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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6016

Chapter 6016 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Johnson E.K.; Kardong K.V.; Ownby C.L., 1987: Observations on white and yellow venoms from an individual southern pacific rattlesnake crotalus viridis helleri

Macdonald M.A., 1980: Observations on wilsons widowfinch vidua wilsoni and the pin tailed whydah vidua macroura in southern ghana with notes on their hosts

Hauser R., 1982: Observations on wing polymorphism and voltinism of the pond skater gerris lacustris

Greger P.; Deacon J.E., 1982: Observations on woundfin plagopterus argentissimus spawning and growth in an outdoor experimental stream

Miekos E.; Pawlak C.; Luciak M., 1985: Observations on xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis

Terrell, E. E.; Emery, W. H. P.; Beaty, H. E., 1978: Observations on zizania texana texas wild rice an endangered species

Quintana R.; Williamson D.I., 1987: Observations on zoeas of two xanthid crabs from tosa bay japan

Canter H.M.; Heaney S.I., 1984: Observations on zoosporic fungi of ceratium spp in lakes of the english lake district uk importance for phytoplankton population dynamics

Jaap W.C., 1979: Observations on zooxanthellae expulsion at middle sambo reef florida keys usa

Lyal C.H.C., 1986: Observations on zygopine weevil behavior coleoptera curculionidae zygopinae

Goulder, R., 1973: Observations over 24 hours on the quantity of algae inside grazing ciliated protozoa

Sacher P., 1987: Observations over a period of several years of a population of the spadefoot toad pelobates fuscus

Tiberi R.; Niccoli A., 1984: Observations over several years on the use of sexual pheromone traps of thaumetopoea pityocampa lepidoptera thaumetopoeidae

Glass R.I.; Stoll B.J.; Wyatt R.G.; Hoshino Y.; Banu H.; Kapikian A.Z., 1986: Observations questioning a protective role for breast feeding in severe rotavirus diarrhea

Zambori E.; Hethelyi I., 1985: Observations regarding cultivation of a new medicinal plant tanacetum vulgare

Kase K.R.; Balter S.; Bjarngard B.E., 1979: Observations regarding the x ray beams from the philips rt 305 therapy machine

Felice M.E.; James M.; Shragg P.; Hollingsworth D.R., 1984: Observations related to chronologic and gynecologic age in pregnant adolescents

Johannesson B., 1987: Observations related to the homing instinct of atlantic salmon salmo salar l

Ward T.T.; Winn R.E.; Hartstein A.I.; Sewell D.L., 1981: Observations relating to an inter hospital outbreak of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus role of anti microbial therapy in infection control

Nichols J.D.; Conley W., 1981: Observations suggesting competition between peromyscus and zapus in southern michigan usa

Schmidt Effing U., 1980: Observations to the homing behavior and the activity rhythm of chiton stokesii with annotations to ischnochiton dispar polyplacophora

Biella, H. J., 1978: Observations towards associations of the common viper vipera berus berus during its period of activity reptilia serpentes viperidae

Ragazzi A.; Fedi I.D., 1982: Observations under fluorescence on progress of basidio spore germination in cronartium flaccidum on the needle surface of certain pine species

Miller, J. D.; Randolph, A. D.; Drach, G. W., 1977: Observations upon calcium oxalate crystallization kinetics in simulated urine

Pereira De Souza C.; Pinto Dias E.; Lima De Azevedo M.D.L.; Paulini E., 1979: Observations upon some factors which influence the laboratory maintenance of schistosoma mansoni

Bruce A.J.; Svoboda A., 1983: Observations upon some pontoniine shrimps from aqaba jordan

Yoza, K.; Nomura, K.; Miyamoto, H., 1977: Observations upon the behavior of the lobster and the top shell caught by the bottom set gill net

Rodriguez Perez M., 1981: Observations upon the bionomy and morphology of apate monachus in cuba

Sumiya, N.; Yoza, K.; Miyamoto, H., 1978: Observations upon the distribution density of fish in relation to the distance from sea shore towards the offshore

Hood J.D.; Kayan A., 1985: Observations upon the evoked responses to natural vestibular stimulation

Vankos J., 1986: Observations with anteovin in dermatological disorders

Takacs G.; Hamori M., 1986: Observations with anteovin step up contraceptive tablet in young women

Hetenyi G., 1987: Observations with anteovin with special regard to its cycle regulating action

Romics I., 1987: Observations with bazoton in the management of prostatic hyperplasia

Szorady I.; Pataki L.; Kurti K.; Santa A., 1985: Observations with brulamycin treatment in pediatric cases

Kovacs G., 1984: Observations with cavinton treatment in acute cerebral ischemic conditions

Romics I.; Repassy D., 1987: Observations with depo provera medroxyprogesterone in the management of renal tumors

Horvath I., 1987: Observations with dopamine antagonist domperidone motilium in controlling postoperative dyspepsias and vomiting

Abe S., 1982: Observations with endo cardial electrography on ventricular tachy cardia by intra coronary saline in dogs

Udvardi G., 1987: Observations with high mydocalm doses in the treatment of internal diseases

Huber L., 1986: Observations with higher mydocalm doses in outpatients of the surgical department

Perenyi G., 1987: Observations with intensive mydocalm treatment in neurological cases

Rosdy E.; Kiss T.; Torok P., 1984: Observations with magurlit in the treatment of patients with uric acid stone

Szabo R.; Kohan M.; Gyetvai A.; Szollosi K., 1987: Observations with metoprolol in elderly patients

Szirmak G., 1986: Observations with minipress

Deunff, J., 1986: Observations with scanning electron microscope on the family spinturnicidae acarina mesostigmata iii. ultrastructure of the gnathosoma

Deunff, J., 1982: Observations with scanning electron microscopy on the family spinturnicidae acarina mesostigmata 2. ultrastructure of the tarsal organ

Lisbona R.; Dean G.W.; Hakim T.S., 1987: Observations with spect on the normal regional distribution of pulmonary blood flow in gravity independent planes

Karatson A.; Farkas L.; Frang D., 1979: Observations with the bi flo cannula continuous single needle hemo dialysis

Shellis, R. P.; Miles, A. E. W., 1976: Observations with the electron microscope on enameloid formation in the common eel anguilla anguilla teleostei

Herbst R.; Multier Lajous A.M.; Brabitz K.; Hoder D.; Kober H J.; Bluemcke S., 1979: Observations with the scanning electron microscope of the lung epithelium during ontogenesis

Hubler J.; Frang D., 1983: Observations with trans urethral resection in association with continuous irrigation

Gyimesi A.; Hanyec V.; Pocsay G.; Lorincy E.; Ivanyi J., 1987: Observations with viskaldix a combined antihypertensive agent

Van Praag H.M., 1979: Observations within and beyond the boundaries of catecholamine research in psychosis

Carlsson, S.; Liden, K., 1977: Observed accumulation coefficients of cesium 137 and potassium in some fish and plant species in the littoral zone of an oligotrophic lake

Spooner, R. J.; Birrell, R. C.; Mclelland, A. S.; Baird, J. A.; Sourindhrin, I., 1984: Observed activities of serum creatine kinase ec total and b subunit activity and other enzymes in young persons abusing solvents

Pettingill, O. S-Jr, 1976: Observed acts of predation on birds in northern lower michigan

Kulkarni R.N.; Chopra V.L.; Singh D., 1981: Observed and hypothetical leaf rust puccinia recondita f sp tritici progress curves of some genotypes of wheat

Kirschbaum M.U.F.; Gross L.J.; Pearcy R.W., 1988: Observed and modelled stomatal responses to dynamic light environments in the shade plant alocasia macrorrhiza

Horton R.; Aguirre Luna O.; Wierenga P.J., 1984: Observed and predicted 2 dimensional soil temperature distributions under a row crop

Tucker, G. T.; Cooper, S.; Littlewood, D.; Buckley, F. P.; Covino, B. G.; Scott, D. B., 1977: Observed and predicted accumulation of local anesthetic agents during continuous extradural analgesia

Marra J.; Heinemann K.; Landriau G.Jr, 1985: Observed and predicted measurements of photosynthesis in a phytoplankton culture exposed to natural irradiance

Bass J.A.B.; Armitage P.D., 1987: Observed and predicted occurrence of blackflies diptera simuliidae at fifty reservoir outlets in britain uk

Bouhuys A.L.; Beersma D.G.M.; Van Den Hoofdakker R.H., 1987: Observed behaviors during clinical interviews predict improvement in depression

Seel D.J., 1980: Observed cancer incidence in southwest korea

Doucet H.S.; Morasse R.; Baumgarten M.; Infante Rivard C., 1987: Observed child restraint use among newborns at their departure from the hospital

Williams, A. F., 1976: Observed child restraint use in automobiles

Radhakrishnan, S.; Nair, N. B., 1976: Observed conjunctival thickening in diodon hystrix

Callander R.D., 1986: Observed convergence of the salmonella plate and pre incubation assays when employing varying levels of s9

Brasseur J.A.; Anderson J.L., 1983: Observed differences between direct indirect and direct indirect video taped supervisory conferences

Bleske B.E.; Larson T.A.; Rotschafer J.C., 1987: Observed differences in amikacin pharmacokinetic parameters and dosage recommendations determined by enzyme immunoassay and fluorescence polarization immunoassay

Kleeman, K. T.; Fryer, J. L.; Pilcher, K. S., 1970: Observed differences in carbon di oxide requirements between mammalian and salmonid fish cell lines

Sewchand, L. S.; Bruckschwaiger, D., 1980: Observed differences in dextran and poly vinyl pyrrolidone as rouleaux inducing agents

Rotschafer J.C.; Berg H.G.; Nelson R.B.; Strand L.; Lakatua D.J., 1983: Observed differences in gentamicin pharmaco kinetic parameters and dosage recommendations determined by fluorescent polarization immunoassay and radio immunoassay methods

Pless I.B.; Stulginskas J.; Zvagulis I., 1986: Observed effects of media campaigns on restraint use

Uncles R.J.; Elliott R.C.A.; Weston S.A., 1985: Observed fluxes of water salt and suspended sediment in a partly mixed estuary

Gifford, D. P.; Behrensmeyer, A. K., 1977: Observed formation and burial of a recent human occupation site in kenya

Lockyer C.; Morris R., 1987: Observed growth rate in a wild juvenile tursiops truncatus

Leigh T.F.; Hyer A.H.; Benedict J.H.; Wynholds P.F., 1985: Observed population increase nymphal weight gain and oviposition nonpreference as indicators of lygus hesperus hemiptera heteroptera miridae resistance in glandless cotton gossypium hirsutum

Goward S.N.; Cruickshanks G.D.; Hope A.S., 1985: Observed relation between thermal emission and reflected spectral radiance of a complex vegetated landscape

Madias J.E., 1979: Observed vs expected electro cardiographic changes in myo cardial infarction

Workum P.; Delbono E.A.; Holford S.K.; Murphy R.L.H.Jr, 1986: Observer agreement chest auscultation and crackles in asbestos exposed workers

Kratochwill, T. R.; Wetzel, R. J., 1977: Observer agreement credibility and judgment some considerations in presenting observer agreement data

Curlee R.F., 1981: Observer agreement on disfluency and stuttering

Smith P.G.R., 1984: Observer and annual variation in winter bird population studies

Carruthers, K. J. M., 1970: Observer and experimental variation in tuberculin testing

Zakharov A.A., 1980: Observer ants storers of foraging area information in formica rufa formicidae hymenoptera

Charles K.R.; Littig L.W., 1982: Observer attribution for actor socio economic mobility a nontypical outcome

Mencher, G. T.; Mcculloch, B.; Derbyshire, A. J.; Dethlefs, R., 1977: Observer bias as a factor in neo natal hearing screening

Hall, J. B.; Okali, D. U. U., 1978: Observer bias in a floristic survey of complex tropical vegetation

Mewa A.A.M.; Pui M.; Cockshott W.P.; Buchanan W.W., 1983: Observer differences in detecting erosions in radiographs of rheumatoid arthritis a comparison of posteroanterior norgaard and brewerton views

Wahlen B.E.; Smith T.D., 1985: Observer effect on incidental dolphin mortality in the eastern tropical pacific tuna thunnus albacares fishery

Kirschner E.; Chalmers T.C.; Popper H.; Gerber M.A.; Stenger R.J.; Goldberg J.D.; Sacks H., 1982: Observer error in biopsy interpretations and outcome in chronic hepatitis

Neufeld P.D.; Johnson D.L., 1986: Observer error in blood pressure measurement

Hla, K. M.; Vokaty, K. A.; Feussner, J. R., 1986: Observer error in systolic blood pressure measurement in the elderly a case for automatic recorders?

Hughes, C. W., 1978: Observer influence on automated open field activity

Hertzman C.; Walter S.D.; From L.; Alison A., 1987: Observer perception of skin color in a study of malignant melanoma

Keogh J.F.; Griffin N.S.; Spector R., 1981: Observer perceptions of movement confidence

Eriksson L.; Westesson P L.; Sjoberg H., 1987: Observer performance in describing temporomandibular joint sounds

Metz, C. E.; Starr, S. J.; Lusted, L. B., 1976: Observer performance in detecting multiple radiographic signals prediction and analysis using a generalized receiver operating characteristic approach

Nishitani H.; Honda H.; Matsuura K., 1984: Observer performance on radiographic images with various spatial frequency compression photoprinted images

Wiener S.N.; Flynn M.J.; Edelstein J., 1980: Observer performance with computer generated images of thallium 201 labeled thallium chloride myo cardial perfusion

Kulka D.W.; Firth J.R., 1987: Observer program training manual newfoundland region canada

Ljunggren G., 1986: Observer ratings of perceived exertion in relation of self ratings and heart rate

Barry J.D.; Sharkey F.E., 1985: Observer reproducibility during computer assisted planimetric measurements of nuclear features

Molven O.; Halse A.; Grung B., 1987: Observer strategy and the radiographic classification of healing after endodontic surgery

Teasdale, G.; Knill-Jones, R.; Van-Der-Sande, J., 1978: Observer variability in assessing impaired consciousness and coma

Eskesen V.; Karle A.; Kruse A.; Kruse Larsen C.; Praestholm J.; Schmidt K., 1987: Observer variability in assessment of angiographic vasospasm after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Erwin R.M., 1982: Observer variability in estimating numbers an experiment

Chikos P.M.; Fisher L.D.; Hirsch J.H.; Harley J.D.; Thiele B.L.; Strandness D.E.Jr, 1983: Observer variability in evaluation extracranial carotid artery stenosis

Meltzer R.S.; Devereux R.B.; Goldman M.E.; Kronzon I.; Meller J.; Teichholz L.E.; Thornton J.C., 1987: Observer variability in m mode echocardiographic diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse effect of tracing quality and depth of prolapse

Chan K.W.; Chiu K.Y.; Fu K.H.; Ling J.M.L., 1987: Observer variability in microcomputer assisted morphometric study of nuclear parameters

Beck J.S.; Anderson T.J.; Bobrow L.; Burton P.; Davis J.D.; Elston C.W.; Gibbs N.M.; Marshall T.; Wells C.; Et Al, 1985: Observer variability in reporting of breast lesions

Mulrow C.D.; Dolmatch B.L.; Delong E.R.; Feussner J.R.; Benyunes M.C.; Dietkz J.L.; Lucas S.K.; Pisano E.D.; Svetkey L.P.; Et Al, 1986: Observer variability in the pulmonary examination

Smith M.D.; Grayburn P.A.; Spain M.G.; Demaria A.N.; Kwan O.L.; Moffett C.B., 1988: Observer variability in the quantitation of doppler color flow jet areas for mitral and aortic regurgitation

Cantor D.; Midgley R.; Imperato T.; Yassinger S., 1982: Observer variability in upper gastro intestinal endoscopy

Kling P.A.; Edin K.; Domellof L., 1985: Observer variability in upper gastrointestinal fiber endoscopy

Berg E.; Knudsen G., 1983: Observer variability of and comparison between visual and central bearing point methods of evaluating denture occlusion

Turner, D. A., 1978: Observer variability what to do until perfect diagnostic tests are invented

Okada R.D.; Kirshenbaum H.D.; Kushner F.G.; Strauss H.W.; Dinsmore R.E.; Newell J.B.; Bocher C.A.; Block P.C.; Pohost G.M., 1980: Observer variance in the qualitative evaluation of left ventricular wall motion and the quantitation of left ventricular ejection fraction using rest and exercise multi gated blood pool imaging

Mclachlan M.S.F.; Fletcher E.W.L.; Griffiths G.J.; Williams L.A., 1980: Observer variation in assessing renal scarring

Corazza G.R.; Bonvicini F.; Frazzoni M.; Gatto M.; Gasbarrini G., 1982: Observer variation in assessment of jejunal biopsy specimens a comparison between subjective criteria and morphometric measurement

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Hardcastle P.F.; Von Haacke N.; Murray J.A.M., 1985: Observer variation in clinical examination of the nasal airway

Hollingsworth P.N.; Cheah P.S.; Dawkins R.L.; Owen E.T.; Calin A.; Wood P.H.N., 1983: Observer variation in grading sacro iliac radiographs in hla b 27 positive individuals

Yazici H.; Turunc M.; Ozdogan H.; Yurdakul S.; Akinci A.; Barnes C.G., 1987: Observer variation in grading sacroiliac radiograph might be a cause of sacroiliitis reported in certain disease states

Stalsberg H.; Abeler V.; Blom G.P.; Bostad L.; Skarland E.; Westgaard G., 1988: Observer variation in histologic classification of malignant and borderline ovarian tumors

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