Section 7
Chapter 6,011

Obligately anaerobic bacteria isolated from kusaya gravy

Fujii, T.; Sugita, H.; Deguchi, Y.

Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi 51(3): 473-478


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5392
Accession: 006010523

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Isolation and identification of obligately anaerobic bacteria in kusaya gravy obtained from a manufacturer in Niijima Island [Japan] was carried out. The number of anaerobic viable cells in the gravy using the GasPak anaerobic system was approximately 107/ml. Of 20 strains isolated from BP5 C medium, 19 strains were confirmed to be obligate anaerobes and used for the experiment. The 8 strains which grew well on BP5C and modified GAM agar media among test strains were identified as Peptostreptococcus (5 strains) and Sarcina (3 strains). The remaining 11 strains which didn't grow well on the agar media were classified according to gram reaction, spore formation and morphological characteristics into Sarcina (8 strains), Clostridium (2 strains) and an unidentified gram-positive rod (1 strain).

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