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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6022

Chapter 6022 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Moore B.C.J., 1981: Off frequency listening effects on psycho acoustical tuning curves obtained in simultaneous and forward masking

Stewart M.J., 1987: Off line automated sample preparation experience in a clinical drug investigation unit

Chopra C.L., 1987: Off line data reduction of a fermentation process using a personal computer

Mund K., 1984: Off line evaluation of kinetic fermentation data calculation of phenomenological growth kinetic parameters by the hybrid computer program mykp ha

Ten Noever De Brauw M.C., 1988: Off line liquid chromatographic fast atom bombardment tandem mass spectrometric analysis of two diastereomeric glutathione conjugates of alpha bromoisovaleryl urea

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021005

Dose E.V., 1987: Off line optimization of gas chromatographic temperature programs

Schwind, J.; Dormann, W. U., 1986: Off line removal of ocular artifacts from event related potentials using a multiple linear regression model

Iwata T., 1982: Off odor of strawberry by freezing

Dvorak D., 1984: Off pathway synaptic transmission in the outer retina of the axolotl ambystoma mexicanum is mediated by a kainic acid preferring receptor

Sato, T., 1978: Off response in frog taste nerve and cell after stimulation of the tongue with bitter solutions

Krijgsman J.B., 1979: Off response its clinical incidence in very young children

Skoog, K. O.; Welinder, E.; Nilsson, S. E. G., 1977: Off responses in the human direct current registered electro retinogram

Severinghaus W.D., 1982: Off road vehicle site selection

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021014

Poole, B. M., 1978: Off season spawning of atlantic silversides

Moller, G., 1976: Off signals in lymphocyte activation

Douglass J.E., 1983: Off site movement of hexazinone in storm flow and base flow from forest watersheds

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021018

Weingarten M.A., 1985: Off the cuff consultations

Diaz L., 1984: Off vertical rotation produces conditioned taste aversion and suppressed drinking in mice

Jones S.D.M., 1981: Offal growth in young and mature dairy cows

Smith W.C., 1982: Offal meal as a protein supplement to cereal based diets for growing pigs

Mulani N., 1987: Offending estimates in covariance structure analysis comments on the causes of and solutions to heywood cases

Pajor E., 1987: Offense and defense in fights between young pigs sus scrofa

Pulkkinen L., 1987: Offensive and defensive aggression in humans a longitudinal perspective

Rhoades D.F., 1985: Offensive defensive interactions between herbivores and plants their relevance in herbivore population dynamics and ecological theory

Williams V., 1984: Offensive language and impressions during an interview

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021028

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021029

Asakuma I., 1988: Office closure of ear drum perforation

Bannister E.R., 1986: Office diagnosis of asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant women

Davis, P. B., 1985: Office encounters in general practice in the hamilton health district new zealand i. social class patterns among employed males aged 15 64

Davis, P. B., 1986: Office encounters in general practice in the hamilton health district new zealand iii. social class patterns among females 15 64

Davis P.B., 1987: Office encounters in general practice in the hamilton health district new zealand iv ethnic group patterns among females 15 64

Davis P.B., 1987: Office encounters in general practice in the hamilton health district v new zealand social class and ethnic group patterns among children 0 14

Davis, P. B., 1986: Office encounters in general practice in the hamilton new zealand health district ii. ethnic group patterns among employed males 15 64

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021037

Cohen M.S., 1985: Office laser surgery for urologists

Ladygina T.A., 1980: Office method of drug services to the population

Cheng K.S., 1987: Office myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion using 10 percent xylocaine aerosol

Rabhan N.B., 1982: Office nail fold capillary microscopy using ophthalmoscope

Evans A.T., 1980: Office practice survey of urease positive bacterial pathogens causing urinary tract infections

Sohn, N.; Weinstein, M. A., 1978: Office removal of foreign bodies in the rectum

Murphy P., 1984: Office stress is a solution shaping up

Giam Y.C., 1987: Office surgery electrodesiccation in syringomas and trichoepithelioma

Et Al, 1981: Office technique for early repair of rupture of the tympanic membrane

Wiebelt H., 1982: Office treatment of gonorrhea results of a questionnaire answered by dermatologists

Resnick M.I., 1979: Office uro flowmetry using a maximum flow rate purge meter

Wyss C., 1985: Official methods of analysis for aflatoxin m 1 in milk and milk powder

Wyss C., 1984: Official methods of analysis for patulin

Ng, T. K. W., 1976: Official statistics and blindness in hong kong

Bano S., 1984: Officigenin a new sapogenin of guaiacum officinale

Hollenberg N.K., 1979: Offset of actions of angiotensin ii angiotensin iii and their analog antagonists in renal and femoral vascular beds further evidence for different vascular angiotensin receptors

Pickard W.F., 1984: Offset of the vacuolar potential of characean cells in response to electro magnetic radiation over the range 250 hertz 250 kilohertz

Henry K.R., 1986: Offset tuning curves generated by simultaneous masking are more finely tuned than those generated by forward masking

De Villeneuve V.H., 1984: Offsetting of the septal tricuspid leaflet in normal hearts and in hearts with ebsteins anomaly anatomic and echographic correlation

Ibrahim, A. M.; Rubatzky, V. E.; Ryder, E. J., 1981: Offshoots vs. stumps as planting materials for globe artichokes cynara scolymus

Tamaki T., 1980: Offshore and nearshore distributional patterns of fish larvae along the san in coast the sea of japan

Emig C.C., 1987: Offshore brachiopods investigated by submersible

Neves R.J., 1981: Offshore distribution of alewife alosa pseudoharengus and blueback herring alosa aestivalis along the atlantic coast

Butterworth D.S., 1987: Offshore distribution of bottlenosed dolphins in natal coastal waters and algoa bay eastern cape south africa

Leis, J. M.; Miller, J. M., 1976: Offshore distributional patterns of hawaiian fish larvae

Appelbee J.F., 1987: Offshore macrobenthic recovery in the murchison field following the termination of drill cuttings discharges

Long, E. R.; Rucker, J. B., 1970: Offshore marine cheilostome bryozoa from fort lauderdale florida

Mendonca, M. T.; Pritchard, P. C. H., 1986: Offshore movements of post nesting kemp's ridley sea turtles lepidochelys kempi

Jensen, A. C., 1976: Offshore oil and fishery resources

Samuels W.B., 1984: Offshore oil spills analysis of risks

Sodersten P., 1987: Offspring control of cerebrospinal fluid gaba concentrations in lactating rats

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021069

Svendsgaard D., 1982: Offspring mortality and maternal lung pathology in female rats fed hexa chloro benzene

Glawischnig E., 1987: Offspring of a trisomic cow

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021072

Zlotogorski Z., 1985: Offspring of concentration camp survivors a study of levels of ego functioning

Holmes F.F., 1979: Offspring of patients treated for cancer in childhood

Li F.P., 1982: Offspring of patients treated for unilateral wilms tumor in childhood

Carter C.O., 1979: Offspring of patients with tracheo esophageal fistula

Funderburk, S., 1975: Offspring of subfertile parents a preliminary survey

Bannerman R.M., 1982: Offspring of teenage mothers congenital malformations low birth weights and other findings

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Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021080

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021081

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021082

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021083

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021084

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021085

Gimelfarb A., 1986: Offspring parent genotypic regression how linear is it

Gianola D., 1988: Offspring parent regression for a binary trait

Ravn H.P., 1984: Offspring per emergence hole at different attack densities in the spruce bark beetle ips typographus coleoptera scolytidae

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021089

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021090

Augspurger C.K., 1983: Offspring recruitment around tropical trees changes in cohort distance with time

Williams A.J. , 1980: Offspring reduction in macaroni penguins eudyptes chrysolophus and rockhopper penguins eudyptes chrysocome

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021093

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021094

Wolskel R.H., 1982: Offspring sire regressions for production traits of pigs in a west australian selection herd

Martin, J. C.; Martin, D. C.; Sigman, G.; Radow, B., 1977: Offspring survival development and operant performance following maternal ethanol consumption

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Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021099

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021100

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021101

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021102

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021103

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021104

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021105

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021106

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021107

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021108

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021109

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021110

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021111

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021112

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021113

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021114

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021115

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021116

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021117

Taniguchi, S.; Hamanaka, H.; Tomono, H., 1987: Ofuji's papuloerythroderma

De-Lema, T.; Pereira, J. Jr, 1975: Ogcocephalus vespertilio in the extreme south of brazil teleostei lophiiformes ogcocephalidae

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021120

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021121

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021122

Goris R.J.A., 1980: Ogilvies method applied to infected wound disruption

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021124

Handoo Z.A., 1983: Ogma goldeni new species nematoda tylenchida from kashmir india

George Nascimento M., 1983: Ogmogaster heptalineatus new species trematoda notocotylidae from the chilean sea lion otaria flavescens

Bentley, R., 1978: Ogston and the development of prochirality theory

Ribera E., 1981: Oh bombay erythrocyte phenotype

Dyson A.H., 1986: Oh ppbbt differences between the oral and written persuasive strategies of school aged children

Mildenhall, D. C.; Williams, D. N.; Seward, D., 1977: Ohariu tephra and associated pollen bearing sediments near wellington new zealand

Ohbayashi M., 1986: Ohbayashinema abei new species nematoda heligmosomidae from the northern pika ochotona hyperborea pallas in hokkaido japan

Mueller-Dombois, D., 1985: Ohi'a dieback in hawaii usa 1984 synthesis and evaluation

Mueller Dombois D., 1983: Ohia dieback metrosideros polymorpha in hawaii usa vegetation changes in permanent plots

Oldham M.J., 1985: Ohio buckeye aesculus glabra new record on walpole island lambton county ontario canada

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021135

Mayer V.J., 1983: Ohio student knowledge and attitudes about the oceans and great lakes usa canada/

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021137

Ivanoski M., 1987: Ohridanka a new wheat variety

Kok L.T., 1979: Oidaematophorus monodactylus as a bio control agent of hedge bindweed convolvulus sepium development of a rearing program and cost analysis

Parrella, M. P.; Kok, L. T., 1978: Oidaematophorus monodactylus oviposition and development on sweet potato and inundative releases on hedge bindweed

Dalpe Y., 1983: Oidiodendron griseum an endophyte of ericoid mycorrhiza in vaccinium spp

Soderstrom B.E., 1983: Oidiodendron scytaloides new species

Yokomizo N.K.S., 1980: Oidium mold on eucalyptus seedlings

Steeno O.P., 1985: Oigarche the age at 1st ejaculation

Castro R.J., 1985: Oikopleura albicans leuckart 1853 a biometric study tunicata appendicularia

Mironova T.O., 1981: Oil accumulation in acartia clausi

Revenko, E. I., 1977: Oil accumulation in sunflower seeds and changes in its qualitative composition with respect to conditions of plant nutrition

Benzhitskii, A. G.; Tret'yakova, L. V.; Kolesnikova, E. A., 1978: Oil aggregates in the hypo neuston of the eastern atlantic

Rossi M., 1984: Oil and alkaloid removal from lupinus mutabilis by extraction with hexane

Chamorro, D. H.; Sanchez, P. A., 1978: Oil and copra content of some varieties of coconut cocos nucifera cultivated in colombia

Booker F., 1986: Oil and dispersed oil on subtropical and tropical seagrasses in laboratory studies

Bartoshevich Yu E., 1986: Oil and fat metabolism and biosynthesis of penicillin

Collins, J., 1976: Oil and grease a proposed analytical method for fishery waste effluents

Abul-Nasr, S.; Awadallah, K. T.; Omar, A. H. M., 1974: Oil and moisture contents of cotton bolls and seeds as factors inducing diapause in the pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella lepidoptera gelechiidae/

Roeck N.D., 1988: Oil and petrol drum explosions injuries and casualties by exploding oil and petrol drums containing various inflammable liquids

Divavin, I. A., 1975: Oil and phenol effect on some properties of nucleic acids from the black sea shrimp

Tkachuk R., 1981: Oil and protein analysis of whole rapeseed kernels by near ir reflectance spectroscopy

Gullord M., 1980: Oil and protein content and its relation to other characters in oats avena sp

Rajhathy T., 1979: Oil and protein content of avena spp collected in north africa east africa and the middle east

Paul N.K., 1979: Oil and protein contents of 6 rape brassica campestris cultivars and their hybrids

Anand I.J., 1981: Oil and protein synthesis during grain development in sunflower helianthus annuus

Hinsdill R.D., 1984: Oil and related toxicant effects on mallard immune defenses

Dicks B., 1986: Oil and the black mangrove avicennia marina in the northern red sea

Zulli E., 1982: Oil and water determination in emulsions by pulsed low resolution nmr

Lapis, D. B.; Molina, A. B-Jr ; Sayaboc, A. S., 1977: Oil as nonconventional fungicide and as carrier of conventional fungicides for the control of rice blast in the seedbed

Vincelette, R. R.; Soeparjadi, R. A., 1976: Oil bearing reefs in salwati basin of irian jaya indonesia

Kalajdzhiev I., 1980: Oil bearing roses rosa damascena with origin from india morocco iran and bulgaria

Seguchi M., 1985: Oil binding ability of gelatinized prime starch granules from chlorinated wheat flour

Seguchi M., 1984: Oil binding ability of heat treated wheat starch

Seguchi M., 1984: Oil binding capacity of prime starch from chlorinated wheat flour

Anderson, R. D.; Anderson, J. W., 1974: Oil bioassays with the american oyster crassostrea virginica

Snow, D. W., 1975: Oil birds cave living birds of south america

Udar, R.; Srivastava, S. C.; Singh, D. K., 1978: Oil bodies in some indian metzgeriales

Udar, R.; Nath, V., 1977: Oil bodies in south indian liverworts

Udar, R.; Nath, V., 1976: Oil bodies in west himalayan india liverworts

Stewart, G. H., 1978: Oil bodies of the new zealand leafy hepaticae jungermanniales

Gurumurti K., 1984: Oil cakes from oilseeds of forest origin their potential as fertilizer

Shchekaturina T.L., 1979: Oil change in excretory products of mussels mytilus galloprovincialis

Forsberg R.A., 1984: Oil composition in parental f 1 and f 2 populations of 2 oat avena sativa crosses

Murray, M. J.; Lincoln, D. E., 1972: Oil composition of mentha aquatica mentha longifolia f 1 hybrids and mentha dumetorum

Gorney E., 1987: Oil contamination of raptors migrating along the red sea

Srinivasan V.T., 1985: Oil content and fatty acid composition of mustard seed brassica juncea obtained through tissue culture

Taira H., 1985: Oil content and fatty acid composition of peanuts imported into japan

Murray A.T., 1980: Oil content and fatty acid composition of spring and summer planted sunflowers helianthus annuus cultivar sunbred 212

Seshadri V.S., 1986: Oil content and its quality in seeds of wild and cultivated species of abelmoschus

Balint L., 1980: Oil content and major fatty acid content in soybean glycine max cultivars maksimirka srecka and zvijezda

Heneberg, R.; Culjat-Momirovic, J.; Sebecic, B.; Miric, M.; Lalic, Z., 1981: Oil content and oil composition in some soybean lines derived from m. goldsoy x maksimirska 14 cross

Smithson, J. B.; Gridley, H. E., 1977: Oil content of cottonseed in northern nigeria part 1 assessment of nmr for the determination of the oil percentage of cottonseed

Gridley, H. E.; Smithson, J. B., 1977: Oil content of cottonseed in northern nigeria part 2 varietal and environmental variation

Salama M., 1986: Oil degrading bacteria in kuwait bay

Westlake D.W.S., 1984: Oil degrading capabilities of yeasts and fungi isolated from coastal marine environments

Broman D., 1984: Oil deposits off stockholm sweden

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021198

Mcnabb S., 1987: Oil developments and community responses in norton sound alaska usa

Gutierrez, J. R.; Erickson, L. E., 1978: Oil drop size and gas hold up in an oil water airlift system with motionless mixers

Genis Galvez J., 1981: Oil droplets in the chameleon chamaeleo chamaeleon retina

Hailman, J. P., 1976: Oil droplets in the eyes of adult anuran amphibians a comparative survey

Williams T.P., 1986: Oil droplets of the retinal epithelium of the rat

Warland R.H., 1982: Oil exporting status quality of life and fertility a cross national study

Chernenko, T. V.; Glushenkova, A. I.; Umarov, A. U., 1978: Oil extraction from cotton

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021206

Scalan R.S., 1983: Oil filled callianassa burrows on a texas usa barrier island beach

Thrasher, J. J.; Colliflower, E. J., 1978: Oil flotation extraction of light filth from ground capsicums excluding paprika collaborative study

Vlieg P., 1982: Oil from deep water fish species as a substitute for sperm whale and jojoba oils

Carr, S. G. M.; Carr, D. J.; Milkovits, L., 1970: Oil glands and ducts in eucalyptus d part 3 the flowers of series corymbosae d

Mironov O.G., 1987: Oil hydrocarbon accumulation by bivalve mollusks mytilus galloprovincialis

Kushnir, E.; Tietz, A.; Galun, M., 1978: Oil hyphae of endolithic lichens and their fatty acid composition

Frank G.R., 1982: Oil in gelatin dispersions for use as ultrasonically tissue mimicking materials

Mazier, W. P.; Sun, K. M.; Robertson, W. G., 1978: Oil induced granuloma eleoma of the rectum report of 4 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021215

Aslanov S.M., 1981: Oil lipids in the fruits and leaves of hippophae rhamnoides

Walker, J. D.; Colwell, R. R., 1976: Oil mercury and bacterial interactions

Koval'skaya G.N., 1988: Oil microbiological carotene physicochemical properties and biologically active substances

Kirkerud L., 1981: Oil monitoring experiments on marine littoral communities kept in basins

Laasonen, E. M.; Servo, A.; Schugk, P., 1978: Oil myelography in cervical spondylosis

Umarov A.U., 1979: Oil of artemisia absinthium seeds

Andrianova, L. N.; Markman, A. L.; Yusupova, I. U., 1977: Oil of catalpa seeds part 2

Baruah, A. K. S.; Bhagat, S. D., 1976: Oil of indian wintergreen

Cronin E., 1979: Oil of turpentine a disappearing allergen

Sanders F.B.M., 1988: Oil or aqueous contrast media for hysterosalpingography a prospective randomized clinical study

Koronelli, T. V.; Golimbet, V. E., 1976: Oil oxidizing bacteria of the river yenisei

Syed R.A., 1979: Oil palm elaeis guineensis pollination by insects

Tuah A.K., 1984: Oil palm elaeis guineensis slurry as a partial replacement for maize in the diets of growing finishing pigs

Swatson H., 1987: Oil palm slurry ops as a partial replacement for maize in the diets of broiler chickens

Chihuly M.A., 1986: Oil pipeline crossing sites utilized in winter by moose alces alces and caribou rangifer tarandus in southcentral alaska usa

Mak L.M., 1979: Oil pollution along coastal areas of hong kong

Linden O., 1983: Oil pollution and baltic mysids acute and chronic effects of the water soluble fractions of light fuel oil on the mysid shrimp neomysis integer

Bevan J., 1980: Oil pollution and penguins spheniscus demersus is cleaning justified

Levy E.M., 1980: Oil pollution and sea birds atlantic canada 1976 1977 and some implications for northern environments

Joensen, A. H.; Hansen, E. B., 1977: Oil pollution and sea birds in denmark 1971 1976

Al Umar M.A., 1985: Oil pollution in the arab gulf

Le-Lourd, P., 1977: Oil pollution in the mediterranean sea

Levy E.M., 1984: Oil pollution in the worlds oceans

Randall B.M., 1981: Oil pollution insulation and body temperatures in the jackass penguin spheniscus demersus

Fossato, V. U.; Siviero, E., 1974: Oil pollution monitoring in the lagoon of venice using the mussel mytilus galloprovincialis

Erasmus T., 1986: Oil pollution of cape gannets to clean or not to clean

Nesterova M.P., 1982: Oil pollution of the atlantic and indian ocean waters

Nesterova M.P., 1981: Oil pollution of the surface water in the sargasso sea

Hanna R.G.M., 1983: Oil pollution on the egyptian red sea coast

Wolk, K., 1975: Oil pollution on the polish coast of the baltic sea

Moursey, A. S., 1983: Oil pollution studies in the nile river africa 1. survey of oil and grease in nile water

Gray J.S., 1987: Oil pollution studies of the solbergstrand mesocosms

Scott A.W.Jr, 1979: Oil quality of soybean cultivars from the lower rio grande valley texas usa

Hirling, W., 1977: Oil radish raphanus oleiferus a crop hostile to pratylenchus neglectus

Sonstegard R.A., 1985: Oil refinery effluents evidence of cocarcinogenic activity in the trout salmo gairdneri embryo microinjection assay

Brunsmann J.J., 1983: Oil removal from water in parallel plate gravity type separators

Paasivirta, J.; Herzschuh, R.; Lahtipera, M.; Pellinen, J.; Sinkkonen, S., 1981: Oil residues in baltic sediment mussel and fish 1. development of analysis methods

Paasivirta, J.; Kaariainen, H.; Lahtipera, M.; Pellinen, J.; Stinkkonen, S., 1982: Oil residues in baltic sediment mussel mytilus and fish 2. the finnish archipelago 1979 1981

Muhammad, D.; Khan, K. H.; Khan, S. A., 1984: Oil seed processing technology in pakistan 1. state of the art

Williams S.E., 1986: Oil shale process water affects activity of vesicular arbuscular fungi and rhizobium 4 years after application to soil

Samuel, J. N.; Johnson, R. D., 1976: Oil shales of southampton island northern hudson bay canada

Marcus J., 1987: Oil spill clean up the effect of three dispersants on three subtropical tropical seagrasses

Kiceniuk, J. W.; Penrose, W. R.; Squires, W. R., 1978: Oil spill dispersants cause brady cardia in a marine fish

Koerth B.H., 1981: Oil spill effects on smooth cord grass spartina alterniflora in galveston bay texas usa

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021261

Walker H., 1985: Oil spill fishery impact assessment model sensitivity to spill location and timing

Saila S.B., 1984: Oil spill fishery impact assessment modeling the fisheries recruitment problem

Albaiges J., 1982: Oil spill identification by high speed high performance liquid chromatography

Elliot R.D., 1987: Oil spill impact assessment for seabirds the role of refugia and growth centres

Abu Elgheit M.A., 1982: Oil spill source identification by ir gas chromatographic and trace metal analyses

Underwood L.A., 1984: Oil spillages affecting sea birds in the uk 1966 1983

Hoffman E.J., 1985: Oil spills in narragansett bay rhode island usa comparison between federal and state records

Stobart A.K., 1985: Oil synthesis in vitro in microsomal membranes from developing cotyledons of linum usitatissimum

Le M.S., 1987: Oil water separation with surface modified membranes

Nagai T., 1987: Oil water type cream of carboquone for local chemotherapy of uterine cancer

Mccann K., 1985: Oil wives and intermittent husbands

Perkins J.S., 1983: Oiled magellanic penguins in golfo san jose argentina

Gigienova, E. I.; Kiryushina, E. I.; Umarov, A. U., 1977: Oils from seeds of 5 species of the family rosaceae

Delaveau, P.; Boiteau, P., 1980: Oils of pharmacologic cosmetologic and dietetic interest 4. oils of moringa oleifera and of moringa drouhardii

Sareen K., 1980: Oilseed meals as a source of enzymes 1

Muhammad, D.; Omer, A. W.; Force, L. S.; Khan, S. A., 1986: Oilseed processing in pakistan part iv. comparative performance of the existing and the modified oilseed processing technology

Ziprin Y.A., 1981: Oilseed protein ingredients as anti oxidant for meat in food service

Mann, H. S.; Singh, P., 1977: Oilseeds in india with special reference to arid zone

Matsumoto M., 1986: Oily gel formed by hydrogenated soybean phospholipids and its properties

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021282

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021283

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021284

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021285

Orsi J., 1984: Oithona davisae new species and limnoithona sinensis copepoda oithonidae from the sacramento san joaquin estuary california usa

Ferrari F.D., 1981: Oithona wellershausi new species and oithona spinulosa copepoda cyclopoida oithonidae from the mouth of the pearl river china

Konchalovskaya M.E., 1980: Oiticica oil tri acyl glycerols

Duesberg P.H., 1980: Ok 10 an avian acute leukemia virus of the mc 29 subgroup with a unique genetic structure

Pfeifer Ohlsson S., 1984: Ok 10 transformed cell lines viral component generation and tumorigenicity

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Ujiie T., 1987: Ok 432 mediated augmentation of antitumor immunity and generation of cytotoxic t lymphocytes

Pollack S.B., 1987: Ok 432 stimulates primary production and activity of murine natural killer cells

Hamilton H.B., 1979: Ok a an erythrocytic antigen of high frequency

Sugimura T., 1988: Okadaic acid an additional non phorbol 12 tetradecanoate 13 acetate type tumor promoter

Rodriguez Vazquez J.A., 1986: Okadaic acid as the causative toxin of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning in europe

Ahmed S.A., 1987: Okb7 recognizes antigen on t cell malignancies

Imai, H.; Suzuki, K. I.; Morioka, M.; Numasaki, Y.; Kadota, S.; Nagai, K.; Sato, T.; Iwanami, M.; Saito, T., 1987: Okilactomycin a novel antibiotic produced by a streptomyces sp i. taxonomy fermentation isolation and characterization

Imai, H.; Kaniwa, H.; Tokunaga, T.; Fujita, S.; Furuya, T.; Matsumoto, H.; Shimizu, M., 1987: Okilactomycin a novel antibiotic produced by a streptomyces sp ii. structure determination

Hashimoto K., 1986: Okinonellins a and b two novel furanosesterterpenes which inhibit cell division of fertilized starfish eggs from the marine sponge spongionella sp

Kitani T., 1986: Okm 1 positive t cell leukemias relationships among morphologic features phenotype and functional activities

Halle N., 1987: Okoubaka pellegrin and normand is a true santalaceae genus

Martin R.W., 1982: Okra abelmoschus esculentus potential multiple purpose crop for the temperate zones and tropics

Goossens J.G., 1980: Okt 3 a mono clonal anti human thymus derived lymphocyte antibody with potent mitogenic properties

Goldstein, G.; Fuccello, A. J.; Norman, D. J.; Shield, C. F-Iii ; Colvin, R. B.; Cosimi, A. B., 1986: Okt 3 monoclonal antibody plasma levels during therapy and the subsequent development of host antibodies to okt 3

Von Willebrand E., 1983: Okt 4 8 ratio in the blood and in the graft during episodes of human renal allo graft rejection

Goldstein G., 1985: Okt 4 and okt 4a antibody treatment as immunosuppression for kidney transplantation in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Mccurley T.L., 1986: Okt 4 epitope deficiency in significant proportions of the black population a cause for underestimation of helper suppressor lymphocyte ratios

Serri F., 1986: Okt 4 okt 8 ratio and serum beta 2 microglobulin in mycosis fungoides and chronic benign dermatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6022, Accession 006021310

Tsunematsu T., 1985: Okt 4 positive and okt 8 positive t lymphocytes produce soluble factors that can modulate growth and differentiation of human b cells

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