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On the identification of hydrellia sasakii from china diptera ephydridae

Wuyi Science Journal 5: 67-70

On the identification of hydrellia sasakii from china diptera ephydridae

This paper gives a report on the identification of Hydrellia sasakii Yuasa et Isitani, 1939, which is a pest of rice recently recorded from Anhui, Hubei and Fujian provinces, China. It was misidentified as H. philippina (Fan et Zhou, 1983, nec Ferino, 1968, Wuyi Sci. Jour., 3:143-144, 5 figs) which was based on specimens collected from Shanming of Fujian. For the elucidation of these two species, the differences of their terminalia are compared as shown in table 1. The male terminalia of the present species are illustrated as shown in figures 1-4.

Accession: 006027703

Related references

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