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Chapter 6,020

Occurrence of the red alga bangia atropurpurea new record in lake ontario

Damann, K.E.

Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 106(1): 43-44


Accession: 006019279

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In Sept., 1966, the red alga B. atropurpurea (Roth) Ag. was found growing at Hamlin Beach State Park, Hamlin, New York [USA] (North Latitude 43.degree. 22'). This is the 1st recorded collection from Lake Ontario. Further observations in 1977 extended the range of B. atropurpurea to all shores of Lake Ontario. Bangia's distribution was restricted to a narrow zone of 7-15 cm adjacent to the upper limits of the Cladophora zone of growth.

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