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Occurrence of foot and mouth disease in bovine in the triangulo region state of minas gerais brazil

Anselmo, F.P.; Moreira, E.C.; Olinda, S.; Santana, J.S.D.; Araujo, M.L.R.

Arquivos da Escola de Veterinaria Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais 28(2): 131-140


Accession: 006018142

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The data of the incidence of foot-and-mouth disease in the region of Triangulo, Minas Gerais State, were obtained from July 1, 1972-June 30, 1973, and from July 1, 1973-June 30, 1974. A statistical and epidemiological analysis of the obtained data revealed that the disease viruses in the region were of the types O Vallee, A Valle and C Waldemar. Subtypes O1 =, A24 and C3 were identified in the subtyping. The incidence rate found per 10,000 bovines were 15.13 for virus O, 8.46 for virus A and 13.54 for virus C in the period from July 1, 1972-June 30, 1973; from July 1, 1973-June 30, 1974 the coefficients were 2.64, 6.77 and 3.19 per 10,000 bovines for the viruses O, A and C, respectively. The incidence rate for the total of cases in the region were 99.67/10,000 bovines from July 1, 1972-June 30, 1973 and 38.08/10,000 bovines from July 1, 1973-June 30, 1974. From July 1, 1972-June 30, 1973, the frequency of foot-and-mouth disease was higher during the months of Aug., Jan. and June, with the incidence rate being 11.21, 13.90 and 11.48 per 10,000 bovines, respectively. In the following period, the months of higher frequency were Nov., Dec. and April, with the coefficients 5.53, 8.33 and 5.42 per 10,000 bovines.

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