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Occurrence of siliceous micro fossils diatoms silico flagellates and sponge spicules in the campanian mishash formation southern israel

Soudry, D.; Moshkovitz, S.; Ehrlich, A.

Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae 74(1): 97-108


Accession: 006019009

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Siliceous microfossils, mainly diatoms, were found for the 1st time in the Campanian cherty phosphatic Mishash Formation (Negev, Israel). They occur in lenses of porcelanite and phosphate intraclasts. These findings suggest a biogenic supply of silica to the sediments. The very poor diversity of the diatom assemblages, sometimes very rich in specimens, indicate life in restricted marine environments. Diatoms may explain the combined silica-phosphate occurrence in the Mishash Formation since phosphorite is known to be associated at present with diatomaceous oozes in some marine, near-shore environments.

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