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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6031

Chapter 6031 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kuhnert-Brandstätter, M.; Bösch, L., 1978:
On the polymorphism of drugs: medrogestone, phensuximide and protionamide

Geserick G.; Patzelt D.; Schroeder H., 1988:
On the polymorphism of human plasminogen

Uchida, T.; Sugiura, Y., 1978:
On the polyp of the scyphomedusa sanderia malayensis and its reproduction

Tzakou O.; Skaltsa H.; Philianos P., 1987:
On the polyphenolic constituents of the flower heads of tilia tomentosa moench

Nash, D.; Vyse, E.R., 1977:
On the polytene morphology of a drosophila melanogaster chromosomal inversion including the nucleolus organizer

Kumari, B.P.; Dharmaraja, S.K., 1978:
On the pomfret fishery of india with special reference to the catch statistics of maharashtra and gujarat coasts

Osman, A.A., 1975:
On the population and control of the mite eriophyes vitis infesting vineyards in tahreer province egypt acarina eriophyidae

Mamaev S.A.; Semerikov L.F.; Makhnev A.K., 1988:
On the population approach in silviculture

Marcus N.H., 1979:
On the population biology and nature of diapause of labidocera aestiva copepoda calanoida

Henderson, P.A.; Holmes, R.H.A., 1987:
On the population biology of the common shrimp crangon crangon l. crustacea caridea in the severn estuary and bristol channel uk

Sellin D., 1987:
On the population density ecology and ethology of the raven corvus corax in a research area in the northeastern part of the district of rostock east germany

Eiberle K.; Matter J F.; Wettmann O., 1982:
On the population development of field hare lepus europaeus in the canton of zurich switzerland

Machill, G.; Knapp, A., 1976:
On the population genetics of phenyl ketonuria in east germany

Stoehlmacher, P.; Haferland, W., 1977:
On the population genetics of the red cell glyoxalase i

Ogawa Y.; Kakuda S., 1986:
On the population growth and life span of the oriental river prawn macrobrachium nipponense inhabiting the lake kojima japan

Trofimov A.G.; Tamoikin M.Yu, 1986:
On the population structure of small sized necton

Wheeler, A., 1976:
On the populations of roach rutilus rutilus rudd scardinius erythrophthalmus and their hybrid in esthwaite water westmorland england with notes on the distinctions between them

Yim Y J.; Koh Y.A., 1984:
On the populus maximowiczii forest of sangcheon ravine mount seolag south korea

Heeschen W.; Suhren G., 1986:
On the position of a microbial receptor test charm test ii in a system for the detection and identification of antibiotically effective inhibitors in milk

Glezer E.I., 1986:
On the position of the genus triceratium sensu stricto bacillariophyta in the diatom system

Schaarschmidt, H., 1987:
On the position of the juglandaceae a. rich ex kunth in the present system of the magnoliatae

Fedorova G.D.; Arends I.M.; Dorokhov V.V.; Konchalovskaya M.E.; Sokolova I.A.; Shelamova S.A.; Lebedeva Z.D.; Volkova I.M., 1986:
On the positional specificity of some microbial lipases

Nei, M., 1984:
On the positive identification of paternity

Roth-Schechter, B.F.; Okita, G.T.; Thomas, R.E.; Richardson, F.F., 1970:
On the positive inotropic action of alkylating bromo acetates of strophanthidin and strophanthidol 19 tritium

Meinertz, T.; Nawrath, H.; Scholz, H., 1972:
On the positive inotropic effect of di butyryl 3 5 amp in isolated rat atria

Somogyi, E.; Sotonyi, P., 1977:
On the possibilities of application of scanning electron microscopy in forensic medicine

Nagy F.; Foldesi D.; Csorba K., 1984:
On the possibilities of chemical weed control in foxglove digitalis lanata

Kovats, A., 1976:
On the possibilities of concentrated and specialized plant crops in maize and wheat production

Meyer E., 1983:
On the possibilities of differentiating the sexes of hydrodroma despiciens hydrachnellae acari

Geisthardt, G., 1977:
On the possibilities of reducing the population of wild domestic pigeons

Schwartze G.; Fiedler H., 1985:
On the possibilities of the control of quality in connection with rosette tests

Maruyama, T., 1975:
On the possibility of acclimatization of tilapia nilotica to low water temperature condition

Petkov G.N.; Baikov B.D.; Roussak G., 1987:
On the possibility of air decontamination in industrial poultry raising

Cozman, L.M., 1975:
On the possibility of an entirely extracranial visual prosthesis

Zielinski A.; Kowalewska G.; Heldt J.; Szczepanski J., 1986:
On the possibility of application of a polarimetric method for determination of salinity in sea water

Matushkin Y.G.; Rodin S.N.; Ratner V.A., 1986:
On the possibility of coevolution in a flow type model of the virulent phage bacterium system

Andreeva N.E., 1985:
On the possibility of complete recovery in multiple myeloma

Dodzin M.E.; Polyanskaya L.M., 1986:
On the possibility of controlling the numbers of nodule bacteria in a natural habitat

Semenovich N.D.; Manankina E.E.; Budakova E.B.; Mel'nikov S.S.; Grishchenko T.P.; Obrutskaya I.Ya, 1987:
On the possibility of cultivating chlorella on the production waste from potato based food products

Cianchi, L.; Mancini, M.; Spina, G.; Cappelletti, R., 1977:
On the possibility of deciding between paulings and griffiths models of oxy hemo globin by means of moessbauer spectroscopy

Maijala, K.; Syvajarvi, J., 1977:
On the possibility of developing multi parous cattle by selection

Yoshimoto K.; Tsuda Y., 1983:
On the possibility of direct o 1 beta to 6 acyl migration in 1 o acyl beta d glucose derivatives

Machin D., 1979:
On the possibility of incorporating patients from nonrandomizing centers into a randomized clinical trial

Ginzburg E.Kh, 1983:
On the possibility of localization of the genes controlling a quantitative character in self pollinators

Mezzanotte R.; Manconi P.E.; Ferrucci L., 1986:
On the possibility of localizing in situ mus musculus and drosophila virilis satellite dna species by alu i and eco r i restriction endonucleases

Ginzburg, E.K. ; Kolpakov, V.G.; Fedotov, A.M.; Chepkasov, I.L.; Chugui, V.F., 1987:
On the possibility of major gene control of inheritance of the e factor of the cattell's 16pf questionnaire

Kloetzli, F., 1978:
On the possibility of natural gaps in a seasonal forest

Laube W.; Kibittel W.; Schreiter W.; Schreiter J.; Jelineck W., 1987:
On the possibility of neurophysiological characterization of the musculus quadratus femoris and diagnostics of its actual functional state by the combined method of stimulation myography

Mashilov K.V.; Kiriakov G.V.; Malin K.M.; Rozhanets V.V., 1987:
On the possibility of paired comparison of receptor binding parameters obtained in the same experiment

Spiridonov Y.Y.; Shestakov V.G.; Bondarev V.S.; Matveev Y.M.; Trunkovskaya N.S.; Kozlova I.I., 1985:
On the possibility of predicting the detoxication of picloram in the soil

Nechiporenko N.N.; Dragavtsev V.A., 1986:
On the possibility of predicting the levels and signs of ecological correlation coefficients

Gitel'zon I.I.; Pavlenko R.A.; Kudenko Y.V., 1986:
On the possibility of preserving blood cells cooled at a temperature below 0 c under high pressure

Ulewicz, K., 1985:
On the possibility of prognosis of the intensity of streptococcal infections in a ship's environment

Zakharova N.F.; Yakubovich V.Ya; Abrashkin Zhuchkov R.G., 1986:
On the possibility of separating anopheles sacharovi favre imagoes according to sex

Manes, M.E.; Barbieri, F.D., 1977:
On the possibility of sperm aster involvement in dorso ventral polarization and pronuclear migration in the amphibian egg

Cram, D.L.; Malan, O.G., 1977:
On the possibility of surveying krill euphausia dana in the southern ocean by remote sensing

Shapiro A.; Horn F.J.M., 1979:
On the possibility of sustained oscillations multiple steady states and asymmetric steady states in multi cell reaction systems

Stepanyuk V.V.; Ruban V.I.; Kishko Y.G., 1987:
On the possibility of the artefact formation of bacterial mesosomal structures

Shlygina K.N.; Baranovskii P.M.; Ananova E.V.; Olsuf'ev N.G., 1987:
On the possibility of the atypical course of tularemia persistence in common voles microtus arvalis pall

Klyuchanskaya N.V.; Ilyukhin A.V., 1986:
On the possibility of the comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of human and canine hemoblastosis chemotherapy

Kuprianova L.A., 1979:
On the possibility of the development of tricolpate pollen from mono sulcate

Bakhvalova A.G.; Lisovskii G.M., 1987:
On the possibility of the early selection of black currant seedlings for vitamin c content in the fruits

Arnol'di E.L., 1985:
On the possibility of the laboratory breeding of the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella lepidoptera torticidae from different geographic populations

Tsvetkova N.V.; Borisenko Y.V.; Kuznetsova E.M.; Chudnaya L.M.; Chaban E.P.; Krasyuk L.S.; Maksyutov R.B., 1987:
On the possibility of the serodiagnosis of pertussis infection by means of enzyme immunoassay

Shalimov I.I.; Olifir V.N.; Petrichenko T.D., 1988:
On the possibility of the visual determination of the usefulness of a feeding area by some hymenoptera species

Blagoi Y.P.; Sorokin V.A.; Valeev V.A.; Gladchenko G.O.; Khomenko S.A.; Galkin V.L., 1979:
On the possibility of true phase transition in heterogeneous dna during thermal denaturation under conditions close to equal stability of adenine thymine and guanine cytosine pairs

Smirina, E.; Rocek, Z., 1976:
On the possibility of using annual bone layers of alpine newts triturus alpestris amphibia urodela for their age determination

Stawinski J.; Jozefaciuk G.; Wierzchos J., 1985:
On the possibility of using electrokinetic measurements for studies of interparticle interactions in soil systems

Kyunts K.; Orav T.; Yarve K., 1987:
On the possibility of using epigenetic variability in barley breeding

Kratenok V.E.; Fradkin S.E.; Zhavrid E.A., 1987:
On the possibility of using high frequency electromagnetic fields to simulate controlled local hyperthermia

Fedenko V.S.; Vinnichenko A.N.; Mirosh O.G., 1985:
On the possibility of using ir spectroscopy for estimating the quality of maize grain

Khudgaryan M.V., 1986:
On the possibility of using luminescent method of study of lymphocytes in practical medicine report ii

Gerashchenko I.I.; Lutsyuk N.B., 1986:
On the possibility of using the colorimetric method for determination of silicon content in tissues of animals

Arak, E.K. ; Raal, A.E., 1987:
On the possibility of using the epigeal part of matricaria discoides dc. as medicinal raw material

Costa M.; Furness J.B., 1979:
On the possibility that an indoleamine is a neuro transmitter in the gastro intestinal tract

Bluethner R.; Hinz B.; Seidel H., 1986:
On the possibility to estimate the mechanical stain of the lumbar spine caused by whole body vibration under experimental conditions

Podosinovikova N.P.; Matveev V.I.; Alisova N.P.; Dolgo Saburov V.B., 1987:
On the possible approaches to the analysis of the heterogeneity of genetic apparatus response to cholinergic action

Cuomo R.M., 1982:
On the possible convulsive activity of an anti tussive piperidinic derivative tipepidine hibenzate in man

Basson N.C.J.; Van Ark H.; Van Den Berg A., 1979:
On the possible development of resistance to endosulfan by american bollworm on cotton

Bjorklund, A.; Falck, B.; Stenevi, U., 1970:
On the possible existence of a new intra neuronal mono amine in the spinal cord of the rat

Fridlyand L.E.; Kaler V.L., 1986:
On the possible existence of carbon dioxide concentrating mechanisms in the chloroplasts of 3 carbon pathway plants

Park H.G.; Park Y.C.; Lee C.C.; H.D.B., 1986:
On the possible fusion promoting factor secreted from cultured myoblasts

Bong-Ha, D.; Kim, H.D., 1976:
On the possible interaction of caffeine with the fragmented sarcoplasmic reticulum of rabbit skeletal muscle

Mckaye K.R.; Makwinja R.D.; Menyani W.W.; Mhone O.K., 1985:
On the possible introduction of nonindigenous zooplankton feeding fishes into lake malawi africa

Polakis, S.E.; Guchhait, R.B.; Lane, M.D., 1972 :
On the possible involvement of a carbonyl phosphate intermediate in the atp dependent carboxylation of biotin

Lohmann, W.; Schreiber, J.; Strobelt, W.; Mueller-Eckhardt, C., 1979:
On the possible involvement of ascorbic acid and copper proteins in leukemia 1. investigations on native blood erythrocytes and leukocytes

Ordonez, L.A.; Bilbao, M.A.; Arreaza, P.C., 1978:
On the possible involvement of plasma lipo proteins in choline transport to the brain

Luk'yanov A.S.; Potapov A.A.; Khmelevskaya N.V., 1985:
On the possible involvement of smell in spring spawning migrations of rana temporaria

Mazur A.K., 1985:
On the possible mechanism of multiple enzyme attack in polysaccharide degradation

Grenader A.K.; Il'yasov F.E., 1987:
On the possible mechanisms of long antiarrhythmic and local anesthetic action of quaternary ammonium compounds

Naumenko V.D.; Grodzinskii D.M., 1987:
On the possible participation of auxin binding proteins in the mechanism of apical domination

Borisova T.A.; Lazareva N.P.; Zholkevich V.N., 1984:
On the possible physiological role of a sudden jump in endodermal water potential in the root system

Darcel, C.L.Q., 1983:
On the possible presence of a beta 2 micro globulin like protein in extracts of livers from normal chickens and chickens with erythro blastosis 3. immunological relationship to serum albumin of a small molecular weight human liver protein

Darcel, C.L.Q., 1983:
On the possible presence of a beta 2 micro globulin like protein in extracts of livers from normal chickens and chickens with erythro blastosis 5. studies on an immunological relationship of a small molecular weight liver protein to serum albumin

Driessens F.C.M.; Terpstra R.A.; Bennema P.; Woltgens J.H.M.; Verbeeck R.M.H., 1987:
On the possible relation between morphology and precursors of the crystallites in calcified tissues

Brongersma Sanders M., 1988:
On the possible relation of cyanobacterial mats and of rote faule to the metal enrichment of the kupferschiefer netherlands

Perel'man M.E., 1986:
On the possible relationship between electromagnetic and acoustic radiation in a live cell

Augusteyn R.C., 1979:
On the possible role of glutathione in maintaining human lens protein sulfhydryls

Osaka, M.; Fujita, T.; Yanatori, Y., 1975:
On the possible role of intestinal hormones as the diarrheagenic messenger in cholera

Lamers J.M.J.; D.J.nge Stinis J.T.; Verdouw P.D.; Hulsmann W.C., 1987:
On the possible role of long chain fatty acylcarnitine accumulation in producing functional and calcium permeability changes in membranes during myocardial ischemia

Prozorovskaya N.N.; Suchkova T.N.; Suchkov S.V.; Del'vig A.A., 1988:
On the possible role of natural cytotoxicity in collagen catabolism disturbances in focal scleroderma

Sanin A.V.; Nikolaeva T.N., 1986:
On the possible role of t cells in the regulation of hematopoiesis in situ

Meszaros E., 1988:
On the possible role of the biosphere in the control of atmospheric clouds and precipitation

Zs-Nagy, I.; Galli, C., 1977:
On the possible role of the unsaturated fatty acids in the anaerobiosis of anodonta cygnea mollusca pelecypoda

Kabeer Ahamad I.; Sivaiah S.; Ramana Rao K.V., 1979:
On the possible significance of the changes in organic constituents in selected tissues of malathion exposed snail pila globosa

Noorudeen A.M.; Kulandaivelu G., 1982:
On the possible site of inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport by uv b radiation

Debreceni, L., 1977:
On the possible specific role of acupuncture loci in therapeutics

Holub Z.; Schevchenko V.A.; Iofa E.L., 1986:
On the possible use of anaphase scoring of plant chromosome aberrations for testing environmental mutagens

Devort M.; Trolliet B.; Veiga J., 1988:
On the post breeding migration of the turtle dove streptopelia turtur turtur in gironde france

Kral F., 1985:
On the post glacial forest development in the southern hohe tauern range austria with particular reference to human influence a palynological study

Hashimoto Y.; Vollmerhaus B.; Roos H.; Waibl H.; Koenig H.E., 1986:
On the post hatching development of the arteries supplying the female reproductive organs of japanese quails

Waldron H.A., 1983:
On the post mortem accumulation of lead by skeletal tissues

Pirlet, H.; Bouckaert, J., 1977 :
On the post namurian age of the breccia of the dinant railroad station

Kruska, D., 1977:
On the post natal development of the brain of the farm mink mustela vison mustelidae mammalia

Petrov, J., 1976:
On the post natal development of the skeletal muscle cells in the pig

Schultz-Coulon, H.J.; Eckermeier, L., 1976:
On the post natal growth of the nasal septum

Abe M.; Yukawa H.; Iriki T., 1983:
On the post ruminal digestion of rumen bypassed protein

Suwa, F.; Tominaga, S.; Kumagai, H., 1978:
On the posterior deep temporal artery of the dog

Villegas Cuadros M.L., 1986:
On the postlarvae of labridae occurring in the cantabrian sea south of bay of biscay france

Villegas Cuadros M.L., 1986:
On the postlarvae of sparidae pisces occurring in the south of bay of biscay france

Weitzel A.; Schubert G.; Roesner D., 1988:
On the postoperative therapy with antibiotics in case of a clinical appendicitis

Pushkarev V.M.; Galkin A.P., 1986:
On the posttranslational association of newly synthesized ribonucleoproteins with chromatin the effect of cytosol on messenger ribonucleoprotein transport from wheat embryo isolated nuclei

Moitra, S.K.; Sarkar, S.K., 1978:
On the potency of the pituitary gland extract in relation to spawning in an indian fresh water major carp cirrhinus mrigala

Tseitlin D.G., 1987:
On the potential fecundity of the nematode camallanus lacustris camallanidae

Crozier, R.H., 1970:
On the potential for genetic variability in haplo di ploidy

Kestemont P., 1985:
On the potentialities of gudgeon intensive culture gobio gobio comparison of different kinds of food

Oniani N.T., 1984:
On the potentiation of caffeine contracture of frog sartorius muscle by hypertonic sodium chloride solution

Karel, E.R.; te Meerman, G.J.; Ten Kate, L.P., 1986:
On the power to detect differences between male and female mutation rates for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, using classical segregation analysis and restriction fragment length polymorphisms

Tokue Y., 1987:
On the practical usefulness of urinary arylsulfatase a activity in the management of patients with acute leukemia

Tsai P H.; Hou T C.; Hwang F S., 1979:
On the practice and perspectives of integrated control of the forest insect pests pine caterpillars in china

Kurup N.S., 1986:
On the prawn fishery by trawlers off purakad sw coast india during 1972 1976

Chen M.; Zheng W., 1986:
On the pre ediacaran huainan biota

Deshpande S.B.; Pathan K.M., 1982 :
On the pre genital abdominal muscular system in nymphal and adult heptagenia diabasia ephemeroptera

Quintana R.; Konishi K., 1986:
On the pre zoeal stage observations on three pagurus species decapoda anomura

Zinner P.M.; Kirchgessner M.; Ascherl R.; Erhardt W., 1985:
On the prececal absorption of palatinit in grown pigs

Kempster P.L.; Van Vliet H.R.; Schoonraad I.J.; Grobbelaar G.J., 1983:
On the precipitation of dissolved chromium from raw sewage following a chromate spillage

Pinker R.T.; Delman A., 1983:
On the precipitation vegetation ozone connection in the washington dc usa area

Rattray M.Jr; Uncles R.J., 1983:
On the predictability of the cesium 137 distribution in the severn estuary uk

Elbert, M.; Dinnsen, D.A.; Powell, T.W., 1984:
On the prediction of phonologic generalization learning patterns

Kadam, D.M.; Rao, G.R.; Varade, S.B., 1978:
On the prediction of reference crop evapo transpiration and consumptive use of different crops

Sabljic, A., 1987:
On the prediction of soil sorption coefficients of organic pollutants from molecular structure: application of molecular topology model

Bhatia, T.K., 1976:
On the predictive role of the recent theories of aspiration

Schmid, R.; Lardini, F., 1976 :
On the predominance of anti compensatory eye movements in vestibular nystagmus

Aareleid T.P.; Khint E.K., 1987:
On the predominance of left sided breast tumors

Lichtman, J.W., 1980:
On the predominantly single innervation of submandibular ganglion cells in the rat

Bongers, J., 1969:
On the preferred temperature and water economy of oncopeltus fasciatus heteroptera lygaeidae

Bernaschek G.; Schaller A., 1987:
On the prenatal diagnosis of the sequelae of supravesical stenoses hydronephrosis and hydroureter

Craciunescu D.G.; Doadrio A.; Furlani A.C.; Scarcia V.; Ghirvu C., 1984:
On the preparation antitumor and cytotoxic evaluation of some new analogs of the cis dichloro 1 2 diaminocyclohexaneplatinum ii complex

Plazzi, P.V.; Vitto, M.; Impicciatore, M., 1977:
On the preparation of 4 iso thiazolecarboxylic acid/

Mustaklem J.F.; Ache H.J., 1979:
On the preparation of bromine 80 bi molecules bromine 80 bromo hippuric acid

Wong, S.H.; Mustaklem, J.F.; Ache, H.J., 1976:
On the preparation of bromine 80 bio molecules part 2 bromine 80 for iodine exchange in iodo bio molecules

Wong, S.H.; Mustaklem, J.F.; Ache, H.J., 1976:
On the preparation of bromine 80 bio molecules part 3 the effect of various experimental parameters on radiochemical yields

Nishinari K.; Watase M.; Tashiro M.; Matsubara S., 1988:
On the preparation of hard type mayonnaise and its rheological properties

Bergmann, K.H.; Deeg, R.; Gneuss, K.D.; Kriemler, H.P.; Müller, G., 1977:
On the preparation of intermediates in cobyrinic acid biosynthesis by suspensions of Propionibacterium shermanii

Arustamyants E.I.; Stepanov I.S., 1987:
On the preparation of soil samples for granulometric analysis using ultrasonics

Konno, K.; Seki, N., 1975:
On the preparation of troponin from carp muscle

Wagner, J.; Brodde, O.E., 1978:
On the presence and distribution of alpha adrenoceptors in the heart of various mammalian species

Rieppel, O., 1976:
On the presence and function of postcloacal bones in the lacertilia

Asole A.; Tatti G.; Piu C.; Farina V., 1985:
On the presence and morphology of blocking devices in the posterior ciliary arteries of some domestic mammals

Allardi J.; Chancerel F., 1988:
On the presence in france of pseudorasbora parva new record schlegel 1842

Marchi, M.; Raiteri, M., 1985:
On the presence in the cerebral cortex of muscarinic receptor subtypes which differ in neuronal localization, function and pharmacological properties

Mohsen, T.; Anthonioz, P.; Jadoun, G., 1976:
On the presence in the heart of protopterus annectens dipneust of nodal and histologically conducting cells different from ordinary myo cardial cells

Steenkamp, D.J.; Singer, T.P., 1976:
On the presence of a novel covalently bound oxidation reduction cofactor iron and labile sulfur in tri methylamine dehydrogenase

Dreyfus, H.; Harth, S.; Urban, P.F.; Mandel, P.; Preti, A.; Lombardo, A., 1976:
On the presence of a particle bound neuraminidase in retina a developmental study

Lucero M.M., 1987:
On the presence of a population on lutra in northwestern argentina

Jaeger P., 1986:
On the presence of a relict remnant of dense rain forest in the guinean savannah zone contribution to the knowledge of the paleohistory of the west african dense forest

Giordani Soika A., 1983:
On the presence of acarinaria in solitary vespidae and a description of acarepipona insolita new genus new species with a new type of acarinarium

Li-Greci, F., 1975:
On the presence of aega stromi crustacea isopoda on the bathyal bottoms of western sicily italy

Capunzo M.; Carbone A.; Morrone G., 1986:
On the presence of agglutinating antibodies to listeria monocytogenes in two groups of female population in the campania region italy

Sartoni, G.; Sarti, M., 1976:
On the presence of aglaothamnion feldmanniae new record at leghorn italy

San Martin G.; Sarda R., 1986:
On the presence of an arabellid polychaeta arabellidae parasitic of syllids polychaeta syllidae of the genus labrorostratus in the spanish coasts

Radlein D.S.A.G.; Grinshpun A.; Piskorz J.; Scott D.S., 1987:
On the presence of anhydrooligosaccharides in the syrups from the fast pyrolysis of cellulose

Saber A.S., 1983:
On the presence of anomalous muscles in the heads of the fallow deer cervus dama and red deer cervus elaphus

Gagliardi, C.; Gagliardi, M., 1977:
On the presence of anti rubella immunity in a population of the province of firenze

Tredici, E.; Cananzi, F.; Crupi, D., 1977:
On the presence of antibodies to neisseria meningitidis in the normal population of messina

Leiva-Sanchez, A., 1986:
On the presence of arceuthobium m. bieb viscaceae in cuba

Samson, P.; Radulesco, C., 1975:
On the presence of arvicola mosbachensis rodentia mammalia in the fauna of the upper mindel of rotbav dealul tiganilor depression of brasov romania

Jouanneau, J.P.; Gandar, J.C.; Peaud-Lenoel, C., 1977:
On the presence of benzyl adenine nucleotide in the rna of tobacco cells

Kurzel, R.B.; Heinrikson, R.L., 1976:
On the presence of bilirubin in the ocular humors of premature infants

Hoogmoed, M.S., 1977:
On the presence of bufo nasicus new record in guiana with a re description of the species on the basis of recently collected material

Balestrazzi E.; Galletti P.A.; Pavesi M., 1983:
On the presence of cordulegaster boltoni immaculifrons new record in italy and considerations on congeneric italian species odonata cordulegasteridae

Martens K.; Toguebaye B.S., 1985:
On the presence of cypris subglobosa new record crustacea ostracoda in africa with notes on the distribution of this species

Rucabado, J.; Lloris, D., 1977:
On the presence of diplodus senegalensis new record in the upwelling area of northwest africa 23 degrees to 26 degrees north latitude

Ortiz L.; Gonzalez A.; Chueca M.C., 1984:
On the presence of diploid and tetraploid forms of hordeum bulbosum in spain

Cassier, P.; Fain-Maurel, M.A., 1977:
On the presence of endocrine cells in the mid gut of several species of insects

Prosperi C.H., 1982:
On the presence of euglena splendens new record euglenophyta in cordoba argentina

Pellizzari-Scaltriti, G., 1976:
On the presence of eupulvinaria hydrangeae homoptera coccoidea in italy

Schipper J.; Tilders F.J.H., 1979:
On the presence of extraneuronal catecholamine in the iris of the rat a scanning micro fluorometric study

Boll P.M.; Hansen L., 1987:
On the presence of falcarinol in araliaceae

Mizunuma H.; Hasegawa Y.; Igarashi M.; Wakabayashi K., 1980:
On the presence of follicle stimulating hormone beta subunit in the rat anterior pituitary and serum

Baldoni, A.M.; De-Cabrera, J.D., 1977:
On the presence of fossil plants in the upper triassic rincon blanco group san juan province argentina

Ubilla M., 1983:
On the presence of fossil tapirs in uruguay mammalia perissodactyla tapiridae

Serra G.P.; Davini M.A.; Loffredo F.M., 1987:
On the presence of glycogen in the axial organ of the sea urchin

Bianco, P., 1977:
On the presence of gobius nigricans pisces gobiidae in a small tributary of the tiber river near rome italy

Tacconi, R., 1976:
On the presence of heterodera carotae and heterodera latipons new record in venetian area

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On the presence of iberis saxatilis cruciferae in the mountains of north africa

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On the presence of lysozyme in the Nuclei of Leukocytes

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On the presence of males in gymnophthalmus underwoodi a presumed all female lizard species sauria teiidae

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On the presence of megapermichnus new genus ichnogenus of giant size in the permian of the eastern alborz iran

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On the presence of mono sexual specimens of zanardinia prototypus new record in inter tidal pools of the ria vigo spain

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On the presence of myo cardial alpha adrenoceptors in the atrium of the guinea pig

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On the presence of neobisium korabense pseudoscorpiones neobisiidae in macedonia yugoslavia

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On the presence of nitrate and nitrite in milk and dairy products an analysis of the present situation

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On the presence of omocestus burri uvarov 1936 orthoptera gomphocerinae in the iberian peninsula

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On the presence of osmoceptors in the arterial wall

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On the presence of rana ridibunda ridibunda in the netherlands

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On the presence of serrasalmus altuvei new record ramirez 1965 pisces serrasalmidae in the lower rio negro amazonas brazil

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On the presence of some inner water gobiid fish in southern latium italy

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On the presence of some tropical algae species on the southeastern coast of spain

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On the presence of symphurus ligulatus new record osteichthyes cynoglossidae in the western mediterranean

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On the presence of the andalusian in the ronda area western andalusia spain

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On the presence of the antibodies against diphtheria and tetanus in a sample of population

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On the presence of the cytomegalovirus in maternal milk

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On the presence of the genus prosopistoma ephemeroptera in lebanon description of prosopistoma oronti new species and prosopistoma phoenicium new species

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On the presence of the island of st helena of a harpacticoid copepod porcellidium clavigerum

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On the presence of trimerocephalus caecus trilobita phacopidae in the lower famennian from finistere france stratigraphical and paleo geographical interest

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On the presence of two taxa of coendou in the north of argentina

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On the presence of zygosphene zygantrum vertebral articulations in salamandrids

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On the present level of cognition in non a non b hepatitis nanbh first hand results in clinical treatment and epidemiology

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On the present state of affairs in thymoma therapy

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On the preservation and maintenance of prepared specimens from the ivar tragardh collection acari prostigmata scutacaridae astigmata freyanidae

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On the preservation of avian blood cells

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On the prevention of alcohol problems and alcoholism

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On the prevention of local functional troubles

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On the primary processes of photosynthesis in wheat cultivars of varying productivity

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On the primary structure and function of the inclusion body protein polyhedral protein of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus in the silkworm bombyx mori

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On the principle of supramolecular arrangement of cell deoxyribonucleoprotein complex

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On the principles of the ethological investigations of heteromorphic ammonites

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On the prionic and viral nature of slow infections

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On the probability of correctly selecting the best of several normal populations

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On the probability of implanted disulfiram's causing a reaction to ethanol

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On the probable absence of gamma aminobutyric acid receptors on the terminations of motor axon collaterals in the cat spinal cord

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On the probable existence of a new social pheromone in bees

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On the probable functional role of the dd domain of rna dependent polymerases

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On the probable involvement of arginine residues in the bile salt binding site of human pancreatic carboxylic ester hydrolase ec

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On the probable predecessors and evolution of the gametophyte in andreaeaceae musci

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On the problem in correcting a disorder in the normal oxygen regime with the help of antioxidants

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On the problem in the prediction of new microbial species as exemplified by nonfermentative gram negative microorganisms

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On the problem of aggregations of planktonic crustaceans polyphemus pediculus cladocera

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On the problem of aquatic humus

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On the problem of calculating load in watercourses

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On the problem of capability to act during mechanical suffocation

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On the problem of change in the proportions of amylose amylo pectin in potato d starch through breeding solanum tuberosum d

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On the problem of delusions of parasitosis

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On the problem of discovering the most parsimonious tree

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On the problem of exclusively conservative operations in case of malignant ovarian tumors stage ia t 1an om o

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On the problem of failures of radiotherapy in the treatment of oropharyngeal carcinoma; salvage surgery

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On the problem of gracilization in the central danubian basin part 1

Lotterhof, E., 1977:
On the problem of gracilization in the central danubian basin part 2

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On the problem of histochemical demonstration of esterase activity by the thiol acetic acid method in the acellular slime mold physarum confertum

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On the problem of means of mechanical protection of bird eyes the pied kingfisher ceryle rudis alcedinae

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On the problem of melanism in biston betularia and biston strataria in the area of east germany lepidoptera geometridae

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On the problem of optimum digitalization in man

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On the problem of origin of the fauna of central asian water bodies pseudoncholaimus charon new species and pseudoncholaimus neglectus new species nematoda oncholaimidae taken as an example

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On the problem of pharmacotherapy of elderly people ii. analysis of drug consumption from the view of age and sex

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On the problem of pre harvest sprouting of wheat

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On the problem of preventive medical examinations in workers exposed to chemical carcinogens

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On the problem of so called senile peptic gastro duodenal ulcer its characteristics in old patients who died

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On the problem of sociogenic and psychogenic aspects of work injuries in women

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On the problem of spectral additivity of biosynthetic processes in phytocenoses

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On the problem of sweat secretion in patients with psoriasis vulgaris

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On the problem of the accumulation of ferromagnetic particles in the lymph nodes of albino rats

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On the problem of the characterization of the skulls in western and eastern hedgehogs

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On the problem of the delimination of genera in the family mesembryanthemaceae exemplified by the genera cephalophyllum and vanzijlia

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On the problem of the ecesis of entomophages and their hosts into new zoogeographic areas

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On the problem of the effect of physical load on bronchial patency in patients with bronchial asthma and asthmatic bronchitis

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On the problem of the enrichment of food proteins

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On the problem of the eocene oligocene boundary based on larger foraminifera studied in new sections

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On the problem of the functional significance of the action of neurotransmitters on sodium potassium atpase system

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On the problem of the id in psychoanalytic theory

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On the problem of the leafless shoot morphology and anatomy of the inflorescence of pinellia tripartita blume schott araceae aroideae

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On the problem of the long term variations of the flow of central asian rivers flow

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On the problem of the microphotometry of aerial photographic images of farmlands

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On the problem of the more early diagnosis of spinal cord tumors in children and infants

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On the problem of the neuroradiological diagnosis of the epileptic focus in so called temporal epilepsy

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On the problem of the origin of amphibian thymus lymphocytes autoradiographic data

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On the problem of the presence of aspergillus clavatus in malt plants

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On the problem of the reliability of human lymphocytic antigen hla analysis in paternity cases

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On the problem of the social and occupational rehabilitation of patients with paroxysmal progressive schizophrenia

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On the problem of tissue helminthiasis and the feasibility of its treatment

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On the problem of treatment of stem cell leukemias in older patients

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On the problems of efficacy of separation of immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g by different methods

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On the problems of evaluating bronchial carcinoma after exposure to chromium compounds

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On the problems of malignant double tumors

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On the problems of nephric tubule morphogenesis in vertebrates

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On the problems of non union of the scaphoid experience in 240 cases

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On the problems of potato breeding resulting in the resistance to the mechanical injury of bulbs

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On the problems of systematizing impairments of the branches and stem of the sciatic nerve

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On the problems of the consumption of alcohol in the brewing industry

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On the problems of toe transfer to hands without fingers previously covered with an abdominal flap

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On the problems of wolf preservation in slovakia

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On the problems of zonation of the vegetation in the transverse mountain area

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On the problems related to the cultivation of water shield brasenia schreberi at the reclaimed land of haga swamp japan

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On the procedure for determining concentrations of certain antibiotics in biological materials

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On the procedure of measurement of 1 aminocyclopropane 1 carboxylic acid content and 1 aminocyclopropane 1 carboxylic acid synthase activity in fruits and vegetables

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On the process of cellular division in escherichia coli a mutant of escherichia coli lacking a murein lipo protein

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On the process of cellular division in escherichia coli a series of mutants of escherichia coli altered in the penicillin binding proteins

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On the process of cellular division in escherichia coli part 5 incorporation of deoxy nucleoside tri phosphates by dna thermo sensitive mutants of escherichia coli also lacking dna polymerase activity

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On the process of cellular division in escherichia coli part 6 use of a methocel auto radiographic method for the study of cellular division in escherichia coli

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On the process of primary soil formation

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On the processing rate of gratings superimposed on gratings

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On the processive mechanism of Escherichia coli DNA polymerase I. Quantitative assessment of processivity

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On the production and exploitation of fish populations

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On the production ecology of epipelic algae and littoral plankton communities in lake paajarvi southern finland

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On the production of a chemical trail by formica polyctena in semi natural conditions

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On the production of active carbon for water purification from domestic carbonaceous materials

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On the production of new allo poly ploids in triticale

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On the production process on artificial meadows with various regimens of use

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On the profitability of fertilization especially in forest stands on peatland

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On the progenetic metacercaria of pleurogenoides ovatus rao 1977 trematoda pleurogenetinae from the freshwater crab paratelphusa hydrodromous herbst with observations on its in vitro excystment

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On the prognosis of cardiac carcinoma

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On the prognostic factors and prognosis of stomach cancer in young patients comparison with the data of the aged

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On the prognostic importance of lymph node metastases in cases of operable cervix cancer category t 1 and t 2

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On the progress in saw dust cultivation of mushrooms in japan and applied mushroom science

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On the proliferation regulatory mechanism of spontaneously transformed l cells l n

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On the proliferative activity of arterial smooth muscle cells in rat post natal ontogenesis auto histo radiographic studies

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On the propagation and feeding of calandrella rufescens

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On the properties and utility of a membrane filter assay in the study of iso leucyl transfer rna synthetase

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On the properties of 2 iterative methods for sire evaluation

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On the properties of 5 cell lines established from the liver of rats fed on azo dyes

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On the properties of a pea lip oxygenase ec

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On the properties of alpha glucosidase ec and the binding of glucose to the enzyme

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On the properties of bacteroides nodosus isolated from cattle

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On the properties of fluorescing compounds in guard and epidermal cells of Allium cepa L

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On the properties of prolamines of dactylis glomerata

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On the proprioceptive expansions in the extrinsic ocular muscles comparative studies part 1 neuro muscular spindles and golgi tendon organs of buffalo

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On the prospects of application of microbial beta galactosidase in milk industry

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On the prosthetic treatment of patients with cleft lip cleft alveolus and cleft palate

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On the prosthodontic treatment of patients with dysgnathia a case

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On the protection bone marrow against toxic side effects of tetracyclines

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On the protection of escherichia coli against radiation lethality by ascorbate combined with tetracycline

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On the protective action of cysteine during acute alcohol intoxication

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On the protective role of the liver in the hypotensive state following intestinal ischemia

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On the protein and energy requirement of growing carp cyprinus carpio 2. effect of additional fat at various protein and carbohydrate contents of ration on growth and body composition

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On the protein composition of ribo nucleo protein particles before and after fertilization of sea urchin eggs echinus esculentus

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On the proteolytic activity of meat microflora

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On the proteolytic inhibitory effect of human fetal and neoplastic tissues

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On the prothoracic spiracles of the 1st instar larvae of calyptrate cyclorrhapha diptera

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On the provenance of the early pleistocene fluvial system in the southern netherlands

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On the pruning of its flagella by the german cockroach blattella germanica during post embryonic development

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On the pseudo steady state approximation and tikhonov theorem for general enzyme systems

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On the pseudoscorpion mimicking spider cheliferoides araneae salticidae

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On the psychological aspects of pregnancies with indications for early prenatal diagnosis

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On the psychological regulation of the health status in prolonged longitudinal overload

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On the psychometric properties of a scale to measure leadership substitutes

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On the pupae of central european gelechiidae 3. the tribe teleiodini and related genera

Patocka J., 1987:
On the pupae of central european gelechiidae lepidoptera part 1

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On the pupal parasites of the pine beauty panolis flammea the pine looper bupalus piniarius and of boarmia bistortata in bavarian pine forest part 2

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On the purification and characterization of three anionic serine type peptide hydrolases from antarctic krill euphausia superba

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On the purification and properties of extracellular protease from pseudomonas sp c 16 isolated from chilled beef

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On the purification of L-ornithine decarboxylase from rat prostate and effects of thiol compounds on the enzyme

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On the purple sulfur bacterium chromatium sp densely populating the mid depth of lake kaiike kamikoshiki island kagoshima prefecture japan

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On the purpose and analysis of electronic data processing user systems

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On the qualitative indices in the stomatologic practice

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On the regulation of protein synthesis in vaccinia virus infected cells

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On the relationship between action potential duration and tension in cat papillary muscle

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On the Relationship between Extracellular pH and the Growth of Excised Pea Stem Segments

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On the relationship between global radiation and cloudiness in southern alaska usa

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On the relationship between glycero phospho glyco lipids and lipo teichoic acids in gram positive bacteria part 2 structures of glycero phospho glyco lipids

Laine, R.A.; Fischer, W., 1978:
On the relationship between glycero phospho glyco lipids and lipo teichoic acids of gram positive bacteria part 3 di glycero phosphoacylkojibiosyldiacyl glycerol and related compounds from streptococcus lactis ncdo 712/

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On the relationship between human thyrotrophin research standard a the usa pharmacopeia thyrotrophin standard bovine and the international standard for thyrotrophin bovine

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On the relationship between menarcheal age and body size a study based on kulu girls

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On the relationship between model subjects and crops in axenic micropropagation of cormophytes

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On the relationship between phanerozoic diversity and change in habitable area

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On the relationship between population densities of heterodera avenae growth of wheat and nematode multiplication

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On the relationship between proximity and reactivity an ab initio study of the flexibility of the hydroxyl radical plus methane hydrogen abstraction transition state and a force field model for the transition states of intramolecular hydrogen abstractions

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On the relationship between reproduction age and survival in 2 carabid beetles calathus melanocephalus and pterostichus coerulescens coleoptera carabidae

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On the relationship between response initiation and response outcome

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On the relationship between social rank during the velvet period and antler parameters in a growing red deer stag

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On the relationship between strabismic amblyopia and eccentric fixation

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On the relationship between the activity of acetylation growth of experimental tumors and efficacy of their suppression by hydrazine sulfate

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On the relationship between the anatomical features and the wood quality in sugi cryptomeria japonica cultivars 1. on cultivar kumotoshi cultivar yaichi cultivar yabukuguri and cultivar measa

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On the relationship between the anatomical features and the wood quality in the sugi cultivars 2. on cultivar urasebaru cultivar obiaka cultivar ayasugi and cultivar kijin

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On the relationship between the apparent form of arterio sclerosis on the fundus oculi and degenerative diseases on the general vascular system a biochemical and clinical statistical examination

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On the relationship between the binding of ribosomal protein s 1 to the 30 s subunit of escherichia coli and 3 prime terminus of 16s rna/

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On the relationship between the central west carpathians and the northern apuseni mountains central europe

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On the relationship between the chromosome set and the sexual differentiation of the neo blasts in planarians

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On the relationship between the dens of the ground squirrel and the plant community

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On the relationship between the dispersion and the mathematical expectation of character in a population of growing individuals

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On the relationship between the european red mite panonychus ulmi and apple leaf chlorophyll

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On the relationship between the mmpi and cattell's normal and abnormal personality factors

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On the relationship between the psychodynamics of verbal mnemonic function and the strength or lability of nervous processes

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On the relationship between the size of fruits and their vascular system the case of prunus

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On the relationship between the size of moto neurons of the anterior horn of the spinal cord and the types of muscle fibers

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On the relationship between the so called wet season and dry season mendelian populations of the variegated grasshopper pest zonocerus variegatus orthoptera pyrogomorphidae at nsukka nigeria

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On the relationship between the structure of oligopeptides and amino acid sequence

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On the relationship between two indices bulk density and dry matter content of dry matter accumulation in plant organs

Pollice L., 1979:
On the relationship between viral hepatitis and hepato carcinoma

Maryutina T.M.; Borodulina N.F.; Mel'nikova G.B., 1987:
On the relationship between visual evoked potentials and integral characteristics of cognitive activity in children of 8 9 years

Hori, R., 1973:
On the relationship between water soluble protein and calcium in the egg of oryzias latipes

Gersten D.M.; Wolf P.H.; Ledley R.S.; Rodriguez L.V.; Zapolski E.J., 1986:
On the relationship of amino acid composition to silver staining of proteins in electrophoresis gels

Arzee, T.; Kamir, D.; Cohen, L., 1978:
On the relationship of hairs to periderm development in quercus ithaburensis and quercus infectoria

Nalcioglu O.; Roeck W.W.; Lando A.V.; Seibert J.A., 1984:
On the relationship of image intensifier contrast ratios measured by 2 techniques

Yager R.R., 1985:
On the relationship of methods of aggregating evidence in expert systems

Nelson J.S., 1985:
On the relationship of the new zealand marine fish antipodocottus galatheae with the japanese stlengis misakia scorpaeniformes cottidae

Hunger, W., 1978:
On the relationships between chemical properties of soil nutritional status and growth performances of spruce picea abies on ameliorated pseudogley sites

Bielicki, T., 1976:
On the relationships between maturation rate and maximum velocity of growth during adolescence

Mardon, D.K., 1978:
On the relationships classification aedeagal morphology and zoo geography of the genera of pygiopsyllidae insecta siphonaptera

Campbell D.E.; Lyman M.; Corse J.; Hautala E., 1986:
On the relationships of net carbon dioxide assimilation and leaf expansion to vegetative growth in lycopersicon esculentum cultivar jubilee

Vasarhelyi T., 1987:
On the relationships of the eight aradid subfamilies heteroptera

Schaeffer B., 1984:
On the relationships of the triassic liassic redfieldiiform fishes

Kulshrestha, S.K.; Srivastava, A.K.; Kapoor, N.; Negi, B.K., 1986:
On the relative abundance and interspecific competition among different thrips species thysanoptera insecta infesting flowers of tagetes erecta l. in the doon valley india

Srivastava, D.C.; Mehra, B.P.; Teotia, T.P.S., 1976:
On the relative abundance of inimical and beneficial insects associated with the indian lac insect kerria lacca

Heip, C., 1976:
On the relative abundance of natural populations

Price M.V.; Waser N.M., 1984:
On the relative abundance of species postfire changes in a coastal sage scrub rodent community

Kajihara M., 1985:
On the relative bark thickness and its estimation in even aged stands of sugi cryptomeria japonica

Grotjan, H.E.J. ; Steinberger, E., 1978:
On the relative biological and immuno reactive potencies of luteinizing hormone in the estradiol benzoate treated male rat

Vallerand, R.J.; Reid, G., 1988:
On the relative effects of positive and negative verbal feedback on males' and females' intrinsic motivation

Mayhew, T.M., 1981:
On the relative efficiencies of alternative ratio estimators for morphometric analysis of cell membrane surface features

Yan Z., 1983:
On the relative fatness of house mice mus musculus

Zhong M.; Yan Z., 1984 :
On the relative fatness of the gray hamster cricetulus migratorius

Rodrigues S.D., 1985:
On the relative growth of callichirus major crustacea decapoda thalassinidea

Das S.M.; Srivastava A.K., 1979:
On the relative length of gut in some food fishes of uttar pradesh india with changes from fingerling to adult stage

Urry D.W.; Trapane T.L.; Walker J.T.; Prasad K.U., 1982:
On the relative lipid membrane permeability of sodium and calcium a physical basis for the messenger role of calcium

Epstein, M.; Reuben, J., 1977:
On the relative location of the inhibitor binding and calcium binding sites in bovine trypsin ec as determined by nmr possible ambiguities in para magnetic probe mapping studies

Cope, F.W., 1981:
On the relativity and uncertainty of distance time and energy measurements by man 1. derivation of the weber psycho physical law from the heisenberg uncertainty principle applied to a super conductive biological detector 2. the reverse derivation 3. a human theory of relativity

Gaede G., 1988:
On the release and action of the hypertrehalosemic hormone from the cockroach nauphoeta cinerea

Paolillo, D.J-Jr, 1977:
On the release of sperms in atrichum

Schneider Christians J.; Fliege F.; Schloesser E., 1986:
On the release survival and importance of basidiospores of corticium salmonicolor the pathogen causing pink disease

Johnson, F.N., 1976:
On the relevance of animal studies of lithium to the understanding of lithium therapy

Mentges B.; Rumpelt H J.; Brueckner R.; Gruessner R.; Risse Eissfeller E.M., 1988:
On the relevance of histopathological grading in colonic carcinoma

Furedy J.J., 1988:
On the relevance of philosophy for psychological research a preliminary analysis of some influences of andersonian realism

Waldmeier, P.C.; Maitre, L., 1976:
On the relevance of preferential increases of meso limbic vs striatal dopamine turnover for the prediction of anti psychotic activity of psychotropic drugs

Angi M.R.; Magni G.; Tognon S.; Turrini B.; Rupolo G.; Secchi A.G., 1987:
On the relevance of psychological distress and life events in the pathogenesis of anterior idiopathic recurrent uveitis

Kuschinsky, K.; Groppe, G.; Bosse, A., 1976:
On the relevance of serotoninergic dopaminergic interactions in effects of morphine in rats

Wang D.; Jillson D.A., 1979:
On the relevance of small gastropod shells to competing hermit crab species

Suokas J., 1985:
On the reliability and validity of safety analysis

Benzi P.; Operti L.; Volpe P., 1988:
On the reliability of a rapid method for the determination of strontium 90 in natural samples

Hilborn, R.; Redfield, J.A.; Krebs, C.J., 1976:
On the reliability of enumeration for mark and re capture census of voles

Deegener, G., 1978:
On the reliability of maternal recall of aspects of child development

Guma'a S.A.; Hamza M.E.; Suliman E.M., 1984:
On the reliability of the growth rings in 2 species of the family characidae in the sudan

Mulford, H.A.; Fitzgerald, J.L., 1977:
On the reliability of the Iowa Alcoholic Stages Index

Avakyan A.B.; Saakyan A.D., 1987:
On the reliability of the serological diagnosis of potato viral diseases in hot climates

Egbertson M.; Danishefsky S.J.; Schulte G., 1987:
On the remarkable stability of derivatives of leucomitomycin f novel mitomycin analogues

Dehnad F.; Wisser K.; Rieck M., 1987:
On the remobilization of heavy metals from river deposits by organic complexing agents 2. note remobilization of copper lead cadmium nickel zinc and manganese by overacidification of waters and by nta

Wisser K.; Dehnad F., 1986:
On the remobilization of heavy metals from river deposits through organic complexing agents

Somasundar K.; Naqvi S.W.A., 1988:
On the renewal of the denitrifying layer in the arabian sea

Herrmann T.; Voigtmann L.; Knorr A.; Lorenz J., 1987:
On the repair mechanisms of the lung experimental and clinical results

Ngo, F.Q.H.; Han, A.; Elkind, M.M., 1977:
On the repair of sublethal damage in v 79 chinese hamster cells resulting from irradiation with fast neutrons or fast neutrons combined with x rays

Tay S.A.B.; Macleod J.K.; Palni L.M.S., 1986:
On the reported occurrence of cis zeatin riboside as a free cytokinin in tobacco shoots

Bentin S., 1981:
On the representation of a 2nd language in the cerebral hemispheres of right handed people

Klir, G.J., 1975:
On the representation of activity arrays

Geyer M.; Ploettner G.; Winiecki P., 1988:
On the representation of interactional configurations by means of process accompanying semantic differentials

Lengerken, J.V.; Kirmas, J.; Hering, D., 1985:
On the representativeness of the results of feed checks 1. grass silage and maize silage

Kirmas, J.; Lengerken, J.V.; Hering, D., 1985:
On the representativeness of the results of feed inspection 2. green fodder and silages

Lengerken, J.U.; Hering, D.; Kirmas, J., 1985:
On the representativeness of the results of feedstuff examinations 3. mixed feedstuffs

Aruta L.; Ruggieri G., 1983:
On the representatives of the genus aurila ostracoda podocopa in the lower pleistocene of olivella palermo sicily italy

Neifakh, S.A.; Puchkova, L.V., 1974:
On the repression of mitochondrial dna transcription by fructose 1 6 di phosphate and its de repression by cyclic amp

Ambudkar, S.V.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Somasundaram, T.; Jayaraman, J., 1978:
On the repression of the biogenesis of respiratory enzymes in saccharomyces cerevisiae and escherichia coli by glucose

Schulz, V.; Schwarz, W.; Hutten, H., 1969:
On the reproduceability of krypton 85 clearance curves simultaneous blood flow measurements on the rat kidney

Aberg, H.; Ström, G.; Werner, I., 2010:
On the reproducibility of exercise tests in patients with atrial fibrillation

Marinov S.; Tsvetkova R.; Arnaudova E., 1985:
On the reproducibility of some spectrophotometric and flame photometric methods

Pavlovskaya L.P.; Sal'nikov V.B., 1987:
On the reproduction and nutrition of stizostedion lucioperca in lake sarykamysh turkmen ssr ussr

Rodrigues, S.D.A., 1976:
On the reproduction embryology and larval development of callichirus major crustacea decapoda thalassinidea

Barring, U., 1988:
On the reproduction of aspen populus tremula l. with emphasis on its suckering ability

Lopes, R.A.; Brentegani, L.G.; Lopes, O.V.P.; Dos-Santos, H.S.L.; Sobrinho, A.N., 1986:
On the reproduction of brazilian fishes iii. rhythm of development in the oocyte of pacu caranha colossoma mitrei berg 1895 pisces characidae

Dos-Santos, H.S.L.; Lopes, R.A.; Zuim, S.M.F., 1986:
On the reproduction of brazilian fishes xvi. morphometric study of oocytes of rhamdia hilarii valenciennes 1840 pisces pimelodidae

Geitler, L., 1977:
On the reproduction of clastidium setigerum cyanophyceae

M.Dermott J.J., 1981:
On the reproduction of epitonium rupicola gastropoda epitoniidae

Lopez Fuster M.J.; Gosalbez J.; Sans Coma V., 1985:
On the reproduction of the common shrew crocidura russula in the ebro delta catalonia spain

Ising E.; Niethammer J., 1979:
On the reproduction of the yellow necked field mouse apodemus flavicollis in the laboratory

Gallois, D., 1977:
On the reproduction of venerupis decussata and venerupis aurea from the lagoon of thau herault france

Salmon M., 1987:
On the reproductive behavior of the fiddler crab uca thayeri with comparisons to uca pugilator and uca vocans evidence for behavioral convergence

Ihegwam E.U.; Ene Obong E.E., 1985:
On the reproductive chromosomal and morphometric relationships of the so called dry season and wet season mendelian populations of the variegated grasshopper zonocerus variegatus orthoptera pyrgomorphidae and their hybrid

Joss J.M.P.; Minard J.A., 1985:
On the reproductive cycles of lampropholis guichenoti and lampropholis delicata squamata scincidae in the sydney region australia

Hernandez H.M.; Abud Y.C., 1987:
On the reproductive ecology of trees in a mountain mesophytic forest in michoacan mexico

Macnally R.C., 1984:
On the reproductive energetics of chorusing males costs and patterns of call production in 2 sympatric species of ranidella anura

Kilpatrick I.C., 1986 :
On the requirement of postural asymmetry for rotational behavior

Pilson M.E.Q., 1985:
On the residence time of water in narragansett bay rhode island usa

Banasiak U.; Binner R.; Franke G.; Goedicke H.J.; Gruendel D.; Schuette H.R., 1985:
On the residual behavior and metabolism of dichlorprop in cereals

Sasshofer K.; Kessler O.; Haupt H., 1986:
On the resistance behavior of streptococci isolated from quarter milk samples of lower austria

Lewandowicz R., 1985:
On the resistance law in a shallow sea

Kawanaka, M., 1978:
On the resistance of lymnaea snails to infection with some larval trematodes part 1 comparison of tissue reactions of the snails lymnaea ollula and lymnaea japonica exposed to trichobilharzia brevis or fasciola sp

Ross, H.; Huijsman, C.A., 1969:
On the resistance of species of solanum d tuberarium against the european races of the potato nematode heterodera rostochiensis

Rosnev, B.; Stiptzov, V., 1986:
On the resistance of the beech fagus sylvatica l. and the european hornbeam carpinus betulus l. to rotting

Zechel, K., 1977:
On the resolution of poly peptides by iso electric focusing in poly acrylamide gels in the presence of urea and nonidet p 40

Hughes, G.M., 1978:
On the respiration of Torpedo marmorata

Seung Y.H., 1986:
On the response of coastal water to the intensification of east korea warm current along the east coast of korea a theoretical consideration

McDonald, S.W.; Scothorne, R.J., 1986:
On the response of the regional testicular lymph nodes after unilateral vasectomy in rats

Ramalingam S., 1987:
On the restriction of armigeres durhami edwards and the description of armigeres kesseli new species diptera culicidae

Fletcher, R.I., 1978:
On the restructuring of the pella tomlinson system

Kanamaru, S.I.; Yoshida, H., 1978:
On the results of fishing experiments with above bottom trawl hauling

Nicklisch A.; Bernard G.; Wilsdorf S.H., 1985:
On the results of sociological studies on the stomatologic health knowledge and behavior of the population in a metropolitan region of new buildings

Kurbanov N.A.; Lipatova E.R.; Buriev A.Ya; Safarova S.R.; Turdikulov R.T., 1986:
On the results of the examination of viral hepatitis patients for the presence of hbsag in kashkadarya oblast of the uzbek ssr ussr

Hando T.; Kodama S.; Takeuchi S., 1985:
On the results of the hydatidiform mole managed by the niigata method

Michael R.G.; Hann B.J., 1979:
On the resurrection of the cladoceran species chydorus reticulatus chydoridae cladocera and its relationship to chydorus ventricosus

Niwa, E.; Nakajima, G.; Hagiwara, N.; Miyake, M., 1975:
On the retardation of modori in kamaboko processing

Gao A.; Zhou K., 1987:
On the retinal ganglion cells of neophocaena and lipotes

Kovach, J.K.; Wilson, G.; O'Connor, T., 1976:
On the retinal mediation of genetic influences in color preferences of Japanese quail

Orbetsova V.; Kirov T.; Yurukova Ts, 1985:
On the reversal of cholesterol atherosclerosis in rats after interruption of the atherogenic diet and treatment with nicotinic acid

Kumar A.; Rana S.V.S., 1982:
On the reversal of renal dysenzymia by edta in copper poisoned rats

Piza Katzer H.; Weinstabl R., 1987:
On the reverse venous flow in the distally pedicled radial island flap

Chapman, J.B., 1973:
On the reversibility of the sodium pump in dialyzed squid axons a method for determining the free energy of atp breakdown

Blaszkiewicz, A.; Brochwicz-Lewinski, W., 1978:
On the reversibility of the trend to loss of the ammonite shell sculpture

Sato, K., 1977:
On the reversion of an alanyl transfer rna synthetase mutant of mammalian cells

Skopin, N.G., 1974:
On the revision of the eurasiatic species of the genus belopus

Sharonov A.A.; Mitrofanov V.I., 1983:
On the revision of the group tarsonemus pauperoseatus acariformes tarsonemidae

Tanida, K., 1978:
On the rheology of netting twine part 3 radius and instantaneous youngs modulus

Mitsuta, S., 1976:
On the rhizome branching of dennstaedtiaceae

Mitsuta S., 1984:
On the rhizome branching of dennstaedtiaceae 2

Manninger, E.; Nagy, R., 1974:
On the rhizosphere micro flora of the grapevine vitis vinifera ssp sativa proles pontica subproles balcanica kadarka part 1 morphological biochemical and serological characterization of bacteria

Gronowitz, S.; Svensson, A., 1986:
On the ring opening of some 3 lithiobithienyls and 3' lithio alpha tethienyls

Carlson, L.A.; Olsson, A.G.; Ballantyne, D., 1977:
On the rise in low density and high density lipo proteins in response to the treatment of hyper tri glyceridemia in type iv and type v hyper lipo proteinemias

L.H.; E.A., 1986:
On the risk factors of female breast cancers in the urban district beijing china

Delia S.; Donia D.; Squeri R., 1984:
On the risk of conjunctival infections in persons who wear soft contact lenses

Eggert P.; Stick C., 1984:
On the risk of hemorrhages with external dialysis shunts in children

Dely, O.G., 1975:
On the road for collecting animals in algeria

Laing J.; Zhang J., 1985:
On the rodent fauna and regionalization of northeast regions china in loess plateau

Hedwig, B., 1986:
On the role in stridulation of plurisegmental interneurons of the acridid grasshopper omocestus viridulus i. anatomy and physiology of descending cephalothoracic interneurons

Hedwig, B., 1986:
On the role in stridulation of plurisegmental interneurons of the acridid grasshopper omocestus viridulus ii. anatomy and physiology of ascending and t shaped interneurons

Ribeiro, J.A.; Sebastião, A.M., 1987:
On the role, inactivation and origin of endogenous adenosine at the frog neuromuscular junction

Stoeckigt J.; Rueffer M.; Kan Fan C.; Husson H P., 1980:
On the role of 17 hydroxy 19 epi cathenamine in the biosynthesis of hetero yohimbine alkaloids

Vance, D.E.; Esders, T.W.; Bloch, K., 1973:
On the role of a palmityl thio esterase in fatty acid elongation

Bajracharya, D.; Tong, W.F.; Plachy, C.; Schopfer, P., 1975:
On the role of abscisic acid in phytochrome mediated photo morphogenesis

Banerjee U.; Choudhuri D.K., 1986:
On the role of adenosine as a putative neurotransmitter in the central nervous system of schizodactylus monstrosus drury under toxic stress by pyrethrum

Rainsford, J.; Cohen, P.; Dix, D., 1985:
On the role of aging in cancer incidence: analysis of the lung cancer data

Volpe, E.W.; Dix, D., 1986 :
On the role of aging in cancer incidence: cohort analyses of the lung cancer data

Markov-Kh, M.; Bankova, V.V.; Kucherenko, A.G., 1978:
On the role of aldo sterone in pathogenesis of spontaneous hereditary conditioned hypertension in rats

Cohen, D.; Finkel, A.; Sussman, M., 1976:
On the role of algae in larvi culture of macrobrachium rosenbergii

Thomas, C.B.; Keil, L.C.; Klase, P.A.; Severs, W.B., 1979:
On the role of angiotensin in the cerebellum

Green, H.H.; Harrington, A.R.; Valtin, H., 1970:
On the role of anti diuretic hormone in the inhibition of acute water diuresis in adrenal insufficiency and the effects of gluco corticoids and mineralo corticoids in reversing the inhibition

Clavier, R.M.; Fibiger, H.C., 1977:
On the role of ascending catecholaminergic projections in intra cranial self stimulation of the substantia nigra

Saks V.A.; Kapel'ko V.I.; Kupriyanov V.V.; Lakomkin V.L.; Shteinshneider A.Ya, 1988:
On the role of atp and phosphocreatine in the regulation of contraction and the protection of the ischemic heart

Eichler, D.C.; Lehman, I.R., 1977:
On the role of atp in phospho di ester bond hydrolysis catalyzed by the recbc dnase of escherichia coli

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