Deschryver-Kecskemeti, K., 1978: Oat cell carcinoma of the larynx

Bitran, J. D.; Toledo-Pereyra, L. H.; Matz, G., 1978: Oat cell carcinoma of the larynx response to combined modality therapy

Levitt, M.; Meikle, A.; Murray, N.; Weinerman, B., 1978: Oat cell carcinoma of the lung central nervous system metastases in spite of prophylactic brain irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010127

Hornback, N. B.; Einhorn, L.; Shidnia, H.; Joe, B. T.; Krause, M.; Furnas, B., 1976: Oat cell carcinoma of the lung early treatment results of combination radiation therapy and chemo therapy

Hayakawa H., 1980: Oat cell carcinoma of the stomach

Scheithauer B.W., 1982: Oat cell carcinoma of the thymus

Roberts C., 1983: Oat cell carcinoma of the trachea a case with electron microscopy

Sneige N., 1986: Oat cell carcinoma of the urinary tract an immunohistochemical and electron microscopic study

Tymms D.J., 1980: Oat cell carcinoma pheo chromo cytoma and carcinoid tumors multiple amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation cell neoplasia a case report

O'rourke L., 1982: Oat cell carcinoma with fibrosis evidence for release of a growth substance

Wegman, D. H.; Peters, J. M., 1978: Oat cell lung cancer in selected occupations a case control study

Davies D.H., 1982: Oat cells in the pathology of ovine pneumonia pleurisy

Marlett J.A., 1988: Oat fiber composition versus physiological function in rats

Rao C.S., 1988: Oat fibers in low calorie breads soft type cookies and pasta

Hennessy, D. W.; Robinson, G. G., 1978: Oat forage and grain supplements for the production of yearling beef from pasture on the northern tablelands of new south wales

Vuckovic R., 1982: Oat grass meadows with steepe clary salvia nemorosa in the surroundings of secanj in banat yugoslavia

Youngs, V. L.; Puskulcu, M.; Smith, R. R., 1977: Oat lipids part 1 composition and distribution of lipid components in 2 oat cultivars

Matre T., 1986: Oat meal for growing finishing pigs

Sharov A.F., 1984: Oat photosynthetic activity as dependent on the level of mineral nutrition

Verkhovtseva, N. V., 1976: Oat protein and its quality on sod podzolic soils cultivated to different extents

Cluskey, J. E.; Wu, Y. V.; Inglett, G. E.; Wall, J. S., 1976: Oat protein concentrates for beverage fortification

Crowder J., 1987: Oat rye and wheat forage variety tests at overton texas usa in 1985 1986

Jones R.M., 1987: Oat silage yield as affected by time of application of nitrogen fertilizer seeding rate and planting date

Friedlander W.J., 1982: Oaths given by usa and canadian medical schools 1977 profession of medical values

Voelker, H. H.; Stake, P. E.; Owens, M. J.; Schingoethe, D. J., 1977: Oatlage vs oats barley and wheat combination silages for dairy cattle

Vilela, H.; Cavalcanti, S. S.; Veloso, J. A. F.; Moreira, H. A., 1977: Oats avena sativa rye secale cereale and wheat triticum aestivum as winter forage/

Kempf W., 1987: Oats barley and triticale properties and chances for the industrial starch production

Wahlstrom, R. C.; Reiner, L. J.; Libal, G. W., 1977: Oats de hulled oats and hulless barley as ingredients in pig starter diets

Ladizinsky, G., 1975: Oats in ethiopia

Stonedahl G.M., 1987: Oaxacacoris new genus a new plant bug genus and three new species of orthotylini from mexico heteroptera miridae

Ailhaud G., 1984: Ob 17 cells transformed by the middle t only gene of polyoma virus differentiate in vitro and in vivo into adipose cells

Van Waerebeke D., 1985: Obainia petteri new species rhigonematidae nematoda from pachybolus laminatus diplopoda in ivory coast description and study of the spermiogenesis

Russell, S. W.; Ward, B. C.; Baker, N. F., 1970: Obeliscoides cuniculi comparison of gastric lesions in rabbits with those of bovine ostertagiosis

Kumar C.S., 1984: Oberonia bisaccata new species orchidaceae from india

Joseph, J.; Vajravelu, E., 1971: Oberonia seidenfadeniana new species orchid from anamalai hills south india

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010161

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010162

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010163

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010164

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010165

Younger, J. C.; Pliner, P., 1976: Obese normal differences in the self monitoring of expressive behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010167

Wick G., 1984: Obese strain os chickens with spontaneous auto immune thyroiditis have a deficiency in thymic nurse cells

Fukushima D.K., 1981: Obese young men have elevated plasma estrogen levels but obese pre menopausal women do not

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010170

Bass M.A., 1984: Obesity among eastern usa cherokee indian women prevalence self perceptions and experiences

Friedman M.I., 1982: Obesity and adipocyte abnormalities in offspring of rats under nourished during pregnancy

Simonetti D'arca A., 1984: Obesity and arterial hypertension in primary schools of rome italy

Stanton J.L.Jr, 1985: Obesity and caloric intake the national health and nutrition examination survey of 1971 1975 usa

Mancini M., 1981: Obesity and cardiac function

Griffin P.P., 1987: Obesity and decreased femoral anteversion in adolescence

Mclaughlin J.S., 1988: Obesity and diabetes as risk factors for postoperative wound infections after cardiac surgery

Zakowska Wachelko B., 1981: Obesity and diabetes past the age of 65 years

Frolich E.D., 1981: Obesity and essential hypertension hemodynamics intra vascular volume sodium excretion and plasma renin activity

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010180

Levinson, M. L., 1977: Obesity and health

Nosari I., 1988: Obesity and hyperinsulinemias effects of modified fasting

Flamenbaum W., 1986: Obesity and hypertension demonstration of a floor effect

Gillum R.F., 1986: Obesity and hypertension in a longitudinal study of black physicians the meharry cohort study

Adetuyibi A., 1986: Obesity and hypertension in diabetic nigerians

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010187

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010188

Mcnamara P.M., 1980: Obesity and lipo protein cholesterol in the framingham massachusetts usa offspring study

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010190

Nachev Ch, 1984: Obesity and morbidity in a medical staff

Bernacki E.J., 1988: Obesity and morbidity prevalence in a working population

Cabo Soler J., 1985: Obesity and nitrogen metabolism

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010194

Boquist, L., 1972: Obesity and pancreatic islet hyperplasia in the mongolian gerbil

Hamborg B., 1982: Obesity and physical activity

Louvet J P., 1987: Obesity and postmenopausal bone loss the influence of obesity on vertebral density and bone turnover in postmenopausal women

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010198

Strata A., 1982: Obesity and pregnancy epidemiological aspects

De-Francesco, F.; Di-Prima, C.; Marrapodi, A.; Costa, G., 1987: Obesity and prostaglandins

Stunkard A.J., 1983: Obesity and psychoanalysis treatment and 4 year follow up

Riss P., 1988: Obesity and stress urinary incontinence significance of indices of relative weight

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010203

Clark M.G., 1982: Obesity and the regulation of phospho fructo kinase in heart an apparent insensitivity to adrenergic activation in mature age genetically obese rats

Vondra, K.; Rath, R., 1975: Obesity and thyroid function part 2 the effect of prolonged caloric restriction on achilles tendon reflex values

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010206

Dwyer, P. L.; Lee, E. T. C.; Hay, D. M., 1988: Obesity and urinary incontinence in women

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010208

Lemon S.M., 1985: Obesity as a predictor of poor antibody response to hepatitis b plasma vaccine

Rocco A., 1987: Obesity as a risk factor for endometrial cancer

Et Al, 1984: Obesity as a risk factor in belgrade yugoslavia population and preventive measures

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010212

Thomason J.A., 1984: Obesity as a variable affecting performance on the rod and frame test

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010214

Castelli W.P., 1983: Obesity as an independent risk factor for cardio vascular disease a 26 year follow up of participants in the framingham heart study

Maksimova S., 1985: Obesity as risk factor of pathology among subjects from various age groups

Meade C.J., 1981: Obesity can some fat cells enlarge while others are shrinking

Hibscher, J. A.; Herman, C. P., 1977: Obesity dieting and the expression of obese characteristics

Ashwell, M.; Meade, C. J., 1978: Obesity do fat cells from genetically obese mice c 57bl 6j ob ob have an innate capacity for increased fat storage

Casacchia M., 1987: Obesity during chronic treatment with slow release neuroleptics

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010221

Biedrzycki L., 1983: Obesity estrogen production and tumor estrogen receptors in women with carcinoma of the breast

Tucker L.A., 1983: Obesity exercise somatotype and psychological well being a factor analytic study

Coleman D.L., 1979: Obesity genes beneficial effects in hetero zygous mice

Husain F.J., 1981: Obesity gravity and spread of epidural anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010226

Mellbin T., 1979: Obesity in 10 year olds an epidemiologic study

Belmont L., 1979: Obesity in 19 year old men family size and birth order associations

Moore D.J., 1980: Obesity in a dog with secondary hormonal imbalance

Polednak, A. P.; Auliffe, J., 1976: Obesity in an institutionalized adult mentally retarded population

Nikoletseas, M. M., 1977: Obesity in exercising hypophagic rats treated with mono sodium glutamate

Pennetti V., 1979: Obesity in italian children regional differences in height weight and skin fold thicknesses

Cairella M., 1987: Obesity in italy

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010234

Roopnarinesingh S.S., 1988: Obesity in pregnancy

King K.C., 1980: Obesity in pregnancy risks and outcome

Wilhelmsen L., 1980: Obesity in relation to morbidity and mortality from cardio vascular disease

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010238

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010239

Carpenter R.G., 1979: Obesity in school children and their parents

Et Al, 1987: Obesity in the elderly contribution of adipose tissue biopsy to the definition of physiopathological aspects

Clementi A., 1985: Obesity in the young nutritional study and socio economic correlations

Noppa H., 1981: Obesity in women in relation to mental illness social factors and personality traits

Kato K., 1987: Obesity in women with marked hyperprolactinemia

Shimizu K., 1986: Obesity index and blood pressure of workers in kitakyushu japan

Shimizu K., 1985: Obesity indices and their interrelationships when applied to workers

Spencer H., 1987: Obesity induced hyperplastic lung growth

Novin D., 1982: Obesity inducing hypothalamic knife cuts effects on lipolysis and blood insulin levels

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010250

Petrioli M., 1982: Obesity new diets for weight control

Dixon A.K., 1985: Obesity new insight into the anthropometric classification of fat distribution shown by computed tomography

Ariel, I. M.; Greenberg, J., 1977: Obesity obscuring breast cancer a case report

Rotatori A.F., 1985: Obesity of mentally retarded individuals prevalence characteristics and intervention

Yi, J., 1977: Obesity of women from the obstetrics point of view

Booth D.A., 1986: Obesity overeating and rapid gastric emptying in rats with ventromedial hypothalamic lesions

Grant C.H., 1982: Obesity personal constructs and amount of weight loss

Pupita M., 1982: Obesity problems in 1982

Huenemann R.L., 1984: Obesity prognosis a longitudinal study of children from the age of 6 months to 9 years

Leon, G. R.; Roth, L., 1977: Obesity psychological causes correlations and speculations

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010263

Macmahon B., 1983: Obesity serum cholesterol and estrogens in pre menopausal women

Karkkainen J., 1983: Obesity serum steroid levels and pulsatile gonadotropin secretion in poly cystic ovarian disease

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010268

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010269

Miettinen O.S., 1980: Obesity sodium intake and blood pressure in adolescents

Johnston, F. E.; Mack, R. W., 1980: Obesity stature and 1 year relative weight of 15 year old youths

Mann, G. V., 1971: Obesity the nutritional spook

Munro J.F., 1979: Obesity to treat or not to treat

Dalen K., 1987: Obesity treated by intermaxillary fixation and diet

Kannel W.B., 1981: Obesity very low density lipo proteins and glucose intolerance over 14 years the framingham study

Stunkard A., 1986: Obesity weight loss and dietary restraint

Wade G.N., 1982: Obesity without over eating in golden hamsters mesocricetus auratus

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010278

Pitschmann, H., 1977: Obituary for helmut gams 1893 1976

Roitbak, A. I., 1975: Obituary ivan solomonovich beritashvili 1885 1974

Kuhnert-Brandstaetter, M., 1977: Obituary of otto schaumann 1891 1977

Olton D.S., 1980: Object discrimination by rats the role of frontal and hippocampal systems in retention and reversal

Zablocka, T.; Zernicki, B., 1978: Object discrimination learning in cats deprived on pattern vision from birth/

Boivin D., 1987: Object exploration in staggerer mutant mice

Landau, R., 1981: Object grasping vs. self stimulation findings from a cross cultural study

Abkarian G.G., 1986: Object grouping strategies by adults evaluating a class act

Diesch E., 1984: Object identification the mental representation of physical and conceptual attributes

Norton, J. C., 1976: Object intensity and subject variables in visual evoked response

Birke L.I.A., 1979: Object investigation by the estrous rat and guinea pig the estrous cycle and the effects of estrogen and progesterone

Lawrence R., 1985: Object knowledge personal knowledge and processes of equilibration in adult cognition

Primavera L., 1981: Object manipulation an interactional strategy with autistic children

Torigoe T., 1987: Object manipulation in a captive troop of japanese monkeys macaca fuscata a developmental analysis

Brandt T., 1987: Object motion detection affected by concurrent self motion perception applied aspects for vehicle guidance

Degner D., 1986: Object motion detection affected by concurrent self motion perception psychophysics of a new phenomenon

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010295

Olberg R.M., 1981: Object movement and self movement detectors in the ventral nerve cord of the dragonfly anax junius

Hatfield, F. M.; Howard, D.; Barber, J.; Jones, C.; Morton, J., 1977: Object naming in aphasics the lack of effect of context or realism

Kranepuhl H., 1986: Object of polyurethane foam to put patients in position

Iqbal Q.J., 1983: Object orientation an ethological study on the feeding behavior of the fish tor putitora

Baillargeon R., 1987: Object permanence in 3 1 2 and 4 1 2 month old infants

Chapuis N., 1982: Object permanence in cats analysis in loco motor space

Pasnak R., 1981: Object permanence in cats and dogs

Wasserman S., 1985: Object permanence in five month old infants

Kozak F.A., 1986: Object permanence in the african gray parrot psittacus erithacus

Anderson, R. M.; Hunt, S. C.; Stoep, A. V.; Pribram, K. H., 1976: Object permanency and delayed response as spatial context in monkeys with frontal lesions

Biben M., 1982: Object play and social treatment of prey in bush dogs and crab eating foxes

Cross H.A., 1984: Object recognition as a function of stimulus characteristics

Billington R., 1987: Object relations ego deficits in bulimic college women

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010309

Wallace R.J., 1985: Object retrieval preference of norway rats an evolutionary generalization of behavior

Jones G., 1985: Object reversals after parietal lobe infarction a case report

Sala L.S., 1980: Object salience and code separation in picture naming

Magnusson A., 1988: Object size determination at computed tomography

Ettlinger G., 1979: Object sorting by chimpanzees pan troglodytes and monkeys macaca mulatta and cebus apella

Mayer S., 1987: Object substitution its nature and function in early pretend play

Shibuya S., 1984: Objectification of histologic diagnosis on protruded lesion of atypical epithelium and differentiated carcinoma of the stomach numerical value of structural atypism by morphometrical analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010317

Samen A., 1986: Objectified study of differences in the interval personality of monopolar and bipolar depressive patients under lithium treatment

Ruehle K H., 1985: Objectifying of effect of antitussive agents by tussometry in patients with chronic cough

Bosman B.T., 1979: Objectionable or harmful mites and insects in and about buildings in 1978

Van-Der-Aa, H. A., 1978: Objections to the regular consumption of agaricus macrosporus

Shain R.N., 1980: Objections to tubal sterilization what reversibility can and cannot overcome

Ambrozi, L.; Langner, E., 1977: Objectivation of latent psychoses

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010324

D'alessio T., 1985: Objective algorithm for maximum frequency estimation in doppler spectral analyzers

Onderdelinden D., 1981: Objective analysis of air pollution monitoring network data spatial interpolation and network density

Wang, D. P.; Walsh, J. J., 1976: Objective analysis of the upwelling ecosystem off baja california mexico

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010333

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010334

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010339

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010340

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010347

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010351

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010352

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010387

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Katsumi, O.; Hirose, T.; Tanino, T., 1988: Objective evaluation of binocular function with pattern reversal ver iv. effect of spatial and temporal frequency

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010396

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010401

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Honji I., 1987: Objective evaluation of hoarse voice

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010406

Raftery E.B., 1985: Objective evaluation of py 108 068 a new calcium channel inhibitor for the treatment of chronic stable angina pectoris

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010408

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010409

Oton Sanchez C., 1987: Objective evaluation of scintigraphic diagnosis of bone metastasis

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010414

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010420

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010424

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Ryan K.J., 1981: Objective evidence that placebo and oral medroxy progesterone acetate therapy diminish menopausal vaso motor flushes

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010430

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010468

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010477

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010479

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010480

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010496

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010498

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010499

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010508

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010522

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010534

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010547

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010549

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010550

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010551

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010554

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Ranta R., 1980: Oblique facial clefts

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010582

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Carpenter R.J., 1982: Obliterative cholangitis due to cytomegalovirus a possible precursor of paucity of intra hepatic bile ducts

Tos M., 1979: Obliterative otitis media

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010603

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Rocha A.H., 1986: Observation about 21 cases of microcarcinoma of the cervix

Marx G., 1984: Observation about a possible adaptation of varroa jacobsoni to apis mellifera in uruguay

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010613

Puech J., 1988: Observation and analysis of crystalline phases in processed cheese

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Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010630

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Da Silva O.L., 1981: Observation hip

Cicchetti D.V., 1987: Observation history and physical examination in diagnosis of serious illnesses in febrile children less than or equal to 24 months

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010634

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Rowley, J. R.; Jarai-Komlodi, M., 1976: Observation of 1 pollen grain by scanning electron microscopy transmission electron microscopy and light microscopy

Gicquaud C., 1984: Observation of 10 nanometer filaments in cytoplasmic preparations of amoeba proteus

Ishida Y., 1988: Observation of 122 cases of cholesterol granuloma in otitis media

Tobias, P. S.; Schumacher, G. F. B., 1977: Observation of 2 pro acrosins in extracts of human spermatozoa

Baker N.R., 1980: Observation of 2 quenchers of chlorophyll fluorescence in chloroplasts at minus 196 celsius

Jasensky R.D., 1980: Observation of 3 1 intra molecular hydrogen bonds gamma turns in the cyclic tetra peptides 4 alanine dedimethyl chlamydocin and cyclo d phenyl alanylprolyl d phenylalanylprolyl by nmr spectrometry effect of solvent on solution conformation

Sodeman W.A.Jr, 1982: Observation of 3 uteri in ascaris lumbricoides var suum

Zhang X Y., 1981: Observation of 50 cases on the clinical study of snake venom arginine esterase used in ischemic cerebro vascular diseases

Wan S., 1984: Observation of 52 cases of paralysis of common peroneal nerve treated by acupuncture and plum blossum needling

Lina, P. H. C.; Van-Der-Laan, H. D., 1978: Observation of a bewicks swan cygnus bewickii with red legs

Lippens, L., 1977: Observation of a black headed wagtail motacilla flava feldegg at knokke belgium

Riordan J.F., 1987: Observation of a chloride dependent intermediate during catalysis by angiotensin converting enzyme using radiationless energy transfer

James A.M., 1980: Observation of a covering material on the surface of cells of mycobacterium bovis bcg revealed by scanning electron microscopy

Slagboom T.H., 1987: Observation of a cygnus columbianus with almost black bill

Thonnerieux Y., 1984: Observation of a franklins gull larus pipixcan near lyon france and a survey of its occurrence in europe

Meininger, P. L., 1977: Observation of a kittiwake rissa tridactyla with red legs

Monfort, A.; Monfort, N., 1977: Observation of a melanistic zebra equus burchelli in the akagera national park rwanda

Mcdonnell, P. M.; Abraham, W., 1978: Observation of a new illusion demonstrating touch dominance of vision

Somorjai R.L., 1987: Observation of a possible pause mutant in the total synthesis of t4 lysozyme

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010655

Voituriez, B.; Herbland, A., 1977: Observation of a secondary nitrite maximum in the tropical atlantic guinea dome

Schneider A., 1986: Observation of a taphrina parasitic on polystichum setiferum in france

Swart, M. J.; Timmerman-Azn, A., 1978: Observation of a thrush nightingale luscinia luscinia on rottumeroog netherlands in the spring of 1977

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010659

Bauwens, P.; Bauwens, L.; Pinckaers, J., 1976: Observation of a wilsons phalarope phalaropus tricolor in southern flevoland

Whitehouse B.G., 1985: Observation of abnormal solubility behavior of aromatic hydrocarbons in seawater

Klinik Heckmann U., 1987: Observation of an exceptional development of dentition

Sturtevant J.M., 1980: Observation of an exothermic process associated with the in vitro polymerization of brain tubulin

Kellogg R.M., 1984: Observation of an intimate ion pair intermediate in the ionization of thio addition products of nadp analogs implications for 3 phosphoglyceraldehyde dehydrogenase

Singer S.J., 1982: Observation of an undeca gold cluster compound in the scanning transmission electron microscope

Hauswald B., 1982: Observation of an unusual tumor of the hypo pharynx

Ouyang J W., 1985: Observation of androgenesis in cultured wheat anthers at meiosis tetrad early uninucleate and trinucleate stage

Nakamura, K., 1978: Observation of animal behavior by revolving activity cage method a new automatic measuring and recording system of motor activity of a mouse by means of revolving activity cage is presented

Wolff, L.; Liljemark, W. F., 1978: Observation of beta hemolysis among 3 strains of streptococcus mutans

Van Raden H., 1982: Observation of bird migrations in west germany using long range radar instruments

Hollaender R., 1987: Observation of birds during winter in north darfur sudan

Ohe H., 1980: Observation of bladder neck contracture by trans rectal ultrasono tomography

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010674

Kaga S., 1985: Observation of blood pressure of inhabitants in a farm village of akita prefecture japan results in oomori machi and reason for nonparticipation in mass survey

Takeuti I., 1986: Observation of capillary network in gastric mucosa with biopsy specimen mucosal redness found by gastroendoscopical examination and the structure of capillaries

Griffin R.G., 1986: Observation of carbon carbon connectivities in rotating solids

Soffe N., 1982: Observation of carbon labeling in cell metabolites using proton spin echo nmr

Gautron R., 1982: Observation of carbon sulfur bond cleavage in the photolysis of a 2 amino delta 2 thiazoline derivative

Miyazaki, N.; Wada, S., 1978: Observation of cetacea during whale marking cruise in the western tropical pacific 1976

Vierheilig M., 1984: Observation of changes in the fauna of macrolepidoptera in the upper part of vogtland east germany

Ardill, B. L.; Bhatnagar, V. M.; Fentem, P. H., 1968: Observation of changes in volume of a congested limb as a means of studying the behavior of capacity vessels human

Naito T., 1981: Observation of cholera toxin in vibrio cholerae by using enzyme labeled antibody

Lu G J., 1987: Observation of cholinergic effect on the postprandial release of neurotensin in man

Forgatch M., 1984: Observation of client resistance

Inagaki C., 1985: Observation of cochlear sensory hairs in the neonatal hamster

Aoshima T., 1981: Observation of complement fixing antibody titer and a statistical survey in herpes zoster

Shimizu S., 1980: Observation of conidium liberation by tyndall illumination and terminal velocity of conidia of pyricularia oryzae

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010689

Huestis, W. H.; Raftery, M. A., 1972: Observation of cooperative ionizations in hemo globin

Chiszar, D.; Scudder, K.; Smith, H. M.; Radcliffe, C. W., 1976: Observation of courtship behavior in the western massasauga sistrurus catenatus tergeminus

Banno T., 1987: Observation of csf pulsatile flow in mri the signal void phenomenon

Prasad S., 1979: Observation of cultured embryonic epithelial cells in side view

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010694

Kanai K., 1983: Observation of cytochemical alkaline phosphatase activity on the plasma membrane of cultured rat hepatocytes by backscattered electron imaging

Okazaki M., 1984: Observation of deep ocean bottom currents

Komiyama, M.; Ogata, K., 1977: Observation of density effects on the german cockroaches blattella germanica

Yu X., 1982: Observation of detection of specific immune complex in hepatitis b with elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Melo L.A.S., 1986: Observation of diapause in the boll weevil anthonoma grandis coleoptera curculionidae in the state of sao paulo brazil

Norton R.S., 1986: Observation of drug metabolites and endogenous compounds in human urine by proton nmr spectroscopy

Schwarzbach, E.; Kendlbacher, R., 1977: Observation of early stages of mildew development on leaf surfaces by means of iodine stained impressions

Feo, C. J.; Tchernia, G.; Subtil, E.; Leblond, P. F., 1978: Observation of echinocytosis in 8 patients a phase contrast microscopy and scanning electron microscopy study

Et Al, 1987: Observation of effect of k othrin for killing periplaneta americana

Yoshida H., 1986: Observation of electro kinetic phenomena by imposing oscillating pressure and voltage gradients across some epithelial membranes

Url W.G., 1985: Observation of electron dense fibrillar bodies in the desmid closterium lunula

Lee P., 1986: Observation of enhancement and state transitions in isolated intact chloroplasts

Pamba H.O., 1986: Observation of enterobius vermicularis ova in urine 3 case reports

Ward G.H.Jr, 1983: Observation of episodic sedimentation in a tidal inlet sabine pass texas and louisiana usa

Kashiwabara N., 1985: Observation of facial changes in japanese vowel pronunciation by use of the moire topography

Ide Y., 1986: Observation of facial changes in japanese vowel pronunciation through moire topography

Sadowska B., 1979: Observation of fairy rings in the lowlands poland

Et Al, 1987: Observation of fallout in hiroshima japan caused by the reactor accident at chernobyl ussr

Morton L.D., 1985: Observation of feeding interactions between coyotes canis latrans in fundy national park new brunswick canada

Nickerson, P. A.; Skelton, F. R.; Molteni, A., 1970: Observation of filaments in the adrenal of androgen treated rats

Coykendall A.L., 1983: Observation of fimbriae and flagella in dispersed subgingival dental plaque and fresh bacterial isolates from periodontal disease

Batty R.S., 1983: Observation of fish larvae in the dark with television and ir illumination

Kastelein P., 1987: Observation of flagellate protozoa phytomonas sp in cocos nucifera cecropia palmata and euphorbia hirta

Matsumoto G., 1980: Observation of flagellation of spermatozoa by de polarized laser light scattering

Liu C., 1982: Observation of flavobacterium oryzae new species m sm 1612 in rice roots under electron microscope and the characteristics of nitrogen fixation associated with rice

Camargo C.A., 1981: Observation of forms of trypanosoma cruzi in the feces of triatominae inoculated into the coelomic cavity

Ramos, A.; Schwartz, E., 1976: Observation of frequency specific discharges at the unit level in conditioned cats

Yoshimoto H., 1980: Observation of fundus of stroke prone spontaneously hypertensive rat with respect to the reddish opacities surrounding the optic disc

Tomoyoshi T., 1987: Observation of fungi within urinary stones

Sovcikova E., 1987: Observation of general health condition in the greenhouse female employees exposed to pesticides preliminary report

Svoboda V., 1986: Observation of glycogen content in myocytes of experimental animals following gamma irradiation

Kabayama A., 1979: Observation of head movement of swimming fish by the use of strain gage embedded in fish body

Whitley T.W., 1988: Observation of head trauma patients at home a prospective study of compliance in the rural south

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010728

Nagaoka M., 1981: Observation of hepatitis b virus infection in closed wards

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010730

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010731

Et Al, 1985: Observation of human basophil degranulation test in asthmatic patients

Feng X., 1983: Observation of immediate effect of acupuncture on electro encephalograms in epileptic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010734

Shindo, H.; Cohen, J. S., 1976: Observation of individual carboxyl groups in hen egg white lysozyme ec by use of high field carbon 13 nmr

Wada S., 1982: Observation of inherent mechanisms for water quality maintenance in a feedback culture system of zoo plankton

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010737

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010738

Fink A.L., 1982: Observation of intermediates in the folding of rnase a at low temperature using proton nmr

Ohira K., 1981: Observation of intra hepatic vessels in experimental liver cirrhosis of rat by scanning electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010742

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010743

Zhang C., 1984: Observation of lactic dehydrogenase on the prognosis of malignant ovarian tumors

Uno I., 1986: Observation of lake breeze penetration and subsequent development of the thermal internal boundary layer for the nanticoke ii shoreline diffusion experiment

Robilliard D.R.C., 1987: Observation of late summer spawning activities by the sea lamprey petromyzon marinus in the carp river eastern lake superior canada

Lewis, A.; Spoonhower, J. P.; Perreault, G. J., 1976: Observation of light emission from a rhod opsin

Poduschka, W., 1978: Observation of light stimuli by cryptomys hottentottus

Et Al, 1984: Observation of long term steroid therapy in patients with congenital adreno cortical hyperplasia

Kira S., 1987: Observation of lymph nodes and great vessels in the mediastinum by endoscopic ultrasonography

Ruan M., 1984: Observation of lymphocyte electrophoretic mobility test in tumor bearing mice

Ishikawa H., 1987: Observation of lymphocyte function in perinatal cows and neonatal calves

Liang P., 1986: Observation of macrophage phagocytizing and killing bacillus anthracis spores by electron microscope

Kalbitzer H.R., 1986: Observation of magnesium atp and uncomplexed atp in slow exchange by phosphorus 31 nmr at high magnetic fields

Hayes, C. F.; Hwang, S. R., 1977: Observation of magnetically induced polarization in a ferro fluid

Leigh J.S.Jr, 1986: Observation of manganese ii ligand superhyperfine couplings in complexes with proteins by electron spin echo spectroscopy

Den Hollander J.A., 1986: Observation of metabolites in the human brain by magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Gossem M.W., 1982: Observation of metabolites of reduced lantadene a in bile canalicular membranes of rats with tri terpene induced cholestasis

Et Al, 1986: Observation of methodology of tiny chorion biopsy with maternal and fetal risks after biopsy in early pregnancy

Jukic J., 1981: Observation of micro flora in technological process of twisted dough production

Staehelin L.A., 1981: Observation of micro plasmodesmata in both heterocyst forming and nonheterocyst forming filamentous cyanobacteria by freeze fracture electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010762

Barker R.J., 1980: Observation of microsporidian spores using the scanning electron microscope an evaluation of techniques

Wyeth N.C., 1987: Observation of microwave induced eye lens surface motion in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010765

Kula, O.; Pultznerova, A.; Galovic, S.; Pataky, L., 1975: Observation of mycobacteria in different water sources of the central slovakian region

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010767

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010768

Pellet, H., 1978: Observation of neo nate urine by phase contrast microscopy

Kuo, T. T., 1977: Observation of nervous tissue in a wilms tumor its histogenetic significance

Riley, P. S.; Weaver, R. E., 1974: Observation of nitrate reduction in some nonsaccharolytic strains of acinetobacter

Lopez, A.; Boissin, L., 1975: Observation of nonencysted spermatozoa in a spider of the genus phoroncidia araneae theridiidae

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010773

Asamoto, H.; Furuta, M.; Nakai, E., 1976: Observation of nude mouse lymphocytes by use of the freeze fracture method

Zhang X X., 1986: Observation of orbital ocular vascular architecture using plastic casts

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010776

Liu X. , 1981: Observation of p wave change in acute myo cardial infarction

Rutter M., 1984: Observation of parent child interaction with 2 3 year olds

Kuchejda B., 1985: Observation of parturition in mares and of the first reactions in foals

Lenz S., 1980: Observation of patients with minor head injuries an analysis of the basis for referral

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010781

Pastoret P.P., 1985: Observation of pigeon herpesvirus 1 reexcretion during the reproduction period in conventionally reared homing pigeons

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010783

Kwon H.M., 1986: Observation of pollen quantity and quality by ovule dissection in a korean pine clone bank

Humppi T., 1985: Observation of polychlorinated phenoxyanisoles in a technical chlorophenol formulation and in a sawmill environment

Et Al, 1988: Observation of portal circulation through superior mesenteric vein by enteric coated capsule of thallium 201

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010787

Lega S.N., 1983: Observation of potato virus x in tobacco mosaic virus induced local lesions and surrounding zones in leaves of datura stramonium in mixed infection

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010789

Krause U.R., 1986: Observation of propagules in the genera ernodesmis and struvea

Griffith D.W., 1982: Observation of raman nath optical diffraction in the phase grating plane

Kinoshita, M.; Tominaga, T.; Nishimura, T., 1976: Observation of rapid migration of tropho blastic cells from human chorionic villi cultured on fixed gelatin film

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010794

Ikeda T., 1986: Observation of rats in open field mutual relation of male and female

Ikeda T., 1987: Observation of rats in the open field the chase distance

Kani K., 1981: Observation of retinal correspondence by ir television haploscope 2

Mueller, K.; Dobler, E., 1975: Observation of sandpiper calidris himantopus new record in the rhine delta in the vorarlberg region a 1st report for austria

Santolini R., 1985: Observation of sea birds along the adriatic coast between the estuaries of uso and metauro rivers in central italy

Schoen, M. H., 1973: Observation of selected dental services under 2 pre payment mechanisms

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010801

Et Al, 1988: Observation of serum trace elements copper zinc iron and growth of intelligence in children

Mori H., 1988: Observation of sleep apnea in normal subjects using holter ecg respiration monitoring system

Voet, H.; Lhoest, S.; Devillers, P., 1978: Observation of snow geese in the anvers region in the 1973 1974 season

Shporer M., 1983: Observation of sodium 23 in frog rana pipiens skin by nmr

Adge, M., 1978: Observation of some interesting species in the jura france lepidoptera arctiidae geometridae lasiocampidae lycaenidae

Nishimura K., 1986: Observation of sows with reproductive defects by real time ultrasonic b mode scan

Greenall F., 1988: Observation of spontaneous respiratory interaction with artificial ventilation

Harms R.H., 1982: Observation of spurs in 4 strains of white leghorn hens as affected by season of maturity and dietary nutrient level

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010810

Lai W S., 1987: Observation of structural changes in human caries dentin

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010812

Strickler, J. R., 1977: Observation of swimming performances of planktonic copepods

Geidel B., 1985: Observation of synchronous molting of the primaries and secondaries at the purple gallinule porphyrio porphyrio in zoological garden dresden east germany

Sugita T., 1983: Observation of tear drop fracture dislocation of the cervical spine by computerized tomography

Kuroda, N., 1978: Observation of territorial life in breeding season of a pair of jungle crow corvus macrorhynchos in city tokyo japan

Kuroda, N., 1977: Observation of territorial life in breeding season of a pair of jungle crow corvus macrorhynchos in tokyo city japan

Kuroda N., 1979: Observation of territorial life in breeding season of a pair of jungle crow corvus macrorhynchos in tokyo japan continued 8 summarization 4 to be continued

Bourguignon M., 1980: Observation of the 1st mitotic cycle of human lymphocytes after 10 days in culture

Aono T., 1988: Observation of the acrosome reaction of human spermatozoa using the combined preparation with triple stain technique and scanning electron microscopy

Gu Z., 1988: Observation of the activity of factor viii in the endometrium of women with regular menstrual cycles

Levsen K., 1987: Observation of the biological degradation of tensides by field desorption mass spectrometry

Gao H., 1987: Observation of the blood supply of the medial portion of the breasts in the chinese female

Lenzini, L.; Rottoli, L.; Rottoli, P., 1975: Observation of the cellular sensitization to bcg and purified protein derivative with inhibition leukocytic migration test

Pasyukov V.V., 1987: Observation of the cocoon formation process in the flea nosopsyllus fasciatus

Zhang X., 1981: Observation of the conidia of 3 species in the aspergillus flavus group by scanning electron microscopy

Shimoyama M., 1986: Observation of the conidial germination and hyphal penetration of botrytis cinerea by the onion epidermal strip method

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010830

Thomas, J. O.; Edelstein, S. J., 1972: Observation of the dissociation of unliganded hemo globin

Thomas, J. O.; Edelstein, S. J., 1973: Observation of the dissociation of unliganded hemo globin 2 effect of ph salt and dioxane

Fu X., 1981: Observation of the effect of spirobolus bungii extract on cancer cells

Liu S L., 1985: Observation of the effect of substance p on human t and b lymphocyte proliferation

Liu S., 1984: Observation of the effect of substance p on human t and b lymphocyte proliferation

Livshits, M. S., 1976: Observation of the environment by the doppler echo locator of horseshoe bats

Zhou Q., 1982: Observation of the estrogen like effect of follicle stimulating decoction

Ferreira S.A.D.N., 1982: Observation of the germination of seeds of the pear guava psidium acutangulum

Liu C.T., 1987: Observation of the in situ contracting heart of guinea pigs infected with pichinde virus

Bolgar, J., 1985: Observation of the inflorescence and crop biology of some pinus species iv. publication the phenophases of inflorescence and their properties

Korn M.Ya, 1983: Observation of the kinetics of antigen antibody response by light scattering

Et Al, 1987: Observation of the level of txa 2 and pgi 2 and the generation of platelet mda in patients with chronic cor pulmonale

Weilenmann-De-Tau, E.; Mathieu, A.; Marechal, R.; Baudoin, J. P., 1987: Observation of the male gametophyte growth by means of fluorescence in allotetraploids of an interspecific hybrid between phaseolus vulgaris l. and phaseolus filiformis benth

Et Al, 1982: Observation of the mandibular canal and the mental foramen by ortho pantomographs

Bournat P., 1987: Observation of the nitrogen content of rice field soil solutions after urea placement

Sugino, K.; Miki, T., 1986: Observation of the ocular tissues using the cracking method 4. scanning electron microscopic study of endothelial cells of the retinal artery and vein in albino rabbit

Terner J., 1985: Observation of the oxyferryl stretching vibration of ferryl myoglobin by resonance raman spectroscopy

Gonzalez Broche R., 1987: Observation of the parasitic stage of the nematode romanomermis culicivorax ross and smith 1976 rhabditida mermithidae in larvae of culex quinquefasciatus say 1823 diptera culicidae in laboratory conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010849

Yoshizawa T., 1980: Observation of the picosecond time resolved spectrum of squid batho rhod opsin at room temperature

Muench H., 1979: Observation of the pine grosbeak pinicola enucleator in the thuringian forest east germany

Gol'danskii V.I., 1986: Observation of the quasi elastic component in spectra of rayleigh scattering of moessbauer radiation for hydrated protein

Hu W., 1986: Observation of the renal glomerulus casts of dog under the scanning electron microscope

Weygoldt P., 1984: Observation of the reproductive biology of dendrobates pumilio in a terrarium salientia dendrobatidae

Et Al, 1987: Observation of the serological effect and immune resistance of two dose immunization with adsorbed dtp

Kunstyr, I., 1977: Observation of the so called king of rats in female balb ca mice crowd psychosis and aggressive behavior as probable primal cause of tail entanglement

Aagesen, S., 1977: Observation of the south european lemon butterfly gonepteryx cleopatra

Wei W P., 1984: Observation of the specific herpetic antibody in the cerebrospinal fluid of experimentally infected rabbits

Vandermolen, G. E.; Williams, F. D., 1977: Observation of the swarming of proteus mirabilis with scanning electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010860

Hutchinson, R., 1978: Observation of the territorial behavior of argia moesta

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010862

Wang L., 1987: Observation of the vascular architecture of the rat testis

Felicio L.F.L., 1986: Observation of the wasp evania appendigaster hymenoptera evaniidae destroying the oothecas of the american cockroach periplaneta americana dictyoptera blattidae

Smith, G. C.; Kalter, S. S.; Heberling, R. L., 1978: Observation of togavirus like particles in nonhuman primates

Gutierrez P., 1986: Observation of tomato russet mite aculops lycopersici acari eriophyidae damage symptoms in relation to tomato plant development

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010867

Watanabe M., 1986: Observation of tracheal vascularization in rabbit

Uesugi Y., 1984: Observation of transmethylation from methionine into choline in the intact mycelia of pyricularia oryzae by carbon 13 nmr under the influence of fungicides

Chen J., 1987: Observation of trichomonas vaginalis and the effect of mandelic amide of this cell by electron microscopy

Okada H., 1980: Observation of tropho blastic disease in a clinic during 10 years

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010872

Roberts M.F., 1985: Observation of tyrosine o phosphate in drosophila melanogaster larvae by phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy

Nakao S I., 1985: Observation of ultrafiltration membrane pores through a scanning electron microscope and their pure water fluxes

Li C., 1981: Observation of vector cardiographic p loop changes in chronic cor pulmonale

Svitek D., 1985: Observation of vestibular apparatus in the noise and ultrasound risk

Hourston A.S., 1982: Observation of viability of eggs from small fish of a local herring clupea harengus pallasi stock

Kilarski, W.; Koprowski, H., 1976: Observation of whole cultured human brain cells using 100 kilovolts electron microscopy

Sarkar, J. K.; Das, B. C.; Mukherjee, K. K.; Chakrabarti, S. K., 1976: Observation on 2nd heterotypic dengue virus infection in mice

Yan Y., 1982: Observation on 4 species of over wintering host eggs of trichogramma spp observation with the scanning electron microscope

Pal S.C., 1987: Observation on a 65 kilodalton protein isolated from kanagawa positive strains of vibrio parahaemolyticus

Yamamoto M., 1980: Observation on a case of acinic cell tumor by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy

Sheng S., 1987: Observation on abnormal pathways in cardiac catheterization

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010884

Baroni A., 1981: Observation on age related changes in some spatio temporal parameters of human ballistic movement

Heynig H., 1982: Observation on ankyra lanceolata and ankyra spatulifera chlorococcales in the plankton

Ogura K., 1983: Observation on backscattered electron image of a scanning electron microscope in semi thin sections prepared for light microscopy

De-Ridder, M., 1977: Observation on birds in the lower casamance

Yankson K., 1986: Observation on byssus systems in the spat of cerastoderma glaucum and cerastoderma edule

Sarkar A.K., 1982: Observation on cadmium damage in ovary of common myna acridotheres tristis

Puttler, B.; Long, S. H.; Andrews, P. L., 1978: Observation on chaetophlepsis plathypenae a parasite of the green cloverworm

Yoshida M., 1980: Observation on childhood infections with the epstein barr virus in japan

Lu H., 1988: Observation on clinical use of drugs inducing ovulation in human in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer

Ye Y., 1986: Observation on colony formation of human tumor clonogenic cells by using modified agar diffusion chamber technique

Ye Y., 1986: Observation on colony formation of human tumor stem cells by using modified in vitro two layer agar culture system

Cancello E.M., 1987: Observation on cyranotermes araujo with a description of cyranoterme caete new species isoptera termitidae nasutitermitinae

Kiuchi, T., 1975: Observation on disinfection of the lactating breasts by water cleansing

Et Al, 1982: Observation on etiologic and clinical features of rotavirus gastro enteritis in infants and children

Bao J L., 1984: Observation on evoked segmental spinal electrogram in experimental acute spinal cord injury

Halton D.W., 1982: Observation on excystment in vitro of cotylurus variegatus metacercariae trematoda strigeidae

Katdare M., 1985: Observation on feeding mating egg laying and seasonal molting of checkered keel backwater snake xenochrophis piscator

Prinsloo, J. F.; Schoonbee, H. J., 1984: Observation on fish growth in poly culture during late summer and autumn in fish ponds at the umtata dam fish research center transkei south africa 2. the use of cattle manure with and without pelleted fish feed/

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010904

Itagaki H., 1983: Observation on helminth species of stray dogs in akita city japan

Et Al, 1986: Observation on immunological function in periodontitis

Fukuoka K., 1984: Observation on immunosuppressive acidic protein in treatment of head and neck cancer

Iwanaga, Y.; Shimomura, H.; Katayama, S.; Tsuji, M., 1984: Observation on infection of oncomelania spp to schistosoma japonicum 7. the infectivity of laboratory colonies of oncomelania hupensis hupensis to yamanashi and leyte strains of schistosoma japonicum

Liu R., 1986: Observation on juvenile of paragonimus westermani with scanning electron microscope

Tscharf I., 1983: Observation on kob antelopes kobus kob in the northern ivory coast and their epizootiological role in trypanosomiasis transmission

Nam K.W., 1987: Observation on laurencia surculigera tseng ceramiales rhodophyta and its infrageneric position

Michalakowa, W.; Michalak, W.; Siuda, H., 1976: Observation on linkage genes for alpha s 1 beta and chi caseins in lowland black and white cattle

Olson J.K., 1985: Observation on male swarms of psorophora columbiae in texas usa ricelands

Koziol K., 1980: Observation on mare mated under duress

Prikrylova J., 1985: Observation on methemoglobinemia in dairy cows during four years

Fujimaki E., 1986: Observation on mucous behavior of gastric mucosa in stress ulcer experimental and clinical study using histochemical method

Capinera J.L., 1987: Observation on natural and experimental parasitism of insects by mermis nigrescens dujardin nematoda mermithidae

Hayakawa H., 1979: Observation on nectar sucking behavior and parous rate of several species horse flies part 1 comparison of nectar sucking behavior in several species of horse flies

Watanabe, M., 1977: Observation on nectar sucking behavior and parous rates of 5 species of black flies

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010920

Section 7, Chapter 6011, Accession 006010921

Et Al, 1987: Observation on prognosis of gestational extrauterine choriocarcinoma

Whitton, B. A.; Potts, M., 1977: Observation on redox potential in fresh water pools on aldabra

Et Al, 1983: Observation on reduction of experimental myo cardial infarct extent in rabbits by anisodamine

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