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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6012

Chapter 6012 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kushida, T.; Nagato, Y.; Kushida, H., 1977: Observation on the same place in semi thin section with both light microscopy and electron microscopy

Arora, G. S.; Chauhan, P. P. S.; Agrawal, R. D.; Ahluwalia, S. S., 1975: Observation on the seasonal dynamics of thelaziid eye worms in buffaloes

Rim H J., 1982: Observation on the serum immuno globulin e level and eosinophil counts in clonorchiasis

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011005

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011006

Guo, Y.; Et-Al, 1987: Observation on the skin lesions of pemphigus by tem

Inoue H., 1986: Observation on the special situation of broken beer bottles and its medico legal application

Akioka H., 1981: Observation on the spore germination of laminaria japonica on lithophyllum yessoense rhodophyta corallinacea in culture

Huang S Y., 1985: Observation on the structure of dentinal tubules in the superficial layer of human dentin

Nozaka Y., 1987: Observation on the structure of the pulp chamber floor

D'albore G.R., 1982: Observation on the sunflower helianthus annuus pollinator insects in umbria italy

Ma J., 1987: Observation on the superficial veins of the heart in chinese

Reuter, T., 1978: Observation on the swifts apus apus fight for nesting holes

Crabbe P., 1984: Observation on the synthesis of allenes by homologation of alk 1 ynes

Maldonado Capriles J., 1988: Observation on the true bugs emesa tenerrima a possible spider mimic and ghilianella borincana hemiptera reduviidae emesinae from puerto rico

Et Al, 1984: Observation on the tuberculin conversion and complications freeze dried bcg vaccination in newborns

Wu W., 1987: Observation on the ultrastructure of methanogens

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011019

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011020

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011021

Irie M., 1987: Observation on the uterus of postpartum sows via linear electronic scanner

Lavrova E.A., 1981: Observation on the utricular otoconial membrane in the guinea pig

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011024

Et Al, 1987: Observation on tumor markers in cirrhotic tissue around hepatoma

Hanson L.H., 1985: Observation on twinning in the sea lamprey petromyzon marinus in the laboratory

Edel, R. K.; Winn, H. E., 1978: Observation on under water loco motion and flipper movement of the humpback whale megaptera novaeangliae

Tharp R.G., 1980: Observation procedure observer gender and behavior valence as determinants of sampling error in a behavior assessment analog

Cicchetti D.V., 1982: Observation scales to identify serious illness in febrile children

Cooper S.J., 1988: Observational analysis of the effects of kappa opioid agonists on open field behavior in the rat

Baumeister A.A., 1981: Observational analysis of the stereotyped mannerisms of a developmentally delayed infant

Drews, D. R.; Dickey, C. L., 1977: Observational and competitive measures of dominance in rats

Toriyama, H., 1981: Observational and experimental studies of the meristem of leguminous plants 3. released nucleoplasm in the central cylinder of pea root tips

Toriyama, H., 1978: Observational and experimental studies of the meristem of leguminous plants part 1 effects of acetyl choline red light and far red light upon the protoplasts of root tip meristem

Toriyama, H., 1978: Observational and experimental studies of the meristem of leguminous plants part 2 differentiation of the pericycle in the root tips of pisum sativum

Hayashi Y., 1986: Observational aspects on a dominant spectral frequency in an airflow over a weeping lovegrass eragrostis curvula stand

Pallay A.G., 1987: Observational assessment for planning and evaluating educational transitions an initial analysis of template matching

Mcguire M.T., 1980: Observational assessment of behavioral changes accompanying clinical improvement in hospitalized psychiatric patients

Brewster, J. M.; Siegel, R. K.; Johnson, C. A.; Jarvik, M. E., 1976: Observational determination of dose response curves in hallucinogen treated monkeys

An H.S., 1980: Observational evidence of the upwelling off cape shioyazaki in fukushima prefecture japan

Rikli R., 1983: Observational learning and practice variability

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011043

Newell K.M., 1985: Observational learning and the acquisition of motor skills toward a visual perception perspective

Johnson E.G., 1987: Observational learning by children who are mentally retarded a study in the training of conservation skills

Fenton M.B., 1984: Observational learning in 3 species of insectivorous bats chiroptera

Leahey T.H., 1986: Observational learning in gallus gallus domesticus with and without a conspecific model

Sasvari L., 1979: Observational learning in great tits parus major blue tits parus caeruleus and marsh tits parus palustris

Crawford B.H., 1986: Observational learning in horses

Savardi U., 1980: Observational learning in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Destrade, C.; Cardo, B., 1977: Observational learning in mice long term effects of observation and food deprivation influence

Myers, W. A., 1970: Observational learning in monkeys

Vanayan M., 1988: Observational learning in pigeons the function of quality of observed performance in simultaneous discrimination

Alderks, C. E., 1986: Observational learning in the pigeon effects of model's rate of response and percentage of reinforcement

Hogan D.E., 1986: Observational learning of a conditional hue discrimination in pigeons

Savardi U., 1979: Observational learning of a discriminative shuttle box avoidance by rats

Jouventin, P.; Pasteur, G.; Cambefort, J. P., 1977: Observational learning of baboons and avoidance of mimics exploratory tests

Robert M., 1983: Observational learning of conservation its independence from social influence

Robert M., 1988: Observational learning of conservation the significance of imitation propensity and opportunity

Reidinger R.F., 1982: Observational learning of food aversions in red winged blackbirds agelaius phoeniceus

Vanayan M., 1986: Observational learning of two visual discriminations by pigeons a within subjects design

Harpaz Y., 1986: Observational rainfall runoff analysis for estimating effects of cloud seeding on water resources in northern israel

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011064

Kasari C., 1980: Observational studies of retarded children with multiple stereotyped movements

Pimenta Filho R., 1986: Observations about 108 cases of in situ carcinoma

Pimenta Filho R., 1986: Observations about 16 cases of invasive carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Pimenta Filho R., 1986: Observations about 62 cases of moderate dysplasia 80 mild dysplasia eight flat condyloma of uterine cervix and 77 other findings

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011070

Anders, K., 1977: Observations about nest locations of the coot fulica atra

Sisto Daneo L., 1988: Observations about the early metameric segmentation of the paraxial structures in vertebral development

Loubens, G.; Sarmiento, J., 1985: Observations about the fishes in the bolivian zone of lake titicaca ii. orestias agassii pisces cyprinodontidae

Yong Cong M., 1981: Observations about the temperature effect on biomphalaria glabrata cultures in the laboratory

Morrison, J. B.; Florio, J. T.; Butt, W. S., 1978: Observations after loss of consciousness under water

Kirkpatrick G.J., 1988: Observations and a model concerning the translational velocity of a photosynthetic marine dinoflagellate under variable environmental conditions

Fisher, B. E.; Gotaas, Y.; Hamilton, P. M.; Houlgate, R.; Maul, P.; Moore, D. J., 1977: Observations and calculations of airborne sulfur from multiple sources out to 100 kilometers

Metz R., 1983: Observations and comments on recent tadpole nests from new jersey usa

Werner, Y. L.; Whitaker, A. H., 1978: Observations and comments on the body temperatures of some new zealand reptiles

Henderson, R. W.; Nickerson, M. A.; Hoevers, L. G., 1977: Observations and comments on the feeding behavior of leptophis reptilia serpentes colubridae

Mojetta A., 1981: Observations and considerations on probable trophic behavior of charonia rubicunda mollusca gastropoda preliminary note

Lindell U., 1985: Observations and experiences with the territoriality and breeding biology of the willow warbler

Tschanz B., 1981: Observations and experimental studies on the brooding behavior of budgerigars melopsittacus undulatus during hatching

Sieber, O.; Ingold, P., 1977: Observations and experiments on grouping in crenobia alpina turbellaria

Muri, H., 1978: Observations and experiments on learning processes in food choice of roe deer capreolus capreolus

Winkel, W.; Berndt, R., 1972: Observations and experiments on the duration of the brooding period of the pied flycatcher ficedula hypoleuca

Laursen K., 1982: Observations and experiments on the oral apparatus and its function in some warbler species sylviidae

Zomer H., 1982: Observations and experiments on the population dynamics of epipelic diatoms from an estuarine mud flat

Schousboe, C., 1987: Observations and experiments with imagines of aphomia sociella l. in laboratory pyralidae lepidoptera

Obst A., 1983: Observations and findings on a little known ascochyta leaf spot disease of cereals

Cuthbert M.F., 1982: Observations and food of hen harriers at a winter roost in orkney uk

Takaiwa, T., 1978: Observations and identification of brown pigment granules found in the chromated skin a histochemical study

Jacobowitz D.M., 1987: Observations and implications on the migration of calmodulin in a two dimensional gel system

Toquin D., 1984: Observations and isolation of pseudopicornavirus from sick turkeys

Crowhurst J.S., 1987: Observations and management of fractures of the proximal phalanx in young thoroughbreds

Martines G., 1982: Observations and meaning of extra systolic arrhythmias in very young athletes

Nealson K.H., 1988: Observations and measurements of planktonic bioluminescence in and around a milky sea

Schroeder M.B., 1987: Observations and predictions of jet diffusion flame behavior

Slawson, P. R., 1978: Observations and predictions of natural draft cooling tower plumes at paradise steam plant

Netscher, C., 1976: Observations and preliminary studies on the occurrence of resistance breaking biotypes of meloidogyne spp on tomato

Kazic, D.; Ubelaker, J.; Cankovic, M., 1977: Observations and seasonal variations of the helminth fauna of gobio gobio lepidolaemus cyprinidae pisces from lake skadar yugoslavia

Ho J.E., 1980: Observations and speculations on perfusion patterns in apparently normal lung scans

Liu X., 1984: Observations and studies on the embryonic development of gryllotalpa unispina

Holtmeier F K., 1987: Observations and studies on the process of snow clearing and some consequences in ribbon forests on the upper forest limit in the front range colorado usa

Odier, F., 1977: Observations and study of a disease complex due to a parvovirus a baculovirus and an iridovirus

Wang M., 1983: Observations and supravital staining of the living hemocytes of chinese horseshoe crab tachypleus tridentatus and their physiological reaction to bacteria

Chihara M., 1984: Observations and taxonomy of pyramimonas longicauda class prasinophyceae

Devillers, P., 1977: Observations at a breeding colony of larus atlanticus

Dyrcz A., 1987: Observations at a nest of pale legged hornero in southeastern peru

Strauch, J. G. Jr, 1975: Observations at a nest of the black and white hawk eagle

Frieling, F.; Hoeser, N., 1975: Observations at the windischleuba reservoir east germany 1973 49th report by the windischleuba reservoir observation association

Frieling, F.; Hoeser, N.; Steinbach, R., 1978: Observations at the windischleuba reservoir east germany 1976 53rd report of the windischleuba reservoir bird watchers society

Magrath R., 1982: Observations by a novel method of surface changes during the syncytial blastoderm stage of the drosophila embryo

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011118

Rangel Davalos C., 1985: Observations by epifluorescence microscopy of ingestion and digestion of unicellular algae by young larvae of pecten maximus pectinidae bivalvia

Happonen R P., 1986: Observations by g banding in benign odontogenic tumors

Brown T., 1979: Observations by immuno fluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy on the cyto pathogenicity of naegleria fowleri in mouse embryo cell cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011122

Kulik M.M., 1988: Observations by scanning electron and bright field microscopy on the mode of penetration of soybean seedlings of phomopsis phaseoli

Walker, G., 1977: Observations by scanning electron microscope on the oviducal gland sacs of balanus balanoides at egg laying

Myllarniemi, H.; Nickels, J. I., 1977: Observations by scanning electron microscopy of normal and pathological human gallbladder epithelium

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011127

Barberini, F.; Carpino, F.; Renda, T.; Motta, P., 1977: Observations by scanning electron microscopy on the surface of mesothelial cells of different peritoneal areas of rat/

De-Maeseneer, J., 1976: Observations concerning filinia spp in the water sport facility at gent belgium

Paradis, G., 1975: Observations concerning lower dahomey swamp forests location main types evolution during the recent quaternary

Kassab M.T., 1986: Observations concerning radial neck fractures in children

Frick W., 1985: Observations concerning the application of o p toxicant containing insecticides for the control of ectoparasites infesting lactating cows

Woeber, K. A., 1977: Observations concerning the binding of l tri iodo thyronine in the human polymorphonuclear leukocyte

Jonard G., 1983: Observations concerning the discontinuous dna species of cauliflower mosaic virus

Canarache A., 1988: Observations concerning the fertility of a soil complex reddish brown soil luvic reddish brown soil pseudogleyic soil at baneasa bucharest romania five years following land levelling

Ganz R., 1983: Observations concerning the limited mobilization cast after anterior cruciate ligament surgery

Silverstone, M.; Galton, V. A.; Ingbar, S. H., 1978: Observations concerning the metabolism of iodine by polyps of aurelia aurita

Mcelwee A.A., 1988: Observations concerning the nature of sites of anesthetic action in gammarus

Losieczka K., 1986: Observations concerning the occurrence and control of enzootic leukemia in cattle housed in an insemination station

Galgoczy, J., 1978: Observations concerning the staining properties of the macro conidia of certain dermatophyton species

Isar M., 1979: Observations concerning the stress following the utilization of paraffin and bi sulfite yeasts in fodder

Baujard P., 1983: Observations concerning trichodoridae nematoda from western africa

Ivanciu D., 1986: Observations concerning variations of serum relation albumin globulin in swine

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011144

Wicker R., 1984: Observations during breeding over a period of several years of phrynops geoffroanus geoffroanus testudines chelidae

Eisentraut, M., 1977: Observations during captivity of gundi ctenodactylus gundi

Fleischer A.S., 1982: Observations during hyper volemic hemo dilution of patients with acute focal cerebral ischemia

Eriksson S., 1985: Observations during long term plasma exchange in primary biliary cirrhosis

Lehmann H., 1988: Observations during the first breeding in captivity of platemys spixii dumeril and bibron 1835 testudines chelidae

Mcleod P.J., 1986: Observations during the stranding of one individual from a pod of pilot whales globicephala melaena in newfoundland canada

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011151

Boutelier P., 1979: Observations during treatment of acute necrotizing pancreatitis with surgical ablation

Heryet A.R., 1988: Observations favoring pneumocystis carinii pneumonia as a primary infection a monoclonal antibody study on paraffin sections

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011154

Fisher, B.; Rubin, H.; Sartiano, G.; Ennis, L.; Wolmark, N., 1976: Observations following corynebacterium parvum administration to patients with advanced malignancy a phase i study

Sterbetz, I., 1977: Observations from greece on the ecology of vertebrate species

Ravanko O., 1979: Observations from uniform experimental plot on introgression between geum urbanum and geum rivale in southwest finland

Pfeiffer, R. A., 1980: Observations in a case of an x y translocation x yp 22 q 11 in a mother and son

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011159

Schweinfurth, U., 1978: Observations in certain localities along the southwest coast of australia

Fredensborg, N., 1976: Observations in children with congenital dislocation of the hip

Cosmulescu S., 1986: Observations in connection with the investigative and practical diagnostic value of the trichogram

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011163

Rambaut, P. C.; Leach, C. S.; Leonard, J. I., 1977: Observations in energy balance in man during space flight

Costa A., 1983: Observations in iodine exchange in thermal therapy with salso bromo iodic water

Matuschka, F. R., 1978: Observations in keeping otocryptis wiegmanni reptilia sauria agamidae

Arlt R., 1986: Observations in long term intubation following tracheotomy

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011168

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011169

Cantelli-Forti, G.; Guerra, M. C.; Barbaro, A. M.; Rossi, T.; Biagi, G. L., 1974: Observations in rats on the serum and liver levels of sulfonamides using the method of integrating areas under time course curves

Dimitriu I., 1981: Observations in relations with serum lactic dehydrogenase in patients with psoriasis

Bruell, H., 1971: Observations in research area dellstedter birkwildmoor from the 16 year period 1954 1969

Von Noorden G.K., 1982: Observations in sensory heterotropia

Neser S., 1979: Observations in south africa on microthrix inconspicuella phycitinae pyralidae a natural enemy of emex australis

Jeche M., 1984: Observations in the course of partial hand rearing of a dormouse glis glis

Rangel E.F., 1982: Observations in the influence of temperature on the incubation time of triatominid eggs hemiptera reduviidae

Kieseker F.G., 1985: Observations in the manufacture of recombined butter

Villar J.M., 1987: Observations in the point of union of the neuroectoderm with the nonneural ectoderm in chick embryos after treatment in ovo with cytochalasin b during neurulation

Singh P., 1984: Observations in the weed flora of bajra pennisetum typhoides fields in jodhpur district rajasthan india

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011180

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011181

Danks D.M., 1980: Observations indicating the nature of the mutation in phenyl ketonuria

Illes T., 1984: Observations made during operations performed under arduan relaxation

Thach B.T., 1985: Observations made on severe apneic spells in 2 infants at risk for sudden death

Hay S., 1985: Observations monitoring and control of clearwing borers lepidoptera sesiidae on apple in central ontario canada

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011186

Heynig, H., 1976: Observations of 2 cryptomonads

Stowe, M. K., 1978: Observations of 2 nocturnal orb weavers that build specialized webs scoloderus cordatus and wixia ectypa araneae araneidae

Zborowski T., 1985: Observations of 26 cases of spondylodiscitis during ankylosing spondylitis

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011190

Walters D.E., 1986: Observations of 767 clinical pregnancies and 500 births after human in vitro fertilization

Williams G.R., 1983: Observations of a cave colony of the long tailed bat chalinolobus tuberculatus in north island new zealand

Rust M.K., 1987: Observations of a desert bostrichid beetle apatides fortis leconte infesting burned honey mesquite

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011194

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011195

Steinke, G., 1977: Observations of a late nest of the middle spotted woodpecker dendrocopos medius

Williamson G., 1984: Observations of a mechanism by which self pollination may occur in eulophia orchidaceae

Hunt, G. L-Jr ; Harrison, N. M.; Hamner, W. M.; Obst, B. S., 1988: Observations of a mixed species flock of birds foraging on euphausiids near st. matthew island bering sea usa

Andriashek D., 1980: Observations of a new born ross seal pup ommatophoca rossi near the antarctic peninsula

Schloegel N., 1987: Observations of a sleeping site of overwintering rooks corvus frugilegus l

Bennett C.R., 1981: Observations of a small population of estuarine inhabiting alligators near southport north carolina usa

Golding T.J., 1980: Observations of a south flowing current in the southeastern indian ocean

Navarro J.N., 1987: Observations of a tube dwelling diatom navicula hamulifera bacillariophyceae

Christian R.G., 1982: Observations of abnormalities and age related changes in the anconeal processes of swine

Biellmann D., 1986: Observations of aedes detritus haliday 1833 diptera culicidae in alsace france

Busness K.M., 1984: Observations of aerosol chemical composition and acidity in northwest and southwest regions of the usa

Homolya J.B., 1979: Observations of aerosol composition and visibility near an isolated power plant

Tarimo S.A., 1985: Observations of age grouping the tsetse fly glossina pallidipes by wing fray and ovarian dissection on the south kenya coast

Haaker, P. L., 1978: Observations of agonistic behavior in the treefish sebastes serriceps scorpaenidae

Et Al, 1985: Observations of air composition in brazil between the equator and 20 degrees south during the dry season

Maitani T., 1985: Observations of airborne rice pollens fluctuations of wind velocity and plant vibration in a rice field

Ramana Murty B.V., 1985: Observations of aitken nuclei and trace gases in different environments in india

Suchanek, O., 1987: Observations of albino birds on the orava river czechoslovakia

Hruby, T., 1976: Observations of algal zonation resulting from competition

Espinos D., 1979: Observations of alpha thalassemia and hemo globin h in spaniards

Jorgensen L., 1982: Observations of ambicolored plaice pleuronectes platessa and flounder platichthys flesus in norwegian waters

Uehara Y., 1979: Observations of amyloid angiopathy and senile plaques by the scanning electron microscope

Hocutt, C. H.; Dickson, K. L.; Masnik, M. T.; Stauffer, J. R., 1976: Observations of an ash lagoon spill on the new river virginia

Urban R.J., 1987: Observations of an unidentified beaked whale mesoplodon sp in the eastern tropical pacific

Lambdin P.L., 1985: Observations of anacharis melanoneura hymenoptera figitidae a parasite of hemerobius stigma neuroptera hemerobiidae

Larsen, T., 1977: Observations of animal life in svalbard arctic in 1976

Larsen, T., 1976: Observations of animal life in svalbard norway in 1974

Larsen, T., 1977: Observations of animal life in svalbard norway in 1975

Clark W.H., 1980: Observations of ants hymenoptera formicidae visiting extrafloral nectaries of the barrel cactus ferocactus gracilis cactaceae in baja california mexico

Sawata K., 1984: Observations of apodachlyella completa collected in akita prefecture japan

Heller M., 1984: Observations of apparently the same osprey pandion haliaetus in different years

Kolin A., 1982: Observations of arterial and venous vaso motion with the absolute induction angiometer

Archegova I.B., 1979: Observations of ascending migration of iron and humic substances under effect of experimental and natural freeze through

Ishikawa C., 1987: Observations of ascospore morphology of the hypocreaceae by scanning electron microscope

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011230

Tove M.H., 1988: Observations of asiatic migrants in the western aleutians alaska usa

Brazel, A. J.; Osborne, R., 1976: Observations of atmospheric thermal radiation at windsor ontario canada

Van Aartsen B., 1981: Observations of autumn geometridae with wingless females lepidoptera geometridae

Thofern E., 1983: Observations of bacterial growth on a copper pipe line of a central disinfection dosage apparatus

Ulvinen O., 1986: Observations of barley samples collected from finland by the nordic gene bank

Colwell R.R., 1985: Observations of barophilic microbial activity in samples of sediment and intercepted particulates from the demerara abyssal plain

Gunn A., 1986: Observations of barren ground caribou rangifer tarandus groenlandicus traveling on thin ice during autumn migration

Ruessel, F., 1978: Observations of bats mammalia chiroptera in the former lime pit of rehefeld zaunhaus in eastern erzgebirge east germany

Stauffer J.R.Jr, 1982: Observations of behavioral responses of fish to environmental stress in situ

Losee J.R., 1984: Observations of bio luminescence in marine plankton from the sea of cortez mexico

Inst-Agric-Yun-Chen-Dist, 1978: Observations of biological characteristics of trichogramma euproctidis

Hirahata T., 1985: Observations of biological samples etched by the ion beam sputtering method

Zhou B., 1987: Observations of bird migration by radar in haizhou bay china

Swash A.R.H., 1986: Observations of birds in the madeiran archipelago portugal summer 1981

Willcox, D. R. C.; Willcox, B., 1978: Observations of birds in tripolitania libya

Bai S., 1983: Observations of breeding of rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta in captivity

Maki T., 1986: Observations of capillary fluid flow rate by vibration on the small vessel model

Alldredge A.W., 1987: Observations of captive rocky mountain mule deer behavior

Pechinger U., 1982: Observations of carbon mon oxide concentrations in the vicinity of a multi story urban garage with a single roof level source

Kuntz R.R., 1981: Observations of carbon sulfur and sulfur sulfur bond cleavage in the photolysis of di sulfides in solution

Wirick C.D., 1983: Observations of chlorophyll concentrations off long island new york usa from a moored in situ fluorometer

Dimick P.S., 1980: Observations of chocolate during conching by scanning electron microscopy and viscometry

Boufford D.E., 1983: Observations of chromosomes in circaea onagraceae

Sparrow, F. K., 1977: Observations of chytridiaceous parasites of phanerogams part 27 a further study of physoderma hydrocotylidis

Zhu B X., 1987: Observations of clinical and chromosomal changes in a case of chronic granulocytic leukemia

Filippi I., 1983: Observations of clitocybe geotropa and calocybe gambosa biology

Pappelis A.J., 1981: Observations of colletotrichum dematium f circinans on allium cepa halo formation and penetration of epidermal walls

Glazer G.M., 1984: Observations of computed tomographic differentiation of pleural and peritoneal fluid

Mccarty M.K., 1982: Observations of corythucha distincta hemiptera heteroptera tingidae on platte thistle in nebraska usa

Price, A. H-Ii ; Hess, C. T.; Smith, C. W., 1976: Observations of crassostrea virginica cultured in the heated effluent and discharged radio nuclides of a nuclear power reactor

Tatsumi J., 1982: Observations of cross veins of the 2nd foliage leaf blade in the rice oryza sativa cultivar chyukoasahi plant by use of a revised method for clearing leaves

Soto, R. A., 1982: Observations of cuban hymenoptera 1. apoidea and sphecoidea

Yamamoto, M.; Nozu, M.; Konno, K.; Hasegawa, K., 1975: Observations of cuscuta australis

De Souza M.A., 1988: Observations of cutaneous leishmaniasis in brazil after five years of prophylaxis

Heunert, H. H., 1978: Observations of cytoplasm streams in the green alga acetabularia

Cloak C., 1985: Observations of daily activity patterns in 2 captive short nosed echidnas tachyglossus aculeatus

James D.B., 1986: Observations of damage of a secondary nature following a wild fire at the otterford state forest south africa

Colin, P. L., 1976: Observations of deep reef fishes in the tongue of the ocean bahamas

Lukens R.R., 1981: Observations of deep reef ichthyo fauna from the bahama and cayman islands with notes on relative abundance and depth distribution

Sielfeld, K. W.; Venegas, C. C., 1978: Observations of delphinidae in the southern chilean channels

Newman R.H., 1987: Observations of density variations in tobacco rods by neutron radiography

Cowley G.C., 1983: Observations of dental disease and anomalies in 9 11 year old norwegian children

Molnar I., 1985: Observations of dental diseases among prehistoric populations of hungary

Grossman E., 1980: Observations of denture supporting tissue during 6 months of denture adhesive wearing

Topping, M. S., 1971: Observations of diaptomus siciloides and diaptomus clavipes

Kuroiwa T., 1981: Observations of dna like fibers in mitochondria of acrasid cellular slime molds

Shattock R.C., 1984: Observations of dreschslera leaf spot on lolium perenne affected by cadmium

Cliburn, J. W., 1976: Observations of ecdysis in the black pine snake pituophis melanoleucus lodingi reptilia serpentes colubridae

Eckert J., 1984: Observations of echinococcus granulosus of cattle origin in switzerland

Dubet F., 1986: Observations of effects of partial vernalization in winter rape plants grafted onto generative stock

Watari H., 1985: Observations of energy metabolism in neuroectodermal tumors using in vivo phosphorus 31 nmr

Norton, R. A.; Metz, L. J.; Sharma, G. D., 1978: Observations of epilohmannoides acarina oribatei with the description of a new species

Miller, T. A., 1976: Observations of eupackardia calleta in southern texas usa saturniidae

Sauter H.P., 1988: Observations of eupelmus inyoensis girault hymenoptera eupelmidae

Mcleod, W. A., 1970: Observations of fenestrated capillaries in the human scalp

Yeh S Y., 1984: Observations of fetal heart rate characteristics related to external cephalic version and tocolysis

Patten B.G., 1981: Observations of fish on and around an artificial reef in puget sound washington usa

Dzido J.L., 1983: Observations of flagellate protozoa phytomonas sp in the xylem of euphorbia lasiocarpa in ecuador

Neri G., 1986: Observations of flora and vegetation in a truffle copse

Cook R.D., 1979: Observations of focal de myelinating lesions in cat optic nerves

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Jaiswal U.C., 1981: Observations on calving interval of murrah buffaloes belonging to a medium sized herd

Mari F., 1980: Observations on cannabinoid content in cannabis sativa grown in tuscany italy

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011817

Jones, A. K.; Billington, C. A., 1976: Observations on carbon di oxide fixation in the nant y moch reservoir ceredigion wales

Long, A. G., 1977: Observations on carboniferous seeds of mitrospermum conostoma and lagenostoma

Hickman J.L., 1985: Observations on carcinonemertes nemertea carcinonemertidae associated with the smooth pebble crab philyra laevis

Conant, E. B., 1975: Observations on cardiac and respiratory function in the african lungfish protopterus

Krause G., 1986: Observations on catches of non target species in pheromone baited traps in orchards and their prevention

Krause G., 1985: Observations on catches of nontarget species in pheromone baited traps used in orchards

Bushara, H. O.; Hussein, M. F.; Majid, M. A.; Musa, B. E. H.; Taylor, M. G., 1983: Observations on cattle schistosomiasis in the sudan a study in comparative medicine 4. preliminary observations on the mechanism of naturally acquired resistance

Baldwin, J. D.; Baldwin, J. I., 1977: Observations on cebus capucinus in southwestern panama

Badour, S. S.; Tan, C. K.; Waygood, E. R., 1977: Observations on cell development in chlamydomonas segnis chlorophyceae at low and high carbon di oxide tension

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011832

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011833

Friend, C.; Marovitz, W.; Henle, G.; Henle, W.; Tsuei, D.; Hirschhorn, K.; Holland, J. G.; Cuttner, J., 1978: Observations on cell lines derived from a patient with hodgkins disease

Roberts M., 1979: Observations on cell structure and cytology in the genus durvillaea

Kemali D., 1979: Observations on central nervous system structures following the administration of a psychotomimetic substance

Callan, E. M., 1977: Observations on centris rufosuffusa hymenoptera anthophoridae and its parasites

Macgregor, H. C.; Horner, H.; Owen, C. A.; Parker, I., 1973: Observations on centromeric hetero chromatin and satellite dna in salamanders of the genus plethodon

Bala P., 1988: Observations on cephaline gregarine steinina lunata new species actinocephalidae from myllocercus undecimpustulatus maculosus

De-Leon, G. A., 1972: Observations on cerebral and cerebellar microgyria

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011843

Chaudhary, B. R.; Sarma, Y. S. R. K., 1978: Observations on certain aspects of reproduction and karyology of hormidium rivulare and klebsormidium flaccidum

Mclelland J.A., 1984: Observations on chaetognath distributions in the northeastern gulf of mexico during the summer of 1974

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011846

Chan, K. Y.; Ling-Wong, S. L.; Wong, M. H., 1978: Observations on chaetomorpha brachygona chlorophyta cladophorales part 1 ultrastructure of the vegetative cells

Boomsma T., 1987: Observations on chamaeleo calyptratus calyptratus dumeril and dumeril 1851 in the yemen arab republic sauria chamaeleonidae

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011849

Mackenzie I.Z., 1988: Observations on changes in maternal serum alpha fetoprotein and kleihauer counts following amniocentesis and trans abdominal chorion villus sampling in the middle trimester

Bhatnagar V.K., 1979: Observations on changes in sugar oil and protein contents in germinating seeds of castor ricinus communis and sunflower helianthus annuus

Jourdan M.C., 1984: Observations on changes of susceptibility of isogenic mice strains to schistosoma mansoni

Fang J S., 1987: Observations on chiasmata in mouse diplotene oocytes and spermatocytes

Krims, M. B., 1968: Observations on children who suffer from dwarfism

Michener C.D., 1986: Observations on chinese macropis hymenoptera apoidea melittidae

Ohiwa, T., 1976: Observations on chloroplast growth and pyrenoid formation in spirogyra a study by means of uncoiled picture of chloroplast

Cobb A.H., 1988: Observations on chloroplast starch content and synthesis in the intertidal marine alga codium fragile suringar hariot

Cunningham M.G., 1988: Observations on choline acetyltransferase containing structures in the cd 1 mouse brain

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Nicholls M.P., 1981: Observations on chrysophyceae from a norwegian mountain lake

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Sparrow, F. K., 1975: Observations on chytridiaceous parasites of phanerogams part 23 notes on physoderma

Sparrow, F. K., 1976: Observations on chytridiaceous parasites of phanerogams part 25 physoderma johnsii a parasite of caltha palustris

Sparrow, F. K., 1977: Observations on chytridiaceous parasites of phanerogams part 26 physoderma gerhardti on phalaris arundinacea

Sparrow F.K., 1979: Observations on chytridiaceous parasites of phanerogams part 28 physodermas on sium suave

Southcott R.V., 1982: Observations on chyzeria and some related genera acarina trombidioidea with remarks on the classification of the superfamily and description of a pygmephorid mite phoretic on chyzeria

Kusa, M.; Matsuura, K.; Yahagi, S., 1976: Observations on cilia in embryos of a salamander hynobius lichenatus

Czapik, A.; Jordan, A., 1976: Observations on ciliates from a pond

Peltonen T., 1979: Observations on circulatory adjustment in new born rein deer rangifer tarandus tarandus and elk alces alces

Asensi, A. O., 1976: Observations on cladothele decaisnei phaeophyta

Crowson R.A., 1979: Observations on clambidae coleoptera with descriptions of acalyptomerus asiaticus new genus new species and several larvae

Schoenwolf G.C., 1979: Observations on closure of the neuro pores in the chick embryo

Vitt, L. J., 1977: Observations on clutch and egg size and evidence for multiple clutches in some lizards of southwestern usa

Settlage, D. S. F.; Hendrickx, A. G., 1974: Observations on coagulum characteristics of the rhesus monkey electro ejaculate

Johnson M.D., 1980: Observations on cocoon orientation in osmia lignaria lignaria hymenoptera megachilidae

Overal W.L., 1980: Observations on colony founding and migration of dinoponera gigantea

Curray P.J., 1984: Observations on colony size breeding success recruitment and inter colony dispersal in a tasmanian colony of short tailed shearwaters puffinus tenuirostris over a 30 year period

Husband, R. W., 1977: Observations on colony size in bumble bees bombus spp

Ortmayer H.B., 1986: Observations on commercial layers vaccinated with mycoplasma gallisepticum bacterin on a multiple age site endemically infected with mycoplasma gallisepticum

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011884

Pettit J.R., 1980: Observations on competitive exclusion for preventing salmonella typhimurium infection of broiler chickens

Gedam P.H., 1985: Observations on component fatty acids of indian sardine oil and its upgraded samples

Pandey, R. S.; Tiwari, G. L.; Pandey, D. C., 1976: Observations on compsopogon iyengarii rhodophyceae

De Graeff J., 1984: Observations on computerized quantitative bone scintigraphy in renal osteodystrophy

Dame D.A., 1981: Observations on container breeding mosquitoes in new orleans louisiana usa with an estimate of the population density of aedes aegypti

Spaull V.W., 1981: Observations on coomansus gerlachei nematoda mononchidae a predaceous nematode from the antarctic

Delamadeleine, Y. L., 1977: Observations on coprinus domesticus and coprinus xanthothrix

Ghazal, A. M.; Avery, R. A., 1976: Observations on coprophagy and the transmission of hymenolepis nana infections in mice

Mann D.G., 1984: Observations on copulation in navicula pupula and amphora ovalis in relation to the nature of diatom species

Jensen K.R., 1986: Observations on copulation in two species of elysia from florida usa opisthobranchia ascoglossa

Pacioni, G., 1977: Observations on cordyceps militaris conidiogenesis by scanning electron microscopy

Penaz M., 1986: Observations on coregonus peled pisces coregonidae introduced in mongolian waterbodies

Coulson, R. L.; Grayson, J.; Irvine, M., 1970: Observations on coronary collateral communications and the control of flow in the coronary circulation of the dog

Spinelli D.N., 1981: Observations on cortical plasticity using horseradish peroxidase

Black, J. H., 1976: Observations on courtship behavior of the desert tortoise

Fitzgerald M.E.C., 1984: Observations on crab carcinus maenas spermatozoa following rapid freeze and conventional fixation techniques

Millar J.S., 1987: Observations on cranial differences between juvenile and adult eastern coyotes canis latrans

Wetherill G., 1987: Observations on creche behavior in suckler calves

Matthey, W., 1976: Observations on crenitis punctatostriata coleoptera hydrophilidae in peat bogs of the jura larval and adult habitats

Matthey, W., 1977: Observations on crenitis punctatostriata coleoptera hydrophilidae in the peat bogs of the jura mountains switzerland reproductive behavior developmental cycle and mortality factors of the adults

Paechnatz E., 1984: Observations on crinipellis corticalis and crinipellis stipitaria

Gianola, D., 1978: Observations on criteria for within family selection

Macgown, M. W.; Nebeker, T. E., 1977: Observations on crypturgus aleutaceus coleoptera scolytidae an associate of the southern pine beetle

Martin, J.; Lee, D. L., 1976: Observations on crystals found in the intestine of nematodirus battus during the development of immunity to this nematode in lambs

Gardiner B.G., 1986: Observations on ctenurella ptyctodontida and the classification of placoderm fishes

Alayo-Soto, R., 1982: Observations on cuban hymenoptera 1. apoidea and sphecoidea

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Zandee, M., 1976: Observations on cyanogenesis in the genus juncus

Ambadkar, P. M.; Kotak, V. C., 1976: Observations on cyclic histochemical variations of lipids and steroid dehydrogenase in testes of feral rock pigeon columba livia

Scheffler W., 1987: Observations on cyclostephanos dubius fricke round bacillariophyta sceletonemaceae in water bodies in northern east germany

Mehrotra, R. K.; Singh, Y., 1978: Observations on cylindrocapsa geminella var minor new record

Oppenheimer, E. H.; Esterly, J. R., 1970: Observations on cystic fibrosis of the pancreas part 6 the uterine cervix

Okolo M.I.O., 1986: Observations on cysticercus cellulosae in the flesh of rural dogs

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Stebbings H., 1981: Observations on cytoplasmic transport along ovarian nutritive tubes of polyphagous coleopterans

Spangler H.G., 1983: Observations on daily activity patterns of mutillid wasps of the genus dasymutilla

Levieux, J.; Aouti, A.; Diomande, T., 1978: Observations on daily displacements of the diplopod pachybolus laminatus spiroboloidea pachybolidea

Thompson B.K., 1984: Observations on daily variation in feed intake and shell strength of eggs from white leghorn pullets and force molted hens

Burles D., 1986: Observations on dall sheep ovis dalli dalli and gray wolf canis lupus pambasileus interactions in the kluane lake area yukon canada

Rainio, H.; Lahermo, P., 1976: Observations on dark gray basal till in finland

Gilbert, W. J., 1978: Observations on dasycladus and chlorocladus dasycladales chlorophyta and description of chlorocladus philippinensis new species

Cohen, G. A.; Goffinet, J. A.; Donabedian, R. K.; Conn, H. O., 1976: Observations on decreased serum glutamic oxal acetic trans aminase activity in azotemic patients

Fritzsch B., 1979: Observations on degenerative changes of purkinje cells during early development in mice and in normal and otocyst deprived chickens

Latour P.B., 1987: Observations on demography reproduction and morphology of muskoxen ovibos moschatus on banks island northwest territories canada

Englander, H. R.; Mellberg, J. R.; Engler, W. O., 1978: Observations on dental caries in primary teeth after frequent fluoride toplications in a program involving other preventives

Rashid M.A., 1979: Observations on depositional environments and benthos of the continental slope and rise east of newfoundland canada

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011935

Cooper, T. G.; Hamilton, D. W., 1977: Observations on destruction of spermatozoa in the cauda epididymidis and proximal vas deferens of nonseasonal male mammals

Richter, G., 1978: Observations on development and behavior of phronima sedentaria amphipoda

Barber, D. L.; Westermann, J. E. M., 1978: Observations on development and morphological effects of histamine liberator 48 80 on per iodic acid schiff positive granular leukocytes and heterophils of catostomus commersoni

Switzer-Dunlap, M.; Hadfield, M. G., 1977: Observations on development larval growth and metamorphosis of 4 species of aplysiidae gastropoda opisthobranchia in laboratory culture

Zabicka, Z.; Frey-Zarnecka, A., 1977: Observations on development of follicle population in polish longwool sheep rzaskowska type

Besana V., 1985: Observations on development of sprague dawley rats and determination of some hematological and hematochemical parameters from weaning to 20th month of age

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011943

Fisher, J. M.; Triantaphyllou, A. C., 1976: Observations on development of the gonad and on reproduction in aphelenchus avenae

Gupta A.P., 1984: Observations on developmental stability in hybrids of semi reproductively isolated populations of drosophila pseudoobscura

Menahem S., 1987: Observations on diagnostic skills in pediatric medicine and their perceived learning

Friebe, B., 1976: Observations on differential giemsa staining of mitotic metaphase chromosomes in some 1b 1r wheat rye substitution and translocation lines

Beverley Burton M., 1982: Observations on digeneans from lizards sauria in indonesia paradistomum geckonum new record mesocoelium sociale new record and postorchigenes ovatus new record with a revision of paradistomum dicrocoeliidae

Knox Davies P.S., 1980: Observations on diseases in pine pinus spp and eucalyptus spp plantations in south africa

Scott J.M., 1979: Observations on distribution diet and breeding of the hawaiian thrush

Yoshida M., 1983: Observations on ditria zonaricola new combination based on herpopteros zonaricola rhodophyta rhodomelaceae

De Jong D.J., 1980: Observations on ditula angustiorana lepidoptera tortricidae

Datta Munshi J.S., 1979: Observations on diurnal changes of some physicochemical factors of 3 tropical swamps of darbhanga north bihar india

Tewinkel, M.; Volkmann, D., 1987: Observations on dividing plastids in the protonema of the moss funaria hygrometrica sibth. arrangement of microtubules and filaments

Morris R., 1987: Observations on diving behavior and swimming speeds in a wild juvenile tursiops truncatus

Krahenmann, J. A., 1969: Observations on dosage of drugs for anesthesia of domestic animals in temperate and tropical climate

Santy P.A., 1982: Observations on double suicide review of the literature and 2 case reports

Marks F., 1985: Observations on drought damage to some native plant species in eucalypt forests and woodlands near hobart tasmania australia

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011960

Krotoski, W. A.; Garnham, P. C. C.; Bray, R. S.; Krotoski, D. M.; Killick-Kendrick, R.; Draper, C. C.; Targett, G. A. T.; Guy, M. W., 1982: Observations on early and late post sporozoite tissue stages in primate malaria 1. discovery of a new latent form of plasmodium cynomolgi the hypnozoite and failure to detect hepatic forms within the 1st 24 hours after infection

Krotoski, W. A.; Bray, R. S.; Garnham, P. C. C.; Gwadz, R. W.; Killick-Kendrick, R.; Draper, C. C.; Targett, G. A. T.; Krotoski, D. M.; Guy, M. W.; Et-Al, 1982: Observations on early and late post sporozoite tissue stages in primate malaria 2. the hypnozoite of plasmodium cynomolgi bastianellii 3 105 days after infection and detection of 36 hour to 40 hour pre erythrocytic forms

Krotoski, W. A.; Garnham, P. C. C.; Cogswell, F. B.; Collins, W. E.; Bray, R. S.; Gwadz, R. W.; Killick-Kendrick, R.; Wolf, R. H.; Sinden, R.; Et-Al, 1986: Observations on early and late post sporozoite tissue stages in primate malaria iv. pre erythrocytic schizonts and or hypnozoites of chesson and north korean strains of plasmodium vivax in the chimpanzee

Metcalfe J.L., 1980: Observations on early life stages of atlantic tomcod microgadus tomcod

Shyamasundari K., 1982: Observations on echinocephalus spinosissimus from the sting ray dasyatis uarnak of waltair coast india

Blume, R. R.; Aga, A., 1978: Observations on ecological and phylogenetic relationships of phanaeus difformis and phanaeus vindex coleoptera scarabaeidae in north america

Contreras, J. R.; Roig, V. G., 1978: Observations on ecology and behavior of the small cavy microcavia australis australis in nacunan province of mendoza argentina

Wilkins, P., 1977: Observations on ecology of mielichhoferia elongata and other copper mosses in the british isles

De Vries D., 1979: Observations on ectoedemia argentipedella a blister moth leaf miner on birch trees lepidoptera nepticulidae

Hanski W., 1981: Observations on ectopic enterobiasis

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011972

Antiepidemic Stn Mianning Cty, 1979: Observations on effect of sodium selenite in prevention of keshan disease

Hawthorne, W. A., 1975: Observations on effects of stocking rate on the performance of merino wethers grazing perennial pasture on a ground water rendzina soil

Baig M.M.H., 1987: Observations on efficiency and economics of cotton pest control with deltamethrin alone and its combinations with monocrotophos and ddt

Sinha D.P., 1979: Observations on egg shell formation in ganeo tigrinum mehraorchis ranarum tremiorchis ranarum and halipegus mehransis

Gallardo J., 1986: Observations on elanus leucurus leucurus vieillot aves accipitridae

Rosenhamer, H. J., 1977: Observations on electric brain stem responses in retrocochlear hearing loss a preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011981

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011982

Massa, B., 1978: Observations on eleonoras falcon falco eleonorae in sicily italy and surrounding islets

Haynes G., 1984: Observations on elephant mortality and bones in water holes

Pesarini C., 1980: Observations on elytrodon with description of scoliolenus lodosi new genus new species and 3 new species coleoptera curculionidae

Kerry, B. R.; Jenkinson, S. C., 1976: Observations on emergence survival and root invasion of 2nd stage larvae of the cereal cyst nematode heterodera avenae

Yadav S.S., 1981: Observations on en bloc resection and reconstruction of malignant bone tumors

Jones J.E.T., 1980: Observations on endo cardial lesions in pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011989

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011990

Plewka T., 1986: Observations on entomofauna of the meadow under the excessive impact of liquid manure

Mesquida, J., 1978: Observations on entomophilous pollination of a few pairs of single hybrids of fodder kale brassica oleracea var acephala in isolation for the production of double hybrid seeds

Mee S.S., 1983: Observations on environmental and genotypic influences on the over wintering of white clover trifolium repens

Harvey, R. W. S.; Price, T. H.; Joynson, D. H. M., 1976: Observations on environmental contamination in microbiological laboratory

Yang H.Y., 1985: Observations on enzymatically isolated living and fixed embryo sacs in several angiosperm species

Rigano, C.; Aliotta, G.; Di-Martino-Rigano, V., 1975: Observations on enzymes of ammonia assimilation in 2 different strains of cyanidium caldarium

Section 7, Chapter 6012, Accession 006011997

Scherff A.H., 1984: Observations on epidermal exsorption in mice following injections of procion dyes and ethidium bromide and topically applied di methyl sulfoxide

Henton J.E., 1987: Observations on equine strongyle control in southern temperate usa

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