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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6018

Chapter 6018 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hellers G.; Bergstrand O.; Ewerth S.; Holmstrom B., 1980: Occurrence and outcome after primary treatment of anal fistulae in crohns disease

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Hua L., 1987: Occurrence and parasitization of the cereal leaf beetles oulema spp in central hesse in west germany 1986 and experiments for rearing of the egg parasite anaphes flavipes forester

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Duben, J.; Fehrmann, H., 1979: Occurrence and pathogenicity of fusarium species on winter wheat in west germany 1. spectrum of species and seasonal succession at the stem base

Duben, J.; Fehrmann, H., 1979: Occurrence and pathogenicity of fusarium spp on winter wheat in west germany 2. comparison of pathogenicity on seedlings haulm bases and ears

Duben, J.; Fehrmann, H., 1980: Occurrence and pathogenicity of fusarium spp on winter wheat in west germany 3. relation between infections of the haulm base and the heads

Fehrmann, H.; Duben, J., 1980: Occurrence and pathogenicity of fusarium spp on winter wheat in west germany 4. dependency of fusarium incidence on ecologic factors

Barklund P., 1987: Occurrence and pathogenicity of lophodermium piceae appearing as an endophyte in needles of picea abies

Sykora J.L.; Keleti G.; Martinez A.J., 1983: Occurrence and pathogenicity of naegleria fowleri in artificially heated waters

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Mehdi F.S., 1986: Occurrence and periodicity of saprolegniaceae in yately lake england uk

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Graham L.E.; Taylor C.IIi, 1986: Occurrence and phylogenetic significance of special walls at meiosporogenesis in coleochaete

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Datnoff L.E.; Lacy G.H.; Fox J.A., 1984: Occurrence and populations of plasmodiophora brassicae in sediments of irrigation water sources

Jennings J.B.; Leflore W.B., 1979: Occurrence and possible adaptive significance of some histochemically demonstrable dehydrogenases in 2 ento symbiotic rhabdocoels platyhelminthes turbellaria

Mountford K., 1980: Occurrence and predation by mnemiopsis leidyi in barnegat bay new jersey usa

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Gijbels M.J.M.; Scheffer J.J.C.; Svendsen A.B., 1982: Occurrence and prevention of isomerization of ligustillide during gas liquid chromatography on packed columns

Chun L.T.; Reddy V.; Rhoads G.G., 1984: Occurrence and prevention of rheumatic fever among ethnic groups of hawaii usa

Kardell L., 1980: Occurrence and production of bilberry vaccinium myrtillus lingonberry vaccinium vitis idaea and raspberry rubus idaeus in swedish forests

Throndsen, J., 1976: Occurrence and productivity of small marine flagellates

Boettcher H.D.; Wagner W.; Haverkamp U.; Schadel A., 1983: Occurrence and prognosis of medullo blastoma in adult persons

Uchida T.; Kobayashi S.; Yanaihara N., 1985: Occurrence and projections of three subclasses of methionine enkephalin 6 arginine 7 glycine 8 leucine neurons in the guinea pig duodenum immunoelectron microscopic study on the co storage of methionine enkephalin 6 arginine 7 glycine 8 leucine with substance p or peptide histidine isoleucine 1 15

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Haenni C.; Meyer J.; IIda S.; Arber W., 1982: Occurrence and properties of composite transposon tn 2672 evolution of multiple drug resistance transposons

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Levy R.V.; Hart F.L.; Cheetham R.D., 1986: Occurrence and public health significance of invertebrates in drinking water systems

Vaishnav D.D.; Babeu L., 1986: Occurrence and rates of chemical biodegradation in superior harbor usa water

Wittmann G.; Ohlinger V.; Rziha H J., 1983: Occurrence and reactivation of latent aujeszkys disease virus following challenge in previously vaccinated pigs

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Roper D.S., 1986: Occurrence and recruitment of fish larvae in a northern new zealand estuary

Pukander J.; Karma P.; Sipila M., 1982: Occurrence and recurrence of acute otitis media among children

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Kawamura K., 1986: Occurrence and release of histamine containing granules in summer cells in adrenal glands of the frog rana catesbeiana

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Hillman W.S.; Lamm S.S., 1981: Occurrence and reversal in lemna paucicostata 6612 of a condition that prevents nitrate utilization

Round F.E., 1979: Occurrence and rhythmic behavior of tropidoneis lepidoptera in the epipelon of barnstable harbor massachusetts usa

Kasprzak K., 1986: Occurrence and role of bivalves of the family unionidae mollusca bivalvia in the eutrophic lake zbechy wielkopolska kujawy lowland poland and its outflow canal

Mueller J.D.; Sinclair J.B., 1986: Occurrence and role of gliocladium roseum in field grown soybeans in illinois usa

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Broman, K.; Knupfer, A. L.; Ropars, M.; Deshusses, J., 1983: Occurrence and role of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec in pro cyclic trypanosoma brucei brucei glycosomes

Bilewicz-Pawinska, T., 1977: Occurrence and role of the parasitic genus peristenus hymenoptera braconidae on the rye crop fields

Aderem A.A.; Mcintosh D.B.; Berman M.C., 1979: Occurrence and role of tightly bound adenine nucleotides in sarcoplasmic reticulum of rabbit skeletal muscle

Randall, R. W.; Gibbs, H. C., 1977: Occurrence and seasonal behavior of gastro intestinal nematodes infecting maine usa dairy cattle

Huszar V.L.D.M., 1979: Occurrence and seasonal distribution of the phyto plankton of the santa barbara reservoir in pelotas rio grande do sul brazil

Lazzari S.N.; Foerster L.A., 1983: Occurrence and seasonal fluctuation of aphids in barley hordeum sp in parana brazil

Easton E.R.; Coker R.S.; Ballinger R., 1986: Occurrence and seasonal incidence of mosquitoes on indian reservations in iowa nebraska and south dakota usa during 1983

Sugimoto, A.; Kobayashi, T., 1978: Occurrence and seasonal migration of black cutworms agrotis ipsilon on ishigaki island okinawa japan

Popov S.; Carlson R.M.K.; Djerassi C., 1983: Occurrence and seasonal variation of 19 norcholest 4 en 3 one and 3 beta mono hydroxy sterols in the californian gorgonian muricea californica

Ogle J.; Flurry K., 1980: Occurrence and seasonality of perkinsus marinus protozoa apicomplexa in mississippi usa oysters

Perrone Capano C.; Giuditta A.; Castigli E.; Kaplan B.B., 1987: Occurrence and sequence complexity of polyadenylated rna in squid axoplasm

Dott W.; Waschko Dransmann D., 1981: Occurrence and significance of actinomycetes in drinking water

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Cramer H.; Hammers R.; Clarenbach P.; Horstmann R., 1979: Occurrence and significance of cyclic nucleotides in the cerebro spinal fluid

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Noble J.P.A., 1985: Occurrence and significance of late silurian reefs in new brunswick canada

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Byron D.W.; Hays S.B., 1986: Occurrence and significance of multiple mound utilization by colonies of the red imported fire ant solenopsis invicta hymenoptera formicidae

Davison I.R.; Stewart W.D.P., 1983: Occurrence and significance of nitrogen transport in the brown alga laminaria digitata

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Spirito P.; Maron B.J.; Bonow R.O.; Epstein S.E., 1987: Occurrence and significance of progressive left ventricular wall thinning and relative cavity dilatation in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Paranjape M.A., 1980: Occurrence and significance of resting cysts in a hyaline tintinnid helicostomella subulata

Lucas A.; Bates C.J., 1987: Occurrence and significance of riboflavin deficiency in preterm infants

Holley R.A.; Lammerding A.M.; Tittiger F., 1988: Occurrence and significance of streptococci in fermented italian type dry sausage

Zhu J N.; Hu Y F.; Feng S N., 1983: Occurrence and significance of the fossil plants from the yuntaiguan formation located between hunan and hubei china

Nasir P., 1983: Occurrence and significance of the monogenean cycloplectanum americanum on a fresh water host

Baintner K.; Kocsis G., 1984: Occurrence and some characteristics of the immunoglobulin g receptors of the small intestinal mucosa in vitro experiments

Oda Y.; Nakano Y.; Kitaoka S., 1983: Occurrence and some properties of 2 threonine dehydratases in euglena gracilis

Kawasaki Y.; Ogawa T.; Sasaoka K., 1982: Occurrence and some properties of a novel gamma glutamyl transferase responsible for the synthesis of gamma l glutamyl d alanine in pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska seedlings

Oyama, H.; Izumi, H.; Ozawa, H.; Tuboi, S., 1977: Occurrence and some properties of a protein like inhibitor of dopamine beta hydroxylase ec in rat liver

Nakatsuka T.; Shigeoka S.; Nakano Y.; Kitaoka S., 1988: Occurrence and some properties of a thiaminase in euglena gracilis z

Stefaniak, O., 1968: Occurrence and some properties of aerobic psychrophilic soil bacteria

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Sridhar K.R.; Kaveriappa K.M., 1988: Occurrence and survival of aquatic hyphomycetes in brackish and sea water

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Pierson K.B., 1985: Occurrence and synthesis of a non thionein zinc binding protein in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Cammue B.P.A.; Raikhel N.V.; Peumans W.J., 1986: Occurrence and synthesis of lectin in coleoptiles of germinating wheat triticum aestivum cultivar celesta rye secale cereale cultivar celestijner and rice oryza sativa cultivar koshihikari seedlings

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Shariff M., 1980: Occurrence and treatment of ecto parasitic disease of aquarium fishes in malaysia

Schliesske J., 1979: Occurrence and types of spread of free living gall mites acari eriophyoidea on prunus spp in lower saxony west germany

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Kanda F.; Kamei A.; Imai Y., 1983: Occurrence and vertical distribution of dictyostelid cellular slime molds in quercus mongolica var grosseserrata betula platyphylla var japonica forests around the kushiro moor japan

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Samborski D.J., 1985: Occurrence and virulence of puccinia recondita in canada in 1984

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Sagardoy M.A.; Citta S., 1985: Occurrence characteristics and multiplication of rapid grower mycobacteria in presence of legume root nodule bacteria

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Ba Angood S.A.; Stewart R.K., 1980: Occurrence development and distribution of cereal aphids on early and late cultivars of wheat barley and oats in southwestern quebec canada

Dominik J.; Nicovsky J.; Semrad B.; Suchanek M.; Vespalec J., 1987: Occurrence diagnosis and treatment of thromboses of heart valve prostheses

Shokes F.M.; Mccarter S.M., 1979: Occurrence dissemination and survival of plant pathogens in surface irrigation ponds in southern georgia usa

Barthem R.B., 1985: Occurrence distribution and biology of fish of the bay of marajo amazo estuary brazil

Steinbrink H., 1987: Occurrence distribution and control of cockroaches in the district of rostock east germany

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Svensson B., 1980: Occurrence of deficient monocyte yeast cell phagocytosis in presence of rheumatic sera

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