Section 7
Chapter 6,023

On a breed of bembidion normannum dej. coleoptera carabidae from the balkans misinterpreted up to now

Mueller-Motzfeld, G.

Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte 30(6): 261-263


Accession: 006022614

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The NE-mediterranean race of Bembidion (Emphanes) normannum DEJ. was misinterpreted by J. Muller (1920) and F. Netolitzky (1942/43). Apfelbeck (1904) described this form under the name orientale APF. as subspecies of normannum, but B. orientale Apfelbeck 1904 is preoccupied by orientale PEYRON, 1858; now apfelbecki nom. nov. is used for orientale APF. nec Peyron. The distribution of ssp. apfelbecki nov. and the disjunctions from other taxa are given, the internal structures of the genital of males from some Emphanes-species are figured.

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