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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6028

Chapter 6028 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

H.P., 1988:
On the examination of acoustic attenuation coefficient from peaks of echo envelope

Berthold, P., 1977:
On the exchange of nests in warblers sylvia

Zelya O.P.; Sergeeva M.N., 1987:
On the excretion of schistosoma mansoni eggs by experimentally infected phodopus sungorus pallas and golden hamsters

Oda, T., 1976:
On the excretion of urinary 17 hydroxy cortico steroids in antarctic regions

Riemann, F., 1977:
On the excretory organ of sabatieria celtica nematoda chromadorida

Watson, C.J.; Moscowitz, A.; Lightner, D.A.; Petryka, Z.J.; Davis, E.; Weimer, M., 1967:
On the existence and structure of a new uro bilin of molecular weight 592 human

Abe M.; Matsuda M., 1983:
On the existence of 2 gamma amino butyric acid pools associated with newly synthesized gamma amino butyric acid and with newly taken up gamma amino butyric acid in nerve terminals

Matlib, M.A.; Rouslin, D.W.W.; Kraft, G.; Berner, P.; Schwartz, A., 1978:
On the existence of 2 populations of mitochondria in a single organ respiration calcium transport and enzyme activities

Abou-Mandour, A.A.; Volk, O.H.; Reinhard, E., 1968:
On the existence of a cyto kinin like factor in cuscuta reflexa d tobacco stem tissue test chlorophyll pigment amino acids inst auto radiography

Silverman I.W.; Dansky J.L.; Laughlin M., 1984:
On the existence of a graphic stage in free classification another look

Chedekel, M.; Bovey, F.A.; Brewster, A.I.R.; Petryka, Z.J.; Weimer, M.; Watson, C.J.; Moscowitz, A.; Lightner, D.A., 1974:
On the existence of a mono vinyl dextro urobilin

Guernet C.; Lauverjat J., 1986:
On the existence of a pliocene species of the genus neocyprideis ostracoda in portugal neocyprideis lusitanicus new species

Taverne, L., 1976:
On the existence of a prootic basi occipital bony chamber for the vascular posthypophyseal sac in adult notopteridae pisces osteoglossomorpha

Ben-Moshe, Y.; Yom-Tov, Y., 1978:
On the existence of a sense of smell in some birds

Makinodan Y.; Toyohara H.; Ikeda S., 1983:
On the existence of acid neutral and alkaline proteinases in fish muscle

Taverne, L., 1975:
On the existence of an osteoglossid fossil fish near the parent of the extant genus heterotis in the middle cretaceous of kwango zaire

Malaisse F.; Mpala K.; Colonval Elenkov E., 1982:
On the existence of an unusual and dominant leaf anatomy in zambesian woodland tree species

Cornelius, G., 1980:
On the existence of circadian rhythms in human erythrocyte suspensions enzyme activities and membrane functions

Mcdevitt D.S.; Croft L., 1977:
On the existence of gamma crystallin in the bird lens

Burges G.; Gal T., 1981:
On the existence of insect species of the orders homoptera and heteroptera belonging to the sweet chestnut food plant community castanea sativa

Imai, S.; Otorii, T.; Takeda, K.; Katano, Y.; Tsukada, T.; Nakagawa, Y., 1976:
On the existence of metabolic alpha adrenergic receptor in the myo cardium

Emmelin, N.; Gjörstrup, P.; Thesleff, P., 1977:
On the existence of parasympathetic motor nerves to the submaxillary gland of the dog

Levenson, R.G.; Marcu, K.B., 1976:
On the existence of poly adenylated histone messenger rna in xenopus laevis oocytes

Vacca, C.; Cifaldi, S.; Colantuoni, A.; Pizzuti, G.P.; Russo, F., 1975:
On the existence of presso receptors in the left ventricle of rabbit

Deak, T., 1978:
On the existence of proton symport in yeasts a comparative study

Holdaas, H.; DiBona, G.F., 1984:
On the existence of renal vasodilator nerves

Seyama K.; Asano T.; Ono M.; Fukushima K.; Tanaka K., 1979:
On the existence of the atopic factors and hereditary immunological studies in asthmatic children and their families

Huang, W.M.; Lehman, I.R., 1972 :
On the exo nuclease activity of phage t 4 dna polymerase

Holcik, J.; Zitnan, R., 1978:
On the expansion and origin of carassius auratus in czechoslovakia

Herrmann H J., 1986:
On the experimental pathology of the long term effect of alcohol on the microvascular coronary system

Walters, C.C.; Margulis, L.; Barghoorn, E.S., 1977:
On the experimental silicification of microorganisms part 1 microbial growth on organo silicon compounds

Francis, S.; Margulis, L.; Barghoorn, E.S., 1978:
On the experimental silicification of microorganisms part 2 on the time of appearance of eukaryotic organisms in the fossil record

Francis, S.; Barghoorn, E.S.; Margulis, L., 1978:
On the experimental silicification of microorganisms part 3 implications of the preservation of the green prokaryotic alga prochloron and other coccoids for interpretation of the microbial fossil record

Manga Gonzalez Y.; Morrondo Pelayo P., 1988:
On the experimental susceptibility of some hygromiinae mollusca stylommatophora species as intermediate hosts of neostrongylus linearis nematoda protostrongylidae

Grasso, D.; Fasone, S.; Gandolfo, C.; Buemi, G., 1976:
On the experimental validity of recent developments of solvent shift theory

Van Den Hoofdakker R.H.; Beersma D.G.M., 1985:
On the explanation of short rapid eye movement latencies in depression

Shiver J.W.; Cramer W.A.; Cohen F.S.; Bishop L.J.; P.J., 1987:
On the explanation of the acidic ph requirement for in vitro activity of colicin e1 site directed mutagenesis at glutamic acid 468

Hengeveld R., 1985:
On the explanation of the elevation effect by a dynamic interpretation of species distribution along altitudinal gradients

Blake R.W., 1979:
On the exploitation of a natural population of nereis virens from the northeast coast of england uk

Ueckermann, E., 1972:
On the exploitation through hunting of red deer fallow deer and wild boar from the results in hunting enclosure

Allen C.M., 1981:
On the exponent in the generalized matching equation

Abdulali H., 1985:
On the export of frog legs from india

Scamoni G.; Kuthe C., 1986:
On the exposure to dust in crop farming

Yasuno, M., 1978:
On the exterminatory measures for habu in amami district japan the problems from a ecological point of view

Bone, Q.; Fenaux, R.; Mackie, G.O., 1977:
On the external surface in appendicularia

Reijnders P.J.H., 1985:
On the extinction of the southern dutch harbor seal phoca vitulina population

Kasakov, L., 1977:
On the extracellular calcium concentration and the relaxing effect of oxytocin

Caelli, T.; Yuzyk, J., 1986:
On the extraction and alignment of image edges

Elizalde, M.P.; Castresana, J.M.; Fernandez, L.A.; Astigarraga, M.E., 1987:
On the extraction with long chain amines xxxvii. the extraction of lead ii by trilaurylamine and trilaurylammonium tri n octylammonium and tri n hexylammonium chlorides dissolved in benzene

Udupa K.S.; Bhat C.H.K., 1986:
On the eye diameter to total length relationship of the indian mackerel rastrelliger kanagurta

Munk, O., 1975:
On the eyes of 2 foveate notosudid teleosts scopelosaurus hoedti and ahliesaurus berryi

Ejigou, A.; McHugh, R., 1977:
On the factorization of the crude relative risk

Ilahude, A.G., 1978:
On the factors affecting the productivity of the southern makassar strait indonesia

Singer M.C.; Mandracchia J., 1982:
On the failure of 2 butterfly species to respond to the presence of conspecific eggs prior to oviposition

Galileo, M.H.M.; Martins, U.R., 1987:
On the falsamblesthiini coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae i. revision of the genus falsamblesthis breuning 1959

McDowell, J.J., 1986:
On the falsifiability of matching theory

Lovtrup, S., 1976:
On the falsifiability of neo darwinism

Kasy, F., 1976:
On the family relationships of some heliodinidae genera lepidoptera

Saha, S.K.; Mukherjee, A.K.; Sengupta, T., 1978:
On the family rhysodidae coleoptera adephaga with description of male rhysodes boysi from himachal pradesh india

Jobling, B., 1976:
On the fascicle of blood sucking diptera in addition a description of the maxillary glands in phlebotomus papatasi together with the musculature of the labium and pulsatory organ of both the latter species and also of some other diptera

Jafri, A.K., 1974:
On the fat water relationship in the liver of the major carp cirrhina mrigala

Tannenbaum, G.S.; Patel, Y.C., 1986:
On the fate of centrally administered somatostatin in the rat: massive hypersomatostatinemia resulting from leakage into the peripheral circulation has effects on growth hormone secretion and glucoregulation

Beermann, B., 1972:
On the fate of orally administered tritiated lanatoside c in man

Luetkens, R.; Eder, F., 1977:
On the fate of peripheral populations of the european bustard otis tarda in lower austria part 1 general situation of bustard populations in the mid european distribution area

Hayashi, K.; Takagi, T., 1977:
On the fatty acid composition of fish affected by excessive stress

Kaplin V.G., 1986:
On the fauna and ecology of coccids homoptera coccinea in the eastern kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

Krylov D.G., 1986 :
On the fauna and ecology of fleas of small mammals from moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

Koval'chuk N.E., 1987:
On the fauna and ecology of tardigrades of the dniester river basin reservoirs ussr

Ruckert Ulkumen N., 1987:
On the fauna and flora of mus and aladag turkey

Pfannkuche, O.; Jelinek, H.; Hartwig, E., 1975:
On the fauna of a fresh water flat in the elbe estuary west germany

Gentner M.V., 1987:
On the fauna of copepods calanoida of the kurile kamchatka trench new species of the genus pareuchaeta

Gorokhov A.V., 1985:
On the fauna of grylloidea orthoptera in china

Talikadze D.A., 1984:
On the fauna of millipedes diplopoda of the colchida province of the caucasus ussr

Richter K.; Klausnitzer B., 1987:
On the fauna of orthopterans blattariae dermaptera ensifera caelifera of rural places with different urban influence in leipzig east germany

Artem'ev M.M., 1985:
On the fauna of sandflies phlebotominae from mozambique

Aliev, H.A., 1986:
On the fauna of the bee genus anthidium fabr. in the azerbaijan ssr caucasus ussr hymenoptera apoidea megachilidae

Rogot, E.; Feinleib, M.; Ockay, K.A.; Schwartz, S.H.; Bilgrad, R.; Patterson, J.E., 1983:
On the feasibility of linking census samples to the National Death Index for epidemiologic studies: a progress report

Chu, Y.I.; Lu, C.Y., 1987:
On the feasibility of population monitoring of melon fly dacus cucurbitae coquillett with cue lure i. effect of adult's age and temperature on the rate of attracted flies

Chu, Y.I.; Lu, C.Y., 1987:
On the feasibility of population monitoring of melon fly dacus cucurbitae coquillett with cue lure ii. active range of cue lure and dispersing behavior of melon fly

Kordzaya D.D., 1985:
On the features of the bile capillary beds

Siegel V., 1985:
On the fecundity of antarctic krill euphausia superba euphausiacea

Sunder S.; Subla B.A., 1984:
On the fecundity of schizothorax curvifrons from river jhelum kashmir india

Bhuiyan A.S.; Rahman K., 1982:
On the fecundity of snake headed fish channa gachua channidae channiformes

Hossain M.A., 1979:
On the fecundity of the sand lobster thenus orientalis from the bay of bengal

Koshiishi U., 1981:
On the feed conversion efficiency of juvenile plaice paralichthys olivaceus

Wecke, C.; Jeroch, H.; Gebhardt, G., 1987:
On the feed value and the use of ccm silages for fattening pigs under special consideration of ccm silage from a maize mutant rich in lysine and a mixture of ccm and lucerne leaves 1. silage quality nitrogen balance and digestibility experiments

Wecke, C.; Eisenthardt, G.; Jeroch, H.; Gebhardt, G., 1988:
On the feed value and the use of ccm silages for fattening pigs under special considerations of ccm silage from a maize mutant rich in lysine and a mixed silage from ccm and lucerne leaves 2. fattening performance and carcass composition

Andrews, W.W.; Ojeda, S.R., 1977:
On the feedback actions of estrogen on gonadotropin and prolactin release in infantile female rats

Stockinger B.; Botzenhardt U.; Lemmel E.M., 1979:
On the feedback regulation of humoral immune response part 1 evidence for bone marrow derived suppressor cells

Hippa, H.; Koponen, S.; Laine, T., 1978:
On the feeding biology of coccinella hieroglyphica coleoptera coccinellidae

Kiso K., 1985:
On the feeding habit and mode of distribution of immature red sea bream pagrus major in shijiki bay hirado island japan

Kiso, K., 1982:
On the feeding habit of o group red sea bream pagrus major in shijiki bay hirado island japan 2. the habitat utilization in terms of food resources

Kiso, K., 1980:
On the feeding habits of o group red sea bream pagrus major in shijiki bay hirado island japan 1. sequential changes of the diet with growth and its annual variation

Kovalak, W.P., 1978:
On the feeding habits of phasganophora capitata plecoptera perlidae

Freidberg A.; Mathis W.N., 1985:
On the feeding habits of rhynchopsilopa diptera ephydridae

Moeller Buchner J.; Zander C.D.; Westphal D., 1984:
On the feeding habits of some demersal and suprademersal fish from fladen ground north sea

Borkenhagen P., 1979:
On the feeding habits of straying house cats felis sylvestris f catus from the urban district of kiel west germany

Walhovd H.; Hoegh Guldberg O., 1984:
On the feeding habits of the common long eared bat plecotus auritus

Odate, K., 1977:
On the feeding habits of the pacific saury cololabis saira

Matejka, H.; Roeben, P.; Schroeder, E., 1977:
On the feeding of red fox vulpes vulpes in open cultivated areas

Hillden, N.O., 1978:
On the feeding of the goldsinny ctenolabrus rupestris pisces labridae

Richter, W.J.F.; Baranowski, A.; Koch, G., 1978:
On the feeding value of alkali treated straw part 1 determination of the enzyme solubility of straw for evaluating the digestive effect of sodium hydroxide

Ciancio O.; Menguzzato G., 1985:
On the felling period in chestnut coppices

Paik, K.Y., 1974:
On the female of conoculus simboggulensis

Tibana R., 1985:
On the females of 4 helicobia spp diptera sarcophagidae

Kano, S., 1976:
On the feminization of the tassel induced by gibberellin in zea mays part 2 development of the female spikelets induced by gibberellin in the tassel

Galtier J.; Holmes J., 1984:
On the ferns anachoropteris and tubicaulis from the french stephanian description of tubicaulis grandeuryi new species

Cormaci, M.; Furnari, G.; Scammacca, B., 1978:
On the fertile tetra sporic phase of cottoniella ceramiales rhodomelaceae sarcomenioideae

Timofeev B.V.; Dembele A.D.; Danioko A., 1987:
On the fertility of ferrallitic concretionary degraded soils of african savanna mali

Eti, S.; Stoesser, R., 1987:
On the fertility of the mandarin variety clementine citrus reticulata blanco. ii. development of ovules and embryo sacs

Liang H X., 1985:
On the fertilization of gastrodia elata orchidaceae

Agarwal, S.S.; Dube, D.K.; Loeb, L.A., 1979:
On the fidelity of DNA replication. Accuracy of Escherichia coli DNA polymerase I

Battula, N.; Loeb, L.A., 1975:
On the fidelity of dna replication characterization of poly nucleotides with errors in base pairing synthesized by avian myeloblastosis virus dna polymerase

Kunkel T.A.; Loeb L.A., 1979:
On the fidelity of dna replication effect of divalent metal ion activators and deoxy ribo nucleoside tri phosphate pools on in vitro mutagenesis

Sirover, M.A.; Loeb, L.A., 1977:
On the fidelity of DNA replication. Effect of metal activators during synthesis with avian myeloblastosis virus DNA polymerase

Seal, G.; Loeb, L.A., 1976:
On the fidelity of DNA replication. Enzyme activities associated with DNA polymerases from RNA tumor viruses

Battula, N.; Loeb, L.A., 1976:
On the fidelity of dna replication lack of exo dnase activity and error correcting function in avian myeloblastosis virus dna polymerase

Sirover, M.A.; Dube, D.K.; Loeb, L.A., 1979:
On the fidelity of DNA replication. Metal activation of Escherichia coli DNA polymerase I

Seal, G.; Shearman, C.W.; Loeb, L.A., 1979:
On the fidelity of DNA replication. Studies with human placenta DNA polymerases

Kunkel T.A.; Loeb L.A.; Goodman M.F., 1984:
On the fidelity of dna replication the accuracy of phage t 4 dna polymerases in copying phage phi x 174 dna in vitro

Schwettmann K.D., 1988:
On the field attack of the corn weevil sitophilus zeamais motschulsky coleoptera curculionidae and its associated fauna in the philippines

Mueller H.E.J.; Koenigstedt D., 1987:
On the field characters of the great snipe gallinago media a photographic documentation

Jakobsson S.; Radesater T.; Jaervi T., 1979:
On the fighting behavior of nannacara anomala pisces cichlidae males

Ganslosser, U., 1978:
On the fighting behavior of the new guinea pademelon thylogale brunii

Wolf, F.; Bergk, K.H.; Kluge, B., 1975:
On the filtration of culture solutions from antibiotics manufacture

Ratiani R.V., 1986:
On the find of lima dubisiensis from the jurassic cretaceous boundary layers of the northern caucasus russian sfsr ussr

Picco A.M., 1985:
On the finding of gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici in wheat in northern italy

Moshkovitz S., 1982:
On the findings of a new calcareous nanno fossil conusphaera zlambachensis new species and other calcareous organisms in the upper triassic sediments of austria

Nielsen, E.H.; Sorensen, V.W.; Bjorkman, N., 1977:
On the fine structure and muco substances in the bulbo urethral gland in the domestic boar

Kristensen, R.M., 1976:
On the fine structure of batillipes noerrevangi part 1 tegument and molting cycle

Jorgensen J.M., 1985:
On the fine structure of lateral line canal organs of the herring clupea harengus

Behnke, H.D., 1971:
On the fine structure of nacreous walls and of plastids in the sieve tubes of annona d and myristica d

Nicotra A., 1982:
On the fine structure of paracentrotus lividus permanent blastulae obtained after treatment with 5 bromodeoxy uridine

Kristensen, R.M.; Norrevang, A., 1977:
On the fine structure of rastrognathia macrostoma new genus new species placed in rastrognathiidae new family gnathostomulida

Alberti G.; Janssen H.H., 1986:
On the fine structure of spermatozoa of tachypleus gigas xiphosura merostomata

Wender, M.; Pruchnik-Grabowska, D.; Kowal, P.; Tokarz, E., 1985:
On the fine structure of the distribution of primary nervous system neoplasms in Western Poland

Machado, R.D.; De-Souza, W.; Cotta-Pereira, G.; De-Oliveira-Castro, G., 1976:
On the fine structure of the electrocyte of electrophorus electricus

Brueggemann J., 1987:
On the fine structure of the protonephridia of provortex psammophilus platyhelminthes rhabdocoela

Kristensen, R.M.; Norrevang, A., 1978:
On the fine structure of valvognathia pogonostoma new genus new species gnathostomulida onychognathiidae with special reference to the jaw apparatus

Heisenberg M.; Wolf R., 1979:
On the fine structure of yaw torque in visual flight orientation of drosophila melanogaster

Griswold C.E.; Platnick N.I., 1987:
On the first african spiders of the family orsolobidae araneae dysderoidea

Platnick N.I.; Forster R.R., 1987:
On the first american spiders of the subfamily sternodidae araneae malkaridae

Gabuniya L.K.; Gabuniya V.D., 1987:
On the first find of fossil bats chiroptera in the paleogene of the ussr

Holzschuh C., 1987:
On the first record of coleotechnites picaeella new record a spruce needle miner in austria

Nel J., 1987 :
On the first stages of gypsochares meyrick 1890 and pselnophorus wallengren 1881 seventh contribution to the knowledge of the biology of pterophoridae from southern france lepidoptera pterophoridae

Nel J., 1987:
On the first stages of various stenoptilia frequently confused under the name stenoptilia bipunctidactyla scopoli 1763 sixth contribution to the knowledge of the biology of pterophoridae from southern france lepidoptera pterophoridae

Nel J., 1987:
On the first state of pterophorus sensu stricto in france fifth contribution to the knowledge of the biology of pterophoridae from southern france lepidoptera pterophoridae

Gelbrecht J.; Mueller B., 1986:
On the first time immigration of rhodometra sacraria linne 1767 in east germany in 1983 lepidoptera geometridae

Sharma K.P.; Johal M.S., 1982:
On the fish and fisheries of jaismund lake rajasthan india

Gupta, S.K., 1987:
On the fish fauna of banda district india viii. ethnozoological notes of pseudosciaena coitor hamilton

Gupta, S.K.; Grover, S.P., 1986:
On the fish fauna of banda district uttar pradesh india v. osteoglossomorpha and clupeomorpha with notes on ecology

Riehl, R., 1978:
On the fish fauna of ibiza baleares spain pisces

Higo, N.; Takayamabe, Y.; Yasujima, Y.; Tabata, S.; Kakimoto, M.; Hashi, H., 1983:
On the fish gathering effect of the artificial reefs ascertained by diving observation 10. in case of the open sea off ibusuki city japan

Higo, N.; Yoshiga, S.; Yoshida, M.; Takenoshita, Y.; Hashi, H., 1983:
On the fish gathering effect of the artificial reefs ascertained by diving observation 12. the open sea off kanoya city japan

Higo, N.; Motonakano, S.; Hashi, H.; Hayashi, H.; Shinohara, Y.; Tabata, S., 1983:
On the fish gathering effect of the artificial reefs ascertained by the diving observation 11. in the open sea off fukiage beach in the satsuma peninsula japan

Higo, N.; Hahuly, P.W.; Fukumoto, M.; Saitoh, S.; Hashi, H., 1987:
On the fish gathering effect of the artificial reefs ascertained by the diving observation xvii. at the off seas sendai city japan

Higo, N.; Fu, Q.C.; Nishino, H.; Ueyama, H.; Fukushima, K.; Hashi, H., 1987:
On the fish gathering effect of the artificial reefs ascertained by the diving observation xviii. off shore of yamagawa town japan

Higo, N.; Daimou, Y.; Nishino, H.; Hashi, H., 1986:
On the fish gathering effect on the artificial reefs ascertained by diving observation xiv. at the sea off eguchi ura in the satsuma peninsula japan

Higo, N.; Nishino, H.; Daimou, Y.; Hashi, H., 1986:
On the fish gathering effect on the artificial reefs ascertained by diving observation xv. at the sea off kaseda city japan

Higo, N.; Tabata, S.; Hashi, H.; Kamimizutaru, T., 1986:
On the fish gathering effect on the artificial reefs ascertained by diving observation xvi. at the sea off kaimon town japan

Seshappa, G., 1974:
On the fishery and biology of the large tongue sole cynoglossus dubius at calicut kerala

Manisseri M.K., 1982:
On the fishery of juveniles of penaeus semisulcatus along the tinnevelly coast tamil nadu india

Manisseri M.K., 1986:
On the fishery of penaeus simisulcatus and its distribution in relation to depth along tinnevelly coast southern india

Manisseri M.K.; Manimaran C., 1981:
On the fishery of the indian white prawn penaeus indicus along the tinnevelly coast tamil nadu india

Talwar, P.K., 1977:
On the fishes collected by the ladakh expedition 1976

Hong C H., 1985:
On the fishing grounds of buse and oceanographic condition in the yellow sea and the east china sea

Furuya, Y., 1969:
On the fission of troops of japanese monkeys ii general view of troop fission of japanese monkeys

Furuya, Y., 1968:
On the fission of troops of japanese monkeys part 1 5 fissions and social changes between 1955 and 1966 in the gagyusan troop

Sibly, R.; Mcfarland, D., 1976:
On the fitness of behavior sequences

Coupland, R.E.; Kobayashi, S.; Crowe, J., 1976:
On the fixation of catecholamines including adrenaline in tissue sections

Qureshi, A.W.; Kempthorne, O., 1968:
On the fixation of genes of large effects due to continued truncation selection in small populations of poly genic systems with linkage hardy weinburg population

Romanenko V.M.; Perepnikhatka V.I., 1984:
On the flagella of agrobacterium tumefaciens cells

Jarosch, R., 1970:
On the flagellar waves of synura bioreti and the mechanics of the uniplanar waves

Das A.K.; Misra K.K.; Tho Y.P., 1983:
On the flagellate symbiotes of cryptotermes domesticus haviland from malaysia

Crescitelli S.; D.S.efano G.; Russo G.; Tufano V., 1982:
On the flammability limits of saturated vapors of hydro carbons

Shammas G.; Verykokidou Vitsaropoulou E., 1987:
On the flavone heterosides of teucrium polium l

Linard, A.; Paris, R.R., 1977:
On the flavonoids of the leaves of 2 cucurbitaceae cucurbita maxima and cucumis sativus

Zhanaeva T.A.; Minaeva V.G.; Zaprometov M.N., 1986:
On the flavonol oxidizing enzymes of buckwheat fagopyrum esculentum

Abraham, R., 1978:
On the flight activity of pteromalidae hymenoptera chalcidoidea depending on temperature and relative humidity

Voliotis D., 1987:
On the flora and vegetation of pinovon mountain in northern greece

Matveeva N.V.; Zanokha L.L., 1985:
On the flora and vegetation of sibiryakova island russian sfsr ussr

Cambra J., 1987:
On the flora and vegetation of the algae living in epicontinental water in the natural reserve of ordesa valleys pyrenees of aragon spain

Koskinen A., 1982:
On the flora of hadvala village in pikkio southwestern finland

Voliotis D., 1983:
On the flora of mount tzena northern greece

Petrovskii, V.V.; Plieva, T.V., 1987:
On the flora of the eastern anyuiski mountain range western chukotski peninsula ussr

Petrovskii V.V.; Plieva T.V., 1986:
On the flora of the kolyma and anadyr river watershed russian sfsr ussr

Gregor H J., 1986:
On the flora of the randeck maar miocene baden wuerttemberg west germany

Mandal, S.; Chanda, S.; Mukherjee, J., 1977:
On the floristic survey of kalyani west bengal with reference to aerobiology

Slavikova, Z., 1977:
On the flower morphology of ranunculus fluitans with particular reference to the seasonal variability of the petals

Balcavage, W.X.; Alvager, T., 1976:
On the fluorescence lifetime of tryptophan and proteins

Kokkinn M.J.; Allanson B.R., 1985:
On the flux of organic carbon in a tidal salt marsh kowie river estuary port alfred south africa

Desilets D.J.; Coburn J.T.; Lantrip D.A.; Kissinger P.T.; Lytle F.E., 1986:
On the fly determination of fluorescence lifetimes from two point decay measurements

Bathon H.; Pietrzik J., 1986:
On the food consumption of clitostethus arcuatus coleoptera coccinellidae a predator of aleurodes proletella homoptera aleurodidae

Kakuda, S.; Matsumoto, K., 1978:
On the food habits of the white croaker argyrosomus argentatus

Thakur, N.K., 1978:
On the food of air breathing catfish clarias batrachus occurring in wild waters

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On the impairments of brain mitochondrial monoamine oxidase in schizophrenia

Linden W., 1987:
On the impending death of the type a construct or is there a phoenix rising from the ashes

Grundmann G.; Winkler U., 1987:
On the importance of alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency in the respiratory tract occupational health aspects

Poethig D.; Israel S., 1985:
On the importance of assessing the biological age of gerontology

Hansson L., 1979:
On the importance of landscape heterogeneity in northern regions for the breeding population densities of homeotherms a general hypothesis

Potuznik V., 1981:
On the importance of lysozyme in hemo cultivation techniques

Harzer W.; Czekalla V.; Landmesser H., 1987:
On the importance of oral respiration for the origin of dysgnathias with particular regard to diseases of the respiratory tract

Humphries, J.; Wan, Y.P.; Folkers, K.; Bowers, C.Y., 1977:
On the importance of position 1 of ovulation inhibitors as based on studies on 2 d phenylalanine 3 proline phenylalanine luteinizing hormone releasing hormone

Havlin J., 1987:
On the importance of railway lines for the life of avifauna in agrocenoses

Konings, A.W.; Penninga, P., 1985:
On the importance of the level of glutathione and the activity of the pentose phosphate pathway in heat sensitivity and thermotolerance

Antipenskaya L.V.; Ilyukhina T.A.; Atramentova L.A., 1986:
On the importance of the marriage structure and the degree of heterozygosity of women in prognosis of pregnancy failure

Schultka, H.; Betke, P.; Schumann, H., 1986:
On the importance of the musca domestica antagonist ophyra aenescens diptera muscidae iv. biology and behavior of ophyra aenescens on animal farms

Somova A.G.; Ivanova L.V.; Voronezhskaya L.G., 1986:
On the importance of the vibriocinogenic factor in the ecology of vibrio cholerae

Molenaar P.C.M., 1986:
On the impossibility of acquiring more powerful structures a neglected alternative

Kannan S.; Balaji A., 1988:
On the improved vigor of the root knot nematode infected cowpea plant with phenols of palmyrah wood sawdust extract fortified with gibberellic acid and iaa

Scheutwinkel Reich M.; Von Der Hude W., 1985:
On the in vitro mutagenicity of caramel colors

Shemanova, G.F.; Vlasova, E.V.; Postnikova, T.M., 1988:
On the in vitro neutralization test of Clostridium perfringens type A toxin

Papayannopoulou, T.; Finch, C.A., 1972:
On the in vivo action of erythropoietin: a quantitative analysis

Govier, W.C.; Sugrue, M.F.; Shore, P.A., 1969:
On the inability to produce super sensitivity to catecholamines in intestinal smooth muscle cocaine autonomic desipramine autonomic guinea pig

Ohisalo, J.J., 1977:
On the inactivation of hepatic tyrosine amino transferase ec

Lamson, S.H.; Cross, P.K.; Hook, E.B.; Regal, R., 1980:
On the inadequacy of quinquennial data for analyzing the paternal age effect on Down's syndrome rates

Todorov, S., 1987:
On the incidence and clinical aspects of rank i symptoms according to k. schneider in schizophrenia

Sugar, L., 1976:
On the incidence of larvae of hypodermatidae in game animals and wild rodents of hungary

Brezina Z.; Dockalova M., 1986:
On the incidence of nosocomial infections in a pediatric department in 1982 1984

Bobek, V., 1978:
On the incidence of perforations of Meckel's diverticulum by a foreign body

Klint T., 1980:
On the incidence of rahb calling in male mallards anas platyrhynchos

Llach, F.; Koffler, A.; Finck, E.; Massry, S.G., 1977:
On the incidence of renal vein thrombosis in the nephrotic syndrome

Kavai, A.; Sugar, L., 1976:
On the incidence of sarcosporidia game animals of hungary

Dunkelberg, H., 1976:
On the incidence of Staphylococcus aureus in the throat of medical students

Feig, K.; Ropers, H.H., 1978:
On the incidence of unilateral and bilateral color blindness in hetero zygous females

Devadoss P., 1984:
On the incidental fishery of skates and rays off calicut india

Delmas, A.; Pineau, H., 1975:
On the inclination of the spinous processes of the cervical column

Berger K.; Schiele M., 1985:
On the incorporation to work of damaged youths not able for education at school but able for being promoted

Tanaka Y.; Kawashima K.; Hayashi T.; Umeda K., 1979:
On the increase of alpha amylase affinity of starch granule by gamma irradiation

Bernassola, A., 1976:
On the increase of male mortality in some age groups remarks on italian life tables

Toshkov A.; Dimov V., 1985:
On the increase of nonspecific antiinfectious resistance to klebsiella pneumoniae in mice immunostimulated by p 84 and p 85 preparations

Petushkova E.V.; Grishin M.N.; Baranova L.A.; Gulyaev N.N., 1988:
On the increased enzyme selectivity towards substrate structure during transition from the calcium stimulated to the potassium edta stimulated nucleoside triphosphatase activity of heavy meromyosin

Kawasaki, K.; Tanaka, S.; Ishikawa, T., 1977:
On the incremental lines in human dentin as revealed by tetracycline labeling

Osler R.; Longoni C.E.; Prati S., 1984:
On the incubation period of rice giallume a disease induced by barley yellow dwarf virus

Larson R.W., 1987:
On the independence of positive and negative effect within hour to hour experience

Dharma-Raja, S.K.; Balakrishnan, G., 1974:
On the index of abundance of flying fish populations in the inshore waters of tamil nadu and pondicherry

Stephan B., 1984:
On the individual variability of some passer species

Schoonhoven, L.M., 1977:
On the individuality of insect feeding behavior

Leder L D., 1986:
On the individuality of malignant neoplasias

Malaya L.T.; Shchegoleva T.Yu; Bakhova L.K.; Kovalevskaya O.S., 1987:
On the individualized choice of drugs

Kobayashi N.; Zao X.; Osa T.; Kato K.; Hanabusa K.; Imoto T.; Shirai H., 1987:
On the induced circular dichroism of d d transitions of a 14 membered macrocyclic tetramine nickel ii complex in beta cyclodextrin

Glas R.; Robinson D.G., 1982:
On the induction of cup shaped dictyosomes in suspension cultured acer pseudoplatanus

Fietkau R.; Diepgen T.L.; Stehr L.; Sauer R., 1988:
On the induction of malignancies by radiotherapy a retrospective investigation on 450 tumors

Tischner, R., 1976:
On the induction of nitrate reductase ec and nitrite reductase ec in synchronized chlorella cultures

Che, X.M.; Schmidt, B.; Dunkelberg, H.; Borneff, J., 1987:
On the induction of sister chromatid exchange by diethylstilbestrol and mitomycin C in lymphocytes of mothers and their newborn infants

Frank, H.; Hardeland, R.; Frank, A., 1976:
On the induction of the hepatic tyrosine amino transferase ec by quinolinic acid

Richter K H., 1985:
On the industrial hygienic situation of arc welders in the chemical industry

Kawakita, H.; Ishiie, T., 1976:
On the infection of a weed humulus japonicus with mulberry dwarf disease

Buchmann, K., 1986:
On the infection of baltic cod gadus morhua l. by the acanthocephalan echinorhynchus gadi zoega mueller

Brun, G., 1977:
On the infection of drosophila female germ line cells by sigma virus

Iwashita, Y.; Ueno, M., 1976:
On the infection pathway in the development of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus in the young silkworm

Jansa, P.; Cerný, O.; Poláchová, I., 1986:
On the inference value of routine biopsy in malignant melanoma

Oerke E C.; Schoenbeck F., 1986:
On the influence of abiotic stress conditions on growth of barley and bean and their predisposition for pathogens

Khudaidatov B.R., 1986:
On the influence of acupuncture on its action mechanism and the course of diseases of the nervous system

Kahler, H.H., 1970:
On the influence of adaptation temperature and salinity on heat and cold resistance of enchytraeus albidus oligochaeta

Knaus B U.; Lange U., 1987:
On the influence of anthelmintics on the viability of taenia sasinata oncospheres

Sportelli, L.; Neubacher, H.; Lohmann, W., 1977:
On the influence of aromatic residues on the interaction of copper (II) with small peptides containing aromatic amino acids: ESR and optical studies

Hofmann K.; Wagner H., 1988:
On the influence of carbon dioxide baths on cardio regulatory mechanisms in patients after myocardial infarction and during early rehabilitation

Stelzner A.; Schleef H.; Kunze M., 1984:
On the influence of carrageenan galactose and 2 4 dinitrophenol on the phagocytosis of staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli by polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Viol M., 1988:
On the influence of circulation on muscular tonus

Kirchgessner, M.; Roth, F.X., 1977:
On the influence of dietary nickel supplements on the growth of piglets

Roth W.; Schwanitz P.; Pas P., 1987:
On the influence of different force time courses during training on muscular cellular adaptation

Heinzel, M., 1986:
On the influence of different growth conditions to the resistance of some methylotrophic bacteria to aldehydes

Schremmer, F., 1978:
On the influence of different nesting ground inclinations on nest form and comb size with 2 neotropical species of social wasps of the genus parachartergus hymenoptera vespidae

Eichmeier, J.; Buger, P., 1969:
On the influence of electro magnetic radiation on the bismuth chloride precipitation reaction according to piccardi

Pechhacker, H., 1977:
On the influence of environmental factors on the population dynamics of lecanidae physokermes spp

Holmberg M.; Hari P., 1987:
On the influence of evapotranspiration and precipitation on long term changes in exchangeable base cations in forest soil

Takahashi, H., 1977:
On the influence of excavation of tunnel on the growth of woods

Luebbe R., 1986:
On the influence of fertilizer application cutting frequency and resowing on hay yield and yield structure of hill meadows in hessen west germany

Winter, J.E., 1969:
On the influence of food concentration and other factors on filtration rate and food utilization in the mussels arctica islandica and modiolus modiolus

Zattler, F.; Chrometzka, P., 1968:
On the influence of gibberellic acid on flower and cone development in hops d humulus lupulus d lupulin

Semigolovskii N.Yu; Vasil'eva V.V., 1988:
On the influence of gutimine derivatives on rana temporaria tadpole metamorphosis

Souno K., 1986:
On the influence of hemopoietic stimuli and sudan iii pretreatment on chemically induced in vivo chromosome aberrations and sister chromatid exchanges

Fritsch, H.A.R., 1973:
On the influence of hydrostatic pressure on the ultrastructures of cells and tissues part 1 investigations on gill epithelium of marine bivalves

Fritsch, H.A.R., 1974:
On the influence of hydrostatic pressure on the ultrastructures of cells and tissues part 2 investigations on membrane systems of gill epithelia of marine bivalves and the pharynx of branchiostoma lanceolatum

Fritsch, H.A.R., 1974:
On the influence of hydrostatic pressure on the ultrastructures of cells and tissues part 3 investigations on filament and micro tubule systems in various tissues of marine mussels and branchiostoma lanceolatum

Fritsch, H.A.R., 1974:
On the influence of hydrostatic pressure on the ultrastructures of cells and tissues part 4 temperature effects on the pressure resistance of membrane filament and micro tubule systems in various tissues of marine mussels and branchiostoma lanceolatum

Fritsch, H.A.R., 1974:
On the influence of hydrostatic pressure on the ultrastructures of cells and tissues part 5 the importance of pressure period on pressure resistance of membrane filament and micro tubule systems in cells of marine animals

Fritsch, H.A.R., 1974:
On the influence of hydrostatic pressure on the ultrastructures of cells and tissues part 6 experiments on reversibility of pressure induced damage of membranes filaments and micro tubules in cells of marine animals

Frenzel, H.; Kremer, B.; Richter, I.E.; Hücker, H., 1976:
On the influence of hypoxia on the sinus endothelial cells of rat liver. A scanning and transmission electron microscopic investigation

Todorov, T.G., 1977:
On the influence of interferon on the transforming activity of chick myelocytomatosis virus strain mc 29 in vitro

Kirchgessner M.; Schnegg A.; Grassmann E.; Schneider U.A., 1980:
On the influence of iron supply and lactation on the iron availability in metabolism

Matthiaschk, G., 1973:
On the influence of l cysteine on thiram induced teratogenesis in nmri mice

Löwe, H.; Bergmann, J., 1977:
On the influence of low extracellular calcium level on the contractility and ultrastructure of smooth muscle cells of ileum and colon

Andersson, A., 1976:
On the influence of manure and fertilizers on the distribution and amounts of plant available cadmium in soils

Mallach, H.J.; Raff, G.; Kraemer, R., 1977:
On the influence of mobiletten on the effect of alcohol in the human part 2 influence on the efficiency under alcohol stress

Chavko, M.; Sova, O., 1976:
On the influence of nutritional conditions on the changes in dna synthesis in the livers and brains of rats

D.L.gny C.L.; Gelsema W.J., 1982:
On the influence of ph and salt composition on the partition of poly electrolytes in aqueous polymer 2 phase systems

Naumann, J.; Schaeller, G., 1986:
On the influence of pollution on ecosystems ix. dynamic of abundance and biomass turnover of the puccinellia distans and aphid coccinellid complex

Zidus L.Kh; Veksler A.M.; Veksler F.B.; Korystov Y.N.; Kublik L.N.; Levitman M.Kh, 1986:
On the influence of postirradiation hypoxia on potential damages to cells

Wild H.; Vick H P., 1982:
On the influence of pre natal and post natal risk factors on the development of vision during the 1st 6 years

Klima A.; Ilberg C.V.; Bergmann L.; Klippstein T.; Zoubek A.; Mitrou P.S.; Szepisi S.; Jakobi A., 1987:
On the influence of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on survival in advanced head and neck tumors

Shi Y., 1983:
On the influence of range land vegetation to the density of plateau pika ochotona curzoniae

Meiske, W.; Glende, M.; Nuernberg, G.; Reich, J.G., 1978:
On the influence of rapid periodic parameter oscillations on the long term behavior of cell metabolism

Jung, K.; Koehler, A., 1980:
On the influence of reaction conditions in activity determination of alkaline phosphatase ec on the molar absorptivity of 4 nitro phenol

Jacob H., 1988:
On the influence of rough profiles of tires on grassland swards

Anger, K., 1975 :
On the influence of sewage pollution on inshore benthic communities in the south of kiel bay part 2 quantitative studies on community structure

Fischer K.; Augustini C.; Festerling A.; Schmitten F., 1987:
On the influence of short termed changes of the temperature in the pig shed on the halothane reaction

Goldenbogen, I., 1977:
On the influence of social isolation on the attack readiness of xiphophorus helleri and haplochromis burtoni

Haidmayer, R.; Kenner, T.; Hinghofer-Szalkay, H., 1980:
On the influence of temperature on the measurement of density distribution of erythrocytes

Bolze, A., 1978:
On the influence of the carbon di oxide supply light intensity and temperature on the concentration of extracellular organic substance in synchronous cultures of scenedesmus acutus

Ishihata M.; Tokunaga K., 1985:
On the influence of the dissolved oxygen content of seepage water due to air penetrating percolation in a sand column studies on the differentiation of paddy field soil into oxidation or reduction layers due to ponding from the viewpoint of percolation physics 1

Daikoku, S.; Watanabe, Y.G.; Kinutani, M., 1976:
On the influence of the hypothalamic hypophyseal system on the developing leydig cells

Biermann J.; Herrmann W.; Schreiber J., 1986:
On the influence of the level of uric acid in serum by physical exercises and diet during a complete cure

Van Gurp M.; Van Ginkel G.; Levine Y.K., 1988:
On the influence of the lipid matrix on energy transfer processes in self assembling chlorophyll lipid systems

Epperlein K.; Wetzel T., 1985 :
On the influence of the weather on the mass increase of the corn ground beetle zabrus tenebrioides

Weuffen W.; Fuegenschuh H.; Jung E.; Kirchner D.; Klingberg F.; Kramer A.; Prott V.; Schultze G.; Wagner R.; Wilken H., 1979:
On the influence of thio cyanates on the delayed immune response in intact and epi nephrectomized guinea pigs

Vasin, M.V.; Suvorov, N.N.; Abramov, M.M.; Gordeev, E.N., 1987:
On the influence of toxicity of o alkyl serotonin derivatives on the implementation of their radioprotective potency

Schaefer, K.; Wegener, H.R., 1977:
On the influence of traffic emissions on grasses

Notoya, M., 1976:
On the influence of various culture conditions on the early development of spore germination in 3 species of the crustose corallines rhodophyta preliminary report

Abel, H.; Steffens, N.; Rosenow, H.; Molnar, S., 1977:
On the influence of various feed energy carriers on fat metabolism part 4 enzyme activities in adipose tissue

Stachelberger, H., 1978:
On the influence of various preparative methods on the composition of gluten protein fractions part 1 the sulfhydryl and di sulfide contents of glutenins and gliadins

Stachelberger, H., 1978:
On the influence of various preparative methods on the composition of gluten protein fractions part 2 the amino acid composition of glutenins and gliadins

Hudde H., 1986:
On the influence of weather conditions on the mortality of nestling great tit blue tit and pied flycatcher parus major parus caeruleus ficedula hypoleuca

Arsen'ev S.A.; Shelkovnikov N.K., 1984:
On the influence of wind on currents in river mouths

Kawahara T.; Suzuki M.; Miyoshi S.; Mitsumoto T., 1984:
On the influences of genetic and environmental factors on averages herd milk production of holstein cattle in hokkaido japan

Zhimulev I.F.; Belyaeva E.S., 1985:
On the information content of polytene chromosome chromomeres

Kremen, A., 1977:
On the informational approach to the description of nucleotide pools

Lu, W., 1977:
On the infraspecific categories of agkistrodon halys in china

Takahashi, H., 1987:
On the infraspecific variation of chimaphila umbellata l. w. barton pyrolaceae

Hofmann, H.T.; Birnstiel, H.; Jobst, P., 1971:
On the inhalation toxicity of 1 1 di chloro ethane 1 2 di chloro ethane

Henderson, A.; Ritossa, F., 1970:
On the inheritance of ribosomal dna of magnified bobbed loci in drosophila melanogaster

Zielke, E.; Kuhlow, F., 1977:
On the inheritance of susceptibility for infection with Wuchereria bancrofti in Culex pipiens fatigans

Reimann-Philipp, R.; Lorenz, A., 1978:
On the inheritance of the brown leaf character in begonia semperflorens

Dubois L.A.M.; D.V.ies D.P., 1987:
On the inheritance of the dwarf character in polyantha x rosa chinensis minima sims voss f1 populations

D.M.chelis M.I.; Rasi Caldogno F.; Pugliarello M.C., 1984:
On the inhibiting effect of oligomycin on magnesium atp dependent delta ph and delta psi in microsomal vesicles from radish raphanus sativus cultivar tondo rosso quarantino

Willemot C.; Hope H.J.; S.P.erre J.C., 1979:
On the inhibition of frost hardening of winter wheat by basf 13 338 a derivative of pyridazinone

Fernandez-Sousa, J.M.; Gavilanes, J.G.; Municio, A.M.; Rodriguez, R., 1977:
On the inhibition of hen egg white lysozyme activity of amino glycosidic antibiotics

Schmoldt, A.; Herzberg, W.; Benthe, H.F., 1977:
On the inhibition of microsomal drug metabolism by poly chlorinated bi phenyls and related phenolic compounds

Palade, P.T.; Barchi, R.L., 1977:
On the inhibition of muscle membrane chloride conductance by aromatic carboxylic acids

Piesche, L.; Hilse, H.; Scheer, E.; Bienert, M.; Oehme, P., 1977:
On the inhibition of tritiated norepinephrine uptake in synaptosomes by substance p

Korytnyk, W.; Hakala, M.T.; Potti, P.G.G.; Angelino, N.; Chang, S.C., 1976:
On the inhibitory activity of 4 vinyl analogs of pyridoxal enzyme and cell culture studies

Scigalla P.; Gudim V.I.; Ivanova V.S.; Fedorov N.A.; Grossmann P., 1980:
On the inhibitory effect of the serum of uraemic children on erythropoiesis

Markman G.S., 1982:
On the initiation in auto oscillation systems of oscillations with a period that is a multiple of the modulation period

Imamoto, F., 1968:
On the initiation of transcription of the tryptophan operon in escherichia coli enz rna polymerase promoter site

Dimchev, D.; Gyulev, A.; B'rzeva, L.; Stojchev, S.; Geneva, V.; Cholakov, J.; Vladimirov, M.; Karov, I.; Kovachev-Ya ; Et-Al, 1976:
On the injuries of the upper respiratory pathways and general toxic action on the factors of the working environment in plants with chemical hazards

Roder W.; Cremer J.; Eggert H.; Peters I., 1987:
On the injury effect of mixed weed infestation of spring barley in dependence on the degree of weed coverage on loess soils

Wittenberg, J., 1969:
On the injury feigning of wood pigeons columba palumbus on the nest

Miller, R.F., 1987:
On the inorganic character of halichondrites graphitiferus matthew a supposed sponge from the precambrian of st. john new brunswick canada

Mohan P.M.; Subhashini K.; Sasira Babu K., 1980:
On the input to the giant fiber system in the 6th abdominal ganglion of the cockroach periplaneta americana

Zheng C.; Wang S., 1985:
On the insectivore fauna of qinghai xizang chinhai tibetan plateau china

Ratzmann, G.W., 1985:
On the insulin effect on the magnesium homeostasis

Dargie T.C.D., 1984:
On the integrated interpretation of indirect site ordinations a case study using semi arid vegetation in southeastern spain

Gasanov G.G.; Musaeva A.K.; Kozhevnikova S.A., 1987 :
On the intensity of rabbit erythrodieresis and erythropoiesis as affected by the gastric juice and blood serum of anemic dogs

Vodas K.; Elitsina P., 1986:
On the intensity of the epizootic process in sheep with salmonella abortus ovis and chlamydia psittaci var ovis infections

Bock, J.; Feyrter, F., 1968:
On the inter cellular interstitium of the so called mixed tumor of the lacrimal glands

Moonen C.T.W.; Mueller F., 1984:
On the inter molecular electron transfer between different redox states of flavodoxin from megasphaera elsdenii a 500 megahertz proton nmr study

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