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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6020

Chapter 6020 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Roald S.O.; Aursjo J.; Hastein T., 1981:
Occurrence of shell disease in lobsters homarus gammarus in the southern part of oslo fjord norway

Whitfeld, P.R.; Higgins, T.J.V., 1976:
Occurrence of short particles in beans infected with the cowpea strain of tobacco mosaic virus part 1 purification and characterization of short particles

Higgins, T.J.V.; Goodwin, P.B.; Whitfeld, P.R., 1976:
Occurrence of short particles in beans infected with the cowpea strain of tobacco mosaic virus part 2 evidence that short particles contain the cistron for coat protein

Kurir A., 1979:
Occurrence of shot hole gall midge helicomyia saliciperda cecidomyidae on white willow salix alba and funeral willow salix alba var vitellina pendula

Preti A.; Fiorilli A.; Lombardo A.; Caimi L.; Tettamanti G., 1980:
Occurrence of sialyl transferase activity in the synaptosomal membranes prepared from calf brain cortex

Soudry D.; Moshkovitz S.; Ehrlich A., 1981:
Occurrence of siliceous micro fossils diatoms silico flagellates and sponge spicules in the campanian mishash formation southern israel

Cortes F., 1980:
Occurrence of sister chromatid exchanges at eu chromatin c band junctions in allium cepa chromosomes

Yoshida, Y.; Mise, K., 1986:
Occurrence of small Hsd plasmids in Salmonella typhi, Shigella boydii, and Escherichia coli

Dudich A.; Kleinert J.; Stollmann A., 1987:
Occurrence of small mammals in samples taken by pitfall traps

Guimont-Ducamp, C.; Sri-Widada, J.; Jeanteur, P., 1977:
Occurrence of small molecular weight rna in hela nuclear ribo nucleo protein particles containing heterogeneous nuclear rna

Burr, T.J.; Schroth, M.N., 1977:
Occurrence of soft rot erwinia spp in soil and plant material

Gupta A.; Gupta J.S.; Dasgupta J., 1986:
Occurrence of soil actinomycetes in agra region india and their antagonistic activity

Hansen L.M., 1985:
Occurrence of soil borne pests in danish sugar beet beta vulgaris fields

Weber, Z., 1977:
Occurrence of soil fungi on potato plantation

Dorn A.; Bernstein H G.; Hahn H J.; Kostmann G., 1979:
Occurrence of somatostatin like immuno reactivity in the dorsal hippocampus of the sand rat psammomys obesus

Kodama K.; Isotake M.; Kajihara H.; Yamanaka T.; Kubota T., 1986:
Occurrence of some boreal zooplankton in kumano nada central japan in march and may 1983

Burgess L., 1982:
Occurrence of some flea beetle pests of parkland rapeseed crops in open prairie and forest in saskatchewan canada coleoptera chrysomelidae

Manoharachary, C., 1976 :
Occurrence of some fungi in pond water and mud of hyderabad india

Leflore W.B.; Bass H.S.; Smith B.F., 1980:
Occurrence of some histochemically demonstrable dehydrogenases in cercariae of cloacitrema michiganensis trematoda philophthalmidae

Jazrawi S.F.; Ishaq M.W., 1983:
Occurrence of some indicator bacteria in the waters of al khair stream and al jaish canal passing through baghdad city iraq

Regula I.; Devide Z., 1979:
Occurrence of some indoles in shepherdia argentea

Chaudhuri, R.H.N.; Tribedi, G.N., 1976:
Occurrence of some medicinal plants in 24 parganas west bengal india

Dwivedi, G.K.; Singh, V.P., 1987:
Occurrence of some toxic factors associated with newly evolved strain of black gram vigna mungo l. hepper and effect of cooking on these toxic factors

Carey E.E.; Dickinson D.B.; Wei L.Y.; Rhodes A.M., 1982:
Occurrence of sorbitol in zea mays

White, D.G.; Jacobsen, B.J.; Hooker, A.L., 1978:
Occurrence of sorghum downy mildew in illinois usa

Patridge J.E.; Doupnik B.L., 1979:
Occurrence of sorghum downy mildew on shattercane and sorghum in nebraska usa

Kuramoto, T.; Yamada, S.I., 1975:
Occurrence of sour rot in satsuma mandarin

D.Klerk C.A., 1985:
Occurrence of south african species of margarodes homoptera coccoidea margarodidae with special reference to vine infesting species

Cupertino F.P.; Lin M.T.; Kitajima E.W.; Costa C.L., 1982:
Occurrence of southern bean mosaic virus in central brazil

Gaikwad D.G.; Thottappilly G., 1988:
Occurrence of southern bean mosaic virus on cowpea in senegal

Ramana Rao B.V.; Biradar B.R.; Surpur S.S., 1979:
Occurrence of sowing rains for long medium and short duration crops in bangalore region india

Basu P.K., 1980:
Occurrence of soybean glycine max foliage diseases in eastern ontario canada 1979

Sato R.; Kitazawa K., 1980:
Occurrence of soybean glycine max root rot caused by corynespora cassiicola in hokkaido japan

Ramiro Z.A.; Batista Filho A.; Machado L.A., 1986:
Occurrence of soybean pests and natural enemies in orlandia sao paulo state brazil

Siepmann R., 1985:
Occurrence of species and clones of armillaria in spruce stands mixed stands and hardwood stands in close neighborhood

Imajima, M., 1974:
Occurrence of species of 3 families eulepethidae apistobranchidae and heterospionidae polychaeta from japan

Matsumura Tundisi T., 1984:
Occurrence of species of the genus daphnia in brazil

Pejsak Z.; Tarasiuk K.; Rudy A.; Giedrojc A., 1987 :
Occurrence of specific anti bordetella bronchiseptica and anti pasteurella multocida agglutinins in pigs immunized with bivalent vaccine against infectious atrophic rhinitis

Hall J.; Orlans E.; Reynolds J.; Dean C.; Peppard J.; Gyure L.; Hobbs S., 1979:
Occurrence of specific antibodies of the immuno globulin a class in the bile of rats

Nunez Roldan A.; Feld J.; Rodriguez D.C.rdoba S.; Winchester R.J., 1987:
Occurrence of specific phytohemagglutinin reactive immunoglobulins in the sera of certain individuals relevance to the detection of cell surface antigens on phytohemagglutinin stimulated cells

Loftness, T.J.; Erlandsen, S.L.; Wilson, I.D.; Meyer, E.A., 1984:
Occurrence of specific secretory immunoglobulin A in bile after inoculation of Giardia lamblia trophozoites into rat duodenum

Pedersen, J.; Rubenson, A.; Nilsson, L.A., 1987:
Occurrence of sperm antibodies in adult rats after prefertile traumatic vas lesions

Raven P.J., 1988:
Occurrence of sphagnum moss in the sublittoral of several small oligotrophic lakes in galloway southwest scotland uk

Dieci, G.; Russo, A.; Russo, F.; Marchi, M.S., 1977:
Occurrence of spicules in triassic chaetetids and ceratoporellids

Xue C C., 1983:
Occurrence of spontaneous channel sensation in epileptic patients with intra cranial damage

Ashrit K.; Nanjiah R.D.; Krishnaswamy S.; Keshavamurthy B.S., 1980:
Occurrence of spontaneous penicillin sensitive variants in a penicillin resistant population of staphylococcus aureus of bovine mammary origin

Litkei, J., 1988:
Occurrence of sporidesmium sclerotivorum uecker ayers and adams in hungary a hyperparasitic fungus on sclerotia of sclerotinia sclerotiorum lib. de bary

Scarfi G.; Mariani D.; Calabrese C., 1984:
Occurrence of sport traumas in vertebral fractures with neurologic involvement

Iizuka, K., 1978:
Occurrence of spotted mackerel in the waters along northeastern japan

Weeks, O.B.; Francesconi, M.D., 1978:
Occurrence of squalene and sterols in cellulomonas dehydrogenans

Tornabene, T.G.; Kates, M.; Gelpi, E.; Oro, J., 1969:
Occurrence of squalene di hydro squalene and tetra hydro squalene and vitamin mk 8 in an extremely halophilic bacterium halobacterium cutirubrum

De-Castro, A.L.; Correa, M.M.G., 1976:
Occurrence of squilla deceptrix and squilla discors along the brazilian coast stomatopoda squilidae

Yoshpe-Purer, Y.; Golderman, S., 1987:
Occurrence of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Israeli coastal water

Powers, E.M.; Latt, T.G.; Johnson, D.R.; Rowley, D.B., 1978:
Occurrence of staphylococcus aureus in and the moisture content of pre cooked canned bacon

Morozumi Y.; Kuwano M.; Tani M.; Miyamoto J I.; Tashiro M., 1981:
Occurrence of steinmanella japonica obsoleta cretaceous trigonian from the izumi mountains southwest japan and its stratigraphic significance

Mukobata H.; Nahata K.; Yamamoto T., 1986:
Occurrence of stem blight of tulip by fusarium roseum f sp cerealis avenaceum in japan

Jones J.B.; Jones J.P.; Stall R.E.; Miller J.W., 1983:
Occurrence of stem necrosis on field grown tomatoes incited by pseudomonas corrugata in florida usa

Shimada, T., 1977:
Occurrence of sterility in tetra ploid red clover part 1 estimation of genetic constants of seed yield and its components and multi variate statistical analysis of the agronomic traits influencing seed yield

Shimada, T., 1977:
Occurrence of sterility in tetra ploid red clover part 2 sterility analysis by diallel cross and inbreeding

Shimada, T., 1977:
Occurrence of sterility in tetra ploid red clover part 3 cytological aspects of sterility

Shimada, T., 1978:
Occurrence of sterility in tetra ploid red clover part 4 embryology of sterility in di ploid and tetra ploid plants

Shimada, T., 1978:
Occurrence of sterility in tetra ploid red clover part 5 embryological aspects of sterility

Rao S.R.S.; Ramayya N., 1983:
Occurrence of stomatal diversity and taxonomic value of dominant and co dominant stomatal types in the malvales

Mauchline J.; Gordon J.D.M., 1984:
Occurrence of stones sediment and fish scales in stomach contents of demersal fish of the rockall trough northeastern atlantic ocean

Clevstrom G.; Ljunggren H., 1984:
Occurrence of storage fungi especially afla toxin forming aspergillus flavus in soil greenstuff and prepared hay

Terho, E.O.; Leskinen, L.; Husman, K.; Kärenlampi, L., 1982 :
Occurrence of storage mites in Finnish farming environments

Gregg, J.M.; Goldstein, S.T.; Walters, L.J.J., 1977:
Occurrence of strained quartz in the siliceous frustules of cultured fresh water diatoms

Takeuchi T.; Nagai Y., 1982:
Occurrence of strains of botrytis cinerea resistant to di carboximide fungicides on tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses

Giannopolitis, C.N., 1978:
Occurrence of strains of cercospora beticola resistant to tri phenyl tin fungicides in greece

Okioga, D.M., 1976:
Occurrence of strains of colletotrichum coffeanum resistant to methylbenzimidazol 2 yl carbamate carbendazim and chemically similar compounds

Terhivuo, J., 1977:
Occurrence of strange objects in nests of the wryneck jynx torquilla

Singh D.P.; Paliwal S.P.; Paliwal G.S., 1981:
Occurrence of stratified cambium in grewia oppositifolia

Coimbra C.E.A.Jr; Guimaraes L.R.; Mello D.A., 1984:
Occurrence of streblidae diptera pupipara on bats captured in regions of fenced in lands cerrados of central brazil

Kneist S.; Heinrich R.; Kuenzel W., 1987:
Occurrence of streptococci in the carious dentin

Pfeffer U.; Schulz Harder B., 1985:
Occurrence of stress proteins in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae after heat shock acrylonitrile treatment and during the stationary growth phase

Boilly, B.; Wissocq, J.C., 1977:
Occurrence of striated muscle fibers in a contractile vessel of a polychaete the dorsal heart of magelona papillicornis

Menier, J.J., 1976:
Occurrence of stridulatory organs in platypodidae coleoptera

Prusty S.; Kemper T.; Moss M.B.; Hollander W., 1988:
Occurrence of stroke in a nonhuman primate model for cerebrovascular disease

Fabbri, F., 1975:
Occurrence of stromacenter in chloroplasts of asplenium trichomanes

Dawkins H.J.S.; Thomason H.J.; Grove D.I., 1982:
Occurrence of strongyloides ratti in the tissues of mice after per cutaneous infection

Balla F.; Bekessy G., 1986:
Occurrence of subacute reglone diquat poisoning of cattle and sheep

Vander Wauven, C.; Stalon, V., 1985:
Occurrence of succinyl derivatives in the catabolism of arginine in Pseudomonas cepacia

Hawker, J.S.; Smith, G.M., 1984:
Occurrence of sucrose phosphatase ec in vascular and nonvascular plants

Santos A.A.D.; Teixeira L.M.S.; Araujo F.E.D.; Freire J.M., 1986:
Occurrence of sugar cane smut ustilago scitaminae in ceara state brazil

Matousek J.; Rakousky S.; Nemcova B., 1987:
Occurrence of sugar non specific nuclease in tobacco callus changes of nuclease activity during callus growth and plant regeneration

Leclerc H.; Oger C.; Beerens H.; Mossel D.A.A., 1980:
Occurrence of sulfate reducing bacteria in the human intestinal flora and in the aquatic environment

Hara, A.; Taketomi, T., 1987:
Occurrence of sulfatide as a major glycosphingolipid in WHHL rabbit serum lipoproteins

Majumder G.C.; Chaudhuri D.P., 1984:
Occurrence of sulfhydryl containing molecules on the goat sperm external surface that are essential for flagellar motility

Bohlool, B.B., 1975:
Occurrence of sulfolobus acidocaldarius an extremely thermophilic acidophilic bacterium in new zealand hot springs isolation and immuno fluorescence characterization

Tripathi N.N.; Kaushik C.D., 1983:
Occurrence of sunflower rust in northern india

Asada, K., 1976:
Occurrence of super oxide dis mutase in bovine milk

Asherson, G.L.; Zembala, M.; Wood, P.J., 1976:
Occurrence of suppressor cells in lymph nodes and spleen at later times after immunization with the contact sensitizing agent picryl chloride

Fu, S.M.; Winchester, R.J.; Kunkel, H.G., 1974:
Occurrence of surface immuno globulin m immuno globulin d and free light chains of human lymphocytes

Oshima T.; Baba M., 1981:
Occurrence of sym homo spermidine in extremely thermophilic bacteria

Kannus, P.; Järvinen, M.; Kontiala, H.; Bergius, L.; Hyssy, E.; Salminen, E.; Tuomi, A.; Unkila, T.; Valtanen, I., 1987:
Occurrence of symptomatic knee osteoarthrosis in rural Finland: a prospective follow up study

Rukmini, C.; Bhat, R.V., 1978:
Occurrence of t 2 toxin in fusarium incarnatum infested sorghum from india

Mohan N.G.R.; Ghosh S.K., 1984:
Occurrence of talc and clay mineral assemblage in the ferruginous soils of goa india

Almeida, A.M.R.; Machado, C.C.; Ferreira, L.P.; Lehman, P.S.; Antonio, H., 1976:
Occurrence of target spot corynespora cassiicola new record in the state of sao paulo brazil

Toyama, S.; Soda, K., 1972:
Occurrence of taurine alpha keto glutarate amino transferase in bacterial extracts

Naumova I.B.; Kuznetsov V.D.; Kudrina K.S.; Bezzubenkova A.P., 1980:
Occurrence of teichoic acids in streptomycetes

Szefer P.; Szefer K., 1985:
Occurrence of ten metals in mytilus edulis and cardium glaucum from the gdansk bay poland

Letouzey, R., 1977:
Occurrence of ternstroemia polypetala theaceae in the mountains of cameroon

Kimball J.C.; Cangir A., 1979:
Occurrence of testicular metastasis in a child with bilateral retino blastoma

Kaster J.L.; Bushnell J.H., 1981:
Occurrence of tests and their possible significance in the worm tubifex tubifex oligochaeta

Oguro, C.; Sasayama, Y.; Katoh, M., 1975:
Occurrence of tetanic convulsions in totally parathyroidectomized frogs rana nigromaculata

Noguchi T.; Uzu A.; Koyama K.; Maruyama J.; Nagashima Y.; Hashimoto K., 1983:
Occurrence of tetrodo toxin as the major toxin in a xanthid crab atergatis floridus

Narita H.; Noguchi T.; Maruyama J.; Ueda Y.; Hashimoto K.; Watanabe Y.; Hida K., 1981:
Occurrence of tetrodo toxin in a trumpet shell boshubora charonia sauliae

Noguchi T.; Maruyama J.; Ueda Y.; Hashimoto K.; Harada T., 1981:
Occurrence of tetrodo toxin in the japanese ivory shell babylonia japonica

Noguchi T.; Jeon J K.; Arakawa O.; Sugita H.; Deguchi Y.; Shida Y.; Hashimoto K., 1986:
Occurrence of tetrodotoxin and anhydrotetrodotoxin in vibrio sp isolated from the intestine of a xanthid crab atergatis floridus

Jeon J.K.; Narita H.; Nara M.; Noguchi T.; Maruyama J.; Hashimoto K., 1984:
Occurrence of tetrodotoxin in a gastropod mollusk araregai niotha clathrata

Miyazawa K.; Noguchi T.; Maruyama J.; Jeon J.K.; Otsuka M.; Hashimoto K., 1985:
Occurrence of tetrodotoxin in the starfishes astropecten polyacanthus and astropecten scoparius in the seto inland sea

Horanyi M.; Szelenyi J.; Natonek K.; Foldi J.; Hollan Z., 1987:
Occurrence of thalassemia in hungary

Szalai F., 1986:
Occurrence of thalassemia major on a paleoanthropological finding

Kiss K.T., 1984:
Occurrence of thalassiosira pseudonana new record bacillariophyceae in some rivers of hungary

Smith J.W., 1981:
Occurrence of thalassomyces fagei ellobiopsidae in euphausiids crustacea malacostraca in the northeast atlantic and northern north sea

Guichardant M.; Naltachayan Durbin S.; Lagarde M., 1988:
Occurrence of the 15 hydroxy derivatives of dihomo gamma linolenic acid in human platelets and its biological effect

Van-Bree, P.J.H.; Best, P.B.; Ross, G.J.B., 1978:
Occurrence of the 2 species of pilot whales genus globicephala on the coast of south africa

Sakai T.; Ozaki M.; Yamaguchi K.; Hashimoto K., 1980:
Occurrence of the abnormally colored sea bass meat associated with massive outbreak of oyogipinno crab tritodynamia horvathi

Nezbeda P., 1979:
Occurrence of the acid phosphatase isozyme silent allele in czechoslovakia

Lowe, A.D., 1976:
Occurrence of the aphid macrosiphum hellebori in new zealand

Holmes, N., 1976:
Occurrence of the ascidian styela clava new record in hobsons bay victoria australia a new record for the southern hemisphere

Trama F.B., 1982:
Occurrence of the asiatic clam corbicula fluminea in the raritan river new jersey usa

Chambost, M.D.; Thomassin-Steck, C., 1975:
Occurrence of the asymmetric gland of ciona intestinalis

Donovan B.J., 1983:
Occurrence of the australian bee hyleoides concinna new record hymenoptera colletidae in new zealand

Joshi, S.L.; Bhattarai, S.; Karki, A.B., 1977:
Occurrence of the bacteria genus azotobacter in some soils of kathmandu nepal valley and adjoining village

Tadros M.H.; Dierstein R.; Drews G., 1984:
Occurrence of the bacteriochlorophyll binding polypeptides b 870 alpha and b 800 b 850 alpha in the mutant strains y 5 and a 1a plus of rhodopseudomonas capsulata which are defective in formation of the light harvesting complexes b 870 and b 800 b 850 respectively

Scarff J.E., 1986:
Occurrence of the barnacles coronula diadema coronula reginae and cetopirus complanatus cirripedia on right whales eubalaena glacialis

Karrer C., 1986:
Occurrence of the barrelfish hyperoglyphe perciformis new record teleostei perciformes stromateoidei in the mediterranean sea and off portugal

Vargas V.M., 1984:
Occurrence of the bat tick ornithodoros kelleyi acari argasidae in costa rica and its relation to human bites

Bosmans, R., 1976:
Occurrence of the belgian bugs heteroptera part 2

Bosmans, R., 1977:
Occurrence of the belgian hemiptera part 3 coreoidea

Ettinger W.S.; Blye R.W.Jr, 1981:
Occurrence of the blue crab callinectes sapidus new record in the tidal fresh water reaches of the delaware and schuylkill rivers usa in 1976

Krishna-Rao, K.R.V.; Murty, P.N.; Seshagiri-Rao, J.V.L.N., 1978:
Occurrence of the borneol and camphor and a new terpene in annona squamosa

Miller, D.E., 1977:
Occurrence of the bregmatic bone in the raccoon procyon lotor/

Geddes M.C., 1979:
Occurrence of the brine shrimp artemia anostraca in australia

Prud'homme Van Reine W.F.; Nienhuis P.H., 1982:
Occurrence of the brown alga sargassum muticum new record for the netherlands

Short R.A., 1983:
Occurrence of the caddis fly atopsyche erigia in texas usa guadalupe river below canyon reservoir

Manning, R.B.; Struhsaker, P., 1976:
Occurrence of the caribbean stomatopod bathysquilla microps off hawaii with additional records for bathysquilla microps and bathysquilla crassispinosa

Haitjema T., 1982:
Occurrence of the caspian tern sterna caspia on the steile bank netherlands during autumn migration

Gruell A.; Sezemsky R., 1983:
Occurrence of the common toad bufo bufo in seewinkel neusiedler lake austria

Voss W.A., 1979:
Occurrence of the common waxbill estrilda astrild in the city of novo hamburgo brazil estrildidae aves

Rossetto C.J.; Lourencao A.L.; Espironelo A.; Igue T.; Ribeiro I.J.A., 1986:
Occurrence of the complex carpophilus humeralis fabricius ceratocystis paradoxa de seynes moreau in sugarcane in the state of sao paulo brazil

Ash, S.R., 1976:
Occurrence of the controversial plant fossil sanmiguelia lewisi in the upper triassic of texas usa

Ash S., 1982:
Occurrence of the controversial plant fossil sanmiguelia lewisi r in the upper triassic of utah usa

Borowiec, E.; Jakubczyk, B., 1975:
Occurrence of the coot fulica atra on some lakes of the mazurian lake district poland

Buffetaut E., 1979:
Occurrence of the crocodilian phosphatosaurus mesosuchia dyrosauridae in the paleocene of niger and mali

Van Dijk A.J.; Swart M.J., 1979:
Occurrence of the crossbill loxia curvirostra in drenthe the netherlands in 1974 1977

Nahrstedt A.; Davies R.H., 1981:
Occurrence of the cyano glucosides linamarin and lotaustralin in acrea and heliconius butterflies

Selmar D.; Lieberei R.; Biehl B.; Nahrstedt A.; Schmidtman V.; Wray V., 1987:
Occurrence of the cyanogen linustatin in hevea brasiliensis

Yamamoto T.; Kebabian J.W., 1987:
Occurrence of the d 1 dopamine receptor in the substantia nigra of several mammalian species identification in binding studies using iodine 125 sch 23982

Wright A.J., 1980:
Occurrence of the devonian tetra coral grypophyllum mackenziense in nevada usa

Psallidas P.G.; Dimova M., 1986:
Occurrence of the disease fire blight of pomaceous trees in cyprus characteristics of the pathogen erwinia amylovora

Vilela C.R., 1984:
Occurrence of the drosophila flavopilosa species group diptera drosophilidae in the state of sao paulo brazil with description of one new species

Goldova M.; Breza M., 1986:
Occurrence of the earthworm dendrobaena byblica in east slovakia rozhanovce district of kosice czechoslovakia

Liskova, M.; Valocka, B., 1977:
Occurrence of the ecto parasitic nematode paratrichodorus pachydermus in the rhizosphere of the grapevine in east slovakia

Moravec, F., 1976:
Occurrence of the encysted larvae of cucullanus truttae in the brook lamprey lampetra planeri

Brundage H.M.IIi; Meadows R.E., 1982:
Occurrence of the endangered shortnose sturgeon acipenser brevirostrum in the delaware river estuary usa

Moravec F., 1979:
Occurrence of the endo parasitic helminths in pike esox lucius from the macha czechoslovakia lake fish pond system

Slakey, L.L.; Ness, G.C.; Qureshi, N.; Porter, J.W., 1973:
Occurrence of the enzymes effecting the conversion of acetyl coenzyme a to squalene in homogenates of hog aorta

Jimenez, R.S., 1978:
Occurrence of the equatorial upwelling east of the galapagos islands ecuador

Abou Awad B.A.; Nasr A.K., 1983:
Occurrence of the eriophyid mites as new pests of bermuda grass cynodon dactylon in egypt

Babo T., 1979:
Occurrence of the euro siberian great bustard otis tarda tarda new record at novel localities in western slovakia czechoslovakia

Van Den Bergh L.M.J., 1985:
Occurrence of the european bean goose anser fabalis fabalis in the netherlands

Ching H.L., 1985:
Occurrence of the eyefluke diplostomum baeri bucculentum in salmonid fishes of northern british columbia canada

Andreasen, J.K., 1975:
Occurrence of the fathead minnow pimephales promelas new record in oregon usa

Barsukova, A.V.; Pyatkovskaya, V.P., 1976:
Occurrence of the fingered sedge with spruce in forests of the zvenigorod biological station ussr

Boessneck J., 1985:
Occurrence of the fish eagle haliaeetus vocifer in ancient egypt

Klausnitzer B.; Schummer R., 1983:
Occurrence of the forms of adalia bipunctata in east germany

Aves, C.R.; Nichols, D., 1977:
Occurrence of the fresh water medusa craspedacusta in exeter canal

Gamo J., 1986:
Occurrence of the freshwater nemertean prostoma eilhardi new record montgomery 1894 hoplonemertea in the iberian peninsula

Cizmic I.; Milatovic I.; Kispatic J., 1981:
Occurrence of the fungus rhizoctonia solani as cause of stem rot on wheat and barley

Ulbricht, J., 1980:
Occurrence of the gaviidae and cormorants phalacrocorax carbo in the central upper elbe roeder river area east germany

Freyssinet G.; Freyssinet M.; Lebrun M., 1985:
Occurrence of the gene for the large subunit of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase in several mutants of euglena gracilis

Patil, S.D.; Kale, J.C., 1977:
Occurrence of the genus arxiella from india

Ribeiro W.R.C.; Bolkan H.A., 1980:
Occurrence of the genus fusarium and its species in cultivated soils of cerrado in brazil

Lopez Gappa J.J., 1986:
Occurrence of the genus hemismittoidea soule and soule bryozoa cheilostomata in the southwestern atlantic

Leal, N.M., 1975:
Occurrence of the genus ipomoea in the state of bahia brazil preliminary note

Raghi-Atri, F., 1978:
Occurrence of the genus lipara diptera chloropidae on reeds phragmites australis in the berlin area west germany

Lopez Gappa J.J., 1987:
Occurrence of the genus rhabdopleura hemichordata pterobranchia in the argentine continental shelf

Tsuda, R.T., 1976:
Occurrence of the genus sargassum crassifolium new record phaeophyta on 2 pacific atolls

Singh M.N., 1986:
Occurrence of the giant african snail achatina fulica in bihar state india

Jubb G.L.Jr, 1982:
Occurrence of the grape root borer vitacea polistiformis in pennsylvania usa

Page W.W., 1980:
Occurrence of the grasshopper pest zonocerus variegatus orthoptera pyrgomorphidae in southwestern nigeria in relation to the wet and dry seasons

Meinck, H.M., 1976:
Occurrence of the h hoffmanns reflex and the f wave in the rat

Nayak, V.N.; Kakati, V.S., 1978:
Occurrence of the hermit crab dardanus setifer decapoda anomura at karwar india with a description of the 1st zoeal stage

Auer H.; Demetz H.; Frank A.; Janetschek H., 1985:
Occurrence of the house dust mite in valleys and upper regions of tirol austria as a basic requirement for the recommendation for avoidance of contact with allergens

Fernandes A.C.S.; Melo J.H.G.D., 1985:
Occurrence of the ichnogenus bifungites in the ponta grossa formation devonian of the state of parana brazil

Powell C.B., 1986:
Occurrence of the indo pacific prawn macrobrachium equidens new record in west africa crustacea decapoda palaemonidae

Poinar G.O.Jr; Hess R.T.; Stock J.H., 1985:
Occurrence of the isopod iridovirus in european armadillidium and porcellio crustacea isopoda

Dusej G., 1986:
Occurrence of the leopard snake elaphe situla on keos north western cyclades greece serpentes colubridae

Bartkowiak J.K.; Graczyk G.M.; Plucienniczak A.; Jasinska A.; Panusz H.T., 1981:
Occurrence of the low mobility h 1 histone subfraction in embryonic differentiated and neoplastic tissues of the syrian hamster

Shahjahan, M.; Ahmad, M., 1978:
Occurrence of the mango shoot borer chlumetia transversa lepidoptera noctuidae in the agricultural university area mymensingh bangladesh

Shelley R.M.; Filka M., 1979:
Occurrence of the millipede pachydesmus crassicutis incursus in the kings mountain region of north carolina and the coastal plain of south carolina usa polydesmida xystodesmidae

Lucilia M.; Ferreira E.S.L.P., 1980:
Occurrence of the multi vesicular form of hydatidosis in cattle in mozambique

Nelson M.E.; Madsen J.H.Jr, 1987:
Occurrence of the musk ox symbos cavifrons from southeastern idaho usa and comments on the genus bootherium

Injac M., 1980:
Occurrence of the mussel scale mytilococcus equal to lepidosaphes ulmi in the control of some important apple tree pests

Kato T.; Kikugawa K.; Hayatsu H., 1986:
Occurrence of the mutagens 2 amino 3 8 dimethylimidazo 4 5 f quinoxaline and 2 amino 3 4 8 trimethylimidazo 4 5 f quinoxaline in some japanese smoked dried fish products

Tucker J.K.; Paukstis G.L., 1984:
Occurrence of the nautiloid genus foordiceras in the pennsylvanian period of north america

Chapman P.F., 1986:
Occurrence of the noninfective stage of ceratomyxa shasta in mature summer chinook salmon in the south fork salmon river idaho usa

Cough G.C.; Albright J.J., 1987:
Occurrence of the northern bog lemming synaptomys borealis in the northeastern usa

Conrads K.; Quelle M., 1986:
Occurrence of the ortolan bunting emberiza hortulana in northwestern germany observations on a color ringed population

Almeida, A.M.R.; De-Carvalho, S.L.C., 1978:
Occurrence of the papaya distortion ring spot virus in the state of parana

Kitajima E.W.; Mattos J.K.A.; Parente T.V.; Marinho V.L.A.; D.S.P.B., 1987:
Occurrence of the papaya ringspot virus in the federal district brazil

Valicente F.H., 1986:
Occurrence of the parasitoid dettmeria euxestae borgmeier 1935 hymenoptera eucoilidae in euxesta eluta loew 1868 diptera otitidae in sete lagoas region minas gerais brazil

Barber, D.L.; Mills-Westermann, J.E., 1978:
Occurrence of the per iodic acid schiff positive granular leukocyte in some fishes and its significance

Maiti S.; Singh A.K.; Sahanbi H.S., 1979:
Occurrence of the perfect stage of rhynchosporium oryzae in india

Costa Neto J.P.D.; Loch L.C., 1982:
Occurrence of the powdery mildew of mulberry morus sp in rio grande do sul brazil

Shagalin, S.F., 1975:
Occurrence of the predatory fungus dactylaria eudermata new record in the turkmen ssr ussr

Cailliet, G.M.; Anderson, M.E., 1975:
Occurrence of the prowfish zaprora silenus new record in monterey bay california usa

Nesvadbova J., 1984:
Occurrence of the raccoon dog nyctereutes procyonoides in bohemia and moravia czechoslovakia

Shaw D.S.; Fyfe A.M.; Hibberd P.G.; Abdel Sattar M.A., 1985:
Occurrence of the rare a 2 mating type of phytophthora infestans on imported egyptian potatoes and the production of sexual progeny with a 1 mating types from the uk

Anderson, E.M.; Cailliet, G.M., 1975:
Occurrence of the rare north pacific frostfish benthodesmus elongatus pacificus new record in monterey bay california usa

Shoemaker J.H.; Williams R.K., 1986:
Occurrence of the rare rotifer ptygura elsteri in lake fork wood county texas usa

Damann K.E., 1979:
Occurrence of the red alga bangia atropurpurea new record in lake ontario

Dinesman L.G.; Knyazev A.V., 1984:
Occurrence of the red deer cervus elaphus in the east of the mongolian altai

Moore, R.H.; Garrett, R.A.; Wingate, P.J., 1976:
Occurrence of the red shiner notropis lutrensis new record in north carolina usa a probable aquarium release

Jozefik, M., 1976:
Occurrence of the rook corvus frugilegus in poland part 1 spatial structure and self regulatory mechanisms of population

Aalbersberg Y.K.; Van Der Westhuizen M.C.; Hewitt P.H., 1988:
Occurrence of the russian wheat aphid diuraphis noxia between wheat seasons in the eastern orange free state south africa

Weller W.F.; Menzel B.W., 1979:
Occurrence of the salamander ambystoma platineum in southern ontario canada

Baranes, A.; Ben-Tuvia, A., 1978:
Occurrence of the sandbar shark carcharhinus plumbeus new record in the northern red sea

Shelley, R.M., 1975:
Occurrence of the scorpion vejovis carolinianus in north carolina usa arachnida scorpionida vejovidae

Magalhaes L.E.D.; Roveroni I.M.; Campos S.H.A., 1985:
Occurrence of the sex ratio trait in natural populations of drosophila simulans in brazil

Schlechte, G., 1980:
Occurrence of the silver leaf fungus chondrostereum purpureum in lower saxony east germany 1. nurseries and orchards

Schlechte, G., 1980:
Occurrence of the silver leaf fungus chondrostereum purpureum in lower saxony west germany 2. forest areas

Morin T.D.; Macdonald C.D., 1984:
Occurrence of the slipper lobster scyllarides haanii in the hawaiian archipelago

Hossain M.; Zaman M.K., 1983:
Occurrence of the small eyed flour beetle palorus ratzeburgi new record in bangladesh and susceptibility of the adult beetle to gamma radiation/

Pieper H.; Reichstein H., 1980:
Occurrence of the southern water shrew neomys anomalus in prehistoric times in schleswig holstein west germany

Kowalski, W., 1975:
Occurrence of the species of a marine green alga enteromorpha in the szczecin pomerania inland waters

Babo, T.; Stollmann, A., 1975:
Occurrence of the species strix uralensis macroura on the territory of western slovakia

Herrmann K., 1987:
Occurrence of the stonechat saxicola torquata in the harz mountains and the harz foreland east germany

Kwang K.Y.; Suh J.K.; Cho I.W., 1985:
Occurrence of the strains of tobacco mosaic virus isolated from tomato plants

Ochi, K., 1986:
Occurrence of the stringent response in Streptomyces sp. and its significance for the initiation of morphological and physiological differentiation

Tabeta, O.; Ishida, K., 1975:
Occurrence of the stromateoid fish ariomma brevimanus new record in southern japan

Hattersley, P.W.; Browning, A.J., 1981:
Occurrence of the suberized lamella in leaves of grasses of different photosynthetic types 1. in parenchymatous bundle sheaths and photosynthetic carbon reduction cell kranz sheaths

Pawson, D.L.; Shirley, T.C., 1977:
Occurrence of the subgenus holothuria in the gulf of mexico echinodermata holothuroidea

Jackson P.D.; Davies J.N., 1982:
Occurrence of the tasmanian mudfish galaxias cleaveri new record on wilsons promontory mainland australia

Lettl, A., 1983:
Occurrence of the thio sulfate sulfur transferase ec producers in the population of mesophilic heterotrophic bacteria and micro fungi of spruce humus

Graham J.R.; Pollard J.E., 1982:
Occurrence of the trace fossil beaconites antarcticus in the lower carboniferous fluviatile rocks of county mayo ireland

Bierbaum C.K., 1980:
Occurrence of the tramp terrestrial amphipods talitroides alluaudi and talitroides topitotum amphipoda talitridae in south carolina usa

Camp J.W., 1988:
Occurrence of the trematodes uvulifer ambloplitis and posthodiplostomum minimum in juvenile lepomis macrochirus from northeastern illinois usa

Pettersson H.; Kiessling K H.; Sandholm K., 1986:
Occurrence of the trichothecene mycotoxin deoxynivalenol vomitoxin in swedish grown cereals

Sundaralingam M.; Brennan R.G.; Haromy T.P.; Drendel W.B.; Swaminathan P.; Bemiller J.N.; Chmielewski M.; Cerretti D.P., 1982:
Occurrence of the unusual 2c 5 1c 4 chair conformation in 2 carbohydrates and the reverse anomeric effect x ray structures of 3 4 5 7 tetra o acetyl 2 6 anhydro d glycero d ido heptonamide and 3 4 5 7 tetra o acetyl 2 6 anhydro d glycero l gluco heptonamide

Buschman L.L.; Pitre H.N.; Hovermale C.H.; Edwards N.C.Jr, 1981:
Occurrence of the velvetbean caterpillar anticarsia gemmatalis in mississippi usa winter survival or immigration

Prakash I.; Kumari S., 1979:
Occurrence of the ventral marking gland in indian desert rodents

Lopez-Alvarez, J.; Gyles, C.L., 1980:
Occurrence of the vir plasmid among animal and human strains of invasive Escherichia coli

Holl, W., 1971:
Occurrence of the wild rabbit from the 16th century

Gillespie, D.R.; Finlayson, T.; Tonks, N.V.; Ross, D.A., 1978:
Occurrence of the winter moth operophtera brumata new record lepidoptera geometridae on southern vancouver island british columbia canada

Yue, Y.; Feng, J., 1978:
Occurrence of the winter spore stage in uredopanacis infesting gynura pinnatifida

Richards, B.R.; Belmore, C.I., 1976:
Occurrence of the wood borer limnoria lignorum at amchitka island alaska usa

Franzke, C.; Griehl, H.; Grunert, S.; Hollstein, E., 1968:
Occurrence of theophylline in cocoa d beans inst thin layer chromatography inst gas chromatography

Desai V.R.; Singh R.K., 1979:
Occurrence of thermocline in rihand reservoir of uttar pradesh india and its depth criterion in relation to reservoir level

Tokushige, M.; Miyamoto, K.; Katsuki, H., 1979:
Occurrence of thermolabile and regulatory nad linked glutamate dehydrogenase ec in pseudomonas fluorescens

Taber, R.A.; Pettit, R.E., 1975:
Occurrence of thermophilic microorganisms in peanuts and peanut soil

E.G.orani M.A.; E.K.sheir H.M.; Kabeel M.T.; Shoeib A., 1983:
Occurrence of thiabendazole resistant strains of penicillium italicum in egypt

Mitsunaga T.; Shimizu M.; Iwashima A., 1986:
Occurrence of thiamin binding proteins in plant seeds

Kimura, Y.; Iwashima, A., 1987:
Occurrence of thiaminase II in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Vaz J.F.; Teles H.M.S.; Correa M.A.; Leite S.P.D.S., 1986:
Occurrence of thiara tuberculata gastropoda prosobranchia in brazil first intermediate host of clonorchis sinensis trematoda platyhelminthes

Della-Torre, G.; Tosi, L.; Cappelli, C., 1985:
Occurrence of thielaviopsis basicola berk. and br. ferr in naturally infested and chemically treated soils

Kageyama, T.; Takahashi, S.Y.; Takahashi, K., 1981:
Occurrence of thiol proteinases in the eggs of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Ishizaki, H.; Mihara, H.; Kunoh, H.; Kohno, M., 1977:
Occurrence of thiophanate resistant strains of pear scab fungus in japan

Jacquot J.P.; Maudinas B.; Gadal P., 1979:
Occurrence of thioredoxin m activity in the photosynthetic bacteria rhodopseudomonas capsulata

Nakamura, T.; Chihara, M., 1977:
Occurrence of thorea species rhodophyta in kanto district central japan

Krause, J.R.; Ayuyang, H.Q.; Ellis, L.D., 1985:
Occurrence of three cases of carcinoma in individuals with Crohn's disease treated with metronidazole

Subbarao K.; Naidu T.S.; Murhar B.M., 1985:
Occurrence of three different nematode parasites in different sections of alimentary canal of a rat snake ptyas mucosus from laxmipolavaram andhra pradesh india

Oohira, A.; Matsui, F.; Matsuda, M.; Takida, Y.; Kuboki, Y., 1988:
Occurrence of three distinct molecular species of chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan in the developing rat brain

Carr J.M.; Hergenrader G.L., 1987:
Occurrence of three nitzschia bacillariophyceae taxa within colonies of tube forming diatoms

Dalaya V.P.; Rajput S.G.; Awate B.G., 1986:
Occurrence of thrips thrips spp on green gram in northern maharashtra and its control

Kawabata M., 1982:
Occurrence of thymocyto toxic auto antibodies in association with poly clonal b cell activation in murine schistosomiasis japonica

Tochilin, V.I.; Konstantinov, V.M.; Kirgintseva, N.D., 1976:
Occurrence of thyro toxicosis in patients with nodular goiter and cretinism

Lucas-Martin, A.; Foz-Sala, M.; Todd, I.; Bottazzo, G.F.; Pujol-Borrell, R., 1988:
Occurrence of thyrocyte HLA class II expression in a wide variety of thyroid diseases: relationship with lymphocytic infiltration and thyroid autoantibodies

Barros M.A.E.D.; Barros A.J.D.; Lopes E.R.; Vasconcelos J.L.D.M.; Teodoro C.S., 1981:
Occurrence of thyroid diseases in triangulo mineiro brazil

Cerný, V.; Daniel, M., 1980:
Occurrence of ticks and chigger mites in urban areas

Pederson, J.C., 1977:
Occurrence of ticks on mule deer in central utah usa

Cerny V.; Daniel M., 1985:
Occurrence of ticks under conditions of big towns and their epidemiological importance

Tanne E., 1984:
Occurrence of tobacco necrosis virus in strawberry cultivars and fragaria vesca indicators

Migliori A.; Marzin H.; Rana G.L., 1984:
Occurrence of tomato black ring virus in a artichoke in france

Kaiser, W.J.; Bock, K.R.; Guthrie, E.J.; Meredith, G., 1978:
Occurrence of tomato black ring virus in potato cultivar anett in kenya

Stobbs L.W.; Van Schagen J.G., 1984:
Occurrence of tomato black ring virus on grapevine in southern ontario canada

Makkouk K.M.; Rana N.H., 1979:
Occurrence of tomato mosaic virus in the soils of the coastal region of lebanon

Converse R.H.; Ramsdell D.C., 1982:
Occurrence of tomato ringspot virus and tobacco ringspot virus and of dagger nematode and other nematodes associated with cultivated highbush blueberries vaccinium corymbosum in oregon usa

Noguchi, T.; Adachi, R.; Iguchi, M.; Kamiya, H.; Hashimoto, K., 1978:
Occurrence of toxic bivalves in association with gonyaulax planktons in ise owase and ofunato bays

Folkers G., 1985:
Occurrence of toxic byproducts in the in vitro decomposition of alpha amino alcohols

Kalayanamitr, A.; Bhumiratana, A.; Flegel, T.W.; Glinsukon, T.; Shinmyo, A., 1987:
Occurrence of toxicity among protease, amylase, and color mutants of a nontoxic soy sauce koji mold

Boemare N.; Laumond C.; Luciani J., 1982:
Occurrence of toxicogenesis by the entomogenous germ free nematode neoaplectana carpocapsae in the germ free insect galleria mellonella

Yasumoto, T.; Kanno, K., 1976:
Occurrence of toxins resembling cigua toxin scari toxin and maito toxin in a turban shell

Gill, H.S., 1985:
Occurrence of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in Tanzanian blood donors

Bartoszeck A.B., 1980 :
Occurrence of toxoptera citricidus aphididae and its natural enemies in imperatriz maranhao brazil

Khan A.; Chauhan Y.S.; Roberts L.W., 1987:
Occurrence of tracheary elements in juice vesicles of citrus jambhiri cultivar kata jamir a species of northeastern india

Hegde G.R.; Bharati S.G., 1984:
Occurrence of trachelomonas volvocina in the ponds and lakes of dharwad karnataka state india

Hatanaka A.; Kajiwara T., 1981:
Occurrence of trans 3 hexenal in thea sinensis leaves

Khatoon H., 1986:
Occurrence of transfer cells in the sporophyte of pteridium aquilinum

Letvenuk, L.J.; Peterson, R.L., 1976:
Occurrence of transfer cells in vascular parenchyma of hieracium florentinum roots

Sundaram S.P.; Murthy K.V., 1984:
Occurrence of transferable multi drug resistance in vibrio cholerae 01 in an endemic area

Danner, R., 1982:
Occurrence of transient positive sharp wave like activity in the paraspinal muscles following lumbar puncture

Myasnyankina E.N.; Abeleva E.A.; Generalova M.V., 1980:
Occurrence of translocations between irradiated and intact chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster

Van Cleuvenbergen R.J.A.; Chakraborti D.; Adams F.C., 1986:
Occurrence of trialkyllead and dialkyllead species in environmental water

Brugerolle G. , 1985:
Occurrence of trichocysts in bodonids an additional phylogenetic character common to kinetoplastida and euglenida

Nelson E.E., 1982:
Occurrence of trichoderma in a douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii soil

Pechtorova J.; Zajicova S.; Palicka P., 1985:
Occurrence of trichomonas tenax in specific population groups

Heczko P.; Gazarek F.; Nevrla F.; Cech O.; Brazdova S., 1980:
Occurrence of trichomoniasis in women with intra uterine device

Foged, E.K.; Sylvest, B., 1982:
Occurrence of Trichophyton tonsurans infections in the Danish island of Funen

Galgóczy, J., 1978:
Occurrence of Trichophyton vanbreuseghemii in Hungary

Shepard W.D., 1979:
Occurrence of triozocera mexicana strepsiptera corioxenidae in oklahoma usa with a brief review of this genus and species

Goos, R.D., 1978:
Occurrence of triscelophorus monosporus in upland sites on oahu hawaii usa

Macek J., 1980:
Occurrence of true mildew unicinula necator and vine downy mildew or false mildew plasmopara viticola and their control in slovenia yugoslavia up to 1941

Kingston N.; Drozdz J.; Rutkowska M., 1987:
Occurrence of trypanosomes of genus trypanosoma in wild ruminants in poland

Ganga G.; Mathra G.A., 1981 :
Occurrence of tryptamine in an insect epilachna vigintioctopunctata coleoptera coccinellidae

Bergdahl, D.R.; French, D.W., 1978:
Occurrence of tuberculina maxima on cronartium and endocronartium rusts in minnesota usa

Kuhlman, E.G.; Miller, T., 1976:
Occurrence of tuberculina maxima on fusiform rust galls in the southeastern usa

Matteri C.M., 1985:
Occurrence of tubers and rhizomes in chrysoblastella chilensis

Chen, M.H.; Hiruki, C., 1978:
Occurrence of tubular structures in vinca rosea infected with the alberta isolate of the aster yellows agent

Sherwood, M.J.; Mearns, A.J., 1976:
Occurrence of tumor bearing dover sole microstomus pacificus off point arguello california usa and off baja california mexico

Vernalha M.M.; Gabardo J.C.; Silva R.P.D.; Macedo S.Jr, 1984:
Occurrence of tunga penetrans suctoria tungidae in curitiba parana brazil

Imadate G., 1981:
Occurrence of tuxenentulus protura acerentomidae in north america

Laakmann Ditges G.; Klemme J H., 1986:
Occurrence of two l threonine l serine dehydratases in the thermophile chloroflexus aurantiacus

Rajalakshmy V.K.; Joseph A.; Arthassery S., 1985:
Occurrence of two mating groups in phytophthora meadii causing abnormal leaf fall disease of rubber in south india

Molnár, K., 1986:
Occurrence of two new Goussia species in the intestine of the sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus)

Coma, A.; Fanjul, E.; Rayon, C.; Carrera, D.; Altisent, C., 1987:
Occurrence of two paraneoplastic disorders subacute cerebellar atrophy and minimal change nephrotic syndrome in a female patient with hodgkin's disease

Poi R.; Adityachoudhury N., 1986:
Occurrence of two rare amides in medicago polymorpha

Ouellette G.B., 1980:
Occurrence of tyloses and their ultrastructural differentiation from similarly configured structures in american elm ulmus americana infected by ceratocystis ulmi

Nicotra, A.; Senatori, O., 1984:
Occurrence of type a and type b monoamine oxidase ec activities in toad bufo bufo egg mitochondria

Jacobs D.L.; Bruehl G.W., 1986:
Occurrence of typhula species and observations on numbers of sclerotia in soil in winter wheat triticum aestivum fields in washington and idaho usa

Wojciechowski Z.A.; Zimowski J., 1979:
Occurrence of udp glucose sterol glucosyl transferase activity in some lower plants

Khan, A.M.; Mehrotra, R.M.; Agrawal, S.K., 1976:
Occurrence of uncommon Salmonella serotypes in human infections

Leikola, E.; Nieminen, E.; Teppo, A.M., 1970:
Occurrence of ungulic acid in some epidermal tissues

Barber, C.; Eylan, E.; Ben-Tovim, T., 1976:
Occurrence of unilateral cross reactions between bacillus cereus and corynebacterium xerosis

Andachi Y.; Yamao F.; Iwami M.; Muto A.; Osawa S., 1987:
Occurrence of unmodified adenine and uracil at the first position of anticodon in the threonine transfer rnas in mycoplasma capricolum

Smith A.M.; Woolhouse H.W., 1984:
Occurrence of unstable phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in 4 carbon pathway grasses in the genus spartina

Hayashi K.; Takagi T., 1980:
Occurrence of unusually high level of wax esters in deep sea teleost fish muscle hoplostethus atlanticus

Cothern C.R.; Lappenbusch W.L., 1983:
Occurrence of uranium in drinking water in the usa

Harbach R.E.; Rattanarithikul R.; Peyton E.L., 1986:
Occurrence of uranotaenia hirsutifemora new record peters diptera culicidae in thailand with notes on the larval stage and species affinity

Piolaszek J., 1985:
Occurrence of ureaplasma diversum in the respiratory tract of calves

Yoneyama T.; Karasuyama M.; Kouchi H.; Ishizuka J., 1985:
Occurrence of ureide accumulation in soybean glycine max plants effect of nitrogen fertilization and nitrogen fixation

Vita G.; Savica V.; Marabello L.; Puglisi R.M.; Serra S.; Musolino R.; Bellinghieri G., 1987:
Occurrence of uremic autonomic dysfunction in relation to age

Dingley, J.M.; Versluys, W., 1977:
Occurrence of urocystis junci new record tranzscheliella williamsii new combination new record and ustilago hypodytes new record in new zealand

Shinka, T.; Uekado, Y.; Aoshi, H.; Hirano, A.; Ohkawa, T., 1988:
Occurrence of uroepithelial tumors of the upper urinary tract after the initial diagnosis of bladder cancer

Mckenzie E.H.C.; Latch G.C.M., 1980:
Occurrence of uromyces danthoniae and uromyces macnabbii and additions to the graminicolous rust fungi of new zealand

Anikster Y., 1987:
Occurrence of uromyces scillarum on the amaryllidaceae

Titatarn S.; Chiengkul A.; Unchalisangkas D.; Chamkrachang W.; Chew Chin N.; Chandrasrikul A., 1983:
Occurrence of ustilago coicis on coix lachryma jobi in thailand

Sakurai, H.; Nishida, M.; Koyama, M.; Takada, J., 1987:
Occurrence of vanadium ion in serum albumins

Seo S.W.; Chamura S., 1979:
Occurrence of varietal difference in the protein content of brown rice

Seo, S.W.; Chamura, S., 1980:
Occurrence of varietal differences in protein phosphorus and potassium content in brown rice and influence of temperature and shading during the ripening period on the content

Sinha B.M.B.; Srivastava D.P.; Jha J., 1979:
Occurrence of various cytotypes of ophioglossum reticulatum in a population from northeast india

Okuzumi M.; Yamanaka H.; Kubozuka T., 1984:
Occurrence of various histamine forming bacteria on or in fresh fishes

Baart-De-La-Faille-Kuyper, E.H.; Kater, L.; Kuijten, R.H.; Kooiker, C.J.; Van-Der-Zouwen, P.; Dorhout-Mees, E.J.; Wagenaar, S.S., 1976:
Occurrence of vascular immuno globulin a deposits in clinically normal skin of patients with renal disease

Lundberg J.M.; Hokfelt T.; Schultzberg M.; Uvnas Wallenstein K.; Kohler C.; Said S.I., 1979:
Occurrence of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide like immuno reactivity in certain cholinergic neurons of the cat evidence from combined immuno histochemistry and acetyl choline esterase staining

Uddman R.; Bjorlin G.; Moller B.; Sundler F., 1980:
Occurrence of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide nerves in mammalian dental pulps

Subramanian K.N.; Jayachandran C.K.; Venkatasubramanian N., 1982:
Occurrence of vateria macrocarpa in kerala state india

Harris R.R., 1987:
Occurrence of vegetation on geomorphic surfaces in the active floodplain of a california usa alluvial stream

Almeida D.; D.A.aujo W.C., 1979:
Occurrence of veillonella and neisseria in the niches of the human oral cavity

Iwasawa H., 1987:
Occurrence of ventricular extrasystole and intraerythrocyte potassium levels in patients with ischemic heart disease

Takahashi K.; Nokariya H., 1980:
Occurrence of vertebrate fossils from tengakuinshita fujisawa city kangawa prefecture central japan

Goheen, D.J.; Cobb, F.W.Jr, 1978:
Occurrence of verticicladiella wagenerii and its perfect state ceratocystis wageneri new species in insect galleries

Iqbal S.H.; Tauqir S., 1981:
Occurrence of vesicular arbuscular infections in cereals in relation to their age

Louis I.; Lim G., 1987 :
Occurrence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in ulu endau johore malaysia

Mott J.B.; Zuberer D.A., 1987:
Occurrence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae in mixed overburden mine spoils of texas usa

Colwell R.R.; Seidler R.J.; Kaper J.; Joseph S.W.; Garges S.; Lockman H.; Maneval D.; Bradford H.; Roberts N.; E.A., 1981:
Occurrence of vibrio cholerae serotype o 1 in maryland and louisiana estuaries usa

Baross, J.; Liston, J., 1970:
Occurrence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and related hemolytic vibrios in marine environments of Washington State

Larsen J.L.; Farid A.F.; Dalsgaard I., 1981:
Occurrence of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus in marine and estuarine bathing areas on the danish coast

van den Broek, M.J.; Mossel, D.A.; Eggenkamp, A.E., 1979:
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Occurrence of Yersinia spp. in raw beef, pork and chicken

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Occurrence of zinnia violacea in netarhat plateau bihar india

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Occurrence origin and branching of the arteria urogenitalis in the rabbit

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Occurrence under the carboniferous culm in the massif de mouthoumet of fauna characterizing the visean namurian boundary france

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Ochthebius legionensis new species subgenus enicocerus from spain coleoptera hydraenidae

Prisinu, Q.; Ferro, G., 1978:
Ochthebius montalbanensis new species hymenodes of the ochthebius lobicollis group coleoptera hydraenidae

Hebauer F., 1986:
Ochthebius nilssoni new species from northern sweden coleoptera hydraenidae

Ferro G., 1982:
Ochthebius of the collections of the museum of budapest hungary description of a new species and definitive description of ochthebius pierottii coleoptera hydraenidae

Anderson J.J., 1983:
Ochthebius otavalensis new species of water beetle from the ecuadorian andes coleoptera hydraenidae

Vana J., 1986:
Ochyraea tatrensis new genus new species a remarkable pleurocarpous moss from czechoslovakia

Emerit M.; Lopez A., 1984:
Ochyrocera thibaudi new species and other ochyroceratidae of the lesser antilles araneae

Menghini A.; Cenci C.A.; Cagiotti M.R.; Pagiotti R., 1984:
Ocimum basilicum biorhythms and productivity in various environments

Melo J.S.; D'souza S.F.; Nadkarni G.B., 1986:
Ocimum basilicum seeds as a pellicular support for immobilizing enzymes

Espmark, A.; Niklasson, B., 1984:
Ockelbo disease in Sweden: epidemiological, clinical, and virological data from the 1982 outbreak

Osella G.; Meregalli M., 1987:
Ocladius new record schoenherr 1825 and sphincticraerus new record marseul 1871 new genera for the european fauna

Caldara, R., 1976:
Ocladius solarii new species from libya coleoptera curculionidae

Pawson D.L., 1983:
Ocnus sacculus new species echinodermata holothuroidea a brood protecting holothurian from southeastern new zealand

Stark B.P.; Stewart K.W., 1982:
Oconoperla weaveri new genus new species of north american perlodinae plecoptera perlodidae

Jones E.B.G.; Johnson R.G.; Moss S.T., 1983:
Ocostaspora apilongissima new genus new species a new marine pyrenomycete from wood

Bernardi, L., 1975:
Ocotea budowskiana new species and a few additional notes on american lauraceae

Naranjo, P.; Kijjoa, A.; Giesbrecht, A.M.; Gottlieb, O.R., 1981:
Ocotea quixos, American cinnamon

Whitfield F.B.; Freeman D.J.; Last J.H.; Bannister P.A.; Kennett B.H., 1982:
Oct 1 en 3 ol and 5z octa 1 5 dien 3 ol compounds important in the flavor of prawns and sand lobsters

Dobbs A.J.; Grant C., 1981:
Octa chloro di benzo p dioxin in wood treatment materials and treated wood

Ernst W.; Weigelt V.; Weber K., 1984:
Octa chloro styrene a permanent micro pollutant in the north sea

Kaminsky R.; Hites R.A., 1984:
Octa chloro styrene in lake ontario usa canada sources and fates

Stolzenberg, A.M.; Spreer, L.O.; Holm, R.H., 1980:
Octa ethyl iso bacteriochlorin a model of the siro hydro chlorin ring system of siro heme enzymes preparation and spectroscopic and electrochemical properties of the free base and its zinc ii complex

Kampas, F.J.; Gouterman, M., 1976:
Octa ethyl porphin films part 2 absorption and emission of amorphous films

Momose T.; Uchida S.; Imanishi T., 1979:
Octa hydro 7 1h quinolones part 7 a stereoselective synthesis of cis trans deca hydro 3h 8h benzo i j quinolizine 3 8 dione

Eiden, F.; Herdeis, C., 1976:
Octa hydro bi pyridinium 4 pyrone chlorides

Cheng, P.T., 1985:
Octacalcium phosphate formation in vitro: implications for bone formation

Pietrogrande M.C.; Dondi F.; Blo G.; Borea P.A.; Bighi C., 1987:
Octadecyl phenyl and cyano phases comparison for the rp hplc prediction of octanol water partition coefficient

Luederitz P.; Grosser J., 1986:
Octadecylamine a nontoxic corrosion inhibitor for steam producers in hospitals

Kardos J.; Blasko G.; Simonyi M.; Szantay C., 1986 :
Octahydroindolo 2 3 a quinolizin 2 one a novel structure for gamma aminobutyric acid uptake inhibition

Grieco P.A.; Parker D.T., 1988:
Octahydroquinoline synthesis via immonium ion based diels alder chemistry synthesis of levo 8a epipumiliotoxin c

Banares M.A.; Gonzalez M.; Perez M.E.; Ruano R.J., 1986:
Octakis di p methylphenylsulfoxide lanthanide iii perchlorates and their decomposition

Helyar, K.R.; Brown, A.L., 1976:
Octan i ol extraction of molybdo phosphoric acid in the colorimetric determination of ortho phosphate

Peers K.E.; Swoboda P.A.T., 1979:
Octanoate an assay for oxidative deterioration in oils and fats

Boch R.; Shearer D.A.; Shuel R.W., 1979:
Octanoic acid and other volatile acids in the mandibular glands of the honey bee apis mellifera and in royal jelly

Koessler F.; Caffier G.; Kuechler G., 1980:
Octanol induced and octanoate induced inhibition of the mechanical activity of isolated frog rana esculenta skeletal muscles

Il'chenko A.P.; Komarova G.N., 1981:
Octanol oxidation by torulopsis candida mitochondria

Unger S.H.; Chiang G.H., 1981:
Octanol physiological buffer distribution coefficients of lipophilic amines by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography and their correlation with biological activity

Brooke D.N.; Dobbs A.J.; Williams N., 1986:
Octanol water partition coefficients measurement estimation and interpretation particularly for chemicals with partition coefficients greater than 100000

Sarna L.P.; Hodge P.E.; Webster G.R.B., 1984:
Octanol water partition coefficients of chlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography using several c 18 columns

Hawker D.W.; Connell D.W., 1988:
Octanol water partition coefficients of polychlorinated biphenyl congeners

Laufberger V., 1982:
Octant vector cardiography evaluation by peaks

Orousset, J., 1983:
Octavius belonging to the collections of the museum national d'histoire naturelle in paris designation of lectotypes coleoptera staphylinidae

Puthz V., 1985:
Octavius coiffaiti new species from gabon 44th contribution to the knowledge of euasthetinae coleoptera staphylinidae

Orousset J., 1986:
Octavius from the french eastern pyrenees france coleoptera staphylinidae 11th contribution to the knowledge of the euaesthetinae

Puthz V., 1986:
Octavius raja new species from india

Ter Bruggen, J.P.; Keunen, R.W.; Tijssen, C.C.; Wijnalda, D., 1987:
Octavus nerve neurovascular compression syndrome

Giammona C.P.; Stanton R.J.Jr, 1980:
Octo corals from the middle eocene stone city formation texas usa

Chinnappa, C.C., 1969:
Octo ploidy in coffea arabica d

Yano O., 1985:
Octoblepharum leucobryaceae of the upper rio negro amazonas brazil

Kingston P.F.; Mackie A.S.Y., 1980:
Octobranchus floriceps new species polychaeta trichobranchidae from the northern north sea with a reexamination of octobranchus antarcticus

Blankensteyn A.; Lana P.D.C., 1987:
Octobranchus longipes new species trichobranchidae polychaeta from the southeast coast of brazil

Lasker H.R.; Coffroth M.A., 1983:
Octocoral distributions at carrie bow cay belize

Muzik K., 1982:
Octocorallia cnidaria from carrie bow cay belize

Utinomi, H., 1975:
Octocorallia collected by trawling in the western australia a biological result of international indian ocean expedition collections

Verseveldt J.; Tursch A., 1979:
Octocorallia from the bismarck sea papua new guinea 1

Verseveldt, J., 1977:
Octocorallia from various localities in the pacific ocean

Von Prahl H.; Escobar D.; Molina G., 1986:
Octocorals octocorallia gorgoniidae and plexauridae from shallow waters of the colombian pacific

Tortora L.R.; Keith D.E., 1980:
Octocorals of the swan islands honduras

Fagersten R., 1981:
Octodiceras fontanum musci fissidentaceae in eastern fennoscandia notes on vegetative dispersal and rhizoid topography

Haeggstrom C A., 1985:
Octolasion cyaneum and lumbricus festivus new record oligochaeta lumbricidae found in aland southwest finland

Terhivuo J., 1981:
Octolasion cyaneum oligochaeta lumbricidae in finland

Mrsic N., 1980:
Octolasium croaticum new species a new earthworm species in slovenia yugoslavia

Pizl V., 1983:
Octolasium montanum new record oligochaeta lumbricidae in czechoslovakia

Artyukhovsky, A.K., 1978:
Octomermis lisikovae new species and remarks on status of the genus octomermis nematoda mermithidae

Evans, P.D., 1978:
Octopamine a high affinity uptake mechanism in the nervous system of the cockroach

Pannabecker, T.; Orchard, I., 1986:
Octopamine and cyclic amp mediate release of adipokinetic hormone i and ii from isolated locust locusta migratoria neuroendocrine tissue

Orchard I.; Loughton B.G.; Webb R.A., 1981:
Octopamine and short term hyper lipemia in the locust locusta migratoria

Copeland J.; Robertson H.A., 1982:
Octopamine as the transmitter at the firefly lantern presence of an octopamine sensitive and a dopamine sensitive adenylate cyclase

David J.C.; Coulon J.F.; Lafon Cazal M., 1985:
Octopamine changes in nervous and non nervous tissues of the locust locusta migratoria after different flight conditions

Webb, R.A.; Orchard, I., 1980:
Octopamine in leeches 1. distribution of octopamine in macrobdella decora and erpobdella octoculata

Webb, R.A.; Orchard, I., 1981:
Octopamine in leeches 2. synthesis release and re uptake of octopamine by the ventral nerve cord of erpobdella octoculata

Singh G.J.P.; Loughton B.G.; Orchard I., 1981:
Octopamine like action of formamidines on hormone release in the locust locusta migratoria

Gole J.W.D.; Orr G.L.; Downer R.G.H., 1987:
Octopamine mediated elevation of cyclic amp in hemocytes of the american cockroach periplaneta americana l

Evans P.D.; Siegler M.V.S., 1982:
Octopamine mediated relaxation of maintained and catch tension in locust schistocerca americana gregaria skeletal muscle

Hayashi, S.; Murdock, L.L.; Florey, E., 1977:
Octopamine metabolism in invertebrates locusta migratoria astacus leptodactylus helix pomatia evidence for n acetylation in arthropod tissues

Lafon Cazal M.; Coulon J.F.; David J.C., 1982:
Octopamine metabolism in the cephalic ganglion of locusta migratoria

Stieve H.; Andre E., 1984:
Octopamine modulates the sensitivity of limulus ventral photoreceptor

Edwards S.C.; Pierce S.K., 1986:
Octopamine potentiates intracellular sodium and chloride reductions during cell volume regulation in limulus polyphemus exposed to hypoosmotic stress

Jaim-Etcheverry, G.; Zieher, L.M., 1975:
Octopamine probably coexists with norepinephrine and serotonin in vesicles of pineal adrenergic nerves

Nathanson J.A., 1979:
Octopamine receptors cyclic amp and neural control of firefly flashing

Roberts C.J.; Walker R.J., 1981:
Octopamine receptors on limulus polyphemus and periplaneta americana central neurons

Evans, P.D.; Kravitz, E.A.; Talamo, B.R., 1976:
Octopamine release at 2 points along lobster nerve trunks

Morton D.B.; Evans P.D., 1984:
Octopamine release from an identified neuron in the locust schistocerca americana gregaria

Battelle B A.; Evans J.A., 1984:
Octopamine release from centrifugal fibers of the limulus polyphemus peripheral visual system

Harmar, A.J.; Horn, A.S., 1977:
Octopamine sensitive adenylate cyclase in cockroach brain effects of agonists antagonists and guanylyl nucleotides

Gole J.W.D.; Downer R.G.H.; Sohi S.S., 1982:
Octopamine sensitive adenylate cyclase in hemocytes of the forest tent caterpillar malacosoma disstria lepidoptera lasicampidae

Hiripi L.; Rozsa K.S., 1984:
Octopamine sensitive and dopamine sensitive adenylate cyclase in the brain of locusta migratoria during its development

Whim M.D.; Evans P.D., 1988:
Octopaminergic modulation of flight muscle in the locust

Reale V.; Evans P.D.; Villegas J., 1986:
Octopaminergic modulation of the membrane potential of the schwann cell of the squid sepioteuthis sepioidea giant nerve fiber

Goldmann, A., 1977:
Octopine and nopaline dehydrogenases in crown gall tumors

Montoya, A.L.; Chilton, M.D.; Gordon, M.P.; Sciaky, D.; Nester, E.W., 1977:
Octopine and nopaline metabolism in Agrobacterium tumefaciens and crown gall tumor cells: role of plasmid genes

Bomhoff, G.; Klapwijk, P.M.; Kester, H.C.; Schilperoort, R.A.; Hernalsteens, J.P.; Schell, J., 1976:
Octopine and nopaline synthesis and breakdown genetically controlled by a plasmid of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Boivin R.; Lebeuf H.; Dion P., 1987:
Octopine and octopinic acid utilization in a nonfluorescent pseudomonas sp enhancement by spontaneous mutation and lack of effect from curing of a plasmid

Vollmer, M.; Hochachka, P.W.; Mommsen, T.P., 1981:
Octopine dehydrogenase ec and phospho arginine kinase ec in squid loligo opalescens mantle cooperation of 2 enzymes at the arginine branchpoint in cephalopod muscle

Schrimsher, J.L.; Taylor, K.B., 1982:
Octopine dehydrogenase ec from crown gall tumor and from pecten maximus oxidation of tritium labeled 4 r nadh and tritium labeled 4 s nadh

Schrimsher, J.L.; Taylor, K.B., 1984:
Octopine dehydrogenase ec from pecten maximus steady state mechanism

Barrett, J.; Koerting, W., 1981:
Octopine dehydrogenase ec in gastropods from different environments

Ellington, W.R., 1979:
Octopine dehydrogenase ec in the basilar muscle of the sea anemone metridium senile

Birnberg, P.R.; Rao, S.S.; Lippincott, J.A., 1983:
Octopine dehydrogenase ec of a vinca rosea crown gall tumor

Storey K.B.; Storey J.M., 1979:
Octopine metabolism in the cuttlefish sepia officinalis octopine production by muscle and its role as an aerobic substrate for nonmuscular tissues

Rossignol G.; Dion P., 1985:
Octopine nopaline and octopinic acid utilization in pseudomonas

Murai N.; Kemp J.D., 1982:
Octopine synthase messenger rna isolated from sunflower crown gall callus is homologous to the ti plasmid of agrobacterium tumefaciens

Koehn S.; Beiderbeck R., 1982:
Octopine utilization by pseudomonas

Boschi M.C.; Vaccari G.; Franchini A.; Malfatti P., 1987:
Octopus 2000r evaluation of retinal sensitivity before and after laser photocoagulation in diabetic maculopathy

Seamon, K.B.; Moore, B.W., 1980:
Octopus calmodulin. Structural comparison with bovine brain calmodulin

Arocha F.; Robaina G., 1984:
Octopus defilippi new record in venezuelan coastal waters

Lamy J.; Leclerc M.; Sizaret P Y.; Lamy J.; Miller K.I.; Mcparland R.; Van Holde K.E., 1987:
Octopus dofleini hemocyanin structure of the seven domain polypeptide chain

Kimura S.; Takema Y.; Kubota M., 1981:
Octopus octopus vulgaris skin collagen isolation and characterization of collagen comprising 2 distinct alpha chains

Fankhauser F.; Haeberlin H.; Jenni A., 1981:
Octopus programs sapro and f 2 new principles for analysis of the visual field

Voss G.L., 1979:
Octopus rapanui new species from easter island south pacific cephalopoda octopoda

Mcvean A., 1984:
Octopus vulgaris extraocular muscle

Purrini K.; Weiser J., 1983:
Octosporea collembolae new species microsporida microspora a new microsporidian parasite of springtail onychiurus quadriocellatus onychiuridae collembola

Ormieres, R.; Pralavorio, R.; Yamvrias, C.; Laudeho, Y., 1977:
Octosporea muscaedomesticae microsporidia parasite of ceratitis capitata and of dacus oleae diptera trypetidae

Ovezmukhammedov, A., 1975:
Octosporella sanguinolenti new species of coccidia from agamas in the turkmen ssr ussr

Kugrens P., 1984:
Octosporiella coloradoensis new genus new species a new tetrasporalean green alga from 2 colorado usa mountain lakes

Rusek J., 1982:
Octostigma herbivora new genus new species diplura projapygoidea octostigmatidae new family injuring plant roots in the tonga islands

Magee M.S.; Manni A.; O'dorisio T.M.; Boucher A.E.; Demers L., 1988:
Octreotide sms 201 995 treatment of resistant acromegaly dosage considerations and range of hormonal effects

Marriott S.J.; Griffith G.R.; Consigli R.A., 1987:
Octyl beta d glycopyranoside extracts polyomavirus receptor moieties from the surfaces of mouse kidney cells

Maggi C.A.; Grimaldi G.; Volterra G.; Meli A., 1983:
Octylonium bromide a new spasmolytic agent devoid of atropine like side effects

Maggi, C.A.; Manzini, S.; Meli, A., 1983:
Octylonium bromide: a smooth muscle relaxant which interferes with calcium ions mobilization

Kohbara J.; Murachi S.; Nanba K., 1987:
Ocular abnormalities in carp chronically exposed to various surfactants

Ferry, A.P.; Safir, A.; Melikian, H.E., 1985:
Ocular abnormalities in patients with gout

Braude, L.S.; Miller, M.; Cuttone, J., 1981:
Ocular abnormalities in the amniogenic band syndrome

Strömland, K., 1985:
Ocular abnormalities in the fetal alcohol syndrome

Tosti, A.; Colombati, S.; Caponeri, G.M.; Ciliberti, C.; Tosti, G.; Bosi, M.; Veronesi, S., 1985:
Ocular abnormalities occurring with alopecia areata

Ginsberg, J.; Hamblet, J.; Menefee, M. , 1978:
Ocular abnormality in myotonic dystrophy

Tohno M.; Konishi Y.; Kojima H.; Horiike Y.; Sakai Y., 1988:
Ocular absorption distribution metabolism and excretion of topically applied flurbiprofen a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug in the rabbit eye

Lovasik, J.V.; Beauchamp, R., 1982:
Ocular accommodation in the cat after electrical stimulation of mesencephalic reticular formation

Lovasik, J.V.; Beauchamp, R., 1982:
Ocular accommodation neurons in brain stem of the alert cat

Mason, C.G., 1977:
Ocular accumulation and toxicity of certain systemically administered drugs

Jakobiec, F.A.; Iwamoto, T.; Knowles, D.M., 1982:
Ocular adnexal lymphoid tumors. Correlative ultrastructural and immunologic marker studies

Whitaker L.A.; Katowitz J.A.; Jacobs W.E., 1979:
Ocular adnexal problems in cranio facial deformities

Ojo, S.A.; Leipold, H.W., 1976:
Ocular albinism in a herd of holstein friesian cattle in nigeria

Julia P.; Farres J.; Pares X., 1986:
Ocular alcohol dehydrogenase in the rat regional distribution and kinetics of the alcohol dehydrogenase 1 isoenzyme with retinol and retinal

Messiha, F.S., 1981:
Ocular aldehyde dehydrogenase in rodents

Diamond G.R.; Katowitz J.A.; Whitaker L.H.; Quinn G.E.; Schaffer D.B., 1980 :
Ocular alignment after cranio facial reconstruction child retrospective study alignment bin ocularity strabismus correction

Mashima Y.; Tanaka E.; Oguchi Y.; Uemura Y., 1987:
Ocular alignment and stereopsis in normal subjects psychophysical and electrophysiologic studies

Klein, R.; Lobes, L.A., 1976:
Ocular alkali burns in a large urban area

Kleinhans D.; Baur X., 1986:
Ocular allergy caused by a papain containing contact lens cleansing solution

Martino A.; Scullica L., 1987:
Ocular alterations in the beta thalassemia

Allansmith, M.R.; Bloch, K.J.; Baird, R.S.; Sinclair, K., 1981:
Ocular anaphylaxis: induction by local injection of antigen

Diamond, G.R.; Katowitz, J.A.; Whitaker, L.A.; Bersani, T.A.; Bartlett, S.P.; Welsh, M.G., 1987:
Ocular and adnexal complications of unilateral orbital advancement for plagiocephaly

Oka S.; Watanabe I.; Mano I.; Fujii Y.; Igarashi Y., 1981:
Ocular and bone features of aicardi syndrome

Brazier, D.J.; Smith, S.E., 1988:
Ocular and cardiovascular response to topical carteolol 2 percent and timolol 0.5 percent in healthy volunteers

Rousseaux M.; Petit H.; Hache J.C.; Devos P.; Dubois F.; Warot P., 1985:
Ocular and cephalic movements in infarctions of the thalamic region

Mohan M.; Sood N.N.; Dayal Y.; Sachdev M.S.; Chandra Sekhar G.; Gupta S.K.; Bhatnagar S., 1984:
Ocular and clinico epidemiological study of epidemic dropsy

Ortonne, J.P.; Floret, D.; Coeiffet, J.; Cottin, X., 1978:
Ocular and cutaneous melanosis associated with sturge weber syndrome clinical histological and ultrastructural studies of 1 case

Kogure, H.; Murakami, K.; Abiko, Y., 1980:
Ocular and hemodynamic effect of labetalol in rabbits

Chamot, L.; Zografos, L.; Micheli, J.L., 1981:
Ocular and orbital complications after sclerosing injections in a case of a frontal cutaneous angioma

Kawanishi Y.; Mori R.; Shiomi F.; Terao S.; Ikeda S.; Masaoka F.; Ueno H.; Sonobe H., 1985:
Ocular and orbital involvement in multiple myeloma

Bilaniuk L.T.; Schenck J.F.; Zimmerman R.A.; Hart H.R.Jr; Foster T.H.; Edelstein W.A.; Goldberg H.I.; Grossman R.I., 1985:
Ocular and orbital lesions surface coil magnetic resonance imaging

Hutchison, D.S.; Smith, T.R., 1979:
Ocular and orbital metastatic carcinoma

Buckley C.A.; Bron A.J., 1981:
Ocular and peri ocular features of multicentric reticulo histiocytosis with para proteinemia 2 cases

Demirkol, M.; Ertuğrul, T.; Neyzi, O., 1988:
Ocular and periorbital anthropometry in the newborn

Friedman, Z.; Krupin, T.; Becker, B., 1982:
Ocular and systemic effects of acetazolamide in nephrectomized rabbits

Brown, A.C.; Pollard, Z.F.; Jarrett, W.H., 1982:
Ocular and testicular abnormalities in alopecia areata

Widagdo; Sunardi; Lokollo, D.M.; Margono, S.S., 1977:
Ocular angiostrongyliasis in Semarang, Central Java

Bellucci R.; Mauli F.; Carillio F., 1985:
Ocular annoyance due to improper air conditioning in a new video display terminal office environment

Kirkpatrick, S.W.; Wharry, R.E., 1985:
Ocular anomalies: a comparison of learning disabled and nonlearning disabled elementary school children

Petcu, I.P., 1977:
Ocular anomalies in ophion luteus and enicospilus merdarius ichneumonidae

Brinkman, C.J.J.; Oerlemans-Van-Zutphen, M.P.J.; Broekhuyse, R.M., 1979:
Ocular antigens 10. bovine rhod opsin and alpha crystallin a study of their immunogenicity in the rabbit and antigenic relationships with various ocular tissues

Brinkman, C.J.J.; Tolhuizen, E.F.J.; Broekhuyse, R.M., 1980:
Ocular antigens 11. common antigenic determinants in the soluble retinal fractions of man monkey pig and calf

Treffers, W.F.; Broekhuyse, R.M., 1977:
Ocular antigens part 7 the influence of freunds complete adjuvant and corneal structural glyco protein in xenogeneic kerato plasty

Brinkman, C.J.J.; Oerlemans-Van-Zutphen, M.P.J.; Broekhuyse, R.M., 1978:
Ocular antigens part 8 assay of delayed hyper sensitivity to corneal epithelium in the rabbit

Brinkman, C.J.J.; Oerlemans-Van-Zutphen, M.P.J.; Broekhuyse, R.M. , 1978:
Ocular antigens part 9 demonstration of common antigenicity in corneal epithelium and other tissues of the bovine eye

Beck, M.; Mills, P.V., 1979:
Ocular assessment of patients treated with tamoxifen

Clark, C.V., 1988:
Ocular autonomic nerve function in proliferative diabetic retinopathy

von Noorden, G.K.; Lewis, R.A., 1987:
Ocular axial length in unilateral congenital cataracts and blepharoptosis

Ling T.L.; Combs D.L., 1987:
Ocular bioavailability and tissue distribution of carbon 14 ketorolac tromethamine in rabbits

Mosher G.L.; Bundgaard H.; Falch E.; Larsen C.; Mikkelson T.J., 1987:
Ocular bioavailability of pilocarpic acid monoester and diester prodrugs as assessed by miotic activity in the rabbit

Green, K.; Paterson, C.A.; Siddiqui, A., 1985:
Ocular blood flow after experimental alkali burns and prostaglandin administration

Tornquist P.; Alm A.; Bill A., 1979:
Ocular blood flow and retinal capillary permeability to sodium in pigs

Rosa, A.; Mizon, J.P.; Masmoudi, K.; Sevestre, H., 1986:
Ocular bobbing. A new hypothesis

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