On the study of cocoons of some gall midges cecidomyiidae diptera

Bakhshi, M.; Grover, P.

Cecidologia Indica 11(1-3): 83-116


Accession: 006031708

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This study includes the cocoons of 17 spp. of gall midges. It includes size, shape, texture, color, position of the larvae inside the cocoon and the exit of larvae from the cocoon. Differences between prepupating and diapausing cocoons, male and female cocoons and parasitized and non-parasitized cocoons were also studied. Species associated with mango (Mangifera indica) were Erosomyia indica, Dasineura amaramanjarae, Procystiphora indica, P. mangiferae, Asynapta fungivora and Procontarinia sp. Gingelly (Sesamum orientale) was attacked by D. sesami, Giardomyia sesami sp. nov. (India) and Contarinia sesami sp. nov. (India). The fig, Ficus carica, was associated with Udumbaria nainiensis and Mycodiplosis kittabhakhshi. Citrus was attacked by Dasineura citri while Linum usitatissimum was attacked by D. lini. Aschistonyx baranii was a pest of Crataeva religiosa. Phyllodiplosia jujujbae sp. nov. (India) was reported from Ziziphus jujujba. Terammus labiatus was attacked by Tricholaba labiatidis sp. nov. (India) and Dalbergia sisso was attacked by Xylodiplosia sisso.