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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6024

Chapter 6024 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yoneda, T., 1977:
On amino acids in the developing eggs of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta

Hengsbach R., 1986:
On ammonites dorsosulcatus quenstedt 1884

Stugren B.; Ghira I., 1987:
On amphibians and reptiles at the timberline in the retezat mountains romania

Henry, J.P., 1977:
On an abnormal asellid from a cave of switzerland proasellus maleri new species crustacea isopoda asellota

Utsunomiya, Y.; Utsunomiya, T., 1976:
On an abnormality of loach kidney

Kogan V.Ya; Petrova E.V.; Slabinskii A.M., 1987:
On an acoustic method of study of vertical distribution of the discrete small animals in the ocean

Kori S.S.; Amoji S.D., 1986:
On an actinocephalid gregarine apicomplexa sporozoa odonaticola diplacodi new species from odonate insect diplacodes trivialis

Poduschka, W., 1976:
On an albino tenrec echinops telfairi tenrecinae insectivora

Gupta, N.K.; Kumari, P., 1973:
On an already known trematode of the genus paradistomoides from indian lizard in chandigarh

Sawata K., 1985:
On an aquatic fungus achlya colorata new record newly found in japan

Picheral, B., 1975:
On an aspect of initial evolution of the spermatic nuclei in pronuclei of pleurodeles waltlii

Gonzalez Ochoa E.; Fernandez Morales I.; Fuentes Mora M.; Izquierdo Perez L.; Armas Perez L.; Perez Rodriguez A.; Suarez Rodriguez B., 1988:
On an assay of mathematical models for the prognosis of epidemic conditions of acute respiratory diseases ard cuba 1984

Nava Fernandez H.S.; Fernandez Casado M.A., 1986:
On an endemic helianthemum from the picos de europa range spain

Kawakami, K., 1978:
On an entomogenous fungus beauveria tenella isolated from the yellow spotted longicorn beetle psacothea hilaris

Singh H.; Lal M.; Kaur G.; Chauhan E., 1985:
On an interaction between the megaspore wall and pollen tube wall of cunninghamia lanceolata

Skrzypczynska, M., 1976:
On an interesting gall midge clinodiplosis cilicrus diptera cecidomyiidae

Gupta, M.; Pandey, D.C., 1974:
On an interesting species of cylindrospermum cyanophyceae

Nuti, M.; Harare, O.M.; Mero, E., 1977:
On an outbreak of bacillary dysentery from shigella dysenteriae type 1 at mogadiscio

Geesink J., 1987 :
On an undescribed coprinus sp

Maffi, M.; Hutapea, A.M.; Supardi, P.; Hadi, S., 1975:
On an unorthodox malariometric survey around bokondini jayawijaya irian jaya indonesia

Pillai C.S.G.; Mohan M.; Kunhikoya K.K., 1983:
On an unusual massive recruitment of the reef fish ctenochaetus strigosus perciformes acanthuridae to the minicoy atoll india and its significance/

Tan W.Y., 1987:
On analysis of covariance model under heteroscedasticity and robustness with respect to departure from normality

Kolar J.; Michalkova D.; Solich J.; Paucek M., 1988:
On analysis of relationship among insulin consumption and selected factors in diabetic children

Seidenstuecker, G., 1975:
On anatolian turkey shield bugs heteroptera pentatomidae

Włodyka, J.; Miodoński, A., 1981:
On anatomical varieties of cochlear aqueduct in man

Bokhar, M.H.; Wendelbo, P., 1978:
On anatomy adaptations to xerophytism and taxonomy of anabasis inclusive esfandiaria chenopodiaceae

Aranibar, A.; Pfurtscheller, G., 1978:
On and off effects in the background electro encephalogram activity during 1 second photic stimulation

Nickolson V.J., 1982:
On and off responses of potassium induced synaptosomal proline release involvement of the sodium pump

Tenora F.; Murai E.; Vaucher C., 1986:
On andrya railliet 1893 and paranoplocephala luhe 1910 cestoda monieziinae

Hrabovsky M., 1987:
On anelaphus linsley 1936 one new species and two new combinations coleoptera cerambycidae elaphidionini

Price P.C.; Fisher J.M.; Kerr A., 1979:
On anguina funesta new species and its association with corynebacterium sp in infecting lolium rigidum

Lomnicki, A., 1978:
On animal and human sociobiology

Soyrinki N., 1985:
On annual fluctuations in the flowering of monotropa hypopitys monotropaceae and some orchids in finland

Kang Y.Q., 1985:
On annual variation of sea water and air temperatures and sea air temperature separation in the east sea japan sea

Gibson D.I.; Bray R.A., 1984:
On anomalotrema pellamyzon and opecoelina digenea opecoelidae with a description of anomalotrema koiae new species from north atlantic waters

Imaki, T., 1984:
On anomalous segregation of culm length and heading time observed in the rice variety nipponbare ii. outcrossing percentages of the rice variety nipponbare

Courtois H., 1982:
On antagonistic and associative effects in vitro between some fungi found in butt rot damaged scotch pines pinus sylvestris

Panchen, A.L., 1977:
On anthracosaurus russelli amphibia labyrinthodontia and the family anthracosauridae

Matsumoto, Y.; Onishi, M.; Yamagami, K., 1978:
On anti tumor substance extracted from polyporaceae

Waegele J.W., 1982:
On apanthuretta lathridia new species crustacea isopoda anthuridea from cuba

Bhagat R.C., 1985:
On aphids homoptera aphididae and their parasitoids aphidiidae hymenoptera infesting forest trees in kashmir valley india

Cagianut, B.; Theiler, K., 1976:
On aplasia of the optic nerve

Prasassarakich P.; Walawender W.P., 1980:
On application of the concentric annular flow model to the flow of blood in small diameter tubes

Leali L.; Zecconi Z.; Gabuzzi F., 1985:
On application of the determination of pyruvate in milk to define the hygienic quality of raw and fresh pasteurized milk

Hofmann S.; Klee C.; Moennich H.T.; Mohr D., 1988:
On application of the personal computer for analysis of occupational diseases

Pavel, U., 1976:
On applying the method of immuno genetic analysis in plant breeding

Korovkin V.I., 1979:
On approval of inventions in contemplation in the field of medicine

Balazue J.; Fongond H., 1987:
On apristus subaeneus chaudoir 1846 and apristus europaeus mateu 1980 coleoptera caraboidea lebiidae dromiini

Heiss E., 1979:
On aradidae from the canary islands spain and morocco insecta heteroptera

Brown, J.T., 1977:
On araucarites rogersii from the lower cretaceous kirkwood formation of the algoa basin cape province south africa

Staff I.A.; Clifford H.T., 1987:
On arborescence in gahnia clarkei and gahnia sieberiana

Wilander, E.; Westermark, P., 1976:
On argyrophil reactions of endocrine cells in the human fetal pancreas a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Hengsbach R., 1986:
On arnioceras falcaries quenstedt and some other related species from central germany ammonoidea lias

Sen, S., 1977:
On arrhenothrips longisetis new species thysanoptera phlaeothripidae from india with a key to indian species

Hunt D.J., 1981:
On artigasia horridospina new species longior semialata new species mentecle magnifica new species paraxyo ensicrinatus new species oxyurida hystrignathidae and pulchrocephala pulchrocephala oxyurida pulchrocephalidae

Smirina E.M.; Makarov A.N., 1987:
On ascertainment of accordance between the number of layers in tubular bones of amphibians and the age of individuals

Platnick, N.I., 1976:
On asian prodidomus araneae gnaphosidae

Marchi, E.; Horas, J., 1980:
On aspartate trans carbamylase ec kinetics

Horjales M., 1986:
On asplenium cuneifolium in galicia spain a cytotaxonomic study

Rusch W., 1983:
On assessing prescribed cuts for uniform high forests

Robertson, R.J.; Weatherhead, P.J.; Phelan, F.J.S.; Holroyd, G.L.; Lester, N., 1978:
On assessing the economic and ecological impact of winter blackbird flocks

Khorokhordin N.E.; Karmanov I.V.; Leosko V.A.; Shekhunov E.D., 1986:
On assessment of extravascular fluid in the lungs

Wagner, E., 1975:
On asthenarius new genus new status hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Hilgers R., 1981:
On asymptotically distribution free confidence bounds for p x 1 greater than or equal to x 2 based on samples not necessarily independent

Myers C.W.; Ford L.S., 1986:
On atopophrynus a recently described frog wrongly assigned to the dendrobatidae

Ivashchenko I.I., 1986:
On attractiveness of a protein vitamin concentrate for click beetle larvae

Liebhart, E.H., 1976:
On attributing fictitious cardiac responses

Udal'tsova N.V., 1982:
On attribution of macroscopic fluctuations in aqueous solutions of proteins and other substances to the class of flicker noises

De-Souza-Lopes, H., 1978:
On aulacophyto and aulacophytoides new genus diptera sarcophagidae

Horak E., 1980:
On australasian species of lepiota agaricales with spurred spores

Strusz D.L., 1982:
On australina and its junior synonyms lissatrypa lissatrypoidea and tyrothyris silurian devonian brachiopoda

Shin, R.; Fujii, K., 1975:
On autism a case of an infant

Brenner, H.D.; Böker, W.; Müller, J.; Spichtig, L.; Würgler, S., 1987:
On autoprotective efforts of schizophrenics, neurotics and controls

Danielsson, A.; Norkrans, B.; Bjornsson, A., 1977:
On bacterial adhesion the effect of certain enzymes on adhered cell of a marine pseudomonas sp

Tamm J.C.; Fricke G.; Overbeck J.; Steubing L., 1985:
On bacterial glucose uptake in the water body of the eder reservoir west germany

Blake, R.W., 1978:
On balistiform loco motion

Berk, R.A., 1978:
On bartkos intraclass correlations of interrater reliability

Tunstall M.E., 1980:
On being aware by request a mothers unplanned request during the course of a cesarean section under general anesthesia

Begg I.; Armour V.; Kerr T., 1985:
On believing what we remember

Kakhana B.M.; Arasimovich V.V.; Krivileva N.I., 1985:
On beta galactosidase activity during apple storage

Pavone V., 1988:
On beta hairpin classification

Zana J.; Nagy G.; Fodor M.; Podor P., 1987:
On bilateral renal tumors in connection with the reoperation of solitary kidney resected because of a tumor

Reymanowna, M., 1977:
On bilsdalea dura coniferae from the jurassic of poland

Adefolalu D.O., 1984:
On bio climatological aspects of harmattan dust haze in nigeria

Semikhov, V.F., 1978:
On biochemical evolution in the family palmae

Rotzsch, W.; Martin, R.; Martin, H.; Walther, W., 1985:
On biological aging 23. endocrine responsibility in old age with glucocorticoid receptors as an example

Richter, V.; Rassoul, F.; Klein, C.; Rotzsch, W., 1985:
On biological aging 24. age dependent changes of the circadian rhythms in lipid metabolism parameters

Waud, D.R., 1972:
On biological assays involving quantal responses

Pimpinelli, S.; Sullivan, W.; Prout, M.; Sandler, L., 1985:
On biological functions mapping to the heterochromatin of Drosophila melanogaster

Dlusskii G.M.; Fedoseeva E.B., 1987:
On biology of crematogaster sorokini ruzsky hymenoptera formicidae

Il'yashchenko V.I., 1987:
On biology of mites of the genus psoroptes acarina psoroptidae

Liu, Z.; Bai, G., 1976:
On bird schistosomes from jilin province china jilinobilharzia crecci new genus new species schistosomatidae bilharziellinae with a discussion on the taxonomy of the subfamily bilharziellinae

Perkins, M.W., 1978:
On birth order among lesbians

Skopin, N.G., 1977:
On blaps transversimsulcata and its nearest allies coleoptera tenebrionidae

Hitzel V.; Geisen K.; Pfaff W.; Ritzel H.; Weyer R., 1987:
On blood glucose lowering acylaminoalkylbenzenesulfonamide derivatives with heterocyclic acyl substituents

Nozaki Y.; Yamamoto T.; Tabata Y., 1986:
On board treatment of lizard fish saurido wanieso as raw material for fish jelly products

Sluys R.; Ball I.R., 1985:
On bothrioplana semperi new record from australia with a review of the species platyhelminthes proseriata bothrioplanidae

Bouhoutsos, I.; Papadopoulos, G.; Gotzoyiannis, S.; Salonikidis, N., 1977:
On brachial artery catheterization

Tibana R.; Lopes H.D.S., 1985:
On brazilian sarcophagidae diptera with description of two new genera and four new species

L.T., 1986:
On breeding ecology of the tibetan eared pheasant crossoptilon crossoptilon

Lambert D.M.; Paterson H.E.H., 1983:
On bridging the gap between race and species the isolation concept and an alternative

Mukatova A.M., 1987:
On bronchial asthma caused by staphylococcus and neisseria

Krog H., 1980:
On bryoria chalybeiformis and some related species

Boucek Z., 1983:
On buresium masneroma new genus and some other eurytomidae hymenoptera

Kumanski K.P., 1987:
On caddis flies trichoptera of cuba

Devroede, G.; Taylor, W.F., 1976:
On calculating cancer risk and survival of ulcerative colitis patients with the life table method

Burton R.F., 1987:
On calculating concentrations of bicarbonate from ph and carbon dioxide tension

Lehman, J.T., 1977:
On calculating drag characteristics for decelerating zoo plankton

Sakai K., 1987 :
On callianassa ranongensis new record thalassinidea decapoda crustacea from halmahera indonesia

Yamanaka T., 1988:
On callicarpa tosaensis makino

Redhead, S.A.; Singer, R., 1978:
On calocybe names

Petrini L.E., 1986:
On camarops lutea fruiting in culture

Kim B.J.; Kim C W., 1986:
On camponotus jejuensis new species from korea hymenoptera formicidae

Voznesenskii V.L., 1983:
On carbon oxide compensating point of desert plants

Wiesner, K.; Tsai, T.Y.R.; Jin, H., 1985:
On cardioactive steroids 16. stereoselective beta glycosylation of digitoxose the synthesis of digitoxin

Atwal, K.S.; Sahoo, S.P.; Tsai, T.Y.R.; Wiesner, K., 1982:
On cardioactive steroids 6. synthesis of 17 alpha methyl cardenolides

Jaggi, F.J.; Tsai, T.Y.R.; Wiesner, K., 1982:
On cardioactive steroids 7. conversion of digitoxigenin to isomers of natural bufalin and resibufogenin

Wiesner, K.; Tsai, T.Y.R.; Jaeggi, F.J.; Tsai, C.S.J.; Gray, G.D., 1982:
On cardioactive steroids 8. synthesis of bufalin and resibufogenin isomers

Lociuro, S.; Tsai, T.Y.R.; Wiesner, K., 1988:
On cardioactive steroids xvii. the synthesis of gamma isobufalin

Tang Y.; Liang S., 1987:
On carex siderosticta with special reference to the term stem lateral in caricology

Miethke R R.; Newesely H., 1987:
On caries prophylaxis in orthodontic therapy orthodontic plastics with fluoride storage function

Pal, S., 1976:
On carpel with abaxial orientation of ventral sutures

Reijnders A.F.M., 1979:
On carpophore development in the genera cortinarius dermocybe and leucocortinarius

Herbers, J.M., 1980:
On caste ratios in ant formica obscuripes colonies population responses to changing environments

Bugorskii P.S.; Zaprometov M.N., 1983:
On catabolism of essential oil components beta phenyl ethanol and geraniol in rose petals

Van-Der-Zypen, E., 1974:
On catecholamine containing cells in the rat inter atrial septum

Elze, P., 1976:
On cation selectivity of calcium binding structures of skeletal muscle a physicochemical interpretation as an ion exchange process

L.Y.; E.A., 1986:
On cause and result of over holding in active pulmonary tuberculosis cases

Bolck F.; Machnik G., 1979:
On causes shape and chemistry of gall stones

Papp, L.; Plachter, H., 1976:
On cave dwelling sphaeroceridae from hungary and germany diptera

Salgado Labouriau M.L., 1982:
On cavities in spines of compositae pollen

Juergensen H.; Matthews D.E., 1983:
On cell division as a branching process

Hattori, T., 1974:
On cell proliferation and differentiation of the fundic mucosa of the golden hamster fractographic study combined with microscopy and tritiated thymidine auto radiography

Lopez Gonzalez G., 1979:
On centaurium linariifolium

Moeschl, W., 1978:
On cerastium papuanum caryophyllaceae

Blennow, G.; Cronqvist, S.; Hindfelt, B.; Nilsson, O., 1978:
On cerebral infarction in childhood and adolescence

Natarajan, P.; Balakrishnan-Nair, N., 1977:
On certain effects of parasitic infestation by lernaeenicus hemirhamphi on hemirhamphus xanthopterus and hemirhamphus far

Komov V.P.; Firsova V.I.; Vennikas O.V., 1987:
On certain features of xenobiotic metabolism in liver tumor bearing rat

Petrov M., 1984:
On certain genetic aspects of introduction

Gorunovic M.; Lukic P., 1986:
On certain heteroside plants used in the ussr that are not as well known in yugoslavia

Mkrtchyan L.N.; Galstyan A.M.; Ovanesbekova T.G.; Ter Pogosyan Z.R.; Kuznetsov V.P.; Kamalyan L.A., 1986:
On certain immunological and immunomorphologic changes in breast cancer patients after interferon injection

Gulyi M.F.; Silonova N.V., 1987:
On certain metabolic reactions of formate in animal organism tissues

Segar, W.; Chesney, R., 1977:
On certain physical chemical properties of infant formulas

Roussinov, K.S.; Lazarova, M.B.; Atanassova-Shopova, S., 1976:
On certain relationships between gamma amino butyric acid and adrenergic mechanisms in convulsive seizure reactions

Roussinov, K.S.; Lazarova, M.B., 1978:
On certain relationships between gamma amino butyric acid and dopaminergic agents in pentylene tetrazole convulsions

Schipper, M.A.A., 1978:
On certain species of mucor with a key to all accepted species

Morovic, D., 1976:
On certain theoretical and practical problems in raising fish of the mugilidae family

Baugh, S.C.; Saxena, S.K., 1976:
On cestodes of passer domesticus part 1 choanotaenia raillietina and proparuterina

Saxena, S.K.; Baugh, S.C., 1978:
On cestodes of passer domesticus part 2 anonchotaenia and mathevotaenia

Feiler A.; Pires A.L., 1984:
On chaerephon pumila from angola

Bartoszynski, R., 1977:
On chances of survival and predation

Hayashi A.; Shinjo G., 1985:
On change of susceptibility of houseflies to some pyrethroids after successive selection to organophosphorus resistant housefly colony dejima with pyrethroids

Kudo Y.; Nishida N.; Nakamura I.; Sakaguchi T.; Kagami M., 1986:
On changes in mice caused by the injection of car exhaust fumes into their bodies

Kudo Y., 1985:
On changes in red cells in the peripheral blood of workers engaged in vinyl chloride processing

De-Veen, J.F., 1976:
On changes in some biological parameters in the north sea sole solea solea

Mizushima, T., 1978:
On changes in the density and shape of pulp wastes in paper mill effluent and river water of the fuji district japan before and after treatment of the effluent

Tsepkin E.A.; Sokolov L.I., 1987:
On changes in the ichthyofauna in the middle course of the moscow river russian sfsr ussr

Kadlubowska J.Z., 1983:
On changes in the nomenclature of some taxa of zygnemaceae

Scandroglio R.; Baratta B.; Manara G.C.; Mazzotti G.; Baratta L., 1983:
On changes induced by progesterone in endometrium an ultrastructural research concerning castrated impuberal adrenalectomized and hypophysectomized rats

Foerster, I., 1977:
On changes of important phosphorus binding forms in a sandy loamy sandlehm fleckenstaugley in dependence of fertilization and cultivation

Bashshur, R.; Steeler, W.; Murphy, T., 1987:
On changing Indian eligibility for health care

Ghiselin, M.T., 1977:
On changing the names of higher taxa

Sinoda M.; Ikuta T.; Yamazaki A., 1987:
On changing the size selectivity of fishing gear for chionoecetes opilio in the japan sea

Patel R.J.; Jawale A.K., 1984:
On chara haitensis from gujarat india

Gidoh M.; Tsutsumi S.; Funazu T.; Koide S.; Narita M., 1979:
On characteristic anti inflammatory effects of several anti leprosy drugs

Rittenberg, S.M., 1987:
On charm

Capra F., 1981:
On chelidurella acanthopygia and a new species from alto adige italy dermaptera

Bahadir M.; Nitz S.; Parlar H.; Korte F., 1979:
On chemical problems of the mechanism of action of the chloro thio benzamides

Smeets, P.M.; Kauffman, J.M., 1983:
On children being imitated predictability of vs. reinforcement by the observers imitations

Vasarhelyi T., 1985:
On chinessa furcella and the genus melvertes heteroptera aradidae

Kondo S., 1983:
On chironomid midges communities captured by light traps in reservoirs of nagoya city and suburbs japan

Lopes H.D.S., 1986:
On chlorosarcophaga diptera sarcophagidae with descriptions of three new species collected in yungas province peru ecuador

Ward, B., 1976:
On choice of hydrogen ion buffers for photosynthesis studies with cyanobacteria

Goldobenko G.V.; Androsov N.S.; Letjagin V.P.; Kondratjeva A.P.; Melencuk I.P.; Ivanov V.M.; Necuskin M.I.; Samilov A.K., 1988:
On choice of target volume of intensive preoperative irradiation in combined therapy of patients with mammary carcinoma

Evans P.D.; Phillips K.C.; Fearn J.M., 1984:
On choosing to make aversive events predictable or unpredictable some behavioral and psychophysiological findings

Edelstein, T.; Mclachlan, J., 1977:
On choreocolax odonthaliae cryptonemiales rhodophyceae

Soejima A., 1986:
On chromosome number and karyotype of aster ageratoides ssp yakushimensis

Lopes H.D.S.; Achoy R.M., 1986:
On chrysagria diptera sarcophagidae with descriptions of two new species one of them living on the larvae of altica sp coleoptera chrysomelidae

Stephan B., 1982:
On circadian rhythmics of the blackbird turdus merula aves passeriformes turdidae

Watanabe, R., 1976:
On claopodium fulvellum from yunnan china

Bornstein, M.H., 1975:
On classification by color

Engelmann, H.D., 1978:
On classification of dominance of arthropods

Fekete, G., 1978:
On classification of malleolar injuries

Kullander, S.; Svanberg, L., 1975:
On climacteric symptoms and their treatment with a new nonsteroidal estrogen

Hamann O., 1979:
On climatic conditions vegetation types and leaf size in the galapagos islands

Scholtz H J.; Krebs W., 1980:
On clinic and therapy of injuries of the floor of the orbit

Saul G.; Rose H.; Riessbeck K H.; Sinn B., 1987:
On clinical relevance of hormone receptor estimation in metastasizing mammary carcinoma

Coscaron S., 1985:
On cnesiamima atroparva larva and its significance to interpret the phylogenetic relationships of notogeic black flies insecta diptera simuliidae

Fransson S., 1988:
On cnestrum alpestre and cnestrum schisti in varmland sweden

Rahn H.; Schalldach U., 1980:
On cobalt 60 stationary field irradiation of aortal lymph nodes in seminoma

Deeg, R.; Kriemler, H.P.; Bergmann, K.H.; Mueller, G., 1977:
On cobyrinic acid biosynthesis novel methylated hydro porphyrins and their role in cobyrinic acid formation

De-Boer, E.; Dejongh, H.R., 1978:
On cochlear encoding potentialities and limitations of the reverse correlation technique

Sobin N.J., 1984:
On code switching inside noun predicate

King C.M.; Moors P.J., 1979:
On coexistence foraging strategy and the bio geography of weasels and stoats mustela nivalis and mustela erminea in britain uk

Kato S., 1983:
On colacium libellae euglenophyceae isolated from the exoskeleton of bosmina sp

Sharaev P.N.; Vilenskaya M.P.; Ivanov V.G.; Shirokova T.Yu; Gusorgin V.M., 1986:
On collagen metabolism in immobilization and electropuncture

Rao, K.V.R.; Chakrapany, S.; Chaterjee, T.K., 1975:
On collections of fishes from the andhra coast india

Platnick, N.I.; Shadab, M.U., 1976:
On colombian cryptocellus arachnida ricinulei

Riemschneider R.; Hennig K.; Wons T., 1987:
On color reactions of ortho acylated benzene derivatives with amino acids

Edlund P.O., 1987:
On column catalysis of hydratization equilibria during liquid chromatographic analysis of acetaldehyde and formaldehyde

Huang X.; Pang T K.J.; Gordon M.J.; Zare R.N., 1987:
On column conductivity detector for capillary zone electrophoresis

Ogierman L., 1983:
On column degradation and methylation of phenmedipham and desmedipham with n n n tri methyl anilinium hydroxide

Budd R.D., 1980:
On column gas chromatographic synthesis of 1 3 di alkyl carbon 1 to 10 barbiturate and benzyl barbiturate cyclo hexyl barbiturate derivatives

Guthrie E.J.; Jorgenson J.W.; Dluzneski P.R., 1984:
On column helium cadmium laser fluorescence detector for open tubular capillary liquid chromatography

Huynh C K., 1980:
On column injection in gas chromatography capillary column application to poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons of the environment

Traveset J.; Such V.; Gonzalo R.; Gelpi E., 1979:
On column interactions in the direct gas liquid chromatographic assay of hexetidine

Fujimoto C.; Jinno K., 1983:
On column ir monitoring for reversed phase liquid chromatography with deuterated solvents

Kunugi, A.; Tsuji, C.; Tabei, K., 1988:
On column organic reactions iii. catalysis by phenol in the nitration of p nitrophenol with aqueous nitric acid on an extrelut column

Clark C.C., 1980:
On column per iodate reaction method for analysis of ephedrine sulfate in solid dosage forms collaborative study

Kallos, G.J.; Albe, W.R.; Solomon, R.A., 1977:
On column reaction gas chromatography for determination of chloromethylmethyl ether at 1 part per billion level in ambient air

May, J.F.; ten Berge, B.S.; Donker, A.J., 1986:
On combating hypertension: when and how

Bennett B.M., 1986:
On combining estimates of relative risk using the negative binomial model

Goralski, A., 1975:
On comparing m independent samples with regard to proportions of individuals possessing a specific trait

Suchindran, C.M.; Lingner, J.W., 1977:
On comparison of birth interval distributions

Ni, Z.Y., 1981:
On concentration of oxygen in inspired gas during oxygen therapy

Skinner C.J., 1988:
On conditioning for model based inference in survey sampling

Hall P., 1988:
On confidence intervals of spatial parameters estimated from nonreplicated data

Wulle C., 1987:
On congenital radial dysplasia thumb ray and radial carpus

Cavenar, J.O.; Sullivan, J.L.; Hammett, E.B., 1978:
On conscious primal scene fantasies

Brody, J.A.; Mills, G.S., 1978 :
On considering alcohol as a risk factor in specific diseases

Brauer F.; Soudack A.C., 1982:
On constant effort harvesting and stocking in a class of predator prey systems

Kalbfleisch J.D.; Mackay R.J., 1979:
On constant sum models for censored survival data

Bohlmann, F.; Grenz, M., 1977:
On constituents of the genus flourensia

Takayama S.; Kodama Y.; Hayashi N., 1987:
On contamination of anaerobic spore forming bacteria in honey under the japanese pharmacopeia

Betta J., 1985:
On continuous nonlinear memorization

Nagaishi Y.; Haraguchi N., 1987:
On control of ground water level used underdrainage system in sloped paddy field

Joshi R.R., 1985:
On control of the function of the sodium potassium pump in malignant cells

Imao A., 1981:
On controlling soil erosion with protective cover on the soil surface of farmland studies on soil erosion of sloped farmland 3

Alwall, N., 1978:
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On four furcocercous cercariae obtained from biomphalaria glabrata in guadeloupe west indies

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On four new palearctic species of the genus cecidomyia diptera cecidomyiidae

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On fractionation of cell populations

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On functional identification of hypophyseal thyrotropic cells in the juvenile goby neogobius melanostomus

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On functions of the monkey prefrontal cortex as revealed by single neuron recording technique in chronically behaving state

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On fusarium wilt of spinach and its causal fungus

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On gamma aminobutyric acid ergic mechanisms in the optokinetic nystagmus of the frog effects of bicuculline allylglycine and sr 95103 a new gamma aminobutyric acid antagonist

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On genus ampelomyces sphaeropsidales deuteromycetes in bulgaria

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On genus pseudochaete

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On geological history events most important for the recent marine fauna formation as exemplified by brachiopods

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On glandular formations in cercariae of trematodes

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On global stability of a predator prey system

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On growing of the carpet shell clam tapes decussatus 2 years experience in venice lagoon italy

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Geraert, E., 1978:
On growth and form in nematodes part 2 esophagus and body width in dorylaimida

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On growth form and haustoria of the root parasite cansjera rheedii opiliaceae

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On growth of children: effect of some socioeconomic and genetic factors

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On growth of regeneration trees and environmental factors in selection forests part 2 solar radiation and growth of sugi seedlings in the model of group selection stand

Fujimoto, K., 1977:
On growth of regeneration trees and environmental factors in selection forests part 3 hydro physiological conditions and chlorophyll content in leaves of sugi seedlings in the model of group selection stand

Fujimoto, K., 1986:
On growth of regeneration trees and environmental factors in selection forests viii. the change in light conditions in a group cut area

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On growth rates in crenomytilus grayanus cyrtodontida mytilidae in the vostok cove peter the great bay

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On gyrodactylus katharineri gyrodactylus lotae and gyrodactylus lucii from host fishes in north america

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On halacritus punctum coleoptera histeridae

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On hamigera its raperia anamorph and its classification in the onygenaceae

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On hapaline appendiculata and phymatarum borneense 2 rare araceae from borneo sarawak east malaysia

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On health indicators and their margin of error

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On heat activation of phycomyces blakesleeanus spores occurrence of fermentations under aerobic conditions

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On helio tropism in tendrils of pisum sativum d a response to ir irradiation

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On helminth parasites of cats in hungary

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On hemo globin part 26 hemo globin of hedgehog erinaceus roumanicus part 1

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On heterogeneity in b iv strain of tribolium confusum

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On histo topochemistry of prostaglandin f 2 alpha metabolizing enzymes in rat kidney

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On histogenesis of hyperplastic changes in the stomach of mice

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On histological change of the regional arteries in ulcerative colitis and its significance including some psycho somatic consideration

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On hoaleshwaria marathwadensis new genus new species cestoda phyllobothriidae from marine fish at ratnagiri india

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On hofferencyrtus new genus mira lyka and some other european encyrtidae hymenoptera

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On homology of the joints of larval and imaginal legs in insects with complete metamorphosis tenebrio molitor taken as an example

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On hormonal control of the spinning behavior of philosamia cynthia

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On hormonal regulation of morphogenetic potency in long term cultivated callus tissues of rice

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On Ho's "modern logic and schizophrenic thinking"

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On human amylase iso enzymes

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On human evolution

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On hydraulic strengthening of bones

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On hydrianum viride characiaceae chlorophyceae its reproduction and taxonomy

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On hyper polarizing off de polarizing receptor potential in the onchidium dorsal eye

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On hypoglossum serratifolium a delesseriacean red alga from japan

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On hypomorphic ovaries in metapenaeus monoceros

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On hypothalamic control of ovulation in the turkey

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On ialibua new genus and eight new species from papua new guinea hemiptera miridae

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On iberian species of section i of the genus synergus hymenoptera cynipidae cynipinae

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On ice formation in sea water and marine animals at subzero temperatures

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On icelandic charophytes

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On immuno electrophoresis in helminthological studies

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On improving the method of determination of soil structure

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On improving the methods of helminthological in wild animals

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On inadequacy of the double diffusion test in fusarium sero taxonomy

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On incorrect approaches to dendro chronological studies

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On increasing epizootiological and epidemiological precautions in handling animals from herds with retrovirus induced neoplastic disease

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On index selection ii. simple indices which require no genetic parameters or special expertise to construct

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On indian euxestus and a new lapethine genus from india and sri lanka coleoptera cerylonidae

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On initiation conditions of kinetic and thermodynamic effects in the cell

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On inland waters chemistry of indian ocean islands seychelles comores reunion mauritius

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On internal thoracic vessels interest in micro surgery

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On iridescent plants

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On iris color in botaurus bitterns

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On ischnoplax pectinatus new record and its records in the south coast of brazil mollusca polyplacophora

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On ixodoidea of the down stream of the murgab river turkmen ssr ussr

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On iyengariella tirupatiensis new record from gujarat

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On japanese forms of the genus hemifusus

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On japanese lecidea flavocoerulescens and some allied species

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On jinks haymans analysis of half diallels

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On johnsoniini diptera sarcophagidae with notochaetisca new name and descriptions of eight new species

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On joint occurrence of monogeneans of the genera dactylogyrus and diplozoon in bream and carp

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On josa alba araneae anyphaenidae

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On kamerunoceras cretaceous ammonoidea

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On karyotype of the grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella

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On keeping and breeding the surinam toad pipa pipa linnaeus 1758 anura pipidae

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On kidney exposure in radiotherapy of paraaortic lymph nodes and of kidney bed

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On kinetics of cholesterol oxidase ec from brevibacterium sterolicum in the presence of detergents

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On knowing books by their colors

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On knowing the meaning of words we are unable to report confirmation of a guessing explanation

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On lachnella populicola

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On laingia hookeri rhodophyceae delesseriaceae from new zealand

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On lampanyctus intricarius new record osteichthyes myctophidae in the western mediterranean/

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On lappetascaris suraiyae new species from a marine fish chatoessus chacunda and sciaena spp

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On latitudinal zoning of vegetation in the qinghai xizang tibet plateau china

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On laurinia heteroptera miridae

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On leaching and textural differentiation in some soils of cuba

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On learned helplessness the therapeutic effects of electro convulsive shocks

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On lepidoptera types deposited in brazilian museums viii. nymphalidae and pieridae described by victor de miranda ribeiro

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On lepidoptera types deposited in brazilian museums x. pieridae described by jose francisco zikan

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On leptochirus trisinuatus new species coleoptera staphylinidae from india and burma

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On leucocytozoon parasites of ardeidae and description of 1 species

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On leukophores and the chromatic unit of octopus vulgaris

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On limiting nutrient patchiness and phyto plankton growth a conceptual approach

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On line analysis of the galvanic skin response

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On line analysis of yeast growth and alcohol production

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On line and low level measurements of beta radiation in high performance liquid chromatography

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On line artifact rejection in electric response audiometry use of an active analog delay line as buffer in combination with a recognition of disturbing signals

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On line combination of liquid chromatography and capillary gas chromatography preconcentration and analysis of organic compounds in aqueous samples

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On line computation of photo receptor spectral sensitivity a low cost solution with a programmable pocket calculator

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On line computer rejection of electro encephalogram artifact

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On line computer scoring of the auditory brain stem responses for estimation of hearing threshold

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On line computerized analysis of the nystagmus induced by torsion swing test

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On line computerized data handling in a perinatal intensive center

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On line computerized entry and display of nerve fiber cross sections using single or segmented histological records

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On line computing and radio carbon dating at the british museum

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On line control of dextro tubocurarine induced muscle relaxation a simulation study

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On line control of glucose concentration using an automatic glucose analyzer

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On line control of pharmaceutical influent loads to a biological waste water treatment plant

Burmester H.B.C.; Crow G.S., 1979:
On line data handling in a routine hematology department

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On line deproteinization of serum sample for high performance liquid chromatography analysis of hydrophilic compounds and its application to gentamicin

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On line detection of plasma borne vaso constrictor by the use of high pressure liquid chromatography

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On line differential pulse polarographic detection of carboplatin in biological samples after chromatographic separation

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On line digital filters for biological signals some fast designs for a small computer

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On line dilutor for use with flame photometers

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On line electrochemical reagent production for fluorescence detection of phenothiazines in liquid chromatography

Wilson P.D.G., 1987:
On line estimation of biomass using dynamic oxygen balancing

Maloney, J.C.J. ; Bekey, G.A., 1976:
On line estimation of cardiac output from respiratory data using a gradient method

Van Zee G.A.; Schurer K., 1983:
On line estimation of the rate of sap flow in plant stems using stationary thermal response data

Turner C.; Howell J.A., 1984:
On line estimation of the time constant of oxygen electrodes by time series analysis

Yoshida T.; Ohasa S.; Taguchi H., 1980:
On line estimation of the volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient by an analog computer

Srinivasan B.; Ananda A.L., 1984:
On line examination and evaluation

Fletcher R., 1986:
On line expiratory carbon dioxide monitoring

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On line extraction evaporation and injection for liquid chromatographic determination of serum cortico steroid

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On line fermenter headspace gas analysis of methanol and ethanol by capillary inlet mass spectrometry

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On line fiber optic uv detection cell and conductivity cell for capillary zone electrophoresis

Davies I.L.; Bartle K.D.; Williams P.T.; Andrews G.E., 1988:
On line fractionation and identification of diesel fuel polycyclic aromatic compounds by two dimensional microbore high performance liquid chromatography capillary gas chromatography

Fraticelli Y.M.; Meyerhoff M.E., 1983:
On line gas dialyzer for automated enzymatic analysis with potentiometric ammonia detection

Dumitrache, I.; Giurca, R.; Munteanu, F.; Musca, G.; Caramihai, M.D.; Chirvase, A.A.; Marica, E.; Macovei, F.; Jinga, C., 1987:
On line governing of biosynthesis processes ii. direct numerical governing with ecarom 881 process microcalculator

Benjamin E.J.; Conley D.L., 1983:
On line high performance liquid chromatography method for clean up and analysis of hydrocortisone and sulconazole nitrate in a cream

Hostettmann K.; Domon B.; Schaufelberger D.; Hostettmann M., 1984:
On line high performance liquid chromatography uv visible spectroscopy of phenolic compounds in plant extracts using post column derivatization

Luzbetak D.J.; Hoffmann J.J., 1982:
On line high pressure liquid chromatographic gas chromatographic techniques for the analyses of biomass derived hydro carbons

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On line identification of peaks of bio electric signals

Baser, K.H.; Cohen, S.M.; Dayton, D.L.; Watkins, P.B., 1978:
On line indexing experiment at chemical abstracts service algorithmic generation of articulated index entries from natural language phrases

Kinch M.P., 1984:
On line information retrieval for biologists

Dumitrache, I.; Giurca, R.; Munteanu, F.; Caramihai, M.D.; Marica, E.; Chirvase, A.A.; Dobrescu, D.; Macovei, F., 1986:
On line leading of the biosynthesis processes i. data collection and process identification on the spot 80 computer

Dolan J.W.; Van Der Wal S.; Bannister S.J.; Snyder L.R., 1980:
On line liquid chromatographic analysis for drugs in serum with the technicon fast lc system performance data for theophylline and for 4 commonly used anti convulsants and their metabolites

Zass E., 1982:
On line literature searches a new dimension in mastering the information avalanche?

Lorenz T.J.D.; Frueh K.; Hiddessen R.; Moeller J.; Niehoff J.; Schuegerl K., 1987:
On line measurement and control of penicillin v production in a tower loop reactor

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On line measurement of catecholamine secretion

Luong J.H.T.; Carrier D.J., 1986:
On line measurement of culture fluorescence during cultivation of methylomonas mucosa

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On line measurement of dynamic rheological properties during food extrusion

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On line measurement of ethanol with a gas sensor dip electrode

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On line measurement of fireside deposit accumulation in kraft recovery boilers

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On line measurement of fluid re absorption in renal tubules

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On line measurement of fouling and cleaning of an industrial ultra high temperature sterilizer

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On line measurement of hybridoma growth by culture fluorescence

Harba M.I.A.; Zaia I.F.; Naief A.K., 1988:
On line measurement of muscle fiber conduction velocity analysis and optimization of performance

Habeger C.C.; Baum G.A., 1986:
On line measurement of paper mechanical properties

Mitchell R.R.; Kunz J.C.; Lamy M.; Fallat R.J., 1979:
On line measurement of patient ventilator fighting

Howell J.A.; Yust L.J.; Reilly P., 1984:
On line measurement of respiration and mass transfer rates in an activated sludge aeration tank

Kitano M.; Eguchi H., 1986:
On line measurement of water flow rate in a plant stem by heat flux control method

Basset, G.; Moreau, F.; Marsac, J.; Scaringella, M.; Ceccaldi, M.; Botter, F., 1978:
On line method for measuring extravascular lung water with heavy water

Langer A.W.; Hutcheson J.S.; Charlton J.D.; Mccubbin J.A.; Obrist P.A.; Stoney C.M., 1985:
On line minicomputerized measurement of cardiopulmonary function on a breath by breath basis

Pecs M.; Szigeti L.; Boros A.; Nyeste L.; Hollo J.; Bathory J.; Pataky I.; Ery M., 1987:
On line monitoring and control of phosphate concentration in different fermentation technologies

Winter F.J.; Ogle D.F., 1984:
On line monitoring data replaces analytical data

Recktenwald A.; Kroner K H.; Kula M R., 1985:
On line monitoring of enzymes in downstream processing by flow injection analysis

Sonnefeld W.J.; Zoller W.H.; May W.E.; Wise S.A., 1982:
On line multi dimensional liquid chromatographic determination of polynuclear aromatic hydro carbons in complex samples

Christensen R.G., 1985:
On line multidimensional chromatography using supercritical carbon dioxide

Kishimoto M.; Yoshida T.; Taguchi H., 1981:
On line optimal control of fed batch culture of glutamic acid production

Brooks W.N.; Hahn C.E.W.; Foeex P.; Maynard P.; Albery W.J., 1980:
On line oxygen partial pressure and nitrous oxide partial pressure analysis with an in vivo catheter electrode

Nahlik J.; Burianec Z., 1988:
On line parameter and state estimation of continuous cultivation by extended kalman filter

Kim H.Y.; Pilosof D.; Dyckes D.F.; Vestal M.L., 1984:
On line peptide sequencing by enzymatic hydrolysis high performance liquid chromatography and thermospray mass spectrometry

Tummala, R.L.; Haynes, D.L., 1977:
On line pest management systems

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On line post column extraction in column liquid chromatography with electron capture detection ii. applications

Maris, F.A.; Nijenhuis, M.; Frei, R.W.; De-Jong, G.J.; Brinkman, U.A.T., 1986:
On line post column extraction in column liquid chromatography with electron capture detection part i. design and analytical characteristics

Ohno M.; Kai M.; Ohkura Y., 1987:
On line post column fluorescence detection for amino terminal tyrosine containing peptides in high performance liquid chromatography

Nondek L.; Chvalovsky V., 1983:
On line pre concentration and high performance liquid chromatographic determination of o toluenesulfonamide in saccharin

Ogura H.; Yamamoto K.; Furutani H.; Kitazoe Y.; Hirakawa M.; Sagara E., 1985:
On line prescription order and prescription support in an integrated hospital information system

Lorch R.F.Jr; Lorch E.P., 1986:
On line processing of summary and importance signals in reading

Lorch E.P.; Lorch R.F.Jr; Gretter M.L.; Horn D.G., 1987:
On line processing of topic structure by children and adults

Ferrieri R.A.; Schlyer D.J.; Wieland B.W.; Wolf A.P., 1983:
On line production of nitrogen 13 labeled nitrogen gas from a solid enriched carbon 13 labeled target and its application to nitrogen 13 labeled ammonia synthesis using microwave radiation

Nissinen, E.; Linko-Lopponen, S.; Mannisto, P., 1984:
On line radiochemical assay for monoamine oxidase ec utilizing high performance liquid chromatography

Huh Y.H.; Beus H.L., 1982:
On line recognition of hand printed korean characters

Leedham, C.G.; Downton, A.C., 1986:
On line recognition of pitman's handwritten shorthand an evaluation of potential

Lengkeek J.G., 1979 :
On line reduction of micro climate data on turbulent transfer of moisture using a mini computer

Schwind J.; Gross M., 1988:
On line removal of eyelid and vertical eye movement artifacts of the eeg

Garnham A.; Oakhill J., 1985:
On line resolution of anaphoric pronouns effects of inference making and verb semantics

Karger B.L.; Kirby D.P.; Vouros P.; Foltz R.L.; Hidy B., 1979:
On line reversed phase liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

Terrant S.W.; Garson L.R.; Meyers B.E.; Cohen S.M., 1984:
On line searching full text of american chemical society primary journals

Krentz, D.M., 1978:
On line searching specialist required

Wicke, J.D.; Goff, W.R.; Wallace, J.D.; Allison, T., 1978:
On line statistical detection of average evoked potentials application to evoked response audiometry

Bond, V.L.; Bowman, C.M.; Davison, L.C.; Roush, P.F.; Mcgrew, R.D.; Williams, D.G., 1979:
On line storage and retrieval of chemical information 2. substructure and biological activity searching

Sturge Moore L., 1980:
On line systems in the information process of national institute of health and medical research france researchers

Jaumann G.; Engelhardt H., 1985:
On line trace enrichment for isolation of vitamin b 2 in food samples

Ahmad I., 1983:
On line trace enrichment of difenzoquat in water and its determination by high performance liquid chromatography

Maris F.A.; Stab J.A.; G.J.; Brinkman U.A.T., 1988:
On line trace enrichment on a reversed phase pre column for normal phase liquid chromatography with electron capture detection

Larsen, B., 1977:
On linkage relations of ceruloplasmin polymorphism in cattle

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On lipases in litter feeding invertebrates

Murphy J.A.; Platnick N.I., 1981:
On liphistius desultor araneae liphistiidae

Konova I.V.; Volkova O.V.; Rudakova L.M., 1984:
On lipids of zygomycetes cultivated on various media

Eason, E.H., 1978:
On lithobiidae from the seychelles with descriptions of 2 new species of the subgenus australobius genus lithobius chilopoda lithobiomorpha

Appukuttan, K.K., 1976:
On lithophaga diberus bisulcata a mytilid borer causing damage to the commercially important gastropod shells

Galunder R.; Gorissen I., 1987:
On littorella uniflora lepidium heterophyllum and other plant finds in bergisches land west germany and its environs

Graber-Duvernay, J.; Bonnefoy, E., 1986:
On lobstein's syndrome

Ulezlo I.V.; Zaprometova O.M., 1985 :
On localization of alpha galactosidase in cephalosporium acremonium 237

Mukhin E.N.; Neznaiko N.F.; Maevskaya Z.V.; Bil' K.Ya, 1984:
On localization of ferredoxin and plastocyanin in assimilating tissues of maize leaves

Hakulinen, T., 1977:
On long term relative survival rates

Pejler, B., 1975:
On long term stability of zoo plankton composition

Chukova Y.P., 1987:
On long wave boundary of visual reception

Hansen H.J., 1980:
On lorentz spengler and a neotype for the foraminifer calcarina spengleri

Riegraf W., 1987:
On lower and upper jurassic dibranchiate cephalopods from germany and england uk

Pant D.D.; Mishra S.N., 1986:
On lower gondwana megaspores from india

Corliss, J.O., 1976:
On lumpers and splitters of higher taxa in ciliate systematics

Kanjilal S., 1983:
On lunuloceras jurassic ammonoidea from kutch west india

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