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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6026

Chapter 6026 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Govindachari, T.R.; Parthasarathy, P.C.; Desai, H.K.; Saindane, M.T., 1977:
On the absolute stereochemistry of hamatine

Czok, G.; Walter, W.; Knoche, K.; Degener, H., 1974:
On the absorbability of chlorogenic acid in the rat

Swahn, A., 1975:
On the absorption and metabolism of sulfur 35 ampicillin

Allen, G.D.; Coates, P.E.; Davies, B.E., 1988:
On the absorption of clavulanic acid

Wakatsuki T.; Imahara H.; Kitamura T.; Tanaka H., 1979:
On the absorption of copper into yeast debaryomyces hansenii cells

Finlay, B.J.; Clarke, K.J.; Cowling, A.J.; Hindle, R.M.; Rogerson, A.; Berninger, U.G., 1988:
On the abundance and distribution of protozoa and their food in a productive freshwater pond

Watkinson A.R., 1985:
On the abundance of plants along an environmental gradient

Howmiller, R.P., 1977:
On the abundance of tubificidae annelida oligochaeta in the profundal benthos of some wisconsin lakes usa

Prioreschi, P., 1977:
On the abuse of marihuana and other drugs

Nakamoto, T.; Vogl, B., 1978:
On the accessibility and selection of the initiator site of messenger rna in protein synthesis

Lauzon, G.J.; Kulshrestha, S.; Starr, L.; Bar, H.P., 1976:
On the accumulation of amp in ehrlich cells and adenylate cyclase de sensitization in response to epinephrine

Veldre I.; Itra A.; Trapido M.; Paal'me L., 1985:
On the accumulation of benzo a pyrene in fish

Huschenbeth E., 1985:
On the accumulation of chlorinated hydrocarbons in fish species of the wadden sea

Mann R.H.K.; Steinmetz B., 1985:
On the accuracy of age determination using scales from rudd scardinius erythrophthalmus of known age

Ready P.D.; Lainson R.; Wilkes T.J.; Killick Kendrick R., 1984:
On the accuracy of age grading neotropical phlebotomines by counting follicular dilatations 1st laboratory experiments using colonies of lutzomyia flaviscutellata and lutzomyia furcata diptera psychodidae

Hase H.; Foelster H.; Lindheim M., 1985:
On the accuracy of estimating aboveground tree biomass in an evergreen forest near manaus brazil a simulation study

Kubo T.; Akatsuka T.; Inaba J.; Shigemitsu S.; Iwasaki H., 1985:
On the accuracy of fetal heart rate variability short term variability and long term variability measurement

Stoyan D., 1979:
On the accuracy of lineal analysis

Gerlach W.; Ohser J., 1986:
On the accuracy of numerical solutions for some stereological problems such as the wicksell corpuscle problem

Kersten M.; Rappoldt K.; Smit C., 1981:
On the accuracy of shore bird counts

Roff, D.A., 1973:
On the accuracy of some mark re capture estimators

Kimura H.; Munekage Y.; Watanabe H., 1986:
On the accuracy of the application of reservior model box model to komame bay in kochi prefecture japan

Samejima, T.; Miyahara, T.; Takeda, A.; Hachimori, A.; Hirano, K., 1981:
On the acid denaturation of porcine erythrocyte catalase ec in relation to its subunit structure

Wille K H., 1986:
On the acid phosphatase in the epithelium of the bovine large intestine during organogenesis

Newlin R.J.; Thomas D.R., 1982:
On the acquisition and measurement of stimulus control in pigeons

Kassin S.M.; Ellis S.A., 1988:
On the acquisition of the discounting principle an experimental test of a social developmental model

Gonzalez-Garcia, M.J., 1987:
On the acridids orthoptera acridoidea of la bureba burgos spain

Crosti, N.; Cagiano-Malvezzi, D., 1974:
On the acrylamide disc electrophoresis pattern of human glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase

Broell, H.; Altmann, H.; Kocsis, F.; Tausch, G., 1978:
On the action mechanism of d penicillamine in rheumatoid arthritis part 1 inhibition of protein synthesis in cells of synovial fluid

Broell, H.; Altmann, H.; Kocsis, F.; Klein, W., 1978:
On the action mechanism of d penicillamine in rheumatoid arthritis part 2 investigations on dna repair in cells of synovial fluid after intra articular treatment with d penicillamine

Bakuradze A.N.; Tiktopulo A.M., 1987:
On the action mechanism of irrigation of the stomach antral mucosa on gastric secretory and acid producing functions

Toro-Goyco, E.; Rodriguez, M.B.; Preston, A.M., 1978:
On the action of delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol as an inhibitor of sodium and potassium dependent atpase ec

Mann M.D., 1987:
On the action of intravenous picrotoxin in the sensorimotor cortex of the cat

Baumann, K., 1976:
On the action of nifedipine under conditions of variable stimulation patterns and calcium o in guinea pig atrium

Faraq A.I.; Darwish E.T.E.; Hegab A.M., 1985:
On the action of precocene 2 and fenarimol on the cabbage aphid brevicoryne brassicae and its parasitoid diaeretiella rapae

Lindenhayn K.; Trzenschik K.; Buehler G.; Wegner G., 1982:
On the action of prednisolone and ethane 1 hydroxy 1 1 di phosphonate on rabbit bone

Schewe, T.; Hiebsch, C., 1977:
On the action of respiratory inhibitors on the electron transfer system of escherichia coli

Robertson, B.; Wann, K.T., 1987:
On the action of ruthenium red and neuraminidase at the frog neuromuscular junction

Negroni G.; Zilli R.; Ugolini G., 1980:
On the action of timolol maleate

Valtzev, V.B., 1977:
On the activating and depressing effects of light adaptation on the electro retinogram of the frogs eyes

Sharma, S.K.; Hopkins, T.R., 1978:
On the activation of bovine chymotrypsinogen a conformational isomerization of alpha 1 chymotrypsin and kappa chymotrypsin and their autolytic conversion to alpha chymotrypsin and gamma chymotrypsin/

Dotsenko V.L.; Serova N.B.; Logunov A.I.; Lebkova N.P.; Yavoraya G.A., 1987:
On the activation of the kallikrein kinin system in human blood plasma under conditions of gastroduodenal ulcer

Finner, E.; David, S.; Thies, P.W., 1984:
On the active agents of valerian 15. assignment of type and location of the acyloxy substituents in diene type valepotriathydrines via carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Marston, A.; Hecker, E., 1983:
On the active principles of the euphorbiaceae 6. isolation and biological activities of 7 milliamines from euphorbia milli

Fürstenberger, G.; Hecker, E., 1986:
On the active principles of the Euphorbiaceae, XII. Highly unsaturated irritant diterpene esters from Euphorbia tirucalli originating from Madagascar

Fuerstenberger, G.; Hecker, E., 1985:
On the active principles of the spurge family euphorbiaceae xi 1. the skin irritant and tumor promoting diterpene esters of euphorbia tirucalli originating from south africa

Zayed, S.; Adolf, W.; Hecker, E., 1982:
On the active principles of the thymelaeaceae 1. the irritants and carcinogens of pimelea prostrata

Adolf, W.; Hecker, E., 1982:
On the active principles of the thymelaeaceae 2. skin irritant and co carcinogenic di terpenoid factors from daphnopsis racemosa

Orlacchio A.; Maffei C.; Emiliani C.; Reinosa J.A., 1985:
On the active site of beta hexosaminidase from latex of ficus glabrata

Albracht, S.P.J.; Albrecht-Ellmer, K.J.; Schmedding, D.J.M.; Slater, E.C., 1982:
On the active site of hydrogenase ec from chromatium vinosum

Andres H.H.; Klem A.J.; Schopfer L.M.; Harrison J.K.; Weber W.W., 1988:
On the active site of liver acetyl coenzyme a arylamine n acetyltransferase from rapid acetylator rabbits iii j

Huynh B.H.; Patil D.S.; Moura I.; Teixeira M.; Moura J.J.G.; Dervartanian D.V.; Czechowski M.H.; Prickril B.C.; Peck H.D.Jr; Legall J., 1987:
On the active sites of the nickel iron hydrogenase from desulfovibrio gigas moessbauer and redox titration studies

Oguztoreli, M.N., 1975:
On the activities in a continuous neural network

Newman, J.D.; Armstrong, J.M., 1978:
On the activities of glycogen phosphorylase ec and glycogen synthase ec in the liver of the rat

Naito, H.; Kadowaki, M., 1976:
On the activity of alkaline phosphatase ec in intestinal mucosa from casein fed rats

Baensch, R., 1977 :
On the activity of bromophos against flies muscidae

Shilov M.N.; Varshavskii S.N.; Sil'verstov B.V.; Volkov V.M.; Trofimov V.I.; Donchenko G.E., 1988:
On the activity of the great gerbil and estimation of the effectiveness of their control in early snowfall

Dreier W., 1987:
On the actual situation of several lemurs of madagascar particularly on hapalemur simus gray

Hrbek, J.; Komenda, S.; Siroka, A.; Macakova, J.; Vedlich, L.; Skala, J., 1975:
On the acute effect of some drugs on the higher nervous activity in man pemoline octoclothepin part 32

Hrbek, J.; Komenda, S.; Macakova, J.; Siroka, A., 1975:
On the acute effect of some drugs on the higher nervous activity in man pemoline octoclothepin part 32a a partial analysis of the effect of the drugs on pairs of involved optic associations

Hrbek, J.; Komenda, S.; Siroka, A.; Macakova, J., 1975:
On the acute effect of some drugs on the higher nervous activity in man pemoline octoclothepin part 32b a partial analysis of the effect of the drugs on pairs of involved complex tactile associations

Hrbek, J.; Komenda, S.; Macakova, J.; Siroka, A., 1975:
On the acute effect of some drugs on the higher nervous activity in man pemoline octoclothepin part 32c a partial analysis of the effect of the drugs on pairs of involved acoustic associations

Hrbek, J.; Komenda, S.; Siroka, A.; Macakova, J.; Dankova, J., 1975:
On the acute effect of some drugs on the higher nervous activity in man pemoline part 34

Hrbek, J.; Komenda, S.; Siroka, A.; Macakova, J.; Vedlich, L., 1975:
On the acute effect of some drugs on the higher nervous activity in man smoking tetra hydro cannabinol with tobacco part 33

Hrbek, J.; Komenda, S.; Macakova, J.; Siroka, A.; Carbol, L., 1975:
On the acute effect of some drugs on the higher nervous activity in man smoking tetra hydro cannabinol with tobacco part 33 a a partial analysis of the effect of the drugs merely on the couples of involved optic associations

Hrbek, J.; Komenda, S.; Macakova, J.; Siroka, A.; Chmelikova, M., 1975:
On the acute effect of some drugs on the higher nervous activity in man smoking tetra hydro cannabinol with tobacco part 33b a partial analysis of the effect of the drugs merely on the couples of involved complex tactile associations

Hrbek, J.; Komenda, S.; Macakova, J.; Siroka, A.; Chmelikova, M., 1975:
On the acute effect of some drugs on the higher nervous activity in man smoking tetra hydro cannabinol with tobacco part 33c partial analysis of the effect of the drugs merely on the couples of involved acoustic associations

Pankow D.; Marzotko D., 1987:
On the acute hepatic toxicity of dichloromethane

Yamamoto, K.; Yamamoto, Y., 1978:
On the acute toxicities of the combustion products of various fibers with special reference to blood cyanide and partial pressure of oxygen values

Shimpo, K.; Fujiwara, S.; Katada, H.; Togashi, H.; Yokoi, Y.; Tanabe, T., 1978:
On the acute toxicity of labetalol ah 5158 a combined alpha adrenoceptor blocking agent and beta adrenoceptor blocking agent

Schultze, R.G.; Taggart, D.D.; Shapiro, H.; Pennell, J.P.; Caglar, S.; Bricker, N.S., 1971:
On the adaptation in potassium excretion associated with nephron reduction in the dog

Greenfield, L.O., 1979:
On the adaptive pattern of "Ramapithecus"

Broza M.; Pener M.P.; Borut A., 1983:
On the adaptive significance of leg length in diurnal tenebrionid beetles of the genus adesmia coleoptera tenebrionidae

Verner, J., 1977:
On the adaptive significance of territoriality

Greer, A.E., 1977:
On the adaptive significance of the loss of an oviduct in reptiles

Husby M., 1986:
On the adaptive value of brood reduction in birds experiments with the magpie pica pica

Slagsvold T.; Sandvik J.; Rofstad G.; Lorentsen O.; Husby M., 1984:
On the adaptive value of intraclutch egg size variation in birds

Kim E.L., 1986:
On the additivity of some physicochemical properties in a mixture of individual samples of soddy podzolic soil

Sebastiao A.M.; Ribeiro J.A., 1988:
On the adenosine receptor and adenosine inactivation at the rat diaphragm neuromuscular junction

Varis O.; Kettunen J.; Leonov A.V., 1986:
On the adequacy of large scale models identified with incomplete field data a case study with two lake models

Desrosiers T.; Bergeron G.; Parent G.; Savoie L., 1988:
On the adequacy of methods for the quantitative determination of reactive lysine in the free form or in small peptides

Boccato P.; Blandamura S., 1986:
On the adequacy of the fnab specimen cytology in black and white

Sorokin Y.I., 1987:
On the adequacy on the radiocarbon method of estimation of primary production

Chkhenkeli, S.A.; Shramka, M.; Nadvornik, P., 1978:
On the adequate methods of calculating structure target coordinates during stereotactic operations in connection with temporal epilepsy

Baudisch W., 1986:
On the adherence behavior of neutrophilic granulocytes and their interaction with the coagulation system demonstrated in in vitro and in vivo experiments

Bell, G.I.; Torney, D.C., 1985:
On the adhesion of vesicles by cell adhesion molecules

Tondorf S.; Mcgrath J.J.; Olien C.R., 1987:
On the adhesive interaction between ice and cell size liposomes

Hendl A.; Mcgrath J.J.; Olien C.R., 1987:
On the adhesive interaction between ice and the mouse oocyte

Vaz, N.M.; Kane, R.E.; Lynch, J.M., 1981:
On the adjuvant effect of aluminum hydroxide for mice

Corona M.; Budetta G.; Colella G.; Varvella F., 1984:
On the adrenal chromaffin cells innervation of anas boscas ultrastructural study

Balashov, N.V.; Fänge, R.; Govyrin, V.A.; Leont'eva, G.R.; Nilsson, S.; Prozorovskaya, M.P., 1981:
On the adrenergic system of ganoid fish: the beluga, Huso huso (chondrostei)

Nilsson, S., 1981:
On the adrenergic system of ganoid fish: the Florida spotted gar, Lepisosteus platyrhincus (Holostei)

Liedberg B.; Ivarsson B.; Hegg P O.; Lundstrom I., 1986:
On the adsorption of beta lactoglobulin on hydrophilic gold surfaces studies by ir reflection absorption spectroscopy and ellipsometry

D.L.vie R.; Rangarajan S.K.; Seelig P.F.; Andersen O.S., 1979:
On the adsorption of phloretin onto a black lipid membrane

Wissel, C., 1977:
On the advantage of the specialization of flowers on particular pollinator species

Benkman C.W., 1988:
On the advantages of crossed mandibles an experimental approach

Muthu M.S.; Mohamed K.H.; Pillai N.N.; Laxminarayana A.; Pandian S.K., 1986:
On the advantages of domestication of the indian white prawn penaeus indicus

Dab, I.; Alexander, F., 1978:
On the advantages of specific airway resistance

Morera R., 1986:
On the advantages of tonic immobility

Roth, B., 1975:
On the affinities of monadenia churchi gastropoda stylommatophora

Marshall, L.G., 1976:
On the affinities of pichipilus osborni ameghino marsupialia caenolestinae from the santa cruz beds of southern patagonia argentina

Grand T.I.; Eisenberg J.F., 1982:
On the affinities of the dinomyidae

Wakabayashi M., 1987:
On the affinity of mitella formosana hayata masamune

Pal A.; Paria N., 1986:
On the affinity of some economic pedaliaceae with special reference to pollen morphology and a note on their occurrence in the salt lake city calcutta west bengal india

Hongo T., 1986:
On the agaricaceae of japan

Wang S., 1983:
On the age and growth of the carp cyprinus carpio in hurleg lake of qinghai province china

Kakuda, S.; Matsumoto, K., 1977:
On the age and growth of the white croaker argyrosomus argentatus

Adams, C.G.; Wilford, G.E., 1972:
On the age and origin of the keramit and selidong limestones sarawak east malaysia

Kasuya, T.; Nishiwaki, M., 1978:
On the age characteristics and anatomy of the tusk of dugong dugon

Tokarski A.K.; Danowski W.; Zastawniak E., 1987:
On the age of fossil flora from barton peninsula king george island west antarctica

Liu, J.; Deachang-Bi, 1976:
On the age of silurian and devonian fish bearing strata from eastern china

Buffetaut E., 1987:
On the age of the dinosaur fauna from the lameta formation upper cretaceous of central india

Jan-Du-Chene, R.; Van-Stuijvenberg, J.; Charollais, J.; Rosset, J., 1975:
On the age of the flysch of the lower thrust unit of the klippe of sulens haute savoie france

Schoepfer P., 1986:
On the age of the helvetian of guggisberg bern switzerland preliminary micropaleontological data

Weyant, M., 1975:
On the age of the lower portion of the blue fjord formation in the southwest of the island of ellesmere canadian arctic archipelago judging from the conodonts

Bristow, C.R., 1976:
On the age of the nabon formation ecuador

Boltovskoy, E., 1978:
On the age of the neogene deposits at site 329 dsdp leg 36

Koizumi, I.; Ujiie, H., 1976:
On the age of the nobori formation shikoku southwest japan as particularly based on diatoms

Aladzhova-Khrischeva, K., 1976:
On the age of the paleogene sediments near the village of devene vratsa district northwestern bulgaria

Konzalova, M.; Vachtl, J., 1976:
On the age of the rychmburk greywacke czechoslovakia

Topchishvili M.V., 1987:
On the age of the svaneti suite

Zajicek, G., 1976:
On the age specific incidence and death rates of carcinomata

Z.L.; Qian G., 1982:
On the age structure and population renewal of field mouse apodemus agrarius from shanghai

Ruehm W.; Pegel M., 1986:
On the age structure and species composition of pre imago populations of simuliids on artificial substrates in dependence of length of time of exposure

Balat, F., 1976:
On the age structure of a population of passer domesticus and delichon urbica

Piechocki R.; Stiefel A., 1988:
On the age structure of losses of the wildcat felis silvestris silvestris schreber 1777

H.H.; H.S.; Wang S.; Zhu M., 1982:
On the ages of jurassic and cretaceous volcanic rocks by radiometric dating

Sagisaka, K.; Takahashi, K., 1976:
On the agglutinogens of red cells developed with proteolytic enzymes and neuraminidase

Franck, D.; Marek, J.; Winter, W., 1978:
On the aggressive behavior of sexually immature poecilia sphenops

Evans C.H., 1979:
On the aging of organisms and their cells

Csako, G.; Zweig, M.H.; Benson, C.; Ruddel, M., 1986:
On the albumin dependence of measurements of free thyroxine i. technical performance of seven methods

Csako, G.; Zweig, M.H.; Benson, C.; Ruddel, M., 1987:
On the albumin dependence of measurements of free thyroxine ii. patients with non thyroidal illness

Zoriki, T.; Hirose, H., 1975:
On the algae found in brackish water area of yodo river

Pankow H.; A.S.adi H.A.; Huq M.F.; Hadi R.A.M., 1979:
On the algal flora of the marshes near qurna southern iraq

Smetanic Y.S.; Polozov R.V., 1979:
On the algorithms for determining the primary structure of bio polymers

Stiglingh, I.; Eeden, J.A.V., 1976:
On the alimentary system of bulinus tropicus mollusca basommatophora with a note on the asymmetrical arrangement of the buccal retractors

Krause, W.; Freimuth, U., 1985:
On the alkali treatment of proteins part 7. racemization and enzymatic hydrolysis

Sakai, S.I.; Shinma, N.; Hasegawa, S.; Okamoto, T., 1978:
On the alkaloids of aconitum gigas and the structure of a new base gigactonine

Oreel, G.J., 1976:
On the alleged occurrence of the brown headed gull larus brunnicephalus in tanzania

Casinos, A.; Bou, J.; Castiella, M.J.; Viladiu, C., 1986:
On the allometry of long bones in dogs (Canis familiaris)

Morgado E.; Gunther B.; Gonzalez U., 1987:
On the allometry of wings

Mazokhin Porshnyakov G.A.; Lyubarski G.Yu; Semenova S.A., 1987:
On the alternative choice ability of bees and wasps

Taneda K.; Hamada A., 1986:
On the alternative turning response in an earwig anisolabis marginalis

D.B.e D.A.; Geurtsen B.; Van Der Plas H.C., 1985:
On the amination of halogenonitropyridines

Kudryashov A.P.; Yurin V.M., 1987:
On the amine transport mechanism through nitella cells plasmalemma

Takeshima, S., 1975:
On the amino acid composition in soil hydrolysates part 2 amino acid composition in acid hydrolysates of soil organic matter fractionated according to its size and density

Delange, R.J.; Chang, J.Y.; Shaper, J.H.; Martinez, R.J.; Komatsu, S.K.; Glazer, A.N., 1973:
On the amino acid sequence of flagellin from bacillus subtilis strain 168 comparison with other bacterial flagellins

Schneider R.; Bolduan G., 1985:
On the ammonia content of the digesta of pigs

Gonzalez J.F., 1984:
On the ammonia nitrogen determination in fisheries wastewaters by means of the indophenol method

Nikolov, T.G., 1977:
On the ammonite genus busnardoites berriasellidae lower cretaceous

Ferreira, K.G.; Ferreira, H.G.; Lew, V.L., 1976:
On the amount of sodium potassium atpase available for trans epithelial sodium ion transport in the amphibian skin

Solymosy, F.; Antoni, F.; Fedorcsak, I., 1978:
On the amounts of urethane formed in di ethyl pyro carbonate treated beverages

Panchen A.L., 1985:
On the amphibian crassigyrinus scoticus from the carboniferous of scotland uk

Larochelle, A., 1976:
On the amphibious behavior of carabus maeander coleoptera carabidae

Skotland, T.; Flatmark, T., 1979:
On the amphiphilic and hydrophilic forms of dopamine beta mono oxygenase ec in bovine adrenal medulla

Riemer, J.; Karel, M., 1978:
On the anaerobic degradation of ascorbic acid in dehydrated tomato juice

Kluge, M., 1969:
On the analysis of carbon di oxide exchange in bryophyllum d i measurement of the alteration of relative pool sizes of some phosphate compounds in leaf tissue during certain phases of the light dark period inst auto radiography phyllodes atp reduced pyridine nucleotide

Kluge, M., 1969:
On the analysis of carbon di oxide exchange in bryophyllum tubiflorum d ii inhibition of starch loss during the night in an atmosphere free from carbon di oxide

Thomas D.R.; Rao J.N.K., 1988:
On the analysis of categorical variables by linear models having singular covariance matrices

Thusius, D., 1977:
On the analysis of chemical relaxation amplitudes

Firbank L.G.; Watkinson A.R., 1985:
On the analysis of competition within 2 species mixtures of plants

Yamada, B.; Suzuki, T., 1975:
On the analysis of consolidation process with the side friction in the consolidation container taken into consideration

Belanger J.; Pare J.R.J.; Lafontaine P.; Brien R.; Jordan N.; Loo J.C.K., 1985 :
On the analysis of cyclosporine

Enke, H., 1977:
On the analysis of incomplete 2 dimensional contingency tables

Folstar, P.; Pilnik, W.; De-Heus, J.G.; Van-Der-Plas, H.C., 1975:
On the analysis of oil in green coffee beans

Schultz D.S.; King W.E., 1987:
On the analysis of oxygen diffusion and reaction in biological systems

Zeinalov, Y., 1977:
On the analysis of oxygen induction phenomena in photosynthesizing systems part 1 kinetics of the oxygen evolution in green algae cells

Petkova, R.A.; Zeinalov, Y., 1977:
On the analysis of oxygen induction phenomena in photosynthesizing systems part 2 some kinetic features of the oxygen evolution in scenedesmus and chlorella cells

Fleming T.H.; Partridge B.L., 1984:
On the analysis of phenological overlap

Branehog, I.; Ridell, B.; Weinfeld, A., 1977:
On the analysis of platelet survival curves and the calculation of platelet production and destruction

Altmann, S.A.; Altmann, J., 1977:
On the analysis of rates of behavior

Yao W.F.; Nakamura K.; Aizawa M.; Hasegawa T., 1988:
On the analysis of real state of contamination with asbestos in the autopsy cases in hokkaido japan

Zhuchenko A.A.; Preigel' I.A., 1986:
On the analysis of recombination and genotype selective elimination in tomato fruits

Enke, H., 1978:
On the analysis of special incomplete 3 dimensional contingency tables

Busby R.C.; Tallarida R.J., 1981:
On the analysis of straight line data in pharmacology and biochemistry

Kuznetsova T.G.; Syrenskii V.I., 1987:
On the analysis of the development of generalized reactions in the selection of objects for color by an adolescent chimpanzee

Paden J.W., 1986:
On the anamorph of phillipsia crispata

Kottke I.; Rapp C.; Oberwinkler F., 1986:
On the anatomical features of well functioning and damaged rootlets of spruce picea abies meristem and differentiation of root apices and mycorrhizae

Weber H.C.; Visser J.H., 1980:
On the anatomical structure of the scale leaf originated contact organ of hyobanche scrophulariaceae

Vandewalle, P., 1975:
On the anatomy and function of the head region in gobio gobio pisces cyprinidae part 3 bones muscles and ligaments

Faubel, A.; Kolasa, J., 1978:
On the anatomy and morphology of a fresh water species of acoela turbellaria limnoposthia polonica new genus new combination

Boll, F.; Hubbard, R., 1977:
On the anatomy and physiology of the retina/

Nordsieck, H., 1976:
On the anatomy and systematics of the clausilians part 17 taxonomic revision of the genus albinaria

Nordsieck, H., 1977:
On the anatomy and systematics of the clausilians part 18 new taxa of recent clausilians

Rodrigues, S.D.A., 1984:
On the anatomy of callichirus mirim crustacea decapoda thalassinidea 1. circulatory system

Erasmus, T., 1976:
On the anatomy of dadoxylon arberi with some remarks on the phylogenetical tendencies of its tracheid pits

L.Z M., 1986:
On the anatomy of dadoxylon taiyuanensis new species

Albergoni, F.G.; Basso, B.; Tedesco, G., 1978:
On the anatomy of posidonia oceanica zosteraceae

Y.Z.; Peng Y.; Liu S.; Zhang Y., 1982:
On the anatomy of snub nosed monkey notes on the arterial arches in the hands of rhinopithecus roxellanae rhinopithecus bieti and rhinopithecus brelichi supplement to comparative study with other primates

Srivastava, K.P.; Kumar, P.; Awasthi, V.K., 1983:
On the anatomy of the larva of the lemon butterfly papilio demoleus lepidoptera 4. anatomy and metamorphosis of the alimentary canal

Boxshall G.A., 1982:
On the anatomy of the misophrioid copepods with special reference to benthomisophria palliata

Hanumante, M.M., 1976:
On the anatomy of the reproductive system of the earthworm perionyx excavatus

Woehrmann Repenning A., 1987 :
On the anatomy of the vomeronasal complex of elephantulus rozeti duvernoy 1830 insectivora mammalia

Durve V.S., 1986:
On the ancestry and distribution pathways of three species of indian oysters

Mayer S.F.; Schimpf D.J., 1985:
On the ancestry of betula cordifolia

Fleischer, G., 1976:
On the anchoring system of the stapes in the ear of cetaceans and sirenians

Sharma, B.B.; Awasthi, D.D., 1975:
On the androecium of canna indica

Spaargaren, D.H., 1977:
On the anion cation mobility ratio in the body wall of the shore crab carcinus maenas

Roth, I., 1977:
On the anisocotylous seedlings of gyranthera caribensis bombaceae structure of the seed shell the macro cotyledons and micro cotyledons and the primary leaves

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On the conformation of the di sulfide group in l cystine and its derivatives

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On the conformational dependence of the proton chemical shifts in nucleosides and nucleotides part 3 proton chemical shifts of 5 prime nucleotides as a function of different conformational parameters

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On the constituents of linaria japonica part 3 the structure of linarienone a new cis clerodane type di terpene

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On the constituents of sambucus ebulus drupes part 1 antho cyanin pigments and phenolic acids

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