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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6033

Chapter 6033 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chen, Y.D.; Hill, T.L., 1973:
On the theory of ion transport across the nerve membrane part 7 cooperativity between channels of a large square lattice

Gruzov L.N., 1985:
On the theory of mollusk breeding in mariculture systems approach

Pollak, E., 1987:
On the theory of partially inbreeding finite populations. I. Partial selfing

Pollak, E., 1988:
On the theory of partially inbreeding finite populations. II. Partial sib mating

Robson R.E., 1983:
On the theory of plume trapping by an elevated inversion

Markhasin V.S.; Mil'shtein G.N.; Solov'eva O.E., 1985:
On the theory of regulation of contraction force of the heart muscle

Jones, B.L.; Enns, R.H.; Rangnekar, S.S., 1976:
On the theory of selection of coupled macro molecular systems

Ringertz S.; Kronvall G., 1988:
On the theory of the disk diffusion test evidence for a non linear relationship between critical concentration and mic and its practical implications for susceptibility testing of haemophilus influenzae

Seiler T.; Wollensak J., 1987:
On the theory of the t incision of the cornea

Gutman L.N.; Berkofsky L., 1985:
On the theory of the well mixed layer containing a zero order jump

Grosberg A.Yu; Zhestkov A.V., 1985:
On the theory of toroidal compact form of dna in a polymer solution

Shaath N.A., 1987:
On the theory of uv absorption by sunscreen chemicals

Proca E., 1987:
On the therapeutic difficulties of urinary incontinence following prostate adenectomy

Aguglia E., 1986:
On the therapeutic value of oxaflozane its application in the treatment of emotional disturbances of the anxious depressive type accompanied by somatic manifestation

Genseke R.; Meinhard F.; Bittner I.; Schuetze I.; Genseke G.; Wrage G., 1988:
On the therapy in case of bilharziasis in children

Mueller, R., 1985:
On the therapy of disturbances of blood fluidity

Knotkova, V.; Nemecek, K.; Stejskalova, A.; Ort, J., 1987:
On the therapy of goodpasture's syndrome

Eliasson A C., 1988:
On the thermal transitions of the amylose cetyltrimethylammonium bromide complex

Dreyer U.; Ilgenfritz G., 1979:
On the thermodynamics and kinetics of the spin transition in aquo met hemo globin

Black, S., 1978:
On the thermodynamics of evolution

Hortobagyi, T., 1976:
On the thick spined species of micractinium

Kostadinov, K.G., 1987:
On the thinnings in the quercus conferta and quercus cerris l. high standing forests

Blumthaler, M.; Ambach, W.; Daxecker, F., 1987:
On the threshold radiant exposure for keratitis solaris

Zinkernagel, R.M.; Callahan, G.N.; Althage, A.; Cooper, S.; Klein, P.A.; Klein, J., 1978:
On the thymus in the differentiation of h 2 self recognition by thymus derived cells evidence for dual recognition

Platnick N.I., 1986:
On the tibial and patellar glands relationships and american genera of the spider family leptonetidae arachnida araneae

Sasaki, T.; Inoue, H., 1987:
On the tidal channel environments in the mangrove forest zone 1. hydraulic environments in the khlong ngao thailand

Mollon, J.D.; Polden, P.D., 1978:
On the time constants of tachistoscopes

Von-Ardenne, M.; Reitnauer, P.G., 1978:
On the time course of cancerostatic action of ifosfamide

Cardenas, M.; Matis, J.H., 1975:
On the time dependent reversible stochastic compartmental model part 1 the general 2 compartment system

Cardenas, M.; Matis, J.H., 1975:
On the time dependent reversible stochastic compartmental model part 2 a class of n compartment systems

Carl S., 1988:
On the time evolution of substrate concentration profiles in spherical enzyme supports

Ono N., 1984:
On the time lag between the change of cocoon price and cocoon production

Saito, S., 1976:
On the time of capture of tunas by the long line gear

Heberle Bors E., 1982:
On the time of embryogenic pollen grain induction during sexual development of nicotiana tabacum cultivar badischer burley plants

Cao, K., 1978:
On the time of extinction of the wild mi deer in china

Dubois, A.; Martens, J., 1977:
On the toads of the bufo viridis group amphibia anura from the western himalayas kashmir and ladakh india

Schubert, I.; Rieger, R.; Michaelis, A., 1988:
On the toleration of duplications and deletions by the Vicia faba genome

Amprino, R., 1976:
On the topography of the presumptive skeletal mesenchyme in the early wing bud of chick embryos

Haupt H.; Scheibe F.; Bergmann K., 1983:
On the total activity of lactate dehydrogenase of perilymph plasma and cerebro spinal fluid of unexposed and sound exposed guinea pigs

Minkin M.B.; Andreev A.G., 1985:
On the total alkalinity of soil solutions and irrigation waters of rice fields

Roderer, G., 1984:
On the toxic effects of tetra ethyl lead and its derivatives on the chrysophyte poterioochromonas malhamensis 5. electron microscopic studies

Refsnes, K.; Olsnes, S.; Pihl, A., 1974:
On the toxic proteins abrin and ricin. Studies of their binding to and entry into Ehrlich ascites cells

Schnegg, V.A.; Kirchgessner, M., 1976:
On the toxicity of dietary nickel

Thiess, A.M.; Hey, W., 1969:
On the toxicity of iso butyro nitrile and alpha hydroxyisobutyro nitrile acetone cyanhydrine

Bergmann J.S.; Alam M., 1981:
On the toxicity of the ciguatera producing dinoflagellate gambierdiscus toxicus isolated from the florida keys usa

Vohland, H.W.; Hadisoemarto, S.; Wanke, B., 1976:
On the toxicology of carbromal part 1 estimation of carbromal and its hypnotically active metabolites in rats and humans

Vohland, H.W.; Hadisoemarto, S.; Wanke, B., 1977:
On the toxicology of carbromal part 2 pharmaco kinetics of carbromal and its hypnotically active metabolites in the rat

Vohland, H.W.; Schirop, T.; Barckow, D.; Kreutz, G.; Streichert, B., 1978 :
On the toxicology of carbromal part 3 role of active metabolites in humans acutely poisoned with carbromal containing sedatives

Vohland, H.W.; Streichert, B., 1978:
On the toxicology of carbromal part 4 binding of carbromal and its hypnotically active metabolites to human plasma proteins

Tegelstrom H.; Hansson L., 1987:
On the trail of shrews on the distribution of small mammals

Warzok, R.; Schneider, J.; Thust, R.; Scholtze, P.; Poetzsch, H.D., 1977:
On the trans placental induction of tumors by n ethyl n nitroso urea in different species

Tomita, T., 1969:
On the transcription of the phi 80 phage genome

Momose, H.; Miyashiro, S.; Oba, M., 1976:
On the transducing phages in glutamic acid producing bacteria

Kuznetsov V.A., 1986:
On the transfer mechanism of the causative agents of infectious diseases

Pestyakov V.K.; Kovsh N.V.; Popov A.I.; Tsyplenkov V.P.; Chukov S.N., 1987:
On the transformation of organic substances during their composting in soddy podzolic soils

Keller, T., 1975:
On the translocation of fluoride in forest trees

Richmond, P.; Wardlaw, I.F., 1976:
On the translocation of sugar van der waals forces and surface flow

Chen Y D., 1983:
On the transport noise of hydrophobic ions in lipid bi layer membranes

Roy J C.; Cote J E.; Mahfoud A.; Villeneuve S.; Turcotte J., 1988:
On the transport of chernobyl russian sfsr ussr radioactivity to eastern canada

Roth, K.S.; Hwang, S.M.; Yudkoff, M.; Segal, S., 1976:
On the transport of sugars and amino acids by new born kidney use of isolated proximal tubule

Irifune, T., 1987:
On the transverse facial artery of the goat

Staehle H.J.; Hoppe W., 1988:
On the treatment of dentin injuries

Kusmierski S.; Ginko T.; Madejski T.; Walewski W.; Ornowski J.; Wieczorek Z.; Sobol P., 1986:
On the treatment of embolism and thrombosis in arteries of the extremities

Hertrich K., 1987:
On the treatment of myoarthropathies with functional orthodontic appliances

Friedman, S.; Kantor, I.; Sobel, S.; Miller, R., 1978:
On the treatment of neuro dermatitis with a mono amine oxidase inhibitor the chemo therapy of psycho somatic illness through activity phase of the eye movement sleep cycle suppression

Seigneur C.; Tesche T.W.; Roth P.M.; Liu M K., 1983:
On the treatment of point source emissions in urban air quality modeling

Kutzer E., 1986:
On the treatment of the sarcoptic mange at wild boar sus scrofa and pig with ivermectin ivomec

Pollet A.; Derde M.P.; Kaufman L., 1987 :
On the treatment of young hypertensive patients with metoprolol durules and a fixed combination of metoprolol durules with 25 mg hydrochlorothiazide

Rizzini C.T., 1986:
On the tree like cactus species from the limestone outcrops of minas gerais brazil

Banerji, R.; Misra, G.; Nigam, S.K., 1977:
On the tri terpenes of azadirachta indica melia azadirachta

Kobayashi, M.; Yoshizawa, M.; Ibuki, N.; Tanaka, K., 1975:
On the trial cultivation of swertia japonica part 2 effects of successive cultivation for 3 generations on the survivability and growth

Kobayashi, M.; Yoshizawa, M.; Ibuki, N.; Tanaka, K., 1975:
On the trial cultivation of swertia japonica part 3 effects of different conditions of cultivation on the survivability and growth

Kobayashi, M.; Yoshizawa, M.; Ibuki, N.; Tanaka, K., 1975:
On the trial cultivation of swertia japonica part 4 direct sowing in the open field

Kobayashi, M., 1978:
On the trial cultivation of swertia japonica part 5 grafting and the culture of progeny plant

Kobayashi, M., 1978:
On the trial cultivation of swertia japonica part 6 crossing and cultivation of the f 1 plants

Sano N.; Mikami T.; Akiba Y.; Anma G., 1981:
On the trial production and use of fish counting system of salmon entering the moheji river japan

Chou I.; Zhang Y., 1985:
On the tribe zyginellini from china homoptera cicadellidae typhlocybinae

Galileo M.H.; Martins U.R., 1987:
On the tribes falsamblesthiini and hebestolini coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae with a description of new taxa

Snajdr, M., 1988:
On the trilobite genus miraspis r. and e. richter 1917 from the bohemian czechoslovakia silurian

Chauvet J P.; Bazin M.; Santus R., 1985:
On the triplet triplet energy transfer from chlorophyll to carotene in triton x 100 micelles

Hobbs, H.H.Iii ; Hobbs, H.H.Jr, 1976:
On the troglobitic shrimps of the yucatan peninsula mexico decapoda atyidae and palaemonidae

Yoo K I.; Lee J B., 1987:
On the trophic correlation between tintinnids and dinoflagellates in masan bay korea

Huntley, M.; Tande, K.; Eilertsen, H.C., 1987:
On the trophic fate of phaeocystis pouchetii hariot ii. grazing rates of calanus hyperboreus kroyer on diatoms and different size categories of phaeocystis pouchetii

Chandenier, J.; Landau, I.; Baccam, D., 1988:
On the trypanosomes of estrildidae birds part i. morphology and systematics

Amamoto, T.; Sarai, K., 1976:
On the tryptophan serotonin metabolism in manic depressive disorders changes in plasma 5 hydroxy tryptamine and 5 hydroxy iaa levels and urinary 5 hydroxy iaa excretion following oral loading of l 5 hydroxy tryptophan in patients with depression

Mizuno, M., 1977:
On the tube dwelling diatom berkeleya rutilans

Tanaka, S., 1976:
On the tuber formation from vine cuttings in edible yams dioscorea spp

Monakhov, N.K.; Neishtadt, E.L.; Shvartsman, A.L.; Neifakh, S.A., 1978:
On the tumor origin of hexo kinase in human biological fluids

Park S W., 1984:
On the tuna schools associated with the drift objects or animals in the western equatorial pacific waters

Zghal F.; Moatemri R., 1985:
On the turbellarian of the lagoon of ghar el melh tunisia research on the power of regeneration in monocelis fusca turbellaria monocelididae

Dunst M., 1988:
On the turbulent diffusivity tensor in dispersion problems

Jones, G.L.; Masters, C.J., 1976:
On the turnover and proteolysis of catalase ec in tissues of the guinea pig and acatalasemic mice

Gallant, J.; Margason, G.; Finch, B., 1972:
On the turnover of guanine nucleoside poly phosphate in escherichia coli

Nikolov V.; Patronov D., 1986:
On the turnover of nitrogen and certain ash macroelements in oak forests of strandza mountain bulgaria

Roland J.C.; Mosiniak M., 1983:
On the twisting pattern texture and layering of the secondary cell walls of lime tilia platyphyllos wood proposal of an unifying model

Ranin O., 1983:
On the tycherus elongatus species group and closely related species hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Benson W.W.; Setz E.Z.F., 1985 :
On the type localities of ants collected by james trail in amazonia brazil and described by gustav mayr

Groves, C.P.; Smeenk, C., 1978:
On the type material of cervus nippon with a revision of sika deer from the main japanese islands

Subrahmanyam, K.; Rao, K.S., 1988:
On the type of DNA polymerase activity in neuronal, astroglial, and oligodendroglial cell fractions from young, adult, and old rat brains

Hayat, M., 1978:
On the type of epitetracnemus quadriguttus hymenoptera encyrtidae

Annecke D.P.; Mynhardt M.J., 1979:
On the type species and 3 new species of prococcophagus from south africa hymenoptera aphelinidae

Emerson W.K., 1986:
On the type species of metula buccinum clathratum gastropoda buccinidae

Mizutani, M., 1975:
On the type specimen of dicranella salsuginosa

Amano N., 1983:
On the type specimen of shiraia bambusicola

Gaino E.; Belfiore C., 1987:
On the type specimens of electrogena zebrata new combination hagen 1864 and electrogena fallax new combination hagen 1864 ephemeroptera

Povolny, D., 1977:
On the type specimens of some australian species of the genus phthorimaea lepidoptera

Mielke, O.H.H.; Casagrande, M.M., 1988:
On the types of lepidoptera preserved in brazilian museums xv. sphingidae described by jose francisco zikan

Mielke, O.H.H.; Casagrande, M.M., 1988:
On the types of lepidoptera preserved in brazilian museums xvi. hesperiidae satyridae lycaenidae riodinidae castniidae and arctiidae described by roberto spitz

Mielke, O.H.H.; Casagrande, M.M., 1988:
On the types of lepidoptera preserved in brazilian museums xvii. pieridae described by s. de toledo piza jr. nymphalidae and lycaenidae by h. ebert lycaenidae by m. draudt and pyralidae by r. v. ihering

Mai, D.H., 1986:
On the types of originals of tertiary pinus l. species pinaceae in central european collections a contribution to the history of the genus in europe

Koepcke, M., 1972:
On the types of resistance to predation in birds nests of a delimited area of tropical rain forest in peru

Lopes, H.D.S., 1978:
On the types of some mexican sarcophagidae diptera described by f m van der wulp

De-Souza, L.H., 1978:
On the types of some neotropical sarcophagidae described by h r dodge diptera

Garbari, F.; Raimondo, F.M., 1987:
On the typification of allium lehmanni lojac. alliaceae a good species for sicily and calabria italy

Nordenstam, B., 1978:
On the typification of allium triquetrum

Pursell, R.A., 1976:
On the typification of certain taxa and structural variation within the fissidens bryoides complex in eastern north america

Engel, J.J., 1976:
On the typification of clasmatocolea obvoluta hepaticae

D.J.ncheere G.J.; Nair G.B., 1986:
On the typification of davallia moluccana bl

Holm L., 1986:
On the typification of some persoonian pyrenomycete names

Timonin A.K., 1986:
On the typology of stomatal apparatuses

Fukumoto J.M.; Hanamoto J.H.; E.S.yed M.A., 1984:
On the tyrosinate involvement in the schiff base de protonation in the proton pump cycle of bacterio rhod opsin

Egan, W.; Shindo, H.; Cohen, J.S., 1978:
On the tyrosine residues of rnase a

Lee, D.K., 1976:
On the ultrastructural changes of the rat myo cardial fiber induced by halothane anesthesia

Moritz, K.; Storch, V., 1972:
On the ultrastructural morphology of the scalids of trachydemus giganteus kinorhyncha

Zuo, B.Y.; Duan, X.C., 1978:
On the ultrastructure and function of chloroplasts from the winter wheat leaves at different ranks of attachment to the main stem

Tomonaga, M., 1976:
On the ultrastructure and pathogenesis of the senile plaques observed in the brain of the aged

Moskova, R., 1976:
On the ultrastructure of bothriochloa ischaemum endosperm and aleurone layer cells

Robards, A.W., 1968:
On the ultrastructure of differentiating secondary xylem in willow d salix fragilis d hemi cellulose

Schmitt, U.; Liese, W., 1987:
On the ultrastructure of meristematic tissue in fine roots of norway spruce picea abies l. karst from forest decline areas

Osman, D.I., 1978:
On the ultrastructure of modified sertoli cells in the terminal segment of the seminiferous tubules in the boar

Didier, P.; Wilbert, N., 1976:
On the ultrastructure of paranophrys thompsoni oligohymenophora scuticociliatida

Chanda, S.; Lugardon, B.; Thanikaimoni, G., 1978:
On the ultrastructure of pollen aperture in calectasia xanthorrhoeaceae

Fritsch, H.A.R.; Sprang, R., 1977:
On the ultrastructure of poly peptide hormone producing cells in the gut of the ascidian ciona intestinalis and the bivalve mytilus edulis

Dimova, R.N., 1976:
On the ultrastructure of proliferating astro glial and micro glial cells

Franzen, A., 1976:
On the ultrastructure of spermiogenesis of flustra foliacea and triticella korenii bryozoa

Moir, A.J.G., 1977:
On the ultrastructure of the abdominal sense organ of the giant scallop placopecten magellanicus

Ketelsen, U.P., 1975:
On the ultrastructure of the atrophic muscle cell

Mshigeni, K.E., 1977:
On the ultrastructure of the cell wall and pit plugs of chondrococcus hornemannii rhodophyta cryptonemiales

Gabrion, C.; Verdier, J.M., 1978:
On the ultrastructure of the cysticercoid of Hymenolepis stylosa (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea)

Gianguzza, M.; Dolcemascolo, G., 1978:
On the ultrastructure of the follicle cells of Ascidia malaca during oogenesis

Sievers, A.; Buchen, B., 1971:
On the ultrastructure of the growing mega spore of selaginella p

Ebe, T.; Kobayashi, S., 1975:
On the ultrastructure of the lung and its functional significance 4 problems in normal and pathological lungs

M.S.; L.Q.; Zhang S., 1984:
On the ultrastructure of the rabbit lens fibers the gap junctions of the lens fiber cells

Beilke, S.; Lamb, D.; Mueller, J., 1975:
On the uncatalyzed oxidation of atmospheric sulfur di oxide by oxygen in aqueous systems

Dawson L., 1983:
On the uncertain generic status and phylogenetic relationships of the large extinct vombatid species phascolomys medius marsupialia vombatidae

Kunz, H., 1977:
On the understanding of genera delamarella and latiremus copepoda harpacticoida family latiremidae

Warm, J.S.; Schumsky, D.A.; Clark, J.L., 1977:
On the understanding of inter sensory transfer designs reply to freides

Matsuno, Y.; Yamanaka, Y.; Kakimoto, M., 1986:
On the underwater sound in kagoshima bay japan i. noise of the dsl

Matsuno, Y.; Yamanaka, Y., 1986:
On the underwater sound in kagoshima bay japan ii. swimming noise of seriola quinqueradiata young

Howard B.E.; Ginsberg M.D.; Hassel W.R.; Lockwood A.H.; Freed P., 1983:
On the uniqueness of cerebral blood flow measured by the in vivo auto radiographic strategy and positron emission tomography

Pohjanpalo, H.; Walstrom, B., 1977:
On the uniqueness of linear compartmental systems

Grzycki, S., 1976:
On the unmyelinated nerve glomuses in the bird's palate

Alvin K.L.; Rao T.A., 1987:
On the unusual distribution pattern of leaf sclereids in androstachys johnsonii prain euphorbiaceae

Fodor S.S.; Komendar V.I.; Scserbary M.I.; Duninszki T.T., 1983:
On the upper flow of the river tisza

Schlickum, W.R., 1977:
On the upper pannonian molluscan fauna of oecs part 1

Dalquest, W.W., 1971:
On the upper pliocene skunk spilogale rexroadi

Sokolov B.V., 1984:
On the upper tracheal capsulae in the bat rhinolophus ferrum equinum in relation to echolocation

Pejovic D., 1984:
On the upper valve of rudists with revision and emendation of some genera

Goresky, C.A.; Bach, G.G.; Nadeau, B.E., 1973:
On the uptake of materials by the intact liver. The transport and net removal of galactose

Beezer, A.E.; Chowdhry, B.Z.; Cosgrove, R.F.; Sharma, P.B., 1982:
On the uptake of nystatin by saccharomyces cerevisiae. 5 The release of amino acids

Shaffer, G., 1982:
On the upwelling circulation over the wide shelf off peru 1. circulation

Cimellaro M.; Frega A.; Doganiero F.; Pace T., 1987:
On the urinary tract infections in pregnancy

Tomiyasu K.; Takeuchi H.; Shidara F.; Nakayama H., 1985:
On the urine flow and insensible water loss under helium oxygen high pressure

Kusaka, T., 1977:
On the urohyal of 36 species of fishes of the order salmoniformes

Kusaka T., 1982:
On the urohyal of 46 species of fishes of the order cypriniformes

Rossi A.; Vozza A., 1987:
On the use of 1 percent minoxidil lotion in the treatment of alopecia

Yount, D.E.; Hoffman, D.C., 1986:
On the use of a bubble formation model to calculate diving tables

Namba K.; Kaji H.; Tsuneda K., 1988:
On the use of a free full thickness skin graft stretched by tissue expander

Verschoor L.; Uitterlinden P.; Lamberts S.W.J.; Del Pozo E., 1986:
On the use of a new somatostatin analogue in the treatment of hypoglycemia in patients with insulinoma

Nurul Islam M.; Ali Mallick S., 1987:
On the use of a truncated pearsonian type iii curve in fertility estimation

Bougleux T.; Cosentina R.; Panebianco G., 1985:
On the use of acetylsalicylic acid in children

Chernyakov V.L.; Skala L.Z.; Nekhorosheva A.G.; Vetchinnikova O.N.; Shcherbakov V.A., 1986:
On the use of activated carbon for adsorption of bacteria from infected blood

Clarke M.R.; Denton E.J.; Gilpin Brown J.B., 1979:
On the use of ammonium for buoyancy in squids

Surovikina M.S.; Semenova L.V., 1986:
On the use of andekalin in the treatment of diabetic microangiopathies

Pousette A.; Akerlof E.; Lundin A.; Rosenborg L.; Fredricsson B., 1986:
On the use of atp for estimation of motility and energy status in human spermatozoa

Chassefiere B.; Monaco A., 1983:
On the use of atterberg limits on marine soils

L.S.occo G.; Albertini G.; Bisighini G.; Fracchia L.; Davalli R.; Moroni P., 1986:
On the use of bifonazole in superficial cutaneous candidiasis therapy

Kuhl P.; Zacharias U.; Burckhardt H.; Jakubke H D., 1986:
On the use of carboxamidomethyl esters in the protease catalyzed peptide synthesis

Hard T.; Hiort C.; Norden B., 1987:
On the use of chiral compounds for probing the dna handedness z to b conversion in poly d g 5 methyl d c poly d g 5dc upon binding of tris 1 10 phenanthroline iron and tris 1 10 phenanthroline ruthenium

Sancesario G.; Panichelli C.; Bianco F.; Caporali M.; Piccinin G.L.; Stanzione P.; Morocutti C., 1981:
On the use of choline in the management of huntingtons chorea

Rosenhamer, H.J.; Lindstrom, B.; Lundborg, T., 1980:
On the use of click evoked electric brain stem responses in audiological diagnosis 2. the influence of sex and age upon the normal response

Rosenhamer, H.J.; Lindstrom, B.; Lundborg, T., 1978:
On the use of click evoked electric brain stem responses in audiological diagnosis part 1 the variability of the normal response

Simon, C., 1978:
On the use of comfortable listening levels in speech experiments

Gall, M.V.; Becker, H., 1978:
On the use of computer tomography in clinical psychiatry

Van Den Berg H.T.C.M.; Habbema J.D.F.; D.F.ance H.F.; Bakker H.K.; D.V.ies G.A., 1979:
On the use of distribution functions to describe and classify chromosome density profiles

Zol'nikov S.M.; Blinov A.V.; Bon K.S.; Khi K.G.; M.M.C.; Sun B.E.; Guon S.V., 1986:
On the use of electrical acupuncture analgesia in anesthesiology and resuscitation

Alvesalo, L.; Brummer, R.; L.B.ll, Y., 1977:
On the use of fissure sealants in caries prevention. A clinical study

Hartung, J., 1986:
On the use of flow microcalorimetry in estimating the biological effect of adverse substances on escherichia coli i. flow microcalorimetric assays with microorganisms for antibiotics and chemicals literature review

Hartung, J., 1986:
On the use of flow microcalorimetry in estimating the biological effect of adverse substances on escherichia coli ii. an investigation on 3 antibiotics

Hartung, J., 1986:
On the use of flow microcalorimetry in estimating the biological effect of adverse substances on escherichia coli iii. an investigation on m cresol in glucose phosphate buffer

Sapozhnikov A.P., 1987:
On the use of forest litter characteristics in the estimation of soil humus state

Brink C.; Von Gadow K., 1986:
On the use of growth and decay functions for modeling stem profiles

Gudushauri O.N.; Alborov G.K.; Vshvidobadze M.V., 1986:
On the use of harrington type distractors in grave scoliosis in young children

Vallee R.B., 1985:
On the use of heat stability as a criterion for the identification of microtubule associated proteins

Kluft, R.P., 1987 :
On the use of hypnosis to find lost objects: a case report of a tandem hypnotic technique

Andreeva I.V.; Sid'ko F.Ya; Shusters T.Ya, 1985:
On the use of ir spectroscopy methods in biochemical studies of plants

Lange, R.; Friebe, R.; Linow, F., 1980:
On the use of kjeldahl wet digestion berthelot reaction combined method for determining nitrogen in biological materials 3. studies on the consecutive and secondary reactions of the indophenol reaction 2. on the reaction course and the kinetics of the decomposition of indophenol

Cammen, L.M., 1977:
On the use of liquid scintillation counting of chromium 51 and carbon 14 in the twin tracer method of measuring assimilation efficiency

Loschiavo F.; Spagnolo T.V.; D'anna S.; Sindoni D.; Schepisi A.; Lombardo G., 1985:
On the use of mezlocillin in acute biliary tract infections

Padwa A.; Dent W., 1987:
On the use of n trimethylsilylmethylamino ethers as capped azomethine ylide equivalents

Ayers, G.P., 1978:
On the use of nitron for detection of nitrate in individual aerosol particles

D.A.gelis G.L.; Benaglia G.; Gregori G.; Zavota L.; Zanacca C.; Banchini G.; Montanarini G., 1981:
On the use of oral electrolyte glucose solution for the treatment of de hydration in acute infectious enteritis

Florine Casteel K.; Feigenson G.W., 1988:
On the use of partition coefficients to characterize the distribution of fluorescent membrane probes between coexisting gel and fluid lipid phases an analysis of the partition behavior of 1 6 diphenyl 1 3 5 hexatriene

Crigler, J.F.Jr, 1976:
On the use of pitressin in infants with neurogenic diabetes insipidus

Freedman, L.S.; White, S.J., 1976:
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On the use of translocations to determine linkage groups

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On the use of unreplicated pairing in forestry planning

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On the use of uranium 232 and its daughters for the determination of radium 226 in water samples

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On the usefulness of the 6 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase system in expert opinions

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On the utility of a post hoc correction procedure for one zero sampling duration estimates

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On the utility of carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy in the identification of the primary structures of mannooligosaccharides and glycopeptides

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On the utilization different organic and inorganic compounds by some strains of bacillus cereus var mycoides

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On the utilization of nitrogen 15 labeled urea in laying hens 4. incorporation of nitrogen 15 into the blood its fractions and into the follicles of various developmental stages

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On the utilization of nitrogen 15 labelled urea in laying hens 9. nitrogen 15 incorporation into bones feathers and remaining body

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On the utilization of the callus of daucus carota ssp sativus with a view toward obtaining secondary products of pharmaceutical value

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On the valid name of the common texas and florida species of aplysia gastropoda opisthobranchia

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On the validity of ceratophrys testudo andersson 1945 amphibia ceratophyridae

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On the validity of conversion factors for age calving month and parity effects on milk yield

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On the validity of hypotheses derived from the rorschach part 1 the relationship between color and affect

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On the validity of hypotheses derived from the rorschach part 3 the relationship between shading and anxiety

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On the validity of hypotheses derived from the rorschach part 5 the relationship between form level and ego strength

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On the validity of phosphorus 31 nmr determinations of phospholipid polymorphic phase behavior

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On the validity of social skills assessments an analysis of role play and ward staff ratings of social behavior in a maximum security setting

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On the validity of the calcareous nanno plankton genus helicosphaera

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On the validity of the east west questionnaire

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On the validity of the species hemineura fusca reuter 1893 psocoptera elipsocidae

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On the validity of using lipopolysaccharide driven limiting dilution systems for clonable b cells to analyze functional antibody repertoires

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On the validity of using susceptible timbers as indicators of termite vigor in laboratory studies on the resistance of materials to termites

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On the validity of work rate of the heart at 170 beats per minute as a measure of physical performance capacity in the assessment of children with heart disease

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On the validity of zeylanodiaptomus papillopedis and heliodiaptomus alikunhii copepoda

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On the variability of soil inorganic nitrogen content n i n in fields consequences for soil sampling

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On the variability of the diploic structures in ethnically deformed skulls

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On Weighted G Analysis

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Once a day theophylline; serum concentrations

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Once again on the type of bog vegetation

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Once again on viral hepatitis

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Once again the stercorarius group of the genus coprinus

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Oncholaimus hyrcanus new name for oncholaimus orientalis

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Onco fetal antigens in chemical and viral induced tumors

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Onco fetal proteins in marine animals

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Oncocytic hepato cellular tumor

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Oncocytic hyperplasia of the larynx

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Oncocytic lesions of the caruncle and other ocular adnexa

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Oncocytic lesions of the upper respiratory tract

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Oncocytoma of the eyelid: a case report

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Oncodazole r 17934 a new agent for cancer effusions

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Oncodevelopmental enzymes of the Dunning rat prostatic adenocarcinoma

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Oncodevelopmental expression of rat placental alkaline phosphatase. Detection in oval cells during liver carcinogenesis

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