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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6020

Chapter 6020 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vaage J., 1984: Occurrence of shared nonviral tumor associated transplantation type antigens among c 3h he mammary carcinomas

Hastein T., 1981: Occurrence of shell disease in lobsters homarus gammarus in the southern part of oslo fjord norway

Mebs, D.; Simon, B.; Gemmer, H.; Stille, W., 1978: Occurrence of shellfish poisoning in the frankfurt area west germany

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019003

Takauchi K., 1979: Occurrence of short duration hypotensive phospho lipid from dog peritoneal dialysate

Whitfeld, P. R.; Higgins, T. J. V., 1976: Occurrence of short particles in beans infected with the cowpea strain of tobacco mosaic virus part 1 purification and characterization of short particles

Higgins, T. J. V.; Goodwin, P. B.; Whitfeld, P. R., 1976: Occurrence of short particles in beans infected with the cowpea strain of tobacco mosaic virus part 2 evidence that short particles contain the cistron for coat protein

Kurir A., 1979: Occurrence of shot hole gall midge helicomyia saliciperda cecidomyidae on white willow salix alba and funeral willow salix alba var vitellina pendula

Tettamanti G., 1980: Occurrence of sialyl transferase activity in the synaptosomal membranes prepared from calf brain cortex

Ehrlich A., 1981: Occurrence of siliceous micro fossils diatoms silico flagellates and sponge spicules in the campanian mishash formation southern israel

Cortes F., 1980: Occurrence of sister chromatid exchanges at eu chromatin c band junctions in allium cepa chromosomes

Myers C.W., 1984: Occurrence of skin alkaloids in non dendrobatid frogs from brazil bufonidae australia myobatrachidae and madagascar mantellinae

Mise K., 1986: Occurrence of small hsd plasmids in salmonella typhi shigella boydii and escherichia coli

Stollmann A., 1987: Occurrence of small mammals in samples taken by pitfall traps

Guimont-Ducamp, C.; Sri-Widada, J.; Jeanteur, P., 1977: Occurrence of small molecular weight rna in hela nuclear ribo nucleo protein particles containing heterogeneous nuclear rna

Burr, T. J.; Schroth, M. N., 1977: Occurrence of soft rot erwinia spp in soil and plant material

Dasgupta J., 1986: Occurrence of soil actinomycetes in agra region india and their antagonistic activity

Hansen L.M., 1985: Occurrence of soil borne pests in danish sugar beet beta vulgaris fields

Weber, Z., 1977: Occurrence of soil fungi on potato plantation

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019019

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019021

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019022

Kubota T., 1986: Occurrence of some boreal zooplankton in kumano nada central japan in march and may 1983

Burgess L., 1982: Occurrence of some flea beetle pests of parkland rapeseed crops in open prairie and forest in saskatchewan canada coleoptera chrysomelidae

Manoharachary, C., 1976: Occurrence of some fungi in pond water and mud of hyderabad india

Gash, S. L.; Hanna, W. L., 1972: Occurrence of some helminth parasites in the muskrat ondatra zibethicus from crawford county kansas usa

Smith B.F., 1980: Occurrence of some histochemically demonstrable dehydrogenases in cercariae of cloacitrema michiganensis trematoda philophthalmidae

Ishaq M.W., 1983: Occurrence of some indicator bacteria in the waters of al khair stream and al jaish canal passing through baghdad city iraq

Devide Z., 1979: Occurrence of some indoles in shepherdia argentea

Chaudhuri, R. H. N.; Tribedi, G. N., 1976: Occurrence of some medicinal plants in 24 parganas west bengal india

Smetana V., 1979: Occurrence of some representatives of the subfamilies bombinae and psithyrinae hymenoptera apoidea in slovakia czechoslovakia

Dwivedi, G. K.; Singh, V. P., 1987: Occurrence of some toxic factors associated with newly evolved strain of black gram vigna mungo l. hepper and effect of cooking on these toxic factors

Rhodes A.M., 1982: Occurrence of sorbitol in zea mays

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019035

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019036

Kuramoto, T.; Yamada, S. I., 1975: Occurrence of sour rot in satsuma mandarin

De Klerk C.A., 1985: Occurrence of south african species of margarodes homoptera coccoidea margarodidae with special reference to vine infesting species

Costa C.L., 1982: Occurrence of southern bean mosaic virus in central brazil

Thottappilly G., 1988: Occurrence of southern bean mosaic virus on cowpea in senegal

Surpur S.S., 1979: Occurrence of sowing rains for long medium and short duration crops in bangalore region india

Basu P.K., 1980: Occurrence of soybean glycine max foliage diseases in eastern ontario canada 1979

Kitazawa K., 1980: Occurrence of soybean glycine max root rot caused by corynespora cassiicola in hokkaido japan

Machado L.A., 1986: Occurrence of soybean pests and natural enemies in orlandia sao paulo state brazil

Cranford P.J., 1985: Occurrence of spartina macrodetritus in bay of fundy waters

Siepmann R., 1985: Occurrence of species and clones of armillaria in spruce stands mixed stands and hardwood stands in close neighborhood

Imajima, M., 1974: Occurrence of species of 3 families eulepethidae apistobranchidae and heterospionidae polychaeta from japan

Matsumura Tundisi T., 1984: Occurrence of species of the genus daphnia in brazil

Giedrojc A., 1987: Occurrence of specific anti bordetella bronchiseptica and anti pasteurella multocida agglutinins in pigs immunized with bivalent vaccine against infectious atrophic rhinitis

Hobbs S., 1979: Occurrence of specific antibodies of the immuno globulin a class in the bile of rats

Chakrabarti C.K., 1985: Occurrence of specific glycoprotein factors in goat epididymal plasma that prevent adhesion of spermatozoa to glass

Winchester R.J., 1987: Occurrence of specific phytohemagglutinin reactive immunoglobulins in the sera of certain individuals relevance to the detection of cell surface antigens on phytohemagglutinin stimulated cells

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019053

Meyer E.A., 1984: Occurrence of specific secretory immunoglobulin a in bile after inoculation of giardia lamblia trophozoites into rat duodenum

Hall P.F., 1986: Occurrence of spectrin like protein in y 1 adrenal tumor cells

Nilsson L A., 1987: Occurrence of sperm antibodies in adult rats after prefertile traumatic vas lesions

Raven P.J., 1988: Occurrence of sphagnum moss in the sublittoral of several small oligotrophic lakes in galloway southwest scotland uk

Dieci, G.; Russo, A.; Russo, F.; Marchi, M. S., 1977: Occurrence of spicules in triassic chaetetids and ceratoporellids

Xue C C., 1983: Occurrence of spontaneous channel sensation in epileptic patients with intra cranial damage

Pannacciulli I.M., 1988: Occurrence of spontaneous malignant lymphoma in the course of idiopathic myelofibrosis

Keshavamurthy B.S., 1980: Occurrence of spontaneous penicillin sensitive variants in a penicillin resistant population of staphylococcus aureus of bovine mammary origin

Sacksteder, M. R., 1976: Occurrence of spontaneous tumors in the germ free f 344 rat

Thakur, S. B., 1977: Occurrence of spores of thermophilic fungi in the air at bombay india

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019067

Calabrese C., 1984: Occurrence of sport traumas in vertebral fractures with neurologic involvement

Iizuka, K., 1978: Occurrence of spotted mackerel in the waters along northeastern japan

Gumpert J., 1985: Occurrence of squalene and dehydrosqualene in streptomycetes

Weeks, O. B.; Francesconi, M. D., 1978: Occurrence of squalene and sterols in cellulomonas dehydrogenans

Tornabene, T. G.; Kates, M.; Gelpi, E.; Oro, J., 1969: Occurrence of squalene di hydro squalene and tetra hydro squalene and vitamin mk 8 in an extremely halophilic bacterium halobacterium cutirubrum

Goldberg, I.; Shechter, I., 1978: Occurrence of squalene in methanol grown bacteria

De-Castro, A. L.; Correa, M. M. G., 1976: Occurrence of squilla deceptrix and squilla discors along the brazilian coast stomatopoda squilidae

Golderman S., 1987: Occurrence of staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa in israeli coastal water

Powers, E. M.; Latt, T. G.; Johnson, D. R.; Rowley, D. B., 1978: Occurrence of staphylococcus aureus in and the moisture content of pre cooked canned bacon

Tashiro M., 1981: Occurrence of steinmanella japonica obsoleta cretaceous trigonian from the izumi mountains southwest japan and its stratigraphic significance

Yamamoto T., 1986: Occurrence of stem blight of tulip by fusarium roseum f sp cerealis avenaceum in japan

Miller J.W., 1983: Occurrence of stem necrosis on field grown tomatoes incited by pseudomonas corrugata in florida usa

Shimada, T., 1977: Occurrence of sterility in tetra ploid red clover part 1 estimation of genetic constants of seed yield and its components and multi variate statistical analysis of the agronomic traits influencing seed yield

Shimada, T., 1977: Occurrence of sterility in tetra ploid red clover part 2 sterility analysis by diallel cross and inbreeding

Shimada, T., 1977: Occurrence of sterility in tetra ploid red clover part 3 cytological aspects of sterility

Shimada, T., 1978: Occurrence of sterility in tetra ploid red clover part 4 embryology of sterility in di ploid and tetra ploid plants

Shimada, T., 1978: Occurrence of sterility in tetra ploid red clover part 5 embryological aspects of sterility

Gessner, T., 1977: Occurrence of steroid glucuronyl transferases in a hepatoma

Ekman R., 1980: Occurrence of steryl and wax esters in dicranum elongatum

Duperon P., 1983: Occurrence of steryl glycosides and acylated steryl glycosides in some marine algae

Ramayya N., 1983: Occurrence of stomatal diversity and taxonomic value of dominant and co dominant stomatal types in the malvales

Gordon J.D.M., 1984: Occurrence of stones sediment and fish scales in stomach contents of demersal fish of the rockall trough northeastern atlantic ocean

Ljunggren H., 1984: Occurrence of storage fungi especially afla toxin forming aspergillus flavus in soil greenstuff and prepared hay

Karenlampi L., 1982: Occurrence of storage mites in finnish farming environments

Finnegan L.P., 1987: Occurrence of strabismus in infants born to drug dependent women

Gregg, J. M.; Goldstein, S. T.; Walters, L. J. Jr, 1977: Occurrence of strained quartz in the siliceous frustules of cultured fresh water diatoms

Nagai Y., 1982: Occurrence of strains of botrytis cinerea resistant to di carboximide fungicides on tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses

Giannopolitis, C. N., 1978: Occurrence of strains of cercospora beticola resistant to tri phenyl tin fungicides in greece

Okioga, D. M., 1976: Occurrence of strains of colletotrichum coffeanum resistant to methylbenzimidazol 2 yl carbamate carbendazim and chemically similar compounds

Terhivuo, J., 1977: Occurrence of strange objects in nests of the wryneck jynx torquilla

Paliwal G.S., 1981: Occurrence of stratified cambium in grewia oppositifolia

Mello D.A., 1984: Occurrence of streblidae diptera pupipara on bats captured in regions of fenced in lands cerrados of central brazil

Kuenzel W., 1987: Occurrence of streptococci in the carious dentin

Ferraro M.J., 1985: Occurrence of streptococcus milleri among beta hemolytic streptococci isolated from clinical specimens

Schulz Harder B., 1985: Occurrence of stress proteins in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae after heat shock acrylonitrile treatment and during the stationary growth phase

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019104

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019105

Hollander W., 1988: Occurrence of stroke in a nonhuman primate model for cerebrovascular disease

Fabbri, F., 1975: Occurrence of stromacenter in chloroplasts of asplenium trichomanes

Grove D.I., 1982: Occurrence of strongyloides ratti in the tissues of mice after per cutaneous infection

Nordqvist M.B., 1984: Occurrence of styrene 7 8 oxide and styrene glycol in mouse after the administration of styrene

Bastos J.L.A., 1979: Occurrence of sub cutaneous zygo mycosis caused by basidiobolus haptosporus in brazil

Bekessy G., 1986: Occurrence of subacute reglone diquat poisoning of cattle and sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019113

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019114

Stalon V., 1985: Occurrence of succinyl derivatives in the catabolism of arginine in pseudomonas cepacia

Salerno G.L., 1985: Occurrence of sucrose and sucrose metabolizing enzymes in achlorophyllous algae

Hawker, J. S.; Smith, G. M., 1984: Occurrence of sucrose phosphatase ec in vascular and nonvascular plants

Freire J.M., 1986: Occurrence of sugar cane smut ustilago scitaminae in ceara state brazil

Nemcova B., 1987: Occurrence of sugar non specific nuclease in tobacco callus changes of nuclease activity during callus growth and plant regeneration

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019120

Eriksson, H.; Taylor, W.; Sjovall, J., 1978: Occurrence of sulfated 5 alpha cholanoates in rat bile

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019122

Chaudhuri D.P., 1984: Occurrence of sulfhydryl containing molecules on the goat sperm external surface that are essential for flagellar motility

Bohlool, B. B., 1975: Occurrence of sulfolobus acidocaldarius an extremely thermophilic acidophilic bacterium in new zealand hot springs isolation and immuno fluorescence characterization

Kaushik C.D., 1983: Occurrence of sunflower rust in northern india

Asada, K., 1976: Occurrence of super oxide dis mutase in bovine milk

Conover M.R., 1984: Occurrence of supernormal clutches in the laridae

Reisner S.H., 1983: Occurrence of supernumerary nipples in new borns

Asherson, G. L.; Zembala, M.; Wood, P. J., 1976: Occurrence of suppressor cells in lymph nodes and spleen at later times after immunization with the contact sensitizing agent picryl chloride

Fu, S. M.; Winchester, R. J.; Kunkel, H. G., 1974: Occurrence of surface immuno globulin m immuno globulin d and free light chains of human lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019131

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019132

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019133

Dabbous, I. A.; Idriss, H. M., 1970: Occurrence of systemic lupus erythematosus in association with ethosuccimide therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019136

Ghosh S.K., 1984: Occurrence of talc and clay mineral assemblage in the ferruginous soils of goa india

Almeida, A. M. R.; Machado, C. C.; Ferreira, L. P.; Lehman, P. S.; Antonio, H., 1976: Occurrence of target spot corynespora cassiicola new record in the state of sao paulo brazil

Toyama, S.; Soda, K., 1972: Occurrence of taurine alpha keto glutarate amino transferase in bacterial extracts

Bezzubenkova A.P., 1980: Occurrence of teichoic acids in streptomycetes

Liu G Q., 1982: Occurrence of temperature sensitive influenza a viruses in nature

Szefer K., 1985: Occurrence of ten metals in mytilus edulis and cardium glaucum from the gdansk bay poland

Coventry R.J., 1982: Occurrence of termites isoptera on cracking clay soils in northeastern queensland australia

Letouzey, R., 1977: Occurrence of ternstroemia polypetala theaceae in the mountains of cameroon

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019145

Bushnell J.H., 1981: Occurrence of tests and their possible significance in the worm tubifex tubifex oligochaeta

Oguro, C.; Sasayama, Y.; Katoh, M., 1975: Occurrence of tetanic convulsions in totally parathyroidectomized frogs rana nigromaculata

Hashimoto K., 1983: Occurrence of tetrodo toxin as the major toxin in a xanthid crab atergatis floridus

Hida K., 1981: Occurrence of tetrodo toxin in a trumpet shell boshubora charonia sauliae

Hashimoto K., 1984: Occurrence of tetrodo toxin in the gastropod mollusk tutufa lissostoma frog shell

Miyakoshi S., 1981: Occurrence of tetrodo toxin in the ivory shell babylonia japonica from wakasa bay japan

Harada T., 1981: Occurrence of tetrodo toxin in the japanese ivory shell babylonia japonica

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019153

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019154

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019155

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019156

Hollan Z., 1987: Occurrence of thalassemia in hungary

Szalai F., 1986: Occurrence of thalassemia major on a paleoanthropological finding

Kiss K.T., 1984: Occurrence of thalassiosira pseudonana new record bacillariophyceae in some rivers of hungary

Smith J.W., 1981: Occurrence of thalassomyces fagei ellobiopsidae in euphausiids crustacea malacostraca in the northeast atlantic and northern north sea

Lagarde M., 1988: Occurrence of the 15 hydroxy derivatives of dihomo gamma linolenic acid in human platelets and its biological effect

Van-Bree, P. J. H.; Best, P. B.; Ross, G. J. B., 1978: Occurrence of the 2 species of pilot whales genus globicephala on the coast of south africa

Hashimoto K., 1980: Occurrence of the abnormally colored sea bass meat associated with massive outbreak of oyogipinno crab tritodynamia horvathi

Nezbeda P., 1979: Occurrence of the acid phosphatase isozyme silent allele in czechoslovakia

Haley B.E., 1981: Occurrence of the adenylate cyclase g protein in membranes of dictyostelium discoideum

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019166

Holmes, N., 1976: Occurrence of the ascidian styela clava new record in hobsons bay victoria australia a new record for the southern hemisphere

Lietzow J.S., 1983: Occurrence of the asiatic clam corbicula fluminea in the maumee river and western lake erie usa canada

Trama F.B., 1982: Occurrence of the asiatic clam corbicula fluminea in the raritan river new jersey usa

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019170

Donovan B.J., 1983: Occurrence of the australian bee hyleoides concinna new record hymenoptera colletidae in new zealand

Joshi, S. L.; Bhattarai, S.; Karki, A. B., 1977: Occurrence of the bacteria genus azotobacter in some soils of kathmandu nepal valley and adjoining village

Schwartz, M.; Le-Minor, L., 1975: Occurrence of the bacterio phage lambda receptor in some enterobacteriaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019174

Scarff J.E., 1986: Occurrence of the barnacles coronula diadema coronula reginae and cetopirus complanatus cirripedia on right whales eubalaena glacialis

Karrer C., 1986: Occurrence of the barrelfish hyperoglyphe perciformis new record teleostei perciformes stromateoidei in the mediterranean sea and off portugal

Vargas V.M., 1984: Occurrence of the bat tick ornithodoros kelleyi acari argasidae in costa rica and its relation to human bites

Bosmans, R., 1976: Occurrence of the belgian bugs heteroptera part 2

Bosmans, R., 1977: Occurrence of the belgian hemiptera part 3 coreoidea

Blye R.W.Jr, 1981: Occurrence of the blue crab callinectes sapidus new record in the tidal fresh water reaches of the delaware and schuylkill rivers usa in 1976

Krishna-Rao, K. R. V.; Murty, P. N.; Seshagiri-Rao, J. V. L. N., 1978: Occurrence of the borneol and camphor and a new terpene in annona squamosa

Miller, D. E., 1977: Occurrence of the bregmatic bone in the raccoon procyon lotor/

Geddes M.C., 1979: Occurrence of the brine shrimp artemia anostraca in australia

Nienhuis P.H., 1982: Occurrence of the brown alga sargassum muticum new record for the netherlands

Short R.A., 1983: Occurrence of the caddis fly atopsyche erigia in texas usa guadalupe river below canyon reservoir

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019186

Manning, R. B.; Struhsaker, P., 1976: Occurrence of the caribbean stomatopod bathysquilla microps off hawaii with additional records for bathysquilla microps and bathysquilla crassispinosa

Zaman, Z.; Leong, T. S., 1987: Occurrence of the caryophyllid cestode lytocestus parvulus furtado 1963 in clarias batrachus l. in a tropical environment kedah malaysia

Haitjema T., 1982: Occurrence of the caspian tern sterna caspia on the steile bank netherlands during autumn migration

Stenzel, W., 1975: Occurrence of the cathode bound group antigen of the dysentery bacilli in escherichieae types of intermediate character

Heffner H.E., 1983: Occurrence of the cattle ear mite raillietia auris in southeastern kansas usa

Hossfeld D.K., 1985: Occurrence of the common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen on blast cells of a patient with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia in non lymphoid blastic phase

Sezemsky R., 1983: Occurrence of the common toad bufo bufo in seewinkel neusiedler lake austria

Donovan B.J., 1984: Occurrence of the common wasp vespula vulgaris hymenoptera vespidae in new zealand

Voss W.A., 1979: Occurrence of the common waxbill estrilda astrild in the city of novo hamburgo brazil estrildidae aves

Ribeiro I.J.A., 1986: Occurrence of the complex carpophilus humeralis fabricius ceratocystis paradoxa de seynes moreau in sugarcane in the state of sao paulo brazil

Ash, S. R., 1976: Occurrence of the controversial plant fossil sanmiguelia lewisi in the upper triassic of texas usa

Ash S., 1982: Occurrence of the controversial plant fossil sanmiguelia lewisi r in the upper triassic of utah usa

Borowiec, E.; Jakubczyk, B., 1975: Occurrence of the coot fulica atra on some lakes of the mazurian lake district poland

Hooper R.C., 1979: Occurrence of the copepod parasite lernaea cyprinacaea in a stream fish population

Buffetaut E., 1979: Occurrence of the crocodilian phosphatosaurus mesosuchia dyrosauridae in the paleocene of niger and mali

Swart M.J., 1979: Occurrence of the crossbill loxia curvirostra in drenthe the netherlands in 1974 1977

Davies R.H., 1981: Occurrence of the cyano glucosides linamarin and lotaustralin in acrea and heliconius butterflies

Wray V., 1987: Occurrence of the cyanogen linustatin in hevea brasiliensis

Kebabian J.W., 1987: Occurrence of the d 1 dopamine receptor in the substantia nigra of several mammalian species identification in binding studies using iodine 125 sch 23982

Wright A.J., 1980: Occurrence of the devonian tetra coral grypophyllum mackenziense in nevada usa

Dimova M., 1986: Occurrence of the disease fire blight of pomaceous trees in cyprus characteristics of the pathogen erwinia amylovora

Vilela C.R., 1984: Occurrence of the drosophila flavopilosa species group diptera drosophilidae in the state of sao paulo brazil with description of one new species

Breza M., 1986: Occurrence of the earthworm dendrobaena byblica in east slovakia rozhanovce district of kosice czechoslovakia

Liskova, M.; Valocka, B., 1977: Occurrence of the ecto parasitic nematode paratrichodorus pachydermus in the rhizosphere of the grapevine in east slovakia

Moravec, F., 1976: Occurrence of the encysted larvae of cucullanus truttae in the brook lamprey lampetra planeri

Meadows R.E., 1982: Occurrence of the endangered shortnose sturgeon acipenser brevirostrum in the delaware river estuary usa

Moravec F., 1979: Occurrence of the endo parasitic helminths in pike esox lucius from the macha czechoslovakia lake fish pond system

Slakey, L. L.; Ness, G. C.; Qureshi, N.; Porter, J. W., 1973: Occurrence of the enzymes effecting the conversion of acetyl coenzyme a to squalene in homogenates of hog aorta

Jimenez, R. S., 1978: Occurrence of the equatorial upwelling east of the galapagos islands ecuador

Nasr A.K., 1983: Occurrence of the eriophyid mites as new pests of bermuda grass cynodon dactylon in egypt

Babo T., 1979: Occurrence of the euro siberian great bustard otis tarda tarda new record at novel localities in western slovakia czechoslovakia

Van Den Bergh L.M.J., 1985: Occurrence of the european bean goose anser fabalis fabalis in the netherlands

Ching H.L., 1985: Occurrence of the eyefluke diplostomum baeri bucculentum in salmonid fishes of northern british columbia canada

Andreasen, J. K., 1975: Occurrence of the fathead minnow pimephales promelas new record in oregon usa

Barsukova, A. V.; Pyatkovskaya, V. P., 1976: Occurrence of the fingered sedge with spruce in forests of the zvenigorod biological station ussr

Boessneck J., 1985: Occurrence of the fish eagle haliaeetus vocifer in ancient egypt

Schummer R., 1983: Occurrence of the forms of adalia bipunctata in east germany

Aves, C. R.; Nichols, D., 1977: Occurrence of the fresh water medusa craspedacusta in exeter canal

Gamo J., 1986: Occurrence of the freshwater nemertean prostoma eilhardi new record montgomery 1894 hoplonemertea in the iberian peninsula

Kispatic J., 1981: Occurrence of the fungus rhizoctonia solani as cause of stem rot on wheat and barley

Ulbricht, J., 1980: Occurrence of the gaviidae and cormorants phalacrocorax carbo in the central upper elbe roeder river area east germany

Lebrun M., 1985: Occurrence of the gene for the large subunit of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase in several mutants of euglena gracilis

Patil, S. D.; Kale, J. C., 1977: Occurrence of the genus arxiella from india

Bolkan H.A., 1980: Occurrence of the genus fusarium and its species in cultivated soils of cerrado in brazil

Lopez Gappa J.J., 1986: Occurrence of the genus hemismittoidea soule and soule bryozoa cheilostomata in the southwestern atlantic

Leal, N. M., 1975: Occurrence of the genus ipomoea in the state of bahia brazil preliminary note

Raghi-Atri, F., 1978: Occurrence of the genus lipara diptera chloropidae on reeds phragmites australis in the berlin area west germany

Lopez Gappa J.J., 1987: Occurrence of the genus rhabdopleura hemichordata pterobranchia in the argentine continental shelf

Tsuda, R. T., 1976: Occurrence of the genus sargassum crassifolium new record phaeophyta on 2 pacific atolls

Singh M.N., 1986: Occurrence of the giant african snail achatina fulica in bihar state india

Jubb G.L.Jr, 1982: Occurrence of the grape root borer vitacea polistiformis in pennsylvania usa

Page W.W., 1980: Occurrence of the grasshopper pest zonocerus variegatus orthoptera pyrgomorphidae in southwestern nigeria in relation to the wet and dry seasons

Meinck, H. M., 1976: Occurrence of the h hoffmanns reflex and the f wave in the rat

Nayak, V. N.; Kakati, V. S., 1978: Occurrence of the hermit crab dardanus setifer decapoda anomura at karwar india with a description of the 1st zoeal stage

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019243

Janetschek H., 1985: Occurrence of the house dust mite in valleys and upper regions of tirol austria as a basic requirement for the recommendation for avoidance of contact with allergens

Melo J.H.G.D., 1985: Occurrence of the ichnogenus bifungites in the ponta grossa formation devonian of the state of parana brazil

Janardhana V., 1987: Occurrence of the immunoglobulin haplotypes gm 1 17 23 21 and gm 1 2 17 23 21 in a sample of australian caucasians

Powell C.B., 1986: Occurrence of the indo pacific prawn macrobrachium equidens new record in west africa crustacea decapoda palaemonidae

Stock J.H., 1985: Occurrence of the isopod iridovirus in european armadillidium and porcellio crustacea isopoda

Dusej G., 1986: Occurrence of the leopard snake elaphe situla on keos north western cyclades greece serpentes colubridae

Panusz H.T., 1981: Occurrence of the low mobility h 1 histone subfraction in embryonic differentiated and neoplastic tissues of the syrian hamster

Shahjahan, M.; Ahmad, M., 1978: Occurrence of the mango shoot borer chlumetia transversa lepidoptera noctuidae in the agricultural university area mymensingh bangladesh

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019252

Filka M., 1979: Occurrence of the millipede pachydesmus crassicutis incursus in the kings mountain region of north carolina and the coastal plain of south carolina usa polydesmida xystodesmidae

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019257

Paukstis G.L., 1984: Occurrence of the nautiloid genus foordiceras in the pennsylvanian period of north america

Chapman P.F., 1986: Occurrence of the noninfective stage of ceratomyxa shasta in mature summer chinook salmon in the south fork salmon river idaho usa

Albright J.J., 1987: Occurrence of the northern bog lemming synaptomys borealis in the northeastern usa

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Almeida, A. M. R.; De-Carvalho, S. L. C., 1978: Occurrence of the papaya distortion ring spot virus in the state of parana

De Sa P.B., 1987: Occurrence of the papaya ringspot virus in the federal district brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019266

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Bell E.A., 1983: Occurrence of the pyrrolizidine alkaloid monocrotaline in crotalaria seeds

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019276

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Williams R.K., 1986: Occurrence of the rare rotifer ptygura elsteri in lake fork wood county texas usa

Damann K.E., 1979: Occurrence of the red alga bangia atropurpurea new record in lake ontario

Knyazev A.V., 1984: Occurrence of the red deer cervus elaphus in the east of the mongolian altai

Moore, R. H.; Garrett, R. A.; Wingate, P. J., 1976: Occurrence of the red shiner notropis lutrensis new record in north carolina usa a probable aquarium release

Bock J., 1981: Occurrence of the release reaction during preparation and storage of platelet concentrates

Ogawa, M.; Oguri, M., 1978: Occurrence of the renin angiotensin system in the vertebrates

Jozefik, M., 1976: Occurrence of the rook corvus frugilegus in poland part 1 spatial structure and self regulatory mechanisms of population

Hewitt P.H., 1988: Occurrence of the russian wheat aphid diuraphis noxia between wheat seasons in the eastern orange free state south africa

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019291

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Schlechte, G., 1980: Occurrence of the silver leaf fungus chondrostereum purpureum in lower saxony west germany 2. forest areas

Macdonald C.D., 1984: Occurrence of the slipper lobster scyllarides haanii in the hawaiian archipelago

Zaman M.K., 1983: Occurrence of the small eyed flour beetle palorus ratzeburgi new record in bangladesh and susceptibility of the adult beetle to gamma radiation/

Reichstein H., 1980: Occurrence of the southern water shrew neomys anomalus in prehistoric times in schleswig holstein west germany

Kowalski, W., 1975: Occurrence of the species of a marine green alga enteromorpha in the szczecin pomerania inland waters

Babo, T.; Stollmann, A., 1975: Occurrence of the species strix uralensis macroura on the territory of western slovakia

Herrmann K., 1987: Occurrence of the stonechat saxicola torquata in the harz mountains and the harz foreland east germany

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Ochi K., 1986: Occurrence of the stringent response in streptomyces sp and its significance for the initiation of morphological and physiological differentiation

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Lettl, A., 1983: Occurrence of the thio sulfate sulfur transferase ec producers in the population of mesophilic heterotrophic bacteria and micro fungi of spruce humus

Pollard J.E., 1982: Occurrence of the trace fossil beaconites antarcticus in the lower carboniferous fluviatile rocks of county mayo ireland

Bierbaum C.K., 1980: Occurrence of the tramp terrestrial amphipods talitroides alluaudi and talitroides topitotum amphipoda talitridae in south carolina usa

Camp J.W., 1988: Occurrence of the trematodes uvulifer ambloplitis and posthodiplostomum minimum in juvenile lepomis macrochirus from northeastern illinois usa

Sandholm K., 1986: Occurrence of the trichothecene mycotoxin deoxynivalenol vomitoxin in swedish grown cereals

Macmanus J.P., 1983: Occurrence of the tumor specific calcium binding protein oncomodulin in virally transformed normal rat kidney cells

Cerretti D.P., 1982: Occurrence of the unusual 2c 5 1c 4 chair conformation in 2 carbohydrates and the reverse anomeric effect x ray structures of 3 4 5 7 tetra o acetyl 2 6 anhydro d glycero d ido heptonamide and 3 4 5 7 tetra o acetyl 2 6 anhydro d glycero l gluco heptonamide

Edwards N.C.Jr, 1981: Occurrence of the velvetbean caterpillar anticarsia gemmatalis in mississippi usa winter survival or immigration

Kumari S., 1979: Occurrence of the ventral marking gland in indian desert rodents

Gyles C.L., 1980: Occurrence of the vir plasmid among animal and human strains of invasive escherichia coli

Ciereszko L.S., 1985: Occurrence of the wax cetyl palmitate in stomachs of the corallivorous butterfly fish chaetodon trifascialis

Holl, W., 1971: Occurrence of the wild rabbit from the 16th century

Gillespie, D. R.; Finlayson, T.; Tonks, N. V.; Ross, D. A., 1978: Occurrence of the winter moth operophtera brumata new record lepidoptera geometridae on southern vancouver island british columbia canada

Yue, Y.; Feng, J., 1978: Occurrence of the winter spore stage in uredopanacis infesting gynura pinnatifida

Richards, B. R.; Belmore, C. I., 1976: Occurrence of the wood borer limnoria lignorum at amchitka island alaska usa

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019323

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Tokushige, M.; Miyamoto, K.; Katsuki, H., 1979: Occurrence of thermolabile and regulatory nad linked glutamate dehydrogenase ec in pseudomonas fluorescens

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019327

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019328

Iwashima A., 1986: Occurrence of thiamin binding proteins in plant seeds

Iwashima A., 1987: Occurrence of thiaminase ii in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Leite S.P.D.S., 1986: Occurrence of thiara tuberculata gastropoda prosobranchia in brazil first intermediate host of clonorchis sinensis trematoda platyhelminthes

Della-Torre, G.; Tosi, L.; Cappelli, C., 1985: Occurrence of thielaviopsis basicola berk. and br. ferr in naturally infested and chemically treated soils

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Ishizaki, H.; Mihara, H.; Kunoh, H.; Kohno, M., 1977: Occurrence of thiophanate resistant strains of pear scab fungus in japan

Preissner W.C., 1979: Occurrence of thioplaca in lake constance and lower saxony germany

Gadal P., 1979: Occurrence of thioredoxin m activity in the photosynthetic bacteria rhodopseudomonas capsulata

Nakamura, T.; Chihara, M., 1977: Occurrence of thorea species rhodophyta in kanto district central japan

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019338

Murhar B.M., 1985: Occurrence of three different nematode parasites in different sections of alimentary canal of a rat snake ptyas mucosus from laxmipolavaram andhra pradesh india

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019340

Hergenrader G.L., 1987: Occurrence of three nitzschia bacillariophyceae taxa within colonies of tube forming diatoms

Awate B.G., 1986: Occurrence of thrips thrips spp on green gram in northern maharashtra and its control

Kawabata M., 1982: Occurrence of thymocyto toxic auto antibodies in association with poly clonal b cell activation in murine schistosomiasis japonica

Tochilin, V. I.; Konstantinov, V. M.; Kirgintseva, N. D., 1976: Occurrence of thyro toxicosis in patients with nodular goiter and cretinism

Pujol Borrell R., 1988: Occurrence of thyrocyte hla class ii expression in a wide variety of thyroid diseases relationship with lymphocytic infiltration and thyroid autoantibodies

Teodoro C.S., 1981: Occurrence of thyroid diseases in triangulo mineiro brazil

Molnar E., 1982: Occurrence of tick borne encephalitis and other arboviruses in hungary

Radda A.C., 1988: Occurrence of tick borne encephalitis tbe virus in berlin west west germany

Daniel M., 1980: Occurrence of ticks and chigger mites in urban areas

Stojanovic R., 1986: Occurrence of ticks in some biocenoses of croatia and slovenia yugoslavia

Pederson, J. C., 1977: Occurrence of ticks on mule deer in central utah usa

Daniel M., 1985: Occurrence of ticks under conditions of big towns and their epidemiological importance

Tosic D., 1984: Occurrence of tobacco mosaic virus in water of the danube and sava rivers yugoslavia

Tanne E., 1984: Occurrence of tobacco necrosis virus in strawberry cultivars and fragaria vesca indicators

Rana G.L., 1984: Occurrence of tomato black ring virus in a artichoke in france

Kaiser, W. J.; Bock, K. R.; Guthrie, E. J.; Meredith, G., 1978: Occurrence of tomato black ring virus in potato cultivar anett in kenya

Van Schagen J.G., 1984: Occurrence of tomato black ring virus on grapevine in southern ontario canada

Rana N.H., 1979: Occurrence of tomato mosaic virus in the soils of the coastal region of lebanon

Ramsdell D.C., 1982: Occurrence of tomato ringspot virus and tobacco ringspot virus and of dagger nematode and other nematodes associated with cultivated highbush blueberries vaccinium corymbosum in oregon usa

Stollmann A., 1980: Occurrence of total melanism of small terrestrial mammals in slovakia czechoslovakia

Noguchi, T.; Adachi, R.; Iguchi, M.; Kamiya, H.; Hashimoto, K., 1978: Occurrence of toxic bivalves in association with gonyaulax planktons in ise owase and ofunato bays

Hashimoto, Y.; Noguchi, T.; Adachi, R., 1976: Occurrence of toxic bivalves in association with the bloom of gonyaulax sp in owase bay japan

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019364

Shinmyo A., 1987: Occurrence of toxicity among protease amylase and color mutants of a nontoxic soy sauce koji mold

Luciani J., 1982: Occurrence of toxicogenesis by the entomogenous germ free nematode neoaplectana carpocapsae in the germ free insect galleria mellonella

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019367

Nord C.E., 1981: Occurrence of toxin producing clostridium difficile in antibiotic associated diarrhea in sweden

Yasumoto, T.; Kanno, K., 1976: Occurrence of toxins resembling cigua toxin scari toxin and maito toxin in a turban shell

Gill H.S., 1985: Occurrence of toxoplasma gondii antibodies in tanzanian blood donors

Bartoszeck A.B., 1980: Occurrence of toxoptera citricidus aphididae and its natural enemies in imperatriz maranhao brazil

Roberts L.W., 1987: Occurrence of tracheary elements in juice vesicles of citrus jambhiri cultivar kata jamir a species of northeastern india

Bharati S.G., 1984: Occurrence of trachelomonas volvocina in the ponds and lakes of dharwad karnataka state india

Kajiwara T., 1981: Occurrence of trans 3 hexenal in thea sinensis leaves

Khatoon H., 1986: Occurrence of transfer cells in the sporophyte of pteridium aquilinum

Letvenuk, L. J.; Peterson, R. L., 1976: Occurrence of transfer cells in vascular parenchyma of hieracium florentinum roots

Murthy K.V., 1984: Occurrence of transferable multi drug resistance in vibrio cholerae 01 in an endemic area

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019379

Generalova M.V., 1980: Occurrence of translocations between irradiated and intact chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019381

Teramoto T., 1988: Occurrence of traumatic injuries in the oromaxillary region of children in a japanese prefecture

Adams F.C., 1986: Occurrence of trialkyllead and dialkyllead species in environmental water

Brugerolle G., 1985: Occurrence of trichocysts in bodonids an additional phylogenetic character common to kinetoplastida and euglenida

Nelson E.E., 1982: Occurrence of trichoderma in a douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii soil

Palicka P., 1985: Occurrence of trichomonas tenax in specific population groups

Brazdova S., 1980: Occurrence of trichomoniasis in women with intra uterine device

Sylvest B., 1982: Occurrence of trichophyton tonsurans infections in the danish island of funen

Galgoczy, J., 1978: Occurrence of trichophyton vanbreuseghemii in hungary

Shepard W.D., 1979: Occurrence of triozocera mexicana strepsiptera corioxenidae in oklahoma usa with a brief review of this genus and species

Goos, R. D., 1978: Occurrence of triscelophorus monosporus in upland sites on oahu hawaii usa

Macek J., 1980: Occurrence of true mildew unicinula necator and vine downy mildew or false mildew plasmopara viticola and their control in slovenia yugoslavia up to 1941

Rutkowska M., 1987: Occurrence of trypanosomes of genus trypanosoma in wild ruminants in poland

Baintner K., 1984: Occurrence of trypsin inhibitors in colostrum meconium and feces of different species of ungulates and carnivores

Mathra G.A., 1981: Occurrence of tryptamine in an insect epilachna vigintioctopunctata coleoptera coccinellidae

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019399

Obrant, K. O., 1974: Occurrence of tubercle bacilli in urine or menstrual blood in patients at final examination before intended deletion from the dispensary register

Bergdahl, D. R.; French, D. W., 1978: Occurrence of tuberculina maxima on cronartium and endocronartium rusts in minnesota usa

Kuhlman, E. G.; Miller, T., 1976: Occurrence of tuberculina maxima on fusiform rust galls in the southeastern usa

Matteri C.M., 1985: Occurrence of tubers and rhizomes in chrysoblastella chilensis

Chen, M. H.; Hiruki, C., 1978: Occurrence of tubular structures in vinca rosea infected with the alberta isolate of the aster yellows agent

Hollos I., 1982: Occurrence of tubulo reticular inclusions in acute viral hepatitis

Matsumoto M., 1987: Occurrence of tumor associated ganglioside antigens with hanganutziu deicher antigenic activity on human melanomas

Sherwood, M. J.; Mearns, A. J., 1976: Occurrence of tumor bearing dover sole microstomus pacificus off point arguello california usa and off baja california mexico

Thompson C.H., 1985: Occurrence of tumors among litters of balb c female mice

Buckley J.D., 1980: Occurrence of tumors and effects on longevity after limited x irradiation in man

Macedo S.Jr, 1984: Occurrence of tunga penetrans suctoria tungidae in curitiba parana brazil

Imadate G., 1981: Occurrence of tuxenentulus protura acerentomidae in north america

Yahara I., 1986: Occurrence of two beta tubulin isoforms with different polymerizing abilities in l 5178y cells

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019413

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019414

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019415

Arthassery S., 1985: Occurrence of two mating groups in phytophthora meadii causing abnormal leaf fall disease of rubber in south india

Molnar K., 1986: Occurrence of two new goussia species in the intestine of the sterlet acipenser ruthenus

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019418

Adityachoudhury N., 1986: Occurrence of two rare amides in medicago polymorpha

Ouellette G.B., 1980: Occurrence of tyloses and their ultrastructural differentiation from similarly configured structures in american elm ulmus americana infected by ceratocystis ulmi

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019421

Nicotra, A.; Senatori, O., 1984: Occurrence of type a and type b monoamine oxidase ec activities in toad bufo bufo egg mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019423

Zimowski J., 1979: Occurrence of udp glucose sterol glucosyl transferase activity in some lower plants

Sullivan G., 1982: Occurrence of umbelliferone in the seeds of dipteryx odorata

Khan, A. M.; Mehrotra, R. M. L.; Agrawal, S. K., 1976: Occurrence of uncommon salmonella serotypes in human infections

Leikola, E.; Nieminen, E.; Teppo, A. M., 1970: Occurrence of ungulic acid in some epidermal tissues

Barber, C.; Eylan, E.; Ben-Tovim, T., 1976: Occurrence of unilateral cross reactions between bacillus cereus and corynebacterium xerosis

Finne J., 1982: Occurrence of unique poly sialosyl carbohydrate units in glyco proteins of developing brain

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019430

Hildebrand C., 1982: Occurrence of unmyelinated axon profiles at distal middle and proximal levels in the ventral root l 7 of cats and kittens

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019432

Lee T., 1980: Occurrence of unusual hexa decenoate fatty acids in hepatoma lipids

Easton C., 1987: Occurrence of unusual molecular species of sphingomyelin containing 28 34 carbon polyenoic fatty acids in ram spermatozoa

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019435

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019436

Lappenbusch W.L., 1983: Occurrence of uranium in drinking water in the usa

Peyton E.L., 1986: Occurrence of uranotaenia hirsutifemora new record peters diptera culicidae in thailand with notes on the larval stage and species affinity

Piolaszek J., 1985: Occurrence of ureaplasma diversum in the respiratory tract of calves

Ishizuka J., 1985: Occurrence of ureide accumulation in soybean glycine max plants effect of nitrogen fertilization and nitrogen fixation

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019441

Molloy, G. R.; Thomas, W. L.; Darnell, J. E., 1972: Occurrence of uridylate rich oligo nucleotide regions in heterogeneous nuclear rna of hela cells

Dingley, J. M.; Versluys, W., 1977: Occurrence of urocystis junci new record tranzscheliella williamsii new combination new record and ustilago hypodytes new record in new zealand

Ohkawa T., 1988: Occurrence of uroepithelial tumors of the upper urinary tract after the initial diagnosis of bladder cancer

Latch G.C.M., 1980: Occurrence of uromyces danthoniae and uromyces macnabbii and additions to the graminicolous rust fungi of new zealand

Anikster Y., 1987: Occurrence of uromyces scillarum on the amaryllidaceae

Chandrasrikul A., 1983: Occurrence of ustilago coicis on coix lachryma jobi in thailand

Takada J., 1987: Occurrence of vanadium ion in serum albumins

Bergquist P.R., 1987: Occurrence of variabilin in new zealand sponges of the order dictyoceratida

Chamura S., 1979: Occurrence of varietal difference in the protein content of brown rice

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019451

Jha J., 1979: Occurrence of various cytotypes of ophioglossum reticulatum in a population from northeast india

Kubozuka T., 1984: Occurrence of various histamine forming bacteria on or in fresh fishes

Baart-De-La-Faille-Kuyper, E. H.; Kater, L.; Kuijten, R. H.; Kooiker, C. J.; Van-Der-Zouwen, P.; Dorhout-Mees, E. J.; Wagenaar, S. S., 1976: Occurrence of vascular immuno globulin a deposits in clinically normal skin of patients with renal disease

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019455

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019456

Venkatasubramanian N., 1982: Occurrence of vateria macrocarpa in kerala state india

Harris R.R., 1987: Occurrence of vegetation on geomorphic surfaces in the active floodplain of a california usa alluvial stream

De Araujo W.C., 1979: Occurrence of veillonella and neisseria in the niches of the human oral cavity

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019460

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019461

Nokariya H., 1980: Occurrence of vertebrate fossils from tengakuinshita fujisawa city kangawa prefecture central japan

Goheen, D. J.; Cobb, F. W-Jr, 1978: Occurrence of verticicladiella wagenerii and its perfect state ceratocystis wageneri new species in insect galleries

Tauqir S., 1981: Occurrence of vesicular arbuscular infections in cereals in relation to their age

Lim G., 1987: Occurrence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in ulu endau johore malaysia

Zuberer D.A., 1987: Occurrence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae in mixed overburden mine spoils of texas usa

Doores, S.; Cook, T. M., 1976: Occurrence of vibrio and other bacteria on the sea nettle chrysaora quinquecirrha

Et Al, 1981: Occurrence of vibrio cholerae serotype o 1 in maryland and louisiana estuaries usa

Baross, J.; Liston, J., 1970: Occurrence of vibrio parahaemolyticus and related hemolytic vibrios in marine environments of washington state

Dalsgaard I., 1981: Occurrence of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus in marine and estuarine bathing areas on the danish coast

Eggenkamp A.E., 1979: Occurrence of vibrio parahaemolyticus in dutch mussels

Bartley, C. H.; Slanetz, L. W., 1971: Occurrence of vibrio parahaemolyticus in estuarine waters and oysters of new hampshire

Iyer K.M., 1986: Occurrence of vibrio parahaemolyticus in marine and brackish waters of cochin southwest coast of india

Shehata A.M.E T., 1982: Occurrence of vibrio parahaemolyticus in selected marine invertebrates sediment and sea water around alexandria egypt

Ijumba P.K., 1984: Occurrence of vibrio parahaemolyticus in tanzanian coastal waters and fish

Stroh E.M.D., 1988: Occurrence of vibrionaceae in natural and cultivated oyster populations in the pacific northwest

Lundberg J.M., 1987: Occurrence of vip and peptide hm in human pancreas and their influence on pancreatic endocrine secretion in man

Kwaga J.K.P., 1986: Occurrence of virulence markers in species of yersinia isolated from animals in nigeria

Hammer H.J., 1980: Occurrence of virus high molecular weight dna in a variety of primary cells and cell lines of human and simian origin infected with human adenovirus strains of different subgroups

Markiewicz F., 1980: Occurrence of virus inflammation of the swimbladder aero cystitis in the carp cyprinus carpio bred in poland in the years 1962 1974

Arnold, M.; Barson, G., 1977: Occurrence of virus like particles in mid gut epithelial cells of the large elm bark beetle scolytus scolytus

Lefevre Witier P., 1982: Occurrence of viruses in human stools in the ahaggar algeria

Bartlett A.B., 1979: Occurrence of viruses in some wild rubus and rosa species in oregon usa

Morand, J. C.; Poutier, J. C., 1978: Occurrence of viruses on 2 ornamental plants part 1 tobacco rattle virus on peony part 2 tomato black ring virus on primula obconica

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019485

Mayfield J.E., 1988: Occurrence of viruslike particles in isolates of armillaria

De Graaf D.T., 1980: Occurrence of viscum album ssp album loranthaceae in the netherlands

Lambert P.W., 1981: Occurrence of vitamin d sulfate in human milk whey

Kann, J.; Spiegelhalder, B.; Eisenbrand, G.; Preussmann, R., 1977: Occurrence of volatile n nitrosamines in animal diets

Preussmann R., 1988: Occurrence of volatile n nitrosamines in dried chillies

Gadbois, D. F.; Ravesi, E. M.; Lundstrom, R. C., 1976: Occurrence of volatile n nitrosamines in japanese salmon roe

Gough, T. A.; Goodhead, K., 1975: Occurrence of volatile nitrosamines in spice pre mixes

Matsuda Y., 1980: Occurrence of wall less cells during synchronous gametogenesis in chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Butterfield B.G., 1983: Occurrence of warts in the vessel elements and fibers of new zealand woods

Blesiadka E., 1981: Occurrence of water mites hydracarina in the wieprz river poland polluted with domestic industrial sewage

Khulbe R.D., 1980: Occurrence of water molds in relation to hydrogen ion concentration in some lakes of nainital india

Khulbe R.D., 1980: Occurrence of water molds in some lakes of nainital kumaun hill india

Hein, A., 1977: Occurrence of watermelon mosaic virus 1 on zucchini cucurbita pepo var giromontiina in south germany

Gates, L. F.; Bronskill, J., 1976: Occurrence of watermelon mosaic virus in glasshouse cucumbers in southwestern ontario

Buisson D.H., 1983: Occurrence of wax esters in the tissues of the orange roughy hoplostethus atlanticus

Tullett S.G., 1987: Occurrence of waxy textured yolk in the egg of the domestic hen gallus domesticus

Schlueter U., 1985: Occurrence of weight gain reduction and inhibition of metamorphosis and storage protein formation in last larval instars of the mexican bean beetle epilachna varivestis after injection of azadirachtin

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019504

Tsuboki K., 1981: Occurrence of wheat take all caused by gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici in hokkaido japan

Hara S., 1984: Occurrence of wild killer yeasts in japanese wineries and their characteristics

Akai J., 1987: Occurrence of wilted watermelon and its pathogen in kyowa cho japan

Konopka J., 1985: Occurrence of winds mechanically damaging forest stands in slovakia czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019509

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019779

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019785

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019913

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019919

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019920

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019921

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019951

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019952

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019953

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019962

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Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019975

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019976

Section 7, Chapter 6020, Accession 006019977

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