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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6025

Chapter 6025 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dringyalene A.A.; Efimov V.I.; Sadauskas P.B., 1986:
On lymphocyte subpopulation ratio in the cattle blood during development of the leukemic process

Dietl G., 1981:
On macrocephalites ammonoidea of the aspidoides oolith and the bathonian callovian boundary of the zollernalb southwestern west germany

Van-Zeist, W., 1976:
On macroscopic traces of food plants in southwestern asia with some reference to pollen data

Murray, G.R.; Klainer, L.M., 1972:
On making systems analysis results operational in comprehensive health planning

Tsukamoto, M.; Kita, S.; Kagono, Y.; Murata, A.; Kamehiro, I.; Saito, M., 1978:
On malignant neuro vegetative syndrome

Rekasi, J.; Botond-Kiss, J., 1977:
On mallophaga from birds in the northern dobrudja region romania

Olrog, C.C., 1976:
On mammals from northwestern argentina

Nof D., 1979:
On man induced variations in the circulation of the mediterranean sea

Komota, Y.; Futatsugi, K.; Kimura, M., 1976 :
On markov chains generated by markovian controlled markov systems part 1 ergodic properties

Upadhye E.V.; Patil G.V., 1979:
On marsilea like fossil rhizome and petiole from deccan inter trappean beds of mohgaonkalan india

Haara, P., 1987:
On martingale methods for the analysis of failure time data

Haughney H.A.; Dziewulski D.M.; Nauman E.B., 1988:
On material balance models and maintenance coefficients in cstrs with various extents of biomass recycle

Koehler D., 1984:
On maternal care and behavioral development of neomys fodiens insectivora soricidae

Sutton, G.M.; Parmelee, D.F., 1978:
On maturation of thayers gull

Feiss, M.; Margulies, T., 1973:
On maturation of the bacterio phage lambda chromosome

Walsh, E.K.; Furniss, W.W.; Schettini, A., 1977:
On measurement of brain elastic response in vivo

Kusuki, Y., 1977:
On measurement of the filtration rates of the japanese oyster

Block W.M.; With K.A.; Morrison M.L., 1987:
On measuring bird habitat influence of observer variability and sample size

Anselin A.; Meire P., 1985:
On measuring habitat variables in avian studies with special reference to marsh nesting birds

Hari P.; Sievanen R.; Salminen R., 1983:
On measuring in plant ecological studies

Lehmkuhle, S.W.; Fox, R., 1976:
On measuring inter ocular transfer

Price M.V.; Kramer K.A., 1984:
On measuring micro habitat affinities with special reference to small mammals

Hartmann W.M.; Rakerd B.; Packard T.N., 1985:
On measuring the frequency difference limen for short tones

Volkov E.I.; Mustafin A.T., 1982:
On mechanism of fluctuations of cell cycle duration

Sadkovaya R.M.; Zin'kovskaya T.M.; Golubev A.D., 1986:
On mechanism of the antianginal action of corinfar

Paleev N.R.; Kovaleva L.I.; Nikiforova T.B., 1986:
On mechanism of ventricular bigeminy

Zaslavskaya R.M.; Zolotaya R.D.; Olevskii I.Kh; Duda S.G.; Vilkovyskii F.A.; Pokazeeva Z.T.; Usvatova I.Ya; Il'icheva R.F.; Goz N.Ya; E.A., 1986:
On mechanisms of hemodynamic effects of nonachlazine in patients with ischemic heart disease

Kreps E.M.; Tyurin V.A.; Chelomin V.P.; Gorbunov N.V.; Nalivaeva N.N.; Tyurina Y.Y.; Avrova N.F.; Kagan V.E., 1987:
On mechanisms of initiation of lipid peroxidation in synaptosomes from the brain of marine teleosts

Matsuo, T.; Ito, S., 1977:
On mechanisms of removing astringency in persimmon fruits by carbon di oxide treatment part 1 some properties of the 2 processes in the de astringency

Rogovin, K.A., 1985:
On mechanisms of the numbers control in alactagulus pygmaeus rodentia dipodidae 1. peculiarities of spatial organization of intrapopulation groups

Uchida, T.; Sugiura, Y., 1976:
On medusa budding in a limno medusa scolionema suvaense

Gajewska, I.; Marcinkiewicz, T., 1978:
On mega spores and litho stratigraphy of the bunter in the southwest part of the fore sudetic poland monocline

Puthz, V., 1977:
On megalopinus robustus and like species coleoptera staphylinidae

Hime N.D.C.; Costa E.D.L., 1985:
On megaselia aristolochiae new species diptera phoridae with larvae rearing on the flowers of aristolochia labiata aristolochiaceae

Berlin, C.I., 1976:
On: melodic intonation therapy for aphasia by R. W. Sparks and A. L. Holland

Vekshin, N.L., 1985:
On membrane viscosity measurements using pyrene excimer luminescence

Ludyanskii E.E., 1986:
On meningoradiculitis

Takeda, M.; Inamasu, Y.; Koshikawa, T.; Ueda, T.; Nakano, M.; Tomida, T.; Hamada, M., 1976:
On mercury and selenium contained in tuna fish tissues part 2 total mercury level in muscles and viscera of yellowfin tuna

Hamada, M.; Inamasu, Y.; Ueda, T., 1977 :
On mercury and selenium in tuna fish tissues part 3 mercury distribution in yellowfin tuna

Hamada, M.; Inamasu, Y., 1977:
On mercury and selenium in tuna fish tissues part 5 a mathematical approach to the mechanism of mercury accumulation

Takeda, M.; Ueda, T., 1977:
On mercury and selenium in tuna fish tissues part 6 mercury level in liver and spleen of tuna and marlin from the east indian ocean

Takeda, M.; Ueda, T., 1977:
On mercury and selenium in tuna fish tissues part 7 selenium level in muscles of yellowfin tuna and in livers and spleens of tuna and marlin

Shimp C.P., 1982:
On meta knowledge in the pigeon an organisms knowledge about its own behavior

Zalenskii O.V.; Zubkova E.K.; Mamushina N.S.; Filippova L.A., 1985:
On metabolic relations between the calvin and krebs cycles

Inoue, H., 1986:
On metacalypogeia quelpaertensis hatt. and inoue

Annecke D.P.; Mynhardt M.J., 1979:
On metaphycus stanleyi and 2 new species of metaphycus from africa hymenoptera encyrtidae

Sandow D.; Lindemann W.; Rosmus K., 1988:
On method and quality control of the hemagglutination inhibition test in rubella

Zhang Q.; Zhao L.; Yan X.; Ren Y.; Wang P., 1986:
On method of determination of soil available phosphorus in light chernozem and black soil

Yakovlev V.N.; Al'tman Y.S.; Shatilina T.A., 1986:
On methodics of forecasting the main indexes of cololabis saira catch in south kurile islands area

Ruzicka, J., 1971:
On methodological principles of the study of algal populations in vitro

Kuttruff, E.; Entrup, N.L., 1978:
On methods for determining dry matter in forage plants

L'vov N.P.; Safaraliev P.M., 1988:
On methods for determining nitrate reductase activity in plants

Shternshis M.V., 1985:
On methods for estimation of physical properties of bacterial insecticides

Stirbis P.P.; Medzyavichus P A.B.; Drogaitsev A.D.; Polezhaev V.V., 1986:
On methods for practical assessment of functional potentialities of implanted synchronous cardiostimulator

Coghlan, B.A.; Taylor, M.G., 1978:
On methods for pre processing direction doppler signals to allow display of directional blood velocity waveforms by spectrum analyzers

Stengel, E.; Reckermann, J., 1978:
On methods for the quantitation of photosynthetic oxygen production in open mass cultures of algae

Sarkissian, I.V.; Srivastava, H.K., 1968:
On methods of isolation of active tightly coupled mitochondria of wheat m seedlings grinding inst centrifugation

Verkaik A.J., 1987:
On methods of killing muskrats ondatra zibethicus in the field

Fraher J.P., 1980:
On methods of measuring nerve fibers

Kormilev N.A., 1982:
On mezira granulata group hemiptera heteroptera aradidae

Matuschka, F.R.; Werner, H., 1978:
On micro morphological changes of bradyzoites of toxoplasma cysts in cerebral tissue after storage under freezing at minus 20 celsius

Chaturani P.; Upadhya V.S., 1979:
On micro polar fluid model for blood flow through narrow tubes

Gluchowski E., 1982:
On micro structures of columnals of some paleozoic crinoids

Lopes H.D.S., 1982:
On microcerellini diptera sarcophagidae with 4 new species of boettia

Pedersen, B.V., 1986:
On microgeographic differentiations of a chromosomal polymorphism in chironomus plumosus l. from lake tystrup bavelse denmark diptera chironomidae

Ball, I.R.; Khan, R.A., 1976:
On micropharynx parasitica new record a marine planarian ecto parasitic on thorny skate raja radiata from the north atlantic ocean

Sawada, S.I., 1978:
On mid day depression of photosynthesis in wheat seedlings triticum aestivum

Okoh, O., 1971:
On mima polymorpha meningitis in a 5 month old infant and its treatment

Cavanaugh J.C.; Kramer D.A.; Sinnott J.D.; Camp C.J.; Markley R.P., 1985:
On missing links and such interfaces between cognitive research and everyday problem solving

Tsyrkunov L.P.; Tsyrkunova A.L., 1987:
On mite borne dermatitis

Weiner R.; Schmoz G.; Hartig W.; Kunze G.; Sommerfeld M., 1988:
On model nutrition diagnostics and therapy

Matuda K.; Suzuki M., 1982:
On model testing for fishing gears made of netting twine with specific gravity smaller than unity

Getz, W.M., 1978:
On modeling temporal patterns in stressed ecosystems recreation in a coniferous forest

Pongracz F.; Szente M., 1981:
On modeling the variability of inter spike intervals during epileptic unit activity

Todorova N., 1987:
On modelling agroecocenosis productivity

Slavov N.; Koleva Lizama I.; Georgiev G., 1987:
On modelling soil water dynamics in spring and summer on wheat

Spillane K.T.; Minson D.J., 1986:
On modelling the passage of digesta particulates in sheep

Brendel V.; Segel L.A., 1987:
On modes of recombination replication and segregation of the higher plant mitochondrial genome

Moore J., 1983:
On molarism and matching

Herrmann F.H.; Wehnert M.; Wulff K., 1988:
On molecular genetics and genomic dna analysis carrier detection and prenatal diagnosis of hemophilia a

Poltev, V.I.; Bruskov, V.I., 1978:
On molecular mechanisms of nucleic acid synthesis fidelity aspects part 1 contribution of base interactions

Nadler, T., 1978:
On molt of the little tern sterna albifrons aves charadriiformes laridae

Steinberg, A.D., 1978:
On morning stiffness

Feiler, A., 1978:
On morphologic characteristics of phalanger celebensis mammalia marsupialia phalangeridae

Liao C.; Chen M.; Song D., 1984:
On morphological characteristics and biology of the silk spider nephila imperialis araneae araneidae

Konstantinov A.S., 1987:
On morphological structures used for the identification of female leaf beetles of the genus altica coleoptera chrysomelidae

Chen G., 1980:
On morphological variations of paragonimus westermani

Schaber P.; Schrimpf A., 1984:
On morphology and ecology of the filinia terminalis filinia longiseta group rotatoria in bavarian and tyrolean lakes

Bronnimann P., 1986:
On morphology and taxonomy of ammoastuta protista foraminiferida

Antonov G., 1985:
On mountain forest soils grading in accordance with their stone content

Murthy, T.S.N.; Rao, K.V.R., 1977:
On mouth rot disease in the captive sea snakes

Muto T.; Ooya M.; Agawa S.; Sugihara K.; Sunouchi K.; Morioka Y., 1987:
On mucin abnormality of metaplastic polyp of the colon precancerous or paracancerous?

Baksi, S.K.; Deb, U., 1976:
On mulleripollis new genus a pollen tetrad from the upper cretaceous of the bengal basin west bengal india

Nilsson, J.E., 1976:
On multi variate classification and some methods for classification

Chiang, C.L.; Hsu, J.P., 1976:
On multiple transition time in a simple illness death process a fix neyman model

Gradstein, S.R.; Vital, D.M., 1975:
On myriocoleopsis lejeuneaceae

Svrakic D., 1984:
On narcissistic emotions

Rao, R., 1978:
On narsingiella narsingi new genus new species of aspidoderid nematode from bufo viridis found in berhampur india

Umeda Y.; Shimizu M., 1985 :
On natural channels in sarobetsu peatland japan surface forms on peatland 1

Villwock W., 1985:
On natural hybrids between 2 valid species of the genus aphanius nardo 1827 pisces cyprinodontidae from the bardawil lagoon north sinai egypt

Zhdanov N.N.; Stepanichenko N.N.; Vasilevskaya A.I.; Navrezova N.Sh; Tyshchenko A.A.; Mukhamedzhanov S.Z.; Aslanov K.A., 1985:
On nature of melanin pigments in fungi of the genera cladosporium and stemphylium

Bickhard, M.H., 1979:
On necessary and specific capabilities in evolution and development

Schüldt, K., 1988:
On neck muscle activity and load reduction in sitting postures. An electromyographic and biomechanical study with applications in ergonomics and rehabilitation

Aiello C.; Cavezza A.; Cice G.; Cittadini A., 1985:
On need of polydisciplinary study in medico social evaluation of ischemic cardiopathy

Aiello C.; Cittadini A.; Cavezza A., 1985:
On need of some non invasive cardiologic methods in medico social field

Duggal C.L.; Kaur H., 1986:
On neoechinorhynchus chilkaensis and serrasentis socialis acanthocephalan parasites of fishes of india

Dragesco J.; Feer F.; Genermont J., 1979:
On neotragus batesi systematic biometry

Reichardt, H., 1976:
On neotropical carabidae coleoptera new species and notes

Pamplona, D., 1986:
On neotropical morellia robineau desvoidy 1830 i. characterization of the genus and description of three new species diptera muscidae muscinae

Pamplona, D., 1986:
On neotropical morellia robineau desvoidy 1830 ii. description of five new species diptera muscidae muscinae

Gupta N.K.; Duggal C.L., 1987:
On neoxysomatium macintoshii new combination stewart 1914 nematoda oxyuridae from a toad at chandigarh india

Iqbal, K.; Grundke-Iqbal, I.; Wisniewski, H.M.; Terry, R.D., 1977:
On neuro filament and neuro tubule proteins from human autopsy tissue

Kormilev, N.A.; Heiss, E., 1976:
On new and little known species of aradidae part 1 hemiptera heteroptera

Deevey, G.B., 1978:
On new and little known species of archiconchoecia myodocopa halocyprididae from the sargasso and caribbean seas with descriptions of 7 new species

Misra M.P.; Pawar A.D.; Ahmed A., 1987:
On new chalcidid hyperparasites of campoletis chlorideae uchida hymenoptera ichneumonidae from gorakhpur uttar pradesh india

Voigt E., 1987:
On new cyclostomate bryozoa from the upper maastrichtian chalk tuff near maastricht netherlands

Bukharin P.D., 1985:
On new fruit and berry plant introduction into horticulture

Baksi, S.K.; Deb, U., 1976:
On new occurrence of aquilapollenites from eastern india

De-Lisle, M.O., 1977:
On new or incompletely known coleoptera lucanidae part 4

Sugiyama K.; Majewski T., 1985:
On new species of the genus laboulbenia laboulbeniomycetes ascomycotina ii

Sugiyama K.; Majewski T., 1987:
On new species of the genus laboulbenia laboulbeniomycetes ascomycotina iii

Mikami, H., 1977:
On nienburgia prolifera rhodophyceae delesseriaceae from alaska usa

Mueller M.; Kirchesch V., 1983:
On nitrification in the rivers moselle and danube west germany

Hammann, R.; Ottow, J.C.G., 1976:
On nitrogen fixing clostridia and bacilli from soils

Shinobu, R.; Yamazumi, I.; Ishizaki, N., 1976:
On nocardia diaphanozonaria new species

Berndt, R.; Winkel, W., 1972:
On nocturnal brooding by female tits parus while rearing young

Angermann R.; Feiler A., 1988:
On nomenclature species status and variability of the hares genus lepus from western africa

Akhmerov R.N., 1987:
On non coupled oxidation in rat heart mitochondria

Brash A.R.; Baertschi S.W.; Ingram C.D.; Harris T.M., 1987:
On non cyclooxygenase prostaglandin synthesis in the sea whip coral plexaura homomalla an 8r lipoxygenase pathway leads to formation of a alpha ketol and an racemic prostanoid

Hemond H.F.; Goldman J.C., 1985:
On non darcian water flow in peat

Postnikov L.N.; Silina A.G.; Sverdlov A.G., 1982:
On nonadditivity of the effects of neutron radiation and gamma radiation on ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Mathiesen S.D.; Jorgensen T.; Traavik T.; Blix A.S., 1985:
On noncontagious ecthyma and its treatment in musk oxen ovibos moschatus

Hall P.; Wand M.P., 1988:
On nonparametric discrimination using density differences

Fengler J D.; Baumgarten R., 1987:
On nosocomial hepatitis b in collaborators of the public health

Malipatil, M.B., 1977:
On nothochromus maoricus heteroptera lygaeidae

Souza L.H.D., 1983:
On notochaetomima diptera sarcophagidae with description of 4 new species 1 of them living on beltela sp mollusca gastropoda

D.W.lton A.C.; Koningstein J.A., 1984:
On novel fluorescence in the q x region of the bacteriochlorophyll a and chlorophyll a dimers in solution

Nilsson J.R.; Zeuthen E., 1980:
On nucleolar dna replication in tetrahymena pyriformis gl 8 an electron microscope auto radiographic study of heat synchronized and exponentially multiplying cells

Stusak, J.M., 1977:
On nymphs of some javanese tingidae heteroptera

Parving, A.; Ostri, B., 1983:
On objective criteria for hearing impairment and hearing disability

Turner-Warwick, M., 1977:
On observing patterns of air flow obstruction in chronic asthma

Ingels, J., 1976:
On occurrence and nesting of the doves leptotila verreauxi and leptotila rufaxilla near kourou french guiana/

Frank, C., 1978:
On occurrences and ecology of both species of itala in middle and southwestern styria austria

Prabhoo, N.R., 1976:
On odontella macronychia new status a soil collembola from kerala india

Marsden, C.D.; Parkes, J.D., 1976:
On off effects in patients with parkinsons disease on chronic l dopa therapy

Frattola, L.; Albizzati, M.G.; Bassi, S.; Ferrarese, C.; Trabucchi, M., 1982:
On off phenomena dys kinesias and dystonias comparison of lisuride vs. apo morphine acute treatment

IIjima S.; Kawai S.; Mizutani S.; Taniguchi M.; Kobayashi T., 1987:
On off regulation of gene expression from tryptophan promoter with cross flow filtration

Kawai S.; Mizutani S.; IIjima S.; Kobayashi T., 1986:
On off regulation of the tryptophan promoter in fed batch culture

Erkamo, V., 1978:
On old and new finds of pulsatilla patens and pulsatilla vernalis new record in the area of hauho and tuulos south finland

Puthz, V., 1986:
On old and new stenus species from africa 205. contribution to the knowledge of steninae

Etingof R.N., 1987:
On olfactory cell receptors characteristics and problems of identification

Redhead, S.A.; Weresub, L.K., 1978:
On omphalia and omphalina

Duggal C.L.; Gupta S., 1987:
On one new and one already known cestode parasitizing blue rock pigeon columba livia at chandigarh india

Konyukhov V.F.; Mal'tseva L.A.; Lyaiman M.E.; Likhoded L.Ya; Sukhova T.G.; Khodorkovskaya V.A., 1986:
On one of the causes of changes in the viability of escherichia coli in the air

Kudo T.; Yamauchi T., 1988:
On ontogenic study of amygdala seizures induced by penicillin in rats

Richstein A.; Jonas I., 1981:
On open nasal speech following operative procedures in the oro pharynx and naso pharynx a combined speech and cephalometric analysis

Zeiler M.D., 1987:
On optimal choice strategies

Fagerstrom T.; Larsson S.; Tenow O., 1987:
On optimal defense in plants

Gleit A., 1979:
On optimal mean variance harvesting rules

Kholodenko B.N.; Geviksman K.V.; Kholodov L.E., 1982:
On optimal tactics of anti bacterial therapy for the trigger model of infection process

Papentin, F., 1980:
On order and complexity 1. general considerations

Papentin, F., 1982:
On order and complexity 2. application to chemical and biochemical structures

Gupta R.K., 1987:
On orientoheriades new subgenus and two new species of genus heriades spinola from india insecta hymenoptera apoidea megachilidae

Maryanska T.; Osmolska H., 1985:
On ornithischian phylogeny

Lopes H.D.S., 1985:
On orodexia anolisomyia revalidated euflettcherimyia and notochaeta diptera sarcophagidae with key to species

Iwamatsu T.; Imaki A.; Kawamoto A.; Inden A., 1982:
On oryzias javanicus collected at jakarta and west kalimantan indonesia and singapore

Spaargaren, D.H., 1976:
On osmotic and ionic regulation in blood bile and tissues of 3 pleuronectes species

Blake, R.W., 1977:
On ostraciiform loco motion

Klausnitzer, B., 1975 :
On our knowledge of the larvae of myrmecoxenus and oxylaemus part 19 contribution to our knowledge of the larvae of the central european coleoptera coleoptera colydiidae

Gaedike, R., 1975:
On our knowledge of the micro lepidoptera of the near east and middle east epermeniidae acrolepiidae douglasiidae

Surikov I.M.; Gavrilenko T.A.; Dunaeva S.E.; Kissel' N.I.; Mazur V.A., 1986:
On overcoming and using plant interspecific incompatibility of agricultural plants by in vitro methods

Lopes H.D.S.; Tibana R., 1987:
On oxysarcodexia diptera sarcophagidae with descriptions of five new species key list and geographic distribution of the species

Kuhnen K., 1985:
On pair formation in the sand martin riparia riparia

Aw, P.C.; Ishii, K.I.; Okimura, Y., 1977:
On palaeofusulina colaniella fauna from the upper permian of kelantan malaysia

Ando K.; Wada M.; Takano T., 1987:
On paleo environments based on the diatom assemblages in the arakawa lowland saitama prefecture japan

Bjarke, B., 1977:
On palpation of the femoral pulse in the new born

Bai M.G.; Sankaran T., 1985:
On panagrolaimus migophilus and pelodera sp nematoda rhabditidae parasitizing musca domestica diptera muscidae in india

Dietl G., 1981:
On paracuariceras and other heteromorph ammonites of the macrocephalen oolith lower callovian dogger of the swabian west germany jurassic

Gupta, S.P.; Verma, S.L., 1978:
On paracucullanellus bagarii new species family cucullanidae from the intestine of bagarius yarrelli from lucknow india

Ghiselin, M.T., 1977:
On paradigms and the hyper modern species concept

Diggle P.J., 1979:
On parameter estimation and goodness of fit testing for spatial point patterns

Corman A.; Pave A., 1983:
On parameter estimation of monods bacterial growth model from batch culture data

Kuznetsov P.P.; Polimbetova F.A.; Kim G.G.; Mamonov L.K., 1986:
On parametric modelling of photosynthetic process

Tabacov, I., 1971:
On pararenal pseudocysts a report on 2 cases

Harshey D.K.; Victor R., 1983:
On parastenocypris biswasi a fresh water ostracod crustacea ostracoda from india

Krog, H., 1978:
On parmelia protomatrae xanthoparmelia an overlooked lichen species in europe

Reymann, K.; Shvyrkov, V.B.; Grinchenko, Y.V., 1977:
On participation of hippocampal single units in consecutive feeding behavior

Denisenko M.F.; Soldatenkov V.A.; Belovskaya L.N.; Filippovich I.V., 1988:
On participation of nad poly adp ribose in chromatin degradation in irradiated thymocytes

Aptikaeva G.F.; Ganassi E.E., 1985:
On participation of poly adp ribosylation processes in reparation of cytogenetic damages to mammalian cells

Shimazu, T., 1975:
On parvatrema rebunense new species trematoda digenea gymnophallidae

Pott G.; Gerlach U., 1979:
On patho biochemistry of organ fibroses the changes of connective tissue metabolism in liver fibrosis and in rheumatoid arthritis

Malezhik L.P.; Al'fonsov V.V., 1984:
On pathogenesis of hemostatic disorders in cancer

Artifeksov S.B.; Ryzhakov Y.D.; Mozhzhukhin V.B., 1986:
On pathogenetic role of the temperature factor in varicocele associated subfertility

Purrini K.; Weiser J.; Seguni Z., 1986:
On pathogenic agents infecting mosquito larvae anopheles spp and culex spp in tanzania

Yonge C.M., 1980:
On patro australis with comparisons of structure throughout the anomiidae bivalvia

Ettl H., 1981:
On peculiar shapes of the gelatinous thalli in palmodictyon varium chlorellales chlorophyta

Mel'nikov I.A., 1984:
On peculiarities of distribution and behavior of the common species of cryo pelagic fauna under the drifting arctic ice

Bugorskii P.S.; Zaprometov M.N., 1988:
On peculiarities of oil formation in rose flowers during fermentation

Voronkov S.I., 1986:
On peculiarities of triticale cultivar stavropolskii 1 ontogeny

Rutkovskaya V.A.; Pelevin V.N.; Voitov V.I., 1982:
On penetration of photosynthetically active solar radiation into the atlantic ocean water

Sluys R.; Bush L.F., 1988:
On pentacoelum punctatum new combination an amphi atlantic marine triclad platyhelminthes tricladida maricola

Maximov, O.B.; Shvets, T.V.; Elkin-Yu, N., 1977:
On per manganate oxidation of humic acids

Caelli, T.; Julesz, B., 1978:
On perceptual analyzers underlying visual texture discrimination part 1

Sudnik Y.M.; Klinger Y.E.; Cherenkevich S.N.; Nikandrov V.N.; Votyakov V.I., 1985:
On peroxidase activity of influenza virus

Rauste Von Wright M., 1986:
On personality and educational psychology

Prasad, B.N.; Mehrotra, R.K.; Singh, Y., 1978:
On ph tolerance of some soil blue green algae

Sakhanova R.A.; Lyubovitskaya G.I., 1985:
On phase transitions of bound and unbound water in the course of muscle contraction

Rouffa, A.S., 1978:
On phenotypic expression morphogenetic pattern and synangium evolution in psilotum

Rajyalakshmi I.; Rao K.H.; Shyamasundari K., 1985:
On philometra neolateolabracis new species philometridae baylis and daubney 1926 from the ovary of the marine fish johnius argentatus fowler

Schleich, H.H., 1976:
On phrynocephalus helioscopus from persia reptilia sauria agamidae

Ospovat M.F., 1985:
On phylogeny and classification of ctenophora

Tigranyan R.E.; Shorokhov V.V., 1985:
On physical modeling of acoustic effects under the action of superhigh frequency fields on biological systems

Rauhala E.; Karvonen J.; Chwalbinska Moneta J., 1987:
On physical work loads in slalom skiing

Honda Y.; Oda S.; Honda N., 1982:
On physiological effects especially respiratory responses to induced hyper thermia

Copley, A.L.; Witte, S., 1976:
On physiological micro thrombo embolization as the primary platelet function elimination of invaded particles from the circulation and its pathogenic significance

Khlebovich V.V.; Komendantov A.Yu, 1985:
On physiologically fresh water invertebrates of marine origin

Harjula H.; Roos A.; Granberg K.; Kaatra K., 1979:
On phyto plankton counting

Wagner, E., 1976:
On phytocoris hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Goldman J.C., 1986:
On phytoplankton growth rates and particulate carbon nitrogen phosphorus ratios at low light

Girard, C.; Miane, J.M.; Riou, J.; Baret, R., 1977:
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On rhinodrilus and urobenus oligochaeta glossoscolecidae

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On sea horse loco motion

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On search in an incomplete data base

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On selecting for pupation height in drosophila simulans

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On selection of alfalfa for resistance to diseases and high productivity

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On selection of oral contraceptives

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On sense physiology and ultrastructure of the unspecialized epidermis of haminea navicula mollusca opisthobranchia

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On several agapanthia spp from the senckenberg museum west germany insecta coleoptera cerambycidae

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On several fundamental allometries of the mussel mytilus galloprovincialis

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On several genera of african masoreini coleoptera carabidae

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On several new glomeridae diplopoda from indochina

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On several new species belonging to the genus metadromius bedel coleoptera carabidae

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On several scarabaeoidea coleoptera from the fauna of spain

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On sex and the psychology of playing dumb a reevaluation

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On sexual reproduction of spirogyra majuscula green algae under defined cultural conditions

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On sharp generation of self oscillation in a volterra type model

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On short range orientation of solitary hymenoptera individual marking of the nest entrances

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On shy drager syndrome morphology

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On side differences in the position of the apex of the cornea compared with the lateral orbital margin measurements with hertel's exophthalmometer

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On sierozems and gray cinnamonic soils

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On siler silerella cyllobelus and natta araneae salticidae

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On simultaneous transport of water and solute through plant cell membranes evidence for the absence of solvent drag effect and insensitivity of the reflection coefficient

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On sisyridae of the oriental region

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On site assessment of rock discontinuities from resistivity logs t l log a new logging technique

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On site determination of Sulfotep air levels in a fumigating greenhouse

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On site filtration and subsurface disposal of domestic sewage

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On site sampling with pre concentration for the determination of some chelex labile trace metals in drinking water

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On site seizure clinic impact on the welfare of mentally retarded institutionalized patients

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On site site interactions in the liver alcohol dehydrogenase catalytic mechanism

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On skrjabinopsolus indica new species from the intestine of a marine fish glyphidodon bengalensis from chilka lake orissa india

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On small in uv light intensively fluorescent cell neuron relationships in autonomic ganglion

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On social differentiation in groups of captive female hamadryas baboons

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On social regulation in nannotrigona postica subgenus scaptotrigona with special reference to male production cycles hymenoptera apidae meliponinae

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On sodium chloride resistance of beta vulgaris var crassa d phaseolus vulgaris var nanus d phaseolus vulgaris var vulgaris d and zea mays m

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On soil crumbling caused by mechanical treatment

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On soil exchange acidity 1 measurement method of exchangeable aluminum and hydrogen

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On soils of intermontane steppe depressions in the checheno ingush assr russian sfsr ussr

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On soluble proteins from uterine tissue related to gtp binding proteins of receptor systems

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On solving the fully interchanging n compartment model in steady state tracer kinetic studies with reference to vfa absorption from the rumen

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On some abyssal sea anemones of the north atlantic actiniaria hormathiidae

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On some acanthocephalans parasitizing birds of punjab india

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On some adult and larval platyhelminth forms of reptiles on the canary islands spain

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On some african mealybugs homoptera coccoidea pseudococcidae

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On some african species of empoasca and jacobiasca homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

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On some amphibians collected by the late professor giuseppe scortecci in somalia

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On some analytical methods for determining the chemical composition of soil

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On some anoetid deutonymphs acari collected from histerids coleoptera histerida

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On some anomalies in spiders

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On some approaches to hemodynamic optimization in myocardial infarction patients

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On some aquatic bryophyte communities of nainital and its environs western himalayas india

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On some aradidae from the old world and new world hemiptera heteroptera

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On some aspects of bionomics in melipona bicolor bicolor hymenoptera apidae meliponinae

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On some aspects of classification of mountain forests of georgia ussr

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On some atemnidae and cheliferidae pseudoscorpiones from greece

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On some australian species of cyathiger king coleoptera pselaphidae

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On some baeinae proctotrupoidea scelionidae from india

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On some barbus species from western asia cyprinidae pisces

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On some biochemical changes in the blood of turkey poults experimentally infected with eimeria adenoeides

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On some biochemical parameters of hydatid fluid of different hosts

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On some biological characteristics of alpine plants in the yerevan botanical garden armenian ssr ussr

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On some biometric problems of model search in multidimensional contingency table analysis

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On some branchiobdellids annelida clitellata from mexico with the description of new species of the genera cambarincola and oedipodrilus

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On some bryozoans from the dakar senegal region

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On some butterflies from malaysia and peninsular thailand

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On some characteristics of the diurnal variation of ozone observed in island urban and rural areas

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On some characteristics of the occurrence and significance of infective transmissible gastro enteritis in swine in yugoslavia

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On some cockroaches from angola including a checklist of the species

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On some collections of coastal fishes of the moroccan atlantic

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On some colorless flagellates from java and brazil

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On some crustose lichens with trentepohlia from shaded overhangs in coastal norway

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On some cyclophyllidean cestodes parasitizing birds of punjab india

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On some diatoms new to allahabad india

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On some digenetic trematodes parasitizing birds of punjab india

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On some diplopoda from the raetikon vorarlberg austria

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On some disputed questions concerning the physiology and the pathology of the eustachian tube

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On some dosinia from the pliocene and pleistocene formations in hokkaido japan

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On some echinoderms cystoids and crinoids from the ashgillian of aragon spain

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On some edible aquatic flora and fauna of northern thailand their morphology ecological distribution and utilization

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On some elements of the water balance of coniferous tree and oak forests

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On some features of desert soil physical properties in the uzbek ssr ussr

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On some feeding trails in the ganga river sediments india

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On some floras of the carboniferous rocks of the pyrenees mountains france spain

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On some fresh water algae from north surin island

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On some fresh water ostracod type specimens from indonesia

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On some freshwater gammaridean species new or interesting to the fauna of italy contribution to the knowledge of the amphipoda 160

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On some functional results of the crossing of articular ligaments

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On some genera of hyperoliidae anura still in question

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On some genetic aspects of phage lambda resistance in escherichia coli k 12

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On some geological problems connected with the preservation of mawangdui tomb number 1 of han dynasty in changsha

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On some geometridae from comoro islands indian ocean lepidoptera

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On some gyrinidae coleoptera from people's republic of the congo

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On some hepatics from iwate prefecture japan

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On some histeridae coleoptera preserved in collections of the transvaal museum south africa

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On some iguanid genera related to or previously confused with liolaemus

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On some improvement of the rotating cage apparatus for avoidance training and a series of pilot experiments using the revised apparatus with rats

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On some inozoa pharetronida clacispongea and tabulozoa sclerospongiae from upper permian reefs lichuan county west hubei china

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On some insect galls on tectona grandis linn. from india

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On some interactions of 1 beta d ribofuranosyl 1 2 4 triazole 3 carboxamide virazole and plant hormones in virus infected plants

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On some interesting cerambycidae of the natural history museum of friuli italy coleoptera cerambycidae

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On some interesting coleoptera collected in apulia italy

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On some interesting ephydridae from greece diptera brachycera

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On some interesting representatives of peronosporales and erysiphales collected recently in poland

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On some interpretations of the anomalous thickening patterns in centrosperms

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On some japanese desmids 8

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On some japanese desmids part 7

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On some lepismatids zygentoma insecta from the algerian sahara notes and description of a new species of the genus hyperlepisma

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On some little known and a new praying mantid mantodea from mulla periyar tiger reserve kerala india

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On some liverworts from iriomote island ryukyu archipelago

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On some longicorn beetles from malaysia with descriptions of 6 new species coleoptera cerambycidae

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On some lower triassic ammonites from the osawa formation at asadanuki towa cho tome gun miyagi prefecture northeast japan

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On some lower triassic ammonoids from ankilokaza madagascar malagasy republic

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On some mega spores from the triassic of nidhpuri india

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On some meristic characters of lancetfish alepisaurus collected from suruga bay japan

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On some mesocyclops crustacea copepoda of south america

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On some methodological aspects of computer modeling

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On some microcerellini diptera sarcophagidae with descriptions of 4 new species

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On some misidentified species of carabus group beetles in south korea/

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On some models for developmental systems part ix. generalized generating word and genetic code

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On some models for developmental systems part vii. some types of patterns included in a feedback loop

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On some momphidae from north africa lepidoptera gelechioidea

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On some moravian czechoslovakia devonian rugosa

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On some morpho functional characteristics of heat acclimatized animal erythrocytes

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On some morphological variations of syncyamus aequus lincoln and hurley 1981 amphipoda cyamidae from the mediterranean sea

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On some myriapoda chilopoda from the natural history museum of geneva switzerland

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On some new and interesting west african ulopinae and megophthalminae homoptera cicadellidae

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On some new and little known southern asiatic species of lithobiidae chilopoda lithobiomorpha

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On some new earthworms from china part 2

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On some new gall inhabiting thysanoptera

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On some new miridae from turkey hemiptera heteroptera

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On some new or interesting east african amphibians and reptiles

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On some new rare and critical macromycetes in west germany

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On some new species from the mastixiaceae flora taphocenosis from the miocene near hradek nad nisou zittau basin north bohemia czechoslovakia

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On some new species of genus siagonium from japan and formosa insecta coleoptera staphylinidae

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On some new species of sarcophagidae from costa rica diptera

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On some new species of spiders of the genus sergiolus from india family gnaphosidae

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On some new trematodes from birds of guiyang china

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On some north indian typhlocybinae homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

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On some northern elements in the lower gondwana flora of vereeniging transvaal africa

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On some notable lichens from norway

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On some oriental and ethiopian typhlocybinae homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

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On some parakrithe from upper miocene of italy

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On some parameters of the soybean variety fiskeby v under east german cropping conditions and their importance for combine harvesting

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On some paranoplocephala species cestoda anoplocephalidae parasitizing rodents rodentia in europe

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On some parasitic nematoda found in amphibians of the genus bufo

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On some peculiarities in the life history of pennate diatoms previously overlooked

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On some peculiarities of the development of causal agents of septoriosis in wheat

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On some peculiarities of the frontal eddies of the east australian current

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On some petrified plants from the cretaceous of choshi chiba prefecture japan 7

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On some physico chemical properties of esterase isoenzymes in triticum aestivum l. seeds

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On some physiological and biochemical properties of two forms of streptomyces thermovulgaris strain 127 glucose isomerase producer

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On some physiological characteristics in cold damaged trees and recovery ability

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On some physiological effects of the scorpion Heterometrus fulvipes venom on the frog Rana hexadactyla

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On some phytochemical investigations of psilotum nudum l

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On some phytoseiid mites from india

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On some planktonic coccoid blue green algae characterized by iron precipitates

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On some plant parasitic nematodes associated with bryophytes and pteridophytes in northwest india

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On some plant parasitic nematodes of the genus macroposthonia medinematidae criconematoidea from india

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On some plant species new and rare for the kalinin oblast russian sfsr ussr

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On some plants of the almeria spain gypsum quarries

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On some poorly known southern african encyrtidae hymenoptera chalcidoidea with descriptions of four new species

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On some population parameters of flying squid ommastrephes bartrami in the northwest pacific

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On some portunids crustacea decapoda brachyura from the seychelles islands

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On some possibilities by computed axial tomography cat of the brain in psychic diseases

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On some presynaptic effects of an aminotetralin derivative

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On some problems in controlling of pharaoh's ants monomorium pharaonis l. by the rinal pharao ant bait

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On some problems in the demonstration of haemophilus somnus antibodies

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On some problems of juveniles' disablement au

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On some problems of registered mortality among health registered alcoholic patients in bulgaria/

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On some problems referring to heterosis and the reduction in vigor of yield characters in maize

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On some properties of ancylostoma caninum amylase

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On some properties of extracellular proteolytic activity of rumen ciliate protozoa

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On some properties of iaa oxidase in maize and mustard leaves

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On some psocoptera from madeira portugal with key to the western palearctic species of trichopsocus insecta psocoptera

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On some pycnogonida of french oceania

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On some qualitative aspects of turkey meat part 1 myo rheological characteristics

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On some questions about the health condition of workers from the hothouses

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On some questions about working capacity of patients with renal diseases/

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On some questions of the early paleozoic stratigraphy in bulgaria and the adjacent countries

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On some rare or little noticed mediterranean micromollusca 1

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On some rare taxa of nitzschia from india

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On some rarer species of birds observed at the mouth of vistula near gdansk part 2

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On some reasons for the automatization of electrocardiography

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On some regularities of soil algoflora distribution in the alasas of the central yakutsk assr russian sfsr ussr

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On some relationships between gamma amino butyric acid and the cholinergic mechanisms in electric convulsions

Roussinov, K.; Lazarova, M., 1977:
On some relationships between gamma amino butyric acid and the cholinergic mechanisms in pentylene tetrazole convulsions

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On some remarkable arachnids from north tyrol austria aranei opiliones

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On some remarkable finds of weevils coleoptera curculionidae in the northern part of east germany

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On some remarkable structures in suspensor cells of phaseolus vulgaris d

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On some representatives of the eryopoidea amphibia temnospondyli from the european rotliegend uppermost carboniferous permian 1. sclerocephalus

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On some representatives of the genus tachinus coleoptera staphylinidae from china

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On some risk factors of essential hypertension in subjects with borderline arterial hypertension

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On some rupicolous communities of the catalan pyrenees spain

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On some scolopendromorph centipedes from zaire

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On some semiotic aspects of pathology

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On some silicified tertiary woods from limagne in the vicinity of aigueperse puy de dome france

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On some species of chonopeltis crustacea branchiura from the rivers of the extreme southwest cape region of africa

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On some species of notochaeta diptera sarcophagidae with descriptions of 7 new species

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On some species of terrestrial isopods from italy

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On some species of the genus caragana fabaceae

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On some species of the genus helicotylenchus hoplolaimidae nematoda common plant parasitic nematodes in kashmir india

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On some species of the genus hesionides polychaeta hesionidae from indian sandy beaches

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On some species of the genus scaphisoma coleoptera scaphidiidae from vietnam and laos

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On some species of the genus subulura from avian hosts from lucknow india

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On some species of the genus thermocyclops crustacea copepoda from the oriental region

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On some species of the subgenus kybos with remarks on some other empoascini auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae typhlocybinae

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On some species of the tribe deraeocorini from papua new guinea hemiptera heteroptera miridae

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On some species of tremella described by alfred moeller

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On some spirogyra spp of the harz mountains east germany

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On some steninae from the ivory coast coleoptera staphylinidae part 163 contribution to the study of steninae

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On some stoloniferous octocorals coelenterata anthozoa description of tesseranthelia chesterfieldensis new species

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On some stratiomyidae diptera from the near east

Kaehsbauer, P., 1977:
On some syngnathidae of the indo pacific area

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On some task of public health and social institutions in connection with the social care for citizens

Zejnalov Y.; Maslenkova L., 1980:
On some temporary relations of the nonadditive light action in photosynthesis

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On some terrestrial operculates mollusca gastropoda prosobranchia from malawi with the description of 2 new species

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On some theoretical aspects of the development of the modern ecological and floristic classification

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On some thysanuran species from southwest asia microcoryphia and zygentoma notes and descriptions

Mendes L.F., 1985:
On some thysanurans microcoryphia and zygentoma apterygota from poland

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On some trematode parasites of fresh water fishes

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On some turkish species of the genus arenaria cyto taxonomic study

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On some types of heteroptera pentatomidae preserved in the national museum of natural history paris france

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On some types of kieffer in the vienna natural history museum austria hymenoptera dryinidae

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On some typhlocybinae auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae from africa

Dworakowska I., 1979:
On some typhlocybinae from india and adjoining areas homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

Dworakowska, I.; Viraktamath, C.A., 1975:
On some typhlocybinae from india auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

Dworakowska I., 1980:
On some typhlocybinae from india homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

Dworakowska, I., 1977:
On some typhlocybinae from vietnam homoptera cicadellidae

Dworakowska, I.; Sohi, A.S., 1978:
On some typhlocybinae with remarks on synonymy of indian species auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

Dworakowska, I., 1978:
On some typhlocybini auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae typhlocybinae

V"rbanov P., 1984:
On some unsolved radiation hygienic problems of ventilation in radioisotope laboratories working with radioactive substances

Graham-Smith, W., 1977:
On some variations in the latero sensory lines of the placoderm fish bothriolepis

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On some xantholininae of the museums of turin italy and berlin germany coleoptera staphylinidae part 31 contribution to the knowledge of staphylinidae

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On some zoo sporic fungi from washed terrestrial litter

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On sorbus graeca new record found in poland

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On south american hemidactylus sauria gekkonidae

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On spare beta adrenoceptors for inotropic effects of catecholamines in kitten ventricle

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On spartina alterniflora litter and the trace metal bio geochemistry of a salt marsh

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On spatial relationship between trichomes and stomata

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On spawning activities of skipjack tuna in the western pacific ocean

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On speciation by evolution of gametic incompatibility a model case in chlamydomonas

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On speciation in the humid tropics some new data

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On specific behavior of migraine patients in an anger provoking situation

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On specific composition of insects from genus phorbia diptera anthomyiidae damaging wheat

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On specific delimitation and subspecies formation in phalanger maculatus mammalia marsupialia phalangeridae

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On specification of marriage curves in India

Burukovskii R.N., 1984:
On specification of the scheme of sea bottom fauna vertical zonation

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On sperm nuclei and development in poly spermic eggs of the teleost oryzias latipes

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On spermothamnion suyehiroi from the japan sea coast of hokkaido

Zdebska, D., 1978:
On spongiophyton from the lower devonian of poland

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On spontaneous speech disturbances in so called transcortical motor aphasia comparison of 3 cases with different lesion sites

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On statistical methods in neuronal spike train analysis

Mode, C.J.; Ashleigh, R.D.; Zawodniak, A.; Baker, G.T., 1984:
On statistical tests of significance in studies of survivorship in laboratory animals

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On statistically assessing critical population size of an endangered species in a random environment

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On staurikosaurus pricei an early saurischian dinosaur from the triassic of brazil with notes on the herrerasauridae and poposauridae

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On stauronereis caecus new record dorvilleidae polychaeta new for the southern north sea

Macdonald D.A., 1979 :
On steady flow through modeled vascular stenoses

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On stellocaronema alii new name synonymy stellocaronema indica with a key to the species of the genus stellocaronema

Kasal, A., 1978:
On steroids part 209 formation of 6 beta bromo 5 chloro 5 alpha cholestan 3 beta ol on addition of bromine chloride to cholesterol

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On stimulation of visual systems with moved patterns a rotatable mirror stimulating system with maximum angle of deflection

Eperon S., 1980:
On stomatogenesis and phylogenetic relationship of the peritrich ciliate thuricola folliculata

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On strandings of cetaceans on the dutch coast in 1974 and 1975

Van-Bree, P.J.H.; Smeenk, C., 1978:
On strandings of cetaceans on the dutch coast in 1976 and 1977

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On strategies for identifying neurochemical correlates of hypnotic analgesia: a brief communication

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On stratigraphy and lithology of czorsztyn limestone formation in the central west carpathians czechoslovakia jurassic malm

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On streptomyces colombiaensis new species

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On strontium 90 mobility in different soil types

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On structural analysis of chemical mutations

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On structural differences of carboxyl terminal enzyme of rabbit muscle aldolase alpha subunits in norm and under experimental athero sclerosis

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On structure and development of the male reproductive system of the chinese prawn penaeus orientalis

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On structure and growth of the cell walls of ceramium circinatum

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On strymonidia iyonis lepidoptera lycaenidae discovered in the southern region of nagano prefecture japan

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On study of radiation regime within norway spruce crown

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On stunted growth of barbus luteus heckel in diyala river iraq

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On sub fossil bones of abbotts booby sula abbotti from the mascarene islands with a note on the proportions and distribution of the sulidae

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On sub population of herring clupea pallasii in the okhotsk sea adjacent to hokkaido japan

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On subclassification of the stage iv gastric cancer

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On subject selection in cognitive aging research

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On subspecific differentiation and distribution of leiothrix passeriformes muscicapidae

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On subspecific differentiation of sinocyclocheilus grahami

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On subspecific taxa of hypericum empetrifolium hypericaceae from crete greece

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On substances from melochia pyramidata

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On succession in a saxicolous lichen community

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On sucking lice anoplura from some voles of tien shan ussr

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On sudden death part 10 familial congenital heart block

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On sudden death part 13 multi focal purkinje cell tumors of the heart

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On sudden death part 14 bacterial arteritis in whipples disease

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On sudden death part 17 multi focal stenoses due to fibro muscular dysplasia of the sinus node artery

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On sudden death part 21 adult onset syncope with comments on the nature of congenital heart block and the morphogenesis of the human atrio ventricular septal junction

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On sudden death part 22 intractable paroxysmal tachy cardias which proved fatal in type a wolff parkinson white syndrome

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On sudden death part 23 rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis

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On sudden death part 24 ruptured inter ventricular septum and heart block

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On sudden death part 25 sarcoid heart disease

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On suicide in a south african general hospital psychiatric inpatient unit

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On sunflower diseases caused by viruses

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On superinfection in malaria

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On supernumerary roots in the permanent teeth of carnivora

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On superoxide radical generation during biogenic amine oxidation catalyzed by mitochondrial monoamine oxidase

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On suppression in plant populations an approach based on the shannon index

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On surgical treatment of malignant melanoma

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On sutural asymmetry in anahoplites ammonoidea cretaceous

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On swarmer production in caulerpa peltata var peltata from the oki islands shimane prefecture japan

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On symplocaceae from the antilles cuba jamaica dominican republic

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On synonymy and morphology of some culicoides species diptera ceratopogonidae

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On syntopic occurrence of the water shrews neomys fodiens and neomys anomalus

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On syphilis of the lung

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On systematic position of the crocuses growing in the izerian mountains poland

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On systematic relations of oomorphus concolor coleoptera chrysomelidae with descriptions of its larva and of an aberrant cryptocephaline larva from australia

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On tachinidae from the surroundings of sulin czechoslovakia diptera tachinidae

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On tactics for controlling the genetic impact of the use of pesticides

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On taeniopteris crassinervis feistmantel walkom from rajmahal hills bihar india

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On target deposition of aerially applied deltamethrin

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On task context and set solutions to water jar problems

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On tautomerism of the cytosine molecule

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On taxonomic rank of the forms tabanus miki diptera tabanidae

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On taxonomic status of two typhloctonus species parasitiformes phytoseiidae

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On technique for isolating pure culture of gaeumannomyces graminis ophiobolus graminis

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On telenomus mainly european re descriptions new taxa synonymies and combinations hymenoptera proctotrupoidea scelionidae

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On temperature relationship of kinetic parameters of electron transfer in biological systems

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On temporal structure of human hiccups: ethology and chronobiology

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On temporal variation in the rotifer keratella cochlearis the question of lauterborn cycles

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On teratogenic syndromes of unitary causation but heterologous systemic consequences

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On territorial behavior and other factors influencing habitat distribution in birds part 1 theoretical development

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On territorial behavior and other factors influencing habitat distribution in birds part 2 sex ratio variation in the dickcissel spiza americana

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On territorial behavior and other factors influencing habitat distribution in birds part 3 breeding success in a local population of field sparrows spizella pusilla

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On testing a trend in means in one way layout

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On testing the activity of proteases from human polymorphonuclear neutrophils on blood smears

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On testing the macarthur wilson model with data on rates

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On testing the strength of trace hypothesis for output order in free recall a reply to gardiner and herriot

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On tests of marginal symmetry and quasi symmetry in 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional contingency tables

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On tetra sporophyte and tetra spore germination in chrysymenia grandis rhodophyta

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On teutoniella an american genus of the spider family micropholocommatidae araneae palpimanoidea

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On the 1st component of the blink reflex in the rabbit and in man

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On the 1st find of pseudorasbora parva new record in czechoslovakia

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On the 1st record of zosterops erythropleura new record in japan

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On the 1st vascular land plants from the silurian a comparison between the australian baragwanathia flora and the north african psilophytes and lycophytes flora

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On the 1st years growth maturity and artificial spawning of cultured jack mackerel trachurus japonicus

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On the 2 electrophoretic forms of the human super oxide dis mutase a in the homo zygote sod a 1

Mizutani A., 1981:
On the 2 forms of the ant myrmica ruginodis hymenoptera formicidae from sapporo and its vicinity japan

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On the 2 types of schizophrenic reversible residual conditions

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On the 24 hour range of the amur tiger

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On the 2nd collection of pandanus halleorum

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On the 4 carbon 14 progesterone metabolism of keloid and hypertrophic scar a preliminary report

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On the 70th anniversary of vincent borbass death 1844 1905

Nolan J.M., 1984:
On the 75th anniversary of students t a simple way of computing t and f 2

Dostalek, C., 1975:
On the 85th birthday of academician v laufberger

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On the ab0 character of human hair

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On the ability of birth defects monitoring to detect new teratogens

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On the ability of escherichia coli dna methylases to modify denatured dna

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On the ability of narcotic antagonists to produce the narcotic cue

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On the ability to inhibit complex thoughts a stop signal study of arithmetic

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On the absence of magnetic field effect on sodium potassium dependent atpase

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On the absence of magnetic field influence on bacterial luminescence intensity

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On the absence of multiple attack of the oligomeric substrate by glucoamylase from aspergillus awamori

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On the absence of the effect of magnetic field on dissolving of oxygen in aqueous solutions

Skipetrov V.P., 1985:
On the absence of the syndrome of endogenous hyperheparinemia

Andrusov, D., 1977 :
On the absolute age of hipparion from saro georgian ssr ussr

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