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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6032

Chapter 6032 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mgaloblishvili G.I.; Romanovskii A.A., 1986:
On the role of bacterial pyrogen in the development of antidiuresis in fever

Banse, K., 1974:
On the role of bacterio plankton in the tropical ocean

Oguist G.; Samuelsson G.; Bishop N.I., 1980:
On the role of beta carotene in the reaction center chlorophyll a antennae of photosystem i

Manilla G., 1985:
On the role of birds in the spread and circulation of tick borne viruses

Jacobs A.M., 1987:
On the role of blank spaces for eye movement control in visual search

Ogren, S.O.; Fuxe, K., 1977:
On the role of brain noradrenaline and the pituitary adrenal axis in avoidance learning part 1 studies with cortico sterone

Farese, R.V.; Prudente, W.J., 1978:
On the role of calcium in acth induced changes in mitochondrial pregnenolone synthesis

Damluji, R.; Riley, P.A., 1979:
On the role of calcium in adhesion of cells to solid substrates

Shakhmatova, E.I., 1988 :
On the role of calcium in the mechanism of ADH action

Bursian A.V.; Timofeeva O.P.; Voskresenskii V.O., 1987:
On the role of catecholaminergic mechanisms in regulation of autogenic periodic motor activity in rat puppies

Putney, J.W-Jr, 1978:
On the role of cellular calcium in the response of the parotid to di butyryl cyclic amp and mono butyryl cyclic amp

Madsen T.; Loman J., 1987:
On the role of color display in the social and spatial organization of male rainbow lizards agama agama

Brady, F.O.; Monaco, M.E.; Forman, H.J.; Schutz, G.; Feigelson, P., 1972:
On the role of copper in activation of and catalysis by tryptophan 2 3 di oxygenase ec

Heywood, C.A.; Cowey, A., 1987:
On the role of cortical area V4 in the discrimination of hue and pattern in macaque monkeys

Joshi S.; Hughes J.B.; Shaikh F.; Sanadi D.R., 1979:
On the role of coupling factor b in the mitochondrial ortho phosphate atp exchange reaction

Tertov, V.V.; Orekhov, A.N.; Smirnov, V.N., 1987:
On the role of cyclic nucleotides in the pathogenesis of human atherosclerosis

Mardanov A.A., 1987:
On the role of cytokinins in the interrelation of the roots and shoots of pumpkin grown under various nitrogen nutrition regimens

Perrey R.; Wink M., 1988:
On the role of delta 1 piperideine and tripiperideine in the biosynthesis of quinolizidine alkaloids

Hershfield, M.S., 1973:
On the role of dna polymerase in determining mutation rates characterization of the defect in the t 4 dna polymerase caused by the ts l 88 mutation

Binus W.; Stiefel A., 1986:
On the role of enamel tufts and enamel lamellae in incipient caries

Schulz R.; Pilatus U.; Rensing L., 1986:
On the role of energy metabolism in neurospora crassa circadian clock function

Hidalgo J.; Luxoro M.; Rojas E., 1979:
On the role of extracellular calcium in triggering contraction in muscle fibers from barnacle under membrane potential control

Mcmillan, J.P.; Elliott, J.A.; Menaker, M., 1975:
On the role of eyes and brain photo receptors in the sparrow arrhythmicity in constant light

Mcmillan, J.P.; Elliott, J.A.; Menaker, M., 1975:
On the role of eyes and brain photo receptors in the sparrow aschoffs rule

Mcmillan, J.P.; Keatts, H.C.; Menaker, M., 1975:
On the role of eyes and brain photo receptors in the sparrow entrainment to light cycles

Hughes, J.B.; Joshi, S.; Sanadi, D.R., 1982:
On the role of factor B and oligomycin on generation and discharge of the proton gradient

Boehme, H., 1977:
On the role of ferredoxin and ferredoxin nadp reductase ec in cyclic electron transport of spinach chloroplasts

Thrash R.J.; Fang H.L B.; Leroi G.E., 1979:
On the role of forbidden low lying excited states of light harvesting carotenoids in energy transfer in photosynthesis

Fisher, W.R.; Taniuchi, H.; Anfinsen, C.B., 1973:
On the role of heme in the formation of the structure of cytochrome c

Ivanov K.P.; Chuikin A.E.; Samsonov G.V.; Kuznetsova N.P., 1987:
On the role of hemoglobin oxygen affinity in the efficiency of the blood respiratory function

Jarrard, L.E.; Okaichi, H.; Steward, O.; Goldschmidt, R.B., 1984:
On the role of hippocampal connections in the performance of place and cue tasks: comparisons with damage to hippocampus

Danilov, V.I., 1976:
On the role of hydrogen bonds in the hypo chromic effect in double stranded poly nucleotides

Grambow H.J., 1982:
On the role of hydrogen per oxide in per oxidase catalyzed metabolism of iaa

Nam H.K.; Austin R.H.; Dismukes G.C., 1984:
On the role of iron ii in bacterial photosynthesis the effect of biosynthetic substitution of iron ii by manganese ii on the electron transfer step between primary and secondary quinones in reaction centers

IIda S.; Arber W., 1980:
On the role of is 1 insertion sequence in the formation of hybrids between the bacterio phage p 1 and the r plasmid nr 1

Blatt, J.M.; Umbarger, H.E., 1972:
On the role of iso leucyl transfer rna synthetase in multivalent repression

Anastasis P.; Freer I.; Overton K.H.; Picken D.; Rycroft D.S.; Singh S.B., 1987:
On the role of leucine in terpenoid metabolism

Garcia-Olalla, C.; Garrido-Pertierra, A., 1986:
On the role of magnesium in the reaction of the pyruvate kinase from Salmonella typhimurium

Ruyung, S.; Yushu, Z.; Xiye, F., 1977:
On the role of male reproductive intensity in the ecological studies of rodent reproduction

Dmitriev L.F., 1985:
On the role of membrane phospholipids in oxidative phosphorylation hypothesis of lc coupling

Holmes, K.V.; Choppin, P.W., 1968:
On the role of micro tubules in movement and alignment of nuclei in virus induced syncytia parainfluenza virus sv 5 baby hamster kidney cells inst polarization microscope inst electron microscope colchicine metab

Alnaes, E.; Rahamimoff, R., 1975:
On the role of mitochondria in transmitter release from motor nerve terminals

Raguse, T., 1979:
On the role of myotomy in the treatment of diverticular disease

Lider V.A.; Bogdanova S.N., 1986:
On the role of n quinones in the regulation of glucose 6 phosphate metabolism

Pasternak A.F.; Kopylov A.I., 1983:
On the role of necro feeding infusorians colpoda in the planktonic communities of the black sea coastal water

Stadnichenko A.P., 1983:
On the role of new and little known species of fresh water mollusks of the ukrainian ussr fauna in the life cycle of trematodes

Danysz, W.; Kostowski, W.; Kozak, W.; Hauptmann, M., 1986:
On the role of noradrenergic neurotransmission in the action of desipramine and amitriptyline in animal models of depression

Kolovskii R.A., 1987:
On the role of nutrient mass flux in root competition of woody plants

Fields, J.H.A.; Baldwin, J.; Hochachka, P.W., 1976:
On the role of octopine dehydrogenase ec in cephalopod mantle muscle metabolism

Baldwin, J.; Opie, A.M., 1978:
On the role of octopine dehydrogenase ec in the adductor muscles of bivalve mollusks

Otte, D.; Cade, W., 1976:
On the role of olfaction in sexual and interspecies recognition in crickets acheta and gryllus

Waite B.A.; Hyer R.N., 1986:
On the role of persistent signaling and autocatalysis in the t cell independent immune response

Nagel M.G.; Cade W.H., 1983:
On the role of pheromones in aggregation formation in camel crickets ceuthophilus secretus orthoptera gryllacrididae

Bombosch S.; Engler I.; Gossenauer H.; Herrmann B., 1985:
On the role of pheroprax influencing the settlement of ips typographus on spruce

Kovalev P.A.; Balashova N.N., 1985:
On the role of phytohormones in realization of modificative and genotypic variability of the tomato seed germination time

Mathis, L.S.; Scocca, J.J., 1984:
On the role of pili in transformation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Jorgensen K.A.; Kemp E.; Barfort P.; Starklint H.; Larsen S.; Munk Andersen G., 1986:
On the role of platelets and leukocyte in renal xenoperfusion

Fedan V.A., 1988:
On the role of positive and negative angular accelerations in the genesis of early components of kinesthetic evoked potentials in the first somatosensory cortex in rhesus monkeys

Gomez-Phyou, A.; Sandoval, F.; Chavez, E.; Tuena, M., 1970:
On the role of potassium ion on oxidative phosphorylation

Chavez E.; Bravo C.; Jay D., 1986:
On the role of potassium on succinic dehydrogenase activity

Schlichter, D.; Miller, H.; Wicks, W.D., 1986:
On the role of protein kinase subunits in the control of eukaryotic gene expression

Pegg, A.E.; Williams-Ashman, H.G., 1969:
On the role of s adenosyl l methionine in the biosynthesis of spermidine by rat prostate escherichia coli enz s adenosyl methionine decarboxylase

Tokhver A.; Ynnepalu U., 1982:
On the role of shikimate pathway in the light stimulated antho cyanin formation in buckwheat sprouts

Hillel, D., 1976:
On the role of soil moisture hysteresis in the suppression of evaporation from bare soil under diurnally cyclic evaporation

Gremigni, V.; Domenici, L., 1977:
On the role of specialized peripheral cells during embryonic development of subitaneous eggs in the turbellarian mesostoma ehrenbergii an ultrastructural and auto radiographic investigation

Suzuki Y.; Minamikawa T., 1985:
On the role of stored messenger rna in protein synthesis in embryonic axes of germinating vigna unguiculata seeds

Opritov V.A.; Pyatygin S.S.; Khudyakov V.A., 1984:
On the role of structural lipid transformations of excitable membranes in generating the action potentials by higher plants on moderate cooling

Lidberg, P., 1985:
On the role of substance P and serotonin in the pyloric motor control. An experimental study in cat and rat

Pagani S.; Vecchio G.; Iametti S.; Bianchi R.; Bonomi F., 1986:
On the role of the 2 iron 2 sulfur cluster in the formation of the structure of spinach ferredoxin

Alekseev V.G.; Tikhomirov E.S.; Gerasimov G.M., 1982:
On the role of the angiotensin aldo sterone mechanism in the development of pulmonogenic arterial hypertension

Nash, H.A.; Enquist, L.W.; Weisberg, R.A., 1977:
On the role of the bacterio phage lambda int gene product in site specific recombination

Krulich, L.; Giachetti, A.; Marchlewska-Koj, A.; Hefco, E.; Jameson, H.E., 1977:
On the role of the central noradrenergic and dopaminergic systems in the regulation of thyrotropin secretion in the rat

Koreeda F., 1979:
On the role of the cholinergic system in the ventral hippocampus in the regulation of hypothalamo pituitary adreno cortical functions

Brass, L.F.; Bensusan, H.B., 1976:
On the role of the collagen carbohydrate residues in the platelet. Collagen interaction

Ivanova N.G.; Ioffe M.E., 1987:
On the role of the cortical motor area in realization of postural escape reaction

Lincoln, T.M.; Corbin, J.D., 1978:
On the role of the cyclic amp and cyclic gmp dependent protein kinases in cell function

Bone, Q.; Kiceniuk, J.; Jones, D.R., 1978:
On the role of the different fiber types in fish myotomes at intermediate swimming speeds

Zograff Y.N., 1981:
On the role of the escherichia coli rna polymerase sigma factor in phage y 4 development

Sungurov A.Yu, 1981:
On the role of the increased number of cyto proteins in enhancing uv fluorescence of irradiated ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Brauer, K.; Winkelmann, E., 1976:
On the role of the inter neurons in the lateral geniculate body of mammals

Moskalewski, S.; Thyberg, J., 1988:
On the role of the nucleus in the structural organization of the cell: dispersion and rearrangement of the Golgi complex in cytoplasts treated with antimicrotubular drugs

Kreja L.; Seidel H J., 1985:
On the role of the spleen in friend virus erythroleukemia

Lala, A.K.; Buttke, T.M.; Bloch, K., 1979:
On the role of the sterol hydroxyl group in membranes

Svetlova V.Ya; Podvigin N.F.; Makarov F.N.; Fedorova K.P.; Evpyat'eva E.V., 1987:
On the role of the visual cortex in the organization of eye movements evoked by local electrical stimulation of the lateral geniculate body in cats

Thor H.; Hartzell P.; Svensson S A.; Orrenius S.; Mirabelli F.; Marinoni V.; Bellomo G., 1985 :
On the role of thiol groups in the inhibition of liver microsomal calcium sequestration by toxic agents

Arshavskii, V.Y. ; Antoch, M.P.; Folippov, P.P., 1987:
On the role of transducin gtpase in the shut down of phosphodiesterase cascade

Fernandes, A., 1987:
On the role of triploidy in the development of the section bulbocodii dc. of the genus narcissus l

Rao S.N.; Kollman P., 1985:
On the role of uniform and mixed sugar puckers in dna double helical structures

Lapinskii A.G.; Nevretdinova Z.G., 1987:
On the role of unspecific lipid modification in erythrocyte membranes during hibernation in the ground squirrel citellus parryi

Kovalenko N.Ya; Chernukh A.M., 1981:
On the role of venular and lymphatic link of micro circulation in trans capillary exchange at the level of the functional organ element

Green K.P.; Miller J.L., 1985:
On the role of visual rate formation in phonetic perception

Ben Naim A., 1987:
On the role of water in molecular recognition and self assembly

Uvarov V.I.; Iotov A.I., 1985:
On the role of water in pedogenesis

Aliev D.A.; Dzhangirov A.A.; Kerimov S.Kh; Akhmedov A.A., 1988:
On the role of wheat spikes in the grain formation of wheat genotypes differing in photosynthetic properties and crop yield

Ito, Y.; Suzuki, H.; Kuriyama, H., 1977:
On the roles of calcium ion during potassium induced contracture in the smooth muscle cells of the rabbit main pulmonary artery

Kimura S.; Matsui S.; Wasada H.; Tachihara K., 1986:
On the rose bitterling rhodeus ocellatus sspp in the tatara river fukuoka prefecture japan and its habitats

Fukuda, H., 1978:
On the rostral border of the respiratory center in the crucian carp carassius carassius

Jarosch, R.; Fuchs, B., 1975:
On the rotation of fibrils in the synura sphagnicola flagellum

Fedotov V.D.; Feldman Y.D.; Yudin I.D., 1985:
On the rotational diffusion of globular proteins in aqueous solutions

Saksena D.N.; Kulkarni N., 1986:
On the rotifer fauna of two sewage channels of gwalior india

Pennycuick, C.J., 1975:
On the running of the gnu connochaetes taurinus and other animals

Slogoff, S.; Keats, A.S.; Arlund, C., 1983:
On the safety of radial artery cannulation

Nair G.A.; Nair N.B., 1986:
On the salinity and temperature tolerances of the littoral isopods sphaeroma annandalei and cirolana willeyi exposed to effluents from a titanium dioxide factory

Haage, P., 1968:
On the salinity tolerance of eggs and young larvae of phryganea grandis trichoptera

Staaland, H., 1976 :
On the salt excretion in the little auk plotus alle

Tomimori T.; Kizu H., 1979:
On the saponins from the leaves of fatsia japonica

Okuyama, K.; Okamoto, M.; Hayashi, K., 1977:
On the saturation of the threshold type response in enzymatic reaction system

Ponomarenko E.V., 1988:
On the scale effect in soil studies

Hallenberg N., 1983:
On the schizopora paradoxa complex basidiomycetes

Emanuilova, E.; Spasova, D.; Radoevska, S.; Mincheva, M.; Grigorova, J., 1978:
On the screening method for isolation of microorganisms producing enzymes with lytic activity toward saccharomyces cerevisiae and candida tropicalis

Correa, D.D.; Schlenz, E., 1976:
On the sea anemone paracondylactis hertwigi new record

Toriumi, S., 1976:
On the seasonal and vertical appearance of ceratium spp in aburatsubo bay kanagawa prefecture japan

Deguchi Y.; Sugiura Y., 1980:
On the seasonal appearance of hydro medusae and the environmental conditions in tanoura bay shimoda japan

Fixa B.; Komarkova O.; Janousek K.; Zaydlar K., 1985:
On the seasonal character of peptic ulceration

Odening K.; Walter G.; Bockhardt I., 1988:
On the seasonal dynamics of sphaerospora renicola myxosporidia in common carp osteichthyes

Chung S C.; Tanaka S., 1985:
On the seasonal migration of argentine hake merluccius hubbsi

Schuster R.; Neumann B., 1988:
On the seasonal occurrence of dicrocoelium dendriticum in intermediate hosts

Sinha P.B.; Sen N.S.; Jafri H.A., 1988:
On the seasonal population fluctuations of collembola and acarina in a deciduous forest at ranchi india

Rack K., 1986:
On the seasonal release of dothistroma conidia in pinus radiata plantation in southern chile

Baz Ramos A., 1986:
On the seasonality of butterfly communities lepidoptera in the central region of the iberian peninsula

Ruehm W., 1982:
On the seasonally late harmful appearance of boophthora erythrocephala simuliidae diptera a contribution to the theory of the development of damages to grazing cattle

Richter P.; Lotze W., 1987:
On the second look operation in cases of progressive ovarian carcinoma

Loercher H.; Weberling F., 1982:
On the secondary growth of the axes of high andean valerianaceae

Branco T., 1984:
On the secondary sexual dimorphism in thorectes laevigatus cobosi coleoptera geotrupidae

Kallenbach, N.R., 1977:
On the secondary structure in messenger rna

Sieber, R.; Blanc, B., 1978:
On the secretion of afla toxin m 1 into milk and its appearance in milk and milk products a review of the literature

Trimonis E.S.; Lukashina N.P., 1985:
On the sedimentation in the morocco basin during late pleistocene

Makela K., 1981:
On the seed borne micro fungi on wild grasses in finland

Nakamura, S.J.; Hamada, M., 1978:
On the seed dispersal of an achlorophyllous orchid galeola septentrionalis

Nagashima T., 1984:
On the seed germination and embryogenesis in the calanthe aristulifera calanthe izu insularis and calanthe amamiana

Nagashima T., 1983:
On the seed germination and embryogenesis in the calanthe furcata calanthe cardioglossa and phaius minor

Nagashima T., 1985:
On the seed germination and embryogenesis in the calanthe sieboldii calanthe elmeri and calanthe venusta

Yoo, S.K.; Cho, C.H.; Yoo, M.S., 1976:
On the seedling time of the mangrove oyster crassostrea rhizophorae in the lagoon of cocineta in venezuela

Wilbert, H., 1973:
On the seeking behavior of newly hatched larvae of aphidoletes aphidimyza diptera cecidomyiidae

Uyemura, T., 1977:
On the segmental structure of the abdomen observed in several spiders

Pajni, H.R.; Singh, M., 1973:
On the segmentation of antenna in trogoderma granarium coleoptera dermestidae

Malepszy, S.; Grunewaldt, J.; Maluszynski, M., 1977:
On the selection of mutants in cell cultures from ha ploid nicotiana sylvestris

Sugrue, M.F.; Goodlet, I.; Mireylers, S.E., 1976:
On the selective inhibition of serotonin uptake in vivo by org 6582 racemic 8 chloro 11 anti amino benzo b bicyclo 3 3 1 nona 3 6a 10a diene hydro chloride

Reischl, W.; Zbiral, E., 1985:
On the selective oxidation of the vitamin d 3 triene system the reaction of vitamin d 3 with n bromosuccinimide a simple entry to carbon 19 substituted tachysterol and isotachysterol derivatives

Horita K.; Yoshioka T.; Tanaka T.; Oikawa Y.; Yonemitsu O., 1986:
On the selectivity of deprotection of benzyl 4 methoxybenzyl and 3 4 dimethoxybenzyl protecting group for hydroxy functions

Oelschlager, W.; Menke, K.H., 1969:
On the selenium content of plant animal and other substances part 1 the selenium contents of fodders

Oelschlager, W.; Menke, K.H., 1969:
On the selenium contents of plant animal and other substances part 2 selenium and sulfur content in foodstuffs

Seidel, K., 1976:
On the self purification of natural waters

Stoesser R.; Anvari S.F., 1981:
On the senescence of ovules in cherries

Deluisi, J.J.; Sato, R.K.; Gillette, D.A., 1976 :
On the sensitivity of errors in calculated mie optical cross sections due to errors in samplings of junge type aerosol size distributions

Parlar, H.; Mansour, M., 1978:
On the sensitized photo isomerization reaction of the insecticide beta di hydro heptachlor

Ehrhardt M.; Petrick G., 1984:
On the sensitized photo oxidation of alkylbenzenes in seawater

Hausen, B.M.; Schulz, K.H., 1977:
On the sensitizing of naturally occurring quinones part 3 a new contact allergen 2 di methylallyl 1 4 benzo quinone from phagnalon sp compositae

Mueller Motzfeld G., 1982:
On the separation of bembidion ruficorne from bembidion millerianum coleoptera carabidae

Nadler T.; Koenigstedt D., 1986:
On the separation of lesser sand plover charadrius mongolus and greater sand plover charadrius leschenaultii and their occurrence in mongolia

Muller Motzelf G.; Hartmann M., 1985:
On the separation of pterostichus rhaeticus from pterostichus nigrita coleoptera carabidae

Marks, N.; Grynbaum, A.; Benuck, M., 1976:
On the sequential cleavage of myelin basic protein by cathepsin a and cathepsin d ec

Gibbons G.C., 1980:
On the sequential determination of alpha amylase transport and cell wall breakdown in germinating seeds of hordeum vulgare cultivar nordal

Torhorst A.; Waechtler C.; Moeller H.J., 1983:
On the seriousness of attempted suicides

Luther, P.; Mehnert, W.H., 1974:
On the serological behavior of some commercial preparations from viscum album notably iscador in regard to human blood cells and ascites tumor cells of mice

Aleksic, S.; Aleksic, V.; Rohde, R., 1978:
On the serological relationship of fimbrial antigens between salmonella subgenus i and yersinia enterocolitica and salmonella subgenus ii and arizona salmonella subgenus iii

Shimada, T.; Sakazaki, R., 1978:
On the serology of Plesiomonas shigelloides

Grekhova T.V.; Romanova G.A.; Sovetov A.N., 1988:
On the serotoninergic link in the compensatory recovery process in the central nervous system in rats after injury

Gotoh T., 1979:
On the sessile diatoms in the brackish water area of the river yodo japan 2

Hoffmann M., 1985:
On the settlement of the muskrat ondatra zibethica in south america

Berthold, P., 1973:
On the severe decline of populations of the whitethroat and other song birds in western europe

Chiang, Y.L., 1976:
On the sex of the prothallia of ceratopteris pteridoides

Schulz H., 1986:
On the sex ratio of the little bustard tetrax tetrax

Helin, S.; Houji, L., 1975:
On the sex ratio of the weasel mustela sibirica and its productive significance

Webb, G.R., 1977:
On the sexology of catinella avara or catinella vermeta

Vargas J.M.; Palomo L.J.; Espana M.; Duran A.C.; Sans Coma V., 1986:
On the sexual activity of females and the population structure of mus spretus in southern spain

Sparreboom M., 1983:
On the sexual behavior of paramesotriton caudopunctatus amphibia caudata salamandridae

Giacoma C.; Sparreboom M., 1987:
On the sexual behavior of the italian newt triturus italicus caudata salamandridae

Yaegashi, H., 1977:
On the sexuality of blast fungi pyricularia spp

Mikhov, L.; Khovorka, I.; Komandarev, S., 1986:
On the shape of the trichinella capsule

Muzinic, R., 1977:
On the shoaling behavior of sardines sardina pilchardus in aquaria

Puminov A.P.; Degtyarenko Y.P., 1986:
On the shoreline dynamics of russian east arctic seas during the cenozoic

Kesner J.S.; Kaufman J M.; Wilson R.C.; Kuroda G.; Knobil E., 1986:
On the short loop feedback regulation of the hypothalamic lhrh pulse generator in the rhesus monkey

Von-Lengerke, H.J., 1978:
On the short term predictability of frost and frost protection a case study on dunsandle tea estate in the nilgiris south india

De-Meis, L.; De-Gloria-Costa-Carvalho, M., 1976:
On the sidedness of membrane phosphorylation by inorganic phosphate and atp synthesis during reversal of the calcium ion pump of sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles

Bakthavathsalam, R.; Reddy, Y.S., 1983:
On the significance of acetyl cholin esterase ec activity in pesticides studies using fish

Chepurnov V.A., 1987:
On the significance of benthic diatoms in feeding of harpacticoida copepoda

Shul'kina T.V., 1986:
On the significance of biomorphological characters in plant systematics

Nathanson, M.; Bender, M.B., 1974:
On the significance of breaking symmetry for normal behavior with particular reference to motor performance

Frank, W.; Zabel, S., 1970:
On the significance of calf serum for cultures of embryonic rat cells

Kende, H.; Tavares, J.E., 1968:
On the significance of cyto kinin incorporation into rna soy bean d escherichia coli

Den-Boer, P.J., 1970:
On the significance of dispersal power for populations of carabid beetles coleoptera carabidae

Fassauer H.; Bethmann W.; Kohlbach J., 1983:
On the significance of gerontologic geriatric aspects in maxillo facial surgery

Sushin V.A.; Samyshev E.Z.; Gaidamak A.I., 1986:
On the significance of infusoria in antarctic plankton communities

Sato T., 1986:
On the significance of livestock improvement for the development of mixed husbandry

Sharov A.A., 1987:
On the significance of parasites and diseases in the population dynamics of the common pine sawfly diprion pini hymenoptera diprionidae in rostov oblast russian sfsr ussr

Wendelken P.W.; Barth R.H.Jr, 1985:
On the significance of pseudofemale behavior in the neotropical cockroach genera blaberus archimandrita and byrsotria

Vorob'ev, O.A., 1987:
On the significance of sensory signal phase mismatch in the developmental mechanisms of motion sickness

Addicott, W.O., 1976:
On the significance of the bivalve acila gettysburgensis in middle tertiary chrono stratigraphy of the pacific coast

Fioroni P., 1980:
On the significance of the comportment of the blastopore region in evolution

Malez, M., 1975:
On the significance of the genus homo discovery in the villafranchian sediments of sandalja i near pula yugoslavia

Westerink B.H.C.; Wirix E., 1983:
On the significance of tyrosine for the synthesis and catabolism of dopamine in rat brain evaluation by high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Jost, O., 1969:
On the significance of water sheds in the movement of the dipper cinclus cinclus aquaticus

Gotoh T., 1984:
On the siliceous structure of the septum and related forms in diatoms

Kobayashi T.; Hamada T., 1987:
On the silurian trilobite faunule of hitoegane near fukuji in the hida plateau japan

Thompson, R.T., 1977:
On the silver fir weevil brachyxystus subsignatus coleoptera curculionidae with a description of a new subspecies

Sevaljevic L.; Petrovic M.; Poznanovic G.; Konstantinovic M., 1981:
On the similarity between the nuclear network and chromatin nonhistone proteins of sea urchin paracentrotus lividus embryos

Fairfield, S.A.; Barnett, W.E., 1971:
On the similarity between the transfer rnas of organelles and prokaryotes

Aksoycan, N.; Saganak, I., 1976:
On the similarity of antigen between fungi and salmonella part 4 communication

Aksoycan, N.; Sağanak, I., 1977:
On the similarity of antigen between torulopsis and salmonella

Aksoycan, N.; Saganak, I., 1975:
On the similarity of antigens of candida and salmonella part 3 communication

Buie E.L.; Purdue J.R., 1986:
On the similarity of odocoileus hemionus and odocoileus virginianus mandibles

Raman, A.; Ananthakrishnan, T.N.; Swaminathan, S., 1978:
On the simple leaf galls of casearia tomentosa samydaceae induced by gynaikothrips flaviantennatus thysanoptera phlaeothripidae

Ruehm W.; Meckling L., 1986 :
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On the systematic position of the parasitic red alga kintokiocolax aggregatocerantha tanaka et y. nozawa

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On the systematic position of thylodrias contractus coleoptera series bostrichiformia

Akhunova S.S., 1987:
On the systematic significance of the anatomical characteristics of the pericarp in some crataegus spp rosaceae

Badonnel A., 1985:
On the systematic status of mesopsocus achocallae psocoptera elipsocidae

Warncke, K., 1976:
On the systematics and distribution of the bee genus nomia in the western palearctic and the turkestan basin hymenoptera apoidea

Hartwig, E.; Parker, J.G., 1977:
On the systematics and ecology of interstitial ciliates of sandy beaches in north yorkshire

Nair, R.V.; Appukuttan, K.K.; Rajapandian, M.E., 1974:
On the systematics and identity of 4 pelagic sharks of the family carcharhinidae from indian region

Luc M.; Loof P.A.A.; Brown D.J.F., 1984:
On the systematics of 11 xiphinema species nematoda longidoridae described from india

Fry, C.H., 1976:
On the systematics of african and asian tailorbirds sylviinae

Alekseev, E.B., 1988:
On the systematics of asian fescues festuca l. 10. a new species from china

Maisaya I.I.; Gorgidze A.D., 1985:
On the systematics of setaria italica ssp colchica in the georgian ssr ussr

Horstmann, K., 1974:
On the systematics of some species of the genus phygadeuon hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Marikovskaya T.P., 1985:
On the systematics of the bee genus paramegilla hymenoptera anthophoridae

Koymdjieva, M., 1978:
On the systematics of the genus hirstionyssus gamasoidea hirstionyssidae with a description of hirstionyssus improvisus new species from the bulgarian mouse like dormouse

Riley J.; Self J.T., 1979:
On the systematics of the pentastomid genus porocephalus with descriptions of 2 new species

Storch, G.; Winking, H., 1977:
On the systematics of the pitymys multiplex pitymys liechtensteini group

Shileyko, A.A., 1978:
On the systematics of trichia pulmonata helicoidea hygromiidae

Alpar J.J., 1986:
On the table posterior capsulotomy and 1 percent sodium hyaluronate

Scheinar, J.; Utikalova, A., 1977:
On the tactics of surgical treatment of dilated urinary tracts with double urinary ducts

Gaudant, J., 1978:
On the taphonomic conditions of the fish beds from the oligocene of aix en provence bouches du rhone france an attempt toward the definition of a paleo ecological and paleo geographical model

Doll, R., 1977:
On the taraxacum flora of north america

Rachlin, H., 1971:
On the tautology of the matching law

Lindberg, D.R., 1978:
On the taxonomic affinities of collisella edmitchelli gastropoda acmaeidae a late pleistocene limpet from san nicolas island california usa

Tibayrenc M.; Echalar L.; Breniere F.; Lemesre J L.; Barnabe C.; Desjeux P., 1983:
On the taxonomic and medical status of the isozymic strains of trypanosoma cruzi reflections on the systematic and immunological value of their iso enzymes

Thenius E., 1979:
On the taxonomic and phylogenetic position of the giant panda ailuropoda melanoleuca carnivora mammalia

Leuenberger, B.E., 1988:
On the taxonomic history of pereskia lychnidiflora dc. pereskia zinniiflora dc. cactaceae and their synonyms

Hunziker, A.T.; Subils, R., 1975:
On the taxonomic importance of the foliar nectaries in wild and cultivated species of cucurbita

Kvasnikov E.I.; Nogina T.M.; Nesterenko O.A.; Panchenko L.P.; Rozynov B.V.; Koronelli T.V., 1984:
On the taxonomic position of brevibacterium flavum producing lysine

Dutt S.; Sharma S.V.; Desoutter M., 1982:
On the taxonomic position of mystus cavasius vis a vis mystus nigriceps and mystus keletius

Ramalhinho M.G., 1985:
On the taxonomic position of portuguese mole

Shaldybina E.S., 1985:
On the taxonomic position of punctoribates quadrivertex oribatei mycobatidae

Melzheimer V., 1987:
On the taxonomic position of silene thebana caryophyllaceae

Blanz, P., 1978:
On the taxonomic position of the exobasidiales

Chesunov A.V., 1986:
On the taxonomic position of the nematode odontobius ceti roussel de vauzeme 1834 chromadoria a symbiont of finback whales

Sopin L.V.; Kharrison D.L., 1986:
On the taxonomic position of the oman wild sheep ovis artiodactyla bovidae

Dubinina E.V., 1987:
On the taxonomic position of the so called small mites that are of medical and veterinary significance

Zhukov, E.V., 1978:
On the taxonomic position of the trematode faustula keksooni

Hedenas L., 1987:
On the taxonomic position of tomentypnum loeske

Mauersberger, G., 1972:
On the taxonomic rank of emberiza godlewskii

Klaus, W., 1978:
On the taxonomic significance of tectum sculpture characters in alpine pinus species

Reuse C., 1983:
On the taxonomic significance of the internal shell in the identification of european slugs of the families limacidae and milacidae gastropoda pulmonata

Detinova N.N., 1985:
On the taxonomic significance of the structure of parapodia in some maldanid polychaetes

Southward, A.J., 1976:
On the taxonomic status and distribution of chthamalus stellatus cirripedia in the northeast atlantic region with a key to the common inter tidal barnacles of britain

Hoffman R.L., 1981:
On the taxonomic status distribution and subspecies of the millipede pseudotremia fracta chordeumatida cleidogonidae

Ochi, H., 1976:
On the taxonomic status of bryum inconnexum in antarctica/

Van-Bree, P.J.H.; Gallagher, M.D., 1978:
On the taxonomic status of delphinus tropicalis notes on cetacea delphinoidea part 9

Rasmussen J.B., 1986:
On the taxonomic status of dipsadoboa werneri dipsadoboa shrevei and crotaphopeltis hotamboeia kageleri boiginae serpentes

Macfarlane, R.M., 1978:
On the taxonomic status of fritillaria phaeanthera liliaceae

Chkhikvadze V.M.; Tuniev B.S., 1986:
On the taxonomic status of modern land tortoise of the western transcaucasus ussr

Sane S.R.; Kannan P.; Rajendran C.G.; Ingle S.T.; Bhagwat A.M., 1986:
On the taxonomic status of psittacula intermedia rothschild

Dieckmann L., 1987:
On the taxonomic status of sitona cinnamomeus allard coleoptera curculionidae

Mutt J.A.M., 1979:
On the taxonomic status of strongylonotus and heteromuricus collembola entomobryidae

Laubitz, D.R., 1976:
On the taxonomic status of the family caprogammaridae amphipoda

Van-Belle, R.A., 1978:
On the taxonomic status of the genera acutoplax and eudoxoplax mollusca polyplacophora

Galil B.; Lewinsohn C., 1985:
On the taxonomic status of trapezia areolata and trapezia septata decapoda brachyura

Galil B.; Lewinsohn C., 1985:
On the taxonomic status of trapezia rufopunctata and trapezia flavopunctata decapoda brachyura

Ossiannilsson F.; Hodkinson I.D., 1987:
On the taxonomic status of trioza silvarnis hodkinson 1974 homoptera psyllodea

Burukovskii R.N., 1987:
On the taxonomic status of two bathypelagic species of shrimp crustacea decapoda pasiphaeidae

Rosman-Hartog, N.; Touw, A., 1987:
On the taxonomic status of ulota bruchii hornsch. ex brid. ulota crispa hedw. brid. and ulota crispula bruch ex brid

Tuzovskii P.V., 1983:
On the taxonomic status of water mites of the family pontarachnidae acariformes hydrachnellae

Galkin, S.V., 1986:
On the taxonomic system of the genus cantellius cirripedia pyrgomatidae

Sneli J A.; Stokland O., 1986:
On the taxonomical status of tritonium viridulum gastropoda cancellariidae

Singh, S.; Panigrahi, G., 1987:
On the taxonomy and distribution of ceratopteris thalictroides l. ad. brongn. parkeriaceae in india

Kusumoto, M.; Sonoda, S.; Natsume, M.; Ozawa, H., 1976:
On the taxonomy and distribution of the genus eudorina volvocaceae chlorophyceae in kanagawa prefecture japan

Kleeberger A.; Braatz R.; Busse M., 1980:
On the taxonomy and ecology of enterobacteria in milk

Pilleri, G.; Gihr, M., 1975:
On the taxonomy and ecology of the finless black porpoise, Neophocaena (Cetacea, Delphinidae)

Ochyra, R., 1987:
On the taxonomy and family placement of the moss genus limbella c. muell. broth

Korovchinsky N.M., 1986:
On the taxonomy and geographical distribution of the superfamily sidoidea crustacea cladocera

Grasshoff, M., 1976:
On the taxonomy and nomenclature of middle european orb weaving spiders of the family araneidae arachnida araneae

Pichi Sermolli R.E.G., 1985:
On the taxonomy and nomenclature of some species of ctenitis aspidiaceae from tropical africa

Agrawal, S.; Bhattacharyya, U.C., 1985:
On the taxonomy and rarity of gentianella azurea bunge holub. gentianaceae in india

Kobara, T.; Chihara, M., 1978:
On the taxonomy and sexual reproduction of the siphonous green alga pseudobryopsis hainanensis

Banarescu P.M., 1983:
On the taxonomy and synonymy of the south asian species of cirrhinus pisces cyprinidae

Kociolek J.P.; Stoermer E.F., 1986:
On the taxonomy and ultrastructure of the fossil diatom gomphoneis cantalica

Ronkay L., 1986:
On the taxonomy and zoogeography of some palearctic and indo australian plusiinae lepidoptera noctuidae

Sturm H., 1984:
On the taxonomy biogeography and evolution of south american meinertellidae machiloidea archaeognatha insecta

Shafi M.; Halli M.R.S., 1986:
On the taxonomy distribution and ecology of genus aphanius nardo cypriniformes cyprinodontidae of iraq

Nadig A., 1987:
On the taxonomy distribution and ecology of the genus epipodisma orthoptera acrididae podismini in the alps

Ehrich, S., 1976:
On the taxonomy ecology and growth of macroramphosus scolopax pisces syngnathiformes from the subtropical northeast atlantic

Kukkonen, I.; Uotila, P., 1977:
On the taxonomy morphology and distribution of asarum europaeum aristolochiaceae

Reisser, W., 1975:
On the taxonomy of an auxotrophic chlorella sp isolated from paramecium bursaria

Penaz M.; Martinez A.P., 1987:
On the taxonomy of cuban populations of lepomis macrochirus

Kurashvili B.E.; Kanev I.; Matsaberidze G.V.; Chumburidze R.S., 1986:
On the taxonomy of echinostomes with 37 spines on the collar in the georgian ssr ussr

Niethammer, G., 1971:
On the taxonomy of european birds introduced to new zealand

Zinov'ev, A.G., 1987:
On the taxonomy of flies of the genus phaonia r. d. diptera muscidae

Evans, H.C.; Stalpers, J.A.; Samson, R.A.; Benny, G.L., 1978:
On the taxonomy of monilia roreri an important pathogen of theobroma cacao in south america

Aspoeck, H.; Aspoeck, U., 1975:
On the taxonomy of raphidia wittmeri iranoraphidia new subgenus neuroptera raphidioptera raphidiidae

Urban, Z.; Markova, J., 1977:
On the taxonomy of some brown rusts on grasses in central europe

Nenilin A.B., 1984:
On the taxonomy of spiders of the family salticidae of the fauna of the ussr and adjacent countries

Hindak F., 1984:
On the taxonomy of the cyanophycean genus rhabdogloea synonymy dactylococcopsis

Nobis G., 1979:
On the taxonomy of the cyprus mouflon ovis ammon ophion

Floessner D.; Kraus K., 1986:
On the taxonomy of the daphnia hyalina daphnia galeata complex crustacea cladocera

Kudrna O., 1984:
On the taxonomy of the genus hipparchia with descriptions of two new species from italy lepidoptera satyridae

Proskuryakova G.M.; Belyanina N.B., 1985:
On the taxonomy of the genus mandragora and its history

Petkovski T.K., 1986:
On the taxonomy of the genus mesocyclops from the neotropics

Kadzhaya G.Sh, 1988:
On the taxonomy of the genus mycetoglyphus acariformes acaroidea

Petkovski T.K., 1986:
On the taxonomy of the genus neocyclops gurney 1927 crustacea copepoda cyclopoida

Gemmeke H.; Niethammer J., 1984:
On the taxonomy of the genus rattus rodentia muridae

Snimshchikova L.N., 1985:
On the taxonomy of the genus svetlovia oligochaeta tubificidae from lake baikal ussr

Larsson J.I.R., 1988:
On the taxonomy of the genus systenostrema hazard and oldacre 1975 microspora thelohaniidae with description of two new species

Klockenhoff, H.; Schirmers, G., 1976:
On the taxonomy of the myrsidae myrsidea menoponidae phthiraptera of corvus corax and corvus ruficollis

Linnavuori, R., 1977:
On the taxonomy of the subfamily microveliinae heteroptera veliidae of west and central africa

E.Hadidi M.N., 1980:
On the taxonomy of zygophyllum section bipartita

Kasparov S.V.; Min'ko O.I.; Panikov N.S.; Pervova N.E., 1987:
On the technique of studying gases and volatile organic compounds in soils

Markel, K., 1978:
On the teeth of the recent cassiduloid echinolampas depressa and on some liassic fossil teeth nearly identical in structure echinodermata echinoidea

Conio, G.; Curletto, L.; Patrone, E., 1973:
On the temperature coefficient of the solubility of some glycyl peptides in water ethanol mixtures

Lakomek, M.; Scharnetzky, M.; Tillmann, W.; Schroeter, W.; Winkler, H., 1983:
On the temperature dependent and salt dependent conformation change in human erythrocyte pyruvate kinase ec

Brenneis, M.; Harrer, G.; Selzer, H., 1979:
On the temperature sensitivity of multiple sclerosis patients

Karofel'd E.K., 1986:
On the temporal dynamics of the hollow ridge complex on high bogs in the estonian ssr ussr

Kobata T., 1986:
On the tendency of long term decreasing catch of adult yellowtail seriola quinqueradiata in its pacific sub population

Togashi, I., 1976:
On the tenthredo emphytiformis group of tenthredo hymenoptera symphyta in japan

Timm V.Ya; Timm T.E., 1986:
On the terminology of lake benthal zones

Gorshkova I.I., 1987:
On the terms of the application of the single site approximation in treating the affinity labeling kinetics of two sited enzymes

Di-Giulio, A., 1986:
On the tertiary of the ubaga limestones borghetto d'arroscia alassio sequence maritime alps italy

Basha S.H., 1987:
On the tertiary phosphate rocks of the rusha area ne jordan

Kaifa, W.; Jiaowen, Y.; Zhe, L.; Zengrui, L., 1975:
On the tertiary sporo pollen assemblages from lunpola basin of xizang china and their paleo geographic significance

White W.H., 1986:
On the theoretical and empirical basis for apportioning extinction by aerosols a critical review

Snyder D.M., 1986:
On the theoretical derivation of the normal distribution for psychological phenomena

Hofmann, H.J.; Hädge, D., 1987:
On the theoretical prediction of protein antigenic determinants from amino acid sequences

Hummel K., 1984:
On the theory and practice of essen moellers w value and guertlers paternity index

Sandler Y.M.; Dorfman Y.G., 1987:
On the theory of active gels actomyosin gel

Grosberg A.Yu; Erukhimovich I.Ya; Shakhnovich E.I., 1981:
On the theory of dna compactization in polymeric solution

Bache D.H., 1986:
On the theory of gaseous transport to plant canopies

Christoffers D., 1986:
On the theory of in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence computer simulation of primary photosynthetic reactions

Hill, T.L.; Chen, Y.D., 1971:
On the theory of ion transport across the nerve membrane part 2 potassium ion kinetics and cooperativity with x equal to 4

Hill, T.L.; Chen, Y.D., 1971:
On the theory of ion transport across the nerve membrane part 3 potassium ion kinetics and cooperativity with x equal to 4 6 9

Hill, T.L.; Chen, Y.D., 1972:
On the theory of ion transport across the nerve membrane part 6 free energy and activation free energies of conformational change

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