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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6019

Chapter 6019 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rigby J.K.; Racki G.; Wrzolek T., 1981: Occurrence of dictyid hexactinellid sponges in the upper devonian of the holy cross mountains poland

Bastos C.N.; Evans H.C., 1979: Occurrence of dieback of cacao in rondonia brazil

Cerbulis J.; Parks O.W.; Liu R.H.; Piotrowski E.G.; Farrell H.M.Jr, 1984: Occurrence of diesters of 3 chloro 1 2 propanediol in the neutral lipid fraction of goats milk

De-Oliveira, A. M.; Barcelos, D. F.; Sudo, S.; Barcellos, D. F., 1975: Occurrence of different aphid species in the tomato area of avelar state of rio de janeiro brazil

Huisman T.H.J.; Reese A.L.; Gardiner M.B.; Wilson J.B.; Lam H.; Reynolds A.; Nagle S.; Trowell P.; Yi Tao Z.; Et Al, 1983: Occurrence of different levels of g gamma chain and of the a gamma t variant of fetal hemo globin in new born babies from several countries

Ando K.; Katsuya K., 1985: Occurrence of different races during axenic culture of puccinia recondita f sp tritici race 45

Pestarino M., 1982: Occurrence of different secretin like cells in the digestive tract of the ascidian styela plicata urochordata ascidiacea

Lema, T. D., 1976: Occurrence of different species of tropical marine fish on the coast of santa catarina state brazil osteichthyes actinopterygii teleostei

Bondi A.; Mancini A.M.; Baldini N., 1983: Occurrence of different types of contractile cells in some lung fibrosis

Bastos, C. N., 1975: Occurrence of dimeriellopsis sp on the papaya carica papaya

Aoki, S., 1976: Occurrence of dimorphism in the 1st instar larva of colophina clematis homoptera aphidoidea

Igarashi T., 1986: Occurrence of dinophysis fortii a dinoflagellate responsible for diarrhetic shellfish poisoning at kesennuma bay japan

Costas, M. J.; Cameselle, J. C.; Sillero, M. A. G.; Sillero, A., 1985: Occurrence of dinucleosidetriphosphatase ec in the cytosol and particulate fractions from rat liver

Neves D.D.S.; Morais A.N.; Nogueira R.H.G.; Chquiloff M.A.D.G., 1983: Occurrence of dioctophyma renale in dogs in lages state of santa catarina brazil

Jorde D.G., 1980: Occurrence of dioctophyma renale in mink from north dakota usa

Da Serra Freire N.M., 1979: Occurrence of dioctophyma renale parasitizing canis familiaris in belem state of para brazil

Pappenheimer A.M.Jr; Dunlop P.C.; Adolph K.W.; Bodley J.W., 1983: Occurrence of diphthamide in archaebacteria

Kameyama Y.; Yoshioka S.; Nozawa Y., 1980: Occurrence of direct desaturation of phospho lipid acyl chain in tetrahymena pyriformis thermal adaptation of membrane phospho lipid

Simmons J.M.; Nicholson W.S.; Hill E.P.; Briggs D.B., 1980: Occurrence of dirofilaria immitis in gray fox urocyon cinereoargenteus in alabama and georgia usa

Borges J.D.; Macedo J.H.P., 1986: Occurrence of dirphia araucariae in araucaria angustifolia in the municipality of congonhinhas brazil

Browning H.W.; Federici B.A.; Oatman E.R., 1982: Occurrence of disease caused by a rickettsia like organism in a larval population of the cabbage looper trichoplusia ni in southern california usa

Duarte M.J.D.F.; Dorea E.M.A., 1987: Occurrence of dispharynx nasuta rudolphi 1819 in peacock pavo cristatus in brazil

Colucci M.; Lorenzet R.; Locati D.; Semeraro N.; Donati M.B., 1983: Occurrence of disseminated intra vascular coagulation in rat bnml leukemia despite lack of leukocyte pro coagulant activity

Tada K.; Montani S.; Okaichi T., 1987: Occurrence of dissolved nucleic acid bases in coastal seawater and pore water

Sakai T.; Watanabe K.; Kawatsu H., 1987: Occurrence of ditaurobilirubin bilirubin conjugated with two moles of taurine in the gallbladder bile of yellowtail seriola quinqueradiata

Chen H D.; Ma C.; Yuan J T.; Wang Y K.; Silvers W.K., 1986: Occurrence of donor langerhans cells in mouse and rat chimeras and their replacement in skin grafts

Dalmaz, Y.; Peyrin, L., 1978: Occurrence of dopamine in the chromaffin tissue of a cartilaginous selachian fish scyliorhinus canicula

Newton A.C., 1987: Occurrence of double stranded rna and virus like particles in septoria nodorum

Mckenzie, E. H. C., 1978: Occurrence of drechslera and curvularia on grass seed in new zealand

Johnson R.R., 1979: Occurrence of drift disseminules on mississippi and eastern louisiana barrier islands usa

Inaba M.; Nagashima K.; Sakurai Y., 1982: Occurrence of drug resistance in human tumor implanted in nude mice

Belyaeva, I. V.; Konotop, T. A., 1977: Occurrence of drumstick like nuclear formations in neutrophilic leukocytes of male rats after neo natal thymectomy

Wolnik L.; Slenczka W.; Kalbfleisch H., 1981: Occurrence of dysplastic epithelium in the murine vagina after transfer of cell free extracts from carcinoma in situ of the human cervix uteri

Bezerra J.L., 1985: Occurrence of dysrhynchis palmicola new record in oil palm in bahia brazil

Gibson, P. E.; Ruparelia, K., 1977: Occurrence of e antigen in acute hepatitis b

Ihara N., 1984: Occurrence of early thymus atrophy and the skin lesions observed in the cataractous rats of icr d strain

Hentschel H., 1979: Occurrence of echinorhynchus truttae acanthocephala in the epirhithron of a brook in the mittelgebirge west germany

Tan, R. J. S.; Lim, E. W., 1977: Occurrence of edwardsiella tarda in the household lizard gekko gecko

Tesch F W., 1980: Occurrence of eel anguilla anguilla larvae west of the european continental shelf 1971 1977

Chee K.H.; Zhang K M.; Darmono T.W., 1986: Occurrence of eight races of microcyclus ulei on hevea rubber in bahia brazil

Szyndlar Z., 1985: Occurrence of elaphe davidi new record serpentes colubridae in north korea

Peschke K.; Schmitt K.; Zinner K., 1986: Occurrence of electronically excited products during the defensive reaction of bombardier beetles

Hart, J. H., 1978: Occurrence of elm phloem necrosis in michigan

Tabeta O.; Nonaka S.; Sakurai N., 1979: Occurrence of elvers of the european eel anguilla anguilla in shizuoka and kanagawa prefectures japan in 1977

Goyal S.M.; Gerba C.P., 1982: Occurrence of endo toxins in ground water during the land application of waste water

Hart, J. H.; Mosher, D. G.; Ajewole, R., 1978: Occurrence of endocronartium harknessii and cronartium quercuum on scotch pine and jack pine in michigans lower peninsula usa

Singh K.; Varma A.K., 1980: Occurrence of endogone spores in rhizosphere soils of xerophytic plants in northern india

Woodward R.M.; Kaufman R.H., 1983: Occurrence of endometrial adeno carcinoma during lactation

Moravec F., 1984: Occurrence of endoparasitic helminths in carp cyprinus carpio from the macha lake fishpond system czechoslovakia

Moravec F., 1985: Occurrence of endoparasitic helminths in eels anguilla anguilla from the macha lake fishpond system czechoslovakia

Moravec F., 1985: Occurrence of endoparasitic helminths in tench tinca tinca from the macha lake fishpond system czechoslovakia

Colombo, P. M., 1978: Occurrence of endophytic bacteria in siphonous algae

Bumerl, J.; Hofbauer, J.; Mika, V., 1987: Occurrence of endophytic fungus acremonium sp in breeding material of festuca arundinacea schreb. and its relation to alkaloids

Sobsey M.D.; Hackney C.R.; Carrick R.J.; Ray B.; Speck M.L., 1980: Occurrence of enteric bacteria and viruses in oysters

Krogh H.V., 1983: Occurrence of entero toxigenic escherichia coli in calves with acute neo natal diarrhea

Windyga, B., 1978: Occurrence of entero toxigenic staphylococci especially producers of entero toxins d and e among strains isolated from food

Kaji Y.; Kato E., 1980: Occurrence of entero toxigenic staphylococci in household and laboratory dogs

Akatov A.K.; Mochmann H.; Khatenever M.L.; Richter U.; Kushko I.V.; Karsch W.; Voropaeva S.D.; Mazurenko M.K., 1980: Occurrence of entero toxigenic strains among staphylococcus aureus isolated from different sources

Rechkin A.I.; Solov'eva I.V., 1985: Occurrence of enterobacteria in humans and small mammals

Gluender G., 1981: Occurrence of enterobacteriaceae in feces of granivorous passeriform birds

Abbar F.M.; Mohamed M.T., 1987: Occurrence of enteropathogenic escherichia coli serotypes in butter

Sanjeev S.; Iyer K.M.; Pandurangarao C.C.; James M.A., 1986: Occurrence of enterotoxigenic staphylococci in frozen fishery products

Keswick B.H.; Goyal S.M.; Gerba C.P., 1981: Occurrence of enteroviruses in community swimming pools

Machowicz-Stefaniak, Z., 1976: Occurrence of entomogenous fungi hyphomycetales mycophyta on orchard pests in the environs of lublin poland with special regard to tent caterpillar moth malacosoma neustria

Valicente, F. H., 1986: Occurrence of entomogenous nematode mermithidae in fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda j. e. smith 1797 lepidoptera noctuidae in sete lagoas minas gerais brazil

Casier J G., 1986: Occurrence of entomozoacean ostracods in the famennian part of the djebel heche section gourara algerian sahara

Okamoto, S.; Suzuki, Y.; Mise, K.; Nakaya, R., 1967: Occurrence of enz chloramphenicol anti infect acetylating enzymes in various gram negative bacilli resistance factor escherichia coli salmonella arizona klebsiella aerobacter serratia marcescens proteus mirabilis pseudomonas aeruginosa enterobacter cloacae

Leroux Roels G.G.; Wieme R.J.; De Broe M.E., 1981: Occurrence of enzyme immuno globulin complexes in chronic inflammatory bowel disease

Igwegbe, E. C. K.; Thomas, C., 1978: Occurrence of enzymes of arginine di hydrolase pathway in spiroplasma citri

Raha P.K.; Rajendran C.P.; Kar R.K., 1986: Occurrence of eocene palynofossils in subsurface tertiary sediments of kerala india

Ueno S I.; Pawlowski J., 1984: Occurrence of epaphiopsis coleoptera trechinae in the eastern himalayas

Gaill F.; Desbruyeres D.; Prieur D.; Gourret J P., 1984: Occurrence of epibiotic bacterial communities associated with the pompei worm alvinella pompejana

Bauknecht T.; Runge M.; Schwall M.; Pfleiderer A., 1988: Occurrence of epidermal growth factor receptors in human adnexal tumors and their prognostic value in advanced ovarian carcinomas

Correa, B. S.; Smith, J. G., 1976: Occurrence of epinotia aporema lepidoptera tortricidae damaging soybeans

Beran M.; Petruson B., 1986: Occurrence of epistaxis in habitual nose bleeders and analysis of some etiological factors

Alebouyeh M.; Peller P.; Goetz O.; Ameri M.A., 1984: Occurrence of epstein barr virus antibodies in iranian and german citizens

Wnukiewicz J., 1980: Occurrence of epulis in children in the light of clinical observations

Takatori K.; Ichijo S.; Konishi T.; Tanaka I., 1981: Occurrence of equine dermatophytosis in hokkaido japan

Singh, S., 1976: Occurrence of ergot and false floral smut on saccharum spontaneum in india

Calzolari A.; Peddes P.; Mazzucchi U.; Mori P.; Garzena C., 1982: Occurrence of erwinia amylovora in buds of asymptomatic apple plants in commerce

Sholberg P.L.; Gaunce A.P.; Owen G.R., 1988: Occurrence of erwinia amylovora of pome fruit in british columbia canada in 1985 and its elimination from the apple surface

Klingner, A. E.; Hildebrand, D. C.; Wilhelm, S., 1971: Occurrence of erwinia carotovora in the rhizosphere of cotton d plants which escape verticillium albo atrum wilt

Lebeda A.; Buczkowski J., 1986: Occurrence of erysiphe cichoracearum perithecia on wild lactuca species

Ghosal, S.; Ghosh, D. K.; Dutta, S. K., 1970: Occurrence of erysotrine and other alkaloids in erythrina variegata d

Kaslow R.A.; Samples C.L.; Simon D.G.; Lewis J.N., 1981: Occurrence of erythema chronicum migrans and lyme disease among children in 2 noncontiguous connecticut counties usa

Walker D.H.; Gay R.M.; Valdes Dapena M., 1981: Occurrence of eschars in rocky mountain spotted fever

Graham, C. L.; Graham, D. L., 1978: Occurrence of escherichia coli in feces of psittacine birds

Hotta, N.; Saxena, S. P., 1976: Occurrence of escherichia coli in the intestinal tract of sheep

Kozlowski, R.; Glantz, P. J.; Anthony, R. G., 1977: Occurrence of escherichia coli in wild cottontail rabbits

Nimmich W.; Zingler G.; Falkenhagen U.; Naumann G.; Bohnenstengel C., 1985: Occurrence of escherichia coli k 1 and k 5 strains in patients with urinary tract infections

Schlesinger D.; Halasa J., 1982: Occurrence of esd 0 gene in the polish population

Goodman, L. R., 1977: Occurrence of esox niger new record in santa rosa sound florida usa/

Karunen P.; Hakala K.; Heinonen S., 1984: Occurrence of esterified tri terpenoid alcohols in the leaves of pilosella officinarum

Kalland T.; Forsberg J G., 1980: Occurrence of estrogen binding components in mouse thymus a study using fluorescence technique

Deland, M. P. B.; Jakes, J.; Giles, W., 1976: Occurrence of estrus in hereford charolais and brahman cross bred heifers

Greyling J.P.C.; Van Niekerk C.H., 1987: Occurrence of estrus in the boer goat doe

Baker, J. H.; Jones, T. L.; Salinas, J., 1977: Occurrence of euconchoecia chierchiae new record ostracoda halocyprididae in cedar bayou chambers county texas usa

Terazaki M.; Kitagawa D.; Yamashita Y., 1986: Occurrence of euphausia pacifica crustacea euphausiacea with spermatophore in the vicinity of otsuchi northeastern japan

Lauterer P.; Prophetou D.A.; Tzanakakis M.E., 1986: Occurrence of euphyllura phillyreae homoptera aphalaridae on olives of the greek mainland

Van-Impe, J., 1976: Occurrence of european white fronted geese with an orange coloration of the bill

Kubota S., 1979: Occurrence of eutima cirrhifera at akkeshi hokkaido japan associated with a cockle clinocardium californiense

Gastal, H. A. D. O., 1977: Occurrence of eutrichopodopsis nitens diptera tachinidae parasitizing nezara viridula hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae in parana state brazil

Anastasiou Nana M.I.; Anderson J.L.; Stewart J.R.; Crevey B.J.; Yanowitz F.G.; Lutz J.R.; Johnson T.A., 1987: Occurrence of exercise induced and spontaneous wide complex tachycardia during therapy with flecainide for complex ventricular arrhythmias a probable proarrhythmic effect

Cadwallader P.L.; Backhouse G.N.; Fallu R., 1980: Occurrence of exotic tropical fish in the cooling pondage of a power station in temperate southeastern australia

Becirovic E., 1987: Occurrence of extra articular rheumatism among workers in a shoe factory

Amemura A.; Hashimoto T.; Koizumi K.; Utamura T., 1985: Occurrence of extracellular 1 2 beta d glucans and 1 2 beta d glucooligosaccharides in acetobacter

Stainken D., 1979: Occurrence of extractable hydro carbons in sediments from raritan bay new jersey usa

Giangrande A.; Castelli A., 1986: Occurrence of fabricia filamentosa day 1963 polychaeta sabellidae fabricinae in the mediterranean sea

Giangrande A.; Castelli A., 1986: Occurrence of fabricia filamentosa new record day 1963 polychaeta sabellidae fabricinae in the mediterranean sea

Garlick S.; Oren A.; Padan E., 1977: Occurrence of facultative anoxygenic photosynthesis among filamentous and uni cellular cyanobacteria

Elgersma D.M.; Weijman A.C.M.; Roeymans H.J.; Van Eijk G.W., 1984: Occurrence of falcarinol and falcarindiol in tomato plants after infection with verticillium albo atrum and characterization of 4 phyto alexins by capillary gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Buck, J. D., 1969: Occurrence of false positive most probable number tests for fecal streptococci in marine waters

Hirai N.; Uchida M.; Kobayashi A.; Hashimoto H.; Shiokawa Y., 1981: Occurrence of false positive reactions in the indirect fluorescent toxoplasma gondii antibody tests on systemic lupus erythematosus patients

Komiya Y.; Tashiro T.; Kurokawa M., 1986: Occurrence of faster migrating neurofilament proteins as revealed by their phosphorylation

White, R. H.; Hager, L. P., 1977: Occurrence of fatty acid chlorohydrins in jellyfish lipids

Nagai, J.; Kawamura, S.; Katsuki, H., 1977: Occurrence of fatty acid esters of sterol intermediates in ergosterol synthesis by yeast during respiratory adaptation

Havlicek, J., 1978: Occurrence of fc reacting factor in acid extracts of streptococcus pyogenes and its relationship to m protein

Ahmed A.A H.; Ahmed S.H.; Moustafa M.K., 1988: Occurrence of fecal coliforms and enteropathogenic escherichia coli eec in egyptian soft cheese

Aho M.; Korkeala H.; Hirn J., 1984: Occurrence of fecal coliforms fecal streptococci and salmonella in the waste water of 3 abattoirs in finland 1980 1983

Feral C., 1980: Occurrence of females with a male genital system in ocenebra erinacea a gonochoristic gastropod mollusk from granville france study of factors controlling the occurrence of this abnormality

Hakkinen, I.; Vikari, S., 1969: Occurrence of fetal sulfo glyco protein antigen in the gastric juice of patients with gastric diseases neopl gastric cancer ulcer

Bobak M., 1980: Occurrence of fibrillar inclusions in the meristematic cells of primary roots of the bean vicia faba after application of the herbicide trifluralin

Zacharski L.R.; Schned A.R.; Sorenson G.D., 1983: Occurrence of fibrin and tissue factor antigen in human small cell carcinoma of the lung

Ouaissi M.A.; Cornette J.; Capron A., 1984: Occurrence of fibronectin antigenic determinants on schistosoma mansoni lung schistosomula and adult worms

Katow H.; Yamada K.M.; Solursh M., 1982: Occurrence of fibronectin on the primary mesenchyme cell surface during migration in the sea urchin lytechinus pictus embryo

Gylseth B.; Bjorseth O.; Dugstad O.; Gjonnes J., 1984: Occurrence of fibrous sodium aluminumtetrafluoride particles in potrooms of the primary aluminum industry

Papinska K., 1981: Occurrence of filtering crustacea in the near bottom and pelagial waters of the mikolajskie lake poland

Kiemeier F., 1981: Occurrence of filth in food

Fajmonova, E., 1978: Occurrence of fir abies alba in the javorniky mountains czechoslovakia in relation to some soil properties

Ries, S. M.; Otterbacher, A. G., 1977: Occurrence of fire blight on thornless blackberry in illinois

Andriyashev A.P., 1979: Occurrence of fishes belonging to the families zoarcidae and liparidae off kerguelen island ussr

Neumann, A. J.; Vidrine, M. F., 1978: Occurrence of fissidens fontanus and leptodictyum riparium on fresh water mussels

Thieme, H.; Khogali, A., 1975: Occurrence of flavonoids and tannins in the leaves of several african acacia species

Vandekerkhove, O., 1980: Occurrence of flavonoids in the pleurocarpous mosses 2. apigenin and apigenin 7 rhamno glucoside in pleurozium schreberi

Goodwin, T. M.; Marion, W. R., 1977: Occurrence of florida red bellied turtle eggs in north central florida usa alligator nests

Bonnet P.; Poupet A.; Abad P.; Venard P.; Cardin L., 1986: Occurrence of foliar necrosis b proteins and resistance in non compatible phytophthora and tobacco interactions

Anselmo, F. P.; Moreira, E. C.; Olinda, S.; Santana, J. S. D.; Araujo, M. L. R., 1976: Occurrence of foot and mouth disease in bovine in the triangulo region state of minas gerais brazil

Schafer, C. T.; Wagner, F. J. E.; Ferguson, C., 1975: Occurrence of foraminifera mollusks and ostracods adjacent to the industrialized shoreline of canso strait nova scotia canada

Penteado Dias A., 1987: Occurrence of fornicia pilosa new record cushman 1931 hymenoptera braconidae microgastrinae in the federal district of brasilia brazil

Dutta, A. K., 1976: Occurrence of fossil lion and spotted hyena from pleistocene deposits of susunia bankura district west bengal india

Gregor H J., 1980: Occurrence of fossil remains of palm trees in the early tertiary of europe with special reference to deposits in the upper fresh water molasse of southern west germany

Adam J.; Pashchenko A.E.; Surzin J.; Grega B., 1985: Occurrence of free amino acid and peptides in human urine as dependent on age

Chakrabarti D.K.; Ghosal S., 1986: Occurrence of free and conjugated 12 13 epoxytrichothecenes and zearalenone in banana fruits infected with fusarium moniliforme

Miyagawa E.; Azuma R.; Suto T.; Yano I., 1979: Occurrence of free ceramides in bacteroides fragilis nctc 9343

Berlet, H. H.; Bonsmann, I.; Birringer, H., 1976: Occurrence of free creatine phospho creatine and creatine phospho kinase in adipose tissue

Matsushima O.; Katayama H.; Yamada K.; Kado Y., 1984: Occurrence of free d alanine and alanine racemase activity in bivalve mollusks with special reference to intracellular osmoregulation

Collins P.; Donawa A.L., 1983: Occurrence of free living nitrogen fixing bacteria in soils of trinidad and tobago west indies

Glasser S.P.; Clark P.I.; Applebaum H.J., 1979: Occurrence of frequent complex arrhythmias detected by ambulatory monitoring findings in an apparently healthy asymptomatic elderly population

Ahsan S.N.; Prasad M., 1982: Occurrence of fright reaction in indian fishes

Janjic V.; Olar P., 1984: Occurrence of fruit cork spot in apple grown on limey soil

Jiron L.F.; Hedstrom I., 1988: Occurrence of fruit flies of the genera anastrepha and ceratitis diptera tephritidae and their host plant availability in costa rica

Gardner D.E., 1979: Occurrence of fuchsia rust in hawaii usa

Kulkarni, R. S.; Sathyanesan, A. G., 1978: Occurrence of functional thyroid follicles in the pronephric head kidney of the carp labeo rohita/

Anderson R.C.; Liberta A.E., 1986: Occurrence of fungal inhibiting pseudomonas on caryopses of tripsacum dactyloides and its implication for seed survival and agriculture application

Widera, L.; Trenkner, E., 1978: Occurrence of fungi from the genus cryptococcus in diseased internal organs of the greenland halibut

Chowdhery H.J.; Garg K.L.; Jaitly A.K., 1982: Occurrence of fungi in rhizosphere rhizoplane and nonrhizosphere zones of some mangroves

Urben A.F.; Wetzel M.M.V.D.S.; Cicero S.M., 1982: Occurrence of fungi in rubber hevea brasiliensis seeds

Mortensen K., 1984: Occurrence of fungi on leafy spurge euphorbia esula virgata in the prairie provinces from 1981 1983

Vrijmoed L.L.P.; Hodgkiss I.J.; Thrower L.B., 1986: Occurrence of fungi on submerged pine and teak blocks in hong kong coastal waters

Osman K.T.; Sharma A.B.; Mridha M.A.U., 1984: Occurrence of fungi on wheat grains grown under different levels of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium

Wisniewski, J., 1977: Occurrence of fungus aegeritella superficialis on formica lugubris in italian alps

Clear R.M.; Abramson D., 1986: Occurrence of fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol vomitoxin in two samples of manitoba canada wheat in 1984

James R.L., 1986: Occurrence of fusarium on douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seed and containerized seedlings at the plum creek nursery pablo montana usa

Jenkins S.F.Jr; Wehner T.C., 1983: Occurrence of fusarium oxysporum f sp cucumerinum on greenhouse grown cucumis sativus seed stocks in north carolina usa

Wilcoxson R.D.; Kommedahl T.; Ozmon E.A.; Windels C.E., 1988: Occurrence of fusarium species in scabby wheat from minnesota usa and their pathogenicity to wheat

Hornok, L., 1975: Occurrence of fusarium spp in hungary

Kommedahl T.; Windels C.E.; Stucker R.E., 1979: Occurrence of fusarium spp in roots and stalks of symptomless corn plants during the growing season

Simay E.I., 1988: Occurrence of fusarium ventricosum new record appel and wollenweber in hungary

Fassihiani A., 1985: Occurrence of fusarium wilt of tomato in hormozgan province iran

Zambolim L.; Vieira C.; Araujo C.A.D.A.; Chagas J.M.; Silva C.C.D., 1987: Occurrence of fusarium wilt on beans in the zona da mata minas gerais state brazil

Awuah R.T.; Lorbeer J.W.; Ellerbrock L.A., 1986: Occurrence of fusarium yellows of celery caused by fusarium oxysporum f sp apii race 2 in new york usa and its control

Clegg J.B.; Metaxatou Mavromati A.; Kattamis C.; Sofroniadou K.; Wood W.G.; Weatherall D.J., 1979: Occurrence of g gamma hemo globin f in greek hereditary persistence of fetal hemo globin analysis of hetero zygotes and compound hetero zygotes with beta thalassemia

Dernoeden P.H.; O'neill N.R., 1983: Occurrence of gaeumannomyces patch disease in maryland usa and growth and pathogenicity of the causal agent

Nasu M.; Ogaki J.; Nishihara T.; Nakanishi T.; Ichikawa T.; Kondo M., 1984: Occurrence of galactosamine 6 phosphate as a constituent of bacillus megaterium spore coat

Kawaguchi N.; Ohmori T.; Takeshita Y.; Kawanishi G.; Katayama S.; Yamada H., 1986: Occurrence of galactosyl beta 1 3 n acetylgalactosaminylserine threonine in the linkage region of polygalactosamine containing fungal glycoprotein from cordyceps ophioglossoides

Hamanaka S.; Yamaguchi Y.; Yamamoto T.; Asagami C., 1988: Occurrence of galactosylceramide in pig epidermal cells

Zahradnikova K.; Siposova H., 1982: Occurrence of galium saxatile in slovakia czechoslovakia

Olszak R., 1979: Occurrence of gall midges diptera cecidomyiidae in aphid colonies on apple trees

Trieu Cuot P.; Addeo F., 1981: Occurrence of gamma caseins in buffalo milk

Kakimoto, Y.; Konishi, H., 1976: Occurrence of gamma glutamyl histidine in bovine brain

Peck H.; Pollitt R.J., 1979: Occurrence of gamma glutamyl phenyl alanine in the urine of new born phenyl ketonurics

Shetty, K. T.; Antia, N. H.; Krishnaswamy, P. R., 1981: Occurrence of gamma glutamyl trans peptidase ec activity in several mycobacteria including mycobacterium leprae

Lofberg H.; Grubb A.; Davidsson L.; Kjellander B.; Stromblad L G.; Tibblin S.; Olsson S O., 1983: Occurrence of gamma trace in the calcitonin producing c cells of simian thyroid gland and human medullary thyroid carcinoma

Narayanan N.; Job S.V., 1987: Occurrence of gastric absorption in the cichlid fish sarotherodon mossambicus

Karvonen A L., 1981: Occurrence of gastric mucosal erosions and their association with other upper gastro intestinal disease a study of patients examined by elective gastroscopy

Karvonen A L., 1982: Occurrence of gastric mucosal erosions in association with other upper gastro intestinal diseases especially peptic ulcer disease as revealed by elective gastroscopy

Uvnas-Wallensten, K., 1977: Occurrence of gastrin in gastric juice in antral secretion and in antral perfusates of cats

Zaccone G.; Fasulo S.; Lo Cascio P.; Licata A.; Ainis L., 1987: Occurrence of gastrin releasing peptide like and bombesin like immunoreactivities in the epidermal sacciform gland cells of the clingfish lepadogaster candollei

Kolodziejczyk, A., 1984: Occurrence of gastropoda in the lake littoral and their role in the production and transformation of detritus 1. snails in the littoral of mikolajskie lake poland general characteristics of occurrence

Kolodziejczyk, A., 1984: Occurrence of gastropoda in the lake littoral and their role in the production and transformation of detritus 2. ecological activity of snails

Joshi, M. G., 1972: Occurrence of genetic tumors in triticum interspecies hybrids

Vesterinen, E.; Savolainen, E. R.; Purola, E.; Saksela, E.; Leinikki, P., 1977: Occurrence of genital herpes simplex and cytomegalovirus infections in pregnancy

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Ksiazyk J.; Flatz G.; Socha J.; Flatz S.; Bak E., 1985: Occurrence of lactose intolerance signs in the light of populations studies in poland

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Harned C.N.; Hackney P.A., 1981: Occurrence of lake sturgeon acipenser fulvescens in the cumberland river of tennessee usa

Shoji, S.; Saigusa, M., 1978: Occurrence of laminar opaline silica in some oregon usa andosols

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Yokota R., 1984: Occurrence of long nonmyelinated axonal segments intercalated in myelinated presumably sensory axons electron microscopic observations in the dog atrial endo cardium

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Belakova A., 1980: Occurrence of many species of bees apoidea in slovakia czechoslovakia

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Sugenoya J.; Ogawa T.; Asayama M.; Miyagawa T., 1982: Occurrence of mental and thermal sweating on the human axilla

Schmidt A., 1984: Occurrence of mercaptopyruvate sulfotransferase activity in photosynthetic organisms

Krasnicki, K.; Szczepanski, A., 1976: Occurrence of mercury in sediments of lake beldany at the mouth of the krutynia river northeast poland

Dixon H.; Dolan C.S., 1981: Occurrence of mercury resistant pseudomonas in emulsion formulations preserved with phenyl mercuric acetate

Sinniah R., 1983: Occurrence of mesangial immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m deposits in a control necropsy population

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Cohen Y.; Reuveni M., 1983: Occurrence of metalaxyl resistant isolates of phytophthora infestans in potato fields in israel

Kennett C.E., 1980: Occurrence of metaphycus bartletti a south african parasite of black scale saissetia oleae in central and northern california usa hymenoptera encyrtidae homoptera coccidae

Scranton, M. I.; Brewer, P. G., 1977: Occurrence of methane in the near surface waters of the western subtropical north atlantic

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Marty D.G.; Gracin J.E., 1987: Occurrence of methylotrophic methane producing bacteria in deep sea sediments collected in makassar strait indonesia

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Oliveira R.G.B.; Drozdowicz A., 1980: Occurrence of microorganisms capable of decomposing organic phosphates in cerrado soil in brazil

Exner M.; Vogel F.; Stelzner M., 1985: Occurrence of microorganisms causing nosocomial infections in the oropharynx of hospital staff

Niewolak, S., 1980: Occurrence of microorganisms in fertilized lakes 1. rna hydrolyzing microorganisms

Niewolak, S., 1980: Occurrence of microorganisms in fertilized lakes 2. lecithin mineralizing microorganisms

Niewolak, S., 1980: Occurrence of microorganisms in fertilized lakes 3. phenolphthalein di phosphate splitting microorganisms

Sztrantowicz H., 1987: Occurrence of microorganisms in organic matter experimentally introduced into the soil of forest ecosystems situated in the industrialized region

Schmidt O., 1985: Occurrence of microorganisms in the wood of norway spruce picea abies trees from polluted sites

Michalopoulos-Skarmoutsos, H., 1987: Occurrence of microorganisms in the wood of picea abies karst. in greece

Yaron I., 1984: Occurrence of minolia nedyma in the red sea

Narayan, K. S.; Hendren, N., 1976: Occurrence of minute ring shaped nucleo protein particles in culture media conditioned by mammalian cells

Yotsuyanagi, Y., 1977: Occurrence of mixed forms of intra cisternal virus like particles in somatic hybrid cells

Kucera J., 1981: Occurrence of mixed nuclear bag intrafusal fibers in the cat muscle spindle

Takagi T.; Itabashi Y., 1981: Occurrence of mixtures of geometrical isomers of conjugated octadeca trienoic acids in some seed oils analysis by open tubular gas liquid chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography

Naskar K.R.; Bakshi D.N.G.; Maity G.G., 1979: Occurrence of moghania macrophylla new record for the lower ganga plain india

Furlanetto S.M.P.; Paula C.R.; Gambale W.; Do Nascimento D., 1982: Occurrence of molds and yeasts in natural orange juices

Samson R.A., 1985: Occurrence of molds in modern living and working environments

Yoshinaga T.; Sassa S.; Kappas A., 1982: Occurrence of molecular interactions among nadph cytochrome c reductase heme oxygenase and biliverdin reductase in heme degradation

Dilworth G.L., 1983: Occurrence of molybdenum in nicotinic acid hydroxylase from clostridium barkeri

Sauer A.; Heise K P., 1982: Occurrence of mono acyl glycerol derivatives in lipid metabolism of chloroplasts

Clark S.M., 1986: Occurrence of monocesta coryli say in ohio usa coleoptera chrysomelidae

Tanaka H., 1988: Occurrence of mosaic symptoms on young leaves of grapevine in japan

Murant, A. F., 1976: Occurrence of mottle and redleaf components of carrot motley dwarf disease in british columbia

Marcon M.J.; Hribar M.M.; Hosier D.M.; Powell D.A.; Brady M.T.; Hamoudi A.C.; Kaplan E.L., 1988: Occurrence of mucoid m 18 streptococcus pyogenes in a central ohio usa pediatric population

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Walter M.V.; Vennes J.W., 1985: Occurrence of multiple antibiotic resistant enteric bacteria in domestic sewage and oxidation lagoons

Langston-Unkefer, P. J.; Gander, J. E., 1984: Occurrence of multiple forms of alcohol dehydrogenase ec in penicillium charlesii supplemented with 2 3 butanediol

Adams C.A.; Broman T.H.; Norby S.W.; Rinne R.W., 1981: Occurrence of multiple forms of alpha amylase and absence of starch phosphorylase in soybean glycine max seeds

Shams-Borhan, G.; Schleuning, W. D.; Tschesche, H.; Fritz, H., 1976: Occurrence of multiple forms of bull and ram acrosin during pro enzyme activation and inhibition of activation by p nitrophenyl p guanidino benzoate

Skegg D.C.G.; Corwin P.A.; Craven R.S.; Malloch J.A.; Pollock M., 1987: Occurrence of multiple sclerosis in the north and south of new zealand

Sokolov V.E.; Prikhod'ko V.I.; Sobanskii G.G., 1988: Occurrence of musk deer moschus moschiferus in altai ussr china and the structure of its intrapopulation groupings

Shida T.; Furuki I.; Arimoto Y.; Homma Y.; Tubaki K.; Misato T., 1982: Occurrence of muskmelon black mold caused by rhizopus stolonifer

Greene G.N.; Mcaden D.C.; Baker W.B.Jr, 1985: Occurrence of mussels brachydontes recurvus in the orbits of a blue crab callinectes sapidus

Krone C.A.; Iwaoka W.T., 1984: Occurrence of mutagens in canned foods

Matsumoto H.; Sugiyama T.; Ito M.; Yachi A., 1982: Occurrence of myasthenia gravis in a patient with congenital myotonia

Pavlas M.; Patlokova V., 1985: Occurrence of mycobacteria in sawdust straw hay and their epizootiological significance

Cardoso C.L.; Gontijo Filho P.P., 1979: Occurrence of mycobacteria in water polluted with industrial and domestic residues

Schroeder K.H., 1982: Occurrence of mycobacterium africanum in west germany

Mills, C. C., 1972: Occurrence of mycobacterium other than mycobacterium tuberculosis in the oral cavity and in sputum

Tsukamura M.; Mizuno S.; Murata H., 1981: Occurrence of mycobacterium tuberculosis and strains of the mycobacterium avium mycobacterium intracellulare complex together in the sputum of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

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Taylor Robinson D.; Furr P.M., 1981: Occurrence of mycoplasmas in the central nervous system of some laboratory animals

Thomsen, A. C., 1978: Occurrence of mycoplasms in urinary tracts of patients with acute pyelo nephritis

Largent D.L.; Sugihara N.; Wishner C., 1980: Occurrence of mycorrhizae on ericaceous and pyrolaceous plants in northern california usa

Scott P.R.; Sanderson F.R.; Benedikz P.W. , 1988: Occurrence of mycosphaerella graminicola teleomorph of septoria tritici on wheat debris in the uk

Chioccara F.; Zeuli L.; Novellino E., 1986: Occurrence of mycosporine related compounds in sea urchin eggs

Dutton M.F.; Westlake K., 1985: Occurrence of mycotoxins in cereals and animal feedstuffs in natal south africa

Sandor G., 1984: Occurrence of mycotoxins in feeds animal organs and secretions

Gokel, J. M.; Huebner, G., 1977: Occurrence of myo fibroblasts in the different phases of morbus dupuytren dupuytrens contracture

Garvey M.J.; Tollefson G.D., 1987: Occurrence of myoclonus in patients treated with cyclic antidepressants

Schneider E.F.; Seaman W.L., 1987: Occurrence of myriosclerotinia borealis on winter cereals in ontario canada

Grabe S.A., 1981: Occurrence of mysidopsis almyra mysidacea in the patapsco river estuary upper chesapeake bay maryland usa

Miklosovicova L.; Trzilova B., 1979: Occurrence of myxobacteria in surface waters

Setokuchi, O., 1977: Occurrence of myzus persicae in kagoshima prefecture japan in winter

Kumazawa T.; Suzuki O., 1988: Occurrence of n 8 acetylspermidine deacetylating activities in catfish tissues

Gustafson G.L.; Milner L.A., 1980: Occurrence of n acetyl glucosamine 1 phosphate in proteinase i from dictyostelium discoideum

Schauer R.; Reuter G.; Muehlpfordt H.; Andrade A.F.B.; Pereira M.E.A., 1983: Occurrence of n acetyl neuraminic acid and n glycoloyl neuraminic acid in trypanosoma cruzi/

Parkkinen J.; Finne J., 1985: Occurrence of n acetylglucosamine 6 phosphate in complex carbohydrates characterization of a phosphorylated sialyloligosaccharide from bovine colostrum

Mitchell, A. R.; Merrifield, R. B., 1976: Occurrence of n alkylation during the acidolytic cleavage of urethane protecting groups

Chen, J.; Matchett, W. H., 1974: Occurrence of n formyl kynurenine in extracts of neurospora crassa evidence for the activity of tryptophan pyrrolase

Yutani Y.; Tei Y.; Yukioka M.; Inoue A., 1982: Occurrence of n i and n ii type protein kinases in the nuclei from various tissues of the rat

Raina, M. L.; Dhar, K. L.; Atal, C. K., 1976: Occurrence of n iso butyl eicosa trans 2 trans 4 dienamide in piper nigrum

Raudaskoski, M.; Pyysalo, H., 1978: Occurrence of n methyl n formyl hydrazones in mycelia of gyromitra esculenta

Janzowski, C.; Eisenbrand, G.; Preussmann, R., 1978: Occurrence of n nitrosamino acids in cured meat products and their effect on formation of n nitrosamines during heating

Araki, Y.; Nakatani, T.; Nakayama, K.; Ito, E., 1972: Occurrence of n nonsubstituted glucosamine residues on peptido glycan of lysozyme resistant cell walls from bacillus cereus

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Ponka A., 1980: Occurrence of serologically verified mycoplasma pneumoniae infections in finland and in scandinavia 1970 1977

Osborne N.N.; Beaton D.W., 1985: Occurrence of serotonin accumulating neurons in cultures of retina from the human fetus

Dumont, J. P.; Adda, J., 1978: Occurrence of sesqui terpenes in mountain cheese volatiles

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Sonenshine D.E.; Silverstein R.M.; West J.R., 1984: Occurrence of sex attractant pheromone 2 6 di chloro phenol in relation to age and feeding in american dog tick dermacentor variabilis acari ixodidae/

Smith A.; Elliot G., 1980: Occurrence of sex chromosome mosaicism and translocation downs syndrome in the same family

Gupta B.D., 1979: Occurrence of sex pheromone in female dysdercus similis heteroptera pyrrhocoridae

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